Y&R Transcript Friday 4/12/19

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/12/19


Episode #11591 ~ Phyllis' plan takes an unexpected turn; Lauren protects her interests.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Phyllis: Fenmore'S. Let it go. Lauren is willing to let me run it with her. Let me at least have this.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Phyllis: Oh, my god. This is gonna crush her. I warned that son of a bitch not to hurt my little girl.

Kyle: I can't do this. I have to tell summer. I owe it to her to tell her the truth before we take the next step.

Lola: You just turned me down for sex and somehow made that into another reason why I love you.

Rey: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on? Some new, uh, recipe you're following? 'Cause... it looks not edible.

Lola: I am the worst.

Rey: I-I'll make you some cereal if you're hungry.

Lola: I almost slept with kyle.

Rey: Oh.

Lola: Yes, the virgin almost slept with a married man. I know. I know. And it was my idea.

Rey: Hey. Wait -- wait a minute. You -- you sure he didn't put any pressure on you? Make you think it was your idea when it was really his?

Lola: He stopped it before it could go too far.

Rey: Well, that's -- that's good. It's mature.

Lola: I would have gone through with it. What does that say about me?

Summer: You still haven't said where you were all night.

Kyle: Work. For a little while.

Summer: I stopped by. Ted said he hadn't seen her.

Kyle: Yeah, I-I wasn't there long. Um... decided to go for a walk. Sort some stuff out. But I'm home now.

Summer: Yeah. I am, too. Maybe we can celebrate that... and my new job. Back at jabot with you.

Kyle: [ Slaps leg ] Champagne it is.

[ Sighs ] Do you have the medical go-ahead?

Summer: I do. For that...and for what i really want to do.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Sorry, baby. That was phyllis. Uh, I wasn't gone that long. Did we close the place down?

Michael: What's phyllis venting about now? Fenmore's, jabot, everyone turning against her?

Lauren: Actually, no. She's suddenly very confident that jack will sell me back the company.

Michael: How confident?

Lauren: Well, she was vague about what she was working on, but she did have that tone that she gets.

Michael: Now I really am worried.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jack: Isn't it a little late?

Phyllis: Where's kyle?

Jack: Uh -- I heard him go upstairs with summer. I assume whatever you have to tell him can wait till tomorrow.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm actually here for you. To tell you what a sleazy, lowlife cheater your son is. He's already betrayed his wife.

Jack: Okay, back up.

Phyllis: You want to know where he was just now? With his ex!

Jack: In a public restaurant, eating. Scandalous.

Phyllis: And here they are going upstairs to their reserved room.

Jack: What are you doing, taking pictures of my son, hiding behind potted plants now?

Phyllis: You know, I was given this by a concerned bystander who obviously has a respect for the sanctity of marriage --

Jack: Why are you showing them to me?

Phyllis: Oh! There you go. You just asked the million-dollar question.

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Rey: [ Sighs ] What the hell was kyle doing getting you alone, anyway?

Lola: That's what I'm trying to say -- it wasn't kyle. It was me. I went to him. I found him. And then we talked.

[ Sighs ] We really talked.

Rey: About?

Lola: How much we loved each other before, and how we still really love each other now.

Rey: Kiddo, you've already been through so much. A-and you're still recovering from your transplant. To get into something so complicated now... and ky-kyle's not free.

Lola: Because he married the woman to save my life.

Rey: Well, they both made their choices.

Lola: Yeah, rey, but that was then. Now...

Rey: You want him back.

Lola: You know, if summer would have done this to me, um... I would've wanted to kill her. I would have called her spoiled and entitled. But still, rey, it just felt so good to be with him.

Rey: [ Sighs ] So, what's next? Are you gonna keep this going with kyle?

Lola: What, sneak around like mia and arturo? I'm sorry. Too soon.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] No. It's -- it's fine.

Lola: It's not fine. Because I'm not like mia. Rey, I can't sneak around and hide some ugly secret and ruin people's lives. Kyle and I, we understand each other.

Rey: What does that mean? You're gonna stop doing this? It's -- it's over?

Lola: No. It's just the beginning. Kyle is at home telling summer everything right now. So... I'm not only a cheater, I am a home-wrecker.

Summer: You're still dressed.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: Gonna have to do something about that.

Kyle: [ Snorts softly ] Um...

Summer: What's wrong?

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Jack: So that's what this is? We're playing games. You're showing me photos and offering million-dollar questions.

Phyllis: I am not here for fun. Summer deserves a husband who gives a damn about her.

Jack: Summer is an adult in an adult relationship.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Well, she's also my kid. And your son only married her so he could play hero for his girlfriend. "Honey, let me string summer along so you can have a slice of her liver."

[ Scoffs ] Are you really okay with all of this?

Jack: It is not my decision.

Phyllis: Oh, that is such a good dodge. I don't even know why I ask you. He's doing the same thing you did at the same age.

Jack: You really want to get all righteous with me about marital fidelity?

Phyllis: You brought her into this world. She has been like a daughter to you. You know she deserves better.

Jack: What do you want me to do about any of this?

Phyllis: I don't know! You better think of something! Unless you are absolutely certain that jabot can face another scandal right now.

Jack: Wait, what does that mean?

Phyllis: These pictures hit the press -- an abbott husband already betraying a newman bride... I mean, these are young and beautiful people. The story is dirty and seedy enough -- you know the media is gonna go nuts.

Jack: That's what you're doing here? Making threats?

Phyllis: I'm not giving you threats, jack. I'm not doing that. I'm giving you a heads up. Summer finds out about this... she's not gonna go down without a fight. She's her mother's daughter.

Jack: They're photos, phyllis. They're photos. Nothing more.

Phyllis: Oh, really? So you're not worried at all?

Jack: No, actually, I am not.

Phyllis: Okay. How about your son? Repeating the sins of the father. You don't think that's gonna get any place in the press?

Jack: You know what? You do what you have to do. I'm sure the media knows sour grapes when they hear it. And your credibility with the public isn't exactly at an all-time high.

Phyllis: Oh, that is tough talk, jack. But I think you're willing to do anything to keep jabot from taking another hit.

Jack: And, what, you think you have the keys to its destruction?

Phyllis: Well, if you give me what I want, life's gonna get a whole lot easier.

Jack: Okay, now we're getting places. What is it you're after?

Phyllis: You haven't guessed yet, jack? It's fenmore'S. The price of my silence is fenmore'S.

Lauren: Mmm. Honey, you know, it's late. Don't you think we should go before the staff throws us out?

[ Chuckles ]

Michael: No. We're staying.

Lauren: We can'T.

Michael: Can.

Lauren: What did you do?

Michael: I greased a few palms while you were on the phone with phyllis.

Lauren: Why?

Michael: Why not? Look, the place is closing. The staff doesn't mind a little extra cash.

[ Sighs ] And I want some alone time with my wife.

[ Slow music plays ]

Lauren: [ Laughs ]

Michael: May i have this dance?

What if I gave up

what if I backed out and let love down?

Lauren: Why did you do this?

Michael: Mm... you. 'Cause you deserve some attention.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ]

Michael: And a distraction.

Lauren: Do I deserve you?

Michael: Only if you've been very, very bad.

Lauren: Oh, I'm gonna give it my best shot.

[ Giggles ]

I'm gonna run

I'm goin' all the way

Jack: So, I'm supposed to give up lauren and fenmore's?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. At the right price. Not that ridiculous figure you floated before.

Jack: Does lauren even know you're here?

Phyllis: I also need some seed money. Since you yanked my severance package.

Jack: Wow. It's your first instinct. You think my son is stepping on your daughter's heart, and you decide to pile on and make it worse -- at summer's expense.

Phyllis: Oh, please. I am the only one looking out for summer.

Jack: You are using your daughter.

Phyllis: You know, I can protect her, help you, and save myself at the same time. I'm just that talented, jack.

Jack: I'm sure summer will be thrilled to know that you put her first.

Phyllis: You know what, get it out. Get it out of your system right now. Life is unfair, and I'm a bitch. Okay? Can we move on?-I was cheated out of my golden parachute, so I have to sew myself a new one. With your help.

Jack: Wrong. You lost. You screwed up. And now you want someone to bail you out.

Phyllis: Tomorrow. That's the deadline. A deal for fenmore's and a wire transfer into my account. If it doesn't happen, summer and I unleash hell on what's left of jabot.

Kyle: Um...

Summer: What's going on?

Kyle: [ Stammers ] I should tell you --

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Summer: What is it?

Kyle: I need to go downstairs.

Summer: Can't it wait? I mean, if you have to tell me something?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Dad needs to talk, okay? So it's probably about the business.

Summer: Okay. Should I come?

Kyle: Um, no, no, no. You stay here. It won't take long.

Summer: One last kiss?

Kyle: Yeah.

Rey: It never made sense, kyle getting married to summer. Completely out of nowhere.

Lola: He felt like it was something that he needed to do.

Rey: Yeah, but why? Was it about you? The surgery? Was it some kind of trade? Part of her liver for a marriage contract? I always thought that that was --

Lola: Yes, but no.

Rey: Okay, explain to me the "no" part.

Lola: Summer loves kyle. Or, at least she thinks she does.

Rey: Okay, then why trap the guy?

Lola: It's not a trap to her. Summer thinks that if kyle is with her long enough, that he will see the truth. I guess she was right. In some way. It just wasn't the truth she was expecting.

Rey: Because he's in love with you.

Lola: I can feel it.

Rey: Then the truth is that if summer really loves kyle -- or at least she says she's in love with him -- there's -- there's no way around her getting hurt on this.

Lola: I know. But she's the woman who saved my life.

Rey: I know, but let -- let me finish. The hurt will pass. Summer will move on. Mia caused some serious damage to my heart. And when she did, I came here. And... I met someone.

Lola: Yeah, but... you loved mia at some point. I know that you did.

Rey: Maybe. You know, kiddo, I don't even know any more. It was all tied up in jealousy. Arturo having the -- the kind of relationship I wanted. And me being able to give mia something arturo couldn't -- marriage. And then we got together, and it just wasn't right. I felt it. Mia was... she was antsy. Insecure.

Lola: Because mia still wanted to be with arturo.

Rey: I think subconsciously I always knew, so I had to scramble and fight to stop things from spinning out of control.

Lola: To keep mia with you.

Rey: Didn't work. It was never going to. I was stupid to even try.

Lola: No, you were just being a good husband, rey. A decent human being.

Rey: That -- that's what I told myself. But it was never gonna happen. And I wasted all that time with mia that I could have spent with sharon.

Lola: You really care about sharon, don't you?

Rey: Enough that everything that I've been through doesn't matter anymore. I am where I need to be now. With the person I am supposed to be with.

Lola: How can you be so sure?

Rey: The same way you are. If it feels right with kyle --

Lola: It does. Or it could be.

Rey: Then you let yourself be in love. I'm not saying that the next few weeks are gonna be easy. But if he's the one --

Lola: He is.

Rey: Then it'll be worth it.

Kyle: Phyllis thinks she can use blackmail to get fenmore's from jabot? Wh-what does she think she has on you?

Jack: Not me. You.

Kyle: What is that?

Jack: She was kind enough to share the photo with me.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] She was following me.

Jack: She's hired someone to follow you.

Kyle: Oh, that's disgusting.

Jack: I think she feels she's protecting summer. Son, if you're having an affair --

Kyle: No! It's -- it's not like that. Lola and I didn't --

[ Sighs ] Nothing happened.

Jack: This doesn't look like nothing.

Kyle: [ Stammers ] Yes, something happened. But it's not what phyllis thinks.

Jack: Okay. Suppose you explain it to me.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Look, I -- lola loves me. Still. Always. She said it herself. And after the feelings --

Jack: You already told me about your feelings. You also committed to summer.

Kyle: I was. I me-- I meant it.

Jack: You married her, kyle.

Kyle: I know, and I thought things with lola were history. But then it...just all came out. She opened up to me, and I couldn't lie. Not to her, not -- not about this.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: And this is all that happened? Nothing more? Noth-- it didn't turn into --

Kyle: I know how it looks, dad.

Jack: Kyle, I talked a good game with phyllis. But she could kick up some real dust on this, and jabot has already been kicked around enough. This wouldn't kills us, but it would be press we really don't need.

Kyle: I didn't want this.

Jack: What did you think was gonna happen?

Kyle: I thought lola would get the transplant she needed.

Jack: And summer?

Kyle: I don't know! I thought she'd --

Jack: Go ahead. Finish that.

Kyle: See that I'm not worth it.

Jack: After marrying the man she wanted her entire life, she suddenly would realize that she didn't want him after all. And this epiphany would happen overnight?

Kyle: Yes. I just thought --

[ Sighs ] Since I had gotten over summer after wanting her for so long, she could get over me, too.

Jack: Well, clearly that didn't happen.

Kyle: I didn't give summer enough credit. Part of me thought s-she just wanted to win. That it wasn't about me at all.

Jack: That was so naive. You were her first love.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I know that now.

Jack: Kyle, she's not the same young girl she was.

Kyle: And she's not the party girl who came back to genoa city in a stolen car, either.

Jack: How could you be this careless?

Kyle: I didn't know that summer would look at me the way she does, or that I would feel the way I do around her --

Jack: Which is what, exactly?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] We have a connection.

Jack: Okay, if you don't mean that --

Kyle: I wish I didn'T. I came back here tonight to tell summer everything, and let her throw vases at my head if she needed to. And then you called me down here.

Jack: And now you don't think you can look her in the eye and tell her you love someone else.

Kyle: Summer's not as tough as she looks, dad.

Jack: Oh, kyle, you are sinking fast.

Kyle: I know summer better now than I ever have before. She's afraid of hospitals. She gets excited about work. And she looks at me like I'm the answer, and I don't know how to tell her I can't be.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Kyle: Tell me what to do, dad. I -- I need your help.

Jack: For their sake and yours, you can't drag this out.

Kyle: I don't want to.

Jack: Then do the right thing, son.

Kyle: Which is what?

Jack: Make a decision one way or the other. But be sure. Look, I can buy you some time if need be.

Kyle: How?

Jack: I'll give phyllis what she wants.

Kyle: Fenmore's? No. If we're gonna expand deeper into fashion, we need their web business and the brick-and-mortars.

Jack: It will hurt. It won't destroy us.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I'm gonna go upstairs and tell summer.

Jack: Not because of jabot.

Kyle: Because of everything. Because I have to.

Jack: Think about this, son. Once you say those words, you can't take them back.

Kyle: We have to take the ammunition out of phyllis' hands. It's the only answer.

Jack: Okay, I'm gonna say this again -- I can buy you some time. I care a lot more about you than I do any business deal.

Kyle: I don't want to hurt summer.

[ Sighs ] But her mother is more than happy to do it for me. So do me a favor -- tell phyllis she can go to hell.

Lauren: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, you look cozy.

Michael: Uh, yeah, it was cozy.

Lauren: Yeah. But we have a minute for you to tell us about that call.

Michael: Or we can -- we can wait and do that tomorrow.

Lauren: No, it'll just be one second.

Lauren: So, why do you think that jack is gonna let go of fenmore's?

Phyllis: It's a work in progress.

Lauren: Should I be worried?

Phyllis: No, I -- [ Sighs ] No. I-I would say more, but I don't want to until it's a lock.

Michael: So you're not hedging becauseit's risky and you're worried that all your machinations are gonna blow up in your face?

Phyllis: I got it covered.

Michael: You do realize how deeply invested lauren is in all of this? I mean, you're getting her hopes up.

Lauren: I mean, he's right.

Phyllis: I know what I'm doing. I will keep you posted.

Summer: Did I fall asleep? How long have you been sitting like that?

Kyle: Not long.

Summer: Um... did you and jack talk about business?

Kyle: Yeah. Mostly.

Summer: Is everything on track?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I have to tell you something. And I don't know how to say it.

Summer: You slept with lola, didn't you?

Phyllis: Good. Let's rip off the bandage. Shouldn't take too long for us to hammer out a deal.

Jack: Except there is no deal.

Phyllis: Was I not clear before? I will go public with those photos.

Jack: No, you won'T.

Phyllis: That's a hell of a risk you're taking.

Jack: Nothing happened, phyllis. Those photos -- innocent, quaint. The public won't blink an eye.

Phyllis: Let's see what the world says when they find out an abbott newlywed booked a room with his ex.

Jack: Kyle is breaking things off with her as we speak.

Phyllis: He's what?

Jack: Oh, did you just lose your leverage?

Phyllis: He's got the nerve to dump my daughter after everything she's been through?

Jack: You'd rather they live a lie?

Phyllis: This is actually much, much better. Because we tell everyone that he convinced a vulnerable young woman to give up a part of her vital organ, and then he decided to dump her. That should go over incredibly well with jabot's target demo of women.

Jack: Kyle is in love with lola. Summer always knew that. This marriage that was never meant to be is now mercifully over. And you can peddle those pictures and the story behind the wedding, but you'll be doing it at summer's expense. And I don't think you want to lose the one ally you have left.

Phyllis: You're a smug, entitled, son of a bitch...

Jack: Yeah, you already said that.

Phyllis: ...Who always has to win no matter who he screws over!

Jack: That's funny, I always thought that's what we had in common.

Phyllis: Don't you do that.

Jack: You gambled. You lost. It happens.

Phyllis: You think I'm gonna back down, jack? You think summer's gonna just roll over and let kyle play his games and just move on? Get the hell out of my room. Get out!

Jack: Things are gonna be okay. Eventually.

[ Objects crashing ]

Kyle: I was with her.

Summer: Oh.

Kyle: We talked.

Summer: And that's it?

Kyle: We booked a hotel room.

Summer: Right. Of course.

Kyle: It didn't go much further than that.

Summer: Why not?

Kyle: It...just wouldn't be right.

Summer: And that's what you wanted to tell me.

Kyle: I hate hurting you. So much. I-I know that sounds fake, but it -- it's true.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Look, kyle... I'm not stupid. Okay? I never thought that it was gonna be rainbows and unicorns for us right off the bat. I mean, I've been married before. We all know how that went. And he actually did cheat on me.

Kyle: I didn'T. Lola and I, we --

Summer: No, I know. I don't mean the sex. I mean... I mean the feelings. The emotional side. You went from pining after lola to being my husband. So, at least you had the decency to feel guilty about it.

Kyle: I do.

Summer: Okay, but you -- you're missing the main point of this, here. You didn't go through with it. That's because you're not who you used to be. Neither of us are. We have something really special. Something that makes us both better than who we used to be. And we make sense. And m-maybe... tonight had to happen. You had to know that you could be with lola, but respected our vows instead. You needed to prove to yourself that you already have what you really want. And that just means that we can push past this.

Kyle: It could have happened, though. I'm not the noble hero you're making me out to be. That -- that's not who I am.

Summer: No, I know. I know. I could not stand you if you were, okay? Kyle, I know that you're not over lola. I get that. But I'm not gonna freak out about it. If you hadn't figured it out yet, I forgive you. So you can stop making yourself completely miserable. Because I love you, kyle. I do. And that's never going to change.

Lola: Wow.

Rey: Yeah, right?

Lola: Everyone should have a big brother.

Rey: Well, you know, maybe that will be my next career move -- renting myself out. Brother for hire.

Lola: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not sharing. You're all mine.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] You would have gladly given me away when you were a kid.

Lola: Yeah, that's because you were like a father half of the time. I liked rey, my brother. In general.

Rey: When you have to look out for someone else, it's -- it's primal. And you tell yourself it's your job because nobody else can do it right. So maybe I did hover a little bit. A lot.

Lola: Yeah.

Rey: All the time.

Lola: Well, you don't have to worry about me any more, rey. Because things are going to get better. Starting tonight. I know it.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Michael: Client.

Lauren: Mm. I'll go get our things, and then all of this is mine.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Mm-kay.

[ Chuckles ] Hello, henry.

Lauren: Jack. What are you doing here?

Jack: I didn't want to leave you hanging. Your plan with phyllis just went down in flames.

Lauren: Wasn't exactly my plan per se. And now I'm nervous to ask you about the details.

Jack: But you knew she was gonna work an angle.

Lauren: Well, doesn't she always?

Jack: Actually, it was classic phyllis. She outdid herself. Lauren, you are my partner. Jabot needs fenmore'S. I thought you understood that.

Lauren: I do. And as hard as you fight to protect your father's company, that's how hard I will fight to protect mine. Fenmore's has always been number one with me, and I've never mislead you on that.

Jack: You have my word -- my word -- I am going to take jabot and fenmore's to new heights. I realize asking for blind trust at this point is asking a lot, and so I will spell it out for you. But once I do, you will realize, you don't need phyllis anymore. You and I make an unbeatable team.

Lola: It wasn't bad, you know. You could always come work for me.

Rey: Oh, yes, chef. Whatever you say, chef.

Lola: [ Chuckles ] I love it. My niece or nephew, huh?

Rey: [ Chuckles ] You're gonna be an aunt. Question is, who's gonna be a dad -- me or arturo?

Lola: Mia doesn't really know?

Rey: Maybe she does. She won't say.

Lola: Well, you were always meant to be a dad. Wasn't really arturo's thing.

Rey: [ Exhales deeply ] When I got that call from sharon, that mia wasn't feeling right, I raced to memorial. I had all these thoughts swirling through my head. Like I -- like I told you, it's primal. And I thought to myself, "if something happens to this baby, I'm -- I'm gonna go crazy. I'm gonna tear the place apart." Then I had to remind myself that, what if I'm not the baby's dad, after all?'

Lola: Either way, you're going to care. It's just how you were built.

Rey: If I'm an uncle and not a father, I don't want to think what that's gonna do to us, our family.

Lola: God has to give you this, I think. What you've always wanted -- to be a dad, a real one. The best kind, rey. Not like the one that we had.

Rey: [ Snorts softly ] God knows, I've had enough practice.

Lola: Okay, I wasn't that bad as a kid.

Rey: No. You weren'T.

Lola: You know, I thought things were really crazy in miami, but ever since we've moved here, it's been complete insanity. Things have to turn around, I think.

Rey: Turn around how?

Lola: Calm down. Get easier. For me and kyle. For you and sharon. And for the baby. It's our turn to be happy now.

Rey: It sure is.

Summer: This is how it works. Us. Marriage. Yeah, I'm a little sad. But I'm also really excited, you know? Like, yeah, there's gonna be rough spots, but we both know what's at stake. And we know that we have to earn it together.

Kyle: Yeah...

Summer: Yeah. Okay, well, tomorrow is a new day. And I'm gonna get some sleep. You don't have to come to bed yet, but will you lay with me?

Kyle: Of course.

Summer: Okay.

Jack: The focus is on the whole woman. Fashion, cosmetics. A holistic approach to beauty for the empowered woman. And this is where fenmore's comes in. We are gonna drive more traffic, more sales, more investment in the company your father started and you worked so hard to nurture.

Lauren: I just love what I'm hearing. I mean, could you have not said this to me sooner so I wasn't yammering on about taking fenmore's and walking away?

Jack: I hadn't had a full agenda then. Look, this isn't just an idea that came out of nowhere. This is the product of real focus on development. Looking at the marketplace, seeing what is feasible, deciding where the potential for growth is. We have direction now.

Lauren: And it's good. It's really good. It's smart. And it's well-defined.

Jack: Does that mean you're on board?

Lauren: It means I'm all-in.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Lauren: [ Chuckles ]

Michael: Uh... am I supposed to be okay with this?

Jack: Uh, more than okay, yes.

Michael: So, what exactly did I walk in on?

Jack: The renewal of a beautiful working relationship.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

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Paul: I just get the feeling he knows more than he's saying.

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