Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/10/19

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/10/19


Episode #11589 ~ Jack and Ashley's feud takes an interesting turn; Nate sports a new look; Victoria uncovers a mystery.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Brandon: Saw him at a private poker game a few weeks ago -- molly's game level, invite-only.

Victoria: Are you sure it was victor newman?

Sinead: My house in catalina -- $1.2 million.

Mia: After everything you've endured, you deserve to be happy, so fight for what you deserve.

Lola: Hi.

Kyle: Hey.

Kyle: Tell us your plan.

Jack: It's a whole new way of doing business. I call it jabot collective. "Ashley abbott, founder and C.E.O. Of my beauty cosmetics, has announced an exciting new endeavor which she's calling my beauty collective."

Victoria: Ahh.

Billy: Black pearl body buff. Now, who knew that was a thing, besides you?

Victoria: Mm. Don't lie. It was amazing.

Billy: It was amazing. My -- my -- my -- my cells are turning over...

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: ...And I have smooth skin and my circulation is improving.

Victoria: You would move that masseur home with you if you could.

Billy: Nah, not my type.

Victoria: Really? Well, I would go for those strong, sexy hands any day.

Billy: Don't tempt me. A few massage classes and these puppies will be right up to par.

Victoria: Yeah, but how much would it cost me?

Billy: [ Sighs ] You? Nothing. And I would assume that I would have some, uh, special therapies designed just for you.

Victoria: [ Laughing ] You're terrible.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] That laugh would be payment enough.

Victoria: Well... it's been a long time since i felt like laughing.

Billy: Hey, you're welcome.

Victoria: I guess maybe you are a little bit responsible for my improved mood.

Billy: Yeah, just a little bit. I mean, I'm good for you.

Victoria: Until you're not.

Billy: Look at us right now. We're living our best life.

Victoria: Yeah, but, eventually, we're gonna have to leave all this behind and go back to the real world.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Billy: [ Sighs ] Speaking of the real world...

Victoria: Better take it.

Billy: Jack, what's up?

Jack: You still in vegas?

Billy: Yep. Why?

Jack: We got a problem here.

Billy: Family or work?

Jack: Both. Ashley's company just announced the launch of a lifestyle line identical to the one we're planning.

Billy: You mean similar.

Jack: Identical, right down to the name.

Billy: Jabot collective?

Jack: Hers is called my beauty collective.

Billy: How is that even possible?

Jack: Good question. Did you maybe talk to anyone about this?

Billy: No.

Jack: Discuss it where you could have been overheard, leave your laptop open somewhere?

Billy: No, jack, and are you saying that you think that I'm the leak?

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Katie: Uncle nick, do you have any 6s?

Nick: Y-yeah, I do. Shocker.

Nikki: Whoa!

Katie: I win!

Nikki: All right! Whoops!

Nick: So, that's wo wins for you and two for you.

Johnny: And none for you.

Nick: And that is pretty cocky.

Nikki: Bonnie has cookies in the kitchen.

Katie: Yay!

Johnny: Yay!

Nikki: Mm.

Nick: It's nice to see you smile, mom.

Nikki: Ohh. If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be home, enjoying my grandchildren...

Nick: Well, dad and I did everything possible to make that happen.

Nikki: And I am so grateful to both of you.

Nick: I'm surprised he took off and left you again.

Nikki: Well, you know your father. He's always off on some business trip.

Nick: Where to this time?

Nikki: You know, he didn't even say.

Nick: Mom, you just got out of jail. What was so urgent he had to leave you?

Jack: Billy, I didn't say it was you.

Billy: You know, jack, let me point out that there's a better chance that it was ashley's daughter, who has a direct pipeline to my beauty.

Jack: I spoke to abby. She swears she didn't talk to ashley.

Billy: Right, and of course you believe her.

Jack: I'm just trying to figure out how ashley has detailed information about jabot's plans for the future.

Billy: And what about your son, because there's only one person he's loyal to, and that's himself?

Jack: Kyle wouldn't do this.

Billy: Right. So, you believe abby and you believe kyle, so that leaves good old unreliable billy.

Jack: That's not what i meant.

Billy: I got to go, jack. I'll see you when I get back.

Victoria: Is everything okay?

Billy: Oh, just jack being consistent. Got to give him that. He never veers off the path of thinking that I'm the family screw-up.

Victoria: I know how that feels.

Billy: Nobody thinks you're a screw-up, vick.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. Only my father.

Billy: Your father? Come on. That business would be nowhere without you. He's an arrogant jerk, but it doesn't mean he doesn't trust you and believe in you.

Victoria: No, he doesn't trust me. He says he does, but he hides things from me.

Billy: Why do you say that?

Victoria: He never told me where he was when my mom was in the hospital. I have no idea where he is now and no way to get ahold of him, and after everything I've done for him and all the times I've had his back, he still cuts me out.

Billy: He knows that he can't run newman enterprises without you. Trust me.

Victoria: It doesn't matter that I'm his most loyal child. He'll never completely trust me.

Kyle: It's good to see you out, looking like your old self.

Lola: All thanks to summer. I owe her a lot.

Kyle: Yeah. We both do.

Lola: Are you meeting her here?

Kyle: No. She's on a mother-daughter trip -- one of those fancy spas.

Lola: Well, this might be a good time for us to talk?

Kyle: Sure. Um, what do you want to talk about?

Lola: Everything that happened between us.

Kyle: You mean since the accident?

Lola: And before.

Kyle: Oh. Okay. I'm free now.

Lola: How 'bout dinner at the gcac?

Kyle: Dinner? Sounds good.

Lola: Okay. I'll make a reservation, and I'll text you the time.

Kyle: See you there.

Lola: See you there.

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Billy: We can go see david copperfield's show. Okay, or I could perform magic for you.

Victoria: Oh. You know magic, huh?

Billy: Yeah, yeah. I can make your problems disappear.

Victoria: How?

Billy: Come to dinner with me and -- poof! -- They're gone.

Victoria: [ Chuckles softly ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Billy: Kids okay?

Victoria: Yeah. They're fine. It's just a friend.

Billy: Oh, your friend? Well, tell your friend that "jenny" checked out.

Victoria: Brandon's not hitting on me. He just sent over the time and place of the poker game tonight.

Billy: Speaking of poker, you never told me why he would think you would be interested in high-stakes poker.

Victoria: Billy, it's not what you're thinking, okay?

Billy: Oh, my mind is blank.

Victoria: Brandon told me that dad has been seen hitting high-stakes poker games around vegas -- regularly.

Billy: Are you kidding me? After all the crap he gave me about gambling -- your dad?

Victoria: No, he's not playing. He's meeting someone at the games -- some man.

Billy: Who is this man? Maybe I know him.

Victoria: Brandon didn't say.

Billy: So, brandon, your rocker friend who has the hots for you, has seen your dad meeting up with some random guy who doesn't have a name at poker games that brandon just happens to be attending?

Victoria: Can't hurt to go see it for myself.

Billy: Yes, it can. You're not doing that.

Victoria: Excuse me?!

Billy: Okay. Let me rephrase that. I don't think it's a good idea that you go to a private suite, buy in to a high-stake poker game with a bunch of random strangers.

Victoria: Yeah, you might have a point.

Billy: Yes.

[ Sighs ] You're telling him that you're not going, right?

Victoria: No. I'm asking him to move the game here.

The role of nate hastings is

now being played by

sean dominic.

Lola: Dr. Hastings. How did you --

Nate: Rey gave me the code for emergencies -- or patients who fail to show up for their appointment.

Lola: I am so sorry. I totally forgot.

Nate: Lucky for you, I didn'T.

Lola: Oh. You want to do the exam here?

Nate: We could go to the hospital.

Lola: No, here's fine.

Nate: Good. Mm. Big plans tonight?

Lola: No, just dinner with a friend.

Nate: Hear you been making a lot of plans lately.

Lola: Well, I'm slowly getting back to normal.

Nate: Is that what you call taking a head-chef job at abby and devon's new restaurant?

Lola: You heard about that, huh? Well, you said that I was killing it with my recovery.

Nate: You are, because you've been able to get some rest. But spending hours a day on your feet could set you back. Turn around, please. Breathe in.

Lola: [ Breathes deeply ] So, are you saying that i shouldn't take the job?

Nate: Again.

Lola: [ Breathes deeply ] Because if it were up to my brothers, they would never want me to go back to work.

Nate: [ Chuckles softly ] They said you were stubborn. I don't think they realize how strong you are.

Lola: So, I'm good to go?

Nate: You need to pay close attention to your body.

Lola: Cross my heart -- and my liver.

Nate: If you get a fever, a pain in your back, or any of the other symptoms on the list i gave you...

Lola: I will call you. You're on speed dial.

Nate: You better. I got a reputation to protect.

Lola: Oh, and you think i would screw that up -- I mean, after everything that you've done for me?

Nate: I'm just doing my job.

Lola: Well, thank you for being so good at it.

Nate: The one you should be thanking is summer.

Jack: Kyle, hey. Good. You're home. We need to talk.

Kyle: Can'T. Got plans.

Jack: No, no, no. Come here. It can wait. I want you to see something.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] What the...? Ashley's spying on us.

Jack: Clearly.

Kyle: Sibling rivalry's one thing. Now she's playing dirty -- dirtier.

Jack: I used to think I knew my sister.

Kyle: She didn't do this alone. Somebody's helping her. Question is, "who?"

Jack: I spoke to billy. I spoke to abby. They both denied any involvement.

Kyle: Do you believe them?

Jack: Well, abby has always made it clear she wants no part of this family feud.

Kyle: And what about billy?

Jack: It doesn't make any sense that he would help the one person responsible for his ouster as C.E.O.

Kyle: Traci? She and ash are close.

Jack: It's not in her dna.

Kyle: Well, that doesn't leave us many options.

Jack: No, it doesn'T.

Kyle: You don't think I did this?

Jack: I know you wouldn't do this to me. I'm not as certain about your wife.

Nikki: So, any idea when summer will be coming back to work?

Nick: Ah, she's just taking things slow, sticking close to home.

Nikki: I heard she and phyllis took a trip together.

Nick: That's news to me.

Nikki: Hmm! I'm surprised nobody told you.

Nick: All right. Just come out and ask me.

Nikki: What?

Nick: If I've been in contact with phyllis.

Nikki: Well, now that you've brought it up...

Nick: Mom, phyllis and I are through. Look, mom, the only time our paths will cross from now on is where summer's concerned.

Nikki: Oh. Finally, you see that witch for the lying backstabber --

Nick: Mnh-mnh. Don't do that. Don't do that, please.

Nikki: You deserve better.

Nick: Well, you said that about sharon. In fact, you've said that about every woman I've ever been with.

Nikki: I don't know why you can't try one of those dating apps.

Nick: Mom, no! No! I'm just -- no. I'm gonna focus on my business. I will, uh, have some fun in my downtime.

Nikki: Good. You deserve it, son.

Nick: [ Chuckles softly ]

Kyle: Summer would never leak our strategy.

Jack: You can't deny she was upset at the way phyllis was run out of jabot.

Kyle: She's her mom! How do you expect her to feel?!

Jack: My point exactly.

Kyle: I was right next to her when she told phyllis not to take being voted out personally.

Jack: You don't think she did that for your benefit?

Kyle: You're serious about this?

Jack: You think it's a total coincidence that she and summer took off just when this news was coming out?

Kyle: Yes!

Jack: It's a perfect opportunity for them not to answer any questions.

Kyle: If summer even knew this crossed your mind, she'd be crushed.

Jack: We have an issue here. I can't tiptoe around people's feelings, even people I care about.

Kyle: Okay. If you give a damn about summer, you won't say anything to her about your suspicions.

Jack: Okay. I won't say anything now.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Jack: But we have to get to the bottom of this.

Kyle: I've got something to take care of, and I'll get on it.

Jack: Wait. What could be more important than this?

Kyle: It's personal. Once I'm done, you'll have my full attention.

Nate: How's rey doing? I saw him at the hospital donating blood.

Lola: He's paying it forward. He's really grateful to everyone who got tested to see if they were a match for me.

Nate: He told me he lost his job. That's too bad. He seemed like a dedicated cop.

Lola: Yeah. He might have crossed the line by helping sharon and her friends, but... rey is one of the good guys.

Nate: It's got to be rough, not doing what he loves.

Lola: Yeah, especially with my case unsolved.

Nate: Yeah. Any leads on who attacked you?

Lola: No. They haven't been able to find anybody who has a motive to hurt me. I don't have any enemies.

Nate: Sounds like a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Lola: Lucky me.

Nate: It could have been much worse.

Lola: I was in a coma for a month.

Nate: And because of that, we were able to diagnose the problem with your liver.

Lola: Okay. So, what you're saying is that i should be thankful to my attacker for tipping me off about needing a transplant?

Nate: I'm not saying they shouldn't be punished.

Lola: Damn right they should be punished. I want to see them go to jail for a very long time.

Nate: Well [Sighs] I'll let you get ready for your date.

Lola: It's not -- thank you.

Nate: Wear the blue.

Billy: [ Whistles ] Wow.

Victoria: I don't need a babysitter -- or a bodyguard.

Billy: Okay. How 'bout a coach? I do know something about poker.

Victoria: I'm good.

Billy: Hey, come on. You're about to host a game with a bunch of high rollers, and you know nothing about poker.

Victoria: I-I know enough.

Billy: You hate gambling.

Victoria: I hate you gambling.

Billy: What do you think I'm gonna do -- fall off the wagon into a bunch of chips?

Victoria: I don't know. It's been known to happen.

Billy:And you've been known to do a bunch of crazy things in vegas, too, jenny.

Victoria: Come on, billy. Look, just go home. As soon as I find out what's going on with my dad, I'll be right behind you.

Billy: Cool. I don't mind waiting.

[ Groans softly ]

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: HI.

Brandon: Hey! I just came by to tell you -- who's this?

Victoria: Oh, this is my bodyguard. So, is everything all set for the game?

Brandon: Yeah. I'm starting to have second thoughts about the location change.

Victoria: Oh, no. Um, he won't get in the way.

Brandon: He already has. I'm gonna have to move the game back to its original location.

Billy: Yeah, you're not gonna want to do that.

Brandon: Why not?

Billy: Because this is the only room in vegas where you get to play with my money.

Nick: Yeah. Just tell the boys I'm gonna get them a new construction manager real soon. Yeah. Thanks, joe.

Nikki: Everything okay?

Nick: Yeah. I'm just real short-handed at dark horse right now.

Nikki: Because you fired your head of construction?

Nick: Turns out arturo was not the man that abby thought he was.

Nikki: I tried to warn her.

Nick: Abby's gonna be fine. She's put arturo and dark horse in her rearview mirror.

Nikki: I hear her new restaurant is about to open.

Nick: Yeah. Good for her. Not great for me. Abby and arturo leaving at the same time was A... pretty big blow.

Nikki: Especially now that jack is back at jabot.

Nick: Yeah. So I've lost three major players... which is... why I'm here.

Nikki: Is there anything i can do to help?

Nick: Yes. Please, mom, come and head my P.R. Department.

Nikki: What?!

Nick: Yeah. I asked you to work for me before, but you turned me down because you didn't want to pick sides between dad and me.

Nikki: Well, I still don'T.

Nick: Well, dad and I have come to a place of mutual respect.

Nikki: And nobody is happier about that than I am.

Nick: [ Claps hands ] Great. Then there's no reason why you can't come and work with me.

Nikki: Honey, I'm very flattered.

Nick: But?

Nikki: After everything that's happened this past year, I just want to spend as much time as possible with victor.

Nick: [ Sighs heavily ] You know, it's ironic. You want to spend 24/7 with dad, but he's gone on a business trip again.

Nikki: I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Nick: Just admit it. You have no idea where he is or when he's coming back.

Victoria: Any word from my father's friend?

Brandon: No. That's his style -- flies under the radar till the action starts. He rarely misses a game like this.

[ Knock on door ] You get that?

Billy: Yeah. Sinead.

Sinead: Well, well. Look who's here.

Billy: Hi.

Victoria: Oh. You two know each other?

Sinead: Oh, bill and I go way back.

Victoria: "Bill"?

Sinead: You, uh, trade in the redhead?

Victoria: No, he didn'T.

Sinead: Oh. No judgment -- unless, of course, I win tonight. Did he tell you about the last time we played poker?

Victoria: Are you here to play or reminisce, miss -- I'm sorry.

Sinead: Sinead. Play. Your not-boyfriend schooled me to the tune of six figures last time we met. I'm ready for a rematch.

Billy: Oh, no. That's not happening. I am strictly here for moral support.

Sinead: Oh. We'll see how long that lasts. And you are?

Victoria: Jenny. Can we get started?

Brandon: Sinead, how are you?

Sinead: Brando, good to see you, man!

Brandon: You, too, love. Ready for a little 5-card draw?

Sinead: Always. Hmm.

Victoria: So, you and sinead?

Billy: Hardly. She's a rival. And she's a tough one.

Victoria: Well, tonight she's going down.

Lola: [ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

Kyle: I'm sorry I'm late. There was a crisis at jabot. Then the traffic --

Lola: Kyle. It's okay.

Kyle: [ Sighs, chuckles ] You look amazing.

Lola: Thanks. Not quite like our last dinner.

Kyle: Things were a lot different then.

Lola: Yeah. It was before summer, before she came back into town.

Kyle: We were, um...

Lola: Two fools in love?

Kyle: [ Chuckles softly ] Loving you was never foolish.

Lola: Yeah. Well, no champagne or dancing tonight.

Kyle: Probably a good thing.

[ Chuckles softly ]

Lola: Yeah. We can just talk... like we did that night... from the heart.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Sinead: Call.

Victoria: You said he would be here.

Brandon: Your old man?

Victoria: No, the -- his cohort. You claimed he would never miss a game like this.

Brandon: Yeah, unless there's a bigger one somewhere.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well, do you even know his name?

Brandon: The only thing I've heard him called is "spider."

Victoria: Can you describe him?

Sinead: Hot.

Victoria: You know him?

Sinead: No, but I've seen him -- played him and lost. You're up, brando.

Brandon: Call.

Sinead: Okay. Stalker girl.

Victoria: I'll see you, and I'll raise you $5,000.

Billy: Mnh-mnh-mnh.

Sinead: You sure about that?

Victoria: Oh, yeah. So, does my dad ever come to these games alone, or is he always with that other man?

Brandon: Joined at the hip, from what I've seen.

Sinead: Why so interested, princess? Are you afraid daddy's gonna give away your newman trust fund to his new bff? You think I didn't know who you are? Your poker face sucks, victoria.

Victoria: Oh, does it?

Sinead: [ Chuckles ] All-in.

Brandon: That's me out.

Sinead: Willing to bet that trust fund?

Victoria: Let's see what you got.

Sinead: [ Chuckles ] Straight flush.

Victoria: Damn. Royal flush. What do you expect from a princess?

Sinead: [ Sighs ]

Lola: I came to your house to talk to you that night.

Kyle: I felt terrible about our fight.

Lola: It wasn't your fault.

Kyle: The second summer showed up at the cabin, I should have sent her away.

Lola: And I should have believed you... when you told me that you weren't interested in her.

Kyle: I meant it.

Lola: Now you're married to her.

Kyle: You must hate me.

Lola: I know that it's not a real marriage.

Kyle: But at the hospital, you were --

Lola: I was angry... and hurt when I realized that you had slept with her.

Kyle: That's not why i married her.

Lola: You did it for me.

[ Chuckles softly ] And now I want to do something for you because I owe you that much.

Kyle: You owe me?

Lola: An explanation as to why I held back from having sex with you.

Kyle: Lola, you don't have to say any--

Lola: Yes. I do. You deserve to know why i couldn't give you that part of myself.

Kyle: I understood.

Lola: Please let me finish before I lose my nerve here.

Kyle: Go ahead.

Lola: I told you about my family -- how screwed up they were.

Kyle: No more than mine.

Lola: What I didn't tell you is... how it felt to... be abandoned by my father before I was born... or what it was like to be raised by a mother with a broken heart... or to have seen mia play human wrecking ball with my brothers' lives. I didn't quite grow up... believing in a fairy-tale ending... and for the rosales family, that wasn't really a thing. But, you know, I-I did -- I tried to convince myself that, uh, it would be different for me. And when I met you...

[ Chuckles softly ] I mean, it seemed possible. But I couldn't stop looking over my shoulder for someone or something to ruin what we had.

Kyle: I wish you'd told me all this.

Lola: How do you tell someone that there's a little voice in the back of your head that's saying, "don't get your hopes up, lola -- it's never going to last?"

Kyle: And when you woke up at the hospital...

Lola: I felt like that voice was right all along, that we never had a chance.

Kyle: That's why you sent me away.

Lola: I convinced myself that you married summer because she was the one that you loved.

Kyle: I tried to tell you i did it to save your life.

Lola: Yeah, but the voice in my head was louder than yours then.

Kyle: [ Sighs heavily ] Now?

Lola: I've been thinking a lot lately.

Kyle: And?

Lola: My life doesn't make sense without you.

Kyle: I feel the same way.

Lola: [ Sighs ] Uh... I know that it may be too late... but if you told me that you love me again... this time I would believe you.

Kyle: [ Sighs softly ]

[ Sighs ] I never stopped loving you.

Nick: We'll custom-finish it once we've rented out the space. Yeah, I know it's not ideal, but I'm losing money every day that it stays empty, so figure it out. Yeah. Keep me out. Hey, can I get a tequila, the reserve I like? Thanks, bud.

Sara: Wish they had what i like.

Nick: Yeah? What's that?

Sara: Glenderry single malt they make on the --

Nick: Yeah, the orkney islands, just off the coast of scotland. You have good taste.

Sara: So, do you know where i can find a glass?

Nick: Only place I knew that served that was the underground.

Sara: Never heard of it.

Nick: Well, that's because it went up in flames -- literally.

Sara: Shame. Now I'll have to settle for something less.

Nick: Yeah, that is a shame.

Sara: I'm sara.

Nick: Hi, sara. I'm nick.

Sara: So, your name's nick. You work in construction... and you have a taste for the finer things.

Nick: Yeah, that's me. Why don't you tell me about you?

Kyle: I was at the hospital every day. Your brothers wouldn't let me see you.

Lola: Why not?

Kyle: They were convinced that what happened to you was my fault.

Lola: That's crazy.

Kyle: They were out of their minds with worry. We were all terrified we were gonna lose you.

Lola: Yeah, but they had no right to blame you.

Kyle: They weren't wrong. You were by the pool because you came to see me. If we hadn't have fought, then you wouldn't have been in a coma.

Lola: All this time... you feel responsible. And there was summer... eager to ease your guilt.

Kyle: It wasn't like that.

Lola: So she didn't emotionally blackmail you into marrying her? You know what? Never mind. I-I don't want to talk about summer.

Kyle: Neither do I. I want to ask you a question -- something I've been wondering about for a long time. You never said what you were gonna say to me that night.

Lola: Nothing.

Kyle: I don't understand.

Lola: I came to listen. I wanted to give you the opportunity to explain what i had walked into at the cabin.

Kyle: With me and summer.

Lola: What would have have said if I had given you the chance?

Kyle: Nothing. I would have taken you in my arms and held on for dear life. There would have been no doubt in your mind that I loved you -- only you.

Lola: Things would have been so different now.

Nikki: Hi, darling. I-I just wanted to let you know that I miss you. And I know you would never have left if it hadn't been extremely important. I guess I just want to hear your voice, so... call me... as soon as you can. I love you.

Sinead: There's a big tournament coming up -- high rollers, invitation-only. I could get you in.

Billy: I'm out -- for good.

Sinead: Like last time? Time before that?

Billy: No. For real this time.

Sinead: Sure. Don't, uh...lose my number.

Brandon: Well, I'm sorry spider was a no-show, but at least you got compensation for the letdown. I know a great little club where we can go celebrate.

Victoria: I think I'm gonna call it a night.

Brandon: Maybe we can meet in the morning for breakfast.

Victoria: I'm probably gonna be heading home in the morning.

Brandon: [ Sighs ] Well... I guess this is goodbye... jenny.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Thank you for everything. It was fun.

Brandon: Yeah. Steady diet of that's not a bad thing.

Victoria: Yeah. I'll keep it in mind.

Billy: [ Sighs ] You disappointed?

Victoria: Infinitely. I played a game I don't like to meet someone that never showed up.

Billy: But you won. And it is your last night in vegas.

Victoria: That sounds like a movie title.

Billy: Hopefully "r"-rated.

Victoria: Pg.

Billy: That's no fun.

Victoria: Mm...maybe pg-13.

Billy: Ooh. That's more fun. That means I get to do this.

Nick: There you go.

Sara: Thanks. Should I be weirded out that you collect signs from bars you used to frequent?

Nick: If that were true, then you should be totally weirded out.

Sara: It's not?

Nick: I owned the underground.

Sara: Did you like owning a bar?

Nick: Yeah, it was cool. You know, I, uh, got to do what I wanted. I didn't have to live up to anybody's expectations. I met some very interesting people.

Sara: Ever think about reopening or starting up a new place?

Nick: Nah. My saloon days are over.

Sara: You sure? 'Cause I have an idea that might make for the perfect club.

Nick: Really?

Sara: Very hip. Very you.

Nick: Mm-hmm. All right. Well, now I definitely have to hear it.

Sara: Topless male bartenders. You'd do huge business -- ladies' nights, bachelorette parties.

Nick: Yeah, yeah. It's -- it's not bad.

Sara: It's brilliant.

Nick: Yeah. And when did you come up with this brilliant plan?

Sara: Just now. Inspiration struck... like a vision.

Nick: Is this what you saw?

Sara: It'S... exactly what I envisioned.

Victoria: Is this what seeing me play poker does to you?

Billy: Seeing you dressed like this, winning at poker -- yes, that's what this does to me. I didn't know you were such a shark.&

Victoria: Neither did I.

Billy: It's very hot.

Victoria: [ Chuckling ] Yeah.

[ Chuckling ] Billy, this is not my definition of "slow."

Billy: Oh, right. I forgot. Slow.

Victoria: Slow.

Kyle: Now what?

Lola: Dessert?

Kyle: Is there a time machine on the menu?

Lola: Would be sweet, but we can't go backwards.

Kyle: Or forward?

Lola: You're married, and i am still me -- a walking bundle of commitment issues.

Kyle: With a new liver.

Lola: Mm. That's a whole nother issue.

Kyle: Yeah, lots of obstacles.

Lola: We haven't even talked about the fact that we come from two very different worlds. Bridge from one to the other is rickety, at best.

Kyle: Not worth the risk. I understand.

Lola: Kyle --

Kyle: I never want to put you at risk again... physical... emotional.

Lola: Then meet me halfway.

Kyle: What if the bridge doesn't hold up?

Lola: Then we fall into the river... or the canyon or whatever is below us... together... or we'll soar. I don't know what lies ahead of us because we never got the chance to... find that, figure it out, but I-I want to find out. I want to find out what we can be together.

Kyle: What are you saying?

Lola: I'm saying... that we should go get a room.

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