Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/3/19

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/3/19


Episode #11584 ~ Victoria lets her guard down; Summer tempts Kyle; Devon and Elena grow closer.

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 Previously on "the young and the restless"...

 Ashley: I accept your challenge.

 Jack: Let the battle begin.

 Devon: I want you guys to make yourselves at home. And, please, anything you need, just ask me.

 Phyllis: Loyalty means nothing to kyle.

 Summer: Okay, if that was true, mom, kyle would have left the minute that I donated part of my liver. He is still by my side.

 Phyllis: Is he?

 Victoria: Hello. This is jeni lambertson, room 505. I'd like to cancel my turndown service. In fact, tell housekeeping not to disturb me until further notice. I need complete privacy.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

 Jack: Hey, thanks for helping out. I know these late-night strategy sessions aren't any fun. But if we can get ahead of this impending jabot disaster, w-- okay. I'll bite. Um... what's got your attention? The kids?

 Billy: [ Sighs ] No, the kids are fine.

 Jack: Victoria?

 Billy: Well, that remains to be seen -- literally.

 Jack: Then you haven't heard from her yet?

 Billy: No. [ Sighs ] She's not answering my texts. And usually that wouldn't worry me, but it's just the way that she took off on this "business trip"...

 Jack: You don't believe her?

 Billy: No. And her mother doesn't, either. She thinks she's running away.

 Jack: I think you need to give her a break. Look, everything that she's been through -- the headlines, everyone staring at her everywhere she goes. Who wouldn't want to get away from that?

 Billy: I understand that, jack, but she can't return a text to let me know she's all right?

 Jack: She'll reach out when she's ready. Right now, she's practicing self-care. She's probably at a spa somewhere. A mountain retreat.

 Billy: For her sake, I hope you're right.

 Jack: Of course I'm right. Now...

 Billy: Business.

[ Sighs ] Business. Phyllis is out. You're in.

 Jack: And with ashley having taken off with all of our products, jabot is fighting for its life.

 Billy: So what do we do?

 Jack: We rebuild.

 Billy: How do we do that? We don't have any product. We don't have anybody to make them. We don't have any time. We don't have any money.

 Jack: We need a solid plan.

 Billy: We need it fast.

 Devon: Hey.

 Elena: Hey. Don't want to interrupt.

 Devon: Oh, no. It's cool. I'm just going through some demos, so...

 Elena: Sounds fun.

 Devon: Yeah. It's not too bad. How you doing? How's jett settling in?

 Elena: Ah, I've never seen him sleep so well. This place, it's so quiet.

 Devon: [ Chuckles ]

 Elena: Oh, and the beds. I can barely get out of mine. Thank you again.

 Devon: You're very welcome. But you don't have to keep thanking me.

 Elena: This place is just really amazing.

 Devon: You will get used to it. Uh, that was my wife. Hilary.

 Elena: Yeah, I recognized her from "gc buzz." It broke my heart when she passed.

 Devon: Yeah, me too.

 Elena: Oh... [ Scoffs ] And here I am going on and on.

 Devon: Oh, no. It's fine. It's -- I'm actually happy to have people back in the house, so I should be thanking you.

 Elena: It was insensitive of me.

 Devon: It's -- there's no harm done. It's fine.

 Elena: [ Sighs ] Well, I'm gonna let you get back to it. I don't want to be the reason some singer doesn't become a star.

 Devon: [ Chuckles ] Actually, if you're not busy, you're more than welcome to hang out. I could use the company.

 Rey: Thank you for the dinner invitation.

 Sharon: I thought to myself, we had such an unforgettable first date this afternoon. Why wait for the second?

 Rey: I like the way you think.

 Kyle: [ Sighs ] Hey.

 Summer: Hey.

 Kyle: What else can I get you?

 Summer: Uh, you [Sighs] Are everything that I need.

 Kyle: [ Groans ] Being out and about all day really wiped you out, huh?

 Summer: Well, um, I didn't say that i wanted to go to sleep. I said that I wanted to go to bed.

 Kyle: Can you? I mean, is it safe?

 Summer: Well, I got the all-clear. Just no swinging from the chandeliers is all.

 Kyle: Uh, it just seems so soon.

 Summer: Yeah, well, it feels like forever. I mean, we haven't really been together since our wedding night. I miss you.

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 Mariah: Surprise!

 Tessa: Wait, what?

 Mariah: It's your guitar.

 Tessa: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But -- but how?

 Mariah: I found the pawn ticket, I went to the shop, and I bought it back.

 Tessa: Um... thi-this is, uh...

[ Laughs ]

 Mariah: Thoughtful? Amazing? Wonderful?

 Tessa: Uh, yeah. All three. "Thamazerful."

 Mariah: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Well, uh, you're welcome. I just... I thought, you couldn't get back into music if you didn't have something to play on.

 Tessa: I don't -- I don't know whether to laugh or -- or to cry.

 Mariah: Sing.

 Tessa: I-I can't believe you did this for me.

 Mariah: You? No, no, no. I -- I did not do it for you. It was purely selfish. I did it for me, because I missed hearing your music.

 Tessa: Well, your timing could not be more perfect. I have so many song ideas just rolling around in my head, and I --

 Mariah: That's great! That's great. Well, um... why don't we take this baby back to the place and, uh, just let the magic happen.

 Tessa: Uh...

 Mariah: What?

 Tessa: [ Clears throat ]

 Mariah: Was it something I said? Was it "the magic"? Heh...

 Tessa: No, um... kinda. But... it's just, I haven't done it in forever. And I-I don't know. I'll be rusty, and I need to screw up without someone watching. At my "inspiration point."

 Mariah: The fire escape.

 Tessa: Yeah. Maybe if I sit out there and look at the sky and feel the fresh air in the moonlight, maybe -- maybe it'll all come back to me.

 Mariah: Moonlight will do that.

 Tessa: What if it's been too long? What if I don't have anything --

 Mariah: No. Stop. Don't talk like that. You were great before. You're gonna be great now.

 Tessa: Thank you. Thank you.

 Mariah: Of course.

 Tessa: Thank you for believing in me. Okay. [ Chuckles ]

 Mariah: Go! Go. [ Laughs ]

[ Guitar thuds ]

 Tessa: Ooh.

 Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

 Sharon: Dinner should be ready in just a little while.

 Rey: Mmm. What on earth will we do with the time?

 Sharon: I know that look.

 Rey: Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted a glass of wine.

 Sharon: I would love one. Stop!

 Rey: What? What did I do?

 Sharon: Looking at me that way.

 Rey: I can't help myself.

 Sharon: Keep that up, we won't make it through dinner.

 Rey: I will try my best, but I am not making any promises.

 Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knock on door ]

 Brandon: Lizzie? I know you're in there! Come on. Open up. It's brandon.

 Victoria: Um, you've got the wrong room.

 Brandon: [ Scoffs ] You've got the wrong room. This is room 505. Lizzie's room.

 Victoria: There's no lizzie here. Sorry.

 Brandon: Come on. Quit playing. Open up.

 Victoria: I-I'm not her, so just go away.

 Brandon: If you're not her, then who are you?

 Victoria: I'm not gonna give my name to some random stranger. Name's brandon rose. There. Now we're not strangers.

 Victoria: [ Sighs ] You just made that name up.

 Brandon: Nope. It's on my id. Have a look. Your turn.

 Victoria: What does it matter?

 Brandon: I just want to apologize. I-I hate calling people "mister" or "miss" or "ma'am."

 Victoria: Wow. What a gentleman.

 Brandon: [ Chuckles ] You like rock music?

 Victoria: Do I need to call security?

 Brandon: Wow! It's come to that? I thought I was being charming and un-threatening.

 Victoria: [ Scoffs ] What is this?

 Brandon: My band's playing a gig tonight. I'll leave one vip pass at the box office under the name 505 since that's all I know about you is your room number.

 Victoria: Why would you do that?

 Brandon: A peace offering. And I want to see if you're as beautiful as your voice.

 Victoria: Does that line ever actually work?

 Brandon: [ Chuckles ] Please. Come to the show. We're actually pretty good.

 Victoria: [ Sighs ] I'm busy.

 Brandon: No, you're not. You're by yourself in your room, feeling lonely. Come to the show, room 505. You won't be sorry.

 Kyle: Well, looks like I'm missing something.

 Billy: Hey. You're right on time.

 Jack: If we're gonna beat ashley, we have to change our game. She goes left, we go right.

 Billy: You want to take jabot in a new direction?

 Jack: Exactly.

 Kyle: [ Sucks teeth ] Only problem is, we don't have much green to throw at a new campaign, so it can't be too far out of the box.

 Jack: You know what? It doesn't have to be too far. In fact, it could be right in our own backyard.

 Kyle: Huh. What do you have in mind?

 Jack: A simple shift of priorities.

 Billy: How big of a shift?

 Victoria: No, no. I-I don't need to talk to hannah again. But, uh, is your dad there? Oh, no, no. That's fine. I'll find him later. Don't worry. Okay, you guys need to go to bed now. I love you, too. I'll talk to you soon. All right. Night-night.

[ Sighs ]

 Victoria: I'm gonna call nick and let him know what's happening. It's not here. The phone. It's gone.

 Sharon: Hey.

 Rey: Hey.

 Sharon: Where did you go? You know there's nothing you can't talk to me about, right?

 Rey: Tonight is about you and me. Nothing else.

[ Door opens ]

 Sharon: [ Clears throat ] Mariah! This is a surprise.

 Mariah: Hey. For everyone, it seems like. Rey.

 Rey: Mariah.

 Mariah: What are you doing here?

 Sharon: We were just about to have dinner.

 Mariah: Dinner. With him. I thought you were hanging out with faith tonight.

 Sharon: She's staying over at gabrielle's, so I invited rey.

 Mariah: Oh. Well, do you have room for one more? Because I'm famished.

 Sharon: Of course. The more, the merrier.

 Mariah: Hmm.

 Tessa: [ Strumming ] Hmm.

Oh, oh, I've been


I've -- [ Clears throat ]

[ Strumming ]

I've been

[ Sighs ] Okay.

[ Strumming ]

[ Vocalizing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs deeply ]

[ Button clicks ]

 Devon: So, what'd you think? Which one would you download and play on repeat?

 Elena: Definitely the second one. It had, like, a spark of something new.

 Devon: I agree.

 Elena: You know, you've been fooling people, devon.

 Devon: How so?

 Elena: Into thinking you have a real job.

 Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I'm -- I'm very lucky to be able to do what I do. You know, I was lucky to be adopted by people who taught me the value of hard work. And, uh, an obscene inheritance from my grandmother didn't hurt, either.

 Elena: Sounds like quite the origin story.

 Devon: Yes. Yeah. What about your story?

 Elena: Milwaukee, born and bred.

 Devon: Yeah?

 Elena: Yeah. I went to school not far from home.

 Devon: Nice. Did you get your residency here in gc?

 Elena: Yeah, this is where I was matched.

 Devon: Okay. Now, why did you drop out, if you don't mind me asking?

 Elena: Um, the chief resident and I didn't get along.

 Devon: Okay.

 Elena: So now I take care of uncle jett.

 Devon: That's a full-time job.

 Elena: Yeah. He keeps me busy. Don't get me wrong, I love it.

 Devon: But?

 Elena: Sometimes I just wish I could go out, you know? Like, go to the movies or take a walk in the park.

 Devon: Why can't you do something like that?

 Elena: I worry about leaving him alone.

 Devon: I think he'd be able to take care of himself for a few hours out of the day. You have to live your life. We should go do something together sometime, if you'd like to. Or not. We don't have to. Did I overstep? I'm sorry.

 Elena: No. Um... I'm sorry. It's just --

 Devon: No, no. Hey, let's -- let's, uh, rewind to before I said anything at all. It's okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, actually, I need to take this. Excuse me. Hello.

 Victoria: [ Sighs ]

 Summer: Mm...

[ Gasps ]

 Mariah: Now that we've broken bread together -- literally -- um, there's something that I've been wanting to say to you for a while.

 Sharon: Mariah...

 Rey: No, no. It's fine. Fire away.

 Mariah: I just wanted to apologize to you. After you arrested my mom, I had an arsenal of words to describe you.

 Rey: That's understandable.

 Mariah: But in the end, you did the right thing. And even though you lost your job for it.

 Rey: [ Sighs ] And I wouldn't change a thing.

 Mariah: Good. I'm glad to hear it. Uh, there's some other good news.

 Sharon: Oh?

 Mariah: Yeah. The charges against tessa have been dropped.

 Sharon: That's wonderful. We all deserve a fresh start.

 Mariah: What's this? With the hands. You're holding hands?

 Sharon: Yeah. We are.

 Mariah: Because you two are together?

 Sharon: [ Stammers ] I hope that you'll be happy for me.

 Billy: Fashion.

 Kyle: That's our new focus?

 Jack: It is the perfect answer. The fashion arm of jabot has only grown since our merger with fenmore'S. Adjusting the budget to expand it even more is our perfect answer.

 Billy: Yeah, that could work. Bring in a new, hot designer.

 Kyle: That will take us to a whole new level.

 Jack: Then you like it?

 Kyle: I love it.

 Billy: It does buy us some time to find a new chemist to come up with new product.

 Jack: Oh, make no mistake -- we are gonna revamp the cosmetics line, as well. But we take our time. But when people talk about jabot, they're thinking total look, total lifestyle. Clothes and shoes along with cosmetics and fragrances.

 Kyle: We'll advertise all over social media.

 Summer: Oh, fashion and media. Now you've got my attention.

 Jack: Hey, summer. We were just having a late business meeting.

 Kyle: I thought you were asleep.

 Summer: Yeah, and let you guys have all the fun without me?

 Billy: Look, with all due respect, I don't think it's appropriate to discuss jabot's future in front of summer. We just fired her mother as C.E.O. And she's a newman, and she works for newman enterprises.

 Summer: Uh, well, there's a lot more to me than that. I am the wife of an abbott, so that technically makes me an abbott. And yeah, no, I am a little hurt that my mom was thrown out after all the work that she did. But I care about jack, and I love my husband, and whatever happens to the company happens to all of us. So I can put my personal feelings aside.

 Billy: I understand that. Again, forgive me, but we are dealing with the last time that we trusted a viper that pledged her loyalty.

 Jack: Kyle, I'm gonna make this your call.

 Kyle: Summer and I made a good team at jabot and fenmore'S. She works hard, has wild ideas that somehow turn genius.

 Summer: Fenmore's secret weapon.

 Kyle: Yeah. She has a lot to contribute. I think she should stay.

 Billy: All right. Well, just remember, when this thing blows up, what I said.

 Jack: Now that we've aired our grievances, why don't we get our heads back in the game? Summer, have a seat. You're in the spotlight. What have you got for us?

 "The young and the restless"

will continue.

 Devon: Hey. I'm sorry that that was --

 Elena: A long call.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I wanted to apologize. My answer when you asked me out.

 Devon: Oh, there's no need to apologize at all. I wasn't even really thinking when I said it.

 Elena: No, I just, um...

 Devon: You don't have to explain yourself, really. It's okay.

 Elena: No, I do. Look, I got a little trepidatious before because I didn't want things to get awkward between us with me living here.

 Devon: Yeah.

 Elena: And, also, it feels like it's been about a million years since I went out with anyone.

 Devon: I completely understand. And I didn't mean for it to sound like it was anything else except for just us going out and, like, getting coffee or something.

 Elena: Well, I could swing that.

 Devon: Yeah?

 Elena: Yeah.

 Devon: Okay. Cool.

 Mariah: Don't you think that this is a little sudden? The dinner? The hands?

 Sharon: Not at all.

 Mariah: But after everything you've been through? Diving into a relationship with the guy who put you through it?

 Sharon: Phyllis is the reason we were in that situation. And there is nothing sudden about this. I won't speak for rey, but I've had feelings for him for a really long time.

 Mariah: Okay. Great. Then you won't mind me asking him a few questions, right? Just so we're all on the same page. Hey, rey? I have a few questions for you.

 Rey: Do your worst.

 Sharon: Oh, don't tempt her.

 Rey: Mm.

 Mariah: So, you're dating my mom.

 Rey: Mm-hmm.

 Mariah: Aren't you still married to mia?

 Rey: On paper. But not for much longer.

 Mariah: Got an eta on that?

 Rey: As soon as possible.

 Mariah: Is there anything else that's holding you back in any way?

 Rey: There are some complications.

 Mariah: I see. You want to know what else I see, rey? I see a guy who broke my mom's heart and destroyed her trust.

 Rey: And I am lucky that she's forgiven me. And I am not going to take that for granted. I intend to make your mother as happy as she makes me. To care for her, and to show her and her children that she is the most important woman in the world to me.

 Mariah: Good. Don't let me down. Because you don't want to see me disappointed.

 Sharon: Leftovers for you and tessa.

 Mariah: Thank you so much. I love you. I should get going.

 Sharon: I love you, too.

 Mariah: Okay.

 Sharon: Good night. I would say don't do anything crazy, but I think I'm a little late for that. Enjoy your evening.

 Rey: Night.

 Jack: We don't have a lot of resources for a major ad campaign.

 Kyle: We won't need it.

 Billy: You got a genie in a bottle?

 Summer: Uh, close. Social media. Just get people excited. You know, build a buzz.

 Kyle: Yeah. We can collaborate with influencers. They'll try our wares, help us out with the marketing.

 Summer: Yeah, and stylists. They'll be the ones to really push our brand to the top.

 Kyle: Videos.

 Summer: Yeah, of people doing an unboxing for a jabot clothing haul.

 Jack: Wait, what?

 Kyle: [ Sighs ]

 Summer: Uh, so you take some pieces of clothing -- your favorite ones, just a little bit of everything. You send it off to a vlogger. They unbox it, they talk it up, and it really gets people excited.

 Kyle: We'll save a ton of money because we won't need those big, glossy print ads in all the magazines.

 Summer: Yeah. No expensive publicity events.

 Kyle: And connect with our consumers like never before.

 Summer: Yeah. We can use real people. Just send them some clothes and let them run wild with it.

 Kyle: Maybe include devon and his singers at lp.

 Summer: Yes! Our brand will be the one front and center at every music festival.

 Kyle: Movie premieres.

 Summer: I mean, nightclubs.

 Kyle: Red carpets. We'll be a household name.

 Summer: Pictures of the rich and famous wearing jabot in the gossip pages.

 Kyle: All over the internet. Where else can you get free publicity?

 Summer: We can make consumers part of the process. Part of the success, really.

 Kyle: Look, it has "phenomenal" written all over it.

 Summer: I definitely think this is the way to go.

 Victoria: Okay!

 [ Laughing ]

 Well, come on in. Please. Come in. Make yourselves comfortable.

 Brandon: No breaking anything, all right?

 Victoria: Oh, the mini-bar is right over there if anybody wants anything.

 Brandon: Hey. Smiles!

 Victoria: That's great. Let me just...

 Brandon: Obsessed. Sorry.

 Victoria: No, no. That's not a problem.

[ Sighs ] Wow.

 Brandon: So, uh, honest opinion.

 Victoria: Yes?

 Brandon: How'd you like the show?

 Victoria: I loved it. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun.

 Brandon: I got to say, it made my night to finally meet room 505 in the flesh.

 Victoria: Yes.

 Brandon: Should I call you "room" or "505"?

 Victoria: No. How about jeni? That would be just fine.

 Brandon: Jeni.

 Victoria: Yes.

 Brandon: Nice to know your name. Now I want to know everything else.

 Victoria: Oh, well, that is going to take a long time, actually.

 Brandon: Let's start with your job. What do you do?

 Victoria: Um... I am -- I'm an artist. A painter.

 Brandon: Ohh.

 Victoria: Yeah.

 Brandon: Impressive. Where's home?

 Victoria: The world. The world is my home.

[ Giggles ] But I studied in florence.

 Brandon: Renaissance.

 Victoria: Yes.

 Brandon: Rebirth.

 Victoria: Mm. Exactly. Yes.

 Brandon: Who are some of your favorites?

 Victoria: Oh! Botticelli, caravaggio. Oh, leonardo, of course.

[ Giggles ]

 Brandon: Of course.

 Victoria: I would, um, haunt the museums by day, and by night, I would just paint away in my studio. And when I'd had enough of a place, I would move on. Paris. Buenos aires.

 Brandon: Vegas.

 Victoria: Yes. Yes. Well, I'm meeting with a few galleries. I'm hoping to get a show.

 Brandon: An adventure every day.

 Victoria: [ Giggles ] You sound skeptical.

 Brandon: No. I think it's a radically cool story. I'm very impressed. Victoria.

 Mariah: Hi. I would, um... I'd ask how it's going, but...

 Tessa: [ Sighs ] I can't sing. I can't play. This is a total waste.

 Mariah: You're being too hard on yourself.

 Tessa: It was a really sweet gesture, but I think that my guitar was better off at the pawn shop.

 Mariah: No. I disagree. It's a part of who you are.

 Tessa: Not anymore. Could you take it back? I just -- I just feel like someone with actual talent would give it a better home.

 Mariah: [ Scoffs ] So that's it? You're just -- you're giving up?

 Tessa: No. I'm giving in, okay? Maybe this is the universe's way of saying that I should be doing something else.

 Mariah: I think the universe is much cooler than that.

 Tessa: Then how do I fix this?

 Summer: So, how'd I do?

 Kyle: You were perfect.

 Summer: Guess we are a really good team, huh?

 Kyle: Mm-hmm. Well?

 Jack: Well, impressive. I think you both have some great ideas.

 Billy: They were really good. Not bad at all.

 Kyle: So we're moving forward?

 Jack: I have some reservations about banking on people with no real loyalty to our brand.

 Kyle: It's definitely a new approach for us.

 Jack: It's not that I have anything against reaching out to vloggers or influencers. It's just, I want to bolster this with some traditional marketing.

 Billy: It'll save us a bunch that we can funnel directly back into expansion.

 Jack: Great job, you guys. Really. I-I thought these were great ideas. We're off to a good start.

 Billy: Congrats, everybody. Next stop -- sleepless nights.

 Jack: [ Chuckles ]

 Brandon: Hey, uh, I was just trying to have a little fun. I'm sorry.

 Victoria: No, it's fine. No, you figured it out.

 Brandon: Why do the rich and famous think that they can be anonymous when you've been all over the headlines lately? I'd want to hide out, too. I know what it's like to want to be incognito. You know, disappear into a crowd. Run away. Be somebody else for a while.

 Victoria: I wasn't trying to run away. I was just having fun, that's all.

 Brandon: Okay, good. Well, then, let's turn it up a notch.

 Victoria: Oh, turn it up?

[ Chuckles ] I'm afraid to ask how.

 Brandon: I know a guy owns a club down on the strip.

 Victoria: Sure. Of course you do. Yeah.

 Brandon: Great music. Vip room. 100% paparazzi-free.

[ Snorts ]

 Victoria: Well, I can only imagine what might happen there.

 Brandon: [ Sighs ] We could cut loose. Have some fun. No guilt. No worries.

 Victoria: Is that so? Well, it's very tempting, but, um, it's kind of late already, and I have this business thing tomorrow, so I...

 Brandon: [ Sighs ] Of course you do.

 Victoria: Yeah.

 Brandon: Okay. Party's over, rejects. Time to fly. Wrap it up.

 Victoria: Thank you. Heh. Thanks for coming. Um... good night. Bye. Thank you. That was really fun. Thank you.

 Brandon: Will I ever see you again, 505?

 Victoria: Um, probably not.

 Brandon: [ Chuckles ] Put out your hand.

 Victoria: Huh?

 Brandon: Come on. Trust me.

 Victoria: Okay.

[ Scoffs ]

 Brandon: Mmph.

 Victoria: [ Sighs ]

 Mariah: You stopped feeding your talent. You pretended it wasn't there. And now it's gone wild. You don't trust it. It doesn't trust you. So you just have to tame it.

 Tessa: How?

 Mariah: I don't know. Try playing one of your -- your older songs. No expectations. No pressure. Just play. Have fun.

 Tessa: I reserve the right to stop whenever I want.

 Mariah: Mm-hmm. That's fine. Just go for it.

 Tessa: Okay. Um...

[ Playing melody ]

It was just another day without you

just another day alone

just another day on my own

it was just another day without you

 Sharon: Bet you could use some wine.

 Rey: Oh, I'm used to doing the dishes.

 Sharon: After mariah giving you the third degree.

 Rey: Oh, I didn't take it personally. She cares about you.

 Sharon: I care about you.

 Rey: It's just gonna take a little time. When she sees that we are on the same side, that you are in good hands... hm?

 Sharon: The best hands.

 Elena: So, I'm in a convertible. My makeup is perfect.

 Devon: Okay.

 Elena: My hair is on point. A million bucks.

 Devon: Sounds nice.

 Elena: It was. Until we got on the highway. And then my hair was flying everywhere. I'm screaming over the music.

 Devon: Why? He put the top down?

 Elena: Yes! On the interstate.

 Devon: No, he did not.

 Elena: It caught wind, flew off, and almost caused a wreck.

 Devon: Did that really happen?

 Elena: [ Laughing ] Swear to god.

 Devon: That's insane that you did that.

[ Laughs ]

 Elena: Needless to say, that was our one and only date.

 Devon: I bet it was. That's quite the story.

 Elena: Yeah. First time I've told that one in a while.

 Devon: Heh.

 Elena: I should get some sleep. Uncle jett is an early riser.

 Devon: I'll figure out a time when we can go get that coffee.

 Elena: I'd like that.

 Devon: Cool.

 Elena: [ Giggles ]

 Devon: Hey, have a good night, elena.

 Elena: Good night, devon.

[ Glass tinkling ]

 Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay.

 Summer: Okay. I'm gonna check my social-media feed to see what other companies are doing to market their -- oh, my god. No flipping way.

 Kyle: What is it?

 Summer: [ Scoffs ] Come here. That's yasmin from the bloody thorns, and that's --

 Kyle: Victoria.

 Summer: Yeah.

 Jack: What?

 Billy: What'd you say?

 Summer: She's hanging out with one of the hottest bands around right now.

 Billy: The bloody thorns? I've never heard of them.

 Summer: Well, I mean, take a gander. They look pretty cozy.

 Billy: What the hell is victoria doing in vegas hanging out with a band?

 Summer: I don't know. That is not the aunt vick that I know.

 Jack: Maybe she just felt the need to blow off some steam.

 Billy: Jack, this is a lot more than...decompressing.

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