Y&R Transcript Monday 4/1/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/1/19


Episode #11582 ~ Ashley reveals shocking news; Rey romances Sharon; Nikki confides in Paul.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Rey: There's only one woman I want to be with.

Billy: What the...?

Jack: Who is dominique carroll?

Dominique: You're looking at her.

Lauren: All the new patents are registered to premiere cosmetics?

Phyllis: Obviously you worked with someone.

Jack: She claims to have a partner.

Billy: So the question is, who has a big enough grudge to try and obliterate jabot?

Jack: Oh, my god.

Ashley: Looks like we're missing a few people. I guess we'll have to start without them.

Ashley: Shall we get this meeting started?

Jack: You have no authority to convene a meeting of the board. You gave up your membership on the board when you left.

Ashley: Are we gonna stand on ceremony, jackie?

Traci: Ashley, how could you do this? Attacking jabot. Our family business --

Billy: Well, let's not be surprised. Our sister's proven she can't be trusted.

Dominique: [ British accent ] Why don't I just exit stage left -- leave the rest in your capable hands?

Ashley: Mnh-mnh. Not until I get a hug.

Dominique: [ Chuckles ] Oh! Well done, my friend.

Ashley: Mm. We shall see.

Dominique: Well done.

Ashley: You look fantastic, by the way.

Dominique: Mm. Likewise.

Phyllis: How about we skip the girlfriend routine? How 'bout you explain yourself. You too.

Ashley: This is not the american-born chemist kerry johnson. Her name is dominique carroll, and she has a flight to catch. All right. Thank you for your hard work, and I'll see you in paris.

Dominique: Ciao, love.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Safe travels.

Dominique: I guess this is goodbye.

Billy: Get the hell out. And, please, let the door hit you on the way.

Jack: Stop right there.

Dominique: I realize you're upset. Let's not make this any more difficult.

Jack: Is it difficult for you? At all? I'm starting to wonder if you have a genuine emotion in your entire body. Was everything we had, everything we shared just one colossal lie?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Sharon: Just a minute!

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: Well, this is a surprise.

Paul: It is?

Nikki: Has christine changed her mind? Are you here to arrest me on some new charge? Or is it J.T.? Don't tell me he's escaped.

Paul: [ Laughing ] No, no, no. Legally, you are in the clear. In fact, uh, J.T. Is still in custody, and he's agreed to plead guilty and do some time.

Nikki: Good. [ Sighs ] That's good. So, um... why are you here?

Paul: Oh. So I can do this.

Nikki: Oh, paul!

Paul: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Hey. Hey, kids, come here. Come here. I need to talk to you for a second.

Johnny: Sorry.

Victoria: For what, sweetie?

Johnny: "No running in the house."

Katie: Are we in trouble?

Victoria: Oh, no. No, no. You're not in trouble. No. Come here. Sit down. I want to talk to you about something.

[ Sighs ] Something that we need to discuss. Um...

[ Chuckles ] Mommy has to go away again, and I'm hoping that you guys will be okay with that.

Dominique: You have every right to be livid with me.

Jack: Gee, thanks. My sister hire you to smash my heart at the same ime you smashed the company? How much extra did she have to pay you to prostitute yourself?

Dominique: Ashley had nothing to do with my personal relationship with you.

Jack: So this was all your sordid plan, dangling the idea of another child in front of me. All part of the program to get jack to let his guard down.

Dominique: I would hope it's not that hard to believe I could have had actual feelings for you. In fact, I did. And I can prove it.

Jack: This ought to be good.

Dominique: Pack a bag. Buy a ticket at the airport. Get on the plane with me, jack. Walk away from this place before it collapses to dust all around you. W-we could start a new life together in paris.

Jack: There's no way I'm going anywhere with you.

Dominique: Well. I guess all that's left to say is adieu.

Jack: You honestly think I'm gonna let you waltz out of here without any repercussions?

Dominique: I suggest you consider your next move very carefully. If you try to call security or the police, you need to brace yourself for the catastrophically bad press I will rain down on this company, which is already teetering on the brink of disaster.

Jack: This is not over.

Dominique: I'm afraid where I'm concerned, it is. You have a far bigger battle to fight in there. Good luck. You'll need it.

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Paul: No, I just stopped by to see how a dear, dear friend is doing.

Nikki: I'm so glad you did. It's great to see you, paul.

Paul: Great to see you, too. So, I'd ask how you've been, but, uh... hey, look at it this way -- it's always good to start with a clean slate.

Nikki: On paper. But public perception is a whole different situation.

Paul: You know, you've tackled bigger things than this, and you've always ended up on top. You'll do it again.

Nikki: You have always believed in me.

Paul: And I always will. So, tell me, how's victoria doing?

Nikki: Well... [ Sighs ] That is an excellent question.

Paul: [ Stammers ] Is something wrong?

Nikki: Even though we're free, the nightmare isn't over for her. Victoria has to find a way to come to terms with what has happened.

Johnny: Please don't go away again. You just got back.

Victoria: I know. But it's a work trip, and I have to go. But I won't be gone long. And in the meantime, hannah and daddy will be here to take care of you. And I am sure that grandma and grandpa will stop by for a visit.

Katie: Did grandpa find the man in the wall? I wanted to play with him again.

Victoria: Uh, yes. Yes, he did. But -- but the man can't pay anymore.

Victoria: Because he had to go way. But -- but he wanted me to tell you goodbye. Don't worry, okay? Everything's gonna be just fine. I promise.

Phyllis: I hope you know that corporate espionage is a federal crime.

Traci: And helping yourself to those patents certainly qualifies.

Lauren: Is dominique the only mole you have in this company?

Ashley: Okay, I'm happy to answer all of your questions. Could we wait till jack comes back so I don't have to repeat myself, please?

Phyllis: Spare us the theatrics already.

Ashley: I have to admit, though, it's a little refreshing, after having been pushed aside, to have you so anxious to hear what I have to say. But you're still gonna have to wait.

Billy: Wasn't enough to screw us over the first time, huh? You had to come back for a repeat performance?

Traci: You do realize, ashley, you're not just toying with daddy's legacy. You're playing god with innocent people's lives.

[ Door slams ]

Ashley: Did you sort everything out with dominique?

Jack: Start talking.

Ashley: Okay. Wow. Well, I was hoping for a full house. I guess I'll have to settle for a quorum.

Kyle: Okay, here we are. Hopefully we didn't miss --

Ashley: Honey!

Abby: Mom?

Kyle: Aunt ashley?

Ashley: Honey! Hi!

Abby: You're back! I didn't know you were coming home.

Ashley: Ooh!

Abby: Oh! I am so happy to see you.

Ashley: You too.

Billy: You might not feel that way when you hear all the fresh mayhem she just dumped on us all.

Abby: What now?

Ashley: Okay. There's two sides to every story. And I have done everything I can to help this company, actually.

Phyllis: Okay. She planted a spy. By the name of dominique carroll -- A.K.A. Kerry johnson -- in a position where she could inflict maximum damage on this company.

Kyle: Your kerry?

Jack: Not anymore she isn'T.

Ashley: I'm not the one that hired her to run the lab. You are.

Lauren: Because she had a sterling reputation.

Ashley: And the real kerry johnson does, absolutely. A very gifted chemist who is currently pursuing her career in paris at my company. And you didn't miss a beat falling for my imposter, phyllis, you were so anxious to sit in that C.E.O. Chair yourself. So don't blame me just because I've proven that you were never worthy of the position.

Billy: Okay, you can rub phyllis' face in this later. Right now --

Phyllis: Thanks, billy, considering you and jack both tried to hire her, if you remember.

Billy: Right now, I want to hear what this means for jabot.

Lauren: So, premiere cosmetics, the company that your minion registered all the new jabot patents to, is it safe to assume that you own that, too?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Sharp as always, lauren.

Jack: Then it's true. Jabot's recovery, necessitated by your leaving town with nearly our entire product line, is cut off at the knees. Why?

Traci: Are you trying to destroy jabot?

Ashley: Traci, why would I do that? Jabot means everything to me.

Billy: You have a funny way of showing that.

Abby: Mom, what are you hoping to accomplish with this --

Kyle: Deception? That the word you're searching for?

Ashley: I'm going to save jabot.

Phyllis: How?

Ashley: By taking it over. Dental insurance. Many employers don't offer it. Medicare doesn't include it. And people who work for themselves often don't consider it. But with humana you can still have it. Starting at just $17 a month. That's less than 60 cents a day. Call today for a free quote. With a humana dental plan you'll get 100% coverage for in-network preventive care such as oral exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Plus, you'll save on fillings, crowns and other dental procedures. And you can't be turned down because of age or pre-existing conditions. With a large network of dentists and specialists and a variety of affordable plans, you're sure to find one to fit your family's needs and budget. Plus, humana has vision plans too. With coverage for exams, eye glasses, and more. How much could you save? There's a quick, easy way to find out. Call humana now at the number on your screen for a free quote. And discover the coverage you need at a price that will make you smile.

Sharon: Can I get you something to drink?

Rey: I'm good. Thanks, though.

Sharon: You're welcome. Uh, no, my closet didn't explode. This is just me being indecisive.

Rey: Oh, no worries. I must have changed my shirt once or twice. I think I should have gone with the green.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: No, what you're wearing looks great. You -- you made the right choice.

Rey: I appreciate that. And you look amazing, as always. That dress is... it's perfect.

Sharon: That's very sweet. Thank you.

Rey: I hope you're okay with this early-date idea.

Sharon: Yeah. It's nice to mix it up a little. Especially since we're both gainfully unemployed, we can go out any ol' time we want.

Rey: [ Snorts softly ]

Sharon: Sorry. Too soon?

Rey: No. None of this is too soon for me.

Kyle: You and your accomplice invented this crisis. You don't get to swoop in and claim you're the hero.

Ashley: Kyle, jabot was already on a precipice. One bad quarter, and that's all she wrote. It's gonna take more than one batch of new products to maintain profitability.

Ashley: This person that you planted in the company --

Ashley: Dominique.

Abby: ...She is how you knew all of this?

Jack: It's also how she managed to steal every product we created right from under our noses.

Ashley: No, those actually never belonged to you to begin with, jack. They're mine, created by kerry johnson exclusively for premiere cosmetics.

Traci: So, this dominique was just pretending to create the products for jabot while diligently registering all the patents for this shadow company of yours.

Ashley: And phyllis was so busy trying to find the next big splash that she didn't do her appropriate homework regarding kerry, leaving the door open for dominique to slide right in.

Phyllis: Go to hell.

Ashley: Yeah, I'd be mad at myself, too, if I were you, phyllis.

Billy: Don't go patting yourself on the back, okay? It's not gonna matter to any of us. There's no way in hell we're listening to this so-called offer.

Lauren: I'd like to hear ashley's full proposal before i make that determination.

Ashley: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Lauren: I don't condone the way you've done this. But I at least owe it to my employees to hear you out.

Phyllis: I've heard enough that I agree with billy.

Kyle: So do I. No deal.

Jack: Jabot is not for sale. At any price, to any outside entity.

Ashley: [ Guffaws ] Oh, that's me. Perpetual outsider. You just couldn't resist going there, could you, jackie? And you two, trying to present this united front. Really? Dominique told me you were trying to convince her to help you oust phyllis. Which tells me that you didn't have any faith in her abilities, either. I'm sorry, phyllis. I know. It stings, doesn't it, when you find out the people you considered family turn on you?

Abby: I hate it when we fight. Can we please just go somewhere and talk about this?

Ashley: Not quite yet. I need to present my deal. And it's really rather simple. I buy jabot. You get all the products -- the ones kerry created plus my proven best-sellers. This company will thrive. You turn down my offer, and what are you gonna have? Not a whole hell of a lot. It's the end of the first quarter. You've almost spent the entire ad budget preparing to launch products that you don't have the legal right to sell.

Traci: Ashley, you're doing this for all the wrong reasons. Power, control, money. That woman broke your brother's heart, and you don't even seem to care.

Ashley: I care. I had nothing to do with that. It was not part of my plan.

Billy: Yeah, but it doesn't hurt, right? I mean, not enough to call dominique back to paris.

Ashley: This is a contract stating that my company will purchase jabot cosmetics as a wholly-owned subsidiary. I think it's a really fair offer under the circumstances. And if you're concerned about being fired, please don't be. You can all come work for me.

Jack: The last time I spoke to you face-to-face, I poured my heart out. I offered an abject apology. I owned every mistake I had ever made. I even admitted to an insecurity about your one day outshining me. And what did that get me? You left for paris on a plane with most of jabot's products. I will not grovel again.

Ashley: Don't take too long. My offer expires tomorrow.

Jack: [ Breathing hard ]

Nikki: And where are you off to?

Victoria: I have, uh, a last-minute business trip.

Nikki: Are you kidding me? Whatever it is, I'm sure victor can send somebody else. You need to be at home, spending time with your children and unwinding.

Victoria: Well, mom, I want to handle this personally.

Nikki: Victoria --

Victoria: Actually, I'm glad you stopped by. Would you stay with the kids until billy gets here, and then let him know about my leaving? Because the last thing I want to deal with right now are his questions.

Nikki: Oh, really? Well, I have a few of those myself.

Victoria: Mom, please. Can we not do this now?

Nikki: Victoria, you haven't answered any of my phone calls since the police let us come home. You've been avoiding billy. And now you're going off to god-knows-where when you should be at home with your support system.

Victoria: I appreciate your concern. I really do. But everything's fine. I'll talk to you later.

Nikki: Wha--

Victoria: Mwah! I'll call you soon, okay? Bye.

Nikki: [ Exclaims softly ]

Abby: So instead of calling me to tell me that she's coming home, my own mother, she pulls this surprise-takeover bit, and suddenly I'm just another board member standing in her way.

Traci: Oh, no, no. Honey, you -- you know ashley loves you more than anything else in the world. And she's just --

Abby: Just has some messed-up priorities at the moment?

Phyllis: It's always good to know who your enemies are, but I just wasn't aware --

Lauren: You had so many?

Phyllis: Well, I knew enough not to trust those three, but to have everyone plotting at once to get me thrown out of here with the woman who I thought had my back?

Lauren: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: You still do? Is that right?

Lauren: Yes. I mean, to a point. You should know I am considering ashley's proposal.

Phyllis: You can't be serious.

Lauren: If she takes over jabot, how is that going to affect the company's stake in fenmore's? And what is she gonna do? Is she going to cut me loose? Is she gonna give me more autonomy? These are a lot of things to think about.

Phyllis: Not me. I will be out on my butt, all right? So there's no way in hell I'm giving in. Not without a fight.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] May not be your call.

Jack: God knows the signs were all there. She kept lying to me again and again. I kept lining up for more.

Billy: Jack, listen.

Jack: You'd think at this stage in my li--

Billy: I am sorry you're hurting. And don't take this the wrong way, but we just don't have time. We need to make a move. And a big one.

Kyle: Like what?

Jack: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Billy: I'm thinking now's the time.

Jack: Follow our lead.

Phyllis: Can I have everyone's attention, please? Obviously this development will affect every vendor that we work with, every buyer, every employee that works here, and our satellite offices. But [Sighs] As C.E.O., I intend to fight for jabot's rights and continued independence. Ashley and dominique are not gonna get away with this.

Billy: So, what do you plan to do?

Phyllis: Well, step one, we're gonna get the legal department involved. Dominique showed up every day. She sat in on the meetings. She cashed every paycheck. If she was misrepresenting who she was and what she was doing, that is fraud, and we will prosecute.

Jack: So what?

Phyllis: What do you mean, "so what"? We're taking them to trial, to court, including ashley.

Jack: Ashley has done nothing we can nail her for legally.

Phyllis: How do -- how do you figure that?

Billy: Because she might not be on the board, but she's still an abbott. She has material stake in what this company produces and its profits.

Kyle: She could successfully argue that sending dominique here to be her eyes and ears was neither fraud nor corporate espionage.

Billy: Right. Because ashley can simply claim that she's doing due diligence where you neglected to.

Phyllis: Okay, we are going to challenge these patents in court.

Abby: What is that gonna accomplish except for tie up jabot funds that we don't have?

Jack: Abby's right. There is no upside. We are hanging on by a thread. Throwing lawyers at this won't fix it.

Billy: So, moving on. What else you got?

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ] Well, I am sorry. I don't see this as nearly so cut-and-dried.

Traci: Well, phyllis, it seems like you're the only person in the room who feels that way.

Lauren: What about dominique's employment contract? A hire at her level would have a standard non-compete clause. I mean, that could be our angle. She simultaneously worked for two corporate entities in the same industry.

Phyllis: There's no such clause.

Billy: Pardon me? Every executive signs that --

Phyllis: I made an exception. I was eager to have her on the team, so I offered her the moon and the stars. She basically wrote her own contract.

Kyle: Conveniently lacking a non-compete clause.

Phyllis: What do you want from me? Do you all want me to say I screwed up? Is that what you would like to hear?

Jack: Good. Thank you. I'm glad you're taking the blame. It makes the rest of this easier.

Phyllis: Makes what a lot easier?

Jack: Voting you out as C.E.O. And off the board. Happy birthday!

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Sharon: Wow! Flowers, champagne. You really went all out.

Rey: There should be a card.

Sharon: "Here's hoping our first official date will be as special as you are."

Rey: [ Sighs ] You nervous?

Sharon: Okay. [ Sighs ] I might as well just get this out in the open.

Rey: What's that?

Sharon: Mia. It hasn't been that long since you ended things, and technically...

Rey: I'm still a married man. Since mia left, I have had the space I needed to think about things. I believe that... our marriage was over the first time she cheated on me.

Sharon: I can't blame you for feeling that way.

Rey: When she followed me here from miami, I -- I tried to make it work.

Sharon: I know you did.

Rey: I didn't want to leave my marriage the way my father did. I was determined to do whatever I could to save it. But in the end... mia's heart wasn't in it any more than mine really was.

Sharon: I can see how much this hurts you.

Rey: Takes time.

Sharon: You know... rey, what we have -- or what we could have -- it's very important to me, and I don't want to make a mistake by jumping into things unless we're both ready. You know, I've made that mistake before --

Rey: Sharon.

Sharon: Can I just finish?

Rey: Mmph.

Sharon: If you need more time to process all things, then let's just split the check and call this a friendly dinner.

Rey: My turn now?

Sharon: Yeah.

Rey: Good. We are not undoing this date. I will buy you chateaubriand for two and shower you with rose petals if I need to. But this day...

[ Sighs ] It's the beginning of our romantic relationship, and I do not want to forget a minute of it.

Phyllis: I have done an outstanding job at jabot. Sales have been rebounding. Morale is higher --

Jack: The break is over, folks. Uh, this emergency meeting of the jabot board is back in session. Abby, would you keep minutes from here out?

Abby: Sure.

Jack: I move that we have an official vote to remove phyllis as C.E.O. And a member of this board.

Kyle: Second.

Phyllis: I'm not gonna be the scapegoat here. Kerry fooled all of you. You were closest to her in town. You didn't see any of this coming?

Traci: Okay, wait. That doesn't matter. This happened when you were in charge. The buck stops in that chair.

Phyllis: I took this job when jabot was at its lowest. On my watch, I successfully launched the jaboutiques.

Billy: Yeah, by all means, take credit for that.

Phyllis: I also got rebekah barlow to partner with us.

Billy: With my help, also.

Kyle: Give it up, phyllis. No one's buying what you're selling.

Jack: Shall we vote?

Lauren: Hold on a minute. It's true we have a quorum. But I think, for this kind of vote, I would feel more comfortable if we had the full board.

Billy: Well, I got foster and morgan on the line right now.

Abby: Does that satisfy your objection?

Lauren: I guess it's gonna have to.

Jack: A show of hands, please. Those in favor of keeping phyllis on in her current position?

Jack: That would be phyllis and lauren only.

Billy: You two hear that? They heard.

Jack: Those voting no confidence?

Billy: Voting no confidence with phyllis as C.E.O. -- Yea or nay? That would be two thumbs down.

Jack: It would appear the nays have it.

Billy: That's it for me right now. I'll call you back. Just in case we need you, please stay by your phone. Thank you.

Jack: Red, it was a nice run. I'm afraid you're out.

Lauren: I'm so sorry, phyllis.

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congestion and pressure?

Jack: Abbott. Abbott. Abbott. Abbott.

Kyle: Finally, huh?

Jack: As it should be.

Lauren: Not all of us.

Jack: Lauren, I have always thought of you and fenmore's as family.

Lauren: I'm happy to hear you say that. And I also hope that you will all hear me when I say, ashley's offer may be our only way out of this mess. We should give it serious consideration.

Billy: Lauren, with all due respect, we are not gonna let ashley railroad us once more.

Lauren: And what other choice do we have? Jabot does not exist without sales.

Billy: Jaboutiques are doing quite well.

Lauren: Are holding their own. But they're not enough to keep jabot afloat. Jabot is going to go under, and it's going to take fenmore's down with it.

Traci: Okay, why don't we all just take a step back. So many things have just happened and our heads are spinning. Please do not rush into a major decision.

Jack: Sis, you heard ashley. This is a limited-time offer.

Kyle: 24 hours. The clock is ticking.

Abby: I'm sorry, aunt traci. I understand how you feel, but from a business standpoint, I'm afraid they're right.

Traci: Okay, but what about from a personal standpoint? Couldn't we work with ashley? And -- and that would best for jabot as well as for our family. We could right some wrongs she's had to suffer, bring everyone together again.

Billy: Traci, I'm sorry, but that is reaching.

Traci: How is what I'm saying far-fetched?

Jack: You know what? You're both right. Now is the time to reach -- far and high. It's what we've always done in moments of crisis here at jabot.

Kyle: Hear, hear.

Jack: Look, we are in a difficult position product-wise. This is not the time to give in. This is the time to dig in and get ready for the fight of our lives. And I would like to lead that fight as C.E.O. Of this company.

Lauren: Here we go again.

Abby: Uncle jack, you have a job. And nick is going to need you now more than ever.

Jack: As I said the last time, nick would understand better than anyone I know. I was born to do this job, abbY. This is what my father wanted for me. I look at this as a chance to hit the reset button. To finally get this right. To run this company in an ethical manner the way our father did. John abbott built jabot from nothing. Whoever sits in this seat next is going to have to do the same. Is it going to be a challenge? Absolutely. It is a challenge I am ideally suited for. And I hope you'll let me prove that to you.

Rey: Mmm. Yeah. You know, I'm usually more into salty things, but that dessert is...

Sharon: Pretty sinful, huh?

Rey: [ Chuckles ] In a good way. You know what's even better than chocolate?

Sharon: What?

Rey: Realizing that we are free to be together like this. That the next time I kiss you, it won't be morally wrong or against regulations. Something we have to hide at all costs. Or be ashamed of. I can let the whole world see exactly how I feel about you.

Sharon: And how is that?

Rey: Like I would be a fool to let another day go by without kissing you.

Sharon: You mean another minute, don't you?

Rey: You want to get out of here?

Dominique: [ Sighs ] Are we going to throw drinks or pull hair? Let me know before I order.

Billy: Thanks again.

Abby: What'd they say?

Billy: We have a split decision. Foster is voting for jack as C.E.O. Morgan is voting for the merger with ashley.

Abby: Okay. Let's continue with those present.

Jack: With as much humility as I can muster, I vote for myself.

Abby: Lauren?

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Under the circumstances, ashley's in a much better position to lead jabot.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Lauren: We are in a full-blown crisis here. One that she created. And, uh, she has us over a barrel.

Kyle: So you're going to reward her by voting for her?

Lauren: My first responsibility is to fenmore'S. And I certainly hope the rest of you resist the urge to play favorites and be pragmatic.

Kyle: Mnh-mnh. No way. I vote for my dad. If anyone can save this company, it's him.

Jack: Thank you, son.

Abby: Okay, so that's three votes for jack, two for ashley. Aunt traci?

Traci: I vote for the merger. Jabot and my beauty being one entity, and ashley running things. I-I honestly believe it's what's best for our family.

Ashley: That's three and three. Um... I abstain. I'm not choosing sides between my uncle and my mom.

Jack: Billy, that would make you the deciding vote.

Billy: Yeah, it looks that way.

Jack: I know there has been bad blood between us over this position in the past --

Billy: Jack.

[ Clears throat ] You don't have to do that. It's obvious to me you are the one that should be running this company. I am with you 100%.

Jack: Thank you.

Abby: All right. [ Sighs ] Congratulations, uncle jack. It's official. You are hereby reinstated as C.E.O. Of jabot.

Billy: She didn't mention anything about a business trip in her message.

Nikki: She was being vague on purpose.

Billy: Because...?

Nikki: Because she didn't want to face any questions from you, so she gave me the honor of filling you in.

Billy: This doesn't make any sense. I mean, she literally just got home.

Nikki: I told her the same thing.

Billy: And what did she say?

Nikki: It's what she didn't say that worries me. Victoria is trying to run away.

Victoria: Hello. This is jeni lambertson, room 505. I'd like to cancel my turndown service. In fact, tell housekeeping not to disturb me until further notice. I need complete privacy. Thank you.

Phyllis: Can I get two glasses of your central coast pinot noir, please. You can put it on her tab. Thank you.

Dominique: Red wine. Hmm. If you dump one drop of that anywhere on my person, I s--

Phyllis: I'm not looking for a fight.

Dominique: What are you looking for?

Phyllis: Well... [ Sighs ] How you played it -- very impressive. Props to you.

Dominique: Thanks.

Phyllis: I can't help but be curious, though.

Dominique: About?

Phyllis: Hearing you speak in this british accent is very bizarre. Was anything real about our friendship?

Kerry: The short answer is yes. You're quite formidable yourself, you know. I had a job to do.

Phyllis: And you have a job to go back to.

Dominique: I take it you don't?

Phyllis: Jack saw to that.

Kerry: Well, I'm not worried about you in the least. You'll land on your feet. Women like us are always at our best when we're hungry.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Knocking ]

[ Knocking ] What the hell have you just done?

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