Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/26/19

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/26/19


Episode #11578 ~ Victoria learns shocking news about J.T.; Paul takes control.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Arturo: Will you change my life even more by marrying me?

Abby: Yes! [ Laughs ] Yes, yes, yes!

Mia: Convince rey to take me back, or I tell abby we had sex.

Arturo: I'm not gonna let you blackmail me.

Mia: Well, then what are you gonna do? Tell abby yourself?

Arturo: Maybe I will.

Mia: Be prepared for the consequences.

J.T.: Got to make it stop.

Nikki: Stop what? What are you talking about?

J.T.: I just need it to stop!

Rey: After reviewing the evidence, I became convinced that J.T. Was still alive, that he was playing games and tormenting the women, so I set a trap.

Christine: Oh, my god. The three of them escaping -- that was you?

Sharon: I know much this job means to you. Everything you've done, you've sacrificed for me...

Rey: You didn't deserve this. None of you did. Whatever I'm facing, it'll be worth it if I can make this right.

Rey: Hey, what happened at the courthouse?

Christine: Nikki, victoria, sharon are all released.

Rey: And their convictions?

Christine: Well, vacated, in light of the new information. It's not technically murder if the victim's still alive.

Rey: So that's it, then? Clean slate?

Christine: Well, the judge upheld the obstruction charges.

Rey: Damn it.

Christine: But I argued that their sentences be suspended, and she agreed.

Rey: You went to bat for them?

Christine: [ Sighs ] Well, i got a conviction without a corpse, so, on one hand, good for me, but, on the other, it completely erodes the people's trust in the da's office and the gcpd. So we just have to move on quicklY.

Rey: Agreed. Absolutely. The only thing that matters now is making things right, and I do take full responsibility for my part in building the case, christine.

Paul: You know, that's really interesting, that that's your focus. The case you built. And not that you helped three prisoners escape from custody.

Christine: You two clearly have things to discuss.

Rey: Chief, what you said -- I do take full responsibility --

Paul: You know, I get no joy out of reprimanding one of my own. But after what you pulled... I don't have a choice.

Abby: Nick, call me. Let me know if the judge made a decision.

Arturo: Any, uh, word yet?

Abby: That's got to be good news, right?

Arturo: [ Sniffles ]

Abby: What's wrong? Is it lola?

Arturo: No. No, lola's fine. She's great. It's about me. There's, uh, something I need to tell you, abby. More like confess.

Victoria: Katie! Johnny! Mom's home! Kids?

Victor: Welcome home. What's the matter?

Nikki: Nothing. I just wasn't sure that I'd ever be home again.

Sharon: I missed this! I missed you, christian, and faith. And the house and my bed! Oh! I missed my own bed.

Mariah: Well, you have fresh sheets, the fridge is stocked, and I got you some bath salts. Actually, I'm not really sure if you like bath salts, but you should definitely take a bath with salts.

Sharon: I will! So many baths.

Mariah: And then, when you're ready, you have to tell me exactly what happened. I know something about a gas leak and J.T., Obviously.

Sharon: I will. I will fill you in on everything, eventually, but, right now...

Mariah: No, understood. Understood, um --

[ Doorbell rings ] Um, do you want me to...

Sharon: No, I'd like to answer my own door.

[ Giggles ]

Nick: Bad time? Am I interrupting?

Sharon: I have a pretty busy schedule. Relaxing, enjoying...

Nick: Celebrating?

Sharon: Absolutely.

Katie: Mommy!

Johnny: Mommy!

Billy: Mommy! Are you here? I got two little monkeys who are very excited to see you! Vick?

Johnny: Mommy's not home?

Billy: Uh, well, she will be. She will be, I promise. She'll be here. I think, uh -- I think we made it home before she did.

Victoria: J.T.

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Nikki: Ahh! I don't know that I'll ever get off this sofa. Unless to take a walk around the grounds and not stop until sunset.

Victor: My baby, that's up to you.

Nikki: Will you join me?

Victor: Where would I rather be?

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] I wonder if victoria has even let go of those kids yet.

Victor: I bet you she's carrying one under each arm for a week.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Victor, she was so fragile...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: During the trial and after the verdict. I was so upset to know that J.T. Had done that to her.

Victor: Yeah. I promise you, he will never hurt her or anyone else again. Okay? And together, I think we have to make sure that she regains her strength and her confidence.

Nikki: Yes, we will.

Victor: And now... I have a surprise for you.

Nikki: Oh...

Victor: I do. I do.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ]

Paul: You know, we brought you to genoa city because J.T. Went missing.

Rey: I know.

Paul: And instead of finding him, you opened up a murder investigation. You made false arrests.

Rey: Chief --

Paul: You told a suspect you were in love with her. And when the verdict came down, the verdict that you gathered evidence for, you go rogue. Not only that, you dragged two colleagues into this whole mess with you.

Rey: If you'd let me explain --

Paul: You don't need to explain. They've already flipped. I got the whole story out of them. They had dirt under their fingernails, and you used it to get them to do whatever you needed.

Rey: So they're fired?

Paul: They're going to jail.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Paul: They're dirty cops, and you are a rogue one.

Rey: This should be all on me.

Paul: Oh, it should? Well, considering that nick and billy and victor were also in the cabin, it seems to me it should be on a lot of people.

Paul: So I want to know who started this insane rescue mission.

Rey: What do you mean, who started it? It was me.

Paul: Oh, so it was your idea to end up at the abbott cabin?

Rey: Yeah.

Paul: You spend a lot of time there? Kicking back with smilin' jack abbott?

Rey: It was my screw-up, I had to fix it. I arranged for the girls to escape and set the trap for J.T.

Paul: Four people could have died, and if there had been an explosion, who the hell knows?

Rey: I didn't anticipate the gas leak.

Paul: You didn't anticipate anything! I recruited you because I was told you were the best! You were dedicated, you were by the book! What did I get? A rogue cop who thinks he knows best and who has the audacity to lie to my face. We are done here. You turn in your badge and your gun. You know what, you are damn lucky I'm only firing you.

Nate: I heard the news. I'm glad I get to see you in person. Are you sure you're up for this, being in here?

Victoria: The bandage... what happened? What happened to him?

Nate: He underwent surgery. They removed a benign tumor that had been pressing against his frontal lobe.

Victoria: He had a brain tumor?

Nate: Yeah, it had probably gone undetected for years.

Victoria: Does he know? Has he -- has he woken up?

Nate: He's been in and out. He is aware of the surgery, and he knows the procedure went smoothly and his recovery is normal, so far.

Victoria: How long was he suffering for?

Nate: Probably quite a while.

Victoria: How long, though? Six months? A year? Two years?

Nate: I'm not sure.

Victoria: This tumor -- is it what changed him? I mean, is that why he did what he did?

Nate: In cases like this... the tumor could have caused a change in his behavior. Anger, mood swings, just...

Victoria: Violence.

Nate: They have been known to cause that, too, yes.

J.T.: Victoria.

[ Sighs ]

Abby: Oh, my god, nick, that's fantastic. Please give sharon my best. Thanks.

Arturo: Is everyone home? Are they -- are they good?

Abby: Your brother is a genius. I have to check in with victoria and nikki, but, um -- but later. What's going on with you? Confession? It sounds very dramatic. If this is about our wedding...

Arturo: [ Sighs ] This is hard, and... I'm not just saying this to scare you. I -- I just don't want you think I'm building up to something cute.

Abby: What is it?

Arturo: Abby, I, um... I slept with another woman. With mia.

Rey: I didn't know you'd be here.

Mia: [ Sighs ]You said to get my things out, so I'm respecting your wishes. I thought we'd bring our baby home to this place. Just until we found something bigger. Where we wouldn't be dragging the stroller up and down the stairs.

Rey: I'll find you something on the ground floor. Maybe with a yard or a park nearby.

Mia: What's in the box?

Rey: I got fired.

Mia: Why? Did they find out you were covering for me about lola?

Rey: They don't -- they don't know about that.

Mia: Then what happened?

Rey: It's a confidential police matter.

Mia: Something to do with sharon?

Rey: Yes. Everything to do with sharon.

Mariah: This is what you wanted more than anything?

Nick: Not a trip to a spa, not a nap -- pizza?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Pizza. This is what I really wanted, to be here under this roof, back together with my children. I mean, being in a van on your way to prison, you realize what your priorities are. And mine are home and family.

Mariah: And zelati's, apparently.

Sharon: And zelati'S. Of course.

Mariah: You know what, I was thinking -- I should stay over.

Sharon: You don't have to do that.

Mariah: You know what, I'm gonna rephrase that. I -- I absolutely am staying over because I miss you, and i want to know where you are. Like, literally the entire night.

Sharon: Well, I'm not gonna argue with that.

Mariah: Okay, and, with that, I have to get to work.

Sharon: I love you!

Mariah: Love you. Bye, guys.

Nick: See ya! Well... is it all right if I stick around?

Sharon: The pizza's not gonna eat itself.

Nick: Well, let's go. How about this big one for you?

Sharon: Mmm.

Billy: Hannah is gonna come by and play with you two. She should be here any minute, and, when she gets here, daddy is gonna go find mommy, okay?

Johnny: And bring her home?

Billy: Yes, and bring her home. That is the plan.

Nate: Okay. I like what I'm seeing. We'll get you through this.

Victoria: Can we have some time alone?

Nate: Of course. If you need anything, here's the call button.

J.T.: I'm sorry, victoria. They told me about the tumor, and... and I don't know what else i can do, except apologize. Because I know what I did, and... I wish they'd cut that part out, you know... the remembering.

Victoria: I can't forget. I can't forget any of it.

J.T.: Yeah. I know. Neither should I. I -- I got to know. Because I... I got to admit this. Before I came back... I was already broken. I don't know, I -- I wanted... I wanted to blame everybody else.

[ Sighs ] When I saw it, I -- I thought... I thought being with you would fix me, it would fix it. But it didn'T. It couldn'T. [ Sighs ] I had every reason to be happy.

Victoria: Sometimes you were happy. There were some hours and some moments where you were happy, but... the way you looked at me, and... you said some really terrible, terrible things to me.

J.T.: It wasn't your fault. I took it out on you. It was me, it was... it was all me.

[ Sighs ] Your mother did the right thing that night. I deserved to die.

Victoria: No, I never wanted you to die. I never did. And reed and mac and all of your kids, none of them wanted you gone.

J.T.: That was before all this.

Victoria: Why didn't you realize? Why didn't you get help? I mean, we all -- we all could have been spared so much pain.

Sharon: Extra crust?

Nick: Mnh-mnh. I'm stuffed. No way.

Sharon: I owe you more than some pizza. You saved my life up at the cabin.

Nick: Yeah, I got to admit, it was pretty scary finding the three of you passed out from the gas. If anything would have happened to mom, vick, or you...

Sharon: But we made it. The plan worked.

Nick: That's not the way it was supposed to go down. J.T. Should have never showed up at the cabin.

Sharon: But thank god you did. You came through for me. For all of us.

Nick: Well, so did billy and rey. I mean, they did their part. Especially rey. The guy put his career on the line.

Sharon: Billy said that it was rey's idea.

Nick: Yeah, all the details -- the van, the guards. All him.

Sharon: How did that happen, you two working together? You weren't exactly drinking buddies.

Nick: Eh, it wasn't hard to convince him to help. He felt responsible for the sentences and the conviction.

Sharon: Well, it wasn't his fault.

Nick: Mm, it kind of was. I mean, look, as guilty as he felt about mom and vick, the real reason he helped is because he does love you, sharon.

Sharon: How do you thank someone for risking everything to give you your life back?

Mia: She lied to you. Every day you were on that case, sharon said she didn't know what happened to that hellstrom person. And you risked everything for her.

Rey: Well, there was no murder.

Mia: How many times have you said it? If you weren't a cop, you didn't know what you would do with your life. Duty. Service. Justice. All so noble, and yet, you threw it all away.

Rey: This didn't feel like justice to me.

Mia: Is she really worth that much to you? More than your job? More than our marriage?

Rey: [ Scoffs ] Yes. Look, mia, I know you are used to getting what you want, but fighting is not going to change this. I cannot be with you. Not anymore. Not ever again. You have to know that.

Mia: Thank you for your honesty. Now here's some of mine. That night you were with your princess sharon in some motel? I had sex with arturo in this room.

Arturo: Abby, it was a stupid mistake, a one-time thing. No excuse.

Abby: When? When -- when did this happen?

Arturo: Weeks ago.

Abby: Weeks? Weeks. So not months, not years, weeks.

Arturo: Rey was out of town on a case, and their furnace was messed up. Mia needed help, and so I --

Abby: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. The night of J.T.'S memorial service? My sister was going through hell, and you slept with mia?

Arturo: I don't know why.

Abby: Wait, wait, wait. It was just a stupid mistake? Yeah, you already said that. Oh, my god, you -- you told me you loved me the next morning. Yeah, no, you told me because you felt guilty...

Arturo: No, abby, it wasn't that.

Abby: What -- what -- what, it was just easy? Just normal? You just couldn't help yourself?

Arturo: I love you.

Abby: I told you I had been burned! You promised me you were different, but you lied! And now I can't believe a single word that you say.

Victoria: I knew that you had changed. Like, you had never been so angry, judgmental... you hated everything that I did. You hated what I wore, what i hate, the way that I handled the kids...

J.T.: [ Sighs ] I -- I didn't want to, I -- I didn't want to be that way, victoria.

Victoria: You were, though. And I should have known better. I blamed myself. I should have gotten you some kind of help.

J.T.: You found that counselor.

Victoria: Yeah, but you needed more. I don't know, blood tests, cat scans... you needed that thing out of your brain and out of our lives.

J.T.: Come on, it wasn't your fault. It wasn't your job, victoria. I knew something was wrong with me, and I -- I let it go, you know? I -- I pretended, I ignored it. I stood outside, watching this fall apart with mac...

[ Sighs ] I -- I saw how scared she was of me... she threw me out. I didn't fix it. And -- and then coming back here, with you and reed... I didn't fix it.

[ Sighs ] What does he know? What -- what does he think, I'm a monster?

Victoria: He's in a lot of pain, J.T. He's been suffering a lot. He shut everyone out.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] Let me talk to him, you know? I -- I'll explain it...

[ Sighs ] I'll tell him that it was me, you know.... what happened to victor, what happened to nikki... look, she was -- she was just trying to protect you.

Victoria: I don't know. I really don't know.

J.T.: If he's willing to talk... that's all I ask.

Victoria: I'll try, okay? But it's up to him.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] What about you? Are you safe, legally?

Victoria: Yeah, christine argued for us to be let go, and the judge agreed.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] That's good.

Victoria: But, you know something, J.T.? There was a warrant out for your arrest before everyone thought that you were dead.

Jack: I know.

Victoria: And you're back now.

J.T.: I know.

Victoria: I know there was a brain tumor, but...

J.T.: I tried to kill victor. No matter what was inside me... it was my hands, it was my choice. And what happened in the cabin with you and the others... I know they're not gonna believe it, and I don't blame them, but... it's just -- tell them I'm really sorry.

Victoria: I have to go now.

J.T.: Wait. Please, just -- one more thing.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

J.T.: I have no right, I know that, but...

Victoria: But what?

J.T.: Someday... not now, but someday... if you could forgive me... if you could see me, who I used to be...

Victoria: We've all changed. There's no going back.

J.T.: You have even more reason to hate me now.

Victoria: You know, there's this really beautiful boy. He has your voice. And the way he holds a guitar, he holds it with your hands. I could never hate you, J.T. But I can't forget, either.

J.T.: I understand.

Victoria: I have to go now. What are you doing here?

Billy: You weren't home when I brought the kids back, so i thought you might be here. You okay? What happened in there?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I can't do this now, billy.

Billy: Vick, hey, hang on a second. Victoria.

Arturo: Abby, please, stay! Abby, let -- let me fix this. Let me show you that all I want is a life with you. Please.

Mia: You know it's true. Arturo and I --

Rey: What do you want to hear, mia? That's I'm surprised? I'm not. This -- this is what you do. You are never happy with what you have. You always reach for something else.

Mia: I wanted you, but you were busy falling in love with your helpless damsel!

Rey: I -- I never slept with sharon.

Mia: Why not? What, did you respect her too much? Was that it? She's so pure and special. Lying to you about a body she dragged all over town.

Rey: All that time, you were telling me that you wanted the family back together, looking me right in the eye, telling me you didn't want my brother anymore, but -- but you did!

Mia: And he wanted me.

Rey: You need that. Mm. Arturo risked everything to roll around with you, and that is -- that's the part you love! Isn't it? It feeds your ego.

Mia: You don't get to judge me after what you did! You gave up everything for another woman. You gave up me, your job, our child...

Rey: Hey, mia. The baby -- is it even mine?

Mia: Don't pretend you care.

Victoria: Hi! Oh! Did you miss me?

Johnny: Did you bring presents?

Billy: Hey, buddy.

Victoria: Presents? No, of course! I mean, I always brings presents when I come back from a business trip. But, you know what, I thought we could pick them out together. We'll go shopping tomorrow, and we'll get ice cream. We have so much lost time to make up for.

[ Sniffles ] I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I was gone so long I never want to leave you guys again. Never. But I'm home now. Mommy's home.

Nick: All right, I am gonna get out of your face so you can take that nap.

Sharon: There's no rush.

Nick: Yeah, well, I'm sure you got a big night planned with your girls. Hey, faith may even break out a smile in your honor.

Sharon: My tween.

Nick: She's still your baby. They're all your babies.

Sharon: Are you going to see phyllis?

Nick: Why would I do that?

Sharon: She was there last night at the cabin, trying to help.

Nick: Yeah. She's always trying to help. Like she did in court.

Sharon: I take it that means you're not thinking of working things out with her.

Nick: Phyllis is really into this "take me as I am" thing, and... I guess I get it, in theory.

Sharon: But day by day, what she says and does...

Nick: She doesn't think about what's right and wrong. It doesn't factor into her logic. She's always in fight-or-flight mode.

Sharon: She's afraid.

Nick: And I can't fix it. And, honestly, maybe I don't even want to. I just can't buy into her excuses and reasons anymore. Someone has to lose so she can win, and I don't want to live my life like that.

Sharon: But you loved her.

Nick: Well... when something's that messed up... I mean, look at the way I messed things up with you, some of the decisions I made. And that's done, too.

Sharon: Well, we're good, nicholas. I know that I can always count on you for myself and the kids. And that's a lot more than most exes ever get. You will always have a place in my heart.

Nick: And you will always have a place in my heart.

Abby: [ Grunting ]

Arturo: Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Abby! Abby! What are you doing? Hey!

Abby: What, you mean this?

Arturo: No, stop! Stop! Abby, stop! Stop! You know what, go. Go, do whatever you have to do.

Abby: Careful what you wish for.

Arturo: Abby, I love you.

Abby: Don't! Don't ever say that to me ever again. And don't follow me, or I'll call security.

Arturo: [ Whimpers, sighs ]

Rey: Arturo.

Arturo: [ Groans ]

Rey: I heard about you and mia.

Victor: A little something for you.

Nikki: [ Giggles ] Mm.

[ Gasps ] Oh, victor... well, this certainly would have clashed with my prison jumpsuit.

Victor: Mm-hmm. This is a symbol of our everlasting love.

Nikki: I don't need a symbol. I have the real thing.

Victor: Well, in that case, let me take it back.

Nikki: Oh, I dare you to try.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: You better think that over because I'm a hardened criminal.

Victor: Oh, yes, you are. You're a very hardened criminal.

Nikki: [ Giggles ]

Victor: I adore you. Come here.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Oh, gosh.

Victor: What, my baby?

Nikki: Think of all the things that we have been through.

Victor: Oh, my goodness, yeah. Well, we're a little wiser now.

Nikki: Well, thanks for leaving out that "older" part.

Victor: You know I don't give a damn about age.

Nikki: [ Giggles ]

Victor: Nothing will ever come between us again.

Nikki: It never will.

Billy: I turned on the tv and gave the kids a sticker book. They should be fine for a little while.

Victoria: Why did you come here?

Billy: Pardon me?

Victoria: Why did you come here? I told you at the hospital that I didn't want to talk about J.T.

Billy: I haven't talked about J.T. Again, vick.

Victoria: I didn't need to follow me home, billy.

Billy: Well, I'm just here for support, for the kids, and i thought it'd better that you're not alone right now.

Victoria: Which you decided for me. Except that's not the way it works. So, please, just go.

Billy: Victoria...

Victoria: Are you really gonna -- [ Scoffs ] Are you gonna make me ask you again, really?

Christine: I understand your surgery went well.

J.T.: I'm still here.

Christine: Well, once your recovery's farther along, you will be charged with the attempted murder of victor newman. I'll arrange for you to stay in the jail infirmary.

J.T.: [ Sighs ]

Christine: That's it?

[ Sighs ] J.T. Paul loves you. You're like family. He can talk about the case, but when I ask him about you... and how he feels... I can see what this has done to him.

[ Sighs ] And still nothing from you.

J.T.: There's nothing left to say. Whatever happens, I deserve it.

Abby: Double shot of tequila. I'm celebrating my freedom.

Mia: Rey knows.

Arturo: Yeah, I heard. And if you think you can get to abby, I already told her. She dumped me. But I will sleep just fine tonight knowing that you are miserable and alone.

[ Knocks on door ]

Sharon: I let myself up.

Rey: Come in. I heard you were free.

Sharon: It's because of you. It was your plan. How do you thank someone for something like that?

Rey: Don't thank me. Please, I -- I should have known he was out there, I should have tracked him down.

Sharon: We don't have to talk about that anymore.

Rey: Mia and I are done. For good.

Sharon: You are?

Rey: There's only one woman I want be with.

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