Y&R Transcript Monday 3/25/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/25/19


Episode #11577 ~ Victor protects his family; Kyle confesses to Lola.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Kyle: Lola's got a real shot now, thanks to you.

Summer: Well, a little piece of my liver to save lola's life, plus, I get to be mrs. Kyle abbott.

Arturo: What do you want from me?

Mia: Convince rey to take me back, or I tell abby we had sex.

Kerry: Phyllis is planning to keep ashley's new products out of the marketplace. She said she'd tell me once things get underway.

Jack: I don't know how I can thank you for this.

J.T.: Hello, ladies.

Victoria: Let us help you!

J.T.: Help? Like you did that night when you rolled me up and threw me in a grave?

[ Screaming ]

[ J.T. Groaning ]

Victoria: There's pipe leaking gas. It's dangerous. J.T., Wake up!

Nikki: [ Coughing ] Oh, my god...

[ Coughing ]

Sharon: J.T.

Victoria: J.T.!

Nikki: [ Coughing ]

Victoria: We need air.

[ Coughs ]

Nikki: Oh, no, no. No! Victoria! Victoria! No, honey. My baby.

Sharon: I need to... get the... to the...

[ Coughs ]


Kerry: Then I'm glad. I owe you so much.

Jack: Eh, that goes both ways.

Kerry: No, I'm serious. This relationship has been a real respite for me, jack. I mean, left to my own devices, my M.O. Is just to work, work, work, work...

Jack: Well, that's served you pretty well so far.

Kerry: Yeah, but... you have managed to coax me out of my comfort zone and insist that I take time out just to enjoy my life. There's not many people I would do that for. And you've made every moment worthwhile. You're a hell of a fine man, jack abbott. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Jack: Geez, you make it sound like you're about to leave me.

Kerry: Paranoid much?

Jack: Oh!

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, this is traci. She's with my mother...

Kerry: Mm. Take it!

Jack: Hey, sis, what's up? Oh, okay. Sit tight. I'm on my way, okay? Yeah.

Kerry: What's wrong?

Jack: I'm -- she's with dina right now, and... I'm sorry, I got to deal with this.

Kerry: No, no, no, I'll sign for the drinks, just go. Go.

Jack: Okay.

Rey: You heard right. J.T.'S still alive. I found the three women. I'm bringing them in. I'll explain everything then. All right, before we head back, I need to hear exactly what went down out here.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] It was a nightmare. J.T. Toyed with us at first.

Rey: How?

Nikki: Making noises outside the cabin, then he cut off our electricity, cut off the phone line...

Sharon: It was pitch-black in here.

Victoria: That must have been when he took our burner phone.

Nikki: It was about that time we considered leaving.

Rey: Why didn't you?

Nikki: Because then J.T. Popped out from wherever he was hiding and threatened us with a gun.

Sharon: He made us tie ourselves up.

Rey: So when the gas leak happened...

Sharon: We were trapped.

Victoria: That's when he took the fireplace poker and he started smashing things.

Sharon: J.T. Kept saying "I want it to stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!"

Victoria: It's like J.T. Was another person. Someone I didn't even recognize. I can't help wondering if we did that to him.

Billy: Don't go there, okay? He was violent to you. For the first time, you saw what he was capable of. This was in him the whole time.

Victor: Are you ready to go through with this and tell the truth? It's a big price to pay, you know.

Rey: So be it.

Mariah: So, what are you gonna do now that the surgery's over?

Kyle: I have to talk to lola. Explain things.

Mariah: When?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] I guess... tomorrow?

Mariah: Why are you waiting?

Kyle: She's been through enough for one day. I'm not gonna lay that on her, too.

Mariah: No, no, I disagree. Tonight is literally the only time to do this.

Kyle: Look, I'll handle it, okay?

Mariah: No, you look. Lola deserves to hear this from you before somebody else gets to her first with their own version where you don't come out looking like the hero.

Kyle: Duly noted. Now, how are things with you? Any word from your mom and the others?

Mariah: No. They're still on the run, and this whole thing is completely ludicrous.

Kyle: Well, given how rey feels about your mom, odds are, he'll go out of his way to make sure things end well. For all of them.

Mariah: God, I hope so.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Crazy, isn't it? The things people will do for love.

Mariah: Yeah, it is.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, my god, it's nick.

Kyle: Mm.

Mariah: Hi. Hi. Is there, uh, any news?

Nick: Sharon's fine. They all are. We're down at the precinct.

Mariah: You're with them now?

Nick: I'll fill you in later.

Mariah: Thank you so much for calling me. I have been going insane. Please, please tell my mom i love her.

[ Sighs ]

Christine: What the hell happened?

Rey: After reviewing the evidence, I became convinced that J.T. Was still alive, that he was playing games and tormenting the women, so I set a trap.

Christine: The three of them escaping? That was you?

Rey: My hunch was right, luckily, for all of us.

Christine: Where's J.T.?

Rey: He's in the hospital, unconscious, but stable. I'm heading over there now.

Christine: No, no, no. I'm not letting you anywhere near him.

Rey: To check on my sister, see if she's awake yet. I'll explain the rest when I get back.

Victor: You chose to ignore the evidence that someone was trying to set me up for J.T.'S murder.

Christine: Not now.

Victor: And then you plow ahead and convict three women of a murder that didn't happen!

Christine: You want me to take this on faith? I can't do that.

Victor: Are you serious?

Christine: I'm gonna look at this more closely and make a decision.

Victor: Don't you dare! And you -- what happened?

Nick: You're mad, I get it. Come on.

Victor: Why the hell did you not ask me for help?

Nick: Dad, I was scrambling, all right? I had a window of opportunity, and I took it. I did what I thought was best. Mom, sharon, vick -- they're all safe. And we got J.T. That is all that matters.

Victor: Okay, I understand that you took a big -- big risk for the family, okay? I respect you for that, son.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jack: So, what set her off this time?

Traci: She was having one of her good days -- well, relatively good days -- and then she saw something that set her off again. It was something she said reminded her of ashley.

Dina: Ashley? Oh, ashley?

[ Scoffs ] She's hiding so well, I can't find her anywhere. Are you kids going out to play?

Jack: Yeah, you know, I'd love to play, but why don't you relax first? Come on. We're gonna have some hibiscus tea.

Dina: Ooh! Hibiscus! My favorite!

[ Sighs ]

Jack: Here we go.

Dina: [ Sighs ] Thank you. How did you know?

Jack: Mother...

Dina: Mm-hmm?

Jack: It's me. It's jackie.

Dina: Oh. Well, I was looking for ashley. She's such a precocious girl.

Jack: Yes, she is. Traci was just saying to me, she's an adult now.

Dina: Oh.

Jack: A very exciting opportunity came her way unexpectedly, thanks in part to you, and she has moved to paris.

Dina: Paris! Ooh, I love paris! Oh, it's so beautiful. And such a great, great town.

Jack: Yeah, it's a spectacular place.

Dina: Yes. You always get so mad when I take a trip like that. It's almost -- it's almost like I break your heart every time I go. Well, when is ashley coming back?

Jack: I'm not sure she ever will.

Dina: Oh. I miss her so much. I really do.

Jack: I miss her, too.

[ Laughter ]

Lola: How long have you guys been sitting there watching me drool?

Arturo: Dr. Hastings said you needed your rest.

Lola: And you guys have nothing better to do?

Rey: [ Laughs ] Yeah. Nate said you were feeling better. I can already tell. She's crackin' jokes.

Lola: Enjoy it while it lasts because I may not be so jolly when this anesthetic wears off.

Arturo: Ah, we can handle it.

Rey: Piece of cake.

Arturo: Yeah. We got over your goth phase, remember that? This is nothing.

Lola: I'll remind you of that when you're sick of my whining.

Rey: It's not gonna happen.

[ Clears throat ] But, unfortunately, I got to take off.

Arturo: Ah, better things to do -- you called it!

Rey: No, I got to handle something down at the station. A bit of a lazarus situation.

Lola: As in, like, back from the --

Rey: I'll tell you more about it next time I see you. I love you, brat.

Lola: Back at ya.

Mia: Hi.

Rey: I was just leaving.

Mia: We need to talk, rey.

Rey: About what?

Mia: I want to work things out.

Rey: I have to go.

Mia: Running off to rescue your precious sharon?

Rey: I'm not doing this right now.

Mia: This isn't you, rey. You're not a man who walks away from his marriage, from his unborn child.

Rey: It's over. You need to get your stuff out of my place as soon as possible. You can leave the key on the table.

Lola: Why won't you answer me? Is there something going on with kyle? Is -- is there a reason he hasn't come to see me?

Kyle: Hey, there.

Lola: I was just asking arturo where you were.

Kyle: Would you mind if i talked to lola alone for a bit?

Lola: Why don't you go get some food off my forbidden food list so I can live vicariously?

Arturo: I'll be back.

Kyle: You look amazing.

Lola: Mm, I've been hearing that a lot today.

Kyle: I bet.

Lola: Although, you are a little biased.

Kyle: Mm, maybe just a little.

Lola: You know, I'm in here because I needed surgery. I don't have the plague, so... you can kiss me if you would like.

Kyle: There's some things we need to talk about, lola. Things you need to know.

Lola: Sounds serious. What's this about?

Kyle: The donor.

Lola: Did something happen to them? Are they...?

Kyle: She's fine.

Lola: She? They told me the person wanted to remain anonymous.

Kyle: It's summer.

Lola: S-summer? Summer, the summer that can't stand me? That summer?

Kyle: No, she has nothing against you personally. She likes you.

Lola: She likes you. What's going on? The truth.

Kyle: Summer was the only person who was a match, and you were running out of time.

Lola: What did you do?

Kyle: I married her. Summer knew donating part of her liver was the right thing to do, but she was scared. She needed reassurance. Needed to know she wouldn't make this big sacrifice, this potentially life-threatening, major surgery and have to deal with whatever came after all alone. I said I would be there, as a friend. And she had her family, but... I would have said anything to get her to do it. And I did. I finally said what I thought would get her to agree that's all I wanted -- this. You alive and looking at me with those big, beautiful eyes. I did because there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you. Because I love you that much.

Jack: I'm glad mother let the nurse put her to bed. Some sleep will do her good.

Traci: Yes, and she's always a lot less agitated when she's had a solid night's sleep.

Jack: Yeah. Amazing how dina will latch on to one idea -- hibiscus tea -- and not even recognize her grown children standing right in front of her.

Traci: Yes, but, jack, once you identified yourself, she held onto that for a surprisingly long time. I think that's the most I've heard her talk in weeks.

Jack: Yeah, well, we're getting fewer and fewer glimpses of the woman we knew as our mother.

Traci: She must really be missing ashley.

Jack: No lack of irony there. Since she handed ashley the means to walk away from jabot with a big chunk of the company.

Traci: Jack... that was business.

Jack: It was personal as personal can be. Ashley did what she had to do. I guess I can't fault her for that, can I?

Traci: [ Sighs ] And you -- what are you doing?

Jack: I'm not sure what you're asking me.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Come on, jack. I have seen the whispered asides to billy and to kyle. What are you up to? And don't tell me "nothing." I know you a little bit too well for that.

Jack: I love my work at dark horse. But jabot has always been, will always be a family company.

Traci: Meaning?

Jack: Meaning I am willing to do whatever it takes to put our father's legacy back into the proper hands.

Phyllis: Hey! How you doing?

Kerry: Hey, you! Good!

Phyllis: Who's dominique carroll?

Kerry: I beg your pardon?

Phyllis: Well, this envelope came for you in the mail, you know, it was delivered upstairs by accident, and ted gave it to me to pass along to you because he hadn't heard of her or him.

Kerry: Well, you didn't need to track me down here to hand-deliver it, but since you have, thank you for your trouble. I'll take it from here.

Phyllis: Eh, eh! Who is this person?

Kerry: Dominique carroll. It's my new intern.

Phyllis: Who you hired without consulting me? Why is that?

Kerry: Because it's not a paid position, and you're not typically a micromanager.

Phyllis: Paid or not, they're gonna have access to the lab and proprietary formulas.

Kerry: So?

Phyllis: I don't like finding out about this after the fact.

Kerry: If I didn't know better, I'd say you don't trust me.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Of course I trust you. But you know what kind of scrutiny I've been under lately and how careful we have to be.

Kerry: I know.

Phyllis: We can't afford any more setbacks.

Kerry: Understood. I did not mean to alarm you. That is the last thing I would ever want to do. Thank you. I promise, this little mix-up with the mail will never happen again.

Phyllis: Thank you. I'm glad we had this talk.

Kerry: I'll see you back at the office.

Phyllis: Okay.

Christine: Yeah. Uh-huh. Uh, let me get back to you on that.

Rey: I'm all yours.

Christine: How's lola doing?

Rey: She's awake and talking.

Christine: I'm glad to hear that.

Rey: Thank you for asking and for your patience. It a relief seeing her.

Christine: Uh, now that the women are back in custody, if you'll just move them to a holding cell...

Victor: Excuse me. Why is that necessary?

Nick: J.T. Is alive. There wasn't any murder.

Billy: If anybody should be in a cell, it's him.

Christine: This is just until I sort things out.

Billy: No, hold on a second. Just hold on a second. Give us a minute.

Rey: Make it quick.

Sharon: What's going on?

Nikki: What did christine say?

Victor: Rey is taking you to a holding cell.

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

Victor: But don't you worry, sweetheart, it's only temporary, all right?

Nikki: We'll get through this.

Victor: Yes. Sweet love. Be strong, okay? Strong as I know you are, all right?

Billy: You're gonna be fine, vick.

Nikki: Thank you for that. She's not in the best shape. I'm still very worried about her.

Victor: You never cease to amaze me. You hang in there. This will only be temporary, I promise you, okay?

Sharon: What's gonna happen to you?

Rey: What's important now is that christine gets a judge to overturn the convictions, make this right.

Sharon: Then after that? I -- I know how much this job means to you. Everything you've done, you've sacrificed for me...

Rey: You didn't deserve this. None of you did. Whatever I'm facing, it'll be worth it if I can make this right. I have to take you to holding.

Nick: You think christine can go to the judge and get all the convictions overturned, including the ones for obstruction?

Victor: One thing I can tell you -- christine williams is gonna have to deal with me in the future. Anyway, rey...

[ Sighs ] Rey knows that J.T. Is still alive, that he was not murdered. He's counting on that. He will free all three of them and expunge their records, okay?

Nick: It's risky.

Victor: Yeah, knowing what J.T. Hellstrom is capable of, that's putting it mildly.

Summer: Wait, how did -- how did you --

Mariah: I know the whole story.

Summer: Okay, where's kyle?

Mariah: He's with lola. Telling her everything. The reason why he married you.

Summer: Okay, I know that you hate that I'm with kyle almost as much as you hate me --

Mariah: No. Hate is far too strong a word. Right now... all I feel is sorry for you.

Mia: I hope you're happy. Rey's kicking me out, talking like he's actually going to leave me.

Arturo: Yeah, well, you can blame yourself for that, okay? You're the one who cheated on him.

Mia: With you!

Arturo: That's ancient history, mia. Rey and I got past that.

Mia: And what about recent history? Hmm? Like a few weeks ago, when you came back into the apartment...

Arturo: That meant nothing.

Mia: It'll mean plenty to abby if she finds out. If you don't convince rey to change his mind about ending our marriage...

Arturo: I'm not gonna let you blackmail me.

Mia: Then what are you gonna do? Tell abby yourself?

Arturo: Maybe I will.

Mia: Be prepared for the consequences.

Arturo: Whatever they are, mia, it's better than letting you control me.

Lola: Summer was your first love. You've just never gotten over her.

Kyle: That's so not true.

Lola: Did you sleep with her? There are so many ways you could have gone about this. But... you chose that one.

Kyle: Because I had to guarantee you'd get your transplant.

Lola: It's because you love her.

Kyle: No. No. I love you.

Lola: Whether you admit it or not, it's true. Maybe this is just fate's way of showing us what should happen.

Kyle: It's a sacrifice I was willing to make because it meant saving your life.

Lola: All right. Hey. I'm tired. You should go. Kyle. I'm grateful you and summer saved my life. I could never repay you. But your bride needs you now. You know, she just got out of surgery, too. You should be with her.

Sharon: Maybe I'm naive. I honestly believed that finding J.T. Would automatically clear us. Now I wonder...

Victoria: The way that he was acting, the way he was swinging that poker around and shouting and holding his head in his hands... something is very, very wrong with him.

Nikki: Well, if that's true, then that makes him even more of a wild card.

Sharon: Nicholas chose to save his life. Now our lives may be in his hands.

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