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Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/20/19

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Episode #11576 ~ Victor learns of a dangerous plan; Christine questions Rey's motives; Victoria's world is rocked.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Nick: You found a watch and some dna, and you just assumed there was a murder. So you quit looking, rey, and now J.T. Thinks he's won. So I'm asking you, please, help us make this right.

You're being transported to lakewood correctional facilities where you'll begin serving your sentences.

Nick: It's okay. You're safe. I promise.

Victoria: So the plan is for us to hide out in the cabin until you find J.T.?

Billy: The driver and the guard are gonna hold off reporting the crash as long as possible.

Victoria: Could J.T. Really have been out there this whole time?

Nick: We found it.

Rey: Good. You know what to do.

Nick: Once we get mom's things and sharon's, we'll head to the dark horse warehouse and arrange to transport them to the airstrip.

Nick: We're all set.

Billy: You get the passports?

Nick: Yeah, and most of the things that mom and sharon asked for. The rest, they'll have to buy once they get settled.

Billy: And you weren't followed?

Nick: I know how to spot a tail, billy.

Billy: Yeah, I know. But it's a little more difficult at night, nick.

Nick: I took back roads and alleys. If somebody was following me, i would have noticed.

Billy: Okay, good. I, uh, checked in with victoria. Her, nikki, and sharon are all good at the warehouse. They're sitting tight.

Nick: All right. Well, we just have to wait until the jet arrives.

Billy: Any word from the guards?

Nick: No sign of J.T. Yet.

Billy: Are they actually looking?

Nick: Of course they're looking. What does that mean?

Billy: I mean are they actually looking or are they just walking around the perimeter?

Nick: Billy, these guys are pros.

Billy: Yeah, and J.T.'S an expert at sliding in and out of places undetected.

Nick: Well, these things take time.

Billy: Now suddenly you're an expert on setting a trap for someone?

Nick: No, I'm not. But I got to assume rey is.

Billy: Yeah, what about rey? You think we can trust him?

Nick: The guy put his career on the line.

Billy: Which is enough for anyone to get cold feet.

Nick: I don't think he's gonna back out on us. He wouldn't do that to sharon.

Rey: I don't know how to thank you and the rest of your team for everything you've done.

Nate: Well, look, lola's still got a long way to go.

Rey: There's some things i need to take care of.

Nate: Well, it will be a while before she wakes up.

Rey: Okay. Arturo's gonna stay here with her. I'll be back as soon as I can. You call me if anything changes.

Nate: Of course.

Rey: Thanks.

[ Cellphone rings ] Uh, rosales.

Christine: Hey, it's christine. I'm at the station. Paul and I have been trying to reach you.

Rey: Uh, sorry. I've been at the hospital. My sister just got out of surgery.

Christine: Yeah. I, uh, heard about the transplant. How is she?

Rey: So far, so good.

Christine: I'm really glad to hear that. Look, I hate to do this, but we have three fugitives on the loose.

Rey: I already questioned the driver and the guard who were in the van. I spoke to local police about the accident.

Christine: Paul says an apb's been put out?

Rey: I'm doing everything i can to find the women.

Christine: [ Sighs ] Well, I'd like to believe you, rey.

Rey: There's no reason you shouldn'T.

Christine: Really? Because you just confessed on the stand to being in love with one of the escapees, and I know love can make people do some pretty foolish things.

Nikki: I wish nicholas would have let us be real bait for J.T. I'd love to give that man a piece of my mind.

Victoria: He and billy don't want us anywhere near him. And I'm still questioning this plan of theirs.

Sharon: Rey sounded confident it would work.

Nikki: Oh, well, I feel so much better. Since he has so much experience in helping escaped felons break out of jail.

Sharon: Rey is on our side.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] He might be on your side, sharon --

Victoria: Would you two please just stop arguing? It's not gonna help anyone. We need to stick together.

[ Loud thud ]

[ Body falls ]

Victoria: Did you hear something?

Sharon: No.

J.T.: [ Grunts ]

Victoria: It was something outside. I should check with the guards.

Nikki: Honey, wait!

[ Door opens ]

Victoria: Hello?

J.T.: [ Groans ]

Victoria: Hello?

Phyllis: Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse.

Victor: Please find another seat. Preferably another bar.

Phyllis: Okay. Why don't you just let me have it, all right? Nick has already told me what a backstabbing, self-serving, and other pejoratives I can't remember I am, so...

Victor: I can think of a few more pejoratives, I assure you.

Phyllis: I testified to help nikki and victoria, as well as sharon. Even though she is the one who opened her mouth to rey rosales in the first place.

Victor: Let me have another one, please.

Phyllis: If you want to blame someone for nikki and sharon and -- and victoria for going to prison, then you look at christine. You know why? Because she twisted my words. She used them to convince the jury that they were guilty.

Victor: Didn't I tell you i didn't want to talk to you?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Thank you.

Phyllis: Oh, my god.

Victor: What?

Phyllis: Your wife and daughter are fugitives.

Nick: So still no sign of J.T.? All right. I'm gonna remind you once again, this guy is an expert, okay? This is not your normal perimeter-watch kind of deal. Keep your eyes open. Yeah, call me as soon as you see him.

Billy: So much for a foolproof plan.

Nick: Nobody said it was foolproof. But these things --

Billy: They take time. Yeah, you already said that. While we're waiting, nikki, vicki, and sharon are going stir-crazy at the cabin.

Nick: Well, it beats the alternative. You know, I'll call them. You know, just check in to make sure that everything's okay. That's weird. Didn't go through.

Billy: Try it again. Reception at the cabin can be a little sketchy.

Nick: Yeah, okay.

Victoria: Hello? Are you there?

Nikki: Honey, we really need to keep the door closed.

Sharon: And locked.

Victoria: Why aren't the guards answering? Where are they?

Sharon: Maybe they widened their search perimeter.

[ Twig snaps ]

Victoria: I heard something.

Nikki: It's just the wind. Or the guards came back.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Nick?

Nick: Oh, thank god you answered.

Victoria: Why? What's wrong?

Nick: Uh, nothing. Nothing. Uh, I just couldn't get through before, and I just wanted to call and make sure you're okay.

Victoria: We're fine.

[ Sighs ] Has J.T. Shown up at the warehouse?

Nick: Not yet. He hasn't made his move. But once he does, we're gonna grab him, and then we'll come and get you.

Victoria: What if he doesn't?

Nick: He will. We've just got to hang tight.

Victoria: You got this, right, nick?

Nick: I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, mom, or sharon, all right? But you just got to promise me you're not gonna leave the cabin. Vick?

Victoria: I promise.

Nick: Okay. I know you're scared, all right? But it's not gonna be much longer. This is all gonna be over soon.

Victoria: I just want to be home safe. Keep us posted.

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Billy: Something's not right.

Nick: Vick said everything's fine at the cabin.

Billy: I'm not talking about the cabin. J.T. Should have taken the bait by now.

Nick: J.T.'S smart. You know that. He's not gonna do anything careless.

Billy: What about rosales?

Nick: Yeah. [ Sighs ] Maybe I should go check in with him. Why don't you stay here and make a few more fake phone calls for J.T. To hear?

Billy: Okay. Let me know when you find him.

Nick: Yeah. Then we'll meet back up at the cabin, we'll grab the ladies and swap info.

Billy: Sounds good. Hey. When you do find rey, you tell him if this goes wrong, he's gonna have to answer to me.

Nick: Yeah, me too.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Christine: Glad you're here. Do you need to get that?

Rey: Uh, no. It's not important.

Christine: Well, thank you for coming so quickly.

Rey: You said you wanted to get ahead of this escape situation.

Christine: Yeah. Look, um, I was out of line before, what I said about you and sharon. I just need to know that you are 100% committed to finding these women.

Rey: If you have any doubts about my loyalty, you can speak to your husband or my superiors back in miami.

Christine: I did.

Rey: Then you know I've never done anything to cross the line when it comes to my job.

Christine: I have been in law enforcement long enough to know that when people bend the rules, it's usually for personal reasons.

Rey: What do you -- what do you want me to say?

Christine: That i can trust you.

Rey: You can trust that I am committed to doing the right thing.

Jack: Going from grizzly bear to kite-flier takes something out of a guy.

Kerry: Hey, you pulled it off, though. Don't forget, you were also part-time cookie monster.

Jack: Yeah. It'd be a perfecta trifecta if i didn't have to pay for it.

Kerry: Ooh! How about a massage?

Jack: Oh, you -- you know, if I lay down now, I'll have to be air-lifted out of here.

Kerry: Sitting down. I'll be gentle this time, I promise.

Jack: You promise?

[ Groans ] Don't you have to be in the lab?

Kerry: Not for another hour.

Jack: Didn't you tell me that two hours ago?

Kerry: Yeah, well, i bought myself some more time. How are the kids?

Jack: Um... antsy.

Kerry: What did I say about giving them hot chocolate?

Jack: First of all, that wasn't my idea.

Kerry: Oh, yeah. Yeah, blame the kids.

Jack: Second -- [ Groans ] Second, how can I look in their little faces and say no?

Kerry: Uh-huh. There it is.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Kerry: What are they up to now?

Jack: Let's see. Johnny is, uh, playing a game with zombies or werewolves or maybe both.

Kerry: Okay. And katie?

Jack: Katie is playing a board game with a very patient mrs. Martinez.

Kerry: Huh. Wow.

Jack: What?

Kerry: Board games. I didn't -- I didn't realize they were still a thing.

Jack: Oh, in this house? You bet they are. We got a whole cupboard full of them. I think the newest one is 40 years old.

Kerry: 40?

Jack: Yeah.

Kerry: And you thought that was a good idea to entertain a child who's currently chasing a sugar high?

Jack: It has dice and moving parts. It will keep her occupied until the inevitable sugar crash. What? What?

Kerry: Oh, I was, uh... I was just wondering if, back in the day, you all were the "weekly game night" types.

Jack: Uh... pfff... at times. In case you haven't noticed, it's kind of tough wrangling all the abbotts together in one room.

Kerry: Did you have a favorite game?

Kerry: My mother and i were always drawn to the same game.

Kerry: You haven't mentioned her in a while. How is she?

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Well, honey, do you feel better after speaking to nicholas?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I want to. I really do. He said all the right things -- that we're gonna be safe, and that he's gonna come get us. But... [ Sighs ] Still.

Nikki: I know, sweetheart. A phone call doesn't take the worry away. But this is your brother. We know, when he is determined, he won't let anything stand in his way.

Victoria: I know. I just wish this was over with right now.

Nikki: We all do. But I'd rather be here than in prison.

Sharon: I'd rather be anywhere than prison.

Nikki: We will all be home soon.

Victoria: Nick said the same thing.

[ Women gasp ] Oh, my god. What happened?

Nikki: Maybe it's a power outage.

Sharon: There's no storm.

Nikki: Well, a falling tree branch could have knocked down a line, sharon.

[ Creaking ]

Victoria: What was that?

Sharon: Is the door locked?

Nikki: Yes, it's locked.

Victoria: I'm gonna call nick and let him know what's happening. It's not here.

Nikki: What? What isn't?

Victoria: The phone. It's gone.

J.T.: [ Grunting ]

[ Breathing hard ]

[ Groans ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

Nikki: Maybe you just thought you put the phone on the table. Look around.

Victoria: It's not here, mom.

Nikki: Well, uh... try the landline.

Victoria: It's dead. Someone's cut off all of our communication.

Sharon: Maybe the guards did it.

Victoria: Why would they do this?

Sharon: I don't know! I'm just trying to figure out who --

Victoria: It's J.T.

Nikki: No, no. Now, honey, please --

Victoria: Think about it. It's him. He's here. It has to be. The noise outside, the -- the door creaking open, the lights, the phone. He's playing a game to try to scare us.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Okay. Um... everybody grab something to defend yourself.

Victoria: Okay.

Nikki: Uh...

Victoria: I've got something.

Nikki: Sharon?

Sharon: Yeah. How's this?

Nikki: That'll work. Now -- now I-I just need to find something.

Victoria: Mom, do you have something?

Nikki: Oh, yeah.

Sharon: What is it?

Rey: I'll let you know if there's any news on sharon or the other women.

Christine: Okay. And, look, y-you were right before -- you haven't given me any reason to doubt where your loyalty lies.

Rey: I'll always be on the side of justice.

Christine: Don't forget to keep me posted.

Nick: You better be calling me.

Rey: I don't have to guess why you're here.

Nick: You haven't returned any of my calls.

Rey: I was just speaking to the district attorney. She wants to know what I'm doing about the three escaped felons who are on the loose. Any action at the warehouse?

Nick: Nothing yet. He may be onto us.

Rey: Or too scared to take the bait.

Nick: Which means we're right back where we started.

Victor: Excuse me.

Nick: Dad?

Victor: What are you doing about finding my wife and my daughter?

Rey: Mr. Newman, I was just speaking to your son --

Victor: If anything happens to them, I hold this department responsible!

Nick: Dad -- dad, there's no sign they were hurt.

Victor: Bad enough you sent three innocent people behind bars! If anything happens to them, you better pray --

Nick: There's something you don't know.

Rey: Let's go to the other room, please.

Victor: What's going on here?

Nick: The women are safe.

Victor: How do you know?

Nick: Because I arranged for them to escape, and rey helped.

Billy: I talked to security. There's no cops at the warehouse. Yeah, all the -- all the women are safe. And what about you? You, uh -- you talk to the pilot? Okay, great. So within the next hour. I'll call victoria and let them know that we're moving them to the airstrip soon. Okay. Talk to you in a second.

[ Doorbell rings ] What the hell are you doing here?

Phyllis: Have you heard? Oh, my god. Victoria and the others have escaped.

Billy: Yeah, I know. It's all over the news, and they're looking for them statewide. Still doesn't answer my question. Why are you here?

Phyllis: Have they gotten in touch with you?

Billy: You really don't want to answer me, do you?

Phyllis: Billy, I'm worried. They could be hurt.

Billy: Oh, well, your concern is touching, phyllis.

Phyllis: I am here to help.

Billy: Like you did at the trial?

Phyllis: Let's just not go there, okay?

Billy: No, let's not go anywhere, okay? Just -- you got to leave. Just leave, please.

Phyllis: How about you take your misplaced anger towards me and think about them.

Billy: Phyllis, please. You know where the door is. Just go.

Phyllis: Please. Look, I feel ba-- I want -- I-I want to make up for what I did, billy.

Billy: Oh, so you can feel better about this? No. Not a chance.

Phyllis: I feel terrible about this. They could be in danger.

Billy: You're right. They could be. And if this goes wrong, it is 100% on you.

Sharon: Why hasn't he made a move?

Nikki: I think he's trying to draw us outside. Get us out in the open where we're more vulnerable, so just stay put.

Victoria: No, maybe that's what he wants -- for us to be trapped with no place to run.

Sharon: We can't just stay here and do nothing.

Victoria: You're right.

Nikki: No! Victoria! No, no! No! Victoria! Stop!

Victoria: J.T.! I know you're out there.

Sharon: What the hell are you doing?!

Victoria: We're armed. I have a gun! I stole it from the prison guard, and I'm not afraid to use it. So if you come near us, we're prepared to protect ourselves. Just like we did before!

[ Loud rustling ] Did you hear that?

Nikki: Sounds like somebody running away.

Victoria: It stopped.

Sharon: He's gone.

Victoria: No. Maybe that's what he wants us to believe, that he's gone, so that we let our guards down. Look, just because he believes that we have a gun doesn't mean that he can't overpower us. We need to go. Now.

Sharon: Where?

Victoria: I don't know. To another cabin with a working phone so we can call for help.

Nikki: No. It's too risky.

Victoria: Mom, it's a hell of a lot better than staying here. The thought of coming face-to-face with J.T. --

Nikki: It is freezing out here. We don't have any coats or gloves --

Victoria: It's not gonna take him very long to figure out that we don't have a gun. So we have to go. Now.

J.T.: It's too late for that. Hello, ladies.

Victoria: Listen, J.T. --

J.T.: I've been watching you since the day you tried to kill me.

Victoria: She was just trying to stop you from hurting me. That's all.

J.T.: Oh, is that right? And all that dirt you threw on top of me -- what? Was that just a joke?

Victoria: You've been alive all this time. Why didn't you come forward?

J.T.: And miss watching all you guys squirm while the cops investigated you for my murder? No.

Nikki: How did you find us?

J.T.: How do you think, nikki?

Victoria: You followed the van that was taking us to the prison.

J.T.: Yeah. I-I wanted to watch them march you into prison for what you did to me. But now you decided to take this little detour, so here we all are.

Sharon: What are you gonna do to us?

J.T.: I guess newman money really can buy everything, huh, nikki? Even the cops.

Victoria: J.T. This is between you and me. You should let mom and sharon go.

Nikki: Victoria, don'T.

Victoria: Please.

J.T.: You know what? There's plenty of payback to go around, okay? Here. Wrists and ankles.

Victoria: What?

J.T.: Do it!

Nikki: Do -- do what he says. But how... oh, my god. How -- how are you even alive?

J.T.: Well, that's a hell of a question, isn't it, nikki? That's a hell of a question. I guess you wish you would have swung a little bit harder, huh?

Billy: Isn't there a relationship that you could be blowing apart somewhere?

Phyllis: You're trying to get rid of me.

Billy: Oh, I've been trying to get rid of you for months.

Phyllis: Why do you have your coat on?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Because I turned down the heat to conserve energy.

Phyllis: You were on your way out.

Billy: You're very observant, phyllis. I'm going to get milk. Okay?

Phyllis: What about the kids? You just gonna leave them home alone?

Billy: Yeah, because that's the kind of father I am. I'm gonna leave my kids upstairs sleeping while I go to the grocery store.

Phyllis: Well, you've done crazier things.

Billy: They're staying the night with jack, all right? Now if you don't mind, I got to go bring them some stuff.

Phyllis: On the way to the market?

Billy: Yes. Get out.

Phyllis: Billy, victoria is on the run as a fugitive, and you're gonna go shopping for groceries in the middle of the night? Why don't you tell me what's really going on?

Billy: I'm leaving. And so are you.

Victor: I want to see them now.

Nick: They're at the abbott cabin. I've got two of our best guys watching them. I talked to vick a little while ago. She said they're safe.

Victor: How the hell do you know they're safe, son? Do you have a backup plan, by the way?

Rey: We've covered all our bases, mr. Newman.

Victor: Son, you cannot trust this man. Only a few days ago, he wanted your mother and your sister behind bars for the rest of their lives, right?

Rey: That's -- no. That's not true. When the judge handed down their sentences, it killed me.

Victor: Oh! That warms my heart. Really.

Nick: Dad, he's on our side.

Rey: Look, I'm not a fan of vigilante justice, but I don't support false convictions, either. I believed that your wife and daughter and sharon took the law into their own hands and killed J.T., But I didn't have all the facts, either.

Victor: What is he talking about?

Nick: I will explain later. But right now, we have to find J.T.

Victor: Where is that punk?

Nick: We're trying to lure him to a warehouse.

Rey: One of dark horse'S. Where he thinks he'd find the women.

Nick: So far, he hasn't taken the bait, but billy's still working on it.

Victor: So, meanwhile, the cops are looking for three escaped convicts.

Nick: Dad, I told you. They're safe.

Victor: I'm gonna see for myself, son.

Nick: Look, if you go to the cabin, you could lead J.T. Straight to them. I'll tell you what -- why don't you call mom, and she will tell you herself that she's okay. I gave them a burner. The number's on my phone.

Victor: You dial the number right now.

J.T.: Buried alive. You want to know what that feels like? To have shovelful after shovelful of dirt thrown on top of you? It feels like sheer terror.

Nikki: Just like the terror you put victoria through?

Sharon: Nikki!

Nikki: Listen, if I hadn't stopped you that night, you would have killed victoria. And I had to protect my child. You let us believe that we were responsible for your death for almost a year.

J.T.: Shut up!

Nikki: After what you did --

J.T.: Shut up!

Victoria: J.T. Are --

J.T.: Just be --

Victoria: Are you okay?

J.T.: Just be quiet. Shut up.

Victoria: I just -- I'm worried about you --

J.T.: Shut up. You're worried about me? What, like you were when you -- when you threw me in that -- that ditch like garbage?

Victoria: If we had known that you were alive --

J.T.: What? What would you have done, huh? Finished the job? Yeah, I think so.

[ Inhales sharply ] Well, lucky for me, your medical skills are just about as bad as your choices of places to bury me.

Victoria: How did you get out?

J.T.: [ Groans ] That hole you dug was on top of an old storm drain. So the weight of me plus all that dirt, it busted the pipe. It sent me on a little -- little ride through the genoa city drain system.

Victoria: Oh, my god.

J.T.: If you had any luck at all, I would have died that night when I woke up in that river. But I-I just grabbed a little limb, and I hung on.

Victoria: None of us wanted you dead.

J.T.: I have been listening to you all for months. I-I -- I know how you feel.

Victoria: You --

J.T.: No. No. I watched you, and I listened to you guys try to justify everything you did to me.

Victoria: Just let me try to explain, please.

J.T.: Explain?! What do you want to explain? How you buried the father of your child alive? You want to explain th--

[ Groaning loudly ]

Sharon: J.T., We can help you --

J.T.: No! I don't need your help.

Victoria: What are you planning?

Nikki: Why have you tied us up like this?

J.T.: [ Breathing heavily ]

Victoria: What are you gonna do to us, J.T.?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jack: Ooh, isn't that a little dangerous? Aren't you still on the company clock?

Kerry: It's for you.

Jack: Oh.

Kerry: Uh-huh. I figured after an entire day of babysitting, you needed something a little more potent than a juice box.

Jack: I like the way you think.

Kerry: Mm-hmm. Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry if i brought down the mood earlier.

Jack: Oh, no, no. The question about my mother? No, that was a perfectly innocent, normal question.

Kerry: So innocent and normal that you avoided answering entirely by going to check on katie and johnny?

Jack: I-I was just making sure that mrs. Martinez was... hanging in there.

Kerry: And now that you know she is?

Jack: Now that I know that, I want to say my mom's doing great. Hell, I want to say that every day, and for it to be true just once, but... my mother's struggling.

Kerry: I'm so sorry, jack.

Jack: No, don't be. I've come to terms with the facts. I just, well, don't happen to like them.

Kerry: Well, you're not supposed to. But you still deal with it every single day. You're a fighter, jack abbott.

Jack: No. Dina's the fighter. I'm just the guy in her corner trying to get her through the next round.

Nick: Still no answer on the burner.

Victor: What do you mean no answer? What about the guards?

Nick: I can't get ahold of them, either. But billy did say service up there can be spotty.

Rey: What are your guys at the warehouse saying?

Nick: Still no sign of J.T. Dad, where are you going?

Victor: All the way to the cabin. And don't try and stop me, okay?

Nick: I'll go with you, but let's not panic. There's got to be an answer.

Christine: Answer to what?

[ Gun cocks ]

Victoria: J.T., Talk to me.

J.T.: [ Groans ] There's nothing left to say.

Victoria: Well, there is for me. I made some mistakes. I admit that. But you don't have to do this. You can handle this a different way. We loved each other. Our son, reed, is born of that love. Just think of him, please.

J.T.: [ Laughs ] No. Did you? Did you think of him when you tried to kill me? Or all those months after, when you let him think that I abandoned him? Don't you dare bring him up now.

Victoria: I love him. I wanted us to be a family again. I can't believe that it's come to this.

J.T.: [ Groans ] Well, you got nobody to blame but yourself.

Victoria: I never wanted this to happen.

J.T.: Then why wouldn't you listen? Huh? I knew what was best for us. Why wouldn't you listen to me?!

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: I'm listening now.

J.T.: No. It's too late. I wanted us to be a family, but it's too late.

Victoria: J.T., I promise you, we can --

J.T.: No! No. Don't touch me. Don't -- don't -- don't try to talk me out of this.

Victoria: Out of what?

J.T.: Aah, my head!

[ Groans ] Just got to make it stop.

Nikki: What -- [ Stammering ] Stop what? What are you talking about?

J.T.: I just need it to stop!

[ Groans ]

Jack: Oh, you're actually gonna join me. Does that mean you're not going to the lab at all?

Kerry: It's water.

Jack: Oh. Wishful thinking on my part.

Kerry: Uh-huh. How's everyone upstairs? Settled?

Jack: Uh, yes. Mother is watching a movie. Johnny and katie are both officially down for the count.

Kerry: Now, is that sleep, or is that a candy coma?

Jack: I have no idea, but I don't really care. And neither does mrs. Martinez.

Kerry: She's still here?

Jack: No, no, no. I told her to make a break for it while she could.

Kerry: Oh. So it's just us down here?

Jack: Yeah, for the time being.

Kerry: The time bei-- the kids are out, uh, dina's with her nurse...

Jack: We don't know which abbott's gonna walk through the door next.

Kerry: Huh.

Jack: Huh. That sounded very mischievous.

Kerry: I was going more for devilish.

Jack: I like devilish. Okay, I'll bite. What's on your mind?

Kerry: The back room. The one where johnny was shooting up zombies?

Jack: Oh, the -- the game room?

Kerry: Yeah, sure. See, I-I didn't know you had one of those.

Jack: Why? You feel like playing?

Kerry: I do.

Jack: Any particular game you have in mind?

Kerry: How about we just go in there and see what happens?

Jack: Aren't they waiting for you at the lab?

Kerry: What's 20 more minute?

Jack: Uh --

[ Moans ] You know what? Maybe you should ask for 30 minutes.

Kerry: Game on.

Rey: I asked nick and victor to come down to the station.

Christine: To question them about the escape?

Rey: No. There's no evidence that either one of the were involved.

Christine: If they're not suspects, why would you call them in?

Rey: Well, the accident and the escape hit the news. There's a lot of rumors swirling around. I wanted to reassure the family.

Christine: [ Scoffs ] I would think the one thing that would reassure victor and nick is that you found their loved ones and they're fine. Is that the case?

Rey: No. We haven't turned up anything.

Christine: Okay, well, you know what? In that case, I am having trouble understanding the purpose of this meetinG.

[ Car door slams ]

Billy: [ Sighs ] Come on. Come on, nick. Give me some good news.

Phyllis: [ Yelps ]

Billy: What the hell are you doing here?

Phyllis: You first.

J.T.: [ Groans ] Got to make it stop. Aah!

[ Huffs ]

Nikki: J.T., I'm -- I'm really sorry about what I said earlier. You have every right to be upset. And if you want to blame anybody for what happened, blame me.

Victoria: Mom --

Nikki: I'm the one that hit you. If you have a score to settle, it's with me. So let victoria and sharon go.

J.T.: Stop! Stop! Stop!

Victoria: J.T., I can tell that something is seriously wrong and you're in pain. Just talk to me, please.

J.T.: I am tired of explaining. I need to fix this.

Victoria: Something is seriously wrong. Let us get you to a doctor. Please, just let us help you.

J.T.: Help? Huh? Like you did that night when you rolled me up and threw me in a grave?!

[ Women scream ]

[ Grunting ] Aaah!

[ Women whimpering ]

[ Gas hissing ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Gas hissing ]

Rey: You're right. I have been giving special attention to the newman family, sharing whatever information we do have with them.

Nick: Which is basically nothing.

Christine: [ Stammers ] You still haven't told me why.

Rey: I feel responsible for what happened.

Christine: Why would you feel responsible?

Rey: Well, it was our job to deliver the women safely to the prison, and that didn't happen. Still, I should be giving my full attention to finding them, and I've been trying to do that from here. It's time I get out in the field. Uh, nick, if you hear anything, call me.

Nick: Okay.

Christine: [ Huffs ]

Victor: What's this all about? What does it say?

Nick: It says "meet me in the garage."

Christine: You're not gonna just let them walk out of here, are you?

Rey: Oh, don't worry. I'll have eyes on them.

Christine: Good.

Rey: I'll be in touch. Hopefully this will all be wrapped up soon.

Christine: Yeah, hopefully.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Go home, phyllis.

Phyllis: Like a good little girl?

Billy: Like someone who's gonna screw everything up if you don't leave.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm gonna need more details than that.

Billy: I'm out here to clear my head, okay? End of story.

Phyllis: Well, your story sucks.

Billy: Well, that's all you're getting. Leave.

Phyllis: You think I'm stupid, don't you? Three felons escaped from prison. The ex-husband parks not 10 minutes away from his family's cabin so he won't be spotted because his lady and her other fellow fugitives are in there hiding, aren't they?!

Billy: Go home, phyllis. Now.

Phyllis: You know I'm right.

Billy: If I say yes, will you leave?

Phyllis: No way. I'm going with you. Like it or not.

[ Gas hissing ]

Victoria: J.T., This isn't you. Something's happened.

J.T.: I changed.

Victoria: [ Coughs ]

J.T.: That's what you said, right?

Victoria: I was too hard on you. I think I was too judgmental. I know you're a good person, and this is your chance to prove it.

J.T.: No.

Victoria: Just -- I know you can do it.

J.T.: You're just trying to save yourself.

Victoria: I'm trying to save all of us. There's a-a pipe leaking gas. It's dangerous.

Sharon: J.T., Listen to victoria!

J.T.: [ Inhales sharply ] It's too late. It's too late.

Victoria: J.T., Please. Come on. I-it's not. We can fix this.

J.T.: No! I -- it's so loud. I got to make it st--

[ Women coughing ]

Victoria: J.T.? J.T., Get up!

Sharon: He's unconscious!

[ Women coughing ]

Victoria: J.T., Wake up!

Nikki: [Coughing] Oh, my god! J.T.! J.T., Wake up! You got to get up!

Victoria: J.T., Wake up.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Victor: So J.T. Saw right through you.

Billy: J.T.'S got to be in the house.

Victor: And he probably has a gun.

Paul: I recruited you because I was told you were the best! You were dedicated. You were by-the-book. We are done here. You turn in your badge and your gun.

Arturo: I slept with another woman -- with mia.

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