Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/12/19

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/12/19


Episode #11570 ~ Victor makes a promise to Nikki; Victoria lashes out at Sharon; Jack wants to solidify an alliance.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Devon: I thought the revenue from fen's music was supposed to hold you over for a little bit.

Ana: I mean, it should have, but I still have my shameful past full of debts.

Kerry: In order for me to feel comfortable going along with this, siding with you against my friend, I'll need you to make me an offer in writing.

Arturo: Who do we have to thank for saving our sister?

Phyllis: Kyle and summer are getting married.

Michael: When nikki newman saw that her daughter's life was in danger, she did what any reasonable person would do, and, therefore, you must find the defendants not guilty.

Jack: Hey. Any news?

Nick: No word yet.

Jack: How long does it take a jury to come up with a verdict?

Nick: Well, for better or worse, they can take as long as they need.

Jack: Have you talked to michael?

Nick: He says when he knows something, I will.

Jack: What do you think is going on?

Nick: My hope is it's taking so long because the jury is doing their job, and they are going over every single fact.

Jack: It also means they went into the deliberation room without a unanimous decision.

Nick: It could be a holdout and the others are doing everything they can to convince him that mom and vick are not guilty.

Jack: I'll tell you this, i wouldn't need any convincing after reading about victoria's testimony.

Nick: Could backfire, too, though. I mean, the jury could determine that mom was out for revenge and with vick taking so long to come clean, it could look terrible to them.

Jack: You know what, from everything I've read, everything I've heard, it takes months, maybe years for someone to disclose spousal abuse.

Nick: That's true.

Jack: Victoria covered up the truth to protect her mother. The woman who saved her life.

Nick: Well, we know that. We just have to hope that enough of the jury believes that because if mom and vick are found guilty, I don't know what the hell we're gonna do.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] You have no idea how happy I am to see you.

Victoria: It was torture, being in a jail cell all alone, waiting.

Nikki: I know.

Sharon: What are we doing here?

Victoria: Michael arranged for us all to wait together until the jury comes back.

Sharon: Even though I'm not his client?

Nikki: Would you rather wait in your own cell?

Victoria: You know, we would happily call the guard back, sharon.

Sharon: No, that's not what i meant. I just wasn't expecting this.

Victoria: Yes, we get that, sharon.

Sharon: You know, jury deliberations can take a while. Are we gonna be here at --

Nikki: Oh, my god, michael did you a favor. Can you just accept it?

Sharon: Yes! Fine. Does michael have any idea which way the jury's leaning?

Nikki: He's not a mind-reader, sharon.

Sharon: Okay, but he does do this for a living, so you'd think that he would at least have some idea.

Victoria: I'm sure if he did, he would have mentioned it.

Sharon: Unless, you know, it's not what we want to hear.

Nikki: Oh, my god, can you please put your paranoia to bed for one minute? I am begging you!

Sharon: I'm sorry for being concerned about a possible future behind bars. I'm being so selfish.

Nikki: If you are that concerned about how the jury ruled, why don't you ask your own attorney?

Victoria: After all, she put on quite a little show, telling them that you should be acquitted, regardless of what happens to us.

Nikki: First phyllis, now you. And then there were two.

Ana: Morning!

Devon: Hey, hey.

Ana: What you working on?

Devon: I am just arranging some legal documents.

Ana: Ooh! That sounds...not fun.

Devon: Yeah, I know, but somebody's got to do it.

Ana: Does it have to be you?

Devon: I'm the boss, so, you know...

Ana: Which means you can hire someone to take care of all that.

Devon: I -- I already did. I just thought I'd save her from the boring stuff.

Ana: And she appreciates that more than you know. Can I get you anything?

Devon: Uh, you can get me whatever's making you walk on cloud 9. Some of that.

Ana: Funny you should mention that. I have it right here.

Devon: What is that?

Ana: A few songs I've been working on.

Devon: Oh, really? How many is a few?

Ana: Well, you have to listen to find out. What do you prefer, headphones or speakers?

Devon: I wish that I could right now, but you know I have to get to a meeting.

Ana: Well, it won't kill you to be a few minutes late.

Devon: I don't like being late to anything, you know that.

Ana: Well, on the ride to work.

Devon: I need to focus on the ride to work.

Ana: Well, take it with you. I'm sure you have some downtime.

Devon: I promise you, I'm not gonna have any time today.

Ana: When you get back, then.

Devon: Yeah. Maybe. Is there a rush?

Ana: Well, you know us artists -- create a masterpiece, expect everyone to drop everything they're doing and give us the time of day.

Devon: I can see that.

Ana: You're my brother, and I value your opinion. Plus, I think you're gonna love what I've done.

Abby: Hey!

Arturo: Welcome back!

Abby: How'd you know I'd be here?

Arturo: At your usual breakfast spot, at your usual time?

[ Chuckles ] I had no idea.

Abby: Are you saying I'm a creature of habit?

Arturo: I am saying that i love that you're a creature of habit.

Abby: [ Giggles ]

Arturo: Makes surprising you a whole lot easier.

Abby: Well, I wanted to be the one to surprise you.

Arturo: Yeah?

Abby: Of course.

Arturo: [ Chuckles ] I'm sorry, I just -- you know, I got a little worried I hadn't heard from you since last night.

Abby: Ugh, getting back into town was a nightmare. My flight got delayed, my phone died. Why are you smiling like that?

Arturo: Well, because now i get to share the good news with you face to face.

Abby: Good news about lola?

Arturo: We found a donor.

Abby: Yes! Yes!

Arturo: Yeah.

Abby: Oh, my gosh, that's fantastic!

Arturo: I know, I know.

Abby: So what's the next step?

Arturo: Well, now she gets the transplant.

Abby: When? A week from now, a month from now?

Arturo: In a few days.

Abby: Well, who's the donor?

Arturo: Mm.

Abby: Who's the donor? A friend, a family member?

Arturo: No, I don't know. They -- they asked to remain anonymous.

Abby: Can they even do that?

Arturo: Yeah. Yeah. Apparently it's, like, very common.

Abby: I wonder if it's someone who heard kyle's plea on the gc buzz.

Arturo: Possibly.

Abby: Wow! It always restores my faith in humanity how generous people can be. Going out of their way to save a complete stranger's life, doing it out of the goodness of their heart, with no recognition.

Arturo: Yeah, that's -- that's one way of looking at it.

Abby: What am I missing?

Arturo: Rey has another theory.

Abby: Of course he does.

Arturo: He thinks summer's the donor.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] You're kidding, right? Summer? Oh, my god. You're serious.

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Victoria: It's playing over and over in my mind, the way that christine was attacking my story.

Nikki: Well, look how she tore into her star witness. Although, I guess it is her job to find discrepancies.

Victoria: Just like it was michael's job to prepare us, and he didn'T. I felt like I was going into battle unarmed.

Nikki: Well, to be fair, so did he. I mean, we didn't tell him the full story -- not in time, anyway.

Victoria: Oh, there's no way that christine was gonna let phyllis undermine the story that she wanted to tell.

Nikki: I have to say, I think that phyllis was sincere in trying to convince the jury that I acted in self-defense.

Victoria: Thank goodness for that.

Nikki: Well, I mean, she might have a little bit of a conscience.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Barely.

Nikki: Do you think she felt any guilt for betraying us?

Victoria: Phyllis doesn't do guilt. She doesn't care about us. This was her last-ditch effort to get back into nick's good graces.

Nikki: Ah, the foolish things women do for the sake of a man.

Victoria: Well, you know, it's too bad that nick and phyllis didn't break up sooner because then maybe sharon wouldn't have fallen for rey's little song and dance about the way he feels about her. And we wouldn't be sitting here right now.

Sharon: Oh, okay. You're done harping on phyllis, and now it's my turn.

Victoria: Oh, I'm just pointing out the facts, that's all.

Sharon: Well... that's not how it went.

Victoria: Oh, really? So, then, how did it go? Because I'm dying to hear.

Sharon: I trusted him. He used that against me.

Nikki: Ah, she trusted him. The man who was investigating us for months.

Sharon: The same man that both of you wanted me to saddle up to and get information.

Nikki: In the police station, sharon, not in the bedroom.

Sharon: He said he could help, and that was before I told him anything.

Victoria: He was playing you, sharon.

Nikki: You believed him because you love him.

Victoria: Wait a second. Go back. Are you telling me that rey rosales offered you immunity and you turned him down?

Sharon: I made a promise to you. We were all in this together. So I got a lawyer and I recanted everything I said to him.

Nikki: A lot of good that did us.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I never intended for any of this to happen.

Victoria: You're sorry. Is that supposed to fix things?

Nikki: Well, you know, you can look on the bright side. Jail is the safest place for you right now.

Sharon: What? Why would you say that?

Nikki: Well, now that mia heard that you and her husband were fraternizing...

Victoria: Oh, please. It is clear as day that rey does not care about sharon, he was simply using her. So I guess mia has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Nikki: Have you heard from your favorite detective since he got what he wanted out of you? Oh, I'm sorry, that must hurt.

[ Door opens ]

You all must have friends in high places.

Nikki: Why? What's going on?

They're letting you have visitors.

Abby: Are you sure you don't want to come?

Arturo: I'm fine. Yeah, I'm actually gonna head to the office once devon gets here, let you two talk shop.

Abby: Well, we have some shop talk that we need to do. Why does rey think that summer is the donor?

Arturo: Just a hunch.

Abby: Based on...?

Arturo: Certain people acting out of character, you know, doing things you wouldn't expect.

Arturo: I will tell you more once your meeting's over. Are you gonna come back to the office?

Abby: If the jury doesn't reach a verdict.

Arturo: Well, I wasn't only praying for lola, so there's still time for another miracle.

Abby: I love you.

Devon: Hey. Welcome back, abby. Mwah!

Abby: Hi!

Devon: Arturo, how are you, man?

Arturo: I could not be better, brother.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: Lola found a donor.

Devon: Did she really? Good.

Abby: Mm-hmm!

Devon: Good, good, good.

Arturo: Yeah.

Devon: That's got to be a huge relief.

Arturo: Oh, man, all those days and nights, it's exactly what we've been praying for.

Devon: Oh, I'm very happy that it worked out.

Arturo: [ Sighs ] You two will have your chef in no time. I'll talk to you soon.

Devon: Okay.

Abby: Bye.

Devon: So... you didn't tell him?

Jack: I'm glad you were able to meet.

Kerry: Mm, well, you're the man with the full plate these days. Any word from the courthouse?

Jack: Come on in. Uh, no, not at all. I hope you understand, if I do hear about the verdict, I may have to cut this short.

Kerry: Oh, of course. I know what the defendants mean to you.

Jack: And phyllis. I mean, with her involvement in this case, this verdict could have a significant impact on jabot's future.

Kerry: Which is why I'm here.

Jack: To discuss your very bright future at jabot. I spoke to billy about putting in writing our offer, the one we spoke about.

Kerry: His response?

Jack: Come with me. See for yourself.

Kerry: [ Exhales sharply ] My, that is formidable.

Jack: I think you'll find the terms are very generous. An indication of just how much we value your, uh, expertise, your brilliance, your dedication, and loyaltY. I'm ready to sign right now.

Kerry: Don't you think you're getting a little ahead of yourself?

Jack: I'm not one to back off when I feel like something's right.

Kerry: Well, nor am I, which should tell you something.

Devon: So you did not tell arturo the reason for your business trip?

Abby: He's had a lot to deal with.

Devon: Abby...

Abby: He's been looking for a donor for lola.

Devon: Right, while you've been looking for somebody to replace her, so...

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Devon: What are you gonna do? How long you gonna keep this secret from everyone?

Abby: He's my fiancé, and that's his sister.

Devon: I understand that, and I'm very happy that she's gonna pull through, but... moving on without her is not personal. It's just about dollars and cents.

Abby: Can't we hold off on opening the restaurant until lola's back on her feet?

Devon: Not if it ends up taking months for her to be ready to work.

Abby: You don't know that. She's young and healthy.

Devon: Abby, this isn't a regular 9-to-5 job we're talking about. Right? We're talking about her being a chef at a brand-new restaurant. That takes stamina, takes a lot of hard work. She's gonna be on her feet day and night. It's a lot.

Abby: I'm willing to risk it.

Devon: I'm not. I'm not willing to risk it, especially if it's gonna jeopardize her health. Because that's not good for our bottom line.

Abby: I know. You're right.

Devon: Okay. I don't want to do it, either. I love lola, but we have to be ready to move on.

Abby: Okay.

Devon: All right? Did you find any up-and-coming chefs on your trip? Any look good?

Abby: Well, no one I met with is what we're looking for. It's just a bunch of uninspired menus and overinflated egos, but, I mean, I have a few mores leads...

Devon: Well, I mean, if it wasn't successful, maybe we should just shut this down and cut our losses.

Abby: And tank the restaurant? No, no, we are so close to making this happen.

Devon: I --

Abby: And after all of the time and energy and money that we've invested...

Devon: Oh, believe me, I know about that, but... it just seems like the universe is trying to tell us that it's not gonna work out, and we're not listening.

Abby: It's just a hiccup. We need more time.

Devon: Time costs money.

Abby: Lola will be ready. And if she's not, I will find a new chef, I promise.

Devon: Okay, well, if it doesn't happen soon, then i don't see this deal working out.

Nikki: How could this happen? What are you doing here?

Nick: Dad pulled some strings.

Nikki: I'd give anything to have him here today.

Victoria: How is he?

Nick: He sends his love, and he wants you both to know he will move heaven and earth to get you home. How about you?

Victoria: I'm good. I'm fine. Yeah. Thanks.

Billy: And how are you?

Sharon: Nothing a "not guilty" verdict wouldn't cure. You must be furious with me for trusting rey. You warned me from the start. And now I'm the reason that we're all in this mess. I -- I only hope that someday you'll find a way to forgive me.

Br ushing only reaches

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Devon: Oh, my god.

Ana: Hey!

Devon: Hey.

Ana: How did your meeting go?

Devon: [ Sighs ] It went.

Ana: Oh.

Devon: Yeah, no, it's -- it's about 50/50, I'd say.

Ana: Of good news and bad news?

Devon: Yeah, something like that.

Ana: What's the bad?

Devon: Um, trust me, it's gonna bore you.

Ana: Trust me. It'll feel better to get it off your chest.

Devon: Mm. It's nothing you don't already know, it's just that the, uh -- the restaurant's still on hold.

Ana: For how long?

Devon: Uh, it's kind up in the air right now, so...

Ana: So you're just gonna keep funding an empty space?

Devon: Uh, no, I'm, uh -- I'm gonna give abby the benefit of the doubt and hope that it pays off in the long run, but, uh, she wants to wait for lola to fully recover.

Ana: I think you made the right choice.

Devon: The good news is that the family found a donor, so she's all set to get her transplant.

Ana: That's amazing.

Devon: I know.

Ana: The miracle they've been looking for.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah. They got very lucky.

Ana: Mm. You okay?

Devon: Yeah, I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be?

Ana: Hilary. You were in that same situation not too long ago, in the same room in the icu. Waiting for a miracle.... that didn't come.

Devon: Yeah, I -- you know, no one should ever have to go through what hilary and I went through, so I'm -- I'm glad they got what they needed.

Ana: You want to talk about it?

Devon: No, I don'T. I really don'T.

Ana: Okay. Okay.

Devon: Thanks, though.

Ana: Well, how about relaxing to some tunes, then?

Devon: You're not gonna give up on that, huh?

Ana: On this hot new songstress? Never.

Devon: Um, does it have to be right now?

Ana: Well, why wait? Especially when I think you're gonna love it. No, I know you will.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] I like your persistence.

Ana: Well, then?

Devon: Um, do you mind if i work out first and then listen?

Ana: Because cardio is way more exciting than listening to my creative output.

Devon: Well, I didn't say no.

Ana: I'm certainly not hearing a yes.

Devon: Just not now. Please.

Ana: It's cool. Get your steps in. I'm just over here pouring out my soul making this music...

Devon: Ana. Come on.

Ana: I said it's cool. You do you.

Devon: Ana. You know that I'm supposed to be following a routine. It's good for me to do that.

Ana: What I know is that two days ago, you were telling me i need to write more, be more, do more, and now that I have, you're the invisible man, can't be bothered. Way to nurture new talent, devon.

Sharon: I keep thinking -- if only I hadn't let rey in the house that night... but he seemed so upset. I thought he needed a friend.

Nick: Sharon, he knows you have a good heart, and he took advantage of that.

Sharon: We worked together for a long time. It's hard for me to believe that he would intentionally try to manipulate me.

Nick: Please. Please tell me you're not defending him.

Sharon: No, no, of course not.

Nick: Did he help you get a lawyer? Did he let you get next to mom or vick and give you a chance to turn yourselves in?

Sharon: No, but...

Nick: And why do you think he didn't do that? Because he didn't want to risk losing the glory of breaking the case singlehandedly. That is what mattered to him, not you.

Billy: I can't help thinking about what you went through that night.

Victoria: Me neither.

Billy: Carrying the weight of those secrets for so long...

Nikki: It's been hell for all of us, but, in the moment, keeping quiet made sense.

Victoria: No. Nothing made sense.

Nikki: We never should have listened to phyllis. You know, if we had called someone, gotten help...

Billy: Okay, well, let's not do that. What happened, happened. The truth is out now. We're just gonna have to deal with it.

Victoria: I should have told you. I wish I could have. I wish I could have told you what was going on sooner.

Billy: It's okay. You know, when I think about everything that we went through... it makes sense. And I'm sorry.

Victoria: For what?

Billy: For not being more patient. For not realizing that there was more going on.

Victoria: No. No, you don't have to be sorry. None of this was your fault. I was just so confused and angry and terrified.

Billy: Yeah, I usually have that effect on women. Sorry. Not a very funny joke.

Victoria: No, it's not you. It's just that, any minute, the guard could walk in here and tell us that the jury's back.

Billy: Well, then we'll know when you're coming home.

Victoria: Or that life as we knew it is over.

Jack: I understand you're feeling a certain sense of loyalty to phyllis. She's the one that brought you to jabot.

Kerry: True.

Jack: And if you're having second thoughts about reporting to me about someone you consider to be a friend of yours...

Kerry: I have always been excited by phyllis' vision for jabot, but... you've made a compelling case the last few days.

Jack: That there is someone else who could bring that vision to life.

Kerry: This murder case is pulling your focus. And if there's an appeal...

Jack: Exactly. She could drag us all down. After everything jabot has been through in the last few months...

Kerry: I don't think the company could survive another blow.

Jack: Exactly. It could take years to recover.

Kerry: I need my loyalty to be with this company, not to the person running it. And if the right person is not phyllis, then changes need to be made.

Jack: I'm happy you feel that way. So...why not sign?

Kerry: Because I am scientist. I need to analyze it from every angle, be objective.

Jack: Oh, by all means. Let me get you my fine-tooth comb.

[ Cellphone rings ] I better take this. It could be about the trial.

Kerry: Have they reached a verdict?

Jack: No. It's a save the date for kyle's wedding.

Kerry: That was fast. When is it?

Jack: Tomorrow. What about this guy?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Arturo: Hey. How'd your meeting with devon go?

Abby: The usual. Forging ahead.

Arturo: Well, why don't you, uh, fill me in? I'd love to tell lola what you guys have planned for her restaurant.

Abby: Well, um, we can tell her together after she wakes up.

Arturo: Mm. Hopefully she stays awake when she finds out summer is the reason she's alive.

Abby: You know, I think rey's theory is totally off-base.

Arturo: Rey is the best detective I know.

Abby: There's no way that summer would ever be a good samaritan and keep it to herself. No, she would want full credit, her name in lights, a parade.

Arturo: Hmm, so why else would kyle do a complete 180 on her?

Abby: Because they're old friends, and kyle has a soft spot for her.

Arturo: Okay. But that doesn't mean he has to throw lola to the curb.

Abby: Am I missing something?

Arturo: Kyle's in love with summer.

Abby: No.

Arturo: His words.

Abby: No, kyle is 100% committed to lola.

Arturo: What if summer got tested and she's a match? Only way lola can stay alive, and she's using it to get what she wants.

Abby: So you think summer is the donor?

Arturo: Rey thinks she might be.

Abby: And she's only doing it to get kyle to tell people that he's in love with her?

Arturo: Oh, no, she's going for the brass ring. Or, in this case, the gold. Kyle proposed. He and summer are getting married.

Jack: Hey, kyle, it's me. I got your message about the wedding. Of course I will be there. If there's anything I can do to help, you let me know, all right? I love you, son.

Kerry: It's great that you're so supportive, even though you have your doubts.

Jack: You know what, it's not like it's a disaster. I've known summer her whole life. It's just so darn fast.

Kerry: Maybe if he and lola were an item so recently, he'd need some time to sort out his feelings...

Jack: You know what, he seemed to know what he was doing.

Kerry: And you can either be right or help him be happy.

Jack: With my son, I always choose happy.

Kerry: You're a good father.

Jack: Yeah, I don't know about that. Certainly not the way victor would have handled it.

Kerry: No?

Jack: Oh, no, he'd have come up with all kinds of ways to intervene, to bend him to my will...

Kerry: Oh. That sounds intriguing.

Jack: Did I ever tell you about the time that victor actually had victoria arrested at the altar?

Kerry: What? Scandalous. Why all the drama?

Jack: Oh, he was terribly disappointed that she was going to marry an abbott.

Kerry: Huh. I wonder what's going through his mind now that his granddaughter's doing the same.

Jack: I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Victoria: What's taking so long?

Sharon: You think they're deadlocked?

Billy: Well, at this point, a hung jury wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Nick: Christine could choose to not try the case again. Phyllis may not testify.

Sharon: Or the prosecution might learn their lessons and do a better job next time.

Victoria: Well, now that michael knows the whole story, maybe he'll have more ammunition for the self-defense angle. I should have told him the truth a long time ago.

Nick: Well, no matter what, it's all gonna be okay.

Nikki: There's a chance that it won't be.

Nick: Mom, please don't talk like that.

Sharon: While we're hoping for the best, we need to prepare for the worst. And what we need, if the worst happens, god forbid, is to know that you will rally around our children.

Nikki: And grandchildren. Make sure they have everything they need -- love and support. Don't let this define them.

Sharon: And make sure faith knows the truth. Tell her and christian that I'll never stop loving them.

Nick: [ Sighs ] You don't even have to ask that.

Nikki: Always remind them that we're still family.

Nick: I'll never forget.

Billy: I promise.

Sharon newman, your attorney's waiting. Time's up.

Nick: Just know... we're never gonna stop fighting for you.

Billy: We'll see you soon, okay?

Nikki: It's gonna be okay. It might just take some time.

Victoria: Thank god for billy and nick. I know that they're gonna do a good job.

Nikki: They always have.

Victoria: I just -- I can't imagine my babies growing up without me. There's so much that I still want to do with them and so much that I still want to say. I don't want to miss another minute of their life, mom. We have to go home. We have to.

My mom's pain from moderate

Jack: Everything we discussed is here -- increase in salary, change in title...

Kerry: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Jack: Company car of your choosing.

Kerry: I see.

Jack: Everything here will be incorporated into the contract and be ready for your signature, I'll see to it.

Kerry: Pleasure negotiating with you.

Jack: Pleasure was mine.

Kerry: Although you hardly fight fair.

Jack: I think we made it quite clear how much we value your contribution.

Kerry: Yeah, while wearing jack of hearts...

Jack: Oh, am I?

Kerry: [ Sniffles ] Stop it. You know what that cologne does to me. It's my kryptonite.

Jack: You have only yourself to blame. You created it.

Kerry: Man, I am so good at my job. I really do deserve a raise.

Jack: I'll see what I can do.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Ana: What'd you think?

Devon: Uh, the first track and the third track are my favorites. They're -- they're fantastic. Great melody, great hooks. Lyrics are clever. It's very good.

Ana: And the others?

Devon: Um, I think you could spend a little more time with them, but I'll definitely take a second listen after you do.

Ana: So you'll buy the first and the third, though.

Devon: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I'll start thinking about who i can get to do vocals on them, and I'll get back to you.

Ana: When?

Devon: Uh, when I decide. Um, we can have the business manager cut you a check in the meantime, if you want.

Ana: You think I can get the check today?

Devon: Yeah. No rush, though?

Ana: I mean, you have your deadlines, I have mine.

Devon: Yeah, just, uh... just make sure you don't get yourself in this kind of debt again, okay?

Ana: You're a lifesaver.

Devon: You got it. Hey, it's me. Uh, hey, yeah, I need you to do me a favor, and, uh, can we cut a check to ana and have it direct-deposited into her account today, and I'll e-mail you with the details? All right, cool. There's something else that i need you to do for me. Can you run a credit check on her? No, no, nothing like that. She just -- she's gotten herself into some money issues, and i want to help her out with it, so... okay, cool. I'll be in touch. Thanks.

Nikki: Victor!

Victor: Hello, sweetheart.

Nikki: Oh!

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: What are you doing here?

Victor: The question is -- how are you doing, hmm?

Victoria: Better now that you'e here.

Nikki: Thank you for sending billy and nicholas.

Victor: You know, the more i think about it, the more i realize it's my fault.

Nikki: What -- what is? What do you mean?

Victoria: I think what he's saying is that he should have gotten us out of the country when he had the chance.

Victor: Exactly.

Victoria: I can see it in your eyes every time you look at us.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Well, not that I would have gone. Knowing that there's a madman out there plotting against you, I would have never left you alone.

Victor: Come here, my baby.

Victoria: Has there been any sign of the intruder at the ranch?

Victor: No. Whoever it is is a coward. He's hiding in the shadows, you know?

Nikki: So what are you gonna do?

Victor: What I always do, my baby. I'm gonna find the bastard and make him pay for it.

Nick: Ab, whatever this is, can it wait?

Abby: No, we are losing time as we speak.

Nick: All right. What's going on?

Abby: What are you doing pabout summer?

Nick: Well, whatever mess she has gotten herself into, she's adult enough to get herself out of it.

Abby: Not this time.

Nick: All right, what's the problem?

Abby: You don't know?

Nick: Know what?

Abby: Summer is engaged to a man who's in love with someone else.

Nick: Engaged? My summer?

Abby: Okay, if you don't know about this, then something shady is definitely going on.

Nick: Who told you this?

Arturo: Arturo. He heard it directly from summer.

Nick: Who the hell is she engaged to?

Abby: Kyle.

Nick: Kyle? Isn't he with lola?

Abby: For months now, and he's crazy about her.

Nick: Then why would they --

Abby: All I know is that they are tying the knot.

Nick: Jack never mentioned a word about this, and I would think phyllis would at least send a text.

Abby: Well, she's keeping everyone in the dark, everyone who could potentially stop them.

Nick: How did this happen?

Abby: That's what you need to find out before it's too late.

Ana: You said you had good news and bad news for me.

Devon: Yeah.

Ana: The check is still on the way, right?

Devon: Yes, that's already been taken care of.

Ana: Okay. Well, let's start with the good.

Devon: Okay, um, the good news is that your credit report is, like, squeaky-clean.

Ana: My credit report?

Devon: Yeah.

Ana: Why would you be checking up --

Devon: Well, that's the bad news, is that you've been lying to me.

Ana: The bad news is I can't trust you. Who gave you the right to check up on me? I'm a grown woman, devon.

Devon: I understand that, but there's obviously something going on, and I'd like to know what it is so I can help you with it.

Ana: Well, first, you can stay out of my private life.

Devon: Ana, do you have any idea how much money you've gone through lately? Is it a guy? Is it drugs? Are you gambling? Do you have a habit? What's going on? Why can't you trust me?

Ana: Why can't you trust me?

Devon: Okay. How about we dial this back a little bit, and let's just talk?

Ana: No, forget it, I'm done.

Devon: Ana. Can we just sit down and talk about it, please?

Ana: No!

[ Door slams ]

[ Glass shatters ]

Nick: Summer, I need to talk to you! Summer! Get out here! Now!

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, michael, what's up? You got news? Yeah, got it. I'm on my way.

[ Sighs ]

Kerry: Perhaps we should continue this upstairs.

Jack: Oh, I like the way you think.

Kerry: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Oh, let's not forget this. Don't want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Kerry: Let's not.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jack: Oops, hold on.

Kerry: [ Sighs ] Is it kyle?

Jack: No. It's nick.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Billy: Michael. What's up? Heading there now.

Abby: Hey, how's everything at the work site?

Arturo: Under budget, on track. Did you talk to nick?

Abby: He had no idea summer and kyle are engaged.

Arturo: That's crazy.

Abby: That's summer.

Arturo: So, what's he gonna do?

Abby: Well, he's gonna get to the bottom of it and find out what the real story is.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Ooh! Maybe this is him now.

Arturo: Everything okay?

Abby: I have to go.

Victor: Thank you. It's time.

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