Y&R Transcript Monday 3/11/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/11/19


Episode #11569 ~ Tensions rise between Billy and Phyllis; Kerry sends a cryptic message; Summer plots her next move.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Kerry: You're still asking me to spy on phyllis.

Jack: I don't like -- I don't like calling it spying.

Kerry: Well, like it or not, jack, that's what it is. And I never said I wouldn't do it. There would have to be something in it for me.

Michael: Did you blackmail the defendants?

Tessa: Yes.

Michael: If anyone deserves to face criminal charges, it's miss tessa porter.

Kyle: Lola's got a real shot now thanks to you.

Summer: Well, a little piece of my liver to save lola's life? Plus, I get to be mrs. Kyle abbott.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Phyllis!

Phyllis: I know. It's insane. Surreal. Borderline unthinkable.

Jack: I'm not entirely sure what --

Phyllis: But I understand that you probably have some thoughts about the matter, and i think we probably should discuss it, don't you think?

Jack: Discuss what?

Phyllis: The wedding.

[ Sighs ] I know that summer's gonna now be your daughter now, even if it is as an in-law.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. What are you talking about?

Phyllis: How do you not know? Kyle and summer are getting married.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Arturo: Hey. You got the same message?

Rey: From nate? To meet here? Yeah, so where is he?

Arturo: I don't know. You okay?

Rey: Yeah. Yeah, just... I want to find out what's going on.

Nate: Good. Both of you.

Arturo: Hey. What's the word, doc?

Nate: We found a donor.

Rey: Wait, seriously?

Arturo: For real?

Nate: Yes. There are still tests to run and arrangements to be made, but I can assure you, lola will be getting the transplant she needs.

Rey: You -- you're positive?

Nate: I wouldn't say it otherwise.

Rey: Ohh!

Nate: Yeah.

Rey: All right. All right, so tell us the rest.

Nate: What do you mean, the rest?

Rey: The donor.

Arturo: Yeah, I mean, who do we have to thank for saving our sister?

Nate: I can pass along any messages. I'm happy to, okay, but the donor wishes to remain anonymous.

Kyle: Who's anonymous?

Rey: They found a donor for lola.

Kyle: [ Exclaims ] Is that true? Lola's gonna be okay?

Nate: That's the plan.

Kyle: Then nothing else matters -- just her.

Kyle: When is this happening?

Nate: In a few days.

Arturo: Wait, is that normal? For -- for that to take that long?

Nate: It's a major surgery. We -- we need the lead time.

Kyle: And lola's okay to wait?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh... so, this anonymous donor, is she healthy?

Rey: Wait a minute. How do you know it's a woman?

Kyle: I don'T. I just assumed, since lola's a woman -- but it doesn't matter, does it, the sex of the donor?

Nate: A match is a match.

Kyle: And you're not saying one way or the --

Nate: That's what anonymous means.

Rey: But kyle's right? This person is healthy, ready for surgery?

Nate: I wouldn't be pushing it otherwise. Okay, guys, this is what we've been waiting for.

Arturo: [ Exhales softly ]

Kyle: It's finally happening.

Mariah: Maybe we should go see a movie.

Tessa: You need to be able to answer your phone.

Mariah: You testified. I testified. The defense rested. And now it's time for the jury to make their decision.

Tessa: Yeah, well, we don't know when they're gonna bring back a verdict. And we both know that i made things more difficult for sharon.

Mariah: Brittany fought hard. Okay? Sharon was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And everything you said on the stand about [Stammers] Being in the car that night, you know, you made it sound like sharon was trying to help you. You protected her.

Tessa: Yeah, but christine is intense and vicious.

Mariah: Yeah. She's a lawyer.

Tessa: Well, she didn't need to grill me like I was one of the defendants.

Mariah: Look, I know that you're scared that they're gonna come after you.

Tessa: They have no reason not to. I committed extortion, and I confessed to it under oath.

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Jack: Kyle and summer are engaged? Wait, is summer...?

Phyllis: Pregnant? No. I asked.

Jack: Well, okay, there has to be some kind of misunderstanding here.

Phyllis: Nope. [ Sighs ] I spoke to summer. I spoke to kyle. Together, at the same time, and it is real.

Jack: That doesn't make any sense at all.

Phyllis: Oh, I know.

Jack: No, when kyle is not at jabot, he's at the hospital, completely focused on lola.

Phyllis: Well, obviously that has shifted.

Jack: So, when did they get engaged? How did they get engaged?

Phyllis: I-I don't know the logistics. He asked. She accepted.

Jack: And that's all they told you?

Phyllis: Jack, they have been dancing around this since she's been in high school. Then later on they got back together. She's been dating. She's been -- she's been married. But kyle has always been the guy for her.

Jack: It's different for kyle. He has moved on.

Phyllis: Well, they have circled back.

Jack: While his girlfriend was in a coma?

Phyllis: That's what people do. They lean on each other that they can trust --

Jack: Marriage, phyllis.

Phyllis: I know. But from what I understand, this is what it took for kyle to realize how much summer means to him.

Jack: You wouldn't say that if you'd seen how passionately devoted he has been to lola.

Billy: Well, we all know passion fades.

Arturo: We got to tell lola the news. I mean, I know she probably can't hear us, but still.

Kyle: Maybe she can feel the shift. Now things are hopeful. Look, I get it.

Rey: It happened. All that testing, getting the word out. Too bad we can't thank the person.

Nate: People want their privacy.

Rey: Yeah, I just...

Nate: Most recipients never know their donor.

Rey: It just feels strange.

Kyle: We can still say thank you. Have mariah put it out there on "gc buzz."

Arturo: Ah. It's not the same, but yeah. We can.

Kyle: Then we leave it alone. Take yes for an answer. Not scare off a donor.

Arturo: Wait, is that possible? Can -- can the donor back out?

Kyle: I didn't mean to --

Nate: The donor is ready to move forward, okay?

Rey: Let's go see lola.

Arturo: Hey. You're not coming?

Kyle: Uh, the office. Besides, you two should give her the news.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ]

Mariah: No, this doesn't make any sense. If -- if the D.A. Wanted to bring up charges, she could have done it at the courthouse. You know, maybe you should go back to your station, okay, check with your boss, christine williams?

Tessa: No, no. Hey. Mariah. Mariah, we both knew that this would happen.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] I'm gonna talk to her over here, right where you can see us, for like two seconds. Can I do that, please? Look, I can go on "gc buzz." I can talk about how unfair christine is being. I can do something.

Tessa: No, there's nothing you can do.

Mariah: Yes. Yes, there is. I ju-- I just -- I can't think of it right now.

Tessa: I have sworn testimony of things that I'm guilty of.

Mariah: No. No. I do not want you to talk like that.

Tessa: Let me make the right decision for once, please. Every time that there has been a choice, I have made the wrong one. And bringing you into my misery has been the worst part.

Mariah: No, you don't do that. You bring so much love into my life. And you're the first person to ever do that for me. So I can't watch him take you away. Please.

Let's go.

Mariah: No. I -- come on.

Tessa: Mariah. I'm ready.

Tessa porter, you're under arrest for extortion. Anything you say can and will...

Billy: Engaged? Kyle and summer?

Phyllis: Kyle and summer are, yes, together. But they have shared a bond that goes back years.

Billy: But they're not even dating.

Phyllis: You know, they've made a decision that all of us have to respect. Unless you don't think that summer deserves any kind of happiness.

Billy: Oh, no. I wish her all the best. But you can't say this isn't coming out of nowhere.

Phyllis: Well, I really don't have to tell you anything, because I don't think it's any of your business.

Billy: No, you know what is my business? My kids. Who are at home, missing their mother, while she waits for a jury's verdict, along with their grandmother and sharon. But that doesn't register for you, because once you secured your freedom, theirs wasn't a priority anymore.

Jack: Okay. Everyone's under a lot of stress. Nikki's --

Phyllis: And all this is my fault because I had the guts to -- wait for it -- tell the truth?

Billy: After you convinced the other three to bury the body and then lie to the cops.

Phyllis: Okay, no. That is suggesting that they're puppets, and they're not. These are women that run their own businesses, that run families. They've been big girls for a long time. What we all did, we did together.

Billy: Yeah, but they're paying for it, phyllis, and you're not.

Phyllis: I protected them on the stand. You were there.

Billy: Yeah, you really went to bat for them, didn't you? But don't worry about that now, because you got a big wedding to plan, don't you? That's just fresh meat for the press. Not only is jabot's C.E.O. A traitor to her friends, she's also mother of the bride.

Phyllis: Okay. I'm really glad that you brought up jabot, okay, because I think you need to be reminded that we're on the same team.

Billy: Oh, trust me, I am fully aware.

Phyllis: Cleaning up the messes that your family made. But if you want to go ahead and blame me for everything, that's good. I'm used to it. Because personal responsibility has never really been your thing.

Billy: Wow.

Phyllis: But we all want jabot to succeed. I think we need to focus on that. And, yes. I am gonna go ahead and plan a wedding, because I want my kid to be happy. She deserves that. Kyle deserves that. That's what they want. So if you'll excuse me, I would like not to see your face.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Phyllis! Hey. Hold up. Hold -- hold up. He's upset about victoria.

Phyllis: Yeah, I picked up on that.

Jack: Look, I'm upset, too. This is hardest on nikki.

Phyllis: She's stronger than you think.

Jack: I know how strong she is. Everyone has their breaking point.

Phyllis: Yeah. But for some reason, everybody assumes that I don'T. I didn't want this. I didn't want to be at victoria's house that night, and I sure as hell didn't want to be blamed for everything that happened afterwards.

Jack: I know -- I know you tried to help in the courtroom.

Phyllis: Yeah, I did. And I failed. But I'll be damned if i let this J.T. Entire nightmare drag me down.

[ Sighs ] You smell good.

Jack: Thanks.

Phyllis: Is that kerry's gift to you, the jack of hearts?

Jack: It is.

Phyllis: It's good. It's good enough to bring to market.

Jack: I think she wants to keep it and me to herself.

Phyllis: Lucky man.

Jack: Very much so.

Billy: I don't know how you do that -- sit in the same room with her and be all chummy.

Jack: I can do whatever it takes to protect kerry and jabot. Here. Take a whiff.

Billy: Hmm?

Jack: Take a whiff.

Billy: [ Inhales ] That's nice. What is that?

Jack: That is the first product that jabot will launch once phyllis is out as C.E.O.

Arturo: Hey. We, uh, gave lola the news.

Rey: She didn't react, but I got to believe she can feel that something's changed.

Arturo: Yeah. Yeah, you should have been there. I mean, this is all because of you.

Kyle: Me? What?

Arturo: You're the one who got mariah to put out the call for donors.

Rey: Credit where credit is due. We owe you.

Summer: You owe kyle for what?

Kyle: What are you doing here?

Rey: They found a donor for lola. Surgery's in a few days.

Summer: Hey, that's amazing. You guys must be so relieved.

Arturo: You have no idea.

Summer: It's crazy to think of how much one person can do. You know, literally saving another life. It's such a sacrifice.

Rey: Yeah, we prayed. Then it happened.

Summer: Well, prayers are answered in many different news. In fact, I actually have some news.

Phyllis: Come in.

Kerry: Hey. I was just, uh, wondering --

Phyllis: No word back from the court yet.

Kerry: [ Sighs ] How are you doing?

Phyllis: You sure you're asking the right person that question? You know, because I don't figure into any of this. I don't rate. I am a heartless, soulless woman.

Kerry: Okay. No, no, no. You are not what some man thinks you are. 'Cause it was a man who tried to dump that on you, wasn't it?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Kerry: [ Sighs ] This whole situation is just...

Phyllis: It sucks. You can say it.

Kerry: It's only gonna get worse if the verdicts come back guilty. I know this isn't what you wanted.

Phyllis: You know, I was there. Nikki defended her. We defended her. That's it. That's all. This verdict comes back wrong, I -- [ Sighs ] I'm gonna do everything I can to overturn it.

Kerry: It's gonna keep jabot in the headlines.

Phyllis: Well, I know that these women don't like me very much right now, but I'm not about to walk away.

Kerry: No. You wouldn'T.

Phyllis: Which is why I have to work harder. Not give anyone the excuse to question my value to the company.

Kerry: Well, I will do whatever I can to help.

Phyllis: Good. Because there is something that I wanted to talk to you about.

Kerry: Yeah. What's on your mind?

Phyllis: You and jack.

Billy: J.T. Was out of control. Nikki did what she had to do. And after that...

Jack: Decisions were made.

Billy: [ Sighs ] They need to be acquitted, jack. Because otherwise...

Jack: I know. I know.

Billy: Every night, I put the kids to sleep, and I tell them the same thing -- that their mother loves them, and that she really wants to be home right now, but she's still on her business trip.

Jack: Can't be easy.

Billy: [ Sighs ] No. It's not. But, hey, I have to remain strong.

Jack: You are strong, billy.

Billy: Well, I'm gonna have to be stronger.

Jack: You can get through this. You can.

Billy: Yeah? What happens when johnny comes home and he asks me why somebody told him that his mother's in jail?

Jack: Well, I'd like to think the teachers are in on this.

Billy: They are. They're watching out for both kids. Reed won't get back to me, but I've been in contact with his school. I mean, that kid... he lost his dad. And his mother and his grandmother are both in a prison cell.

Jack: [ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: [ Sighs ] All right. You know what? I'll take care of vicki and the kids, and you -- you worry about nikki.

Jack: And sharon. Though nikki is the one that keeps me awake at night. She has M.S., Her greatest weakness is her kids, and now she's dealing with both.

Billy: Yeah.

Jack: You know what? Maybe the fact that the jury hasn't come back with a verdict is a good sign. Maybe they are actually seeing there are extenuating circumstances. They're probably picking apart christine's case as we speak.

Billy: Yeah, maybe. You know what? Enough. Enough about that for a second. What is going on with your son? What is this engagement?

Jack: You know as much as I do. Somehow, out of nowhere, kyle and summer are getting married. God, even when I say it out loud...

Billy: It doesn't make sense.

Jack: Not one bit.

Kyle: Actually, it's not just summer's news. It's ours. I wanted to wait until the right time, but you should know. Summer and I are getting married.

Arturo: What?

Rey: You two?

Arturo: Are you serious?

Rey: You've been waiting outside of lola's room. And before that, you were practically begging us to let you step foot in this hospital.

Arturo: Man, all -- all you've done is say how much you love lola.

Kyle: I do care about her. A lot. But what I've realized after our last big argument, that I don't deserve her.

Arturo: What, are you kidding me with this?

Kyle: Look, everything you said to me is true. I hurt lola.

Arturo: So, what? So, what, you just -- you just walk away now?

Kyle: We -- we broke up so many times. For real reasons. Not just stupid fights.

Arturo: [ Scoffs ] So, let -- so, let me get this straight -- lola wakes up and, what? I get to -- I get to tell her kyle's not here 'cause he's busy planning a wedding.

Kyle: You tell her -- she was right about me. And she's better off.

Arturo: [ Scoffs ] I always knew you'd do something like this.

Summer: Okay, no. Hey, no, you don't know kyle.

Arturo: That's where you're wrong, summer. I do.

Summer: You didn't even try to get to understand him. He only cares about her.

Arturo: Yeah, yeah. And -- and what? He only wants the best for lola?

[ Scoffs ] I've heard that before.

Kyle: Look, you -- you never thought I should be with lola. And you were right. We broke up because she could see what I wouldn't admit. That I belong with someone else. She called it. Now she'll get her transplant, wake up, and forget she ever knew me.

Arturo: You two deserve each other. I never want this guy near lola ever again.

Summer: Come on. We should go.

Kyle: Hey. [ Sighs ] I really do want what's best for lola.

Arturo: [ Snorts ]

Kyle: That'll never change.

Summer: Okay. Come on. Come on.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

[ Tapping foot ] Hi.

You have five minutes.

Mariah: Hi. How are you? How are they treating you?

Tessa: Uh, good. It's fine. I've, um, been fingerprinted and photographed.

Mariah: Have they told you anything?

Tessa: Just that I'm gonna be arraigned tomorrow.

Mariah: I tracked down your public defender, and he estimated bail.

Tessa: Oh, god. I totally forgot about that.

Mariah: No, no, no. Don't worry.

Tessa: Oh, god.

Mariah: The money, it -- it's ready. It's taken care of.

Tessa: Ready how? Your money. No.

Mariah: Our money. Yes.

Tessa: No, mariah.

Mariah: You asked me to move in to your place because you didn't want me paying for anything, and I agreed. So please agree to this.

Tessa: I'm taking -- I'm -- I'm doing it again. I'm -- I'm taking from you.

Mariah: There's a jury waiting to decide if my mom can come home, and when I think about it, I -- I just need to know that you're coming home, too.

Tessa: [ Inhales ] I will. I am. Okay?

Mariah: Thank you. Good. Now we can figure out what's next.

Summer: Phew.

Kyle: Let me do the talking.

Summer: Why?

Kyle: People aren't going to get it.

[ Sighs ]

Summer: Kyle, it's your dad.

Kyle: Look at how rey and arturo reacted.

Summer: O-okay, so they might have wanted to throw you through a wall, but that doesn't mean anybody else would.

Kyle: Exactly. I can take it. You shouldn't have to. Look, you're doing something incredible, and no one knows anything about it.

Summer: You thought that i was gonna tell them at the hospital.

Kyle: I didn't know what you were gonna say. If it was about the donation or the engagement.

Summer: Well, being anonymous was my idea. I haven't changed my mind.

Kyle: Either way, I needed to be the one to tell arturo and rey that we're getting married. Just...put it out there that I'm over lola. That I know who i want to be with.

Summer: Boy, do they hate you now.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] They already did. But they'll have lola back soon, and they'll take care of her. And I'll take care of you. Dad, hi.

Jack: Just the man I wanted to see.

Kyle: Uh, can we talk for a minute?

Jack: I had a little visit from phyllis. To discuss wedding plans.

Summer: Of course you did. I'm sorry.

Kyle: Mm.

Jack: Imagine how confused i was -- still am. Want to tell me what happened?

Billy: Yeah, because you live in the pool house. And unless you were sneaking in and out, I've really never seen you here.

Kyle: It all came together really fast.

Jack: You've been spending all your time at the hospital. Work, lola. Lola, work. Now...this?

Kyle: This [Sighs] Is my fiancéE. You know summer and I have always connected. Things happened. Huge things that make you question what you want out of life. And I know I want to marry summer. This is what love looks like. For us, at least. We don't need you to understand, but I need you to respect it.

Jack: This is what you want?

Kyle: More than anything.

Jack: Then I'm happy for you. And you... you've always felt like family.

Summer: Aww. Oh! Well, you know, we're just making it official now. Kyle and I will be happy together. I promise you.

Billy: Well, congratulations to the glowing couple.

Summer: Well, this is exciting. We haven't really had a chance to celebrate our news yet.

Jack: Well, that's almost criminal. Champagne for everyone.

Kyle: The good stuff. My bride-to-be deserves the best.

Summer: I think I love you now more than ever.

Rey: It's gonna happen.

Arturo: Everything's finally moving in the right direction, man. Is mia coming by?

Rey: [ Snorts softly ] Mia.

Arturo: What does that mean?

Rey: [ Sighs ] Uh, I had to testify in the hellstrom case.

Arturo: What does that have to do with your wife?

Rey: Let me finish. I had to take the stand.

Arturo: I'm -- I'm still not making the connection.

Rey: The night I arrested sharon, I... told her I had feelings for her. That I love her.

Arturo: That you love her? You -- you said this in a courtroom?

Rey: With mia in the gallery.

Arturo: [ Exclaims ] Do you have a death wish?

Rey: [ Sighs ] I didn't want it to come out. Not like that.

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Rey: But now that it has, mia and I are done.

Arturo: Because she said so?

Rey: Because I did.

Arturo: My god. Is this... is any of this because of what she said in bed? 'Cause you know, rey, that's stupid. You didn't blow up your marriage because of that, right?

Rey: We blew it up a long time ago. And there was nothing left when mia came to town. I couldn't admit it then. And I cannot go back to pretending now.

Kyle: Uh, I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier.

Summer: Oh, no. It's -- it's okay. You were at the hospital. I get it.

Kyle: I wanted to make sure nate had given rey and arturo the news. About the donor.

Summer: I'm sorry they were so tough on you.

Kyle: Eh, we've already talked about it. It's not a big --

Summer: No, I know. But we're gonna run up against a lot of that. Look, the shock, the looks. And I cannot wait for abby's epic side eye.

Kyle: Well, you don't deserve any of it. What you're doing for lola is --

Summer: No, it's not just me. It's us. We made this decision together. This wedding, I mean, this whole marriage is about what we can be as a team.

Kyle: We'll make big things happen. I know it.

Summer: I'm just happy that there's two of us, because one of us is scared out of her mind. I just -- I spent way too much time in the hospital as a kid, so even the thought of being there...

Kyle: Are you thinking about backing out?

Summer: What? No, no. I ju-- I'm just saying that I-I can't really do this alone. Since I'm the anonymous donor, the only one that I can really count on is you.

Kyle: You've got me. Whatever it takes.

Summer: Well, that's a relief, 'cause I... want to get married immediately.

Kyle: How immediately are you talking?

Summer: Before the surgery. I want to wake up knowing that my husband is beside me.

Billy: How the hell?

Jack: My son is getting married. Completely out of nowhere.

Billy: I would say it's a con job, but I-I'm actually not sure what the point would be.

Jack: I'm telling you, I saw the look in his eyes when he was talking about love. He meant what he said.

Billy: Ah, yes, but he spoke that way about somebody else just less than a week ago.

Jack: That, I can't explain.

Billy: Do you think we can still count on kyle?

Jack: What do you mean?

Billy: It's one thing that he helps us out to try and get rid of our current C.E.O. At jabot. But now, all of a sudden, that's gonna be his mother-in-law.

Jack: No, no. Wait. Kyle will do whatever it takes to keep jabot above water and in the family. I trust him completely.

Billy: Okay. Then what about kerry? Is she still a question mark?

Jack: Not anymore, she's not.

Phyllis: The demographic breakdown is clear. The under-exploited market -- men. Always.

Kerry: You said this had something to do with me and jack. I admit, I'm not familiar with his skin-care regimen.

Phyllis: I sniffed your man earlier. In passing, while he was showing me the door. The fragrance that you made jack is special.

Kerry: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: It can sell. Jabot needs a seller.

Kerry: That was a gift I made him on my own time.

Phyllis: Well, you know --

Kerry: It's a personal formula. It's not a jabot product.

Phyllis: Okay. Technically, you don't really own your own time, right? I mean, you know how contracts work. You know, being a jabot employee, when you make a product, it's jabot property.

Kerry: Mm, if I went to market on my own, I might agree, but I'm not, so it's really a moot point.

Phyllis: And I'm not pushing you. I'm not. I wouldn't do that. You're a friend. The phyllis-kerry era. We're a team. You know, and I know that you'd do anything to help the company out.

Kerry: Which is why I would be perfectly happy to create a new fragrance.

Phyllis: I know, but it exists now. You know, we've got it now. And since you made it in the jabot lab, I'm assuming you used jabot products with jabot equipment.

Kerry: Again, not for sale on the open market. Which I suppose would be an important point to, say, a judge or a mediator or whoever it is that deals with issues of ownership.

Phyllis: Well, I couldn't imagine why this would become a legal issue.

Kerry: Then what are you saying?

Phyllis: That I am a fan of compromise and negotiation. If you're willing.

Kerry: Of course I am. For a friend. And the right price.

[ Knock on door ]

Mariah: I have to go. I hate that you're stuck here tonight, but I'm gonna be back tomorrow, we're gonna pay your bail, and then we'll leave together.

Tessa: I'll be fine. Will you?

Mariah: I'm gonna try to go see sharon. I doubt they'll let me see her, but...

Tessa: [ Sighs ] This is so backwards. You worrying about me when I should be looking after you.

Mariah: I can handle it.

Tessa: Walking out tomorrow doesn't mean that I-I won't be back in a cell eventually. I mean, why would christine cut me any slack considering what I've admitted? I mean, who wouldn't want to see me serve time?

Mariah: Me. I don't want that, and I don't want you to spiral. We're just gonna take this day by day, moment by moment, just like with sharon.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Tessa: Is it brittany? Is the jury back?

Mariah: No. They're still deliberating.

[ Sighs ] They don't know how much longer. You know, I feel like I should take the tag off of a mattress, get arrested somehow so I can be with the people that I love.

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

[ Sobs quietly ]

Jack: Kerry is on board. She's not a blind follower, though.

Billy: She wouldn't hold your interest otherwise.

Jack: She wants something in writing. A clear offer for what she can expect in giving us her help.

Billy: Can't we just make it a gesture?

Jack: If she helps us get dad's company back, I think she is due a certain reward.

Billy: Okay, fine. Give her whatever she wants. Except for a seat on the board. That's what got us in trouble last time. Never again.

Jack: Agreed. Agreed. And she's not being unreasonable. I'm not worried about it at all. In fact, the way things are shaping up, I'd say it's a straight shot to success.

Phyllis: When I said name your price...

Kerry: There it is. You said my product can be a game changer, and I trust your instincts. I would be a fool to ask for less. Initial purchase plus a cut of the back end and worldwide rights.-Phyllis: Lucky we're friends, or I'd think you're soaking me.

Kerry: There's no downside here. If it sells strong, we both win.

Phyllis: Just the way I like it.

Kerry: All right. Well, I better go start scaling up that formula for mass production. Jack of hearts to the rescue.

Phyllis: You go get 'em.

Kerry: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: All right.

Rey: It all came out. What happened valentine's night, what I said to sharon.

Arturo: You couldn't just, like, I don't know, find an explanation?

Rey: Yeah, there is an explanation -- I fell in love with someone who isn't my wife. I didn't want this, arturito, to -- to be like dad and leave a giant mess behind. And I will not. If she needs anything, mia is family.

Arturo: She loves you, rey.

Rey: Yeah, well, she used to love you. And I am not blaming you for this. I don't -- I don't even blame her. Not anymore. We -- we tried. It fell apart.

Arturo: You know mia's not gonna be okay with this. And what you said about sharon on the stand, her confession --

Rey: Yeah, she -- she thinks I betrayed her. That's what she sees.

Arturo: She might go to prison.

Rey: Yeah, well, I can't do anything about that right now, okay? But I can be here for lola. I can take care of my sister, help her... help her to understand that...

Arturo: Kyle's moved on?

[ Huffs ]

Rey: Did you notice all that back there?

Arturo: Yeah. Yeah, that kyle chose his ex over our sister? I noticed, rey.

Rey: Out -- out of nowhere. Just when a donor shows up. And then summer swoops in, all smiles and sympathy, making a big deal what a savior this donor is.

Arturo: Yeah, well, she has what she wants. Her smug, pretty boy. She can afford to be decent now.

Rey: So I'm the only one?

Arturo: Only one that what?

Rey: I got to admit, I... I was convinced that summer's the donor. That she's saving the woman that kyle claimed to love.

Kyle: This is what you want? A wedding. Now.

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: That means no big parties, no making the rounds, letting people ooh and ahh over your ring.

[ Sighs ] Hell, there is no ring yet.

Summer: Okay, look, I know that it's me, and I know that I'm kind of brassy and tough sometimes, but... I don't know. When I think about the surgery, I just get... kind of scared, is all.

Kyle: Hey. I'm gonna help you through this.

Summer: Yeah, but I want you to do it as my husband.

Kyle: Then I will. Whatever you want. Whatever it takes. You're doing something huge and special. If I can do something for you, then consider it done.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Summer: I'm getting married.

Victor: You're getting married to whom?

Summer: Kyle.

Victor: What?!

Devon: Do you have any idea how much money you've gone through lately? Is it a guy? Is it drugs? Are you gambling? Do you have a habit? What's going on?

Judge mcgarrett: Has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

Judge mcgarrett: Will the defendants please rise?

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