Y&R Transcript Friday 3/8/19

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/8/19


Episode #11568 ~ Nick and Billy join forces; Victoria takes the stand.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Brittany: Is there anything you said in particular to sharon that would have tended to make her feel even more at ease sharing her deepest secrets with you?

Rey: Yes. I told sharon that I loved her.

Mia: My husband is in love with another woman.

Michael: Rey's testimony was very damaging. I believe the jury needs to hear the whole truth. Why you did what you did. I'm putting domestic& violence on trial.

Michael: Victoria, I know how difficult this is for you, so take your time. Could you tell the court about your relationship with J.T. Hellstrom, specifically during the past year?

Victoria: Our son, reed, was living in D.C. With his father. J.T. Had remarried, and had two children with his new wife.

Michael: Uh, her name?

Victoria: Mackenzie hellstrom.

Michael: J.T. Had this new family. So. Go on.

Victoria: He decided that he wanted to move them to poland, but reed didn't want to go. Instead, he came here to genoa city and asked if he could stay with me.

Michael: Mm. J.T. Agreed to this?

Victoria: Yes, he did. And then, months later, he showed up, saying that he and his wife had separated.

Michael: Did he explain why?

Victoria: No. But when mackenzie filed for divorce, I found out that she was suing for full custody of their children.

Michael: What did you think of that?

Victoria: I thought it was strange. He said that mackenzie was just being vindictive.

Michael: You believed him?

Victoria: Yes, I did. I had no reason not to believe him. We had grown close.

Michael: Mm. So, what happened next?

Victoria: I asked J.T. To move in.

Michael: So you were happy together?

Victoria: Yes, at first.

Michael: Then?

Victoria: Then he became abusive. Both emotionally and physically.

Michael: Did you tell anyone? Your -- your family? Your friends?

Victoria: No. I was too ashamed. And he said that it would stop, but it didn'T.

Michael: So... even though you were unable to admit the truth to your loved ones, you were able to confide in someone.

Victoria: Yes. My therapist.

Michael: Your honor, I would like to submit defense exhibit three into evidence. Notes taken by miss newman's therapist of their sessions. These conversations support my client's claim that she sought counseling because she was in an abusive relationship with J.T. Hellstrom. I'd also like to introduce defense exhibit four -- video footage showing J.T. Hellstrom's violent behavior. Footage that was in the possession of the gcpd, but which the district attorney chose not to introduce into evidence.

Judge mcgarrett: Play the video.

Michael: Thank you, your honor. To confirm... J.T. Hellstrom is the man on the video with you?

Victoria: It was J.T.

Michael: The man the D.A. Would have us believe is a victim, but which is more than obvious from the video, it's the other way around.

Christine: Objection!

Judge mcgarrett: Sustained.

Mia: Admit it, rey. You know it's true.

Rey: If you'd calm down, I'll explain.

Mia: No, I heard it all in court. Along with everyone else. You're in love with sharon.

Rey: There is nothing going on between me and sharon.

Mia: Oh, you think I'm an idiot?

Rey: I am telling you the truth. You're the woman I want.

Mia: Because you can't be with sharon. Not after you arrested her for taking part in a murder. Look me in the eye, rey, and tell me it's not true.

Michael: Victoria.

[ Sighs ] Can you tell us what led up to the encounter we just saw?

Victoria: My ex-husband, billy, implied that J.T. Got his job at newman because of me, and that I was his boss.

Michael: Is that how you felt?

Victoria: No. And when I tried to explain that to J.T., He accused me of being too controlled by my family, especially my father. He said that I was weak, and that I lacked self-awareness... and that I was a bad mother.

Michael: What happened next?

Victoria: I tried to walk away. But he wouldn't let me. Things escalated quickly after that, and I...

Michael: We saw what happened. When you say things escalated quickly, what do you mean by that?

Victoria: J.T. Was a lot stronger than me. But I fought back, and I hit him.

Michael: Is this what the D.A. Was referring to when she questioned phyllis summers about your hitting J.T.?

Victoria: Yes.

Michael: Did you hit him on any other occasion?

Victoria: That was the only time.

Michael: Well, let's go back to the footage. Was this the first time J.T. Abused you?

Victoria: It was the first time he'd gotten physical, but he had been emotionally abusive for months.

Michael: How?

Victoria: He would just make subtle comments about my hair, my clothes, the way that i conducted myself at work.

Michael: Well, some people might see that as constructive criticism.

Victoria: No. Um... it was the way that he did it. Acting like he was looking out for me and making me more aware of my flaws. Helping me to be a better person.

Michael: You didn't think that was the case?

Victoria: J.T. Made me feel like he was the only one who loved me enough to tell me the truth. But all he did was make me doubt myself.

Michael: You allowed him to do that.

Victoria: Whenever I got up the courage to challenge him, he would apologize for overstepping. And I would just give him the one more chance that he kept asking for.

Michael: Until?

Victoria: Until I said that I had had enough, and I ended things.

Michael: How did he react?

Victoria: He refused to accept that it was over, and that's why he broke into my house that night.

Michael: April 13, 2018. The night your mother defended you against him.

Victoria: Yes.

Michael: When the police questioned you about what happened that night, what did you tell them?

Victoria: I told them that J.T. Showed up at the house, we talked. I gave him some cash, and then he left.

Michael: When your mother admitted that she was the one who struck J.T., You said you had no reason to believe that was true. Do you stand by that statement?

Victoria: I wasn't honest with the police. Or with you.

Michael: Why not?

Victoria: Because I was afraid that nobody would believe what happened that night. But now that I've explained what J.T. Did to me and how frightened I was and how frightened we all were, I'm just praying. I'm praying that they do believe me. And that they do understand.

Michael: And that was the reason you decided to testify.

Victoria: I felt that it was time for everyone to hear the truth.

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Mia: You can't do it. You can't say you're not in love with sharon.

Rey: I am here, mia. I am committed to you and our child.

Mia: That's not enough.

Rey: Nothing's ever enough for you.

Mia: Why? Because I want to improve my life?

Rey: Because you're never satisfied.

Mia: I am working my ass off to make something of myself, to have a better life than my parents. But, oh, I'm the devil, and your beloved sharon can do no wrong.

Rey: That's not true.

Mia: Even though she's the one on trial for murder! Do you have any idea how it felt to sit in that courtroom and hear you admit you love her?

Rey: I told you I was sorry.

Mia: I felt like a complete idiot. I came to genoa city to be with my husband. My loyal and faithful husband. But I knew the moment I saw you with sharon you had feelings for her.

Rey: Mia...

Mia: And I was right. How do you expect me to forget that and move forward in our marriage?

Rey: Maybe the same way you expect me to forget that you slept with my brother.

Mia: Ugh! That's the past!

Rey: Are you kidding me?! Your jealousy over his relationship with abby almost cost my sister her life.

Mia: That was abby. I was pissed off at abby. That had nothing to do with arturo!

Rey: Oh, is that why you called out his name while we were making love?

Mia: I explained over and over --

Rey: Don't even try to justify it! You -- you know, you act like some betrayed, innocent wife. But that's a joke! I'm not the one who cheated in this marriage. That was you, mia.

Michael: Let's move on to the evening J.T. Broke into your home.

Victoria: Sharon organized a girls' night. I had just broken up with J.T., And she wanted to cheer me up.

Michael: That's when you told the others about his abuse.

Victoria: Yes. It was very difficult. So I went upstairs to pull myself together. I was in the bathroom, and then J.T. Suddenly appeared behind me.

Michael: Why was he there?

Victoria: He wanted us to get back together. He said that he was willing to fight for our relationship.

Michael: What did you say to him?

Victoria: I told him that there was nothing left to fight for, and I asked him to leave.

Michael: Did he?

Victoria: No. He claimed that he could be a better person, and that he could be the man that I deserved, a good husband and a good father.

Michael: How did you react?

Victoria: I stayed strong this time, and I told him it was over.

Michael: What was his response?

Victoria: He called me a bitch. A stone-cold bitch. He blamed my father for what i was saying. He said that he was a vindictive egomaniac who had poisoned my mind against him. He said that we would all be a lot better off if dad had died that night. That's when I knew that J.T. Was the one who tried to kill my father.

Michael: He admitted that?

Victoria: No. He claimed that what happened at the ranch was an accident.

Michael: Did you believe him?

Victoria: No.

Michael: Why not?

Victoria: Because whoever left my father for dead attempted to finish the job at the hospital.

Michael: What did you do next?

Victoria: I tried to call the police. And J.T. Completely lost it.

Michael: Can you describe what happened?

Victoria: He ripped the phone out of my hand. I ran for the door, but he slammed it. And then he backhanded me, hard, across the face. I fell to the floor, and i crawled and tried to get away from him. The next thing I knew, I was pinned against the dresser, and he was screaming and slamming his hand.

[ Voice breaking ] I thought he was gonna kill me.

[ Sighs, sniffles ] Then, all of a sudden, he collapsed, and I saw mom standing there, holding the fireplace poker.

Michael: Did your mother know J.T. Was in the house?

Victoria: No. No one did.

Michael: So when she walked into your bedroom, she had no idea what to expect?

Victoria: She just wanted to stop him from killing me.

Michael: So your mother was acting spontaneously, purely to save your life?

Victoria: My mom didn't want J.T. To die. She just wanted me to live.

Rey: When you said arturo's name, it was like a knife went through my heart, right? I tore out of here. I didn't know where I was going, but I had to get the hell away from you.

Mia: And run straight to sharon.

Rey: That's where I ended up. And when I got there, all that pain and anger came pouring out, and I said what I said.

Mia: That's not nothing, rey. Telling someone you love them.

Rey: There are all kinds of love.

Mia: What kind of love do you feel for sharon?

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Mia: Did you sleep with her?

Rey: Never.

Mia: You obviously have deep feelings for her, and I don't know if I can forgive that.

Rey: You don't know if you can forgive me? Are you -- [ Laughs ] I can't do this anymore.

Mia: Do what?

Rey: I can't keep trying to -- to live this lie. I'm done. You're right, mia. I'm in love with sharon.

Michael: So, if your mother was acting to save your life, why did you cover things up instead of calling for help?

Victoria: Sharon wanted to call 911. So did mom. And so did I.

Michael: But you didn'T.

Victoria: Phyllis convinced us not to.

Michael: Phyllis summers.

Victoria: She insisted that nobody would believe that it was in self-defense. I think she was just worried about her own self, honestly.

Christine: Objection.

Judge mcgarrett: Please just answer the question, miss newman.

Victoria: I'm sorry, your honor.

Michael: So, phyllis convinced you to cover things up and to keep them a secret?

Victoria: Yes.

Michael: How was she able to do that?

Victoria: We were all in shock. We were scared out of our minds, and phyllis played into those fears. And the more she did, the more confused I got, to the point where I didn't trust my own judgment anymore. So I trusted hers.

Michael: Just to be clear -- phyllis summers, the prosecution's star witness, who agreed to testify in exchange for complete immunity, came up with the idea to cover up what happened that night?

Victoria: Yes.

Michael: [ Clicks tongue ] Ironic.

Christine: Objection.

Michael: No further questions.

Christine: Domestic violence is a very real problem in this country. It can happen anywhere, to anyone.

Victoria: I am proof of that.

Christine: I'm very sorry about what you had to go through. I know it must have been difficult for you.

Victoria: Yeah, it was.

Christine: We witnessed a frightening and disturbing encounter between you and J.T. Did you sustain injuries that required medical attention?

Victoria: No.

Christine: Did you go to a doctor, to a hospital?

Victoria: No.

Christine: What happened after the footage we saw?

Victoria: I went upstairs.

Christine: Did J.T. Try and stop you?

Victoria: No.

Christine: So how did you resolve the situation? Did you kick J.T. Out of the house? Did you call the police? Did you file a complaint?

Victoria: I didn't do any of those things.

Christine: I'm sure you're aware, if you brought charges against him, you could have gotten a restraining order.

Victoria: I... yes, I was aware.

Christine: But you didn'T.

Victoria: It only happened that one time, and I... no, I-I didn'T.

Christine: Isn't it true that not only did you stay with J.T., You got engaged to him?

Victoria: That's something that I regret to this day.

Christine: But you did agree to marry him.

Victoria: Yes.

Christine: Why?

Victoria: Because I-i believed that things would get better. And J.T. Swore that he would do whatever it took to prove that he loved me.

Christine: What did he say after the incident we just witnessed?

Victoria: He said it would never happen again.

Christine: And did it?

Victoria: Not until that night.

Christine: Oh, that night. That night that J.T. Allegedly got so out of control that your mother had no other choice but to kill him.

Christine: You stayed with J.T. After the scene we watched, and said he didn't hurt you again until the night your mother killed him. So what eventually caused you to break up with him?

Victoria: J.T. Wasn't physically abusive. But he continued to be emotionally abusive.

Christine: How so?

Victoria: We went on a family trip to hawaii, and he just became more controlling. He took my phone. He locked it away. I had no access to my voicemails or my texts. He tried to cut me off from everyone. And then he tried to convince me to take the kids and move away from genoa city with him. I found out that he leaked a memo to the press about a demotion I got at work. He was trying to publicly humiliate me so that I wouldn't want to return home. And that is when I realized that I had to cut things off with him.

Christine: Did you and J.T. Argue about the work he did for the police?

Victoria: Yes, we did.

Christine: Because eventually you found out he was working undercover for the gcpd and the doj, correct, investigating your father's company, newman enterprises?

Victoria: Yes.

Christine: Is that the real reason you broke up with him?

Victoria: No.

Christine: Please remember you're under oath.

Victoria: It was part of the reason.

Christine: The night that you told your mom that J.T. Was abusing you, was that also the night you told her that J.T. Was spying on your father?

Victoria: I did, but --

Christine: Phyllis summers demonstrated for us how your mother hit J.T. In the back of the head.

Victoria: She was trying to save me.

Christine: Is it true that all four of you agreed to stay silent about the murder, and then you rolled up J.T. In a rug, you drove him in a car, you got to chancellor park, and you buried him?

Victoria: Sharon, phyllis, my mother, and I, yes. And I have never regretted anything more in my life. The guilt is completely overwhelming.

Christine: Well, not so overwhelming that you came clean to the authorities.

Victoria: I explained why.

Christine: No further questions.

Judge mcgarrett: Miss hodges, do you have any questions for this witness?

Brittany: No, your honor.

Michael: Redirect, your honor.

Judge mcgarrett: Proceed.

Michael: Victoria, can you tell the court what you were feeling the moment before your mother struck J.T.?

Victoria: Fear. I was scared that I would never see my children again. That they would have to grow up without a mother, and that reed would have to live with what his father had done. I was completely terrified.

Michael: As terrified as you were in that video?

Victoria: Yes.

Michael: Why didn't you come forward? Why didn't you go to the police?

Victoria: You can't understand what it's like to be a victim of abuse unless you've experienced it for yourself. I told myself that there was no point in telling anyone. I mean, look at what's happened here. There is video footage of what J.T. Did to me, and yet the district attorney is still questioning whether or not J.T. Was a threat. He was.

Michael: I have one last question for you. What do you think would have happened if your mother hadn't acted as quickly as she did that night?

Christine: Objection.

Judge mcgarrett: Sustained.

Victoria: I would be dead.

Christine: Your honor.

Judge mcgarrett: Strike miss newman's last statement from the record. And the jury will disregard, as well.

Victoria: But it's true.

Judge mcgarrett: Miss newman, I'm not gonna warn you again. You may continue.

Michael: The defense rests.

Seresto, seresto, seresto.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Brittany: Sharon?

Sharon: That must have been awful for victoria, having to relive everything J.T. Did to her.

Brittany: So many women never get the chance to tell their stories, or can't bring themselves to.

Sharon: That's changing.

Brittany: The media makes you think it's happening faster than it is. But we have to remember that it isn't gonna stop just because some brave women have come forward. There's still a lot of people who don't believe the truth. As victoria said, even when they see it. After hearing her, how could anyone doubt her?

Brittany: It's impossible to know what's going on in the mind of the jurors. But the good news is, regardless of what they're thinking, I doubt victoria did any harm to your case.

Sharon: Is that why you didn't question her?

Brittany: I was able to use rey's testimony to build a strong defense for you. No point in risking victoria contradicting that.

Sharon: Probably a wise decision.

Nikki: Does she really think that "poor me" look is gonna work on us?

Victoria: I don't know. She's the reason why we're here.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Typical sharon. She couldn't keep her mouth shut.

Victoria: I just hope that my testimony was able to undo some of the damage that rey did. What do you think, michael?

Michael: Well, the jury was clearly affected by your testimony. But christine's good at her job.

Nick: Christine did what she could to get to vick, but she didn't falter. You would have been proud of her. She's definitely your daughter. Yeah, I'll keep you posted. All right. Bye.

Billy: That testimony was...

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah.

Billy: I told vick before that if that bastard wasn't dead, I'd kill him myself.

Nick: You'd have to get in line.

Billy: I saw her the night that she called off the engagement. I asked her why. She wouldn't tell me, and I -- I, uh -- I could have pushed her a little bit more to make sure she was okay. Instead, I convinced phyllis to go spend the night with the girls, and... if phyllis wasn't there, they would have called 911, and none of this would be happening.

Nick: Look, all the what-ifs aren't gonna change a damn thing. But that's not going to get me to accept that there isn't anything I can do.

Billy: So you got a plan?

Nick: We've talked about this. The person hiding at the ranch was able to avoid all the cameras, all the guards, clearly has some detective-like skills.

Billy: Knew their way around the property. Come on, nick. J.T.?

Nick: You name a person with a better motive.

Billy: You really think that he could still be alive?

Nick: It would explain why they never found a body.

Billy: It's out there, man.

Nick: Yeah, maybe. But if I can prove I'm right, it may be the thing that saves mom, vick, and sharon.

Mia: I knew it was true. But hearing you say it... hurts.

Rey: Seems that's all we ever do. Hurt each other.

Mia: Is that what this is?

Rey: [ Scoffs ]

Mia: Payback for sleeping with you brother?

Rey: You know me better than that.

Mia: I don't blame you. I'm the one who blew up our marriage. I just always thought...

[ Sighs ]

Rey: What, that I'd always be here?

Mia: That you were better than me. Decent. Reliable. Honest.

Rey: Hmph.

Mia: I think that's what hurts most. You promised me that you wanted to fight for our marriage.

[ Voice breaking ] And it was all a lie.

Rey: Mia, I tried to make things work. I -- I wanted to honor our vows. Our -- our marriage.

Mia: But you couldn't because of sharon.

Rey: That's not what this is about.

Mia: It's not. I screwed up. But we can fix this.

Rey: No. It's too late.

Mia: No, don't say that.

Rey: I swore I would never break up my family. But look at us, mia. Look at what we're doing to each other.

Mia: No, we're going through a rough patch.

Rey: No, no, no. It's time to be honest. We're no good together.

Mia: Don't say that. It's not true. Okay? I'll do whatever you want. I-I'll go to counseling. I'll devote myself to being a better wife.

Rey: I'm sorry.

Mia: Rey, no. Our life together can't end, okay? Our life is just starting. We're about to have a baby. How can you do that to our child?

Rey: [ Sighs ] The noble tortilla was created

Mia: Please, rey. Give me...give us... one more chance.

Rey: I can'T.

Mia: [ Sobs ] You want me to beg?

Rey: No.

Mia: I-I will. I'll --

Rey: No, mia. No. Stop, stop. No more pretending, okay? No more lies.

Mia: You said you would take care of me and the baby.

Rey: I'm not gonna abandon either one of you. But you and I, we can't -- we can't be together anymore.

Mia: Because you're in love with sharon.

Rey: I told you, it's more than that.

Mia: You're all about honesty. Let's hear it.

Rey: Fine. Cards on the table. You still have feelings for arturo. I can't get past that.

Mia: No point in denying it. You wouldn't believe me.

Rey: No. I wouldn'T. And that's not all.

Mia: Don't hold back now.

Rey: What you did to my sister... I can't forget that.

Mia: You know how sorry I am about that.

Rey: You let your jealous hatred for abby blind you, and now my sister is paying the price.

Mia: Where are you going?

Rey: To be with my sister. She's my priority now. I will keep your secret. Protect you like I promised. That's all I can give you.

Mia: [ Sobbing ]

Christine: On april 13, 2018, nikki newman hit J.T. Hellstrom in the back of his head with a fireplace poker and killed him. And she and victoria newman and sharon newman dragged his lifeless body to chancellor park and buried it. Those are the facts. The indisputable facts. And that's what a case should be about -- facts. But this case is also about something else -- choices. The choices the defendants made that night. Now, they say that J.T. Hellstrom was going to kill victoria, so nikki killed him. Murdered him in cold blood. No arrest. No investigation. No trial. Just punishment. And after nikki hit J.T., They were faced with more choices. Call 911. Get medical help. Tell the police the truth about what happened. But they rejected those choices and decided to cover up the crime. So they buried him in a park like roadkill. My god. He was part of the family. He was the father to victoria's son. They had so many opportunities to come forward and tell the truth, tell their story, but they didn'T. Why? They weren't eaten up with guilt and remorse like they claim. Nikki and victoria were happy J.T. Was dead. Victoria testified that she feared for her life that night, that her mother had no other opportunity than to strike him. But there's nothing to corroborate that. I mean, the truth is, nikki newman murdered J.T., And victoria and sharon helped cover it up. So, you know, don't think sharon is some innocent bystander in this. She helped dig J.T.'S grave, and she threw dirt on top of it just like the rest of them. She lied over and over to the police while she stood side by side with the lead detective. So if anyone had a chance to tell the truth, it was her. But she chose not to, just like the defendants chose to end J.T.'S life. So finding them not guilty would send a dangerous message to this community, and it would be a disservice to J.T. I'm asking you, consider the facts, consider the choices, and find them guilty. Because they are. Guilty of being judge, jury, and executioner.

My mom's pain from moderate

Brittany: The district attorney is wrong. Sharon newman must be viewed separately from the other defendants. Unlike nikki and victoria, she had no reason to want J.T. Hellstrom dead. She found herself in a horrific situation. He first reaction was to call 911. But the others, including the state's star witness, pressured her to keep quiet. And so she did. Out of fear that the grandmother of her children would be put in prison. J.T. Was dead. Sharon couldn't change that. And so she went along with the others' plan to cover it up. Then... enter rey rosales, the lead detective on this case. A man so desperate to advance his career that he arrested victor newman for this crime. And when that proved to be a mistake, he pretended he was in love with sharon to get information out of her. He took advantage of her goodness, just as nikki and victoria did. The only reason sharon newman is here today is because she was used by the other defendants, and by a police officer who claimed to be her friend. Those are the facts which must lead you to find sharon newman not guilty.

Michael: Reasonable doubt. We've all heard those words. Here's what they actually mean. If you find both conflicting stories that you have had presented to you today credible, then the state has not proven its case, and you must find the defendants not guilty. Let's talk about the prosecution's [Scoffing] Version of events. The district attorney would have you believe that nikki and victoria newman concocted a story to justify nikki willfully and maliciously inflicting bodily harm on J.T. Hellstrom. She painted J.T. As a victim and not the angry, violent man you saw abuse victoria. A man that the police acknowledge tried to kill victor newman not once but twice. So how preposterous was it for ms. Williams to suggest that J.T. Was not capable of taking victoria's life? The man you saw in that video, that is the true face of J.T. Hellstrom. A violent, dangerous man who terrorized his fiancéE. Studies have shown that once someone goes so far as to try to choke their partner, there is a strong likelihood that their violent behavior will escalate and ultimately result in a fatality. J.T. Broke into victoria's home, determined to force her back into an abusive relationship with him. And when she stood up to him and threatened to tell the police he tried to attack her father, he attacked her. So when nikki newman saw that her daughter's life was in danger, she did what any reasonable person would do -- she reacted. Her only goal was to save her daughter's life. She never intentionally harmed anyone. If that's the case, if nikki newman did not commit the crime she's charged with, then victoria could not have been a party to it. Those are the facts. And therefore... [ Sighs ] ...You must find the defendants not guilty.

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