Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/7/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/7/19


Episode #11567 ~ Jack tests Kerry's loyalty; Rey is in the hot seat.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Kyle: I'll do whatever it takes to save lola's life.

Summer: Including marrying me.

Kyle: Summer, will you marry me?

Summer: Yes, I will marry you!

Billy: She is our perfect insider, okay? She is like our trojan horse.

Jack: No, we are not going to use her a prop. Kerry is very important to me.

Billy: As important as jabot?

Rey: This baby means more than anything to me.

Mia: And our marriage? Are we staying together because your head is telling you it's the moral thing to do?

Sharon: I'm just as involved as J.T.'S death as nikki and victoria.

Brittany: Detective rosales used your feelings for him to trick you into confessing! From where I'm sitting, that spells acquittal.

Rey: You know, mia, my testimony's gonna be pretty dry and technical. So if you have things to do, you don't have to stick around.

Mia: Don't be silly, of course I'm gonna stay. I want to be here to support my incredible husband. The baby and I both do. I know how hard you worked on this case, okay? Time to make sure that all pays off.

Rey: I'm actually being called by the defense, not the prosecution.

Mia: Really? How come?

Rey: Well, it's a common strategy. Defendants' lawyers try to find some error in the police work to argue that the evidence shouldn't be admissible.

Mia: To try and poke holes in the case.

Rey: Exactly. But I'm confident we did everything right.

Nikki: Why would brittany call rey as a witness?

Nick: Any idea what's up?

Michael: Well, they obviously know something we don'T.

Sharon: Are you sure about this, brittany?

Brittany: Positive.

Please be seated. Ms. Hodges, you all ready?

Brittany: I am, your honor. The defense calls detective rey rosales to the stand.

Summer: That proposal...

Kyle: Was it everything you hoped for?

Summer: It was perfect.

[ Giggles ] I'm so happy.

Kyle: I am, too. Lola's got a real shot now, thanks to you.

Summer: Well, a little piece of my liver to save lola's life, plus, I get to be mrs. Kyle abbott.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: Prove that we belong together forever.

Kyle: I'm just grateful this is all working out, that you're willing to do this for lola.

Summer: Yeah, uh, just remember that no one can find out that I'm lola's donor, okay? Only you and I can know that.

Kyle: Whatever you want.

Summer: Thank you. Um, okay, so I was thinking, for the wedding, that we could start --

Kyle: Hey, I'm sorry. I need to cut this short. I've got some things to take care of.

Summer: Okay, yeah. No, I understand.

Kyle: But I'll see you later, and we can discuss everything.

Summer: Sounds good.

Brittany: You were the lead detective in this case.

Rey: Yes, ma'am.

Brittany: I'd like the jury to understand the sequence of events leading up to my client, sharon newman, and the other two defendants being arrested and charged with murder. The da was prepared to put victor newman on trial for killing J.T., Was she not?

Rey: That is correct.

Brittany: And, in fact, you were in the process of escorting mr. Newman to the courthouse when his wife nikki abruptly confessed, isn't that right?

Rey: Yes.

Brittany: And then the very next day, the police arrested phyllis summers, victoria newman, and sharon newman in connect with the same crime. Do I have that timeline correct?

Rey: You do.

Brittany: So how did you and the genoa city pd come to believe that phyllis, sharon, and victoria were also involved?

Rey: Sharon confessed to me.

Jack: Thank you for joining me.

Kerry: You did say you'd make it worth my...while.

Jack: I picked up a few of your favorites.

Kerry: Jack! Oh! Oh, it's lovely. I'm feeling very spoiled all of a sudden.

Jack: Oh, there's nothing i like better than pampering you.

Kerry: Well, your timing's perfect because I'm starved.

Jack: Let me guess -- you skipped lunch, again.

Kerry: Mm, does a handful of sea salt caramels count?

Jack: You're beautiful, but you work too hard.

Kerry: Mm, and I walk in here to find the antidote -- an ordinary day transformed into a mysterious special occasion.

Jack: I like your smile. I love seeing your eyes light up. Nothing mysterious about that.

Kerry: No. Fess up, jack. There's more to this than you're saying.

Jack: I like that you're starting to know me better. I like that we're both getting to know each other better.

Kerry: I'll drink to that.

Jack: And I'm hoping that today is just the start of an exciting new chapter in our relationship.

Summer: Hi.

Phyllis: That was one hell of an intriguing text you sent me.

Summer: Yeah, well, um, i know that you're busy, and i figured I'd better make it interesting if I was gonna pry you away from that chair.

Phyllis: Well, you did. So what is this about? Why did you want to see me?

Summer: Uh, well, I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with you. I wanted you to be the first one to know.

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Phyllis: I know. You found someone. You have a boyfriend.

Summer: Um, there's not gonna be any more boyfriends.

Phyllis: You're becoming a nun?

Summer: [ Giggles ] No, um... I'm engaged!

Kyle: A miracle happened. We found a match. A healthy, living donor. You are gonna get the transplant you need.

Kyle: I wish it had been me, but all that matters is that everything is going to be okay. You can get well, leave this hospital... and live a long, full life. Make every one of your dreams come true.

Brittany: Sharon works at the police department as a victim liaison, isn't that right?

Rey: Yes.

Brittany: Did she confess to you while you were both on duty?

Rey: No.

Brittany: Did she confess at her coffee shop, crimson lights?

Rey: No.

Brittany: At another public place?

Rey: No.

Brittany: Then where did it happen?

Rey: At sharon's house.

Rey: Are you married, detective?

Christine: Objection, irrelevant.

Brittany: Oh, I assure you, it's very relevant. Tell the jury what you, a married man, were doing at sharon newman's house on the night of valentine's day.

Rey: I needed to speak with sharon.

Brittany: About work?

Rey: About an unrelated matter.

Brittany: You mean, it was personal?

Christine: Objection.

I'll allow it.

Rey: Sharon and I have become friends. I also rent an apartment from her.

Brittany: So she's your friend and your landlady, as well as a colleague.

Christine: Objection.

Sustained, move it along, ms. Hodges.

Brittany: About what time would you say you arrived at my client's house that night?

Rey: I'd say around 8:00, 8:15.

Brittany: Was she alone?

Rey: Yes.

Brittany: What was she doing?

Rey: She was working on her taxes.

Brittany: How did your talk with sharon lead to her alleged confession?

Rey: Well, she had papers spread all over. I happened to notice a phone bill out in the open, which had a call to 911 from sharon's cellphone the night of april 13th, the night J.T. Hellstrom disappeared.

Brittany: Did you ask her about that call?

Rey: I did.

Brittany: We'll get back to that in a minute. First, isn't it true that there was another reason you went to see sharon on valentine's night, and that's why she felt so comfortable confiding in you?

Rey: I'm not sure what you mean.

Brittany: Did you tell sharon newman that night that you were in love with her?

Christine: Objection, relevance.


Brittany: Please answer the question.

Rey: I explained why sharon's comfortable with me.

Brittany: But before you happened to peruse her phone bill, is there anything you said in particular to sharon that would have tended to make her feel even more at ease sharing her deepest secrets with you? Detective, you're under oath.

Rey: Yes. I told sharon that I loved her.

Kyle: The only thing that matters to me is that you're gonna be all right.

[ Sighs ] For the first time... I realized what it is to really love someone. To put their happiness ahead of my own. You gave me that, lola. I owe you so much.

Nate: Kyle. Everything okay?

Kyle: Um... way more than okay. We've found a donor. Summer newman. She's agreed to do it.

Nate: Well, listen, let her know I'm glad to talk to her again, answer all her questions. I'm sure she has many.

Kyle: I'm sure, too. Um, listen, nate... she's the only one you can talk to about this besides me. Summer wants her part in this to remain anonymous. She'll only agree to be the donor on that condition.

Nate: You got it.

Kyle: How soon can we do this?

Nate: Uh, well, summer will need some more prep. I mean, we can expedite things on our end, but it's still gonna take a while to set up.

Kyle: How long is a while?

Nate: Do you think summer's going to back out?

Kyle: No. Tell me what it is she needs to do. I'll make sure she does it.

Phyllis: Honey, I didn't even know that you were seeing anyone, and now you're engaged. Okay, to whom?

Summer: Okay, there's only one guy that I would marry, you know that.

Phyllis: Yes, kyle? I -- I didn't think the two of you were barely even speaking to one another. He's been serious about lola.

Summer: You've had a lot going on, so you are excused if you are unable to keep up with my latest adventures.

Phyllis: Well, I haven't been that out of it. I mean, this is happening fast.

Summer: Look at you and dad. You guys got back together in, like, what, five minutes flat? Okay, which I'm realizing is probably not the best example.

Phyllis: Probably not.

Summer: But kyle and I, we have all this history, I mean... the attraction and the love is still there, it just was never the right time.

Phyllis: Timing, and the fact he was dating another woman.

Summer: The thing with lola wasn't as serious as it seemed.

Phyllis: Obviously.

Summer: They were on again, off again, and they finally broke up for good, and kyle's been confiding in me about it since I came back to town, just kept reaffirming how connected we feel and how good we are together.

Phyllis: Where is kyle now?

Summer: Uh, he's off doing something, but we are meeting up later to talk about plans.

Phyllis: Now? What's the rush?

Summer: Who says we're rushing? We're not exactly strangers. I mean...

Phyllis: Honey, you can be honest with me. Is there more going on than you're admitting?

Jack: Good?

Kerry: Oh! It's heavenly. You have outdone yourself. So, come on, when were you gonna reveal this new vision you have for us as a couple?

Jack: All in good time. I need you to relax. You seem a little tense.

Kerry: [ Sighs ] Yeah, well, you called it before. I've taken on a little too much at work.

Jack: Any particular reason?

Kerry: Phyllis is feeling the need to put her personal stamp on the company

Jack: What interesting timing.

Kerry: She's asked me to come up with a new signature product. Something to set jabot apart.

Jack: Signature, huh? Fragrance or skincare?

Kerry: She didn't give any specifics. Just something big. To signal a new era, and...

Jack: To change the narrative regarding her leadership.

Kerry: Yeah. That's part of it.

Jack: I'm glad you feel comfortable talking to me about your work.

Kerry: Well, you are a board member. It's not like I'm talking out of school.

Jack: And I respect that the board voted phyllis in as C.E.O. And I think you know, I have stayed out day-to-day operations quite consciously. But I can't help but wonder if phyllis is feeling pressured by all that's coming out in this trial. The devastating impact it's already having... I mean, here she is, putting all this extra pressure on you, swinging for the fences with this...signature product. What you're describing to me is an executive who's floundering, possibly in over her head. Makes me wonder if it's time to worry.

Brittany: When you arrested victor newman for this crime, how certain were you that he was guilty?

Rey: Certain enough to arrest him.

Brittany: You thought you had enough evidence for a conviction?

Rey: The district attorney did.

Brittany: Despite his protest that he was being set up....

Christine: Objection. Victor newman is not on trial here.


Brittany: So, when his wife nikki suddenly confessed out of nowhere, would you say that your credibility with the department took a hit?

Rey: No.

Brittany: Really? That's commendable. Your colleagues must think a lot of you to cut you that much slack.

Rey: I believe they do.

Brittany: After your case against victor fell by the wayside and you took nikki into custody, did you have a conversation with the district attorney about the status of this case?

Rey: Of course.

Brittany: And did she impress upon you the need to be absolutely sure she'd get a conviction this time, that the department could not tolerate and could not afford yet another embarrassing mistake?

Christine: Objection.

Overruled. The witness will answer.

Rey: I follow the evidence.

Brittany: Which doesn't answer my question.

Rey: It's always the goal to have a strong case.

Brittany: Your honor...

Did a conversation take place between you and ms. Williams?

Rey: I wouldn't characterize it the way ms. Hodges did.

Brittany: How would you characterize it?

Rey: Well, it wasn't a "win this case, or else" type thing. We all want justice done and work together as a team toward that end.

Brittany: You knew that sharon was with nikki the night J.T. Disappeared, correct?

Rey: Yes.

Brittany: Did you show up at sharon's house the night of valentine's day and claim that you had fallen in love with her to lull her into a false sense of trust?

Rey: No.

Brittany: To coerce her into making a confession?

Rey: That is both ridiculous and insulting.

Brittany: The only other explanation is that you were being sincere and you really are in love with sharon newman. You can't have it both ways, detective.

Summer: You do realize you haven't even congratulated me yet.

Phyllis: Well, I'm trying to comprehend the fact that the two of you are engaged.

Summer: Kyle got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and I said yes. I thought that you understood how these things work, mom.

Phyllis: Oh, my god, are you pregnant?

Summer: What? No! No! Why would you assume that I'm pregnant?

Phyllis: Because I'm trying to make sense of this. I mean, there has to be a reason why this is all happening now.

Summer: Yeah, I love kyle, and he loves me. What more reason do you need?

Phyllis: You don't expect me to buy that.

Summer: Okay, we were sitting here, talking about everything that we've been through, what we mean to each other, and how much we have in common, and... I mean, he just asked me right then and there. We just bring out the best in each other.

Kyle: Hey, hey.

Summer: Hey, that was quick. Hi.

Kyle: We need to talk about the surgery.

Summer: Okay, um, I was just telling my mom about the exciting news.

[ Giggles ]

Phyllis: I hear congratulations are in order.

Kyle: They are.

Phyllis: Well, I'd love to hear all about it.

Kyle: I can appreciate how it might seem unexpected, but... as I'm sure summer explained...

Phyllis: I want to hear it from you.

Rey: I am a happily married man.

Brittany: So we're back to my first theory, that the only reason you said you were in love with sharon was to elicit a confession from her.

Rey: It wasn't like that.

Brittany: I think it was exactly like that, detective. It sounds like you tricked my client into believing she could trust you, that you would protect her if she confided in you about what she knew about nikki and victoria. In fact, the entire case against her is based on you manipulating her, isn't that right?

Rey: No!

Brittany: Then how would you characterize it? You wouldn't say that you groomed my client over time to gain your trust, befriended her, offered to do repairs from her...

Christine: Objection. Leading.

Brittany: ...Rented an apartment from her, even handed her a plum new job on a silver platter?

Christine: Your honor.

Sustained. Be careful, counselor.

Brittany: How long have you been investigating this case?

Rey: More than six months.

Brittany: And in all that time, did you become aware of sharon having any history with J.T. Hellstrom?

Rey: No.

Brittany: Would you say that sharon is friends with the other defendants?

Rey: I would say they share mutual interests.

Brittany: Please answer my question.

Rey: No, I would not call them friends.

Brittany: So it's not likely that sharon would have any intimate knowledge of their history with mr. Hellstrom.

Rey: I couldn't attest to that one way or another.

Brittany: Fair enough. Isn't it true that sharon hosted the girls' night at victoria's house?

Rey: Yes.

Brittany: And that she instigated this party as a good will gesture to cheer up victoria after she broke up with J.T.?

Rey: That is my understanding.

Brittany: Would it also be fair to say that sharon is simply a woman with a good heart who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and made the mistake of trusting a man who said he loved her?

Christine: Objection!

Brittany: A police detective whose only thought was to avoid yet another embarrassing stain on his career.

Christine: Objection!


Brittany: I have nothing further.

Ms. Williams, do you have any questions for this witness/

Christine: I most certainly do.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Christine: Detective rosales, did you manipulate or coerce sharon newman into making a confession?

Rey: I did not.

Christine: Did you go to her house on february 14th with the intention of discussing the case?

Rey: No.

Christine: Were you expecting to find evidence at her house relevant to the case?

Rey: Not at all.

Christine: When you saw the 911 call in her phone records, what prompted you to ask her about that?

Rey: The date. It's pretty much seared into my brain.

Christine: Anything else?

Rey: Sharon had been a long time person of interest in the disappearance of J.T. Hellstrom. She had been questioned by the department before I was brought in to help solve the case.

Christine: So when you saw a call from sharon's phone to emergency services on the night this crime occurred...

Rey: I immediately wondered if sharon had placed the call about J.T. I questioned her, and she admitted it, proving my instincts were correct.

Christine: Was she under duress?

Rey: No. And to suggest otherwise simply isn't true.

Christine: Even though you had just told her you loved her.

Rey: One thing had nothing to do with the other.

Christine: Did she reciprocate that feeling? Did she say that she loved you, too?

Rey: Yes.

Christine: Did you trick her into that admission?

Rey: No.

Christine: Or the admission of her role in the death of J.T. And the conspiracy to cover it up after?

Rey: No.

Christine: If you had tricked her, would that have been illegal?

Rey: It would not.

Christine: Unethical?

Rey: It's often standard police procedure.

Christine: At any point, did you advise sharon that it might not be in her best interest to confess about the murder or the subsequent cover-up to the lead detective on the case?

Rey: There was no legal need.

Christine: Why is that?

Rey: Because I wasn't there to arrest sharon. I wasn't planning on arresting her. That's not why I was there.

Christine: So sharon talked.

Rey: And I listened. Strictly voluntary.

Christine: No need for a miranda warning.

Rey: No, ma'am.

Christine: Did sharon say or show any sign that she regretted confessing to you, that she had made a mistake?

Rey: No. If anything, she seemed relieved to have finally told the truth. Till she spoke to her lawyer and changed her mind.

Brittany: Objection.

Sustained. The witness' last remark will be stricken from the record.

Christine: Did you view your personal feelings for sharon as an impediment in getting to the truth?

Rey: What I do or don't feel for sharon is irrelevant. I treated her the same way i would treat any person who had just spontaneously confessed to committing a serious criminal offense.

Christine: Are you aware that she recanted her statement after she was arrested?

Rey: I am, but it was corroborated under oath by another eyewitness.

Christine: Phyllis summers?

Rey: Correct.

Christine: Thank you, detective. That'll be all.

Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: I have no questions at this time, your honor.

You may be excused. We will take a one-hour recess.

Mia: What the hell, rey?

Rey: Mia, look, I didn't want you to find out --

Christine: Rey and I need to talk in private.

Mia: Excuse me, this man is my husband.

Christine: We're in the middle of an important trial.

Mia: How long has this been going on between you and sharon?

Christine: Your personal business is gonna have to wait. The station. Now.

Rey: I have to do this.

Kyle: Summer and I connect. Always have. It's just one of those things. Took me some time, but... I realized today, with utter clarity, this is what I want.

Phyllis: Well, you make a persuasive argument.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Just speaking the truth.

Phyllis: You could imagine my surprise. I, uh... I don't know, I thought it seemed you were pretty smitten with lola.

Kyle: She came along while i was at loose ends. It was a challenge. We were so different. Too different. We don't want the same things, whereas summer and I... what can I say? It's just a better match. I realized this is what I want. I found myself proposing before I even knew what was happening. The words just tumbled out of my mouth.

Summer: In that moment, i remember thinking, this is what real love feels like.

Kerry: Phyllis isn't a defendant in this case.

Jack: That's because she's done an incredible job protecting her own fanny.

Kerry: You really think the public's gonna fault her for that?

Jack: I don't think this story is gonna go away. Our vendors, our suppliers, our buyers for the big chains are all going to start distancing themselves from her. Look, I respect your loyalty to your boss. My loyalty has to be jabot. I have to get out in front of this thing to avoid disaster. Make sure the company's in the right hands.

Kerry: Your hands?

Jack: All I'm asking is that you keep me informed. Tell me phyllis' plans so that I can steps, if necessary. Steps --

Kerry: I -- I'm sorry. Is this the new chapter in our relationship you were talking about? Me -- [ Scoffs ] Bringing you inside information so you'll know the best time to strike?

Jack: You said it yourself, kerry. Jabot is my family's business.

Kerry: And phyllis isn't just my boss, jack, she's my friend. And you're asking me to betray her.

Christine: How much of that was true? Did you play on sharon's feelings to get her to confess?

Rey: No. No! No, I -- I would never do that. Look, it's -- it's a long and complicated story.

Christine: Yeah, well... I've got time.

Rey: First off, sharon and i were never romantically involved. I never violated any departmental rules to help her.

Christine: No, you just let yourself fall for a woman that you suspected from the beginning might be involved in a fellow investigator's disappearance.

Rey: Yeah, well, a hunch isn't proof.

Christine: It just makes me wonder -- I mean, why didn't you warn me so I wouldn't be blindsided in court?

Rey: It was a specious argument. I'm surprised sharon's lawyer even went there.

Christine: Oh, no, no, no. I can guarantee you, the jury did not know it was specious. When you say words like "manipulate" and "coerce" and "trick," it doesn't matter to them that it's all in a day's work of an experienced cop.

Rey: You're right, I'm sorry.

Christine: What else haven't you told me?

Rey: Look, sharon wasn't on the list to testify. She recanted her confession, and I thought what we had discussed in private was irrelevant.

Christine: Oh, god, that's such a lousy excuse for hanging me to dry in front of a judge!

Rey: You're right. I'm sorry. I should have said something.

Christine: I can understand that you were trying to protect your reputation and maybe your marriage, if that's something you even care about, but to do this at my expense --

Rey: Look, you want my resignation?

Nikki: In the years I have known christine, I have never seen her become quite so unglued.

Victoria: Well, rey has a lot to answer for.

Nikki: Yeah, and so do you, by the way. Why didn't you tell us about him?

Sharon: How was I supposed to do that, nikki? We're all being held separately.

Victoria: Well, it makes sense that the four of us were arrested. You confessed, unbeknownst to us.

Nikki: And then that matched phyllis' story, and -- voilā! All the pieces fell into place, allowing her to climb her way out of the quicksand and save her skin.

Sharon: Once rey saw that phone record and started pressing me on it, I was in an impossible situation.

Victoria: Ever since that man came to town, I've picked up on the chemistry between you two.

Nikki: We all did. That's why we encouraged you to take that job at the police station.

Victoria: Are you and rey...

Sharon: Rey is a good and decent man. He backed away. When mia showed up, he said he was committed to his wife.

Nikki: Mm, but there was still something between you, right?

Sharon: That's what i thought. When rey showed up at my house on valentine's day, poured his heart out, and told me he loved me... now I wonder if brittany's right, if he's just been playing me the entire time.

Michael: Hey, sharon. Please excuse me. I need to talk with my clients.

Sharon: Sure. No problem.

Nikki: What's going on?

Michael: In light of what's happened, I'm changing our strategy.

Jack: Second-guessing phyllis is not something I want to do, but I have to think about all of jabot, the people whose livelihood depends on solid leadership. Ever since all this went down, I -- I've been wrestling with what to do.

Kerry: And you've spied an opportunity?

Jack: I'm not gonna apologize for that. Not when you and I can protect the company, chart a new course...

Kerry: You're still asking me to spy on phyllis.

Jack: I don't like calling it "spying."

Kerry: Well, like it or not, jack, that's what it is.

Jack: Okay. I had hoped you would see the larger picture, but I'm not gonna push this.

Kerry: I'm glad to hear that. And I never said I wouldn't do it. There would have to be something in it for me.

Jack: Well, obviously, if i was back in charge at jabot, the possibilities for you would be limitless.

Kerry: Mm, that is good to hear, but... in order for me to feel comfortable going along with this, siding with you against my friend... I'll need you to make me an offer. In writing.

Kyle: I hope we've answered all your questions. Obviously we'd love to have your blessing.

Phyllis: [ Inhales sharply ] If summer's happy, I'm happy.

Kyle: Thank you.

Summer: [ Giggles ] Thank you, mom. You're the best.

Phyllis: Well, I try.

Summer: I know. Um, I need to go run that errand that we discussed, so I'm gonna go to the hospital, and I'll see you back at your place later.

Kyle: Perfect.

Summer: Okay, uh, talk to you later, mom.

Phyllis: Love you.

Summer: Love you. And love you, too. Bye.

Phyllis: Are you rushing off, too?

Kyle: Don't know. I have this real strict boss.

Phyllis: Oh, she'll deal.

Kyle: Mm.

Phyllis: You know, despite our differences, kyle, I am very happy that you will be marrying daughter.

Kyle: Thanks. That means a lot.

Phyllis: However, I do hope this is more than just a whim or a rebound for you. You know, summer is much more sensitive and vulnerable than she lets on, and if you renege on this proposal, she'll be devastated.

Mia: Yeah. I came home and popped open a beer. Almost took a drink. And me, pregnant... that's how upset I was.

Rey: Look, mia, I know it sounded bad, what I said in court today, but... sharon's lawyer was putting a major spin on things, made it sound like a bigger deal than it was.

Mia: Don't you dare stand there and try to convince me i didn't hear what I heard. What everyone in that courtroom heard. My husband, the father of my unborn child, is in love with another woman.

Michael: Rey's testimony was very damaging. It tainted both of you in the eyes of the jury.

Victoria: How?

Michael: Well, they now know that sharon freely confessed, corroborating phyllis' version of events while your stories remain conflicted. I believe the jury needs to hear the whole truth. Why you did what you did, what's at the heart of this, that you were protecting your daughter from an abusive man.

Nikki: I'm more than happy to testify, michael. I have told you that.

Michael: No, nikki, I'm not talking about you. I think victoria had the right idea. I want her to take the stand after all, have you give your version of things. Tell everything about your relationship with J.T. Look, I never imagined I'd be resorting to this, but... I'm putting domestic violence on trial.

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