Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/6/19

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/6/19


Episode #11566 ~ Summer smells victory; Christine scores a win in court.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Jack: I think it's gonna be necessary for phyllis to step down.

Kerry: It's way too soon to be talking that way. We're nowhere near a verdict.

Jack: I appreciate your loyalty, I do. Word to the wise -- don't expect the same kind of loyalty from phyllis.

Sharon: Michael can't want it to come out that we were blackmailed, can he?

Brittany: I have no doubt that michael would sacrifice tessa or mariah if it'll save his clients.

Kyle: Saving lola's life is the most important thing in the world to me. What is it gonna take to get you to agree to be her donor? I'll even marry you if that's what it takes.

Summer: [ Exclaims softly ] Okay, am I having a fever dream or did you just say that you'd marry me?

Kyle: Um... I don't know.

Summer: 'Cause that is a very extreme thing to say. I mean, it's kind of crazy.

Kyle: Yeah, well, I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm spinning out and desperate, and I'll do whatever it takes to save lola's life.

Summer: Including marrying me?

Kyle: Look... I'm what you want, right? You haven't made it a secret. Your pursuit for me has been relentless. You told me you loved me. So no more games. You win. Lola's situation is serious, and so...

[ Sighs ] So am I. I meant it. I mean it. Let's do this. You'll be giving me what I need, and I'll be giving you what you want. What do you say?

Judge mcgarrett: Everyone please take their seats. Court is in order.

Michael: [ Clears throat ] Your honor, defense calls tessa porter. Miss porter. I'd like to ask you about this mystery surveillance video of the defendants carrying a rug out of victoria newman's home. How did you first come to know of its existence?

Tessa: Uh...

[ Clears throat ] I was working at dark horse on a temporary assignment, just deleting some old files, and I came across the video.

Michael: Mm. What did you do with it after you found it? Isn't it true that you used the footage to extort the defendants out of a quarter of a million dollars?

Tessa: [ Stammering ] I don't have the money.

Michael: Yeah, that's not what I asked you. Did you use the footage to blackmail my clients? Are you unwilling to answer or is it just that you don't recall? Because if it's the former, we will hold you in contempt of court. But if it's the latter, I have something that might jog your memory.

[ Telephone rings ]

Phyllis: Yes. Send her in. Thank you.

Kerry: Hey. You wanted to see me?

Phyllis: Yeah. Come on in. Have a seat.

Kerry: You hanging in there? There's a lot going on.

Phyllis: Ahh. You have a knack for the understatement.

[ Sighs ] Uh, I-I won't keep you long. You know, I-I know that neither one of us can afford to be distracted from work. I...could use a friendly face to talk to, if you have a few minutes.

Kerry: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Phyllis: Good, because you're the only person I can count on right now.

Michael: I would like to admit the following into evidence -- letters addressed to the defendants demanding $250,000. And an electronic record of the transfer of that exact amount from nikki newman's account into an account that can be traced to tessa porter. Miss porter, I will ask you one more time -- did you blackmail the defendants?

Tessa: Yes.

Michael: And you wrote those threatening notes?

Tessa: [ Tearfully ] Yes.

Michael: And you sent them anonymously for the sole purpose of scaring sharon, nikki, and victoria newman into paying you an obscene amount of money?

Tessa: I did. [ Sobs ] And I'm so sorry.

Michael: Yeah, well. You weren't sorry at the time. You were greedy and vindictive. Your plan was to instill so much fear in these women that they wouldn't turn you in to the police. And, you know, it worked. My clients, mothers, daughters, pillars of the community, were petrified of their blackmailer because they assumed someone who could do this could do so much worse to them.

Tessa: [ Crying ] I would never do worse to them.

Michael: Yeah, well, we don't know that. And more importantly, my clients didn't know that. They lived in a state of constant fear. Because of you. Because of your greed. Because of your plot to blackmail them. If anyone deserves to face criminal charges, it's miss tessa porter.

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Michael: If you thought the video you found was full of a bunch of ruthless people, and you were blackmailing them, weren't you nervous that they would come after you?

Tessa: No. I-I know nikki and sharon pretty well. They're not like that. They're good people.

Michael: Huh. I agree. So you weren't afraid of them. Instead, they just seemed a good mark to you.

Tessa: No. At least...not at first.

Michael: Mm. Well, not at first, because the first time you saw the video, it seemed perfectly innocent, because it was four women carrying a rug.

Tessa: I -- I noticed that

[Sighs] The date stamp was from the night that J.T. Disappeared.

Michael: But you had no idea if a crime had been committed, or that there was anything nefarious about it at all.

Tessa: Right.

Michael: But this isn't the first time you've targeted the newmans, correct?

Tessa: No.

Michael: Mm. Nikki brought you into her home and offered you a job, but she had to fire you because you stole from the family.

Tessa: Yes. [ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ]

Michael: What did you steal?

Tessa: A gun.

Michael: A gun. That your sister later used to murder someone.

Christine: Okay, objection. What does this have to do with anything?

Michael: I'm getting there, your honor.

Judge mcgarrett: I'll allow it.

Michael: You were so good at being threatening that not only did you get your money, but you were able to deflect from the truth.

Tessa: What truth?

Michael: That you were actually responsible for J.T.'S death.

Tessa: What?!

Michael: Were you and J.T. Working together to exact revenge on the newmans?

Tessa: No!

Michael: Then something happened between the two of you. Something went wrong and you killed him.

Tessa: Okay, I don't know what you're talking about.

Christine: Objection. Inflammatory.

Judge mcgarrett: Overruled.

Michael: Where were you the night J.T. Disappeared?

Tessa: Uh... uh, I --

[ Snaps ] I was working late at hamilton-winters.

Michael: Can anyone verify that? Because I assure you, no one is about to accept the word of an admitted thief, liar, and blackmailer.

Christine: No, she -- he's badgering the witness!

Michael: I'm done with miss porter.

Christine: [ Huffs ] Your honor, in light of these new revelations, I would like to request a recess. I need time to prepare to cross-exam this witness.

Judge mcgarrett: Recess granted.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Phyllis: My testimony went so wrong. Christine took my words and twisted them like balloon animals. Some damn party trick. She made it even seen like nikki was hell-bent on murdering J.T. While totally ignoring his abuse. The worst part is that nick refuses to believe I was trying to help them.

Kerry: I know. I'm sorry. That'S...hard.

Phyllis: I don't want nikki, victoria, or even sharon to go to jail.

Kerry: Of course not. This whole thing is just a difficult situation all around. I do have to ask, though -- have you thought about what the possible fallout for jabot will be if the women are found guilty?

Phyllis: I don't want you to worry about the company. My number-one priority is to protect jabot. A-are you asking for you, or did jack say something?

Kerry: No, we -- we're both concerned. And it is still his family name on the company, so he's worried about perception, which we all know is everything.

Phyllis: Oh, I understand the problem, and I have a plan to manage the fallout. But I do need to know...

[ Sighs ] Do you think that you and jack are going to be a problem for you and me?

Summer: Getting married isn't something that you just do off of the top of your head. I mean, how do you -- how do you feel about it?

Kyle: My feelings are irrelevant.

Summer: So you're looking at this as more of a transaction?

Kyle: Yeah. Something I'm willing to do for the woman I love.

Summer: The woman you love being not me.

Kyle: You know I'm in love with lola. I've told you over and over. Look, you may not be able to comprehend this kind of sacrifice, but you --

Summer: I'm sorry, I'd be -- I'd be giving her an organ.

Kyle: You're right. I'm sorry. But I would give my life for hers. So if that means I have to sacrifice my happiness and the love of my life for some--

Summer: For what? For what? For misery and a witch like me?

Kyle: I didn't say that.

Summer: No, you didn't say it, but I heard you loud and clear. You think that this offer is gonna make you noble and romantic, but if I take it, I'm cold and calculating.

Kyle: Are you gonna deny you're calculating?

Summer: Wow. You know, this must be really tough for you. Even considering the grotesque thought of chaining yourself to me while you're pining over sleeping beauty. Thank you for being so honest about how you feel about this. It's gonna make this decision a whole lot easier.

Kyle: Wait. Hold on.

Summer: No, I don't think so, kyle. You have always underestimated me. Always. I am not the kind of person who would blackmail someone into a loveless marriage.

Kyle: Let's just slow down, talk this out.

Summer: No, no. I don't think so, kyle. You know, I don't think I can do this. My answer is no.

Kyle: Please! Don't -- wait. What do you need from me? Just tell me.

Summer: I need you to come back down to reality. Stop being in denial.

Kyle: About what?

Summer: About lola. Your relationship wasn't some fairy tale, and you need to admit that to yourself.

Kyle: O-okay, fine. You're right. We weren't perfect. We had our problems.

Summer: Like?

Kyle: Like... money was occasionally a sticking point between us.

Summer: Well, yeah. You broke up over a purse. And?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] And sometimes it was hard to find time to spend together, which led to miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Summer: Because you wanted two different things.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] As much as we both denied it, our physical relationship was becoming an issue.

Summer: Because what was once charming in the beginning became too much to overcome.

Kyle: Okay, we had our issues. Yeah, we broke up a few times. But we always got back together.

Summer: No, you kept breaking up because she's never been the right girl for you, kyle.

Kyle: That's not true. I love her more now than I ever have.

Summer: Yeah, because she's sick. But before that, you were unsure. I could feel it. And I knew that things between us weren't over. And I think that you felt it, too, didn't you?

Kyle: No.

Summer: Kyle. Okay, you know what? I don't think that I can do this huge thing to save lola's life unless you can be totally honest with me.

Kyle: Okay. When you got back to town, I couldn't shut you out of my life completely. Even though I know I should have. The more I tried to ignore you, the harder it was.

Summer: And then there was the night at the cabin. We had such a good time together. I kissed you. And...?

Kyle: And I kissed you back.

> Summer: Yes! Ye-- yes. Yes, you did.

[ Gasps ] Do you remember how it felt?

Kyle: [ Snorts softly ]

Summer: Kyle, it felt so good. It felt right.

[ Sighs ] Look, isn't that such a relief to finally get that off your chest?

Michael: It's all gonna work out for the best.

Victoria: Do you think so?

Michael: Yeah, I think so.

Nick: Tessa's testimony helps us. It puts the focus on her and off of you two.

Victoria: Compared to her, we do come off more sympathetic.

Michael: Even better, now we have an alternative suspect.

Nikki: Do you really think anybody believes that tessa killed J.T.?

Michael: Well, the jury doesn't have to believe it. They just have to believe it's possible. All we have to do is create reasonable doubt to avoid a conviction.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] That was...

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: I'm really sorry you had to go through that.

Tessa: I deserve it.

Mariah: Hey. Look at me. This has to be the worst of it, right? I mean, I-it's all gonna get better from here.

Tessa: I'd like to believe that, but I have a feeling that the worst is yet to come.

Kerry: I care about jack a lot. He's a wonderful man, and he's definitely a big part of my life --

Christine: We need to talk.

Phyllis: Okay, the whole reason I have an assistant is to keep riffraff like you from barging into my office. Ted!

Kerry: We will continue this later.

Phyllis: You've got some nerve coming in here after what you put me through on that stand.

Christine: I was doing my job.

Phyllis: No. You manipulated what I said to make nikki look like a cold-blooded murderer...

Christine: Okay, you know --

Phyllis: ...And the others like her evil henchmen.

Christine: I knew you were gonna try and help your cohorts on the stand, so I anticipated it. I counteracted. I outsmarted you. Get over it.

Phyllis: I am over you and this entire mess. This is in my rearview mirror. I have a company to run. So you can see yourself out. We're done.

Christine: No, we're not done until I say we're done. Terms of your immunity deal.

Phyllis: I will go to jail before I get back on that witness stand.

Christine: You don't have to testify again. I am putting together my cross-examination for a surprise witness. I need you to tell me everything you know about tessa porter.

Phyllis: You want to know about the singing barista? Why didn't you say so? You should have led with that.

Christine: You are just happy someone else is in the hot seat instead of you.

Phyllis: I will tell you everything you need to know about that sleazy little grifter.

Summer: Well, now that you've come clean, I think that we can start fresh. Just you and me.

Kyle: After you have the surgery.

Summer: Yes. Even though I am still terrified, I'm gonna go through with the surgery. And once it's done, lola is going to live a long and happy life. And so are we. Hey, I know that you still think that you're in love with lola, and I can live with that for now, because I know that if we could just spend enough time together that you'll realize that I'm the one. I've always been the one, kyle.

Kyle: I'm not promising that we can --

Summer: No, I don't need any promises from you. Okay? 'Cause I know who you are. I know what you need and what you want, and I know that I can make you happy. Look, with me, you're not gonna have to walk on pins and needles all the time, or worry about what you say or do, 'cause I'm never going to judge you or try to change you. I mean, I've said this before, but I think that you're kind of perfect, even when you're not being a saint.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ]

Summer: I kind of like that part about you.

Kyle: Mm. [ Snorts softly ]

Summer: Look, if you just give me a little bit of time, I really think you're gonna realize that you were sort of miserable before. You're gonna feel a huge weight that's been lifted off your shoulders. You're gonna feel relaxed and relieved, and you're gonna finally go back to being the fun guy that I've always known. I think you're gonna remember why we once loved each other.

Kyle: You sound crazier than I do right now.

Summer: Okay, yes, I may be a little bit ahead of the curve. But that's really only because i know that you're the love of my life. I think that, eventually, you will love me, too. If you're willing to really give us a try. Are you willing to do that? For us? For lola?

Kyle: Yeah. I am.

Summer: Okay, well, good, 'cause that makes me really happy. And I promise that this is gonna be the right thing for everybody in the end. I believe in you and me, kyle, so much. And I know that you're not there yet, but I think that over time you'll -- you'll come to believe it, too.

Kyle: You're quite the saleswoman when you know what you want.

Summer: It's what you love about me.

Kyle: Mm.

[ Chuckles ]

Summer: Look, but I meant what I said earlier. I'm really not trying to trap you. So let me -- let me propose something. We stay married for a year. And if we are not blissfully happy by then, we get a divorce. No hard feelings. So? What do you say?

Christine: I'd like to return to the matter of the surveillance video and the notes you sent. The defendants gave in to your demands and gave you the money. Is that correct?

Tessa: Yes.

Christine: A quarter of a million dollars for a video of them simply moving a rug.

Tessa: Yeah.

Christine: It was established that the video was made on the same night J.T. Disappeared. Was that rug large enough to contain a body?

Michael: Objection! Calls for speculation.

Judge mcgarrett: Sustained. Move on, counselor.

Christine: What happened to the $250,000 that nikki newman transferred to your anonymous account?

Tessa: I-I gave it -- I gave it back after a-a friend convinced me that it was wrong.

Christine: But it was more than just advice from a friend, right, miss porter? Didn't the women find out that you were the blackmailer, and victoria newman demanded that you return the money?

Tessa: Yes.

Christine: Can you describe what happened?

Tessa: When, uh... when I, uh, got home on thanksgiving, she was in my apartment.

Christine: She gained access without your permission? Lying in waiting?

Michael: Objection, your honor.

Christine: Withdrawn. How would you describe victoria's tone that night?

Tessa: She -- she was... angry, yet calm.

Christine: What did she say?

Tessa: She told me to sit down, and that she would talk, and I would listen. She gave me, uh, a choice to leave town for good.

Christine: And if you didn't?

Tessa: She would frame me for J.T.'S murder.

Christine: Did you believe miss newman was capable of carrying out that threat?

Tessa: [ Tearfully ] Yes.

Christine: And did she make any other threats or demands that night?

Tessa: No, she -- she just wanted the surveillance footage back.

Christine: So did you give it to her?

Tessa: No. She found it on her own.

Christine: How did she find it?

Tessa: Um... uh... she, um... [ Clears throat ] She knew where it was because she had hidden a camera in my apartment.

Christine: A hidden camera. Just what J.T. Had done to her.

Michael: Objection! Your honor --

Christine: If the content of that video was so innocent, why do you think she'd want it so badly?

Tessa: I don't know.

Christine: She wanted to destroy it, right?

Tessa: I don't know what she did with it.

Christine: Yes, you do. And let me remind you, you are under oath.

Tessa: I don't know. I don't know, okay? She probably destroyed it.

Michael: This... objection!

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Christine: Was your confrontation with victoria the last encounter you had with the defendants?

Tessa: No. I... I would see sharon sometimes because I'm dating her daughter.

Christine: Uh... are you afraid that the defendants will seek retribution after your testimony today?

Tessa: No.

Christine: Because the department will offer you protection. You are safe now, and you will continue to be. But we need your full cooperation. There will be serious repercussions if you hold back any information. So I'm gonna ask you again -- did you have another encounter with the defendants? Perhaps discussing the whereabouts of J.T.'S body?

Tessa: After they had found out that J.T.'S body had been moved from chancellor park, they were concerned, and they asked me if I knew anything about it. I didn't, and I told them that.

Christine: When was this?

Tessa: It was one night a-a while ago. I don't remember exactly when.

Christine: Okay, well, if I were being accused of moving a dead body, I think I would remember.

Tessa: I guess we're different that way.

Christine: No, you are holding back information -- why?

Tessa: I'm not. I've answered all your questions.

Christine: Yeah, in a very unsatisfactory way. Now, were all three women there when they questioned you?

Tessa: I think so.

Christine: And how would you characterize the tone of the conversation?

Tessa: Uh, tense.

Christine: Oh, come -- more or less tense than the night victoria ambushed you at your house?

Tessa: I suppose more.

Christine: Ugh. Just another vague answer after another. I'm starting to think that maybe the defendants were right. Maybe you did hide J.T.'S body.

Kerry: I was hoping we could finish talking about jack.

Phyllis: Oh, me too. Have a seat.

Kerry: Yes, he and I have gotten serious. Which is not something I do easily, because I'm a guarded person.

Phyllis: Well, if you're gonna take a chance on someone, jack is not a bad choice.

Kerry: Agreed. But my relationship with him has no bearing whatsoever on my career, and frankly I was a little surprised that you would question my loyalty.

Phyllis: Well, uh, sometimes it's impossible to separate the professional from the personal.

Kerry: Yes, but since the moment this crisis broke, I have done nothing but express my full support of you in front of the entire team. And I have been working my tail off to make sure things stay on track.

Phyllis: I know. And I appreciate that. And I -- I hope that you understand that I have to be very careful right now. I am under a microscope being a non-abbott running the family business. And with this trial, a lot of people are gonna portray me as the villain. Some already are, like my ex.

Kerry: I'm sorry about you and nick.

Phyllis: Well, thank you. But I cannot dwell on that. I need to be devoted to this company 100%. And it is time for me to put my personal stamp on this place to mark a new era. My era.

Kerry: Now that I like the sound of.

Phyllis: I want you to help me transform this place. I want us to come up with the kind of hot new products that would separate us from the competition and everything that jabot has done in the past. How does that sound?

Kerry: It sounds great. But how about instead of the "phyllis era," it's the "phyllis and kerry era"?

Summer: So, we stay committed to our marriage for one year. And if need be, we go our separate ways. If you want to chase after lola all your life, that's your choice.

Kyle: Still can't believe we're doing this, but... okay. [ Sighs ] Deal.

Summer: Oh, also, there are no take-backs. You cannot let me have this surgery and then go file for an annulment or something.

Kyle: I would never. I said I'm in. But I have a few terms, as well.

Summer: Okay. Let's hear them.

Kyle: No husbandly duties.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Okay, you think that I want to coerce you into bed? Yeah, uh, no. I'm okay with that. Thank you. Oh, also, um, I don't think that we should tell anybody that I'm lola's donor.

Kyle: Why? You're doing a good thing. Suddenly you don't want credit?

Summer: No, I just don't think it's anyone's business but ours.

Kyle: Okay. Then maybe we should hold off on telling anyone about the marriage.

Summer: I didn't say that.

Kyle: Oh. You don't want people thinking this is a quid quo pro transaction between us.

Summer: No, I would prefer to see our union in more romantic terms. Two people who were destined to be together, and they found their way back to one another.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs heavily ] Explaining this to people... it's going to be complicated for me.

Summer: What's more simple than two people falling in love?

Kyle: It's going to seem really fast.

Summer: That's because when you realize you found the one, you want to get started with the rest of your life right away.

Kyle: I have to be the one to tell lola.

Phyllis: I like a woman who knows her worth.

Kerry: Mm. And I respect a woman who isn't threatened by other women.

Phyllis: I am asking you to play a huge role in this company, for which you'll be recognized and compensated accordingly.

Kerry: No drama and mutual respect. That's my kind of relationship.

Phyllis: Yeah. Now, we should start brainstorming on our most recent success, the jaboutiques. They're doing well, but I want to take them to the next level. And I'm excited to unleash our collective talent and allow the women here to shine, and you are absolutely at the top of that list.

Kerry: Then what are we waiting for, hm? Let the kerry and phyllis era begin.

Phyllis: Phyllis and kerry.

Kerry: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: I had nothing to do with J.T.'S death. I'm not hiding anything, and I wasn't hiding anything that night.

Christine: Why should we believe you now? And why would the women believe your denials that night?

Tessa: Because they threw a bag over my head and shoved me into a car.

Christine: [ Exhales ] My god. That's horrible. Did they also restrain you?

Tessa: They tied my hands behind my back.

Christine: Where did they take you?

Tessa: I di-- I didn't -- I didn't know at first. We were driving for a while.

Christine: And during this time, did you fear for your life?

Tessa: Yeah.

Christine: Do you feel the kidnappers used this course of action to maximize your fear?

Tessa: Yes.

Christine: When the car finally stopped, where were you?

Tessa: In the woods.

Christine: And you know this because eventually the hood came off your head, and...

[ Sighs ] ...You were able to first see your kidnappers.

Michael: Objection, your honor. The word "kidnappers" is misleading.

Christine: No, she was forcibly abducted against her will. That's the definition of kidnapping.

Judge mcgarrett: Proceed.

Christine: So, the hood came off your head. You were able to identify the people who had done this to you, right? Do you see them in the courtroom today?

Tessa: Yes.

Christine: Could you please identify them?

Tessa: [ Sobs ] It's nikki, victoria, and -- and sharon newman.

Christine: All three of them participated in this act?

Tessa: Yes. But -- but sharon seemed as if she was only going along with it 'cause the others were pressuring her.

Christine: Please restrict your answers to the questions I ask. Was sharon newman present when you were abducted, and did she participate?

Tessa: Yes.

Christine: Thank you. Now, how would you characterize what happened next? Their demeanor? Yours?

Tessa: They were yelling, and I was shaking and -- and crying, begging for them to believe me.

Christine: And when they finally realized that you didn't move the body, what did they do?

Tessa: [ Exhales heavily ] They left me there.

Christine: Alone in the woods?

Tessa: Yes.

Christine: What was the temperature that night?

Tessa: I don't know. It was cold.

Christine: No further questions.

Judge mcgarrett: You may step down.

Tessa: Well, you got what you wanted. I'm screwed.

Nick: You got exactly what you deserve, tessa. But you couldn't resist taking everyone down with you.

Tessa: I didn't want to say any of that. I don't know who told christine about victoria breaking in or the kidnapping, but it wasn't me!

Tessa: The last thing that i wanted to do was make nikki and victoria look bad. And -- and I tried to tell them that sharon was being dragged into it. I-I tried to protect them.

Mariah: I know. I know, okay? And the women know, too. You are not to blame for this. Christine was merciless.

Tessa: I mean, I should have denied being kidnapped.

Mariah: No. Lying would have made everything worse.

Tessa: What's gonna happen next?

Mariah: I have no idea. But whatever it is, we're gonna get through it.

Phyllis: Hello, girls.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: You look like someone who was just cross-examined. Taking the stand is no fun, is it?

Mariah: I'm sorry, how do you know that she just testified?

Phyllis: Christine came to see me today, and she was asking questions about your girlfriend, so I filled her in on the details about tessa's adventures in blackmailing. Told you I was gonna pay you back. Just took longer than I thought.

Mariah: Okay, well, congratulations, phyllis, because you not only hurt tessa, you hurt nikki, victoria, and my mom, too -- again.

Phyllis: Really? How's that?

Mariah: You told christine about victoria getting the money back.

Phyllis: I might have mentioned it.

Mariah: The hidden camera? The threats?

Phyllis: I didn't give her those details. Someone else must have given her those.

Mariah: Who would do that? Who would even have that information?

Tessa: There was only two of us there. I told her. [ Chuckles ] I told her on the stand.

Mariah: Hey. Hey, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. That is not your fault, okay? It's not your fault.

Tessa: [ Grumbles ]

Mariah: Because phyllis opened the door for christine, and she just walked right through it. Oh, she also accused my mom and the others of kidnapping tessa, so thank you for that, too.

Phyllis: I did not tell her about any of that. I wasn't there, so I wouldn't voluntarily offer that up. Believe it or not, I don't want to help her case.

Mariah: You're telling me you didn't tip her off? You told her nothing about it?

Phyllis: I swear.

Tessa: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god. Christine sensed that something else happened between me and the women, and she tricked me into telling her what it was.

Phyllis: Yeah, that sounds like christine. You take the stand, you think you're helping the defense, but really you're helping christine bury them.

Phyllis: You're gonna need this more than me.

Tessa: [ Scoffs ]

Michael: How could you not tell me everything that happened between you and tessa?

Victoria: We didn't think it would come out.

Michael: You didn't think anyone would find out about a kidnapping? A kidnapping! I have never had clients lie to me as much as you two. You didn't just sabotage me. You sabotaged yourself!

Nikki: Well, how did christine find out about that?

Michael: Maybe she's just good at her job! It doesn't matter.

Victoria: Michael, is there any way for you to salvage things?

Michael: If there is, I am at a loss.

Brittany: I'm not. I may have a way to clean up this mess for you. I'm calling the next defense witness -- rey rosales. And by the time I'm done with him, the jury will have forgotten all about tessa.

Kyle: I'm serious. I have to be the one who tells lola about us. This is a deal-breaker for me.

Summer: No, I'm -- I'm fine with it. It's never gonna happen. 'Cause once we start telling people that we're getting married and lola's brothers find out, they're never gonna let you anywhere near her. But, no, hey -- hey, it'll be okay. She'll have her family to wake up to, and I'll have you.

Kyle: If we're agreed on everything, we should get to the hospital to schedule the surgery.

Summer: Okay, no wai-- just hold on. Can't we, like -- I don't know -- celebrate for a second?

Kyle: Every minute, lola's condition is getting worse.

Summer: Okay, and we will go to memorial just after one last thing. I promise.

Kyle: What? What? No way.

Summer: What? No -- kyle, I am cutting my body open to save the life of someone that I hardly know. This will take 30 seconds.

Kyle: Come on!

Summer: What if I die during surgery, and then I never get to hear the proposal from the man of my dreams?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Summer... will you marry me?

Summer: Yes! [ Giggles ] Yes, I will marry you!

[ Applause ]

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