Y&R Transcript Friday 3/1/19

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/1/19


Episode #11563 ~ Christine presents damaging evidence; Devon makes a sacrifice.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Mariah: Today, I want to tell you a story about a young woman who is fighting for her life as we speak. Lola rosales. She needs a transplant.

Summer: I understand how you feel about lola because it's how I feel about you. Kyle, I love you.

Christine: I am trying to find out who's responsible for J.T.'S death, and I know it may seem that telling me what you know may hurt the person you love, but it could actually help them.

Mariah: I heard there is a video of the women putting a body into a car.

Michael: Full immunity to phyllis?

Christine: I'm confident she's telling the truth. Too bad your clients didn't do the same when they had the chance.

Brittany: I'll do my best to get you clear of these charges and back home, where you belong.

Sharon: It's a good start. Michael and brittany both know what they're doing, and no one knows how to handle christine better than michael. It's a good sign.

Victoria: They do know what they're doing, but I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. I keep picturing myself standing up and walking out of here -- running, actually. I just -- anything to get out of this room and away from the judge and jury looking at us.

Nikki: Honey, michael knows christine as well as anyone, including her obsession to blame our family for anything she can. Now, he knows how to deflect whatever she may throw at us.

Brittany: I need to borrow my client for a moment.

Sharon: How do you think it's going? I know they're gonna be calling mariah soon. I wish she hadn't gotten dragged into this.

Brittany: Sharon, you have to stop acting so chummy with the other defendants. They are not your friends.

Sharon: Well, they're not friends, but those women and I...

Brittany: Have what? Bonded over alleged events, an arrest, and trial? No, sharon. Our strategy is to portray you as an innocent bystander who was dragged into their chaos. Not as a friend, not as complicit, and definitely not as a co-conspirator.

Sharon: Well, I can't just pretend like they're the enemy.

Brittany: I'm not asking you to pretend. I'm asking you to acknowledge the reality. J.T. Is victoria's ex, nikki's former son-in-law. This is their world, their drama. Christine wants a conviction. Let nikki and victoria take the hit, or you all go down together.

Nikki: Michael. Certainly the jury can see that christine is strident and bitter and has an obvious bias against our family.

Michael: As victor went to great pains to point out loudly in front of the judge. And where did it get him? Thrown out of the courtroom in full view of the jury.

Victoria: He was protecting mom. Every man and woman on that panel would understand the instinct.

Michael: Yeah. The family is a strong image, but so is one of the richest men in the country yelling at a judge in court. The jury may want to admire him, or they may want to see him taken down a notch.

Victoria: They could see us the same way -- spoiled, entitled, rich, above the law...

Michael: No, no, no. Stop it, stop it, stop it. That is not a productive use of your time or energy. There's no point in putting too much stock into anyone's speech or any one moment. This is a marathon.

Nikki: Exactly. I agree. One step at a time. We have faith in you.

Michael: I'd be flattered if I weren't afraid that was the reason you haven't given me much to work with as far as a defense is concerned. That's not an accusation. It's a mere statement of fact. I will fight for both of you every step of the way.

Victoria: That wasn't very reassuring.

Nikki: Michael was just being rational.

Victoria: He's right, though. We've given him nothing to work with.

Nikki: Listen, it's on the prosecution to prove guilt, not on michael to prove innocence.

Victoria: That's fine, in theory, but christine has put too many of the pieces together. If we just tell michael the truth --

Nikki: The truth is that i found J.T. At the park, and that's where we fought. That is the only truth that matters. J.T. Is dead because of me and only me. You mustn't forget that.

Ana: As I mentioned before, this is just a rough outline, sort of a hypothetical cost report of what we can spend.

Devon: Right. Well, to be honest, I'd rather not allocate that much to marketing because I think that we need to generate more grassroots and low overhead, word of mouth, you know what i mean?

Ana: Agreed. That's why I've worked up an influencer proposal.

Devon: Huh.

Ana: Hang on.

Devon: Okay. Wow. You did this in your free time?

Ana: Well, technically, I'm still on your payroll, so...

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Okay.

Ana: How you feeling today?

Devon: Oh, I'm feeling great now that I see what the budget looks like.

Ana: Devon.

Devon: Yeah? You don't have to worry about me.

Ana: Oh. Okay. I won'T.

Devon: I'm being serious. I'm fine.

Ana: You had a panic attack the other day.

Devon: I know. It's just, you know, visiting lola in the hospital brought back a lot of...difficult memories of losing hilary, so... it...

Ana: You were so brave, going there for lola and her family. And all this work, whatever. You're the boss. If you need some time away, take it.

Devon: Mm.

Ana: I can just tell people you're not available.

Devon: Mm, because you're my protector.

Ana: If I have to be, yes.

Devon: You really don'T. I'm not gonna go under again because I know that I can feel things now without having to numb it or hide or shove it away. So... I'm -- I'm not completely fine, but I'm getting there, okay?

Billy: Was she always this vicious, pathetic? I mean, she is willingly -- no, cheerfully -- throwing vicki, nikki, and sharon to the wolves.

Jack: Billy...

Billy: Come on, jack. If they end up in prison, this is on phyllis, no one else.

Jack: We don't know all the circumstances.

Billy: Jack, come on.

Jack: I know what it sounded like in opening statements. Look, she's obviously in this deep. I didn't realize how deep she was.

Billy: Yeah, and that is our C.E.O., Our brave leader, ratting out three women to save her own skin. She is done. And her reputation is shot. And if we don't stop her, she's going to take our family company down with her. We need to get her out as C.E.O. As soon as possible, jack.

Abby: It's not going well? Your faces...

Jack: No, no, no. It's -- we just heard opening statements. It's too early to know what the jury's thinking, but... have you heard from kyle? Any news on lola?

Summer: Yeah, um, hey, there's got to be some progress by now, right?

Abby: Well, arturo finally let kyle visit lola's bedside, so there's that. Otherwise, it's just watching the clock. Mariah made the public plea, begging people to get tested to be an organ donor. At this point, it's lola's only hope.

Billy: As soon as we get out of here...

Jack: Yeah, we're both gonna get tested.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Hey, how is kyle coping with all of this?

Abby: Well, sometimes it's easy to forget everything that kyle's lost in his life. But watching him now... he can't lose anyone else. He just can'T.

Devon: Hey, kyle.

Ana: Come sit.

Kyle: Uh, I don't want to interrupt. You look busy.

Devon: Nah, not at all, man. We're actually taking a break. Please, join us. Come on. How's, uh... how's lola doing?

Kyle: She's, um...

Devon: We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. I'm sorry.

Kyle: No, no, it's fine. The doctors and the nurses... they're not even trying to cover anymore. Time is running out.

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Billy: Christine.

Christine: Not now, I'm busy.

Billy: I just need a minute. Please.

Christine: Billy, it's not appropriate.

Billy: Come on. I can't talk to the da? You're genoa city's public servant.

Christine: Talk to you about what, your relationship with the defendants? This is my job, this is how justice works.

Billy: I understand that. Listen. Look, I know that we don't know each other all that well, but i am aware of your reputation. You're decent, you're a straight-shooter, and I know that you have a heart. I went and saw lily ashby in prison, and, let me tell you, she's not the same woman as she was before she went in. She's remorseful, she regrets what happened, but she is breaking. I can see it, it's happening. And it just makes me think... what's the point of putting someone like that in prison? What does that actually accomplish?

Christine: It proves that if you take someone's life... you can't go on living your own as if nothing happened. J.T. Is dead. It was a homicide. He and hilary can't speak for themselves, so I'm here to speak for them.

[ Sighs ] That's what I'm doing here.

Abby: What's tessa doing here? I don't see mariah. Is she here to see sharon?

Nick: I don't know what she's doing here. I don't trust her, and you shouldn't, either. Wherever tessa goes, bad news follows.

Devon: Listen, kyle, whatever I can do --

Kyle: I appreciate it. Thank you.

Devon: I'm not just saying that, either. If you need the jet, if you need contacts -- whatever it takes to get lola back on her feet, don't hesitate, please.

Kyle: She has doctors and love and support. What she really needs is a liver donation. And I can't make that happen. I have money, I have this last name and my family, and... it doesn't matter. It's pointless. What mariah did on-air, asking people to get tested to be a match, that's something. That's real.

Devon: Absolutely, it is, yeah, and it makes perfect sense. Was that your idea?

Kyle: I couldn't have done it without mariah. She dropped everything, got the camera man...

Devon: What?

Kyle: You own the show. So if there's some sort of, i don't know, legal issue we didn't think of, or if you have to sign off on everything before it airs...

Devon: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, not at all. Not at all. I'm -- I'm more than happy that we were able to make that happen, so...

Kyle: It'll work out if lola finds a match.

Ana: Can anyone just walk in, ask to be tested?

Kyle: Absolutely. The lab is ready.

Devon: Really? Then we should go, right?

Ana: Back to the hospital?

Devon: Well, yeah, absolutely. Lola needs us, so...

Kyle: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Kyle: I just -- thank you.

Devon: Of course. Of course. Let's go.

Jack: Hey! I didn't know you were coming.

Billy: Please tell me you're not another witness.

Kerry: I am here because you're here.

Abby: Uh, you know what, I'm -- I'm gonna go check my messages.

Summer: Yeah, actually, i should, too.

Jack: I don't know what to say, except "thank you."

Kerry: Stop. These women matter to you, and you matter to me, so... the lab can wait.

Nick: Yeah, dad, I know. I know! Yes, I will call you. I said I will call you!

Michael: [ Chuckles ] That sounds pleasant.

Nick: Yeah, dad is ready to tear down the walls since he got kicked out of here.

Michael: Mm, victor may be master of the universe, but in the courtroom, he's a mere mortal. The judge giveth and the judge taketh away. Look, it was too much to expect your father just to sit by while christine scores points.

Nick: It just means I have to report back to him -- a lot.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Don't take this the wrong way, but better you than me. I got my hands full, what, with your family fighting me tooth and nail.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: Ladies.

Victoria: Hey. Have you checked on the kids?

Billy: Yes. They are good. They're in school. Everything's fine, I promise. How are you two holding up?

Nikki: Just knowing that we have all this love and support in the courtroom means a lot to us.

Billy: Well, christine is grandstanding. She's blowing hot air, okay? Michael's gonna shut her down.

Victoria: He's not thrilled we haven't given him more to work with.

Billy: Michael's one of the best. I'm not worried.

Nikki: It just never should have come to this.

Billy: No, you're right. This is entertainment for far too many people. Old grudges, agendas...

Nikki: And the trial's just begun. There's bound to be a few more bombshells exploding right in front of us.

Abby: Recess is almost over. This is when we sit down, not walk away.

Summer: Yeah, I have somewhere else to be.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Of course you do. Why did you come here, anyway? So nick and jack could keep thinking you actually have a soul? Well done. Now you're free to go get your mani-pedi.

Summer: Yeah, well, busted. You know me so well, abby.

Abby: [ Scoffs ]

Ana: You sure you're all right?

Devon: Yes. Yeah. I want to do this.

Kyle: It's easy. Piece of cake. Just a quick blood test to see if either of you, um -- hey. Nate!

Nate: Hey.

Devon: There he is.

Nate: Everything okay?

Devon: Yes, absolutely. You have two more potential donors here.

Nate: Amazing. Amazing, amazing. Hey, uh, you mind if I talk to you a second?

Devon: Sure.

Nate: Okay.

Devon: Hey, the meningitis that I had when I was younger doesn't eliminate me from being a donor, does it?

Nate: No, no. The, uh -- the tech will take your medical history, but it shouldn't rule you out.

Devon: Okay.

Nate: I have to ask -- are you doing this because you want to or because you feel pressure?

Devon: No, I don't feel pressured at all. Not at all. I want to do this, and ana's already made sure that I'm okay. So if I can help lola, then that's what I'm gonna do.

Nate: All right. Down that way. The tech knows to make it a rush.

Devon: Okay.

Ana: Fingers crossed.

Nate: Yeah.

Devon: Yeah.

Kyle: Thank you. Both of you.

Devon: Of course. You got it, man.

Kyle: I, uh -- I made a playlist.

Nate: Excuse me?

Kyle: Uh, I'm not a match, so I made a playlist for lola. All of our favorite songs, or ones we even used to make fun of -- things that mattered to us, to her. That's where I am now. I can't be a donor, I'm not a surgeon, I'm not a wizard. I can't save her, so... I made a playlist, um... that's how useful I am to lola at this point.

Nate: No, no. That's good. That's smart, okay? Listen, familiar voices, the sound of familiar songs, it can often cause a spark that medicine can'T. It's absolutely the right instinct.

Kyle: I can play it for her?

Nate: Doctor's orders.

Kerry: I understand. Send it through.

Billy: She's falling for you, jack. Kerry is falling for you. She wouldn't leave work for anybody else. Which means we can get her on board, we can get her on our side, and follow through with the plan.

Jack: Do I need to remind you? She came to jack abbott, to genoa city, to work for phyllis? They have a legitimate friendship. Don't underestimate her sense of loyalty.

Billy: Relationship always beats friendship. It always has and always will. It's a fact of life.

Jack: And the fact is, I care about her, and I want to take a different tack.

Billy: Like what? You want to go to the board and get an up-and-down vote? No. We can't do that. That's too risky. She is our perfect insider, okay? She is like our trojan horse.

Jack: No, we are not going to use her as a prop. We're not gonna push her around and tell her what to do. If -- and this is a big "if" -- we bring her on board, if she agrees to work with us... she will decide what she does and how she does it.

Billy: Okay. I got it. Absolutely. It's important to you, so we sit her down, we tell her what we're doing, and we tell her why. She needs to be fully invested.

Jack: Kerry is very important to me.

Billy: As important as jabot?

Kerry: This looks serious. Has there been some news?

Billy: No, it's just my, uh -- my court face. People aren't used to seeing me serious, you know, it catches them off-guard.

Abby: Hey, recess is over. Come back in.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

[ Gavel bangs ]

If everyone will please take their seats, we can continue. Counselors, are you all set? Very good. Ms. Williams?

Christine: Uh, thank you, your honor. If it pleases the court, the prosecution would like to call its first witness to the stand, mariah copeland.

Christine: Ms. Copeland, can you tell the jury the topics of conversation you had on april 13, 2018?

Mariah: Other than how strong I made the margaritas? I don't really remember.

Christine: Do you normally have memory lapses?

Mariah: I was drunk. Basically, I got --

Christine: Is it fair to say that you know more about that night than you've admitted so far?

Brittany: Objection. Argumentative.


Mariah: I don't know what you mean.

Christine: Okay, fine, so let's just rewind a bit, to before the party, when you were sober. Would you call yourself and victoria newman good friends?

Mariah: I really admire victoria, and we're kind of family by association...

Christine: Yeah, but are you friends?

Mariah: Not really.

Christine: Then why would you attend such an intimate evening?

Mariah: My mother.

Christine: The defendant, sharon newman.

Mariah: Yes. She planned the whole thing very last-minute. I have bartending experience, and she wasn't sure how many of victoria's friends she could gather on such short notice, so she was kind of going around rounding up guests.

Christine: So sharon newman planned this party for victoria newman?

Mariah: Yes, because that's how she is. She worries about people, about how they're feeling, and she didn't want victoria to feel sad or alone that night.

Christine: And can you remind the jury why she would have a reason to feel sad?

Mariah: Because of J.T. Victoria had broken off their engagement, and we wanted to support her moving forward without her ex.

Christine: Well, ms. Newman certainly did get J.T. Hellstrom out of her life that night, didn't she?

Michael: Objection, your honor.

Christine: Withdrawn.

Ana: You did great.

Devon: Did you think I was afraid of needles?

Ana: Yes, that's it, exactly.

Devon: Yeah? Well, you were standing right there, so I wasn't gonna fall apart in front of my baby sister.

Ana: Feeling something isn't falling apart.

Devon: I know that. Falling apart is when you wake up in the morning and you can't think of a good reason to get out of bed. But then you hear your sister singing from down the hallway, and you remember there's good things in the world.

Ana: Aww! I mean --

[ Clears throat ] I'm here. I'm happy to hang around and use all your hot water.

Devon: Oh.

Ana: But when it's time, when you're ready, I can find my own place. Give you some room in case you find someone to sing in the shower. I'm sorry. It's too soon. I shouldn't have --

Devon: Don't be sorry. Don't be sorry.

Ana: No. I have no idea what you've been through. It's not my business.

Devon: It really is okay. I know it comes from a good place. You just want to see me happy. I'm surprised, really, that more people haven't asked me when I'm gonna start thinking about dating. It's only been just about 7 months to the day since she passed, so... I think I can stall everyone for a little longer. Even after a year, or any amount of time, I... I just don't see how anyone could follow hilary, or why anyone would even try. And if I cared about anyone that much, why would I put them through that? But what about you? What's going on? I know you're my gatekeeper, but you're allowed to have free time, so... are you seeing anybody?

Ana: I tried the couples thing.

Devon: You did? You didn't tell me.

Ana: I mixed business with personal once. Wouldn't do that again. Anyway, I needed time. I need time to figure out what i want and how to get it.

Devon: Mm. So you're not looking?

Ana: Were you looking when you met hilary?

Devon: No. I was not. It was not the plan, to fall in love with her.

Ana: Exactly. So while I'm not looking, I'm writing.

Devon: Mm.

Ana: And I have energy to put into some new songs, some lyrics that have been simmering for a while.

Devon: "Simmering." Are they cooked?

Ana: I think so. [ Laughs ]

Devon: Yeah? When do I get to hear them?

Ana: From me directly?

Devon: Yes.

Ana: Not anytime soon. But we'll find the perfect performer. And I feel good about it, too, like they'll touch something inside of people.

Devon: Mm.

Ana: And the money won't hurt.

Devon: Hey. If you need cash, you know that you can ask me, okay? I thought the revenue from fen's music was supposed to hold you over for a little bit.

Ana: I mean, it should have, but I still have my shameful past full of debts....

Devon: That I could take care of.

Ana: Stop it. It has to be me. That's just how it is. I get my finances straight, then I can save up for my own place.

Devon: You have it all figured out.

Ana: I really do.

Devon: Okay.

Ana: But you can buy me a cup of coffee.

Devon: Oh, can I? Wow!

Ana: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Look at that, I can buy the coffee.

[ Laughs ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Mariah: This wasn't some sort of "woot, woot, let's go crazy" kind of night. I mean, we keep calling it a party, but all it really was was a few women gathering together to support somebody who had gone through a very big heartbreak. I mean, it's hard enough when a relationship ends, but then to find out that you didn't know the person like you thought you did, and they didn't have your best interests at heart...

Christine: Your honor...

Ms. Copeland, this isn't a freeform event. Just answer the questions posed, period.

Mariah: I'm sorry.

Christine: Do you love your mother?

Mariah: More than I can say.

Christine: And are you here today to protect her?

Brittany: Objection. Leading.


Christine: Ms. Copeland, did you want to testify here today?

Mariah: No.

Christine: Ms. Copeland is a reluctant witness for the prosecution, but she has information the prosecution deems useful and was subpoenaed accordingly. Now, let's get back to the night of april 13th. Were you passed out until daybreak?

Mariah: No.

Christine: When did you come to?

Mariah: I woke up alone in the den.

Christine: Was it still dark out?

Mariah: Yes.

Christine: And did you stay in the den?

Mariah: No. I went into the living room, and nobody was there. I thought sharon, nikki, and phyllis had gone and left me there to sleep it off.

Christine: Then did you leave?

Mariah: No.

Christine: What did you do?

Mariah: I went upstairs.

Christine: Why would you do that?

Mariah: I thought I heard voices.

Christine: Voices -- male, female?

Mariah: I thought I heard victoria's voice.

Christine: And what did you find upstairs?

Mariah: I knocked on the bedroom door, and my mom answered and she said that they were doing a closet purge.

Christine: Now, can you explain to the jury what that means?

Mariah: It means exactly what it sounds like -- they were going through her closet and purging it of things that they didn't need anymore.

Christine: Did you go in and see that purge?

Mariah: No.

Christine: Why not?

Mariah: I just --

Christine: I mean, did your mom not invite you in to help?

Mariah: No.

Christine: Did she close the door and leave you in the hallway?

Mariah: It wasn't like that.

Christine: You really never saw what was behind that closed door, did you?

Mariah: No, but I --

Christine: How did you get home that night?

Mariah: My mom called a car for me.

Christine: So you're saying that your mom stayed in victoria newman's bedroom behind a closed door with other guests instead of safely seeing you home herself?

Michael: Objection! Relevance.

Christine: Then whatever was going on in that bedroom took precedent over her daughter's safety. I want to know why. I would say it's very relevant, counselor.


Kyle: Shouldn't you be at the courthouse? My dad is probably there, and I'm sure yours is, too.

Summer: Well, I was, and I'm gonna go back, but... hey, I heard that arturo let you see lola. That's good! It must -- it must mean a lot to you. Hey, you know, when my mom was sick, I talked to her, like, all the time. And I'm pretty sure that she heard me. I mean, if not, she at least felt that I was with her. And it made a difference. I really do believe that.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] What are you doing here?

Summer: Well, um, you know, the trial has just started, and the thing is... even if they're acquitted, it'll be there. Who said what, who did what, arrest records. The news never dies, it's on the internet forever, and, honestly, if you could see my dad's face, there was nothing that I could do to help him or anyone there, so... I came here to be with you.

Kyle: There's nothing you can do for me, either.

Summer: I can take a blood test to see if I'm the one who can save lola.

Mariah: I don't understand. Why am I still up here?

Christine: Because I'm going to present video evidence to the court that you might be able to verify.

Summer: Any time you're ready.

Kyle: For what?

Summer: For what? To say "thank you." To, I don't know, grovel a little, maybe escort me to the lab because I'm getting pricked as a favor to you. I mean, and to lola, but you're the one that I'm friends with. You're the one that I've been friends with for almost all of my life. That's obviously the straight line here.

Kyle: And saving lola is a byproduct, and I'm not supposed to question your motives? It wasn't that long ago that you --

Summer: What? That I what, that I said I love you? Yeah, kyle, you don't have to dance around the words. I'm not ashamed of it. At all.

Kyle: If you think this is your way to win me back, you can --

Summer: Oh, my god. You know, first of all, could you be more self-centered?

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Doing something because I care about you doesn't make it about you.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: And secondly... kyle, who cares what my motives are. You know, in this instance, they really are good and decent, because I care about you, and I hate seeing you like this. There's no -- no jokes, no smug smile -- nothing! And, yeah, lola may be the one that's stuck in the hospital bed, but you have the life just sucked out of you. And I hate it, okay? It hurts me seeing like this, and I just want to help you. And, you know what, even if i did have an agenda, who gives a damn? I have a liver that lola might need, and if you want to give me a purity test to make sure that I'm worthy or something, then, you know what, just have at it. Explain that to the doctors and to lola's family because I'm sure that they will be so impressed by your nobleness.

Kyle: Look, you're right. I'm sorry. My head is...messed up. It's great that you're here and that you're willing to get tested. Thank you. I mean it. Really.

Summer: Okay. All right, then let's do this.

Kyle: Hey, I got another volunteer.

Nate: That's amazing. All right, listen, head this way. The lab's on the left. The tech will tell you everything you need to know to get started, all right?

Summer: Okay. Wish me luck.

Kyle: Hey, um... it's got to help, right? The more people we get into the lab, the sooner that it'll deliver a result.

Nate: That is the hope, yes, but it's a long haul. A match is just the beginning.

Kyle: It'll happen. It has to.

Christine: Unfortunately, there's no audio to this footage. It was a complicated retrieval process of a deleted file. Ms. Copeland, do you recognize the women in this video?

Mariah: Yes.

Christine: And do you see them in the courtroom today?

Mariah: Yes.

Christine: Can you indicate them, please? Let the record show ms. Copeland is pointing to the defendants. And can you tell the jury if the time stamp indicates the night of the party?

Mariah: Yes, but --

Christine: Have you seen this video before?

Mariah: Yes.

Christine: The last night J.T. Hellstrom was seen alive?

Michael: Objection! Alludes to facts, not an evidence.

Christine: If you want me to go around and ask every single person on earth if they've seen J.T. Hellstrom --

Michael: Defense would be happy to adjourn till that time.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Counselors, please!

Christine: When did you first see this footage?

Mariah: I received a tip and I viewed it.

Christine: [ Scoffs ] And you didn't think to report it to the police?

Mariah: I work in media. I know how technology works. You know, videos can be faked or mislabeled. Somebody's head can be put another person's body. All this was was footage of women loading something into a car.

Christine: Women you knew, secretly moving around in the middle of the night.

Brittany: Objection. Improper characterization.


Christine: Women you knew, moving around in the middle of the night on an evening that you were with them, even partially. I mean, when is the last time you were at a party that ended in a donation run, including a rug?

Michael: Argumentative!

Christine: Never mind. I have no further questions.

Michael: Oh, no, please keep your seat, ms. Copeland. You're not done yet. To look at me now,

Devon: Hey, kyle. I'm sorry, dude.

Ana: Neither of us is a match.

Devon: Yeah. Um, listen, man. This isn't over, at all, because we can get more people in that lab.

Ana: Yeah, the clip of mariah asking for donors to get tested, you can put that on the gc buzz homepage. That gets tons of traffic.

Devon: Absolutely. I can get it to all my outlets on every platform possible, and it doesn't have to be local. There's couriers that transport donor organs all the time. So I can have the jet on standby.

Kyle: Thanks. Whatever you can think of.

Devon: Of course. We'll get it started, man, all right?

Ana: Yeah.

Devon: All right.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Uh, anything?

Summer: Hi.

Nate: Lab's on it.

Summer: Fingers crossed that I'm the golden ticket. I am strong, I'm healthy, I'm young, and my liver should be in good shape. I mean, I believe in moderation. Except for when I was in belize, but otherwise... [ Chuckles ] Okay, um, if I am a match... exactly how dangerous is the surgery for the donor?

Michael: So, you received this video as a tip.

Mariah: Yes.

Michael: Anonymously.

Mariah: Yes.

Michael: And by "anonymously" you mean you did not know the sender.

Mariah: That's kind of -- correct.

Michael: Well, there would have been at least a name or perhaps an e-mail address, even if you didn't recognize it. So, technically, not actually anonymous.

Mariah: Right, I guess.

Michael: You guess?

Mariah: I don't -- I didn'T... I didn't think about it.

Michael: Uh-huh. Yeah, well, did the e-mail go to the gc buzz account or your own personal account?& Oh, of course, we could subpoena to get access to both accounts, trace the exact date and time, and, of course, the sender's ip address. But I sense that you know where the video came from. Or, you could save the court a lot of time and money and tell us the real story about how you came to see this video.

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