Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/28/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/28/19


Episode #11562 ~ The Newmans plan their defense; Mariah takes matters into her own hands.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Mia: This means you can't arrest me for what I did to lola because, if you do... this baby gets born behind bars. You can't want that for your own child.

Kyle: Wake up now. I need you.

Nate: The fact is, her liver is failing. She's going to need a transplant.

All three defendants will be remanded into custody until trial. Bail is denied.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Billy: Victoria deserves a chance to get on the stand and tell her side of the story. If she's not able to give her testimony to the judge and the jury, tell them what she actually lived through, than this trial is over before it even started.

Sharon: Well, this is it. This is where the decide my fate.

Brittany: I'll do my best to get you cleared of these charges and back home, where you belong.

Sharon: What about nikki and victoria? How does this work with two attorneys?

Brittany: My job is to defend you, to present the best case for you.

Victoria: Michael, wouldn't it just be simpler for you to put us on the stand?

Michael: It would, but i can'T. You both lied multiple times while being questioned by the police. You repeatedly denied any knowledge of J.T.'S whereabouts or his death. No, I think silence is best. I'll get to the truth some other way. If I put you up there, christine will eviscerate you on cross-examination.

Nikki: So, how will you get to the truth another way?

Michael: Well, last night, i received a list of the witnesses christine intends to call. She has a strong case, but not without its weaknesses. I intend to exploit those to our advantage.

Nikki: Do you think there's a chance we could be acquitted?

Michael: Well, that's my goal, to get you both back home, where you belong.

Summer: Hey. You going to court?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, it'd mean a lot to your aunt victoria and your grandmother if you came with me.

Summer: Yeah, no, I was actually gonna ask you for a ride right now.

Nick: Good. They could use all the support we can give them. They've got the best lawyer, but christine's got some powerful weapons in her arsenal, too.

Summer: Yeah, you mean mom's testimony?

Nick: How'd you know about that?

Summer: Well, she told me about girls' night, their pact, and why she ultimately decided to spill the beans.

Nick: Must have been a hell of a conversation.

Summer: Yeah, it was a lot to process.

Nick: What do you think?

Summer: I mean, honestly, I -- I get why they did what they did. It was a matter of survival, and I also get why mom went to the da with what she knew. You don't, or else you wouldn't have kicked her out.

Nick: Phyllis is testifying against my mother, my sister, and the mom of my kids. So...what do you want from me?

Summer: I just want five minutes to change your mind.

Jack: Hey! You're late.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Yeah, well, I'm doing the single-parent thing with two kids and having a hard time filling their mother's shoes, so... I'm late. Why was I summoned?

Jack: You have to ask?

Billy: Is this about our plan to oust phyllis as C.E.O.?

Jack: No, we got a much bigger priority on-hand today. The trial.

Billy: Yeah. The trial. It's the only thing I can think about.

Jack: I think we need to go together, present a united abbott front.

Billy: I had a dream last night that victoria was convicted, sent to prison, jack. If that happens... if that happens, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Mariah: Tea? I send you for coffee, and you bring back tea?

Kyle: Chamomile. Soothes your nerves. I figured with the trial starting today...

Mariah: Can I take this up there on the stand with me?

Kyle: You'll be great.

Mariah: No, no, because I am already a certifiable mess. I can't eat, I am barely sleeping. I'm so terrified that I'm gonna say something that inadvertently gets my mom thrown into prison.

Kyle: I wish there was something I could do to help.

Mariah: You can. Change the subject. So, why did you want to see me today?

Kyle: Um... I got some bad news from abby last night. And I really need your help.

Mariah: Today?

Kyle: It's a matter of life and death.

Mia: Morning.

Rey: Hey.

Mia: You sleep at all last night?

Rey: No. Got a lot on my mind with the trial starting today.

Mia: When do you have to testify?

Rey: I'm not sure.

Mia: Are you on your way to court?

Rey: I can't be in the courtroom since I'm on the witness list.

Mia: Good. That'll give us time to talk. Any news on lola?

Rey: I spoke to arturo. There's no change.

Mia: I was up half the night worrying about her. All this stress is probably bad for the baby.

Rey: Must be.

Mia: Rey, I need to know. Are you gonna turn me in for what I did to lola? You've tried moisturizer after moisturizer...

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Nick: I don't want to get into a debate about this with you, summer. It's time to go.

Summer: Okay, can you just hear me out and try to see this from mom's point of view? She had to make a tough call -- either go to jail with the rest of them or try to find a way out for all of them.

Nick: If she hadn't cut a deal with the da, nobody would have been charged.

Summer: Okay, all I'm asking is that you keep an open mind and try to give mom the benefit of the doubt.

Nick: Phyllis is testifying against my mother and my sister. Now, I don't want to hear another word about this. All right? And neither do your aunt victoria or your grandmother. Do not bring phyllis' name up to them. You stay positive and you let them know how much you love them. That is all they need from you today. You got it?

Victor: Sweetheart.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Thank goodness you're here.

Victor: Sweetheart...

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Is there anything that you need, hmm?

Nikki: Only you.

Victoria: Dad, how are you? Are you okay?

Victor: Anxious for this farce to be over with. I want my family back together again.

Victoria: Yes.

Billy: Hey. How are you?

Victoria: Hey.

Billy: Get some rest?

Victoria: No, I -- I didn'T. I couldn't stop thinking about you and the kids. How are they doing?

Billy: They're good, you know, they miss their mom. They're hoping that she comes home soon.

Victoria: I miss them, too. Tell them that I said I love them.

Billy: Of course.

Victoria: Okay.

Billy: Every morning, noon, and night.

Victoria: All right.

Nikki: Thank you so much for coming, jack.

Jack: Abby is held up at work, but she will definitely be here.

Victoria: Oh, good. I'm happy she's coming.

Jack: You know, it's time like these that you realize what's important, what really matters -- the support of family and friends who love you, and you both have a limitless supply of those.

Victor: Thank you, jack.

Jack: Hey.

Sharon: Jack. I didn't think you'd be here today.

Jack: I wouldn't be anywhere else. How you doing?

Sharon: I don't think I've ever been so frightened in my life.

Jack: When you get nervous, just look around the courtroom. Realize there are a lot of people here rooting for you and nikki and victoria. We've got your back.

Arturo: Looks like you need a new liver. Rey and me have been searching like crazy, trying to see who's gonna be the lucky guy who gets to save your life. I was hoping it would be me, but no such luck. Same with rey. Not a match. But don't you worry, we are gonna get through this. Okay? It is just a matter of time before we find a donor. You are gonna pull through, lola. You have to. There's still so much left for you to do, so... I need you to hold on. You hear me? Hold on.

Kyle: Where's your guy?

Mariah: He'll be here. Kyle, are you sure you know what you're doing?

Kyle: Yeah.

Mariah: But if rey and arturo see you...

Kyle: Mariah, I know, okay?

Mariah: All I'm saying is maybe you should have just cleared this with them first.

Kyle: Just do your thing. If anyone has any issues, I'll take full responsibility.

[ Sighs ]

Mia: How was your walk? Did it clear things up for you?

Rey: Maybe.

Mia: I'm so sorry to put you in this position, rey.

Rey: So am I. My whole life, the only thing I've wanted is to be a person people can look up to. A role model because I didn't have one.

Mia: That's one of the reasons I love you so much. That's what gonna make you an amazing father. And I know it can't be easy, deciding what to do about me... and the baby.

Rey: You have no idea. I don't like to make decisions based on my emotions. That's, uh... that's a dangerous way to live. And I've never let my personal feelings get in the way of enforcing the law, even when it meant someone I knew was gonna pay the price. And it is killing me that you went after abby looking for a fight, and now my sister's in the hospital.

Mia: I never meant to hurt lola.

Rey: I know, mia. I know, it was an accident. I believe you. But you lied about it to protect yourself. And you're damn lucky she survived -- so far, because if she doesn'T...

Mia: No, don't even think like that.

Rey: Christine is gonna come down hard on you. Pregnant or not, she's gonna make sure that you pay the price for what you did.

Mia: But what do you want?

Rey: I'll tell you what i -don't want. Our baby born in prison...

Mia: Does this mean you won't turn me in?

Rey: It'll remain our secret. Forever.

Mariah: Good morning, and welcome to a very special live edition of gc buzz. I'm mariah copeland, and I am reporting to you from the icu at genoa city memorial. Today, I want to tell you a story about a young woman who is fighting for her life as we speak. Lola rosales -- if you're familiar with that name, maybe that's because you've enjoyed a meal at her food truck or her pop-up restaurant. But today, she needs your help. This is... kyle abbott. He is a very, very dear friend of lola'S. Why don't you tell us about her?

Kyle: Um... lola is...the most wonderful woman I've ever known. She's a million things at once, and all of them good. She's a talented chef. Passionate, dedicated, funny, generous, and she brings out the best in everyone around her. When I first met lola, she had this crazy dream of running her own restaurant. It happened for her. She's magic like that, you know? She was a couple weeks away from having everything she ever wanted, and then she got assaulted. We don't know by who or why. All we know is she needs our help.

Mariah: She needs a transplant. The amazing thing about the living donation program is that the donor gives a part of their liver, and over the next few weeks, it regenerates. It grows inside the donor and the recipient. A quick and painless blood test is the first step into finding out if you're a match. So, please, come on down, get tested. There's more information on our website. The greatest gift that you can give is the gift of life. I'm mariah copeland for gc buzz. Till next time. We did it.

Kyle: What do we do now?

Mariah: We wait and hope, pray.

Arturo: You have something to do with this broadcast?

Kyle: Yeah. Everything.

Arturo: And you didn't even think to ask me if I was okay with it?

Kyle: You didn't even cross my mind. So if you're looking for an apology, you can forget it.

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart.

Nick: How you doing, vick?

Victoria: I wish I knew. Summer, I'm so glad you came. Thank you.

Summer: No, of course, I mean, we're family.

Victor: Times like these, we have to present a united front.

Nick: Excuse me one second.

Nick: Hey, jack. Can I talk to sharon for a minute?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Be strong. I'm rooting for you.

Sharon: Thanks, jack. Means the world.

Nick: How you doing?

Sharon: Well, I'm more concerned about faith. How is she?

Nick: Uh, she's doing a lot better. Dad's spending a lot of time with her down at the stables. Mariah's helping out with the homework, picking up the slack. Faith really wanted to be here today.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] God, no. As much as I'm dying to see her, this is the last place she should be.

Nick: No, I talked to her. She understands. She just wanted me to send along her love.

Sharon: This can't be easy for you, either. Your mother and your sister on trial.. are you getting any sleep?

Nick: I'll be a lot better once the jury comes back with a "not guilty" verdict.

Billy: So, you and J.T. -- You were close for a while.

Brittany: We were.

Billy: I'm sure you've got mixed feelings.

Brittany: Well, after I heard about what kind of a man J.T. Became, I set my feelings aside. I thought I knew him. And it just never would have crossed my mind that he was capable of what he did.

Billy: Well, I guess we really don't know anyone, do we?

Brittany: But I know this -- sharon shouldn't be in prison.

Billy: None of them should be.

Brittany: All I have to do is convince 12 strangers of that.

Billy: Yeah.

Kyle: Did you really think i was gonna sit back and do nothing, after I found out, from my cousin, that lola needed a liver transplant? We need as many people tested as we can because she won't get better until she has that operation.

Mariah: Kyle thought if we shot the story at the icu, it would have the most impact. And, yes, maybe he should have cleared it with you first...

Kyle: But I know the way you think about me. So I figured you'd say no.

Arturo: So you went ahead and did it anyway.

Mariah: Kyle stuck his neck out for lola, and I am really hoping that you chop it off while I'm gone. I have to get to the courthouse. I'll be in touch.

Kyle: I owe you one.

Mariah: Yeah, I know. I have a long memory, too.

Kyle: Good luck! Look, you need to know there's nothing I won't do for lola. And if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

Arturo: You gonna let me talk now? Because I got a few choice words for you.

Kyle: Look, whatever it is you have to say, arturo --

Arturo: Thank you, kyle. Really, thank you.

Mia: Thank you for protecting me. Protecting us. What do I do now? When the lead detective runs the dna he found on my earring...

Rey: I don't think they're gonna find anything. You're not in the system. Besides, that earring could have belonged to anybody. Friend, family... employee of the abbotts. Eddie and the guys will keep investigating until they run out of leads. The case will go cold, and it'll end up at the bottom of a pile.&

Mia: You know, our little one gets a shot at life with nothing hanging over his head, raised by two parents that love him. And each other.

Rey: This baby means more than anything to me. I will always be its father.

Mia: And our marriage? Are we staying together because your head is telling you it's the moral thing to do? Or because your heart can't imagine living without me?

District attorney williams, you may proceed with your opening statement.

Christine: Thank you, your honor. Ladies and gentlemen on the jury, we're gathered here today because on april 13, 2018, nikki newman and her co-defendants engaged in a conspiracy to cover up a brutal death. Now, the defense will try and tell you that they are unjustly accused and there shouldn't be a trial. But it's your job to focus on the fact that nikki newman did kill J.T. Hellstrom. And with the help of her daughter victoria newman and her former daughter-in-law sharon newman, they conspired to conceal his death. On the night in question, the three defendants and others that you'll hear from later on had a party, a girls' night. They were trying to raise victoria's spirits after a painful breakup with J.T. You see, the man she was once married to, the man with whom she shares a son with was no longer the man she believed him to be. He had grown emotionally and physically abusive. She also found out that he was working undercover at their family's company trying to prove that her father was engaging in illegal business practices. So with all of this weighing on her mind, she just wanted to go upstairs and be alone. But she wasn't alone. J.T. Had broken in and confronted her about ending their relationship. They argued, it escalated. Nikki and sharon ran to her aid.

Victor: It was a hell of a lot more than an argument.

Christine: Nikki grabbed a poker from the fireplace and she viciously brought it down on J.T.'S head, ending his life. And then what happened next? Did they call the police? Did they call emergency services for some assistance? No. None of the above. I'll show a video tape of these three fine, upstanding citizens rolling this man up in a rug and disposing of his body. They buried him unceremoniously at a park owned by nikki newman, and they made this blood oath that they would never speak of this again, that the truth would never come to light. Now, I understand J.T. Hellstrom was no angel. He had his faults. But nobody deserves to die that way -- killed in cold blood and dumped in a park. And yet, these three women, they believed they would get away with it. They think they're above the law for some reason, and I don't know why.

Victor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that's an egregious misconstruction of the facts.

[ Gavel bangs ]


"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Mr. Newman, if you cannot control yourself, I will have you removed from my courtroom.

Victor: Your honor, are we dealing with facts or fabrication? The truth is, ms. Williams has a vendetta against the newman family.

Mr. Newman --

Victor: She is no longer interested in justice for J.T. Hellstrom. She just wants to put a newman behind bars.

Nick: Dad. Dad.

Nick: It's a feather in her cap.

Nick: It's not the time.

Christine: The prosecution requests that the jury being instructed to ignore mr. Newman's outburst and that he be banned from the courtroom for the remainder of the trial.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you are hereby instructed to disregard mr. Newman's outburst --

Victor: Your honor, this has been a witch hunt from day 1!

Mr. Newman, I will give you the choice to leave on your own volition, or I will have you escorted from the premesis.

Victor: Your honor --

Michael: Your honor, I'm sure mr. Newman regrets his outburst and will leave peaceably and allow us to continue without further interruption.

As you were saying, counselor...

Christine: Oh, well, thank you, but as mr. Newman just demonstrated, the elite see lawful prosecution as personal persecution, something from which they should be excluded. Their privileged lifestyle should put them above criminal charges. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's time show the newmans of this nation that they are just like the rest of us, that there is justice for all, and that they will not get away with murder.

Arturo: Look, man, I know you have feelings for my little sister. And even though I don't approve of your methods, I know they come from the heart. But next time you get any bright ideas, just, you know, run 'em past me first.

Kyle: Will do.

Arturo: You want to go in there and see her?

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that very much.

Arturo: What are you waiting for?

Kyle: Thanks.

Arturo: Go.

Mia: I should know better by now, asking a question when I'm not prepared for the answer.

Rey: I'm just trying to find the right words.

Mia: Take all the time you need.

Rey: You know, timing's a funny thing. Just the other day, I walk out of here, figured if you want my brother, there's no room for me here. Start my next chapter someplace else.

Mia: With someone else?

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Mia: I could never love anyone the way I love you, rey.

Rey: [ Scoffs ] Our timing is so off. You went off and attack my sister and lie about it. Now you're telling me you're pregnant.

Mia: That's not the way i wanted it to happen.

Rey: But maybe this gift we've been given is a sign that we're meant to stay together.

Mia: You do mean it, don't you?

Rey: It's gonna take a lot of time, mia. And forgiveness.

Mia: I'm ready to do whatever it takes. I swear.

Rey: My head, though... it keeps telling me you never wanted kids. So it makes me wonder -- are you happy that you're pregnant? Or just happy it's keeping me from turning you in?

Brittany: My esteemed colleague, mr. Michael baldwin, is representing two of the defendants in this case, ms. Victoria newman and mrs. Nikki newman. I am the attorney for sharon newman. Now, it's important that you consider the case against sharon on its own merit, separate from the actions of nikki and her daughter victoria. While it's true that sharon was at that girls' night, that does not mean that she participated in or instigated any criminal behavior. I am confident that once you hear the facts of this case, you will find no basis to convict my client of any of the charges against her. Thank you.

Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Yes, your honor. Hello. Ladies and gentlemen, there is one thing about which the prosecution and I agree. When we're finished our work here, and it's time for you to deliberate, you must consider the facts. The facts alone. And the fact is, everything you've just heard from the prosecution is pure conjecture. Their case is base entirely on the claims of phyllis summers, who was arrested along with these women you see before you. Yeah, arrested. How is she not at the defense table? Well, she agreed to testify for the prosecution in exchange for her immunity. She handed over her version of the truth in exchange for her freedom. Remember that when she takes the stand. Remember that when she tells you her version of the truth. Ask yourselves -- how far will the prosecution's star witness go to save herself? Everything that ms. Summers says must be carefully considered, evaluated, questioned. Is it the truth? Can she be trusted? The prosecution has also mentioned video footage, but, as you will undoubtedly see, that video proves nothing. It does not prove mr. Hellstrom's death at the hands of nikki newman. It does not prove these women were moving a body. Nikki newman is charged with second-degree intentional homicide. Victoria newman is accused of being a party to it, of helping to cover it up. But, ladies and gentlemen, while you're listening to their stories and watching the video, keep this in the front of your mind. There is insufficient evidence that these crimes were committed. There is insufficient evidence that jeffrey todd hellstrom is even deceased. And why? Because there is no body. Thank you.

We will take a five-minute recess, after which, we will hear from the prosecution's first witness.

Mia: I was afraid of having a baby, of...the fact that that baby would change my life -- our lives -- forever. But then the strangest thing happened when I started thinking I was pregnant. It was like everything I had done was leading up to this. To becoming a mother. And I was happy. I wanted this baby. Your baby. I wanted to wake up at 4:00 am to feed her and --

Rey: Her?

Mia: Read our child stories at bedtime. I love this frijolito so much more than I could love anything. And, yes, I'm scared. Scared that I'll make all the wrong decisions or that you'll stop loving me.

Rey: That's -- that's not gonna happen.

Mia: Good. Because as long as I have you by my side, I know everything's going to work out. This baby really is the best thing that's ever happened to us.

Rey: Then... let's make it official. Let's go to a doctor, get you both checked out, make sure you're both on track. I mean, we don't even have a due date yet, do we?

Mia: I've already called the best ob in town. I'm just waiting for a call.

Rey: Good. Make sure you tell me the date and time. I want to be there for every milestone, okay? The ultrasound, first time we hear the heartbeat, finding out the gender of the baby.

[ Chuckles ] I can't wait to tell everybody I'm gonna be a dad.

Mia: No, rey, you can't do that.

Kyle: Hey, lola. It's me. Told you I'd be back. And, this time, I didn't even have to impersonate a doctor. Arturo gave me the go-ahead to come visit. Guess he realized he couldn't keep me away from your forever.

[ Chuckles ] Nothing can.

Arturo: He's been going on and on about how you'd want him to be here. This guy really doesn't know when to stop.

Kyle: Not when it comes to my love for you.

Arturo: Hey, but if I'm wrong, if you want me to kick this guy out, just say the word, and he's gone.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] That's okay. You rest up. You've got a fight ahead. You're gonna need all your strength.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Arturo: You need to take that?

Kyle: It's a text from nate. The results from the blood test are in.

Arturo: I'm gonna go get some air. You need anything?

Kyle: No, thanks.

[ Sighs ] I know it sounds crazy. But I was sure I'd be a match, the one who could save your life. But maybe I still can. See, what I didn't tell you is mariah did a segment about you on the gc buzz, trying to spread the word that you needed a liver donation. And all it takes is the right person to get tested, and if it doesn't come from your family, then maybe it's one of the viewers. We'll start local, and go global because I am ready to go to the ends of the earth to help you.

Rey: What's the problem? Why don't you want anybody to know about the baby?

Mia: Well, of course I want people to know. It's just -- it's so early.

Rey: Okay. We can at least tell our family, you know?

Mia: I want to keep this our little secret. Our little dream come true. Just until we're sure.

Rey: All right. Whatever you say. But when the time comes, I got to warn you, nothing is gonna stop me from shouting it from the rooftops.

Mia: I want you to know how much I appreciate what you're doing -- protecting me, protecting the baby... it means more than you know.

Brittany: How you doing?

Sharon: I'm still scared to death. Not for myself, but for mariah.

Brittany: If your daughter's half as strong as you are, she'll be just fine.

Sharon: All she wants to do is protect me, but that's just blood in the water for the da. She'll use her against me.

Brittany: And mariah knows that. She's smart. Whatever damage is done, I'll fix it on cross.

Sharon: I just wish she had never gotten dragged into this.

Nikki: That was quite a performance.

Michael: I'm merely stating the truth.

Victoria: No, you did an amazing job. I think you gave the jury a lot to consider.

Michael: Thanks.

Nick: I'm gonna borrow this guy for a second.

Nikki: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah, of course.

Michael: I'll be right back.

Nick: Look, I know it's early, but you've seen the jury, you've gotten a feel for the judge. What do you think my mom and sister's chances are?

Michael: Well, I can't predict the future. But, to be honest... I think we're facing an uphill battle.

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