Y&R Transcript Friday 2/22/19

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/22/19


Episode #11559 ~ Victor defends his family; Nick's world is rocked.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Kyle: Lola loved me! She never once tried to hurt me. It's all you do.

Abby: This is about lola. She was found unconscious in the pool at my family's house, and it was no accident.

Nate: Lola's brothers made it perfectly clear that you're not allowed in there.

Kyle: Summer's spoiled. Wants what she wants. She'll do pretty much anything to get it.

Rey: Did you see her between the time she left the cabin and the time she showed up at the hospital?

Kyle: No!

Sharon: I confided in you because I believed that I could trust you, that you could protect me and the others.

Phyllis: I will give you every detail of J.T.'S murder.

Christine: See you in court because you're my star witness.

Nikki: Oh, darling... how are you doing? I've been so worried about you.

Victoria: I'm -- I'm okay. I'm just still trying to figure out how we got here. I didn't say anything new to incriminate us.

Nikki: Well, I stuck to my story, as well.

Victoria: Do you think that sharon might have said something?

Nikki: No. After everything that we've been through, I -- I can't imagine her doing that. How are you holding up?

Sharon: I've been better. Obviously, I'm nervous about what's gonna happen to us today.

Victoria: Speaking of which, we're missing one. Where's phyllis?

Nick: I haven't been able to speak to mom or vick, but michael thinks their chances for bail are pretty good.

Phyllis: Yeah, I have no doubt. Your father, you know, made bail, and he was charged with murder. The ladies are gonna be facing far-less severe charges now that the truth about J.T.'S death is out there.

Nick: Yeah. Well, the arraignment starts soon. We should be going.

Phyllis: Yeah, um, about that, I don't think I'm gonna go.

Nick: What? Why not?

Rey: You got everything you need for the hearing?

Christine: Our case is solid. I mean, it took us a while to get here. We had a few bumps along the way, but I really appreciate that you kept on digging till we got to the truth.

Rey: Anything else you need me to do right now?

Christine: I got it.

Rey: Okay.

Christine: Besides, you must be worried about your sister.

Rey: Her condition hasn't changed, but she's the toughest kid I know.

Christine: Okay, give my thoughts and prayers to your family.

Rey: Thank you.

Rey: Need some help with that?

I got it.

Rey: What is it?

It's the coat lola was wearing when she was attacked.

Mia: Abby! That is such an interesting coat.

Abby: It was an early christmas present from arturo with an assist from lola.

Rey: That's not her coat.

Abby: There's still no change in her condition.

Kyle: Talk to arturo for me, please. I can't work, I can't think about anything else. I need to see her, and I know you can convince him.

Abby: Look, you have to understand, this is hard on him, too.

Kyle: I know it is! But I also know that if I just spend a little time with her and sit by her side, she might know I'm there and feel how much i love her. Come back to us, come back to me.

Abby: That's a wonderful thought, but... after what happened between the two of you...

Kyle: She was coming over to get back together!

Abby: And, yes, I believe that, but it's harder for arturo. He's just being protective of his sister.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] If there's anything you could, I'd appreciate it.

Abby: I'll do what I can, okay?

Kyle: Yeah. Thanks.

Summer: You have some nerve talking to me at the hospital the way that you did. You think I'm trying to ruin your life, when, really, you're trying to ruin mine.

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Summer: I am talking about rey rosales. Whatever you said to him about me caused him to hunt me down and ask me questions about lola's attack, like I'm a suspect.

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Arturo: [ Sighs ] You win, lo. You really scared the hell out of rey and me, so you can wake up now. We really need you to come back to us. Our family is not a family without you. Lola, you're the glue. I know that there's been friction these last few months and that, you know, we haven't handled things like we should have, but we're gonna try harder. We're gonna be better.

Mia: How is she?

Arturo: The doctor says all we can do is wait for her regain consciousness. But this really starting to scare me.

Mia: We can't think like that. She's going to wake up. She has to. Because she doesn't deserve this. Not lola. She has her whole life to live and all of her dreams right in front her, waiting to come true. There's nothing I wouldn't do to turn back time, just... one day, to stop this from happening to her.

Phyllis: I just don't think it's necessary for me to be there.

Nick: The four of you have been in this together since the night J.T. Died. And if you really think what you told the police helps them, why wouldn't you want to be there?

Phyllis: I do think that i helped them, and I want to support them, but -- [ Sighs ] The optics on this look terrible for me. Jabot does not need a C.E.O. On the front row of a murder trial. Nobody knows about my arrest. I need to keep it that way.

Nick: Look, I get the corporate angle. The perception for dark horse hasn't been great, either, but i have to be there for my family. And I don't understand why you can't be there for me.

Phyllis: I am gonna be there with you. I am, in spirit.

Nick: That's not good enough. We live together, we're partners. We have to present a united front. I don't understand. Please do this.

Phyllis: Okay, is this a test of my loyalty? Why are you pushing so hard?

Nick: Why are you pushing back?

Phyllis: Okay. I'll go. You come first. You always do.

Nick: Thank you.

Phyllis: All right.

Nick: I'll see you in the car.

Phyllis: Yeah. I'll be right behind you. Christine, looks like your star witness is gonna be making an appearance sooner than we thought.

Nikki: How is it possible that phyllis is late?

Victoria: I don't know, maybe she's picking out just the right outfit to be arraigned in.

Nikki: She always has to make a grand entrance, even at her own bail hearing.

Sharon: Maybe they're arraigning her separately from us.

Victoria: Why would they do that?

Michael: Can I have a word, you two?

Michael: We have a problem.

Victoria: What?

Michael: The statements you gave to the police -- they're full of holes and contradictions.

Nikki: Michael, I told you. I am responsible for J.T.'S death -- me, alone.

Michael: Nikki, no one believes that story. No one. It is unsustainable. And not really one you want to stick to anyway, for your own sake. We need to get on the same page before the trial in order to mount an affective defense. Luckily today, all we need to do is get you out on bail. The two of you are gonna plead "not guilty." That's all you're gonna say. All right, are we clear?

Victoria: Very.

Nikki: Yes.

Brittany: All you need to say is "I plead not guilty." Leave the rest up to me.

Sharon: Sounds good. Uh, will you excuse me a moment? My daughter's here. Hey.

Mariah: How are you? How are they treating you?

Sharon: Mm, I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me.

Mariah: Okay, good. Um, but there is something that I need to tell you. Christine called me in for another interview.

Sharon: Why? You already told the police everything you know.-Mariah: Well, this time, christine seemed to know a lot more about certain things, and i might have given her more ammunition, I'm not sure. I just really hope that I didn't say anything that can make things worse for you.

Sharon: Do not concern yourself with that. If she or anyone else asks you questions, you just tell the truth. Don't put yourself in jeopardy because of what I did.

Mariah: But you could be facing serious jail time, and it seems like everything is coming to the surface now. And I'm worried it might be everyone for themselves. I see the newmans hired their own attorney.

Sharon: I wouldn't read too much into that. At this point, I don't see victoria or nikki turning on me.

Mariah: It's not them that I'm worried about. It's him.

Mariah: We can't underestimate victor. We know what he's capable of and the lengths that he's gone to hurt you in the past.

Sharon: He knows that I've been protecting nikki, and she's already confessed to killing J.T.

Victor: Good morning, ladies. This is a day I hoped would never come. But now that it has, let's hope for the best.

Mariah: Let's, for all of us.

Victor: Hello. Hello, hello, hello.

Victoria: Hi, dad.

Victor: Mm, hello.

Victor: We'll get through this, okay? Stand strong.

Nikki: We will.

Victoria: I'm so glad you came, dad.

Victor: I have been working night and day to get these charges dropped, okay? Even brought money for when the judge grants bail.

Victor: I hate this. I hate this for you. I'd rather be standing trial.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I just thought by doing it this way that my family would be safe. Now victoria's in the middle of it, being charged.

Victor: Watching you two suffer is infinitely worse than going through trial myself. But I promise you, my baby. This won't stand.

Kyle: I don't need to defend myself to you. Rey asked questions, and i answered them.

Summer: What did you tell him, that I'm some violent maniac who attacked lola?

Kyle: Of course not! But he knew you were at the cabin that night, and he knew you were an issue lola and i were dealing with.

Summer: I'm an issue?

Kyle: He was asking what kind of person you are.

Summer: And what did you tell him?

Kyle: I don't remember, exactly. I think he asked if you were manipulative and deceitful.

Summer: Oh, my god, and you said no, right?

Kyle: You are those things sometimes!

Summer: [ Gasps ] Rey's investigating a crime. Do you have any idea how that makes me look?

Kyle: I don't know what I was thinking, summer! I know I wasn't thinking about you -- at all.

Arturo: I can't do anything to help my sister, it's so frustrating.

Abby: I know, but... I have to believe that she knows that we're here, that she can feel all the love around her.

Arturo: I hope so. Rey and I have always taken care of her. Her whole life. We always tried to make sure that even when my parents weren't around or available that she had us. You know, a family that loved and supported her.

Abby: You are a great brother. Rey, too. Lola is very lucky. She has a lot of people who care about her.

Arturo: She does.

Abby: Including kyle.

Arturo: Abby...

Abby: I'm just saying, he loves her, and I know she loves him, too.

Arturo: Abby, they broke up, and not in the friendliest way.

Abby: All relationships have their complications.

Arturo: He cheated on her and he broke her heart.

Abby: That doesn't negate everything they had till that point. He just wants to be able to visit her.

Arturo: Abby, the last time that lola saw kyle, it was painful and traumatic for her. Okay? Imagine if she wakes up and sees him and has some kind of setback or something. I am not letting anyone near lola who might upset her.

Abby: What about mia?

Arturo: Mia's family, it's different.

Abby: I know, but --

Arturo: Look, despite our problems, she's like a sister to lola. She's beside herself.

Abby: [ Sighs ] I can't change your mind about kyle?

Arturo: The only way he's going in there is if lola wakes up and asks to see him.

Rey: Hey. I got hear as soon as I could. Any news?

Arturo: Still the same.

Rey: Maybe we should talk to her doctors again.

Arturo: It's just a waiting game at this point.

Rey: It's not our forte. But I may have some news on lola's attacker.

Arturo: Really?

Rey: Yeah. I ran into eddie at the station, and he's got a new piece of evidence.

Victoria: How's everything at home?

Billy: It's fine. I told them that their mother is away on work and that I'll be staying with them in the meantime. And, you know, that means pizza for dinner, so they're stoked.

Victoria: How long did you tell them I would be away for?

Billy: I didn't because I'm betting that you'll be home today.

Victoria: I hope so, but if that doesn't work out, would you --

Billy: I'll stay with them as long as I need to. You know that I love being with the kids. And if it ends up being longer, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, but I don't want you thinking like that right now, okay?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I'm sure you have a lot of questions right now.

Billy: Nothing that needs to be explained right now. You just need to know that I am on your side. I always have been, and I always will be.

Victoria: I don't know what to say.

Michael: Victoria, please, it's time.

Victoria: I should go. So, why hasn't this hearing started already?

Michael: We're missing the da.

Brittany: I don't like this. Something's up.

Good morning, everyone. Are we all here, ready to begin?

Michael: Yes, your honor.

Brittany: We are.

Christine: All set, your honor.

Rey: This stays between us for now, all right?

Abby: Yeah.

Rey: Eddie has the coat that lola was wearing the night she was attacked. The thing is, it's not hers, but I think I know who it belongs to.

Abby: Wait, no, it was mine. It's the coat that arturo gave me for christmas. And I gave it to lola that night because she wanted to walk home and she forget hers at the cabin.

Arturo: Because she couldn't get away from kyle fast enough.

Abby: What does my coat have to do with any of this?

Rey: We're gonna test it for dna to see if they can identify the attacker. I'll let them know that you're gonna find your dna and maybe arturo's but they can rule both of you out.

Abby: Thank you. Are there another leads?

Rey: No. Not yet. They're still testing everything they found at the scene.

Mia: Hey, baby.

Rey: Hey.

Mia: You left work early to come here?

Rey: Yeah. It doesn't feel right when I'm not here doing something to help find the person who hurt lola.

Abby: Well, I've been thinking about that. What if I offered a reward for information that leads to the arrest of lola's attacker?

Arturo: You would do that?

Abby: Of course. What's more important than this?

Kyle: Lola had just been attacked, and I was upset and angry. When you came to the hospital that night and I said I could see you wanting to confront her, maybe following her back to town, I meant that. Because that's something you would do, whether you want to admit it or not! But do I really think you're capable of physically attacking someone? No. And when I realized that's what rey was trying to get me to say, I told him there was no way.

Summer: Really? Did -- did you really say that? Because that is not the message that I was getting from him at all. He was definitely treating me like a suspect?

Kyle: Well, what do you want me to say? I'm a suspect, too! He was grilling me about our relationship. About if lola and I fought about you, if I was the type of guy that loses my temper. It was ridiculous. And I couldn't even muster up the energy to get mad because all I was thinking about was her -- not you, not me, just her.

Summer: Okay, I get it. I get it, kyle.

Kyle: No, I don't think you do! I could barely even listen to rey because I was so desperate to see her! To get back to her bedside, to hold her hand, to tell her that I love her.

Summer: Wait, you love her?

Kyle: Yes, I do. I've already told you that. But now I'm scared and I'm lost because she's not getting better, and... after everything we've been through... I -- I can't lose her now.

Christine: Your honor, i would like to amend the state's complaint against the three defendants related to the death of J.T. Hellstrom.

Well, I can't say I'm entirely surprised, counselor. Since a few weeks ago, you were charging victor newman with murder in this case, then postponed the trial and dropped the charges. To ensure that doesn't happen again, I would like you to present your probable cause before you formally bring charges.

Christine: Yes, ma'am.

Brittany: If the judge doesn't think there's sufficient probable cause, she can reject the da's charges and dismiss the case.

Christine: I have physical evidence which I have detailed in the charging briefs, as well as information from a witness who's willing to testify that nikki newman did kill J.T. Hellstrom. This testimony will also prove that victoria newman and sharon newman helped bury the body and for months has conspired with nikki newman to cover up the crime.

Michael: Your honor, who is this witness? This is the first time we've heard of it.

Christine: Phyllis summers.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

I'm calling for a short recess so I can review the charging documents.

Nick: You are a witness for the prosecution? That's why you were released?

Phyllis: Nikki's confession made it sound like she was a cold-blooded killer. It was helping no one. The cops weren't buying her story anyway. They were gonna come up with their own version of events. I gave them what they needed to hear, which was the truth, that she was protecting her daughter, that this was not premeditated. I explained it in a way that showed the women in the best possible light.

Nick: So they just opened up your cell and let you walk out.

Phyllis: My account of what happened held weight because i was the only other person there. I was able to give them proof.

Nick: They gave you immunity, and you rolled over on everyone.

Billy: So you betray nikki, sharon, and vicki to save yourself, phyllis?

Phyllis: I am telling you, they are going to better off this way.

Billy: [ Scoffs ]

Victor: You may have made a deal with the prosecution, but if my wife and my daughter go down as collateral damage, you're gonna have to deal with me.

Nikki: We should have known phyllis had flipped on us from the second she was late to the hearing. She has been waiting all this time for a reason to do it. Christine finally gave it to her.

Victoria: I'm gonna talk to her.

Victor: No, no, no. Sweetheart, no, no, no. I just talked to her, okay? She knows her actions will have ramifications.

Victoria: I want her to look me in the eye and explain what she's done.

Michael: Victoria, I wouldn't advise it. Anything you say can be used against you at trial.

Victor: Listen to michael, please.

Victoria: Fine. Fine. But she's equally involved in this as all of us are.

Victor: Absolutely.

Mariah: What were we thinking trusting phyllis?

Sharon: Making a deal was very underhanded. And very phyllis. But the truth was probably going to come out one way or another, anyway.

Mariah: All right, you get to be understanding because you're you, but I can be furious for you. What does this mean for my mom's case?

Brittany: We're about to find out.

Abby: What do you think? A reward might draw out someone who wouldn't normally come forward with information.

Arturo: I think it's a great idea.

Rey: The thing is, it'll draw out all sorts of other people who have no real info. We'd get all sorts of fake tips that would probably hinder the investigation.

Arturo: I think it's still worth a shot, though. We can do it privately, outside of the police. Go through the tips ourselves.

Rey: Arturo, none of you guys are trained in this. It would be all-consuming and probably lead to a wild goose chase.

Mia: Rey knows how this works. If he think it's not a good idea, maybe we should listen to him.

Abby: Of course. You're right. I'm sorry, I was just trying to help.

Rey: No, no, thank you for the suggestion. And for being here as part of the family.

Abby: Well, I feel lucky and thankful to be joining the family soon.

Mia: The most important thing right now is that lola wakes up. Okay? We need to focus on doing what we can to bring her back to us.

Abby: You're right. Nothing else matters but that. Which is why I wanted to apologize for what happened on valentine's day. I never meant for our argument to get out of control.

Mia: It's okay. Water under the bridge.

Abby: I take full responsibility for starting the fight, and all of those ugly things I said to you, I didn't mean them.

Mia: We all do things we regret.

Abby: I just wish I could take back that whole night.

Mia: Me, too.

Abby: Do you forgive me?

Michael: A moment, christine?

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Looks like nikki and victoria want to kill me next.

Nick: Do you blame them? I'm gonna check my messages.

Michael: Full immunity to phyllis. Do you really think she's the most reliable of witnesses?

Christine: [ Scoffs ] We'll see. You're welcome to cross-examine her at the trial.

Michael: Oh, I'm planning to. She should have been charged with the same crimes as my clients. So she has every reason to lie.

Christine: I'm confident she's telling the truth. Too bad your clients didn't do the same when they had the chance.

Rey: You didn't mention that you and abby got into a fight on valentine's day.

Mia: When I was calling you and leaving you messages that night and I said I was going crazy, that's what I was talking about. I was at the club waiting for you when she came over with the intention of provoking me. To pick a fight. I am not proud of what happened, but I appreciate her apologizing and admitting she started it.

Rey: Let me guess -- she started it, you ended it.

Mia: That's what you love about me, that I don't back down from a fight.

Rey: Not always. I've had to bail you out of sticky situations more than once.

Mia: Where do things stand with lola's case? I mean, is detective any closer to finding the person who did this to her?

Rey: No, not yet. He's struggling to find motive. The working theory is that lola walked in a burglary, but... there's not much to support that.

Mia: Have you considered that maybe someone targeted lola because of you?

Rey: What?

Mia: I'm just saying, you're a cop who's made a lot of enemies, especially lately. With the J.T. Hellstrom case, I mean, maybe this was someone sending a message to you.

Kyle: Even if I hadn't talked to rey, he'd still probably want to question you. It's common knowledge you don't like lola.

Summer: Okay, no, that is not true. Just because I think that she's the wrong girl for you doesn't mean that I think that there's something wrong with her, like in general.

Kyle: That's lovely.

Summer: Okay, no, no, the person that I am upset with here is you. You're the one that told me that everything that happened between you and I back at the cabin meant nothing, and that's just a lie, kyle. I don't get it. You'd rather be chasing after a girl that has just been rejecting you than be with someone who just accepts you for who you are.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: I don't want to change you. Okay? I mean, honestly, I think that you're kind of perfect.

Kyle: Well, you're the only one who thinks that. Look, I -- I've made a lot of mistakes with lola, but arturo, he's banning from the hospital. He won't let me anywhere near her.

Summer: Yeah, I know that. I heard it from abby.

Kyle: Okay, then try to understand for one second what it's for me. What kind of hell it is to want to be with someone but not being able to.

Summer: I get that more than you think I do.

Kyle: Look... I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but I can't do this thing anymore. What I have with lola is real. It's serious. This thing has to end.

Summer: I love you.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] What?

Summer: Look, no, i understand how you feel about lola because it's how I feel about you. Kyle, I love you.

Rey: Someone attacked lola to send me a message? I don't think so.

Mia: I'm just saying, these things do happen. You've taken on a lot of powerful people with your arrests in the J.T. Case. I mean, victor newman couldn't be pleased with you.

Rey: No, he isn'T. He's a formidable man. But there's nothing to suggest that what happened to lola has anything to do with me. Besides, at the time of the attack, nobody knew we had arrested the three women.

Mia: You're probably right. I'm just so worried about lola and why someone would do this to her.

Rey: Me, too. I appreciate the outside-of-the-box thinking.

Mia: It was just a thought.

Rey: I don't want you to worry about us finding lola's attacker. I guarantee you we will catch them and bring them to justice.

Kyle: Where is this coming from, you love me?

Summer: Are you really that surprised?

Kyle: Uh, yeah, I am. It's been years since we've used anything close to that word.

Summer: But we used to feel that way about each other, and you and I have a lot of history, kyle.

Kyle: And most of it bad. We've always been off and on, you chase me, I chase you. We could never figure it out. And it wasn't that long ago you were obsessed with billy.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Okay, yes, I know that I have done some messed-up things and made a lot of bad decisions, but... you were always one of the good ones, kyle.

Kyle: Summer --

Summer: No, we've always had this connection, and it's just never gone away, and I felt it the second that I laid my eyes on you again, and I know that you felt something, too. So stop denying it.

Kyle: Attraction or whatever, it's not love!

Summer: No, I'm not talking about attraction. What I am talking about is something so much more than that. When I was in dubai and I was re-evaluating my life, I was trying to figure out what i really wanted... kyle, I kept coming back to you.

Kyle: After you knew I was already with lola.

Summer: Yes. That's true. Okay, but even after I came home and you guys were still together, I don't know, I guess I was secretly hoping that maybe there was still a chance for us.

Kyle: Yeah, it wasn't much of a secret.

Summer: And I was willing to accept that I had missed out on my chance if you guys were really as happy as you said that you were, and obviously... you weren'T.

Kyle: We had problems! We were working through them, with no help from you.

Summer: Okay, but it shouldn't be that hard to be with the person that you love, kyle! Look at us back at the cabin on valentine's day. It was easy. It felt right! Okay, no, I kissed you, and you kissed me back.

Kyle: That was a mistake.

Summer: No, lola was the mistake, I am your future, kyle.

Kyle: Summer, stop it!

Summer: No, I can't! I won't! Please -- no, you just have to hear what I'm saying because i have thought a lot about this, and I know deep in my heart that I really do love you. You're just gonna have to get used to it because I'm not going anywhere. You can be in denial, you can take your anger out of me. I don't care, whatever. I can take it. Because nothing is going to change the way that I feel about you.

I have reviewed the prosecution's filing and determine it does indeed meet the burden of probable cause. So... we may proceed with the charges. Nikki newman, will you please rise? You are being charged with one count of second-degree intentional homicide and one count of obstruction of justice.

Victor: I thought when christine talked about amending her charges she meant that she didn't have a good case.

Mrs. Newman, how do you plead?

Not guilty, your honor.

Sharon newman, please rise. You are charged with being party to second-degree intentional homicide and obstruction of justice. How do you plead?

Sharon: Not guilty.

Victoria newman, will you please rise? You are also charged with being party to second-degree intentional homicide and obstruction of justice. How do you plead?

Victoria: Not guilty.

Christine: Your honor, in light of the seriousness of the charges, the orchestrated cover-up, and the resources of the newman family, I consider the defendants an extreme flight risk and ask that bail be denied for all three defendants.

I agree. All three defendants will be remanded into custody until trial. Bail is denied.

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Arturo: Stay away from her, kyle, or I will finish you.

Rey: You have the right to remain silent...

Mia: [ Whimpers ]

Jack: It is time to put jabot back where it belongs, in the hands of the abbott family.

Nick: You got to go, out of this house and out of my life. We're done.

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