Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/21/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/21/19


Episode #11558 ~ Devon suffers a setback; Rey goes rogue; the jig is up for the Newman women.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Mariah: They won't let me see my mom, so I talked to her lawyer, brittany, for a few minutes. No official charges have been filed. Same goes for nikki, victoria, and phyllis.

Tessa: Yeah, but they're holding them, which means somebody cracked.

Phyllis: The women will understand that I had no choice.

Christine: No, you always have a choice. You chose to roll over on your friends and save yourself.

Ana: You had a panic attack.

Devon: Okay. All right. Yes, I did. I had an attack.

Kyle: Lola's gonna be all right. She has to be.

Arturo: Man, she better be.

Rey: I'm gonna find out who did this to lola.

Mia: You're not assigned to the case.

Rey: I'm gonna make sure whoever did this to her pays.

Kyle: I don't want you here, because the only thing I care about is lola, and you are nothing but a distraction.

Summer: [ Clears throat ]

Abby: Kyle's not here.

Summer: Did he leave for work already? Is he planning on stopping by the hospital?

Abby: I don't know. But considering what happened the last time you went there, maybe you should stay away from the hospital and kyle.

Summer: Oh. Great. Thank you for the advice, abby.

Abby: Dealing with what happened to lola is all that kyle can handle right now. He doesn't need you hanging around, causing trouble.

Summer: All right. Well, I'm just trying to be a good friend.

Abby: Isn't that what you said when you went up to the cabin? Look how that ended.

Nate: Oh, I didn't hear you come in, man.

Rey: [ Sniffles ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] Is there any change?

Nate: Yes. I'm afraid there is.

Mariah: [ Clicking pen ] Ugh!

Tessa: Hey. I've been trying to reach you. You didn't answer my texts.

Mariah: Hey. I'm sorry. I-I turned off my phone. I couldn't handle any more bad news.

Tessa: Well, I might have some good.

Mariah: Yes. Go. Sit. Heh.

Tessa: Okay, so, I was at the top of the tower...

Mariah: Just having a casual five-star breakfast?

Tessa: No, I was putting in a job application. With lola hurt, I'm guessing that the restaurant opening is on hold. Anyway, uh, I-I saw phyllis.

Mariah: Phyllis? Phyllis?

Tessa: Yeah. She was having a breakfast meeting or something.

Mariah: Well, if phyllis is out of jail, that means...

Tessa: The others are probably, too.

Mariah: Well, I don't have any calls or texts, and if my mom was out of jail, I think i would have heard from her.

Tessa: Yeah, for sure.

Mariah: That's weird. I wonder what's going on?

Devon: What'd you think of that one?

Ana: Honestly?

Devon: Eh? I wasn't feeling it, either.

Ana: Yeah, sorry. None of the tracks I listened to really did anything for me.

Devon: Yeah, I know. It's like all these artists today are just trying to copy people.

Ana: That might work on the internet. Not in the music world.

Devon: They think we need the next ed sheeran or beyoncé, but that's been done. What I need to find is somebody who is brave enough to be his or herself.

Ana: I'm not changing my mind, devon. I'm retired from singing.

Devon: Oh, you're retired from singing. Did I show you all the messages we got after you performed here that night?

Ana: Three times.

Devon: Yeah.

Ana: Still not changing my mind.

Devon: You don't care? Just gonna be stubborn?

Ana: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Oh.

Ana: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Devon: Oh, no, it's -- it's -- it's admirable. Yeah. But, uh... heh... I just want to know that you're sure, that's all.

Ana: I'm sure. Now, if we're done here... I wanted to ask you about lola. Have you heard anything about her condition?

Devon: Yeah, I called abby. She still hasn't woken up yet.

Ana: I was gonna go down to the hospital to see her. Want to come with me?

Devon: She's unconscious, so she's not gonna know we're there. You know that.

Ana: Well, nate said sometimes people in comas can hear you. Might do her some good knowing that we care.

Devon: Yeah. I just don't want to get in everybody's way.

Ana: Oh, I think the rosales family will appreciate the support. It must be horrible for them, seeing lola like this, feeling so helpless.

Devon: Yeah. I'm sure it is.

Ana: So, what do you say? Will you come with me?

Arturo: [ Sighs ] Great. Just what lola needed -- another complication.

Rey: [ Sighs ] Nate didn't say much about the liver issue, but it's -- it's not good.

Arturo: Well, what are they gonna do about it?

Rey: All they can do right now is just keep an eye on it.

Rey: Hope? [ Scoffs ] That's all they got?

Rey: I know. This waiting around sucks. But... I trust nate. I have to. What other choice do we have?

Arturo: [ Sighs ] What about, uh, you know, the -- the detectives? Do they have any -- any leads on who might have done this to her?

Rey: No, they're keeping me out of the loop. They think I might mess things up because of my personal connection.

Arturo: Meaning you want to hurt the guy that did this to our sister.

Rey: I'm gonna head down to the station, see if I can find out anything unofficially. Will you...?

Arturo: Yeh, yeah. As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Rey: Thank you.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

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Rey: Uh... hey. Uh... I was just... looking for a pen that works. You know, these -- these budget cuts are killer.

Eddie: A pen. That the best you can do?

Rey: Look, just give me a glimpse, eddie. Two minutes with her file. I-I got to know who attacked her, man.

Eddie: Rules are there for a reason, man. I'll be writing parking tickets if I break them.

Rey: No, no, no, no, no. I will leave your name out of it, I-I swear.

Eddie: I'm sorry.

Rey: Look, this is my kid sister we're talking about here. You've seen her come in here, bringing me lunch, nagging me to eat. She -- she didn't deserve this.

Eddie: [ Sighs ] I wish I could help you.

Summer: Okay, are you seriously gonna blame me for what happened to lola?

Abby: All I'm saying is, maybe you should think about why you went to the cabin in the first place.

Summer: No need. I know why.

Abby: And you still think it was a good idea?

Summer: No, I think it was a great idea. Kyle thought so, too.

Abby: I seriously doubt that.

Summer: Okay, that's because you weren't there. You didn't see us get to go on a sleigh ride together, go ice skating. We sat by the fire and had champagne. It was perfect. Until lola showed up.

Abby: For a valentine's getaway that he had planned for the two of them.

Summer: Okay, and she turned him down. Neither of us were expecting to see her at the cabin, and neither of us were happy about it.

Abby: Is that why kyle has been freaking out every second since he found lola in our pool?

Summer: Okay, kyle's just not thinking clearly right now.

Abby: He wasn't thinking clearly when he went to the cabin! He was heartbroken over breaking up with lola.

[ Scoffs ] Which would be a big red flag for any non-narcissistic person.

Summer: Wow, you almost said that without any irony.

Abby: That's the difference between you and me. I regret what I did with austin.

Summer: Oh, okay. Yeah, no, we're all good, then. You tell me that you're sorry for sleeping with my husband. Can you say "hypocrite"?

Abby: Just because I made a mistake doesn't mean that you have to.

Summer: I am not making a mistake, abby. Kyle and lola aren't married. They're not even a couple. He's fair game.

Abby: Do you even care about kyle? Or do you just want him because someone else has him?

Summer: Okay, if you're referring to sleeping beauty --

Abby: Lola is going to wake up. And when she does, she and kyle are gonna work things out. When that happens, then will you back off?

Summer: No.

Arturo: I'll be back.


Nate: Hey, you cannot go in there.

Kyle: Five minutes. That's all I ask.

Nate: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Nate: Lola's brothers made it perfectly clear that you're not allowed in there.

Kyle: But they're not here. They'll never know you let me in.

Nate: I could lose my hospital privileges for something like that.

Kyle: I'm not trying to get you in trouble.

Nate: Thank you.

Kyle: But I'm begging you, man. This isn't just about me. She needs to know I'm here, that I love her.

Nate: I wish I could help you. She's your patient, right?

Nate: Yeah.

Kyle: Then you want what's best for her.

Nate: If I could let you in, I would.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Is there anything I could say to persuade you to let me in?

Nate: Talk to rey and arturo. They're the ones you need to persuade. Ah.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Rey: [ Inaudible ]

Devon: Oh, yeah. I thought ana killed it the other night, too. Not any time soon. She, uh... she wants to stay retired, was her words. Oh, of course I did, yeah. I offered her a signing bonus, creative control, advance on all sales, and she does not want it. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I'm gonna have to take a loss on this one, I think.

[ Chuckles ] Well, hey, let me know if you come up with anything. Okay. I'll talk to you later. You're probably wondering who that was about. That was the third agent calling who's dying to sign you.

Ana: I found us some more artists to listen to.

Devon: Did you really? Are they better than you?

Ana: Give me a break, devon.

Devon: I'm trying to give you a break. You won't let me do it.

Ana: If this is how you repay a favor, next time, I won't even bother.

Devon: Oh, hey, why you gonna be like that? You brought down the house with your voice, and I'm a record producer, so you tell me how i should respond to you.

Ana: You're also my brother. So a, "hey, sis, thanks for saving my butt," would be good.

Devon: You know that i appreciate what you did.

Ana: Be nice to hear it instead of you pressuring me all the time.

Devon: Oh, okay. All right. I'm just trying to figure you out, because when you were a kid, you would have done anything to have this opportunity, and now you have it.

Ana: I'm not a kid anymore. I've changed. So have my dreams. Songwriting is my passion now. And if you're interested, I'd love to team up with you on that.

Devon: Well, you know I'm interested. But I'm not going to promise that I'm not gonna try and get you to record something in the future. I can't do that.

Ana: Oh, my gosh. You're relentless.

Devon: I am relentless. That's a good title of a song. You should write one about me and how cool I am.

[ Chuckles ]

Ana: Oh, no, it would just be the same lyrics over and over again. Who'd want to listen to that?

Devon: Well, hey, what rhymes with "relentless"? Stupendous. Tremendous rhymes with it.

Ana: Stay out of my business

Devon: That's even better. Use that.

Ana: It's not.

Devon: Use them all.

Ana: No, it's -- it's terrible.

Devon: Just sing something.

Ana: Why don't you sing something?

Devon: I am not the singer.

[ Both laughing ] Nobody want to hear me.

Mariah: Did michael say why?

Tessa: She's trying to figure out what's going on with sharon.

Mariah: Well, somebody must know the reason why phyllis is out and the others aren'T. Okay. Just, um, let me know as soon as you hear anything. All right. Thanks, nick. Bye. Hi. [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Hi. [ Sighs ] Sorry about everything going on with your mom.

Mariah: Thank you.

Tessa: So, what did you find out?

Mariah: Well, nick doesn't know why phyllis is out and the others aren't, and phyllis claims that she doesn't know, either.

Kyle: Knowing phyllis, she probably got her lawyer to pull some strings with the D.A.

Mariah: No, see, that's the weirdest thing. Phyllis didn't hire an attorney. And "hate" doesn't begin to describe what christine williams feels for phyllis, so it's not like she would do her any favors.

Kyle: Hmm.

Tessa: This doesn't make any sense.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] Seems to be a recurring theme. I'm still trying to figure out how lola ended up unconscious in my pool.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry. I should have -- I should have asked. How is she doing?

Kyle: Still hasn't woken up.

[ Sighs ] That's about all I know.

Mariah: Well, I'm surprised you're not at the hospital right now.

Kyle: Just came from there. They won't let me see her, won't give me any information about her condition.

Tessa: Why not?

Kyle: I'm not family.

Tessa: Okay, so, ask her brothers what's going on.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] They're the ones freezing me out.

Mariah: What the hell? You can't let them get away with that.

Kyle: Bad as I want to see her, I don't blame them for trying to keep me away.

Mariah: Kyle, this was not your fault.

Kyle: Look, I screwed up. I kept letting summer hang around. I knew what she wanted, and i knew what it was doing to lola. I should have... damn it! Why did I let her into the cabin? I'm an idiot. Now lola's paying the price for my stupidity.

Mariah: Kyle -- hey, kyle!

Summer: Okay, if you see kyle, will you please tell him I'm looking for him?

Abby: Have you heard anything I just said to you?

Summer: Okay, never mind. I'll just look for him myself.

Abby: What are you hoping to gain by throwing yourself at kyle?

Summer: Kyle. Kyle is what I want.

Abby: You have no idea how furious he is with you. I mean, he's not even taking your calls, which is why you had to show up here looking for him.

Summer: He's going through a lot right now. Okay? He blames himself for what happened to lola.

Abby: He is worried sick about lola.

Summer: And it's all just guilt. Even though it is not kyle's fault for what happened to lola, I respect him for sticking by her through this.

Abby: Oh.

[ Scoffs ] But deep down inside, he's in love with you? He just hasn't told you that?

Summer: Oh, my god. Kyle is not going to admit that he has feelings for me when lola is fighting for her life.

Abby: Oh, my god.

Summer: Not to himself, even. But I know that he does.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Summer: And you know what, so do you, or else you wouldn't be trying to keep me away from him.

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, my god. It's rey rosales. That's just what I need.

Abby: Rey is just as worried about lola as the rest of us.

Summer: Yeah, fine. Then just wish him my best. Actually, don'T. I'm gonna go through the back door.

Abby: Rey, hi. Come on in.

Rey: Hey.

Abby: Is there news on lola?

Rey: Uh, she's still unconscious, and the doctors are saying now that there may be a problem with her liver.

Abby: Oh, no.

Rey: Dr. Hastings is keeping an eye on it. Um... I wanted to ask you some more questions about the night of lola's attack, if you have a few minutes.

Abby: Yeah, o-of course. Wasn't someone else here?

Abby: Summer, yeah. She -- she just left.

Rey: Kyle's summer?

Abby: [ Scoffs ] She wishes. They were together off and on for years, and, well, lately, she's been working overtime to make it on again. It's just, nothing she's been doing has been working.

Rey: Hmm. She must not be very happy about that.

Kyle: Abby said you wanted to see me. Where is she?

Rey: I wanted to talk to you alone.

Kyle: About lola?

Rey: Yeah.

Kyle: Have you changed your mind about letting me see her?

Rey: Lola can decide if she wants to see you when she wakes up.

Kyle: Well, then, she's getting better.

Rey: I anted to put together a time line of the events that happened the night lola was attacked.

Kyle: I told the other guy working the case everything I know.

Rey: Walk me through it again.

Kyle: Uh... [ Sighs ] Lola came up to my family's cabin, and summer was there. I tried to tell her there was nothing going on between us.

Rey: [ Clicks tongue ] She didn't believe you?

Kyle: She got mad and left. Summer and I argued, and then I went after lola. She's not used to driving in the snow, so I caught up to her.

Rey: Abby and arturo said that you showed up to the club shortly after she did.

Kyle: I wanted to explain. But she...wouldn't listen.

Rey: What happened?

Kyle: I-I -- I left.

Rey: You told detective north in your statement that, after you left the club, you "drove around for a while to clear your head."

Kyle: That's right.

Rey: Where?

Kyle: I don't know. Uh... just... just around. The neighborhood.

Rey: Who's neighborhood? Summer's?

Kyle: Whoa, what? No!

Rey: Why do you seem so surprised that I'd ask that? I mean, that is your M.O., Isn't it? After lola dumps you, you turn to summer.

Tessa: No luck?

Mariah: The desk clerk said that rey is in charge of the J.T. Hellstrom case, and he's out of the office.

Tessa: Probably at the hospital.

Mariah: I cannot think of anybody else who would know why my mom, nikki, and victoria are locked up, and phyllis isn'T.

Tessa: I can.

Mariah: You got to be freaking kidding me.

Tessa: It might be a blessing in disguise.

Mariah: No. I'm -- [ Scoffs ] I'm not feeling it.

Tessa: It's your call.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Okay. Hey.

Summer: Hey.

Mariah: Must be a big relief that your mom is out of jail.

Summer: Oh, my gosh, yeah. It's huge. I just hope that my grandma and aunt vicki get out soon. And -- and sharon, of course.

Mariah: Of course. Um, look, I talked to nick earlier, and he said that he didn't know why phyllis was out and the others weren'T.

Summer: No, me neither.

Mariah: Don't you think that's kind of weird?

Summer: No, not necessarily. I mean, my mom didn't have anything to do with J.T.'S death.

Mariah: Are you saying that my mom did?

Summer: Well, she is still locked up.

Mariah: So are nikki and victoria.

Summer: Okay, you know, i think that we can agree that the cops screwed up, and obviously my mom was able to make them see that where she was concerned. And maybe she's just a little smarter and more forceful than sharon is.

Mariah: Here's another possibility -- maybe she's a backstabbing bitch who sold out the others to save herself.

Summer: Wow. You know, it's such a shame. You haven't even known sharon that long, and you're already picking up her nasty habit of blaming my mom for everything. Must really be genetics.

Tessa: Is everything okay over here?

Mariah: Peachy.

Summer: Yeah, you know, actually, I was gonna ask mariah if she's seen kyle.

Tessa: He left.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ]

Summer: I keep missing him.

Mariah: Yeah. It's a shame that wasn't the case at the cabin.

Devon: All right. We can put a pin in the whole "you getting back onstage" discussion.

Ana: Thank you.

Devon: For now. 'Cause I'm gonna want to talk about it again.

Ana: Fair enough.

Devon: Good.

Nate: Good morning, good morning.

Ana: Hey.

Devon: Hey, nate. How's it going, man?

Nate: Good, good. Just figured I'd get out of the hospital for a little bit, grab something to eat to go.

Devon: Yeah. The food's not cutting it there for you?

Nate: No comment.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: What are you guys up to?

Ana: Breakfast meeting.

Devon: Yeah. We're trying to find a replacement for fen baldwin.

Nate: You're not thinking about letting him go, are you?

Ana: No.

Nate: All right. 'Cause the kid's talented.

Ana: Yeah, that's why we sent him on tour -- so he could hone his skills. The raw talent is there, he just needs to be more disciplined. Right?

Devon: I mean, I think he needs to grow up a little bit, and get some more music and life experience. That's what I think.

Ana: Yeah, you have to have a certain level of maturity, sensitivity, before you can really touch people's hearts with your music.

Devon: Mm. God! I wish I was related to somebody who had that.

Ana: Stop it.

Devon: [ Laughs ]

Ana: I told you like 10 times I'm not interested in performing anymore.

Devon: I know what you said.

Nate: Well, I am not going to get in the middle of this.

Devon: That's smart.

Nate: Yeah. All right. I'll see you two later.

Ana: See ya.

Devon: Take care, man.

Nate: All right. Yeah.

Ana: If we're gonna go see lola, we should get going, too.

Devon: Yep. Yeah. Sure. [ Sighs ]

Ana: Devon, what's going on?

Devon: Nothing's going on.

Ana: Devon.

Devon: [ Sighs ] Um... it's gonna be a little difficult going to the hospital for the first time since hilary's passed away.

Ana: Ohhh. Oh, man. I'm an idiot. I'm so sorry.

Devon: You're not an idiot.

Ana: Devon, I didn't think.

Devon: It's okay.

Ana: So much for sensitivity.

Devon: It's fine. I'm, uh... I'm gonna be okay.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Summer: Hey, I know that you think that kyle arbffs, but i have known him way longer than you have.

Mariah: So that gives you permission to ruin his life?

Summer: Hey, I had every right to go see kyle that night at the cabin. Lola broke up with him, and i was trying to cheer him up.

Mariah: Oh, is that what the cool kids are calling it these days?

Summer: He was down about the breakup, and I was only trying to make him feel better.

Mariah: Well, summer, you're doing a great job, because his girlfriend's in the hospital, and her family won't let him see her. So [Claps] Congratulations.

Summer: Wait, why won't let lola's brothers let kyle see her?

Mariah: Because they think that he cheated on her with you, you dumb --

Tessa: Hey! Look, it doesn't matter why arturo and rey won't let kyle see lola, okay? They're doing it.

Summer: Okay, no, this is unfair. Kyle did not cheat with me. Lola broke up with him.

Tessa: Yeah, because she was tired of dealing with you, summer!

Summer: Kyle must be devastated.

Mariah: You know what, if you're thinking of cheering him up, don'T.

Abby: Ana and devon are going to visit lola at the hospital.

Summer: Hey. Why didn't you tell me that lola's brothers wouldn't let kyle see her?

Arturo: Maybe 'cause it's none of your damn business.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Okay, you know, I'm gonna cut you some slack because I know how upset you are about your sister.

Arturo: Yeah, if you did, you wouldn't be getting in my face right now, summer.

Summer: You know, you have no right keeping kyle from being with lola.

Abby: Kyle doesn't need you to stand up for him.

Summer: You guys, kyle loves lola. He would never hurt her. Kyle would never hurt anybody. And you have no right to treat him like this. It is cruel, and, honestly, he doesn't deserve it.

Arturo: Cruel? Are you -- are you kidding me? After all the crap you put lola through? You are the meanest, most selfish, cold bitch I have ever known.

Summer: [ Huffs ]

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Sure you don't want one?

Rey: I'm good. So you went driving around, and then you came back home. Alone?

Kyle: Yes. Alone.

Rey: You're sure?

Kyle: Look, if you think i brought summer back here to hook up with her and we got surprised by lola, you're way off base. I was furious with summer.

Rey: Okay. So you were making your way back to the pool house. Did you hear anything? A splash, a struggle?

Kyle: When I got here, lola was already in the pool. I didn't see anybody else. If I had gotten here a few moments earlier, I -- I just -- [ Stammers ] How -- how -- how did this even happen? Who hurt lola?

Rey: Well, my sister can be a real spitfire. When she's mad, watch out. I can only imagine the argument you two got in over summer.

Kyle: She was pretty pissed off at the cabin. She wouldn't believe me when i said there was nothing going on between summer and me.

Rey: [ Inhales ] Must have been frustrating. Her calling you liar, cheat. I mean, it's only understandable that, she showed up here giving you more of the same, that you would lose it. That you would get --

Kyle: Whoa! I'd never lay a hand on a woman. I love lola.

Rey: Summer know that?

Kyle: I've told her a million times.

Rey: But that didn't stop her from showing up at the cabin.

Kyle: I'm sure she wishes it had, the way I tore into her after lola took off.

Rey: You blame her for what happened?

Kyle: She could have told lola the truth. Instead, she fueled lola's doubts, let her think the worst.

Rey: So she lied. She manipulated the truth. Is that the kind of person that she is?

Kyle: [ Exclaims ]

[ Sighs ] Summer's spoiled. Wants what she wants. She'll do pretty much anything to get it.

Rey: Okay, and in this case, she wants you. The question is, how far would she go to get you?

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] I've seen her do some pretty crazy stuff when she sets her sights on something.

Rey: Did you see her between the time she left the cabin and the time she showed up at the hospital?

Kyle: No!

Rey: So you can't tell me where she was when lola was attacked?

Kyle: Wait, wait, wait. You think summer --

Rey: You can't give her an alibi, and I saw how angry you were when you tore into her at the hospital. Maybe it's because you know what she did.

Kyle: Hey, look. I was angry. I still am. I said some pretty awful stuff. But I-I -- I was upset.

Rey: Yeah. It seems like everybody's emotions were running pretty high that night.

Kyle: Summer wouldn't do this.

Rey: She had motive. Opportunity. I think we both can agree that there's a good chance that she could have done this.

Abby: My dad told me that phyllis was released from custody?

Mariah: Yeah. [ Sighs ] Um, does he have any idea why she was and the others weren't?

Abby: No.

Mariah: Okay. Well, uh, just let me know if you hear anything?

Abby: Of course, yeah.

Tessa: Arturo, we are so sorry to hear about what happened to lola.

Mariah: How is she doing?

Arturo: She's still in a coma.

Mariah: Okay, well, let us know if we can do anything.

Arturo: Thanks. I will.

Tessa: And in the meantime, we'll -- we'll be praying for her.

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Do you want to go back to the hospital?

Arturo: [ Sniffles ] I don't want to leave her alone for too long, but...

Abby: What?

Arturo: It's just so hard seeing her like this. You know, so fragile.

Abby: I know.

Arturo: She's always so full of life, moving a million miles an hour, telling everyone what to do, including me. You know, everything that she worked for as a kid was finally happening. And she even turned that stupid food truck into a success. And all her hard work finally paid off when you gave her her dream job. She was finally gonna be a big-time chef, and now...

Abby: Hey. All of her dreams are gonna come true. She needs you to believe that. To be strong for her.

Arturo: I'm trying, abby, but all this waiting is killing me. I mean, here, the hospital, even when I go home, all I can do is just watch the minutes tick by.

Abby: Yeah. Rey's lucky. He has somewhere to channel that energy now that he's working on lola's case.

Arturo: Where'd you hear that?

Abby: Well, he came by the house to ask kyle and me some questions. I figured that he's working with detective north, or he took over the investigation.

Arturo: [ Sighs ] Well, I'm glad he's involved. It means that rey's gonna find whoever did this to our sister. And I got no doubt he's gonna nail their rear end to the wall.

Summer: Oh, and I thought news traveled fast in my family.

Rey: Meaning?

Summer: Meaning that arturo obviously told you that i blasted him for not letting kyle see lola.

Rey: Well, my brother and i are both worried about our sister.

Summer: Okay, well, not letting kyle see lola, it's not gonna help anything. I mean, he cares about her.

Rey: Mm. I'm surprised you support their relationship.

Summer: Okay, no, don't get me wrong. Those two do not belong together. It's honestly just a disaster waiting to happen.

Rey: Or one that already has.

Summer: Okay, well, not because of anything that kyle's done. Look, what you and arturo are doing to him, is kind of a jerk move. Letting kyle see lola, letting him tell her how much he's worried about her, that -- it's not gonna hurt anything. I mean, it really might even help.

Rey: Oh, I'm sure it would help him. But kyle's not my concern. But clearly he's yours.

Summer: Yeah. Kyle and I have been friends for forever.

Rey: Didn't look that way when he tore into you at the hospital.

Summer: Okay, you know, kyle was upset about lola. He needed to vent. Friends get that.

Rey: What about at the cabin? When you two argued there? Same thing?

Summer: Okay, kyle and I are very passionate people. Yes, we fight, we cool off, and we make up.

Rey: So how long did it take you to cool off that night?

Summer: I -- I don't know. Why are you even asking that?

Rey: Well, you left from the cabin to the abbott house here in gc. Were you still fired up when you got there?

Summer: Okay, you know, you're gonna need to work on your detective skills, detective, because I did not go straight to kyle's house.

Rey: No?

Summer: No. I was headed home, and i happened to pass by there, and I saw the police tape and stopped to see what had happened.

Rey: So you got there after lola had been attacked?

Summer: Yeah. Good job, sherlock.

Rey: Is there any way you can prove that?

Ana: You okay?

Devon: Yeah.

Ana: We don't have to go in. We can turn around and leave right now.

Devon: No, no, no. Just a little déjà vu being here, that's all. I just need to catch my breath.

Ana: Take it easy.

Nate: I didn't know you guys were coming.

Devon: Hey.

Ana: Yeah, we came to see lola.

Nate: Ah. Well, you know she's still in a coma, right?

Ana: We wanted to let her know we're pulling for her. Where's her room?

Nate: It's, uh... it's right there. You sure about this, man?

Devon: [ Sighs, gulps ] Just give me a minute.

[ Breathing hard ]

Ana: Oh, whoa. No. Devon, it's okay. I got you.

Devon: My heart's beating really fast.

Ana: I know. Take it easy.

Devon: I can't breathe.

Ana: Take it easy.

Nate: Here. Here, here, here. Take one of these.

Nate: There you go. Now breathe.

Devon: [ Breathing hard ]

Rey: You know, it's interesting -- it took you a lot longer to get back from the cabin than it did kyle.

Summer: Yeah, and it makes perfectly good sense. I left a lot later than kyle did.

Rey: So, what, you just hung out at the abbott cabin by yourself?

Summer: I had a lot of champagne, and I waited till I sobered up. I didn't want to break the law. And I'd think that you would appreciate that.

Rey: Oh, I do.

Summer: Okay, then why are you treating me like I'm a criminal?

Rey: I'm just considering all possible situations.

Summer: Okay, and one of those is that I attacked lola?

Rey: It's not hard to believe that you came to the abbott house looking to hook up with kyle, and, instead, you ran into lola. Things got ugly. My sister got hurt.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Okay, that -- that is insane. Honestly, I don't even know where the hell you would get an idea like that. I know that you talked to abby earlier, but there is absolutely no way that she would accuse me of attacking somebody.

Rey: Did you stop anywhere on your way back from the cabin? Do you have a receipt with a time stamp to prove where you were?

Summer: No, I want to know who put that idea in your head.

Rey: How about I ask the questions?

Summer: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. It was kyle. It was kyle.

Rey: Like I said...

Summer: That bastard! He told you that I was angry enough to attack his stupid girlfriend? Oh, my god. You just wait till I see him. I am gonna... [ Huffs ]

Rey: You're gonna what?

Nate: Those pills working?

Devon: Yeah. I'm feeling much better.

Ana: Devon, I'm so sorry. I feel like i forced you into this.

Devon: No, don't be sorry for anything. I wanted to see lola, and I still want to see her.

Nate: You sure? Because if it's too much, we can --

Devon: Yeah, no. It's not too much. If hilary knew that I bailed on a friend because of her, she'd be pissed off, so I don't want to do that.

Ana: Well, we're right here if you need us.

Devon: Yeah, I know.

Nate: Just let us know, man.

Devon: Thank you. Thank you. Hey, lola. You're looking...

[ Sighs shakily ] I need to ask you to do me a favor, okay? Just please don't leave us. Okay? [ Sighs ]

Mariah: Tell lola that we miss her and her sandwiches, and to get well soon.

Arturo: Thanks. I will.

Tessa: Um, I'm assuming that you're holding off the opening until lola's back on her feet?

Abby: Absolutely. Yeah, I-I'm sorry about the job.

Tessa: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's totally fine. I'm already looking for other temp work.

Mariah: Our main concern is lola.

Abby: Ours, too. See you guys later.

Arturo: See ya.

Tessa: Bye.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Mariah: Nick? Hi. Tomorrow? Okay, um... [ Sighs ] Yeah, thanks for letting me know.

Tessa: Are sharon and the others getting released tomorrow?

Mariah: No. Uh... they're being arraigned. The D.A. Is charging nikki, victoria, and my mom in connection with J.T.'S death.

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