Y&R Transcript Monday 2/18/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/18/19


Episode #11555 ~ Phyllis protects her interests; Kyle finds Lola in danger; Jack lets his guard down with Kerry.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: No one meant to kill J.T.

Rey: Can you tell me who was there? So nikki...

Sharon: Yes.

Rey: Victoria? And phyllis?

Sharon: And me.

Abby: [ Grunts ]

Mia: [ Gasps ] My necklace. Rey gave that to me.

Abby: This is how you show your affection for him? By panting over his brother?

Mia: You're gonna regret the day you met her.

Lola: So I went to kyle's cabin, and when I got there, I saw him. With summer. My coat. I think I forgot it at the cabin.

Abby: Take mine. Yeah.

Lola: Really? Thank you so much.

[ Knocking on door ]

Kyle: [ Grunts ]

Kyle: Lola? Lola, baby. Baby. Oh, my god. Can you hear me? I need an ambulance right away! I just pulled my girlfriend out of the pool. She's still unconscious. There's a pulse, but it's faint. Kyle abbott. 603 glenwood. The pool's out back behind the main house. Yeah, just hurry. Hey, hold on one second.

[ Panting ] Lola, baby. Talk to me. Okay, I've got her covered up. Lola? Stay with me. Hey, can you hear me? Baby. Baby. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Jack: Happy valentine's day?

Kerry: Oh, yeah, you could say that again. This room was a very nice surprise.

Jack: And the ice-skating beforehand?

Kerry: [ Inhales sharply ] Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my head around.

Jack: No, you can't say that wasn't fun.

Kerry: For who?

Jack: What?

Kerry: "Let's go skating," he says. "Oh, it's been years," he says.

Jack: For somebody who hadn't been on the ice in a long time, I thought you did an excellent job.

Kerry: Okay, do not patronize me, mr. "I played a little hockey in college." You skated rings about me, jack, while I was falling all over, on my backside, how many times?

Jack: And, my, what a backside it is.

Kerry: [ Giggles ] Mmm.

Jack: I loved catching you.

Kerry: I loved being caught.

Nikki: Michael. When the guard told me you were at this hour, I thought he was kidding. What's going on?

Michael: They've arrested victoria in connection with J.T.'S murder.

Nikki: Oh, my god, no. Oh, michael, no! Oh, my god!

Michael: I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. She called and asked if I'd represent her. Of course I said yes. I don't know all the details yet. Nor do I understand why. Nor, in fact, do I understand, if I'm getting the straight story from any of you.

Nikki: Does victor know? About victoria.

Michael: I informed him. Of course, he wanted to go charging down to the station. Breaking all the rules of his house arrest, but luckily --

Nikki: Oh, my god.

Michael: Luckily, I talked him down. We don't need victor making things more complicated than they already are.

Nikki: No. No, we do not.

Michael: They'll be interrogating victoria soon. Is there anything you want me to know, anything at all you'd like to tell me? Did you talk to the police again?

Nikki: I promised that i wouldn't, not without you being there.

Michael: Why would they arrest victoria?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I can't imagine.

Michael: You can't? You have no idea. Nikki, tell me something. It's just -- is this just one of those "michael, you're only the lawyer, you wouldn't understand" kind of moments?

Nikki: I don't know why the police did what they did, but my daughter and I are counting on you to make sure she's not implicated.

Rey: I need you to restate everything you told me earlier. On the record.

Sharon: I confided in you because I believed that I could trust you, that you could protect me and the others, and that we would figure out a way to deal with things before you did anything. Instead, you arrested me.

Rey: I am the investigating officer. I had to follow protocol. Now, the best thing for you to do, if you want to help yourself, is for you to continue to be honest with me.

Sharon: I said things that i wouldn't have said otherwise because you told me that you loved me, but, clearly, you didn't mean it.

Rey: At the time, I had no idea what you had done.

Sharon: So now, suddenly, you don't love me anymore?

Rey: My feelings for you haven't changed. That's what makes it so difficult.

Sharon: It's a lot more difficult for me than it is for you.

Brittany: Detective rosales.

Rey: Ms. Hodges?

Brittany: I need to confer with my client. In private.

Rey: I didn't know you hired a lawyer.

Sharon: That was my one phone call. I was just following proper protocol for someone who's been arrested.

Mia: Me again. Saying "I'm sorry" again. Look, I know you're mad at me, but I was still hoping you'd come to the club for our date. I really wish you had because I'm going a little crazy. We really need to talk about what happened, rey. Please come home.

Arturo: Where is lola?

Kyle: I haven't seen her since they took her from the ambulance. The nurse said to wait here until they know more.

Arturo: I told you to stay away from my sister. I mean, she was gonna walk home. What was she even doing at your place? Did you call her and convince her to come over?

Kyle: No, I went for a drive to clear my head. The moment I walked and went back to my place, that's when i saw her. If I had just gone straight home... been there when she fell... this is dr. Hastings. He was here when lola was admitted.

Arturo: Arturo. I'm lola's brother.

Nate: Good to meet you.

Arturo: Her next of kin. How is she?

Nate: She's still unconscious. The er team's with her now. I understand you were the one who found her?

Kyle: Yeah, that's right.

Nate: Yeah, the emts informed me that she hit her head before she fell into the pool. Can you tell me how long she was in the water?

Kyle: No clue, but she never woke up the whole time I was with her.

Arturo: Okay, so -- so what does that mean? Is my sister gonna be all right?

Nate: Well, we're running tests now. Okay? I have to get back to her.

Kyle: Lola's gonna be all right. She has to be.

Arturo: Yeah, she better be.

Jack: Hey, you.

Kerry: Hey, you.

Jack: Mmm.

Kerry: Mmm, mmm.

Jack: You know, I have some of this wine at home.

Kerry: Oh, you don't want to get your money's worth out of this place?

Jack: No, I didn't say that. I just thought, well, we could keep this going.

Kerry: It's not a bad idea.

Jack: What?

Kerry: [ Laughs ] It's the ad for my new fragrance.

Jack: Let me see. Wow! Very impressive. Nice placement, too, before the table of contents.

Kerry: Yeah, yeah, I know, billy was very happy with this media buy. He's such a perfectionist. Just like his brother.

Jack: Family trait, I'm afraid.

Kerry: Wait.

Jack: What?

Kerry: It's a quiz!

Jack: Ugh.

Kerry: Oh, yes! One of my guilty pleasures.

Jack: What classic movie am I? Will he be good in bed? How good?

Kerry: Ha, ha, ha. No. 94 questions every serious couple should ask each other.

Jack: Are we a serious couple?

Kerry: Are we not? Do it with me. Please! Ooh! Come on! You ask me one first.

Jack: Pick one out at random?

Kerry: Yeah. Go for it. As long as it is at least a triple lutz in difficulty.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Kerry: Come on.

Abby: Hey, what's the latest?

Arturo: Still waiting for word.

Abby: Does rey know?

Arturo: I left a message, but I haven't heard back.

Kyle: Hey.

Abby: Hey. You all right?

Kyle: No. I'm glad you're here, though.

Abby: I think you guys should know that, well, when I stopped by the house to change clothes, there were some cops there. They were searching the area around the pool for evidence. I went out and talked to them before they left.

Arturo: Why would the cops be investigating?

Kyle: I assumed lola slipped on some ice, or something, and fell.

Abby: I guess calling 911 and reporting a woman unconscious like that in the water, it triggered a police response.

Kyle: Makes sense.

Abby: This is gonna be hard to hear, but, um... they found lola's cellphone nearby. It was completely smashed, totally destroyed. They seem to think that someone attacked her.

Arturo: What?

Kyle: Who would do that?

Abby: I don't know. Detective north. Hi, um, well, this is my fiancé arturo rosales. He's lola's brother, and that's my cousin kyle abbott.

Pleased to know you.

Abby: Detective north was one of the cops investigating.

Arturo: Do you have any idea what happened?

Well, that's what I'm trying to piece together. Sorry to intrude, but I have some questions for you, kyle. Can we speak privately?

Kyle: Uh, sure thing.

Arturo: Oh, my gosh. How is this happening? Who would even want to harm lola?

Brittany: I read your arrest report, which contains the contents of your conversation with detective rosales.

Sharon: I will gladly answer any questions you have about that night at victoria's place.

Brittany: We'll get to that, but, at the moment, I'm mainly interested in how it came to be you told detective rosales your story. You spoke at your house, is that correct?

Sharon: Yes.

Brittany: And how did it come to be that the detective was at your house at that time? Was he there in his official capacity to ask questions? Did he have a warrant to search the premesis?

Sharon: No. No. He came over off-duty. We were having a very personal, very emotional conversation. He didn't start asking me about the case until after he saw the phone bill with the 911 call.

Brittany: Had you given him permission to look through your personal, financial, and telephone records?

Sharon: No. No, I was doing my taxes. I wasn't expecting anyone to stop by. I had papers all over the place -- on the sofa, the coffee table....

Brittany: Where were you when he saw the phone bill?

Sharon: I was in the kitchen making tea.

Brittany: And apparently detective rosales couldn't keep his eyes to himself. Did he read you the miranda warning or recite it? Did he make you aware of your rights?

Sharon: Not until after he arrested me.

Brittany: After you had told him everything.

Sharon: Yes.

Brittany: Would you say that he was pressuring you to answer his questions, that he was using your tender emotional state and your personal relationship to get you to open up?

Sharon: I didn't think that at the time, but now, that's exactly how I feel.

Brittany: Was the conversation recorded?

Sharon: No.

Brittany: Was anybody else present who could corroborate what you told rey?

Sharon: No. We were alone the entire time.

Brittany: All right. Then this is what we're going to do.

Christine: You were positive that victor was guilty. You persuaded me to go ahead with the case agai to have it compromised at the last minute when nikki spontaneously and rather conveniently confessed. But, wait -- now you're saying that you do believe nikki killed J.T.? But at victoria's house, and these three women helped move and dispose of the body?

Rey: Correct.

Christine: You are putting so much faith into what sharon said. Why?

Rey: Because she has no reason to incriminate herself. You saw the report on the talk we had, it all adds up.

Christine: You know that's not enough for me to turn this whole case inside-out.

Rey: Her story is incredibly compelling.

Christine: I need more than just one person's version of what happened that night. I need solid proof. Then we can talk.

Rey: Detective rosales. Okay to come in?

Brittany: Perfect timing.

Rey: Good. I'd like to question sharon again. You're welcome to stay.

Brittany: Gosh, thanks. That won't be happening. My client is recanting everything she told you earlier.

Rey: Excuse me?

Brittany: Sharon was in a highly emotional state. Everything she said was under duress. Because you pressured and manipulated her.

Rey: What about that 911 call? You can't deny that happened.

Brittany: Detective, my client won't be answering any more of your questions.

Rey: If you'd chosen to cooperate, I could have gone to christine, spoken to her on your behalf.

Sharon: Did you not hear me before? After what you've done, I can't believe anything that you say.

Brittany: Sharon.

Sharon: You said that you felt you had no choice but to arrest me? Well, now I have no choice but to follow the advice of my attorney.

Rey: That's your prerogative. But I'm not releasing you. We're not done with this yet.

Michael: Nikki didn't change her statement. So whatever new information the police have that led to your arrest didn't come from her.

Victoria: Well, if not my mom, then who?

[ Knocks on door ]

Rey: If you've had enough time with your client, I'd like to ask her some more questions.

Michael: Answer one from me first. What on earth possessed you to arrest victoria tonight? This is ridiculous. This is an outrage.

Rey: Well, after nikki confessed, I questioned victoria again. She stuck to her original story. At the time, I thought she was trying to protect both her parents, but now I believe she was also trying to save herself. I have every reason to believe that victoria was there when nikki killed J.T., That he died in victoria's house, and that she helped her mother bury the body.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Ever since J.T. Went missing, the police have dragged me in here again and again, trying to pin J.T.'S death on me. Then it was my father, and then it was my mother. But I'm innocent. Just as my parents are innocent.

Rey: So you're gonna continue to maintain that nikki's confession was false? That was simply a desperate ploy to keep victor from facing a jury? That's your story?

Michael: I believe my client's made her stance perfectly clear.

Victoria: I gave you all the information that I have. I have nothing else to say.

Michael: I think we're done here.

Victoria: Thank you, michael. That was incredibly helpful.

Michael: Mm, I wish I could be of more help, what, with victor claiming that he's being framed, nikki's saying that she murdered J.T. And buried the body on her own, and now rey seems to have information that indicates that you're involved.

Victoria: I don't know where he got that idea from.

Michael: Listen, victoria. I don't like being kept in the dark. And I think someone in your family is lying. Maybe all of you are. It kind of feels that way.

Victoria: I know that you're gonna see us safely through all of this, michael.

Michael: With blinders on? That'll be a trick.

Victoria: Look. My father came very close to going to trial. The police are just grasping at straws right now. They're trying to scare me to admit that I saw my mother killing J.T. Apparently, they don't find her confession credible enough to stand up in court, which means they don't have a strong case.

Michael: Yeah. Okay. I guess we'll just have to hope it stays that way.

Mia: Hi, is this the dining room? Hi, I was at a valentine's event earlier this evening, and i think I might have lost an earring there. Um, it's an opal stone with diamonds around it. Would you please, uh, check the lost and found? Not there? Okay, thanks. Must have left it somewhere else.

Arturo: Rey's phone has to be off. If not, he'd be here by now.

Abby: Mia's probably been pestering him nonstop after he blew off their date tonight. He's probably still pissed at her.

Arturo: Yeah, I'm sure.

Abby: Well, it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to unplug for a while.

Arturo: What did the detective ask you?

Kyle: Um... he wanted to go over the details of what happened when I found lola, if I noticed anyone leaving when I arrived, which i didn'T. If I had noticed lola's phone, which I hadn'T. I was so focused on saving her and getting her help, I --

Arturo: So you have nothing useful for them. No idea of who might have done this to lola?

[ Scoffs ] You know what, kyle, I got some questions for you, too.

Kyle: Ask.

Arturo: What was lola doing at your place, hmm? You sure you didn't call and convince her to come over? Because the way I saw it tonight, she made it pretty damn clear she wanted nothing to do with you.

Kyle: Yeah, that's what i thought, too. I didn't call her, wasn't expecting her.

Abby: I believe you, kyle.

Arturo: Yeah, well, I don't, abby.

Kyle: I'm not sure what else I can tell you.

Arturo: Deny, deny, deny. That's how guys like you operate. But I can't help but wonder if there's more to the story. See, I just -- I find it so hard to believe that lola would just happen to show up out of the blue and that you would just happen to be the one to find her.

Kyle: Oh, what exactly are you implying? That I might have had a hand in this?

Arturo: I'm not implying anything, kyle. I am saying that is exactly what I think.

Kyle: Go to hell. Hi, I'm bob harper, and i recently had a heart attack.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jack: Okay, here's one. What historical figure would you most want to have dinner with, and why?

Kerry: That's easy. Madame curie.

Jack: Legendary scientist.

Kerry: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Like yourself.

Kerry: I wish. First woman to win a nobel prize. So much fun, she did it twice.

Jack: Hey, I didn't know that.

Kerry: I also really love polish food, so marie and i could pig out....

Jack: Ooh, I've got good news for you. The next time we are in chicago, I know a polish place on the northwest side -- oh!

Kerry: That's all you got to say to me. Gimme. My turn.

Jack: Oh, here.

Kerry: [ Sighs ] Okay. Are you ready for a serious one? So I can find out how deep you are?

Jack: Lay it on me.

Kerry: Okay. Talk about a recent time you cried. I'm sorry. It's too deep.

Jack: No, no, no, no. Just -- it popped into my head.

Rey: Your attorney is waiting for you in the interview room.

Nikki: Thank you.

Rey: Hey. I need you to handle something for me.

Nikki: Where do things stand? Have you spoken to victoria?

Rey: You don't mind if I sit in, do you?

Michael: Funny.

Nikki: You had no business arresting victoria. Accusing her of this crime is a travesty.

Rey: On the contrary. It was long overdue.

Michael: Well, you've already heard from victoria. She denies the allegation.

Rey: I know now what really happened the night hellstrom died. Who else helped nikki cover her tracks, transport the body, dig his grave?

Michael: Hmm. So, are you saying that you've accused someone besides victoria of being complicit in this... alleged conspiracy with nikki? Have you made any other arrests? Because, you know, who else is supposedly a part of this?

Rey: I suggest you ask nikki.

Michael: Thank you for telling me how to do my job. An fyi -- my client's not saying anything more while you're in the room.

Rey: You have nothing to gain by clinging to your false story that you acted alone. It's all coming out now.

Nikki: My daughter did not help nor did anyone else. Cling to that.

Abby: Cut it out, we're in a hospital!

Kyle: I love lola. I would never hurt her.

Arturo: Maybe you two had another fight, huh?- Things got out of hand, she went down, you panicked, and called the paramedics.

Kyle: You're wrong! I swear it!

Arturo: Then who would do this to my sister?

Kyle: There was another person there! I was trying to tell you before. The detective said there were three sets of footprints in the snow -- lola's, mine...

Abby: And since they didn't arrest you...

Kyle: They obviously think the third set belongs to the attacker. If I could get my hands on that person...

Abby: Kyle, just take it easy.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] You have no idea what it was like for me to find lola like that. Not knowing if she was dead or alive, praying I had gotten to her just in time.

Abby: But you did get there in time. We are very grateful for that.

Arturo: All right, fine. You had nothing to do with it. But I could still kill you for breaking my sister's heart.

Abby: Arturo, please, not now.

Arturo: What? Abby, I am losing my mind here. I'm waiting to hear back from doctors, I'm waiting to hear back from rey...

Abby: Okay, well, let's go track him down. Lola needs both of her brothers here.

Arturo: Okay, let's go.

Abby: Yeah, the sooner we leave, the sooner we'll get back.

Arturo: [ Scoffs ]

Abby: If there's any news...

Kyle: I'll call you.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Mariah. Hey. What's up? Yeah, well, I've had an eventful night, too. You're not gonna believe where i am. Wait. You saw lola tonight? When? What did she say?

Rey: You can wait in the interview room. I'll be in shortly. Take mrs. Newman back to her cell for the night. The other two can go back to holding. I switched to stimulant-free miralax for my constipation.

Kerry: Oh, jack, I'm so sorry.

Jack: No, no, no. Don't -- don't be, it -- this past christmas with my mother was... it was perfect in a lot of ways. Just the two of us. I've been watching her slip away for a long time now. But there were moments of clarity there. At one point, she suddenly turned to me and said... "hold onto the memories, jackie. All of them."

Kerry: Gosh, I'm sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was bring down the mood.

Jack: No, no, no. You know what, there are tears that are not sad tears. She's still with us. That woman's got a lot of fight in her.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Can you tell me anything? What do the tests say?

Nate: Lola sustained a serious blow to the head, likely, before she fell into the water. Luckily for us, we don't have to fight hypothermia since the pool was heated.

Kyle: Yeah.

Nate: The patient does have brain function.

Kyle: Thank god.

Nate: But she hasn't come around, and that's what concerns me. I would have expected her to wake up by now.

Kyle: Is she gonna be okay? Will she come out of this?

Nate: It's too soon to tell. As of now, her prognosis is uncertain. Listen, I'm sorry, I wish I had better news.

Kyle: Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Can I see her?

Nate: Of course. Of course. Just briefly, please.

[ Doorbell buzzes ]

Mia: Who is it?

Abby: It's abby.

Arturo: Yeah, hi, uh, I'm looking for rey rosales. Is he here? He's my brother.

Phyllis: That little show out there in front of nikki, victoria, and sharon -- was that for my benefit?

Rey: You've chosen to speak to me without a lawyer?

Phyllis: That is correct. I used my phone call to tell nick I'm fine and to stay home since I can't have any visitors.

Rey: That is correct.

Phyllis: I can take care of myself quite fine.

Rey: Mm. I've spoken to the rest of the ladies about what really happened with J.T.'S death. Nikki may be the one who killed him, but the rest of you could still go down for destroying evidence and a string of lies to the police. That being said, victoria was J.T.'S victim, and nikki was acting as her protective mother, so the jury may sympathize with them. Nobody's gonna feel sorry for you. So the best thing you can do is cooperate and hope that a judge will take that into account during sentencing.

Phyllis: I've talked to you plenty of times, and it's getting old. If I'm gonna reveal anything new, it's gonna be to the person who actually controls my fate, and that's christine. Sometimes,

Rey: We'll be waiting. The district attorney is on her way.

Phyllis: Fantastic. I haven't had a conversation with cricket in a while.

Rey: Sit tight.

Arturo: Rey. I have been trying to call you, man. You don't answer.

Rey: I'm not up for a visit right now, I'm busy.

Arturo: I don't care. We need to talk.

Rey: Mia told you what she said, right? She just can't help herself, she had to keep stirring the pot.

Arturo: Rey, it's not about mia.

Rey: Look, I'm dealing with an important case right now.

Arturo: Nothing is more important than our sister. She's in the hospital. It's bad, rey. It's real bad. You have to come with me.

Mia: What are you doing here?

Abby: I need to talk to rey.

Mia: Well, he's not here.

Abby: Where is he?

Mia: I don't know, but if this is about what happened at the club --

Abby: This isn't about you. This is about lola. She's in the hospital in intensive care.

Mia: Oh, my god, is she -- what happened? Is it a car accident?

Abby: No, she was -- she was found unconscious in the pool at my family's house, and... it was no accident. The police believe she was attacked.

Mia: No!

Kyle: You really scared me, you know that? But you're in good hands now. These docs are the absolute best. They're taking excellent care of you, and your brothers should be here anytime now. All you have to do is use that amazing strength... and energy of yours and get better. Because, you and me, we got a lot to talk about.

[ Sniffles ] Mariah told me you were coming to my place to hear me out. Because you realized you weren't ready to end things, either. So I'll tell you now what I would have said then. There's nothing more that I want than a second chance to prove myself to you. I am so thankful you came back to me, lola. I love you so much. And I'm gonna be by your side when you wake up. And I'll be there for you for every day after that. Just wait and see, babe. We're gonna get our happily-ever-after.

[ Sobbing ]

Phyllis: We both know if you and rey had an air-tight case, then you wouldn't even be entertaining this meeting, but you ran right down here.

Christine: Will you just get to it? Rey said you've got something to tell me, let's hear it. Otherwise, I've got work to do.

Phyllis: So cool and in control. But, in reality, you are dying for me to go on record with what I know. I will give you every detail of J.T.'S murder. I will even go to court and testify if it comes to that. But if, and only if, you agree to help me out in return. So, what do you say? What kind of deal are you willing to make me?

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