Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/13/19

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/13/19


Episode #11552 ~ Cane struggles with the past; Summer charms Kyle.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Lola: Mariah, kyle and i broke up.

Mariah: Kyle loves you. You can miss out on that, or maybe you could do the stepping up for once.

Lola: He went to the cabin?

Jack: All by his lonesome.

Summer: You gonna invite me in or what?

Rey: I need to know what you know right now. Because if I find out later, it might be too late for me to help you.

Mia: Arturo...

Rey: What did you say?

Charlie: [Voice-over] Once upon a valentine'S... a love story."

Mattie: [Voice-over] Love is strange and wondrous. A journey with no destination. A circle with no beginning and no end. A miracle that happens for no logical reason. For some, the power of love alone is all it takes to keep it strong. For others, it is fragile and easily broken, and requires a little magic to keep it going.

Cane: Hey, uh, what's going on?

Charlie: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be visiting mom.

Cane: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Something came up, so...

Mattie: "Something came up"? This is, like, the most important day of the year for you guys. Why aren't you with her?

Lola: I'm surprised he went to the cabin alone.

Jack: As surprised as I am to see you here?

Lola: I was hoping to catch him.

Jack: Look, if you came here to dump on kyle some more, I think he's hurting enough.

Lola: I know. I feel terrible, and I never should have broken up with him.

Jack: Is that what you came here to tell him?

Lola: Yeah. But now it's too late. [ Sighs ]

Jack: Maybe not.

Kyle: If you came to gloat about lola breaking up with me, you --

Summer: Would I do that?

Kyle: Does it snow in wisconsin during the winter?

Summer: Okay. Maybe I would. But not today, though, because it does suck to be alone on the one day out of the year devoted to couples.

Kyle: Hm. Yeah. Who invented valentine's day, anyway?

Summer: Um... florists and greeting-card companies.

Kyle: It's all a bunch of bull.

Summer: Yep. But you know what I think?

Kyle: Hmm?

Summer: I think... cupid's arrow hurt like hell. Love is overrated... but champagne is swell.

Arturo: Happy last valentine's day as a single woman.

Abby: That's not a thing.

Arturo: Oh, it is. See, next year, you will be my wife.

Abby: Mm. And I can't wait.

Arturo: Did you get my flowers?

Abby: Yes.

Arturo: Chocolates?

Abby: Yes.

Arturo: The perfume I left on your desk?

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Yes. Now no more gifts.

Arturo: Oh. Okay. So, then, I will take this back.

Abby: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Since you already bought it... no more gifts after this one.

Arturo: Okay, deal. Open it.

Abby: Let's see...

[ Gasps ] Wow. Okay. Um... scuba gear. That'S...

[ Chuckles ] That's different.

Arturo: It's for our wedding.

Abby: Wait... you want me to get married in this?

Arturo: Well, how else are you gonna breathe underwater?

Mia: [ Sighs ] Rey, this is the third message I've left. Please stop ignoring me. I called out your brother's name by mistake. There is nothing going on between me and your brother, I swear. Please call me. Better yet... come home.

Sharon: You and tessa don't need me tagging along on your date. Yes, I'm fine. Really. I'm actually working on my taxes. I want to get them done early just in case -- I just think I should get my affairs in order. Yes, I'm sure. Actually, I'm glad I don't have a man in my life right now. Love you, too. Bye.

[ Doorbell rings ] Rey.

Rey: Can I come in?

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Kyle: In spite of your super-romantic poem, I'm going to decline your offer to celebrate valentine's day with you.

Summer: All right. I may never be poet laureate, but there's no reason that we can't share a glass of champagne together. As friends.

Kyle: You want to be my friend?

Summer: Yeah. I thought I was.

Kyle: Mm... depends on your definition.

Summer: Well, it is someone that is there for you when time are rough. Just like you were there for me when billy tore my heart out and smashed it into a million pieces.

Kyle: I was just being --

Summer: Being a friend.

Summer: Yeah, and I'd like to return the favor.

Kyle: And that's your real motive for being here?

Summer: No. I guess I just feel responsible for lola breaking up with you. And maybe even a little bit guilty.

Kyle: Wow. Remorse. That's a new look on you. I don't buy it.

Summer: Okay, well, I just really hate seeing you hurt...

[ Kyle groans ] ...Especially if I'm the one that caused it.

Kyle: You weren't the reason lola and I broke up.

Summer: Okay, well, I'm glad to hear that, because I really never want to be the one to cause you pain.

Kyle: You didn'T.

Summer: [ Snorts softly ]

[ Knock on door ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Wonder who that could be? Oh. [ Sighs ] Hey. It's you.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you said I could leave earlier because your girlfriend canceled, but now that she's here, want to go for that romantic sleigh ride?

Cane: It just didn't work out for your mom and I to see each other today, okay?

Mattie: Why not?

Cane: Just [Sighs] Scheduling and...

Charlie: And what?

Cane: Guys, I've already made a couple trips to see her, okay? Between being both parents, things are trying to slip at chancellor.

Mattie: You're not with mom today because of work?

Charlie: That's crazy. It's not just valentine's day. It's your anniversary!

Cane: I know it's our anniversary, charlie. I know that.

Charlie: So then why won't you drop whatever's going on at chancellor and go see mom?

Mattie: It's the prison and their dumb rules. That's why you're not with her, right?

Cane: Can we drop this? Can we drop it? Thank you.

Mattie: Look, if you don't tell us what's going on, I'll call grandpa. He'll tell me why you don't want to visit mom.

Cane: All right, look, it -- it wasn't my call. It was hers, okay?

Charlie: Mom doesn't want to see you?

Cane: No. No, I didn't mean that. Look... your mom is teaching this class, all right, and she didn't want to miss the opportunity, and she couldn't reschedule it, so... look, I'm disappointed i couldn't see her, but it's not the end of the world if I don't see her today, okay?

Mattie: Well, it's a big deal to us.

Charlie: Yeah. I mean, we were working on a surprise for her. We thought you guys could watch it together.

Cane: I'm sorry.

Mattie: [ Sighs ] All right. Well, since you can't see her today, maybe you can give us a hand.

Cane: Okay. How would you like that?

Mattie: How would you feel about helping mom remember all of the good times the two of you had together?

Cane: I'd like that.

Sharon: I'm surprised you're here. And especially tonight. Is this about nikki's confession? Because I told you everything I know.

Rey: That's -- that's not why I'm here. I, um... [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Rey? Are you okay?

Rey: You know, my father was a bad husband. The way he treated my mother. I never wanted to be like him. I wanted to be a good man.

Sharon: You are.

Rey: Doing the right thing isn't always easy. But I swore I would always put my family first. Above everything, including myself. I wasn't gonna be... a selfish bastard who walked out when things got rough. I was gonna be the man -- the man my father never was. I took vows on my wedding day. Not just to love, honor, and cherish. I took a vow to always make things work. No matter what. So when mia came to town begging for another chance, I gave it to her. I gave us a chance because I'm one of those fools who believes a marriage should last forever.

[ Sighs ] I told myself the past didn't matter. I-I even made peace with arturo. All so that my family could be whole.

[ Scoffs ] I believed that renewing my wedding vows would be the beginning of a fresh start for all of us.

Sharon: What happened? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

Rey: We're kidding ourselves. Mia and me. It was all a lie, and... the lies just got bigger and bigger, until she finally blurted out the truth. And that's when I knew I couldn't do it anymore. I-I -- I can't live a lie. I -- I can't deny my real feelings anymore.

Sharon: Rey, obviously you're upset. You don't mean what you're saying --

Rey: Yes, I do. I am finally speaking the truth. I tried with mia. And honestly, I think she tried, too. But you can't make it work when you love someone else. And I do.

[ Sighs ] I love you, sharon.

Abby: Are you serious? You want to get married underwater?

Arturo: Well, you said you wanted the ceremony to be special.

Abby: I do. But, what, do you want my dad to swim me down the aisle?

Arturo: Oh, come on. That guy loves adventure. And he's in kick-ass shape. I mean, for someone his age.

Abby: Uh, you better not let him hear you say that, or else there will not be a wedding -- underwater or on land.

Arturo: Your dad and i are very cool.

Abby: Do you have a fever?

Arturo: No.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Arturo: No, my head is as clear as the water in the caribbean.& It's a great idea. Your family's gonna love it. Wet, wild, wonderful wedding.

Abby: Please tell me you are not serious.

Arturo: Does that mean you'll actually think about it?

Abby: Yeah, that's gonna be a hard no.

[ Both laugh ]

Arturo: Well, you can't say i didn't try.

Abby: And succeeded. I know you're just trying to keep my mind off worrying about my family.

Arturo: Did it work?

Abby: Well, it's hard to not think about what's going on with my dad and nikki.

Arturo: Listen, if you do not want to go to that party, we don't have to.

Abby: No. My dad said I shouldn't stop living my life.

Arturo: See? Your father and I do have something in common. We both want you to be happy.

Abby: And celebrating valentine's day with you will make me very happy.

Arturo: We could start right now.

Sharon: I don't know why you're suddenly saying... obviously something has really upset you.

Rey: Yeah. It has.

Sharon: Well, whatever it is, you need to work it out with mia.

Rey: No. No, we -- we can't fix this. We can'T. We created something that never existed in the first place. I-I tried to make myself believe that mia loved me. As much as I loved her. But it was all a lie. Neither of us were being honest. I can't do it anymore. I can't fight for a relationship that's -- that's based on a lie.

Sharon: You're hurting, and that pain won't go away by turning to me.

Rey: My feelings for you started way before mia got here.

Sharon: And you shut that down the minute she arrived.

Rey: I hurt you. And I am sorry.

Sharon: No, I'm not looking for any apologies. I accepted that we are just colleagues, friends, and nothing more.

Rey: That's another lie.

Sharon: No. I was sincere when I went to your vow renewal, and I wished you and mia the best. And now you come here and tell me you love me --

Rey: I should have been honest before. With mia. You. Myself.

Sharon: Is that what you're doing now?

Rey: I'm tired of all the lies. Of always being second best. That's why I'm here. Because I owe it to myself to see if I can find the love that I deserve.

Sharon: With me?

Rey: Yes.

Mia: [ Sighs ]

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Lola: Excuse me. I'm in the middle of something, mia.

Mia: Have you seen rey?

Lola: No. Why? Is something wrong?

Mia: We had a fight.

Lola: [ Scoffs ] Shocker.

Mia: He's not answering my phone calls or my texts. I was wondering if you could --

Lola: You're going to have to work this one out with rey. I have problems of my own to deal with.

Mia: Well, if you talk to him, can you tell him to call me?

Lola: If rey wants to call you, he will. I have to go.

Mia: Lola --

[ Gasps ]

[ Sighs angrily ]

[ Breathing hard ]

Lola: I'm sorry. I don't know why mia thinks i would help her find rey. I mean, all she ever does is hurt him.

Jack: You seem very protective of your brother.

Lola: Like you are of kyle.

Jack: Kyle was really hurt by your rejection. He obviously still has feelings for you.

Lola: I care about him, too, jack.

Jack: You've affected him in a way no other woman has.

Lola: In a good way, I hope.

Jack: Kyle seems to think so.

Lola: But you're not so sure.

Jack: You know what I think? I think when love is real and true and deep, you have to be willing to fight for it.

Lola: I am.

Jack: And yet, at the first sign of trouble, you called it quits.

Lola: [ Sighs ] I made a mistake.

Jack: Lola, how do I know you're not gonna hurt my son again?

Kyle: Sorry you came all this way for nothing.

Heh. Well, the offer stands for you and your girlfriend, so, uh... warm chestnuts. Hot chocolate. Cozy blanket for two.

Kyle: See, here's the thing -- this isn't my girlfriend. So I'm gonna pass on the whole coziness.

Summer: Uh, kyle? Quick word?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Just a second. Hmm? What's the problem?

Summer: Uh, no, no, no. No problem. I just think that a sleigh ride isn't really a bad idea. It could do you good to get outside in the fresh air. Clear your head, you know?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] It's like zero out there. Come on.

Summer: Okay. You heard the guy. He has plenty of stuff to keep us warm.

Kyle: And cozy.

Summer: Okay, it does not have to be a romantic thing. It can just be two friends having fun.

Kyle: Just A... friendly sleigh ride.

Summer: I cross my heart.

Kyle: Yeah? Are your fingers and toes crossed, too?

Summer: Okay, come on. We have a chaperone out there -- and two if you count the horse.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: What could happen?

Kyle: [ Groans ] What is it they say about snowflakes?

Summer: That no two are alike?

Kyle: Mm. Hope that's true. I couldn't handle more than one of you.

Summer: Is that a yes?

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Giddyup.

Summer: Yay!

Jack: I'm sorry. I don't mean to be judgmental. It's just, every parent's biggest concern is that their kid is happy.

Lola: I want that for kyle, too.

Jack: Kyle isn't very happy right now.

Lola: I screwed up, okay? I was thinking about our relationship from my point of view -- thinking about what i needed, my goals, my dreams, and... it was selfish. This was my first serious relationship. I've never had to think about anybody else and what they need, and... all I want is a chance to prove to kyle that I can do that. Jack, please. Did you hear what I said?

Jack: I heard every word. Now I think it's time that kyle hear it.

Lola: What...?

Jack: This is the address to the cabin. If you leave right now, you and kyle can spend part of valentine's day together.

Lola: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Jack: Go.

[ Sighs ]

Mattie: Charlie did the graphics and the editing.

Charlie: That was the easy part. Mattie went through hundreds of photos.

Mattie: I wanted to find just the right ones.

Charlie: She did the story, too. It's a little sappy, but it's totally you and mom.

Mattie: I wanted to capture your love.

Cane: I'm sure it's perfect.

Mattie: All right. Show him.

[ Button clicks ]

Mattie: [Voice-over] Once there was a princess named lily, who lived in the kingdom of genoa city. She was not only beautiful, but kind of heart, and wise beyond measure. The young princess was barely out of her teens, and studying at university, when a handsome prince from the far-away land of australia arrived in her fair city by the lake.

Charlie: [Voice-over] Dashing and brave, prince cane swept princess lily off her feet, and soon their love grew.

Mattie: [Voice-over] And grew and grew and grew. But it wasn't always easy for them.

Charlie: [Voice-over] Along the way, they encountered evil curses, powerful demons, and forces beyond their control determined to tear the lovers apart.

Mattie: [Voice-over] But the prince and princess were more determined that their love would survive.

Charlie: [Voice-over] They stood by each other through good times and bad, and in a magical fairy-tale ceremony, they were joined together as one.

Mattie: [Voice-over] With the help of a fairy godmother named mackenzie, prince charlie and princess mattie were born, and the royal family was completed.

Charlie: [Voice-over] Prince charlie was an awesome dragon-slaying knight who vowed to always protect his sister.

Mattie: Charlie wrote that.

Mattie: [Voice-over] And princess mattie was kind, thoughtful, wise beyond her years.

Mattie: He wrote that, too.

Mattie: [Voice-over] More obstacles were to come for the royal family. But king cane and queen lily's love continued to grow. So much so that one wedding wasn't enough for them. Though circumstances beyond their control are keeping them apart today, their love is as strong as ever, and they count the tomorrows until they are reunited again.

Cane: [ Sniffles ]

Charlie: Dad, what's wrong?

Sharon: I don't know what happened with you and mia tonight.

Rey: This isn't just about tonight. It's been...building for years.

Sharon: But you love mia. You wouldn't have agreed to stay in a marriage with her if you didn'T.

Rey: Oh, it's [Chuckles] So much more complicated than that.

Sharon: When you renewed your vows, you said you were doing what was best.

Rey: I did what I thought was right. That's not the same.

Sharon: You're an honorable man, rey.

Rey: Yeah, there's no honor in living a lie, sharon. It's just -- it's just safe. That's what mia and I were clinging to. And I can't do it anymore.

Sharon: Is this about arturo?

Rey: You know, I realized tonight that what mia and i have, that love could never be real. I fooled myself for years, believing that it could be. I probably would have gone on living like that. But then... I met you. And I felt something I never felt before.

Sharon: I was attracted to you, too.

Rey: What we have is more than just physical attraction. I meant what I said before. I love you.

[ Sighs ] I have lived with lies for way too many years. So please just -- just tell me. Do you feel the same way?

Sharon: You know that I do.

Rey: I need to hear it.

Sharon: I love you, too.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

This presidents day,

Arturo: Water-skiing.

Abby: No.

Arturo: It's above the water.

Abby: [ Laughs ] So is skydiving, but I rejected that. And a hot-air balloon. Oh, and a tight-rope over the grand canyon.

Lola: Arturo, thank god you're here.

Arturo: Whoa. Lola, what happened?

Abby: I thought you were at the cabin with kyle?

Lola: I'm on my way. I was supposed to be on my way. I was on my way.

Arturo: Look, you -- you might want to, like, clean up a little before I head out.

Lola: I was trying to fix my truck.

Arturo: You were gonna drive your food truck up there?

Lola: Well, it was either that or my private jet.

Arturo: Oh, you take the private jet.

Abby: What can we do to help? Tow your truck to a garage? Call a mechanic?

Lola: No, it'll take too long. I have to get on the road right now. Which is why I'm here.

Arturo: [ Scoffs ] No. No, no, no.

Lola: Arturo, please. I'm begging you. It'll just be one day, okay?

Arturo: Lola, you know the rules. I mean, no one drives my truck but me.

Lola: Arturo, please. I made a mistake. I broke up with kyle, and i shouldn't have, and now he's at the cabin alone thinking that i don't care about him, but I do. I care about him so much that I'm afraid I might lose him.

Abby: Well, you're not gonna stand in the way of your sister's happiness on valentine's day, are you?

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Oh, my god. I missed the snow.

Kyle: Said no one ever.

Summer: Okay, you travel to dubai, and you will be begging for it.

Kyle: I'm surprised they didn't have it shipped in. They have everything else.

Summer: You know, actually, they did have this amazing winter wonderland there. It had trees and lights and fake snow. But it was actually really pretty. It just made me kind of miss home.

Kyle: Mm. After all the years I spent in canada, and now here, I'm kind of over the cold.

Summer: Well, I mean, it's a perfect excuse to cuddle up under a blanket.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: To get warm.

Kyle: I'll see if I can find one.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: [ Groans ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Item clatters ]

Summer: Aah!

Kyle: Hey!

Summer: Oh, my god.

Kyle: Take it easy. Someone just... sucks at putting stuff away.

Summer: No, I'm sorry. I'M...sorry. I just can't help but thinking about... it's -- never mind. It's stupid.

Kyle: Hey.

[ Summer sighs ] It's not stupid at all. Reminds me of what happened to austin, too. I should have been quicker with my hands.

Summer: Heh...

Kyle: You okay?

Summer: Yeah. Yeah, no, I'm -- I'm fine.

Kyle: [ Snorts softly ] You're usually a better liar.

Summer: Um... no, I -- I don't know. I'm never gonna forget seeing austin's body in the armoire.

Kyle: Yeah.

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: I'm glad we replaced it.

Summer: Yeah. I just wish it was as easy to replace memories.

Kyle: Mm. Kind of tough to forget about something so terrible.

Summer: Yeah. But, hey, I mean, as always, you were there for me. Even when you had every reason not to be.

Kyle: Eh... friends stick with each other through the bad times.

Summer: Yeah. Works both ways.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Okay, so, uh, what else did you have planned for you and lola?

Kyle: Uh, nothing, really.

Summer: You cannot really expect me to believe that.

Kyle: It's just kind of weird doing all this stuff with you.

Summer: Okay. Well, I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and guess that since you planned everything for lola, it's all pretty pg-rated? Which is totally acceptable for two friends to do together.

Kyle: That's true.

Summer: Okay. So, what's on the agenda?

Kyle: Ice skating.

Summer: I mean, I'm down if you are.

Sharon: No.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: N-no, we can'T.

Rey: All right. We need to slow down. But I-I meant what I said before.

Sharon: Yeah. Me too. But this is just moving so fast. I mean, I need time to...think.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Um... before we do something...

Rey: Crazy?

Sharon: Yeah. So why don't I just make some tea, and we can talk about what comes next for us. What?

Rey: I just never thought there'd be a "what's next" for us.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Mia: Hi. I'm mia rosales. Rey's wife.

Det. Watkins: Detective watkins. Nice to meet you.

Mia: Uh, I'm looking for my husband. Do you know where he is?

Det. Watkins: I'm sorry. I haven't seen him since earlier today.

Mia: Uh, uh, do you mind putting an apb out on him? It's an emergency.

Lola: I swear, swear, swear there won't even be a tiny scratch on your truck when I return it.

Arturo: Lola, you still haven't even told me what the little spoiled rich boy did to make you break up with him.

Lola: It was my fault.

Arturo: Wow. So the guy has you covering for him now?

Lola: No!

Abby: I would let you borrow my car, but your stingy brother gave me a lift this morning. And, plus, four-wheel drive is a lot safer on those roads.

Arturo: No, I think the safest thing would be for lola to stay away from kyle.

Lola: You act like kyle's a serial killer.

Arturo: I don't know him. Maybe he is.

Abby: Okay, just stop it. Kyle is a good guy. And it's valentine's day. Don't you want your sister to be as happy as we are?

Arturo: [ Sighs ] Okay. Okay, but if anything happens to my truck --

Lola: Thank you so much. I love you.

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Me too.

Charlie: Dad, we didn't mean to bum you out.

Charlie: You didn't bum me out.

Mattie: Dad, you were crying.

Cane: I was -- I was just moved by the video. That's all.

Charlie: Well, it's supposed to make mom feel better. If it's gonna bring her down, I really think we shouldn't --

Cane: Charlie, it was -- it was perfect. It was. It's what she needs right now, and she's gonna love that.

Mattie: I know something that will guarantee it.

Cane: Yeah? What's that?

Mattie: We have one more section that needs narration, and I think it would be great if you did it.

Charlie: That's a bold choice, mattie. I like it.

[ Mattie giggles ]

Cane: Guys, guys, this is your project, all right? I don't want your mom to th-- look, this -- this should come from you guys.

Mattie: No, it's -- it's from all of us.

Cane: It should be in your voices.

Charlie: I'm sorry, dad. Director's call. I agree with the writer.

Cane: I appreciate you guys trying to include me, I do --

Mattie: Then why are you fighting us on this? Is there some reason you don't want to do it for her?

Cane: No, of course not, sweetheart.

Charlie: Then it's settled.

Mattie: Here you go.

Cane: Okay.

Charlie: All right.

Cane: Okay.

Charlie: We will record your voice first, and then we'll put it over the video.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Charlie: Ready?

Cane: Yeah, I'm ready.

[ Button clicks ]

Cane: And just when it looked like queen lily and king cane would live happily ever after, an evil judge unjustly locked the sweet and gentle queen in a remote tower, away from her beloved and their children. But the king vowed to remain loyal to his one true love, promising he'd be waiting when she returned home on their next anniversary. And when that day comes, she'll sit side-by-side with her loving husband, and together they'll rule their kingdom, as it was always meant to be.

[ Inhales deeply ]

Summer: Whew! [ Giggles ] Okay, when you said ice skating, I thought that you meant, like, olympics, not nhl.

Kyle: Hey, hockey's a great way to get out your aggression.

Summer: Oh, okay. Phew! Because I thought that that was your version of romance.

Kyle: Ohhh.

Summer: Not that we were, like, on a date or anything.

Kyle: Still, I could have been a better partner and not left you in the dust.

Summer: Oh, well, I think i held my own. And the goal was to cheer you up a little bit.

Kyle: You succeeded.

[ Sighs ] I'm grateful.

Kyle: Can I interest you in some champagne?

Summer: Ooh, yeah. I never say no to that.

Kyle: Hmm...

Summer: Thank you.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: Well... what shall we drink to?

Summer: Hmm. Well, I mean, it is valentine's day.

Kyle: True. So... how 'bout to... mending broken hearts.

Summer: Okay, that is less romantic than hockey.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Okay. You come up with something.

Summer: Okay. Um... to moving on.

Kyle: Perfect.

Summer: Cheers.

Kyle: Mm.

Cane: [Voice-over] And when that day comes, she'll sit side-by-side with her loving husband, and together they'll rule their kingdom, as it was always meant to be.

Charlie: [ Chuckles ] Nailed it.

[ Button clicks ]

Mattie: It was beautiful. Mom's gonna love it.

Cane: Yeah, I hope so.

Mattie: I know it's not the same as seeing each other on your anniversary, but at least she'll get to hear your voice.

Charlie: Yeah. We'll do the final edit in my room and send it to her.

Mattie: Yeah, I, uh, have some more ideas.

Charlie: Of course you do.

Cane: [ Sniffles ]

Kyle: Mm. Mm! No. No.

Summer: Why not?

Kyle: I love lola.

Summer: She broke up with you, kyle.

Kyle: We had an argument. And that'S... it's just wrong, summer.

Summer: Okay, well, how can it be wrong when it feels so right?

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Mia: Can't stay away?

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

[ Scoffs ] I was fixing lola's truck. I just dropped it off outside.

Mia: So why not come upstairs? For coffee, of course.

Arturo: Sharon actually makes the best cup in town. You don't believe me, ask rey.

Mia: Have you seen him today?

Arturo: I don't usually spend valentine's day with my brother. Although it's kind of weird that you don't know where he is.

Mia: Well, I didn't say that.

Arturo: Mm. So where is he, mia? What's going on?

Mia: I screwed up. And rey might be coming after you because of it.

Arturo: [ Scoffs ] Whoa, whoa. Mia, mia. What are you talking about? What did you do?

Mia: Rey's making a big deal out of nothing.

Arturo: What is your idea of "nothing"?

Mia: Rey and I were making love. I called out your name.

Sharon: Hope you like chamomile. What's wrong?

Rey: I was moving some of your papers from the couch.

Sharon: Yeah, I was just doing my taxes. You can set them on the table.

Rey: This one.

Sharon: It's an old phone bill.

Rey: From april. It says you called 911 the night of april 13th. The night J.T. Died.

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