Y&R Transcript Monday 2/11/19

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/11/19


Episode #11550 ~ Victor does damage control; Nikki comes clean.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Summer: Hey, if you need to get to the showcase, I can just finish up with these guys and meet you over there.

Fen: No. No. No, no, no. I still got a little more time.

Devon: So fen's supposed to be here right now. Does anyone know where the hell he is?

Show me what you're working with, show me how you do it


Lola: Because not having sex is hurting you way more than you'll have to admit.

Kyle: And whether we talk about it or not, it's creating a distance between us.

Nikki: Christine. There won't be any trial today. I have something to tell you.

Christine: Nikki, if you're just trying to stall...

Nikki: No, I'm not. You need to hear what I have to say.

Victor: Sweetheart, everything is going to be all right.

Nikki: Yes. It will. You can't do this. My husband is innocent.

Rey: Get him in the car.

Nikki: No! You're arresting the wrong person!

Nick: Mom, please.

Victoria: You're making things worse.

Michael: Don't say any more.

Nikki: I cannot stand by another minute and watch my husband be punished for something he didn't do.

Victor: Nikki, don't do this.

Jack: You and the polar bears out there this morning, huh?

Kyle: Yeah.

Jack: You know I believe in exercise, but I can't help wondering if frostbite might negate the benefits of swimming in sub-zero temperatures.

Kyle: Yeah, the pool's heated, and I needed to blow off some steam.

Jack: What's wrong? Problems at work?

Kyle: It's lola. I think it's over between us.

Fen: Hi, um, I just wanted to say thank you --

Ana: [ Sighs ]

Fen: Look, ana, I know you're pissed at me.

Ana: You think?

Fen: Look, I get it, okay? I screwed up big-time, but, I swear, this will never happen again.

Ana: You're right about that.

Fen: Wait a minute, you're not saying that...

Ana: That devon's gonna fire you?

Fen: Look, I can make this right, okay? If you just give me another chance...

Ana: It's not up to me.

Fen: Listen, you're the one who believed in me from the very beginning. Okay? All I'm asking is don't stop. Okay? Please, ana.

Victor: I love you for wanting to help me.

Nikki: Then let me.

Victor: But this is not the way. Nicholas, take care of your mother. Make sure she gets to the courthouse.

Nick: Mom, come on.

Victoria: Nick and I will drive you.

Nikki: No. No! No, stop it, both of you. I can't let this happen.

Victor: You're going to be okay, sweetheart.

Nikki: Victor, nothing about this is okay.

Rey: Nikki, I understand that you are upset, but interfering like this isn't going to help.

Michael: You could make things a whole lot worse.

Nikki: It couldn't get any worse. You are making a mistake.

Christine: The only one doing that is you.

Rey: Let's go. Come on.

Nikki: All right, nobody is listening to me! You're arresting the wrong person.

Nick: Mom.

Nikki: My husband did not kill J.T., I did!

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Jack: Look, whatever happened between you and lola, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is.

Kyle: She stormed out of crimson lights in the middle of our date.

Jack: Couples fight. They argue.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Have you had a chance to talk since about what happened?

Kyle: Between her pop-up stand and getting ready for abby's restaurant, I doubt she has time to talk to me.

Jack: Oh, come on, you don't believe that.

Kyle: Lola's career is one of the main reasons there's been so much tension between us lately.

Jack: You knew going into this how important her work was to her. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Of course this is gonna be her top priority.

Kyle: I know! And I love the way she's gone after it. She's never done anything close to this, but she went into it with this fearlessness and confidence and a sense of herself that blows me away. She has this passion for what she does that's so honest and real, and it makes me want to be around her all the time.

Jack: I'd say that's worth fighting for.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Jack: And what better time than valentine's week to prove to her just how much she means to you?

Kyle: Any suggestions?

Jack: Always. Um, jewelry? Always nice. A trip to new york. Take in a few shows.

Kyle: Spending money is not the way to impress lola. Whatever I do, it has to come from the heart.

Jack: I have just the thing.

Fen: I know! I screwed up!

Ana: I believed in you. I fought for you, and this is how you repay me? By blowing off an event that was set up just to showcase you.

Fen: I didn't --

Ana: You, fen!

Fen: I didn't blow it off! Okay? I was -- I was dealing with some personal stuff.

Ana: Don't bs me!

Fen: Look, what's the big problem? You stepped in. Everyone got to see how great you are.

Ana: This isn't about me. Or devon. It's about you! And how selfish and unprofessional you are! Do you have any idea how many singers would kill for the opportunity you've been given?

Fen: I'm a jerk! I get it! Okay? I can't lose this, ana. I mean, singing... it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do. And when you asked me to record your song, and suddenly people were downloading it and streaming it... you know, it all happened really fast. And I guess it just went to my head.

Ana: If you went into this just for the money or the fame...

Fen: I didn'T. I didn't, I swear. All right? Music means just as much to me as it does to you. And I know I'm gonna have to work really hard if I'm gonna make a career out of this, and I'm willing to do that. So will you just -- talk to devon? Please, ana.

Rey: You killed J.T.?

Michael: Nikki, not another word.

Christine: That's good advice, nikki.

Victor: Christine, this is your fault, okay? This is an obnoxious abuse of power, to come here and put handcuffs on me in front of my family.

Christine: This is a high-profile case. We're just following procedure.

Victor: Really?

Nikki: This has gone on far too long. Too many people have been hurt, and I need to put an end to it.

Michael: All right, nikki, let's go into another room and discuss this.

Victor: That's a good idea.

Nikki: Victor! I cannot let this go on. I can't stand by and watch you be accused of a crime i committed!

Victor: Look, she's obviously trying to help me, okay?

Nikki: You, sir, suspected me from the very beginning.

Rey: Suspicion isn't proof.

Nikki: Remember that day you saw me at the park after you found J.T.'S watch?

Rey: Yeah. You own chancellor park. Pipe was busted. It would make sense that you would be there.

Nikki: I wasn't there because of a plumbing problem.

Michael: Nikki, not another word, I mean it! Look, this -- this obviously changes everything.

Victor: It doesn't change a damn thing.

Christine: Could what nikki's saying be true?

Rey: We have run a thorough investigation, included all the possibilities, including the fact that nikki could have somehow had something to do with hellstrom's death.

Christine: Yeah, and we concluded that all evidence pointed to victor.

Rey: Even before we got the recording of him practically confessing.

Christine: If nikki testifies that she killed J.T., It's gonna be really difficult to prove that victor's guilty, and, my god, if she's telling the truth...

Rey: No one wants an innocent man to go to prison.

Christine: What a mess.

Michael: Okay, you are all to keep your mouth shut, understand?

Nikki: Michael, I already --

Michael: Not a peep from any of you.

Nick: We understand.

Michael: Oh, christine, so, um, how do you plan to proceed?

Christine: In light of this new information, I think it would in everyone's best interest if we postponed victor's trial.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Thank god. Thank god.

Christine: Victor will remain on bail under house arrest, nikki will be brought in for questioning.

Victoria: Is she under arrest?

Christine: Considering she just confessed to a murder, we have no other choice.

Rey: Give me your cuffs.

[ Clears throat ] Nikki newman, you are under arrest for the murder of J.T. Hellstrom. You have the right to remain silent.

Summer: Hey.

Fen: Hey.

Summer: What happened?

Fen: Um... well, do you remember the showcase I was supposed to be in the other night?

Summer: Yeah, the one that you were running late for?

Fen: Yeah, uh, well, by the time I showed up, it was practically over, and devon and ana were super pissed, and now she thinks he's gonna fire me.

Summer: Wait, because you missed one promotional event?

Fen: This was a huge deal for lp. I mean, devon put his reputation on the line for me, and... I made him look stupid in front of a lot of really important dudes. I mean, it wasn't -- it wasn't cool.

Summer: Okay, but people make mistakes. Who doesn't? But you're good.

Fen: Yeah. Apparently, that's not enough.

Summer: I guess it depends on how much you want it.

Fen: I want it more than anything, I really do, which... makes me an even bigger idiot. I mean, I had this big shot, and I blew it over a girl who's not even interested in me.

Summer: Fen, I like you. But I have to be straight with you. I was just using you to make kyle jealous.

Fen: It's good, seriously. Don't feel bad.-Yeah, I was just using you to make lola jealous and to screw with kyle.

Summer: Oh.

Fen: This whole thing is messed up. You know, me and kyle and this stupid competition with each other.

Summer: Yeah. Yeah, well, I guess I played my part in it, too.

Fen: No. No, this is all me.

Summer: Um, well, what if there was a way that I could make it up to you?

Fen: What? Summer, please --

Summer: Devon! Hi!

Devon: Summer! How you doing? Hey! Heard you were back in town. What's going on?

Summer: Yeah, um.... can I talk to you for a minute?

Devon: We're actually kind of in a rush right now.

Summer: I promise it's not gonna take long at all.

Devon: Okay. Sure. Hey.

Fen: Hey.

Devon: What would you guys like to talk about?

Jack: The key to solving all your problems.

Kyle: The abbott cabin.

Jack: Isolated, cozy, romantic, free -- all the things you need to win lola back.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] You think so?

Jack: What's the problem?

Kyle: Last time I invited lola to the cabin, she turned me down.

Jack: She doesn't like life in the woods?

Kyle: That's what I thought. Turns out, she was worried I was taking her there to, uh, you know...

Jack: Were you?

Kyle: Not gonna lie, it was on my mind.

Jack: Well, you'll have to convince her this particular getaway is about more than just...you know.

Kyle: I have to convince her it's not about that at all.

Jack: So you're not interested, either.

Kyle: I'm very interested. Lola isn'T. Not yet.

Jack: So, wait, the two of you have never...?

Kyle: She hasn'T...ever.

Jack: Okay.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] She's waiting.

Jack: You okay with that?

Kyle: It'S...new territory for me.

Jack: So no.

Kyle: But I'm trying to be understanding and patient.

Jack: But it's starting to be an issue.

Kyle: It's what we fought about. That's why it's so important i show her that I care about more than just that. I want her to know she's what matters. Her heart and soul, the amazing person she is. How do I do that?

Jack: Well, let's think about it. Um, we, uh... we string lights around all the trees around the cabin, twinkling lights. When you go to the cabin, stop in town you know the old general store there?

Kyle: Yeah.

Jack: Park there. Go inside, get all the supplies you need, including the makings for a very simple but lovely dinner.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] Me, cook for her?

Jack: She will love it, trust me.

Kyle: If I don't kill her.

Jack: I will have a horse-drawn sleigh waiting for you when you get to the cabin.

Kyle: You don't think that's too much?

Jack: Nothing over-the-top. I'll insist. It's charming and simple and rustic.

Kyle: Perfect. You're killing it, dad.

Jack: I still got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Kyle: Huh. I'm gonna steal one. Remember that invitation you sent kerry for thanksgiving? I want to make one like that for lola.

Jack: I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.

Kyle: Mm. I'll even hand-deliver it so she knows I'm serious. No cost involved whatsoever.

Jack: There we have it, a man with a plan.

Kyle: Uh-huh. Operation "win back lola" is hereby launched.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jack: Oh!

Kyle: We're a go.

Devon: Thank you.

Summer: Yeah.

Ana: Thank you.

Devon: Ana and I actually have some business to discuss with fen.

Summer: Oh, good. Good. Um, I'm glad because I heard that you were thinking about dropping him from your label, which would be a really huge mistake.

Devon: Well, I appreciate your input, summer, but --

Summer: Devon, please, you just have to hear me out.

Fen: This wasn't my idea.

Devon: Okay. I'll hear you out.

Summer: Okay, um, look, i know that you guys are really mad at fen because he missed a super-important promotional event.

Ana: He was supposed to be our featured performer.

Summer: I know, and it sucks that he was a no-show, but that is on me, 100%.

Devon: I don't know how you figure that because fen's a grown man, and he's responsible for his own decisions, right?

Summer: He is, totally, and he decided to put me ahead of himself. Okay, I was having a major crisis, and instead of just bailing on me to promote his singing, he decided to stay with me. And he knew what it could cost him, but he chose being a friend over his career.

Devon: And why didn't you tell me this before, fen?

Summer: Because fen doesn't make excuses, and I cannot let you guys think that he just bailed on you because he didn't care, okay? I pulled him into my own crap, and I would just really -- I would just hate to see him lose his dream because of that.

Devon: Well, the thing is, is, you know, in life, you have to live with the choices you make.

Summer: Yes, and that's the biggest irony of it all, is that I don't even think fen regrets what he did. That's just the kind of guy he is.

Devon: It's nice of you, fen, but it's gonna take a bit more than that to be successful in the music business.

Summer: Okay, well, fen has the rest. You know, he's -- he's talented, he's passionate. I mean, he could be a major star. You guys wouldn't have signed him if you didn't think so. And he was willing to risk all of that for me. He put a friend ahead of himself. I mean, come on, haven't either of you guys ever done that before?

Ana: Devon, can I talk to you for a minute?

Devon: Sure. Excuse me.

Summer: Yeah.

Fen: That was incredible.

Summer: What, you don't think I'm capable of doing something nice occasionally?

Fen: No, I just -- I just hope it works.

Rey: Okay, so... you claim... you killed J.T. Hellstrom.

Nikki: I did kill him.

Rey: Yet you kept quiet for all those months.

Nikki: I was afraid.

Rey: You were afraid. No guilt or remorse?

I have felt terrible about what I had done to J.T., But... I did what I had to do, what I was forced to do.

Rey: All right. So, tell me, what happened the night of J.T.'S death?

Michael: Nikki. You don't have to say a word.

Nikki: I have nothing to hide, not anymore. It was the girls' night at victoria's house.

Rey: Mm.

Nikki: Victoria, sharon, phyllis, mariah, and me. We were comforting victoria over her break-up with J.T. She got emotional and went upstairs to try to calm down a little bit, and she -- she was gone for a long time, so... I got worried and, by then, mariah had passed out, so I -- I told sharon and phyllis that i wanted to go up and check on victoria.

Rey: Mm, so you went upstairs alone?

Nikki: Yes. And as I approached the bedroom, I could hear a lot of yelling and -- and crashing going on inside. So I went in, and J.T. Was screaming at her, and he was choking her. And I had tried to get him to stop, and he -- he just threw me off of him, and I landed on the floor by the fireplace. And then I saw the fireplace poker, and I... I grabbed it, and then I yelled at him to stop it.

Rey: And?

Nikki: And he did. But the look in his eyes... it was pure hate.

Rey: Then what happened?

Nikki: Then he left through the window.

Rey: So you -- you followed him?

Nikki: I was most concerned with making sure victoria was okay, that she was all right. And then I promised her that i would protect her, keep her safe. And then she and I went back downstairs to the party, and then, when I felt nobody was really noticing, I slipped out, determined to keep my promise.

Rey: You took the poker with you?

Nikki: For protection.

Rey: I assume you, uh, tracked down J.T.?

Nikki: Yes.

Rey: What happened next?

Nick: I don't think she was planning on confessing. So whatever she's saying, she's winging it.

Victoria: Which means she doesn't have any idea what she's going to say, and neither do we.

Nikki: When I went outside, he was there. He took off on foot, so i followed him to chancellor park. That's -- that's where i confronted him.

Rey: And?

Nikki: I told him that I knew what he had done to victor. And to victoria. And he laughed. He said that the police couldn't stop him and neither could I, and he vowed to finish what he had started. He said it would be easy because victor was still in the hospital and because victoria was weak. I raise the poker and I told him I wasn'T. And he mocked me. He taunted me. He said that I was a coward, just like the rest of my family. And he threatened to just take us all out, one by one, starting with me. Well, I -- I knew what he was capable of, and so I raised my poker again, and I told him to back away. But then he lunged at me. And I just swung that poker as hard as I could. And it hit him in the head. I was so stunned when he went down because I -- I didn't mean to hurt him.

Rey: Why didn't you call the police?

Nikki: Once I realized he was dead, I panicked and... I didn't think that you would believe that it was in self-defense.

Rey: So you decided to dig a hole and bury him instead?

Nikki: I was already there. The garden we were planting... I just rolled his body into the dirt, and put more on top of it, and that was it, I left.

Rey: Hoping no one would find out what you did.

Nikki: Make no mistake, I am not proud of what I did. But wouldn't you protect your family if somebody threatened them? If somebody hurt your wife or your sister and then threatened to do it again? Wouldn't you do anything you could to stop them?

Rey: Let's take a break.

Michael: I'll be right back. Detective! Care to share anything?

Rey: You believe her?

Michael: You really expect me to answer that?

Rey: That's what I thought.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Fen: So, uh, have you guys made a decision?

Devon: Oh, yes, we have. I don't know if you're gonna like it, though.

Fen: You're dropping me.

Devon: All right, fen, I -- I took a big chance when i signed you.

Fen: No, I know, and I let you down.

Devon: Yes, you did, but ana just went to bat for you.

Fen: Thanks.

Devon: And luckily she's not just loyal, she's smart and she reminded me of all the time and money and energy that we've already invested into your career.

Fen: Look, I know I haven't said it, but I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me.

Devon: Well, we're gonna give you one last chance to prove that that's the truth and to show that you have what it takes to make it in this business.

Fen: Absolutely, yeah.

Devon: Okay. So here's the deal. Here's what's gonna happen. We're gonna send you out on the road, and you're gonna be opening at small venues for some of our more established artists. I'm not talking about 10,000-people arenas or partying all night. I'm talking about real hard work.

Ana: It'll give you a chance to learn from some pros and prove yourself. Really develop as a musician.

Devon: That's right, and after the tour, if it went well, then we will talk about where we go from there with you. Is that cool?

Fen: I --

Summer: Give the man an answer.

Fen: Yes! Yes, uh... thank you. I can't believe you're taking another shot on me, I'm -- I won't -- you won't regret this, okay? Thank you.

Devon: Thank ana.

Fen: Thank you.

Ana: Don't blow it.

Fen: I won't, I swear.

Devon: All right. It was good to see you.

Summer: Yeah. You, too.

Fen: Oh, my god! Thank you. That was, um... that was so cool. I -- I feel like I should take you out for dinner or drinks so I can just... thank you.

Summer: Sure. I mean, um, somewhere expensive will do.

Fen: Yeah! Yeah, uh, well, I mean, maybe tonight or tomorrow, and then we can just --

Summer: Um, you know, actually, maybe not tonight, but, um, if I don't see you, have a great tour. Let me know how it goes, okay? Good job!

Fen: Yeah, sure. Will do.

Summer: Um, hey. Uh, do you want to get coffee?

Kyle: I'm looking for lola.

Summer: Okay, so now you can't even be seen talking to me? I thought you said that she wasn't jealous or insecure.

Kyle: Lola's fine with me talking to other women, just...

Summer: Mm, not me.

Kyle: Look, it's valentine's day tomorrow. I'm trying to do something special.

Summer: Oh, and three's a crowd.

Kyle: Well, yeah, it kind of is.

Summer: Okay, well, you can just sit with me while you wait for her.

Kyle: She'll be here any minute.

Summer: Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Or not.

Kyle: She's just running late, that's all.

Summer: Okay, well, the offer still stands.

Rey: Your son-in-law was wanted for the attempted murder of your husband. I am assuming that victoria was gonna press charges. So why didn't you call the police when J.T. Showed up to victoria's house?

Nikki: After I saw him attack her, the only thing I could think about what protecting her.

Rey: Serve and protect. That's our job. But instead of coming to us, you went after J.T. Hellstrom with a fireplace poker?

Michael: That was previously stated, so unless you have another question...

Nikki: You don't have any children, do you, detective?

Rey: I'm not sure how that's relevant.

Nikki: If you did, you would understand this primal feeling that a parent has to protect their child. Reason and logic doesn't enter into it. If your child is in danger, you act, and that's what I did. I didn't think about anything else, I just did what I knew i had to do.

Rey: And what you had to do was... stop J.T.?

Nikki: I already told you that.

Michael: I'd like to state, for the record, that my client's confession was made at a time when she was under tremendous stress...

Nikki: Michael, please don't make excuses for me. I know exactly what I'm saying. I killed J.T. I acted alone. Nobody else helped me. And you can put that on the record.

Nick: Where's mom?

Christine: She's being questioned.

Victoria: This is ridiculous. She's innocent. Michael, where's mom? I need to -- I need to make sure that she's okay. Mom! Mom, are you okay?

Nikki: I'm okay, sweetheart.

Rey: We need to get her processed.

Nick: Can we have a few minutes with her?

Christine: She can't have visitors till tomorrow.

Nick: Tomorrow?

Christine: We are doing our job and sticking to protocol.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Nick: They cannot keep us from seeing her.

Michael: We have other things to discuss. Like how I was blindsided by your mother's confession. Did either of you have any idea that was she was planning to do this?

Victoria: No, we had no idea.

Michael: Is what she's saying true? Look, if I'm gonna defend anyone in this family, I need to know what the hell is going on.

Nick: We don't know why she confessed.

Victoria: What did mom say to rey?

Michael: You know I can't tell you that. That's privileged information.

[ Door opens ]

Rey: I need to ask you some questions.

Michael: Is she under arrest?

Rey: No, I just need to verify some elements of nikki's story.

Summer: Uh, so, did lola say why she was gonna be late?

Kyle: It was either because of work or work. Between her food truck and the restaurant opening... it's always one or the other.

Summer: Well, just cut her some slack, okay? You know what it's like to be involved in a big project, wanting to prove yourself, so...

Kyle: You're defending lola?

Summer: Well, yeah, I mean, i got to admire a woman who's as determined as she is. I mean, look at the way that she is sticking to this whole "no sex" thing.

Kyle: She made a choice. I respect it. And there's more to being with someone than having sex.

Summer: Yes, but it is an important part, though. I mean, you used to think so.

Kyle: It's not like lola and I are never gonna do it.

Summer: No, of course. I mean, it's just...

Kyle: What?

Summer: I just can't help wondering if there isn't something else holding her back besides her principles.

Kyle: If you're trying to make me doubt her or my feelings about her, you can --

Summer: No, no, I'm not. I'm not. You have given your heart and soul to this relationship. I'm just wondering if lola's giving as much as you are. You deserve that.

Lola: I'm sorry I'm late.

Kyle: I'm just glad you're here. I didn't like the way we left things the other night.

Lola: Yeah. Me, either.

Kyle: I wanted to call, but i wasn't -- I didn't know if --

[ Sighs ] I don't like the way things have been between us. So... I wanted to change that.

Lola: "Please join me for a romantic valentine's day celebration at the abbott cabin."

Rey: I'd like to talk to you about the last time you saw J.T. The night of your girls' party.

Michael: We've been through that several times.

Rey: That was before nikki confessed.

Michael: Still, it doesn't change victoria's statement.

Rey: Well, let's take a look at that. You said... J.T. Came through the bedroom window, right?

Victoria: That's right.

Rey: And you gave him cash, $700, then he left?

Victoria: Yes.

Rey: How'd you say he left again?

Victoria: The same way that he came in -- through the window.

Rey: Where was your mother when he left?

Victoria: Shouldn't you have all of that right there in that book?

Rey: Nikki's version is a little different. I thought I might give you a chance of reviewing the events as you now remember them.

Victoria: My mother's obviously lying. She's just confessing to keep my father from going to trial.

Rey: Because she felt guilty?

Victoria: Because he's being accused of a crime that he didn't commit. My father was seriously ill in the hospital when J.T. Disappeared, so he couldn't have done it.

Rey: Well, no one actually really knows when J.T. Was murdered, so it could have happened when your father was fully recovered.

Michael: Detective, with due respect, ms. Newman has already made a statement about the night J.T. Came to her house. So unless you have other questions, we are done.

Rey: One more thing -- is there a fireplace in your bedroom?

Victoria: Yes.

Rey: When was the last time you used it?

Victoria: I don't know. It's been ages.

Michael: Is that all?

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Kyle: It's too much. I told my dad going away to the cabin was a bad idea.

Lola: It's not that.

Kyle: If you're worried this is about us having sex, then --

Lola: No, I know you wouldn't pressure me into that.

Kyle: Then what's the problem? I get that you're busy, but it's just a few days.

Lola: No. It's not, kyle. It's so much more than that.

Kyle: I don't understand.

Lola: Well, that's just it. I mean, it's like you don't get how big this opportunity is for me. I mean, devon and abby are giving me the chance to make my dreams come true. We're less than two weeks from opening, and you're asking me to go on a vacation with you. It's like you don't understand.

Kyle: Of course I do!

Lola: Then you're not listening to me.

Kyle: Look, I know how much your career means to you. I'm into mine, too, but if you want to be with somebody, you got to make time for them.

Lola: Maybe you can take off work whenever you want, but i can'T.

Kyle: Can't or won't?

Lola: You obviously put a lot of effort into this.

Kyle: Yeah. I was hoping you'd be willing to do the same.

Lola: Then I guess we're on different tracks. Want different things.

Kyle: I know what I want.

Lola: Me, too. And I think it's best that we both admit that and go our separate ways. I -- I'm sorry, kyle.

Summer: Kyle --

Kyle: Not now, summer.

Victor: How's your mother?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] They wouldn't let us talk to her.

Nick: Christine claimed that she needed to be processed, but it was just an excuse to keep mom and vick apart.

Victoria: They wanted to question me before we could coordinate our stories.

Victor: What did you tell them?

Victoria: I didn't know what to tell them. I just stuck to my original statement. I had no choice because I don't know what mom told them.

Nick: They're gonna want to question sharon and phyllis next.

Victor: Well, we have to warn them.

Nick: Well, phyllis is in chicago on business. She's not gonna be home till late. And sharon is on a field trip with faith. So calling or texting can be risky.

Victoria: It's gonna be impossible to coordinate our stories. This whole thing is starting to unravel.

Michael: I need you to be honest with me. Otherwise, I can't defend you.

Nikki: I appreciate you being here, michael, but I don't need your help.

Michael: Why do all the newmans make it so difficult for me to do my job, hmm?

[ Door opens ]

Rey: Paperwork's done.

Nikki: Have the charges against victor been dropped?

Rey: Victor's trial has been officially postponed. He will remain out on bail. But until this gets all sorted out, we'll have to keep you in custody.

Nikki: What is there to be sorted out? I've confessed.

Rey: Did you really think you could get away with lying to me?

Michael: Don't answer that.

Nikki: I killed J.T.

Rey: Oh, I definitely think you were involved with his death, that you know what really happened, but you didn't do it alone. And I'm gonna prove it.

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