Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/6/19

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/6/19


Episode #11547 ~ Sharon is forced to choose sides; Devon pushes Ana into the spotlight.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Nick: I know this puts you in a tricky position, working for the police, the questions it could raise.

Sharon: I have other priorities besides my job. Loyalties, they matter more to me.

Victor: Katie, where were you? Who are you talking to?

Nick: We're talking about multiple video screens, each with their own audio feed. Full-blown surveillance of the entire house.

Kyle: You're crazy if you think this thing between you and summer is gonna last.

Lola: Summer wants you. And she can give you what i can'T.

Devon: To fen and your artistry. And to ana's sublime talent. I think this is the first of many successes for this amazing team we have here.

Ana: The small taste of fame I got when I was younger, that was enough to convince me I'm happier behind the scenes.

Devon: All right, I'll let you guys finish setting up, and just let me know if you need anything at all. Okay?

[ Sighs ] Hey. This was a great idea. I want to say thank you for arranging it. It's exactly what lp needs to remind the industry of what we're all about, and that's fresh music and new artists. And it's about revealing fen baldwin as our newest signing. He knows it. This is his coming-out party, so he has to deliver.

Ana: He knows. He's gonna perform the new song and two covers.

Devon: He's probably never performed at anything like this before, huh?

Ana: Well, not for the kind of power players you're gonna have in this room, but I saw him rehearse. He sounds great.

Devon: That's really good. 'Cause how he does isn't just a reflection on the label. It's a reflection on me personally.

Ana: It's gonna be a huge success.

Devon: Let's hope so.

Sharon: [ Laughing ]

Mariah: I don't remember police work being so funny.

Sharon: Hi, hon.

Mariah: Hey.

Sharon: The person who normally reviews the crime tips that people e-mail to the gcpd is out sick today, so I'm filling in.

Mariah: Why is that funny?

Sharon: Well, I'm getting tips from two feuding neighbors who have come up with some creative ways of getting back at each other -- olive oil on the doorknobs, rotten eggs in the mailboxes, and this latest video is doorbell footage of a bed of roses and a very big dog who's been holding it in for a while.

Sharon: You're weird, mom.

Sharon: Well, obviously, i need a break. I'm glad you're here.

Mariah: Uh, well, you might not be when you hear what it's about.

Sharon: Okay.

Mariah: It's about tessa.

Sharon: Uh-oh.

Mariah: No, no, no, it's good news. She actually got hired at abby and lola's new restaurant.

Sharon: Well, good for her. I'm not sure what this has to do with me.

Mariah: Well, they wanted to know the reason why she left crimson lights. She gave them a vague answer, and I knew that would be a red flag, so I went and I told them it was because you disapproved of our relationship.

Sharon: I hope they don't think that I disapprove because...

Mariah: No, no, no, no, no! Nothing -- nothing like that. You know, just the regular old "nobody's good enough for my baby" stuff, which is kind of true.

Sharon: Well, I would argue that I have valid reasons for being concerned about tessa.

Mariah: Okay. Okay. We don't need to get into that now. I was just wondering, if they call you and ask for a reference, if you could back up our story.

Sharon: Okay. I promised I wouldn't interfere in tessa's life. I will keep my word.

Mariah: I really, really appreciate it. Well, I will let you get back to the criminal underbelly of genoa city.

Sharon: I'll talk to you later.

Mariah: Okay.

Kyle: This is the one place i knew I could find you. At least during the pop-ups business hours.

Lola: I just finished the receipts. Now I'm on to restaurant business.

Kyle: Hey, don't take this the wrong way, but... I'm worried about you.

Lola: What? Why? I'm fine.

Kyle: 'Cause you're burning yourself out.

Lola: I'm not working 24/7 for kicks, okay? I have no choice. I cannot let anything fall through the cracks.

Kyle: The only way things are gonna fall through the cracks is if you let yourself get overtired.

Lola: What do you suggest, dr. Abbott?

Kyle: Dinner and a movie with mariah and tessa. They asked if we wanted to join.

Lola: It sounds so nice, but I --

Kyle: Listen, I think you need this. We both do.

Lola: Things have been a little off between us lately.

[ Sighs ]

Kyle: It's been hard to squeeze in time together -- except for our dinner the other night at the club.

Lola: [ Chuckles ] We need another mojito moment.

Kyle: It was really nice to just kick back and relax with you, lose track of time. And I bet, the next morning, you felt sharp and renewed and ready to hit the ground running.

Lola: Yes, I did. You are right. And now I'm super-annoyed with you because you're right again.

Kyle: How about this? I promise to be wrong the rest of the night.

Lola: Okay. Deal.

[ Chuckles ]

Victor: I have to get rid of the murder weapon. Without it and without a body, the police will never have enough evidence to convict me.

Nick: I hope you're right, dad. But that doesn't solve all our problems. I'm not sure how we ended up here.

Victor: It doesn't matter. There's no looking back now. After what he did to me and my daughter, hellstrom had to die.

Rey: What's going on? You look like you've seen a ghost.

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Sharon: My eyes are just glazed over from wading through so many tips.

Rey: Mm. Find anything we should follow up on?

Sharon: Not yet. Should I just delete the tips that are a dead end?

Rey: Sure. If you want to get fired.

Sharon: Excuse me?

Rey: Someone's already come in and logged in the tips that have come in for the day. So you can't just erase one. We have to be precise about retaining records for the department. Mostly to cover ourselves, in case a tip ever comes back to haunt us.

Sharon: I think I'M... burnt out on this, so I thought I'd take my dinner break now.

Rey: Go for it.

Rey: Sorry you got the short end of the stick. But I do appreciate you coming in. Who knows? Maybe when you get back, you'll find something worth investigating.

Sharon: Yeah.

Devon: This turnout is way better than I thought it was gonna be. I'm having a good feeling about tonight.

Ana: You should. This is awesome.

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: Well, this is a veritable who's who in here.

Devon: Hey, man.

Ana: Oh!

Neil: You got room for me?

Ana: You're a sight for sore eyes.

Neil: Good to see you.

Devon: I'm surprised to see you, dude. Did you have work in town or what?

Neil: No, I have family in town, okay? And I came to support them. And it's your big night. I wouldn't miss it, man.

Devon: That means a lot to me. Thank you. Appreciate you.

Summer: Okay. Well, I am starting to regret that I called you to hang out again. Who you texting? Hey, is it one of your groupies or something?

Fen: What? No. No, it's -- it's ana about the showcase thing. She wants me to come over early.

Summer: Hey, you should. No, I'll go with you. This is exciting!

Fen: I don't want to go early, all right? I can'T...say this to ana, but i still get a little nervous when I have to perform in front of a lot of people.

Summer: Wait. So, you, fen, are telling me that you have actual human feelings under all of that attitde and muscle mass?

Fen: Look, I have rehearsed, I'm ready. I just need to swoop in right before I go on, and do it. Until then, I just need to stay distracted.

Summer: Okay. Well, hey, perfect. Because distraction is one of the things that I do best.

Fen: Hey.

Mariah: Hey, fen. Snowflake.

Summer: Hey. Uh, what are you guys up to? Date night?

Mariah: Actually, double date night. Hey, guys.

Lola: Hi.

Summer: Oh. Well, I guess this is where all the cool couples go to pre-game.

Kyle: What time is our movie?

Mariah: Not for another hour.

Kyle: Oh.

Lola: Why don't we just all grab hot chocolate?

Summer: Oh, actually, that's a great idea. Fen and I have some time to kill before he has to head his showcase. Okay, you guys, come on. We are all grown adults. We can spend some time together. And who knows? It might even be fun.

Lola: Yeah. I mean, let's do it.

Sharon: Hey. Do you have a moment?

Nick: Yeah. What's going on?

Sharon: Um, are we alone?

Nick: Yeah. No one's here. What's up?

Sharon: So, I was working at the station tonight, and I was assigned to go through the crime tips that people e-mail to us. And I came across one that was...very disturbing. It was an anonymous message with a recording attached. It was a conversation between you and victor, talking about killing J.T.

Nick: What?

Sharon: Yeah, it almost gave me a heart attack, too.

Nick: I don't understand. Is it a fake?

Sharon: It was definitely your voice, as clear as day.

Nick: Okay. What'd we talk about? Did we bring up mom?

Sharon: You were talking about getting rid of the murder weapon, which I know to mean the fire poker, but you didn't specify that in the recording. The way it sounds, you could've been talking about the gun that was found in the stables, and i think that's the way the police will interpret it. But then, victor basically says he killed J.T. To protect victoria.

Nick: I don't remember that happening.

Sharon: Victor says, "hellstrom had to die."

Nick: No, we were in the living room at the ranch, talking. We did bring up mom, but whoever did this cut that part out. So it's just another step in trying to frame dad.

Sharon: How were they able to secretly record you?

Nick: Because they have been 10 steps ahead of us the whole time.

Nick: Hey, hey. Lot of heavy hitters here, man. Everyone's buzzing about this secret performance.

Devon: Yeah, so far so good.

Neil: I'm glad you're back. You know, engage with the label, signing that kid...

Devon: I couldn't have done it without ana. She's been by my side, and she stuck by me when I was at my worst, and I gave her every reason not to.

Neil: How are you doing, really?

Devon: I'm doing fine, but you already know that 'cause you get updates from her and nate, don't you?

Neil: This is true, but I'm asking you.

Devon: I'm good. I'm, uh -- I'm taking my medication, I'm seeing my therapist, and I'm discovering new ways to handle my low points and my anxiety. You know, work helps a lot 'cause it makes me feel like i have a purpose.

Neil: I'm proud of you. I'm really glad that I'm here to witness this next triumph in your life.

Devon: Let's hope that's what it is.

Summer: Well, streaming numbers for fen's song are still holding strong.

Kyle: I still can't -- I mean, it'S...fen.

Mariah: I know, I know. Who would've predicted that that skinny kid that we knew a few years back would end up being a professional singer?

Fen: Um, the same person who thought you would host your own talk show one day.

Mariah: You know, I would usually have a snarky retort to that, but in this case, you're right. That's absolutely insane, too.

Tessa: Okay, no, it's not. You are so talented -- both of you are.

Lola: Well, so, how long have you guys all known each other?

Summer: Uh, I don't know. Seems like forever.

Kyle: Way too long.

Fen: Your boyfriend actually has a history of being jealous of me.

Kyle: Yeah, I punched him out once. That was a good day.

Fen: Uh, I know you must be feeling like you're in my shadow, but you actually get a little moment in the sun. You know, after our photo shoot.

Lola: What photo shoot?

Summer: You -- you didn't tell her?

Kyle: I-it was a last-minute thing. We were doing a shoot for fenmore's, and the models i hired didn't show up, so fen and I stepped in. I guess I didn't mention it because we were talking about other things, and it didn't seem that important. I mean, it's not like I'm leaving jabot to go hit the runway, so...

Lola: Well, an ad campaign seems like a pretty big deal to me.

Kyle: It's lauren and phyllis's baby. I'm just along for the ride on this one.

Lola: Okay. Well, uh, either way, congratulations, you guys. I am sure it'll be a huge success.

Fen: Yeah, I hope so, too.

Neil: It seems like he's doing really well tonight.

Ana: Yeah. Think he's a little more nervous than he's letting on, but i think he's okay. It's time for him to get this thing started. Excuse me.

Neil: Okay.

Ana: You gonna do your thing?

Devon: Yeah. How do I look?

Ana: Like devon hamilton.

[ Both laugh ]

Devon: [ Clears throat ] All right, hello, everyone. Hello, hello, hello. I want to thank you all for coming out to our private event tonight. Really do appreciate it. I want you guys please to take advantage of the cocktails and the canapes because they are paid for, and I can't take them home myself, so...

[ Laughter ] And also, I hope you guys stick around for our main event tonight, which is going to be a live debut performance from L.P.'S newest artist. And this is someone that I am beyond proud to share with you all and someone I think that we're gonna be seeing a lot more of in the near future. So, that's my tease for the night, and I'll leave you with that. So enjoy the party.

[ Applause ]

Summer: Um, hey, if you need to get the showcase, I can just finish up with these guys and meet you over there.

Fen: No, no. No, no, no. I still a little more time.

Summer: Okay.

Fen: But, um... you know, why don't we go somewhere else, just the two of us -- you know, get a drink?

Summer: You know, 'cause I'm having fun. It's not really that often that I get to hang out and chat with these two.

Fen: Yeah. Okay, cool. You know I'm not the kind of guy who abandons his date. And I don't want to miss out on the cookies, either.

Mariah: You've been kind of quiet. Is it all the fen stuff? Is that what's bothering you?

Tessa: It's just, a year ago, I would've been a part of that showcase. And I know that I blew my chance because of the mistakes that i made, and I own that. But it's hard not to think about what might've been. But I am so grateful for my job and the ability to pay my bills.

Mariah: And you have me.

Tessa: And I have you, which is everything.

Mariah: All right, we should get back to the table, because i have a feeling that summer's on fire tonight, and kyle and lola need backup.

Summer: So, kyle, you have to show lola those photos from the shoot.

Kyle: No, she sees enough of me in person.

Summer: Okay, come on. You're telling me that your girlfriend doesn't want to see hot photos of her man? You still have the e-mail with them on your phone, right?

Kyle: Let it go, summer.

Summer: Geez. Since when did he become so shy?

Kyle: She doesn't care about the dumb photos.

Lola: Uh, I do actually. I would love to see them.

Summer: You know what? Actually, fen has some on his phone. His mom e-mailed me the file.

Fen: No, no, no, trust me. Don't -- pl--

Summer: Oh, my god.

Mariah: I'm sorry. Did you set the photos to your own music?

Tessa: Or your mom did?

Kyle: Good god, man.

Fen: I'm just gonna flip that on silent.

Summer: Yep. Okay. Well, we'll try and erase that from our minds and focus on the eye candy. Here, take a look.

Lola: Oh, wow. Those are really good.

Summer: Yeah, there's one where both guys look unbelievable. Like, the game "who would you rather" would be an impossible choice. Here, let me. This one's my favorite. I hope it's the one that lauren chooses for the ad.

Lola: Uh, girls are gonna go crazy over you two.

Summer: I know. Right? We're gonna have to guard our men.

Kyle: Okay! Selfie show's over. That concludes our narcissism portion of the night.

Mariah: But, kyle, fen is still here.

Kyle: Surely, there's something else we can talk about.

Mariah: Cookies?

Nick: So, the family, the staff, the entire security team fanned out and checked the grounds and the ranch for katie.

Sharon: That must have been so scary.

Nick: It was, but we finally found her in a crawl space behind the walls.

Sharon: Thank god. What a relief.

Nick: Well, it was until we also found surveillance equipment -- multiple recording devices, monitors, all surveying different rooms in the house.

Sharon: So, katie was interacting with this person?

Nick: Yeah. She said he was her imaginary friend, and then she drew him as a man dressed in black.

Sharon: Wow. That's terrifying that he was able to come in and out of the house undetected, listening and watching everything that was going on. Who do you think would be capable of doing something like that?

Nick: Well, I've been thinking about it, and I know it sounds crazy, but it could be J.T. I mean, who else would have a better motive to frame dad and to also have the skills to pull this off?

Sharon: I think it's much more likely that this is someone else from victor's long list of enemies.

Nick: Well, I had michael run some tests on the equipment. They couldn't find any dna or fingerprints, which means this guy is meticulous, and he is clearly enjoying playing this twisted game. I mean, if he's giving tips to the police, he is not gonna stop until he takes dad down.

Sharon: I'm worried about you, too, nick. You didn't say that much on the tape, but it's enough to show that you're aware of what happened and you're helping to cover it up.

Nick: But it makes it sound like I'm protecting dad, not mom, right?

Sharon: If the police hear this message, christine could force you to testify against victor.

Nick: Which means I will either have to perjure myself... or implicate my mom in J.T.'S murder.

Sharon: And they can still charge you as an accessory.

Nick: [ Breathes deeply ] Rey hasn't heard the tape yet, right?

Sharon: I came here instead.

Nick: Would you consider deleting it? (Katy) I was thrilled to be able to go with my friends to our annual

"The young and the restless"

will continue. (Announcer) brace yourself.

Nick: No, I'm sorry. It was unfair of me to ask you to delete that message.

Sharon: No, no. I-I thought about it, too. Right when I saw it. But they count the number of e-mails that come in every day, so they could easily find out that it was me. I could get fired, or even prosecuted.

Nick: That is the last thing I want.

Sharon: I just don't know what I can do. Listen... the police are going to find out about this one way or another.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: I'm sorry. [ Sighs ] I have to get back to work.

Nick: Yeah, no. Uh... hey, thanks for bringing this to me. You know, uh, we were wondering how they were gonna use this surveillance against us, and now we know.

Sharon: I don't want to make things worse for you. But I think I have to --

Nick: I understand.

Nick: Just let me know what you decide, and then we'll go from there.

Mariah: So, lola, how is the restaurant coming? I know the space looks amazing.

Tessa: It totally does.

Lola: Uh, yeah. Abby's putting a lot of work into it. I'm sure it's gonna come out great.

Mariah: Hey, we should go to the opening night together, because I know these two will be busy working.

Fen: Yeah, we should, uh -- we should check it out, too.

Summer: Oh, yeah. For sure.

Mariah: So, what are you gonna do for the, uh -- the menu for the opening night?

Kyle: Lola?

Lola: What?

Mariah: I was just asking about the menu.

Lola: Oh, um... we're gonna do, uh, upscale tapas and, uh, main plates. I'm sorry, you guys. I, uh, am way more exhausted than I anticipated. I don't think I can make it through a movie.

Kyle: Oh. Are you sure?

Lola: Uh, yeah. I mean, if you guys put me in a dark room, I will probably fall asleep before the trailers end. But you three should still go.

Mariah: Uh... you know what, no, it's fine. Go home. Get some rest. We can double again soon. It's fine.

Lola: Yeah. Sounds good.

Kyle: Can I talk to you for a second?

Lola: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: I have to ask -- are you really leaving because you're tired?

Lola: Uh, yeah. You knew I was way exhausted before you asked me to come out.

Kyle: I know. I just thought you were up for trying to spend some time together. So I'm wondering if there's more to it. Are you upset about the photo-shoot thing?

Lola: No, no. I mean, it was weird, though.

[ Chuckles ] It was like, what, the day before yesterday, and summer knows all about it, and she's seen all of the photos. So I guess, yes, I felt a little out of the loop, and kind of stupid 'cause I was the only one who didn't know.

Kyle: It's not like I went to the shoot and ran off to tell summer. I bumped into her at the coffeehouse.

Lola: You sure are bumping into her a lot lately.

Kyle: It's not that big of a town.

Lola: Wake up. I mean, she's practically following you everywhere. She's stalking you, kyle. I can just imagine her draped all over you, telling you how hot you are, how hot the pictures look. So much for boundaries, huh?

Kyle: It wasn't like that. It was a short conversation while she was getting coffee.

Lola: You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

Kyle: No, I think you did. And don't shut down on me now.

Lola: I'm not like this, okay? I am not the insecure girlfriend. I don't want to be like this.

Kyle: Then don't be.

Lola: Phew! Hm.

Kyle: What I meant to say is, you don't have any reason to be insecure.

Lola: Don't I?

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] Just say what you're thinking.

Lola: I can see you, okay, trying so hard not to look at her. Pretend that she's not there or that you don't care about her. I mean, you can't even look at her in the eyes when I'm around, kyle. That is not normal. That is not the behavior of somebody who's over their ex-girlfriend.

Kyle: Lola, I love you. I only want to be with you.

Lola: Yeah, but it would be a lot better if we were having sex, right?

Kyle: Oh, don't put words in my mouth! I've told you over and over I'm okay with it.

Lola: Yes. You have said all of the right things. You always do. But they're not exactly true, right? Because not having sex is hurting you way more than you want to admit.

Kyle: Oh, my god. What do you want me to say? We've been together for a long time, lola. Of course I wish we were having sex. I've told you that. I've been as honest as I can possibly be without hurting your feelings.

Lola: Why would you telling me the truth hurt my feelings?

Kyle: Because there is a part of me that's disappointed. When we go on an incredible date and it ends with a kiss at the door, I want more. And not just the physical act, but everything that goes with it. We're missing out on a big part of an adult relationship, and whether we talk about it or not, it's creating a distance between us. The worst part is, I have no clue whether, if, or when you'll be ready. And it doesn't seem to matter that I'm crazy about you. I've professed my love to you and tried to prove it in every way I can possibly think of. I'm trying to be sensitive to your reasons. But sometimes I think the only reason you're still holding back must be because you still don't trust me.

Lola: Look, I thought I was past most of my doubts, until...

[ Gasps ]

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my god.

Kyle: Hey. [ Sighs ] Lola!

Devon: So, fen's supposed to be here right now. Does anyone know where the hell he is?

Ana: Well, I texted him a little while ago. I'm sure he's on the way. There's no way he'd blow this chance.

Devon: If that were true, I don't think he'd be late. I don't think he understands how much energy and money we've put into his career already, and how disrespectful this is.

Ana: We can wait for him a little bit longer. Everyone's having fun. Nobody will notice.

Devon: Well, it's gonna be real embarrassing if I can't deliver what I've promised to these people. And they're not interns or junior staffers. Their time is very valuable. So they're not gonna wait around for no reason.

[ Sighs ] Hi. It's your boss. I don't know why you're not answering the phone, but I need you to get here right now.

Fen: You guys seriously aren't having sex? That sucks.

Mariah: Fen, shut up.

Tessa: Yeah. There's more to a relationship than sex.

Fen: No, I know. I'm just... saying.

Mariah: Do you think that you should have gone after her?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] It wouldn't have helped.

Mariah: Called her? Left a message? Something?

Kyle: I know her. She doesn't want to hear from me. And, honestly, I-I don't even know what I would say. We both just need to try and cool down before we deal with what happened. Nothing like finding out your perfect relationship [Sighs] Is a big fat mess.

Mariah: Hey, I mean, tessa and I have been there. But we managed to fix it.

Tessa: I'm sure you can, too.

Kyle: I hope so. But I don't know.

Summer: I'm really sorry, kyle.

Fen: So, like, no sex? Like, just -- psht -- nada? Nothing? Does that mean you guys do, like, other stuff?

Tessa: Shut up!

Mariah: Fen, seriously?!

Kyle: Hey, don't you have somewhere to be?

Fen: Crap! Hey, come on. We got to go.

Summer: Uh, you know, actually, I'm gonna stay. Kyle's upset, so...

Fen: You know what? Fine.

Mariah: Then there were four. Just not the four that I was expecting.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: You all right?

Rey: I've been going through my files on the J.T. Case for the hundredth time. I'm searching for something new or something that I missed that I could give to christine, but there's nothing there that will help her in her case against victor.

Sharon: You can't find something that's not there.

Rey: Yeah. I'm the lead detective. And it's my job to give the D.A. What she needs to win her case. If she fails, it's on me for not providing enough evidence.

Sharon: That's not your fault.

Rey: Well, if a case this high-profile goes down, there's got to be a fall guy.

Sharon: That's so unfair.

Rey: How do you manage to do that?

Sharon: Do what?

Rey: Sympathize with me in such a selfless way? If I do find something to help the case against victor, your kids' grandfather could go to jail for the rest of his life.

Sharon: I realize you're just doing your job, fighting for what you believe is the truth.

Rey: You still don't think victor's guilty. I get that it's hard to believe someone you know and care about could commit such a terrible crime. I've been in that situation before. Had a couple personal cases back in miami [Inhales deeply] Involving some old friends. I remember thinking how easy it would be to just look the other way.

Sharon: Did you?

Rey: No. I had to remind myself that my loyalty is to the justice system. If you don't have integrity, you shouldn't be doing this kind of work.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. That -- that sounded self-righteous.

Sharon: No. No, not at all. Um... you're noble, rey. You're a good man who takes his work seriously.

Rey: Speaking of -- we should get back to it.

Sharon: Yep. [ Sighs ] I just have two million more e-mails to read. Okay, max...time to help mrs. Tyler

Devon: Okay. I, uh -- I can't wait any longer, so I have to tell everyone the singer didn't show up, and apologize and send everybody home.

Ana: Would you like me to break the news?

Devon: No. I appreciate you wanting to do it, but I'm the one who trusted the kid, so I should be humiliated by him.

Ana: [ Sighs ] This is terrible. I can't believe this is happening.

Neil: You know, we might be able to save this thing. Devon never specified who was singing tonight. I mean, he told me that you still have a beautiful voice. He heard you sing the other day -- it brought tears to his eyes.

Ana: My performing days are over.

Neil: Can you make an exception? Just this one time? You see the state he's in. He's teetering on the edge.

Ana: I know.

Neil: So... what do you want to do about this? It's either now or never.

Ana: [ Sighs ]

Devon: [ Clears throat ] Hello, everyone, again. Thank you for your patience. I just want to -- I just want to announce...

[ Music plays ] ...Um, heh, the surprise singer for tonight -- ana hamilton. Let's give her a round of applause, please.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Ana: Oh, oh, ohhh

oh, oh, oh

oh, oh, ohhh

[ Vocalizing ]

Mariah: You know, some people are celibate their whole lives. Like, uh...

Summer: Nuns.

Kyle: Please stop, guys. I appreciate the effort, but, uh... you should probably go. You're gonna miss your movie.

Mariah: No, it's fine. You know, it's just one of those comic-book franchise movies... where the villain is so over-the-top evil she strains believability.

Kyle: You guys are gonna make me feel guilty. Just because my plans crashed and burned doesn't mean yours have to.

[ Slaps knees ]

[ Sighs ]

Mariah: Okay. Well, call us if you need us, all right?

Kyle: Mm.

Tessa: Bye.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: I'm gonna head home, too.

Summer: No, wait. Kyle, can you just wait a minute, please?

Kyle: I'm worn out, summer.

Summer: Look, okay, I know. I'm just sorry that you guys had that fight, okay?

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: I could see how hurt you both were.

Kyle: I shouldn't have let it get so out of hand, especially not in public.

Summer: Well, now I know what's been bothering you and why you didn't want to tell me about it.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] You were never supposed to find out. Ever. I'm sure lola's mortified that you know.

Summer: Okay, well, I'm not gonna go throw it in her face. Can I give you some advice?

Kyle: Can I say no?

Summer: Look, a relationship is supposed to meet the needs of both people. And I just don't really feel like lola's doing that for you.

Kyle: Lola has everything i could want in a girlfriend. Smart, talented, beautiful.

Summer: Okay, look, and I am sure that she is all of that. I'm just saying that you guys are coming from two very different places on important things. And, look, just because she's a great girl doesn't mean that she's the right girl.

Ana: What you're workin' with

show me how you do it

show me what you're workin' with

show me how you do it, yeah

talkin' about all night long

yeah, let's do it all night long


[ Vocalizing ]

[ Applause ]

Neil: Yeah!

Devon: And she said she'd never perform again.

Neil: She did it for you. 'Cause that's what family does.

[ Applause ]

Sharon: There's something that I need you to see.

Rey: A tip?

Sharon: It's something that we need to look into.

Victor: I have to get rid of the murder weapon. Without it, and without a body, the police will never have enough evidence to convict me.

Nick: I hope you're right, dad. But that doesn't solve all our problems. I'm not sure how we ended up here.

Victor: It doesn't matter. There's no looking back now. After what he did to me and my daughter, hellstrom had to die.

Rey: Thank you. You did the right thing.

[ Sighs ] If this recording is legit, it could be exactly what the D.A. Needs to convict victor newman. This... this could be the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

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