Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/24/19

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/24/19


Episode #11538 ~ Phyllis walks a fine line with Billy; Arturo shocks Abby.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Victoria: Get off of me!

[ Gasping ] Aah!

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Victoria: No!

[ Gasps ] She was able to throw the murder weapon into a lake, and she dumped the cellphone in a dumpster near the airport.

Phyllis: I have no intention of going down for this. I never threw that fire poker into the lake.

Mia: Rey and I are renewing our wedding vows. We're really doing it up right this time.

Arturo: The other night, we put it away, and we move on. I see a future I want with the woman I love.

Devon: If you don't tell me the truth, I'm gonna pull fen's song from distribution.

Ana: Okay, okay. There is no other songwriter. I wrote the song.

Devon: So fen's song...

Ana: Is my song.

Devon: The lyrics and the melody?

Ana: All mine.

Devon: Wow. You're really good.

Ana: You really think so?

Devon: I mean, I knew you could sing, but I had no idea that you could write like that.

Ana: Why I was pushing for it to be fen's first release.

Devon: And that's why you had such strong opinions on how it should be produced.

Ana: Had to. It's my baby.

Devon: Mm. So, with all this talent that you have, why would you want to hide behind some random person?

Ana: Do you know how hard it is to be a woman in this industry? I had a mentor I trusted. Never again.

Devon: You couldn't even trust me?

Nikki: You lied to us for months. We trusted you to get rid of that fireplace poker.

Phyllis: Yeah, like you said, I held onto it for insurance.

Nikki: Against?

Phyllis: You and victoria. What if the police found J.T.'S body, and the mom and daughter duo decided to throw sharon and me under the bus?

Nikki: Wow. You amaze me. You know, not a lot of people are like you, with that twisted, tortured way of thinking you have.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah? Who would have protected me, nikki? Who's got my back when things get rough?

Nikki: No one will if you keep behaving like this. I believed you. We believed you. What the hell were we thinking?

Phyllis: Oh, I don't know, because you were the one who blabbed to victor and nick. You want to see the weak link? Take a look in the mirror! You can say what you want to say about me, but why would I insist on a cover-up and then go planting evidence? So, no, I don't know how that poker got to your house. I have no idea how it got there.

Nikki: Well, gee, phyllis, that's the way it is with liars -- you just never know when to believe them.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. You can walk out of here with wrong assumptions. Or you can listen to every bit of my story.

Rey: I'm excited we're doing this. Renewing our vows.

Mia: Aww, this is just what we needed to remember why we're together, and to show everyone that what we've got is forever.

Rey: Mm-hmm?

Mia: Mm.

[ Intercom buzzes ] Oh, that must be the maid of honor. Oh, thank you, god. I have so much to do, babe. I don't have enough time. M-my -- my hair, my makeup. I'm a total mess.

Rey: Okay, relax. You could be wearing a brown-paper bag, and you would still be the most beautiful girl in the world.

Lola: Stop! What are you even doing?

Rey: I was about to kiss my wife.

Lola: No! No kissing. Not yet. After the wedding. Right now, you are just her groom, and you have no right to be here.

Rey: Okay, where am i supposed to go?

Lola: Uh, you're going to my place. I'm gonna text arturo right now and let him know that you are on your way. He has the tuxedos, and you guys will get ready there.

Rey: You know, lola, it's so much simpler getting dressed here.

Lola: Rey, it's out of the question. You can't see the bride in her gown, okay?

Mia: [ Inhales sharply ]

Lola: Let's go. Out.

Rey:[ Grunts ] Love you.

Mia: Love you!

Lola: Save it for the ceremony, guys. Out! Whew... okay. You only have on do-over, and we're going to do this do-over right. Now let's make you even more gorgeous.

Mia: [ Squeals ] Ohh!

Kyle: I thought you liked weddings.

Abby: I do. Usually. But this is just another opportunity for mia's ego to shift into overdrive. I am only going to support the best man.

Kyle: I like mia. But she can sometimes be kind of, uh...

Abby: Extra?

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Most definitely extra.

Abby: Mm.

Kyle: You promise you'll be on best behavior?

Abby: Me? Well, she's the one that's --

[ Sighs ] See? See? I am smiling. And every time you see this smile, just know I am thinking of the million other places i would rather be.

Billy: Oh, I know the feeling. I'd rather be anywhere bu here right now.

Abby: What's wrong?

Billy: One word -- phyllis.

Victoria: Can I get you anything?

Sharon: I was gonna ask you the same thing. Are you all right?

Victoria: Yeah, fine. What brings you by?

Sharon: Well, something happened last night, and i wasn't sure I should say anything.

Victoria: About what?

Sharon: Phyllis thinks that she and I should forge an alliance to protect ourselves against you and nikki.

Victoria: What did you tell her?

Sharon: Do you even have to ask? I mean, it's phyllis.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] That's very upsetting. But it's not surprising.

Sharon: Well, I thought you might want to know. You know, the minute she starts feeling threatened, she lashes out at anybody in her path.

Victoria: She already has.

Sharon: To who?

Victoria: Me. And she won't be satisfied until she ruins my life.

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Victoria: Sorry about that.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: That's okay. Please. Phyllis brings out that reaction in just about everybody. What did she do this time?

Victoria: I can't even talk about it. It hurts so much.

Sharon: Does it have to do with the whole J.T. Thing? Is there someone you can talk to about it? Your mom?

Victoria: I've mentioned some of it to her, but she's got her hands full.

Sharon: What about billy?

Victoria: No. Not billy. No.

Sharon: Well, I guess that means you're stuck with me. You know, after everything we've been through together, I am a vault. I know I don't have my license, but I've been told that I'm a pretty good listener. Maybe we can both find a way to handle whatever this is. Okay?

Victoria: Okay.

Sharon: So... the way that you mentioned billy makes me think this has something to do with him, as well?

Victoria: Yeah.

Sharon: I've noticed how close you two have been getting lately.

Victoria: Everyone has noticed. Including phyllis.

Sharon: Oh, I bet she hated that. Even though she has nick now.

Victoria: She can just be so heartless.

Sharon: She is hard to deal with on a good day. When she gets jealous, look out. So, how bad was it?

Victoria: She told me that before billy and I started getting close again... he asked her to get back together with him, and she turned him down.

Sharon: And that made you feel like billy was rebounding, and you were his second choice.

Victoria: What do you think?

Sharon: I think that she is small-minded and spiteful, and as dangerous as a cobra. You shouldn't let anything that phyllis says shake your confidence in what you know is right and true and good. And as for billy, he's crazy about you. He's always going to be, and that's unshakeable.

Victoria: I think I... just shook it.

Sharon: How so?

Victoria: I don't even want to say this out loud.

Sharon: Victoria, you never do the unspeakable.

Victoria: All right. A couple of weeks ago... I kissed cane.

Sharon: Okay.

Victoria: And then [Sighs] After phyllis spit her poison at me, I kissed him again. Thankfully, billy walked in on us, otherwise I don't know what would have happened. It just feels like everything's falling apart, and I don't know what to do. I really don't even know who I am anymore.

Abby: Exactly why is phyllis involving herself in your love life?

Billy: That's a very good question.

Kyle: Ooh! I know. I know. Can't stand to see other people happy?

Billy: Ding, ding! I think we have a winner.

Abby: No matter what is going on with victoria, it doesn't mean that it has to be over between the two of you.

Billy: Oh, abby, that is only part of the story.

Abby: Just talk to her.

Billy: Yes, I have tried.

Abby: You love her? Try again.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Everything was going exactly the way it should be going, and then in walks phyllis.

Kyle: Ah, you mean hurricane phyllis, the unnatural disaster. Strikes without warning, destroys everything you know and love, and leaves a body count in her wake?

Billy: You know you're talking about our boss?

Kyle: And she doesn't tolerate insubordination or sabotage. So if you want to keep that job you love so much, you'll do what she does.

Billy: Which is...?

Kyle: Compartmentalize. The stock-in-trade of every good sociopath. Every part of your life goes into a separate box. Personal stuff, this box over here. Professional stuff, that box over there. And never, ever should you mix the two again.

Phyllis: When you told me about that poker that showed up at your house, I was positive that it was false evidence that someone planted. So I went to the storage unit to make sure that it was safe, and it was gone. And I freaked out. I had no idea what to do.

Nikki: And yet you kept that vital piece of information to yourself.

Phyllis: Because I knew this is exactly how you would react.

Nikki: Who else knew about the storage locker?

Phyllis: No one. I covered my tracks. I paid cash for a year in advance, so there are no digital trails.

Nikki: Maybe somebody at the storage facility got curious.

Phyllis: Even if someone saw me and had gone peeking inside, there is no way they would connect it to you or J.T.

Nikki: Well, then, how did that poker get from storage to my fireplace?

Phyllis: I have no idea. I don't know. All I can think about is someone has been watching us or tracking our moves since J.T. Died.

Nikki: Okay, wait a minute. You actually think that somebody saw what we did, and then held onto it for months, and then, out of the blue, suddenly started planting false evidence to incriminate victor and me?

Phyllis: It's what our blackmailer did. It's the only thing that makes sense right now.

Nikki: Oh, come on. None of this makes sense.

Phyllis: Instead of asking ourselves how, we need to start wondering who is targeting you and victor.

Nikki: Well, you know what? After listening to you, the only person I need to worry about is the traitor sitting in front of me.

Rey: What do you think? How do I look?

Arturo: You look like a million bucks.

Rey: Tie?

Arturo: Sitting straight. Looking good, man.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Well, I guess I'm all set.

Arturo: You got a second chance with the woman you love, rey. And I couldn't be happier for you. It definitely hasn't been easy, but you guys always found your way back to each other, every time. That's real love. Hold onto it.

Rey: It means a lot, you being here. Feels like we have wiped the slate clean. Time to start a new chapter in our life.

Arturo: I wish you the best of luck, man.

Devon: Now, I think you were about to explain to me why you couldn't trust your own brother.

Ana: You make it sound so awful.

Devon: It is.

Ana: We both know no one can hurt you worse than family.

Devon: Touché.

Ana: Well, not you. Never you.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Ana: But I was still afraid. Music is everything to me. What if you didn't like my work?

Devon: Then I would have told you the truth. What if I did like it?

Ana: That would still be a problem. I thought, if I let you hear my work, I had to have your honest, unbiased opinion. That way, if -- big if -- you released one of my songs...

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Ana: ...No one could accuse you of nepotism.

Devon: Mm, okay. So you were doing this to help me out.

Ana: To help both of us out.

Devon: Okay. Well, you know that nobody holds it against janet jackson or solange knowles because their siblings made a name for themselves first.

Ana: Oh. So we're a dynasty now?

Devon: Maybe we are, yeah. Could be. Why don't you tell me this -- why don't you tell me why you wanted to be paid outright for the song and forfeit all your future profits. Are you in trouble?

Victoria: Would you just stop being so nice to me and say something? I kissed a married man.

Sharon: Sometimes people have feelings that they can't control, even if the other person is in a relationship. I'm certainly in no position to judge you. But, um... cane?

Victoria: I know.

Sharon: I thought you two hated each other.

Victoria: "Hate" is not strong enough of a word after what he did to my company. I will never forgive him.

Sharon: So, then, why?

Victoria: I don't know. It's -- it's not as if I'm attracted to him, or -- or need him in my life in any way.

Sharon: No, I mean, why do you think you acted out like that? I know the secret we're keeping is eating away at all of us in different ways, but you've done a remarkable job of holding yourself together. And the kids look great, and the job is well.

Victoria: I'm falling for billy again. And I can't let myself do that. Because even though J.T. Might be dead... he's far from gone.

Nikki: So, what else are you hiding?

Phyllis: Contempt for this topic of conversation.

Nikki: Do you happen to have J.T.'S corpse in cold storage, too?

Phyllis: You really are out of your mind.

Nikki: You're the only one with the means and the motive to bring all of this to light. And you already said that you would be happy if victor went to prison to save us.

Phyllis: If I'm the one that planted that evidence, why would I use the poker? It is covered in your dna. It is covered in your fingerprints. Not victor'S.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] If you were able to get J.T.'S blood on that shirt at the stables, I'm sure you could have found a way to get victor's prints on that poker.

Phyllis: Police have no idea that J.T. Was bludgeoned to death. They think it's a gun still. Why would I get rid of something that proves my innocence?

Nikki: Phyllis, I have no idea why you do half of the things you do, but I'm sure you have your reasons.

Phyllis: If I had any idea that your hate runs this deep for me --

Nikki: What? You would have gone to the police?

[ Scoffs ] It's no secret that you loathe my husband. And you've already said that you didn't trust me to protect you.

Phyllis: I lied. For you. For several months. I pretended like I had no idea what happened to J.T. I helped you bury the body. I kept my mouth shut when anyone mentioned his name.

Nikki: Why on earth would i believe you now?

Phyllis: Because I'm telling you the truth.

Nikki: I don't believe you know how. And I don't believe a word that falls out of that mouth.

[ Door slams ]

Ana: Whoever came up with the idea of giving college students credit cards was an evil genius. That much freedom and that much power at the same time? A blessing and a curse.

Devon: Mm. So you got yourself in some debt.

Ana: I was living the life.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Ana: Dinners out with friends, concerts. Pretty luxe, you know? And now that I look back, totally ridiculous. And then, after graduation, while I was trying to land a job, the debt got deeper. I sold hooks on social media to keep the lights on, but if neil hadn't brought me back to gc, I don't know what I would have done.

Devon: You could have come to me for help.

Ana: You paid my tuition. You've already done enough. I got myself into this debt. I want to get myself out. By myself.

Devon: Fair enough. So, what's the part that you're leaving out?

Kyle: Congratulations, rey.

Rey: Thanks. Glad you could make it.

Abby: I wish you every happiness you deserve.

Rey: I appreciate you being here.

Kyle: I haven't seen lola yet.

Arturo: Maid of honor. She's with the bride.

Kyle: Eh, of course. Um... I think I'm gonna call her, see if she needs anything.

Arturo: Hey, you, uh -- you're looking a little nervous, kyle.

Rey: Are you worried that my brother and I are gonna give you another grilling about your relationship with our little sister?

Arturo: Nah. No, he's not nervous, are you?

Kyle: Of course not.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Arturo: You see?

Rey: Good, good. Because we have a couple more questions.

Kyle: Right.

Arturo: Nothing too excruciating.

Kyle: Sure. I mean, she is your little sister, so, uh...

[ Both snicker ]

Rey: Just joking with you, bro.

Arturo: Take a breath, man. Lighten up.

Kyle: Yeah. That's A...really good one.

Rey: Uh-huh. Uh... I'm gonna go check in with lola.

Arturo: Heh.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Arturo: Oh, my. Don't you know it's bad form to outshine the bride?

Abby: Mm, you always know the right thing to say. And you look incredible in this tux.

Arturo: Really?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Arturo: It's mia's orders.

Abby: Yes, of course. It would be just like her to turn an intimate ceremony into a, um -- you know what? I hope this is the day that she always wished for. I'm gonna go check my coat and my attitude.

[ Chuckles ]

Arturo: Hey, before you go... I just want to let you know, it means a lot to me that you're here.

Abby: Where else would I be? I'm yours.

Arturo: And I'm yours. And I promise I'm gonna make sure you have a night you'll never forget.

Abby: Ohh. Well, I'll hold you to that.

Billy: So? The new fragrance.

Phyllis: Right.

Billy: [ Sighs ] I think it would be a great idea if it was ready to go for valentine's day, but kerry says that it needs more r&d, so i think we should push it for father's day. It gives us time to finalize the packaging, get some ad time, maybe drum up some social-media interest. You're not listening to a word I'm saying, are you?

Phyllis: No, every word. Um... talk to kerry in the morning. See if she can't set a timeline for that. We could at least try to get some samples to our retailers and give them away with our valentine's purchases.

Billy: You think that that's the best thing to do? In my opinion, we'd get a bigger push out of it if we just waited until father's day.

Phyllis: I'm really not in the mood for your second-guessing today, so...

Billy: I'm just trying to do my job, phyllis, and do it professionally.

Phyllis: Speaking of professionalism -- or lack thereof -- last time we spoke, you accused me of setting off a series of events that culminated in you borrowing the company jet without permission.

Billy: I don't think it's a good idea to talk about unprofessional activities at work.

Phyllis: No, explain yourself. How did my telling victoria the truth about your relationship --

Billy: A twisted version of the truth, as told by an overly interested third party.

Phyllis: How did what I said lead you to take an unauthorized trip at jabot's expense?

Billy: That conversation is for another time and another place.

Phyllis: No. You're not gonna leave here until I get some answers.

Victoria: Getting back together with J.T. Was the worst mistake of my life.

Sharon: So you're afraid that getting back together with billy will end in the same way? You don't trust him?

Victoria: I just don't trust myself.

Sharon: So you keep pushing him away, sabotaging the relationship before you get in too deep.

Victoria: Even if we could possibly have some sort of a future together, I'm not the person he thinks I am. I'm an accessory to murder.

Sharon: Nikki didn't intend to kill J.T. She was trying to stop him from killing you. And you kept quiet about it to protect her.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Don't you see? Everything leads back to my decision to reunite with J.T. That choice didn't just affect me. It touched my loved ones. It touched everyone that I know. I can't let anyone get close to me because they're just gonna end up getting hurt.

Sharon: That is not true, victoria. You've got to stop punishing yourself for being involved with a man who didn't value you. Because now you don't value yourself. You didn't do anything to deserve all of this pain. You're a good person. Listen, you trust me, right?

Victoria: Of course.

Sharon: Okay, so if I say something, you're gonna believe me?

Victoria: Yes.

Sharon: Hold on to this -- you deserve every bit of happiness that life wants to offer you. And if you think you can't find that with billy, you've dug down to the quiet place in your heart, and you know that he's not the right man for you, then fine. Have a conversation with him and end it like respectable adults. But if you think you're too flawed or damaged to be with billy, a man who adores you, scars and all, you couldn't be further from the truth.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ]

Sharon: He makes you laugh? And you love him? And he loves you? Don't cut yourself off from all the good things that could happen just because you're afraid of the bad. You have so much love to give, and you are so worthy of being loved.

Victoria: Thank you.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Devon: So you were ashamed to ask for help?

Ana: I should have managed my money better. And I came to gc to help you.

Devon: Well, that's exactly what you've done. You being here and helping me and supporting me has been priceless. So if I want to do something for you, let me do it.

Ana: There is something you can do.

Devon: Well, name it.

Ana: Let me keep writing for fen and the artists in your catalog anonymously.

Devon: Well, of course you're gonna keep writing for fen if you want to. But are you sure you want to stay incognito?

Ana: The small taste of fame I got when I was younger, that was enough to convince me I'm happier behind the scenes.

Devon: Most people with your talent don't want to stay --

Ana: I'm not most people. The only other person who knows I wrote the song is fen. Think we could keep it that way?

Devon: Yeah. If you ever change your mind --

Ana: You'll be the first to know.

Devon: Okay. Good enough.

[ Both chuckle ]

Lola: The bride has arrived, and she's ready to make her entrance. Are you ready?

Rey: I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Lola: Okay. Arturo, music.

[ Mendelssohn's "wedding march" plays ]

Sharon: I'm sorry I'm late.

Rey: No, you're just in time. I'm glad you could make it.

Sharon: Me too.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: I just found out some rather disturbing news about phyllis.

Victoria: Me too.

Nikki: You first.

Victoria: Sharon told me that our gang of four [Sighs] Is now a trio, and that we can no longer rely on phyllis.

Nikki: As if we ever could.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Nikki: Brace yourself. What I'm about to tell you is gonna blow your mind.

Phyllis: If we're gonna keep working together, successful as we have been, we have to clear the air, or we won't be working together at all. So what could I have possibly have said that led you to take the jet for a joyride?

Billy: Everything you say has ramifications. Unexpected complications. And I'm only telling you that so you can maybe learn from your mistakes and make a different choice next time.

Phyllis: That's good coming from you, considering the stunts you pulled as C.E.O. And after.

Billy: Do you want to hear about it, or do you want to enumerate my sins?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I am on the edge of my seat. Go ahead.

Billy: Victoria was so upset by what you said that she ended up...kissinga guy.

Phyllis: I lit a fire under the ice princess. I see. How did you find out?

Billy: I saw them.

Phyllis: Ouch. That had to hurt. But after what happened with summer --

Billy: No, see, the point is, you were so blinded by wanting to hurt me and victoria that you didn't stop and think for one second what the ripple effect would be.

Phyllis: I still don't see how a kiss led you to fly across the state.

Billy: Did you look at the flight manifest, phyllis?

Phyllis: Yes, of course I did.

Billy: Okay.

Phyllis: Uh-huh. There's a map. A lot of farms. And a women's prison. Is this prison the prison that lily was just moved to? It is, isn't it? I know that I saw victoria leave with cane after she blew up with you, s-- oh, my god. Cane? Victoria kissed cane? The noble tortilla was created

Phyllis: So victoria kissed cane. What did you do? Jump the jet so you could spill the tea to lily?

Billy: She had a right to know.

Phyllis: How did she react?

Billy: Well, it's a little too early to tell, but there was no histrionics. No table-flipping or yelling. She was... she was calm.

Phyllis: Well, that's not a good sign.

Billy: You can't say anything, okay? Please. I don't want charlie and mattie to find out.

Phyllis: Cross my heart. I still have one, you know. But cane, yeah. I mean, given the way that victoria treated him, I never thought --

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: Even if he was the last man on earth.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Tell me about it.

Phyllis: So, was it some kind of deep-seated crush?

Billy: She's furious and acting out because of what you said. I mean, what would you do if someone said that you were nick's second choice? That he's only with you because he can't be with sharon?

Phyllis: I can understand wanting someone to make her feel like she's wanted again. But cane...

Billy: Yeah. Crazy, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, it's reckless. Although he is kind of hot in a rough-and-rowdy kind of way.

Billy: Geez.

Phyllis: Go on.

Billy: Well [ Sighs ] I tried to talk to victoria about it. I tried to be, you know, patient, understanding, all of those things that I thought that she needed, and... to be honest, I'm not sure. She's just -- she's acting in a way that I don't even recognize right now, and I -- I just -- I don't get it.

Phyllis: Well, I think I do.

Nikki: Phyllis was hiding incriminating evidence.

Victoria: What evidence?

Nikki: The fire poker.

Victoria: What?! She never tossed that in the lake?

Nikki: Mnh-mnh. She'd been keeping it in a storage unit.

Victoria: Was she the one who planted it at your house?

Nikki: Well, she claims she didn'T. She says somebody must have stolen it and then put it there.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] You didn't believe her, did you?

Nikki: No, of course not. And the only thing I'm convinced of right now is that phyllis is the one who's trying to frame your father. The question is, what are we gonna do about it?

Our hearts are filled with happiness as rey and mia rosales have come together today to renew their sacred vows. When you first joined together in marriage, you didn't know what the future would bring. And while life has given you many blessings, those years were not without their difficulties. And yet here you, ready to make those promises again to ensure that your marriage blossoms for years to come. Rey.

Rey: [ Sighs ] Oh, mia. My love. Six years ago, we made vows to honor and cherish each other for the rest of our lives. We have had our challenges, which sometimes seem too painful to forgive. Too big to forget. But we've grown. We have learned from each other. And about each other. When I look at you and see the strong, courageous, ambitious woman that you are...

Mia: [ Sighs ]

Rey: ...I know how lucky I am to still have you by my side. And I wouldn't change a thing. In this world of infinite possibilities, i still choose you. I will always choose you. For the rest of my life.

Mia: [ Sighs ]

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Rey rosales. You are a miracle to me. The more I love you, the more I am loved. The more I give you, the more I receive. The more I forgive, the more I am forgiven by you. And I have a lot to be forgiven for.

[ Exclaims ] And yet you love me. That's the biggest miracle of all. I am lost without your love. You are the other half of my heart. And I promise to always take care of that love. I will give to you much more than I receive. I will love you so much more than I am loved. For the rest of my life.

[ Sighs ]

Having heard the promises they've made to each other, it gives me great pleasure to wish mia and rey a long and happy life together. Please, celebrate this renewal of your vows with a kiss.

Mia: [ Exhales softly ]

[ Applause ]

Rey: Let the celebration begin.

Arturo: Wait. I have to say something first. (Lisa) one of these tax prep services lets more people file for free.

Your scent still lingers on my skin

scrub as I may, I never win

your eyes, they haunt my every night

but worse than that is cruel daylight

and i can't shake you

the world may quake, but it won't break you

and the memories

oh, the memories

of what you meant to me

Phyllis: You know, victoria's not the same person as she was before. How could she be? After everything she went through with J.T., Her mother almost died in a hit-and-run, victor was arrested for J.T.'S murder...

Billy: Everyone finding out at J.T.'S memorial that he abused her.

Phyllis: The thing is, you don't get over that in a week. Or even a month. Those are deep wounds. Deeper than she probably wants to admit.

Billy: That's very perceptive of you, phyllis. So why didn't you think about that before you dropped a bomb on her?

Phyllis: Maybe I should have.

Billy: Look, you're not saying anything that I haven't said to myself a million times. I just thought maybe I could --

Phyllis: Be her knight in shining armor? Make her pain and problems go away with a kiss? Not that easy, galahad.& It's never gonna be that easy where victoria's concerned. So you're gonna have to decide -- are you gonna put your big-boy pants on and put the work in? Or are you gonna cut and run?

Victoria: There's only one person who has any sway with phyllis -- nick.

Nikki: Well, I don't know if he's gonna believe us. He might think that we're using her as a scapegoat. And, of course, she's gonna pretend to be the victim.

Victoria: He told us there is nothing more important to him than protecting us while he tracks down whoever's been trying to frame dad. And he deserves to know that he's sleeping with the enemy.

Nikki: Uh...

[ Clears throat ] Hey, uh, nicholas. You have a minute? I have some information that's gonna throw a wrench into your investigation. And your relationship.

Arturo: My big brother is one of the smartest people I know. We haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but there is one thing we both agree on. When you find the woman you're meant for, who makes you happier than you've ever dreamed, makes you want to be a better man, you give her the world. You let her know, and you never let her go.

Abby: [ Giggles ]

Arturo: [ Sighs ] I used to just live day by day. But with you, I can see forever. Abby, will you marry me?

Ana: And I can't quit you

oh, who I was when I was with you

oh, and the memories

those damn memories are all that's left with me

and the memories

oh, the memories rem-a-a-a-ain with meeeeee

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