Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/22/19

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/22/19


Episode #11536 ~ Cane and Billy come to blows; Jack catches Kerry in a lie; Nick questions Phyllis' motives.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Lily: I have been locked in here, and he's been telling me that everything is fine, and this whole time, he's been cheating on me with victoria?

Billy: No, as far as victoria says, it hasn't gone beyond kissing.

Kerry: Oh, darn. You've gone and made yourself irresistible.

Mia: Will you marry me? Again.

Rey: Nothing would make me happier.

Mia: [ Giggles ]

Victor: Call michael baldwin and tell him to get on this immediately.

Nick: Yeah. My mom is the one who knows my father the best, and if she tells me that my dad is innocent, then I believe her.

Michael: How many do I have this afternoon? What time? All right.

Nick: Morning.

Sharon: Hi. You here to see michael about victor's case?

Nick: I didn't know he was here, but I do need to talk to him.

Michael: Talk to whom?

Nick: You.

Sharon: I'll get your usual.

Nick: Thanks. You got a minute?

Michael: Oh, oh, oh! Wait.

[ Pop music plays ] What do you think?

Nick: About what?

Michael: The song! The song! Do you like it?

Nick: Oh! The song.

Michael: Yeah.

Nick: It's catchy!

Michael: Isn't it? Right? I downloaded it to my phone. It's my new ringtone whenever fenmore calls.

Sharon: It's his son's debut single.

Michael: Yes.

Sharon: He just got a record deal with devon's label.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: That's fen? Your fen is singing?

Michael: Isn't he great?

Nick: Yeah.

Michael: Uh-huh.

Nick: I remember not too long ago, you were very worried about him dropping out of law school to become a musician.

Michael: Well... maybe it wasn't such a crazy idea, after all, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Oh!

Cane: Hey, why aren't you guys in school?

Charlie: Um...

Mattie: Senior ditch day.

Charlie: Yeah, I thought we told you last week, remember?

Cane: Uh, vaguely, yeah.

Mattie: How'd your visit with mom go?

Cane: It was good, um, you know, everything's fine. You know, she misses you guys, sends her love. Nothing to worry about, though.

Charlie: Why do you sound so worried?

Cane: No, I'm not. There's some things at work that cropped up, um, but -- so what are you guys doing today, other than blowing off school?

Mattie: Uh, we thought we might go to the mall, see what movies are playing.

Cane: Okay, do you want some money? Are you okay?

Charlie: Nah, we're good.

Cane: Okay.

Mattie: Are you sure everything's okay?

Cane: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everything's fine. Don't worry about it.

Mattie: Okay.

Charlie: Well, see you later, dad.

Cane: See ya. Hey, ted, it's cane ashby. Is billy abbott in the office today? Whoa. Well, half the day's already gone by. What time's he get in? Listen, don't worry about it. No message, I, uh... I'll track him down.

Phyllis: Wow.

Kerry: Hmm?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Exceptional. Truly.

Kerry: I'm glad you like it.

Phyllis: Congratulations!

Kerry: Thank you.

Phyllis: I don't just like it, I love it! This is gonna be a big seller -- "jack of hearts." How catchy is that?

Kerry: Well, it's not exactly for sale. It's just a little something i knocked out for jack, strictly limited edition of one.

Phyllis: Lucky jack.

Kerry: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: So, things are still going well with you and him?

Kerry: They are, actually.

Phyllis: Well, that's nice to hear.

Kerry: I don't know, it's new for me -- no pressure, being a relationship that's just fun and easy.

Phyllis: Well, I'm sure jack appreciates that. Especially after I put him through hell during our last divorce.

Kerry: He never says anything negative about you. Or any of his other ex-wives.

Phyllis: All 850 of us.

Kerry: [ Laughs ] Yeah, it sure seems like it.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, jack is a gentleman that way. He really is. You know, I -- I'm actually -- I'm very good with my exes, you know, once they become exes. I only seem to have a problem with them during the relationship. You know what, I take that back.

Phyllis: Ted. Get me billy abbott in here. Now.

Rey: Wow, the league cup is gonna be killer this year. I wish I had enough vacation time to be at the final.

Mia: When is it?

Rey: Next month. Wembley stadium.

Mia: London? In your dreams, baby.

Rey: One of these days.

Mia: What I'm planning for the two of us -- every bit as exciting as some soccer game.

Rey: Renewing our vows?

Mia: [ Sighs ] Yes! I'm having a blast researching this. You wouldn't believe how popular it is.

Rey: It really is a thing, huh?

Mia: Huge! Big-time. Did you know there are some couples that replicate their wedding cakes and get professional photographers? I'm a little bummed that we're gonna be doing this on such short notice and we won't be able to do that. They're all booked up right now because they're with engagement photos and valentine's day weddings.

Rey: Is this your way of telling me you want to push it back a month or two? You need a little more time to plan?

Mia: I cannot wait to be mrs. Rey rosales again. Delaying this is out of the question.

Rey: So, when do you think this is gonna happen? Have you picked out a date yet?

Mia: As soon as I can pull everything together. You'll be the first to know, i promise.

Rey: I'm glad. I don't want to wait, either. And I'm happy to help, whichever way I can. Just give me a list and put me to work.

Mia: [ Sighs ] Mmm! You do realize that you just earned 1,755 bonus good husband points. [ Giggles ]

Rey: [ Laughs ] Oh, well, I'll take as many as I can get. They'll help me when I'm stuck in the dog house.

Mia: [ Giggles ] I do have to say, baby... you've really been supportive of me doing this. I appreciate it, rey.

Rey: I think renewing our vows is a fine idea. It just makes me wonder... what made you think of it? Why now?

Sharon: Could you get the back patio cleaned up for me? It's a little messy.

Michael: And then I go right to a deposition.

Nick: Well, fit me when you can. I want to talk to some strategy so we can figure out how to beat these charges.

Michael: Well, I am headed to an appointment now, but afterward, I could stop by your place, if that works for you.

Nick: I'll make it work. Getting my dad out of this jam is my top priority. Once that happens, then I will concentrate on figuring who framed my dad in the first place. In terms of treating sensitivity,

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Phyllis: Evidently, billy saw it fit to take the company jet for a joy ride yesterday.

Kerry: [ Scoffs ] Wait, he did what? Where?

Phyllis: Oh, it doesn't matter. He refuses to accept that I am the one in charge.

Kerry: I thought you two were getting along better lately. You worked so well together on the barlow account!

Phyllis: Yeah, we got into it over a personal issue recently, so I am assuming he is misusing company assets to prove his point. I have to make him understand that acting out like this is unacceptable.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Kerry: Sorry, I should have turned that off.

Phyllis: You know what, if it's jack, take it. He might know where billy is.

Kerry: Oh! Good morning.

Jack: It will be an even greater afternoon if I can convince you to have lunch with me. I promise, this time, we'll actually eat.

Kerry: [ Laughs ] Jack. I would love to, but I'm, uh, swamped with work. Another time?

Jack: I'm disappointed, but okay.

Kerry: Oh, um, I'm with, uh, phyllis. She's looking for billy. Any idea where she can find him?

Jack: Phyllis is looking for billy?

Billy: No.

Jack: Uh, sorry, I can't help you there.

Kerry: Oh. Well, worth a try. You have a good one, jack. Thanks again for the invitation.

Jack: Count on it.

Billy: Thanks for that.

Jack: You got home pretty late last night. Can I assume that means you were having a good time with victoria?

Billy: I was with a friend that got some bad news.

Jack: Anyone I know?

Billy: I'd rather not talk about it.

Jack: Fair enough. I'm sure whoever this friend was was happy to have you there.

Billy: Looks like you're ready for work. I won't keep you.

Jack: Have a good one.

Billy: You too, jack.

Mia: When I left miami to join you, I thought "this is it." I didn't know if we were gonna move forward and pack it up. I didn't know if you were gonna be happy or angry or bitter or, worse yet, indifferent. All I knew was that I couldn't be alone anymore.

Rey: I'm sorry.

Mia: Quiet, you. I'm talking. But we've weathered some storms, and it feels like we're on solid ground.

Rey: And that's what makes you want to say "I do" again.

Mia: In the worst way. I want the whole world to see that love truly can conquer.

Rey: I'm sorry, the -- the whole world?

Mia: Yeah. It's gonna be public.

Rey: Is it? I -- I assumed we were gonna do something small and private here.

Mia: [ Laughs ] When did you get that idea? When have I ever wanted to do anything small?

Rey: Mm, well, our wedding wasn't huge. It was just a few guests at the courthouse, and there was no reception because we had to catch a flight, rush off to our honeymoon in the keys. You weren't happy with that.

Mia: Oh, it was fine, and I'm not unhappy about that. All that mattered to me that day was becoming your wife, okay? And now that we've weathered some storms, you know, it feels like we should do it right, have a real celebration.

Rey: How real are we talking, mia?

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: [ Sighs ] So, did you happen to see my interview on the milwaukee station?

Sharon: Mariah showed me a clip. Victor must be so relieved to have you on his side for a change.

Nick: I gave the cops fair warning. I'm going to do everything in my power to counteract all of the made-up facts they continue to peddle.

Sharon: Nick, ease up. It's not like rey has a goal to convict an innocent man. He's a professional. He's just doing his job. Honestly, he believes that victor killed J.T.

Nick: Do you?

Sharon: No, I don'T. Nothing I've seen or heard so far proves to me that he's guilty.

Nick: And I suppose you've kept that opinion to yourself.

Sharon: Well, you're wrong about that. Rey knows exactly how I feel, and we have agreed to disagree.

Nick: Incredible.

Sharon: What is?

Nick: Both you and mariah seem, uh, willing to keep an open mind.

Sharon: Having seen victor at his worst, you mean.

Nick: Well, not many people would be able to remain objective after that.

Sharon: And would any of those people include phyllis?

Nick: Why would you ask that?

Sharon: Victoria said your girlfriend's going around town telling everybody who will listen that victor's guilty. That must make for some awkward conversation at home.

Nick: Phyllis is looking at this from a different angle. She has her own reasons for feeling the way she does.

Sharon: Oh, phyllis has her reasons for everything, always. I've never seen anyone so skilled at justifying their own bad behavior.

Phyllis: Billy?

Billy: What are you doing, lying in wait?

Phyllis: I asked security to notify me the minute you walked in the building.

Billy: Of course you did.

Phyllis: Please, come into my office. I think we have some things to discuss.

Billy: What's the problem?

Phyllis: You took the company jet yesterday without any type of authorization.

Billy: That is correct.

Phyllis: You care to tell me why?

Billy: I needed to get somewhere fast, and the jet was the only option.

Phyllis: What was so urgent?

Billy: It's a personal matter.

Phyllis: That it? No other explanation?

Billy: If you want me to pay for it, phyllis, I can do that. It's fine.

Phyllis: No, it's not fine. The plane is not your personal taxi service. If it was a real emergency, you could have asked me. But maybe that was the point. Flouting my authority, undermining me in front of everyone who works here.

Billy: Okay, don't start with this whole conspiracy theory stuff, okay?

Phyllis: What the hell do you expect me to think?

Billy: Well, I wouldn't have had to go anywhere if you didn't shoot your mouth off to victoria. You have no idea the chain of toxic events that you set into motion.

Phyllis: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Billy: [ Sighs ] I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sorry.

Phyllis: The point is, you absconded with the jet --

Billy: Borrowed, phyllis. I borrowed the jet.

Phyllis: Jabot is not a lending library. It's a corporation. One you no longer run. You're an employee. If you pull another stunt like this, you may not even be that.

Jack: I have the cost projections on the barrington project, unless you don't want to deal with this right now.

Nick: Maybe when I'm less immersed in this situation with my dad.

Jack: Fine. I understand victor made bail.

Nick: It's amazing what you can do when you actually hire a lawyer.

Jack: Nikki's got to be pretty relieved to have victor back home.

Nick: Yeah, we all are, but that doesn't mean it's over. Somebody set up my dad. Once he's cleared, what is to stop them from finding some other way to ruin his life?

Jack: Given victor's pension for making enemies, I'd say your list of suspects has got to be pretty long.

Nick: Kevin fischer crossed my mind.

Jack: That's interesting. It would certainly explain why victor didn't call michael immediately after he was arrested. Who else you got?

Nick: Well, like you said, there's no shortage of names. Chelsea. Luca. Ian ward. Even J.T., If the police have it wrong that he's actually dead. I mean, they've been so wrong about so many things lately.

Jack: Aren't you leaving one name out? I have a lifetime of grudges against the old man.

Nick: You know, that thought did occur to me.

Jack: I'd be shocked if it didn'T. I can assure you, I am not responsible for this. You have my word.

Nick: Okay, well, then who am I missing? Can you think of anyone else? You obviously can think of someone else. Who have you got?

Jack: You're not gonna like my answer.

Nick: Eh, don't worry about that.

Jack: If we're collecting names of people with good reason to hate victor who are clever enough to set him up like this, you don't have to look too far from home.

Nick: Phyllis.

Mia: You're always good with our money. That's what I love about you. So it makes me feel safe about being with you.

Rey: I'm glad to hear it because a big, spontaneous second wedding with all the trappings -- we're still paying off our christmas, mia.

Mia: I know, but that's part of the challenge, mi amor. And I'm great at making a splash without making it extravagant.

Rey: That's true.

Mia: Come on now. I still have my wedding dress that fits -- thank god. We have our wedding rings. We don't need fancy invitations, and I'm happy with just a playlist and not a band. If we were in miami, I would want the entire family, but since we're here... I'm happy with it just being lola, arturo, me and you, and the friends we've made. Minus the newmans, who are not probably not into it because you arrested victor newman.

Rey: Well, that sounds very manageable.

Mia: Thank you. I do try.

Rey: I know you do. So that just means we have to find a nice place to have the ceremony and party after. Unless you've already chosen someplace.

Mia: That was next.

Rey: Mm, maybe a restaurant with a private room, maybe someplace elegant where you can show off your good taste, huh?

Mia: Thank you! That's perfect.

Rey: So, what about our vows? Do you want a judge again, or...? I can arrange for a priest to officiate.

Mia: That'd be wonderful.

Rey: I'm on it.

Mia: One last thing. I want a wedding party this time, people that'll stand along with us.

Rey: Well, I doubt I could get my buddy carl to fly up in time. Him and his wife just had another baby.

Mia: Oh, well, I was thinking more along the lines of... arturo.

Rey: I don't know, mia. I mean, I see where you're coming from, I just -- I don't know if that's the best idea.

Mia: And I totally understand where you're coming from. Okay? And if you feel that way, I'll drop it. But I do think it's important for our family. I think it would be meaningful to show them how far we've come along in the healing process. And I know for a fact arturo is happy that we've moved on and worked things out.

Rey: We did have a nice talk the other day. About how good it feels to be brothers again.

Mia: Aww.

Rey: You're right. It is a great idea. I will make it a point of asking him.

Mia: Thank you, baby! Oh! You know what I realized?

Rey: What's that?

Mia: I'm starving. Why don't we go and celebrate?

Rey: I'm in.

Mia: Mm! Just give me a few minutes to get ready.

Rey: Uh, a few minutes? How about I get a cup of coffee and wait for you downstairs? And wait. And wait.

Nick: Hey, jack, you got a second?

Jack: Yeah.

Nick: Hey, sorry I had to cut our conversation short earlier. It's just -- I was playing phone tag with the mayor all day yesterday trying to make sure that we could count on him to have our back in this.

Jack: After I suggested that your girlfriend set up your father, I guess I should be happy you didn't throw me out.

Nick: It wasn't exactly a new thought, either.

Jack: Oh?

Nick: Phyllis resents the hell out of my father, and she always will.

Nick: Because of the marco thing. Nick, that's never gonna go away. It is the worst thing that ever happened to phyllis. What he did to her, what he did to us is repugnant.

Nick: You could have been killed.

Jack: Add to that the fact that he only served a fraction of his sentence... look, if phyllis harbors some secret delight in the prospect of victor spending the rest of his natural life behind bars, for whatever crime, would that surprise anyone that knows her?

Nick: It's hardly a secret, and she's said as much. I just don't want to believe that she could have any part in trying to pin a murder on my dad.

Jack: You don't want to believe it, or you don't believe it?

Michael: Oh!

Phyllis: [ Laughs ]

Michael: Well, uh, I was just listening to fenmore's new song! Sorry. Every time I listen to it, it gets better and better. Have you downloaded it yet?

Phyllis: I will have to get on that. What are you doing here?

Michael: Oh, uh, nick wanted to meet about victor's case. He's running a bit late, so the housekeeper let me in.

Phyllis: Oh, look at that, mystery solved.

Michael: Huh. So, how are things going at jabot? I can tell you that lauren's a lot more content since you've taken the reins.

Phyllis: Oh, well, that's good to hear. But you have a big bear of a case this time, don't you?

Michael: Not especially. The evidence I've seen is pretty flimsy.

Phyllis: I think the public has been led to believe otherwise. Are you gonna at least try for a change of venue? Otherwise, you are not gonna get an impartial jury in this town.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] I wouldn't go that far. I mean, it's true, the allegations against victor have been highly publicized, but...

Phyllis: You don't think that he royally screwed himself when he threatened J.T. On live television? I mean, how are you gonna counteract that impression?

Michael: It's like you said. It's highly prejudicial. There's a decent chance I can get it thrown out.

Phyllis: Maybe so, but you're not gonna be able to erase it from people's memories. Everyone saw it.

Michael: I'm not really that concerned. It's possible this case may never go before a jury.

Phyllis: Meaning you're gonna recommend that victor cut a deal.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] You haven't listened to a word I've said. I don't believe this is a winner for the police. My goal is to get them to drop the charges and move on. Which does not make you the least bit happy.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Ringing continues ] I landed.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Michael: Right?

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] You're right, it's a total earworm!

Michael: Yes! I'm sorry, what? What is that?

Phyllis: An earworm!

Michael: What?

Phyllis: Hi, hon.

Michael: Hey!

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: It's when a song bores its way into your skull, and there's no chance of getting it out.

Michael: Yes. Yes. That's a perfect description. That's a perfect description.

Nick: Well, I had better pay you your retainer now. Otherwise, you're gonna run off and be fen's agent.

Michael: Eh, well, for now, i think I'm content to bask in the glow of my son's success.

Phyllis: Ah, for now. Such a lawyer, always looking for a loophole.

Michael: Thank you. Oh! Uh, we should probably get down to business.

Nick: Yeah, I know you got a busy day. Thanks for fitting me in.

Michael: Yeah, well, um... since victor was released, have you two discussed any particular strategies?

Nick: Babe, uh, would you mind, uh, giving us some privacy?

Phyllis: Yeah. No problem.

Nick: Not too awkward, right?

Michael: Before you arrived, phyllis and I were chatting about victor's case and, uh... I could tell she was less-than-thrilled when I told her I was planning to get him out of this mess.

Jack: Hey there!

Sharon: Hi! How are you?

Jack: I would to place an order to go.

Sharon: What would you like?

Jack: One salade nišoise, one chef salad, and two orders of the apple strudel to go.

Sharon: Mm, your lunch order sounds so good, now I'm getting hungry.

Jack: Yeah, it's, uh... it's for a picnic. I'm gonna surprise kerry at work. Spread a tablecloth in the lab, I'll have some flowers with me.

Sharon: Aww, you thought of everything.

Jack: Well, kyle's been encouraging me to up my game, romantically speaking.

Sharon: He and lola are so cute together. He goes out of his way to make her happy, and she just beams whenever he's around.

Jack: Yeah, I have to say, the new year is looking pretty good for the abbott men.

Sharon: I hope that includes billy, as well.

Jack: Well, I'm not at liberty to share details, but i have reason to think things are looking up for my brother, too.

Sharon: Because I noticed how supportive he was of victoria when nikki was in the hospital, and then at the memorial service for J.T. With phyllis out of the picture now, I hope that billy and victoria will be able to put their family back together.

Billy: Back off, cane.

Cane: Why would you go to the prison and tell lily something that would break her spirit?

Billy: She had a right to know what you were up to.

Cane: Oh, really? What are you, the champion of truth and justice?

Billy: You know what, it wasn't that long ago that I was left in the dark.

Cane: Okay.

Billy: I did for lily what i wish someone did for me.

Cane: I was gonna go and tell her@

Billy: Give me a break. When?

Cane: Oh, yeah. Last night, I was gonna drive up to confess, but you expected that, which is why you got there first, so you could put your own spin on it.

Billy: Oh, right, like you didn't spin it?

Cane: No, I couldn't spin it because she wouldn't talk to me. Now she's sitting up there alone feeling like I betrayed her!

Billy: Which you did!

Cane: Look, I'm not gonna defend myself to you, all right? This is none of your business, and you have no right to get involved!

You brought me a meatball sub. How nice of you.

Jack: [ Laughs ] Next time, frank. Actually, I'm surprising kerry with a picnic lunch, but I just stopped by the lab, and the doors are locked.

Uh, ms. Johnson just left the building about 20 minutes ago. I said goodbye to her on the way out.

Jack: Well, I guess the surprise is on me. Have a good one.

You too, mr. Abbott.

Jack: Take care, frank.

Kerry: Hello, this is kerry.

Jack: Hey! It's me. Uh, I know you said you were too busy to have lunch out today, so I thought maybe, if you hadn't already eaten, I could bring lunch to you. What do you say? Take a break with me?

Kerry: Sorry, I don't have time to talk right now. I'm busy in the lab. Another time. I'll call you later, okay? Hi, I'm on my way. I'm just running a little late.

Billy: Once I saw you all over victoria, I wasn't gonna pretend like nothing happened. I care too much about her and lily.

Cane: Oh, please, you don't care about victoria because she's gonna hate what you did. I mean, unless that was your plan. Was that your plan? So she would feel so guilty, she'd have to run to lily and explain what she did?

Billy: Dude, you're nuts. I don't blame victoria for this. After what phyllis said, making her feel second-best, no wonder she was vulnerable.

Cane: All right, so you still think I took advantage of her, after victoria's told you over and over that she's the one who came onto me. You know what I think happened? You couldn't handle it, so you went and did what you did out of jealousy.

Billy: You're so full of it.

Cane: Oh, am I? You're the one who ran to lily because you thought it was the right thing to do. In reality, you're just pissed at victoria because she doesn't want you back.

Sharon: Refill? Unless you think mia might be coming down soon.

Rey: No, go ahead. Fill 'er up. She's probably still deciding what kind of shoes to wear.

Sharon: Mm. You enjoying your day off?

Rey: It's been great so far. I have slept in, got to watch some soccer. Some more soccer.

Sharon: That'S...great. I'm not sure I've ever seen you so relaxed.

Rey: No. You haven'T. It's been a big deal for me, cracking the hellstrom case. That pressure's finally off. I'm not worrying if the commission is gonna shut down the investigation. I know you don't think victor's guilty. Even though the evidence is on our side, I won't try to talk you out of your opinion.

Sharon: That's big of you.

Rey: I know better than to start something.

Sharon: Oh! So, is there something else going on in life that's making you feel this good? Favorite team win?

Rey: Things have been better at home. For mia and I. The last time things were this good, we were, uh, on our honeymoon.

Sharon: Well, I'm really glad to hear that. If you're happy, I'm happy.

Phyllis: Safe to come back?

Nick: Yeah. I'm sorry, I, uh, hope you understand why I had to ask you to leave the room. I know it's a little awkward because we don't agree on if my dad's innocent or not.

Phyllis: I didn't love the feeling of being unwelcome in our home, no.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Phyllis: But I think you're right, that that may be the best way to handle things, keep that part of our lives separate, you know? Focus on what we have in common, like wanting this relationship to work. Right? We still have that in common, don't we?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Good.

Billy: You know, your marriage would have a better chance of surviving if you were concerned about lily's needs and not your own.

Cane: Oh, please, don't act like you're concerned about my marriage.

Billy: Right now, all I care about is getting you out of my face.

Cane: Okay, well, last night, all you cared about was, what, hurting lily because you were hurting? I mean, you complain about phyllis being spiteful and trying to tank your relationship with victoria, but how is what you did any different? The two of you saw your ex with someone else, and you couldn't stand it, so you went and threw grenades.

Billy: Oh, no, cane. I didn't throw grenades. I went up there to warn lily that one was coming her way.

Cane: Okay, just like phyllis wanted to warn victoria that you were on the rebound. You know what, it seems to me, after all the years you've spent jerking women around that what she did was an act of kindness.

Billy: Well, here's the thing, cane -- it doesn't matter because nobody cares what you think.

Cane: Oh, really? You know what, you and pyllis, you're perfect for each other. Maybe you should have stayed there and been miserable so you didn't have to spread it around.

Billy: You want me to apologize? Well, it's not gonna happen. If me telling lily what you did stops you from cheating behind her back, then I would say that's a good thing because lily is about as classy and decent as it gets, and I'll say it again. She deserves better than you.

Cane: My family could come apart for what you did. So you may not be sorry, but, trust me, I'm gonna make you live to regret it.

Mia: I bet you were wondering if I'd ever make it.

Rey: Wow. It was worth the wait.

Mia: Aww.

Sharon: You look lovely, mia.

Mia: Aww, thank you.

Rey: Uh, I'm guessing by your outfit choice, you're wanting to go somewhere nicer than I had in mind.

Mia: Oh, I hope that's okay.

Rey: Why not? We're celebrating. Since when do we both have the same day off? Top of the tower okay?

Mia: [ Gasps ] You're spoiling me! Oh, but I love it.

Sharon: You two have fun.

Mia: Oh, did you tell sharon about our plans? Rey and I are renewing our wedding vows. We're really doing it up right this time. My wonderful husband is coming up with such terrific ideas, giving me the wedding of my dreams, and giving me a big party afterward. I hope you'll be able to make it, you know, and bring a date.

Rey: We don't even know when it's gonna be yet, mia.

Mia: Soon, because we're both excited to be doing this.

Jack: If we're collecting

names of people with good

reason to hate victor who are

clever enough to set him up

like this, you don't have to

look too far from home.

Sharon: Phyllis has her

reasons for everything, always.

Michael: I could tell she was

less-than-thrilled when I told

her I was planning to get him

out of this mess.

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