Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/15/19

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/15/19


Episode #11531 ~ Victor calls a truce, Kerry gives Jack mixed signals, and Devon sees Ana in a new light.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Kerry: We're hardly children, jack. We all have a few skeletons rattling around in our closets.

Nikki: I'm telling you the truth. I know who killed J.T. It was --

Victor: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Don't you ever repeat those words again.

Nikki: [ Screams ] No, no, no, don't touch it! It's a murder weapon. I thought that I had knocked him unconscious, but he wasn't breathing.

Nick: Dad is being framed.

Ana: So you agree -- my version's better than devon'S.

Fen: Hell yeah! Okay, if he knows that you wrote this, I am sure that he will look at you completely differently and be much more collaborative.

Devon: Hey, you on lp's site?

Ana: Nope, checking out the competitors. I want to see what's dropping.

Devon: Oh, well, in that case, you might to switch over because we dropped something today.

Ana: We did?

Devon: Yes, we did. I put a rush on fen's single, and we released it this morning.

Ana: I'll get right to it.

Devon: You could sound a little more enthusiastic about it.

Ana: I've heard it.

Devon: I know you've heard it, but the it's the release day, and every click counts, so... why don't you give it a listen?

Ana: You released my mix?

Devon: I released your mix. It was better.

Ana: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Devon: You're very welcome. You're very welcome. I have all of our people pushing all the buttons they can on influencers and deejays and music reviewers. So, with any luck, this song could actually be a real hit.

Ana: [ Laughs ]

[ Music stops ]

Fen: Do you like it?

Lauren: It's fantastic. Sweetheart, I love it! I had no idea you were this talented! Wow, that came out wrong. You know I do. You know what I'm trying to say.

Fen: Yeah. No, I know. Um... dad, what do you -- what do you think?

Michael: You walked away from law school for this. You sidelined your whole future that you had planned for yourself for this.

Fen: Yeah.

Michael: [ Sighs ] My son, the pop star. Well done.

Fen: Thanks, dad. [ Sighs ]

Jack: Oh! My lucky day.

Kerry: Jack. What are you doing here?

Jack: Well, I came to surprise you, take you to breakfast.

Kerry: Oh!

Jack: I realize it's very short notice, but -- I mean, if you have a meeting, if you have something you have to do, I understand.

Kerry: It's true, I do have a jam-packed existence. But every once in a while, it's nice to be reminded I'm worth spoiling. Just a little.

Jack: Oh, you're worth it. And more than a little.

Victor: What, are you here to gloat?

Nick: Why would I do that? I believe you're innocent.

Victor: This a bluff?

Nick: No, it's a call to action. You've been in here long enough, and we can't waste any more time.

Victor: Not too long ago, you were more than happy to think that I was guilty. Guilty of murder. What happened?

Victoria: Hi.

Nikki: Hi.

Victoria: I got here as soon as I could. I was dropping reed at the airport when I got your message. You sounded upset. Are you okay? Is this about --

Nikki: My drinking? No.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay. Well, thank god.

Nikki: In fact, I poured every drop in the house down the drain last night.

Victoria: Then, what's wrong?

Nikki: Careful.

Victoria: [ Gasps ] But that -- that's at the bottom of the lake.

Nikki: Not anymore.

To most, he's

phil mickelson...

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provided by... my cholesterol is borderline.

Victor: So you say you're in my corner. Why? Why the sudden epiphany?

Nick: What does it matter? I was wrong. So let's focus on the ticking clock that's in front of us because every minute you spend in here is a drain on this family.

Victor: Huh. So you're on board. Christine williams fought very hard to keep me locked up. Unfortunately, the judge agreed with her.

Nick: Well, you got what you deserved when you chose to defend yourself at your bail hearing. So maybe our first goal here today will be to agree that your legal strategy so far has been a total disaster. So I'm gonna handle things from here. I'll get it moving in the right direction.

Victor: Really?

Nick: Yeah.

Victor: Who the hell do you think you're talking to?

Victoria: Where did this come from? How did this get here? Is this -- is this even real? Or is this like the fake evidence that the police found at the stable fires? Because this looks just like the poker that you used to kill J.T., But... it can't be.

Nikki: When this turned up here last night, believe me, all those same questions went through my mind. Neither one of us could figure it out.

Victoria: Who was here with you?

Nikki: That's another thing that I wanted to talk to you about. It was nicholas, and now he knows everything.

Victoria: Mom.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: All right. Now, for a cheers to "how we do it" and its amazing producer.

Ana: Cheers.

Devon: Cheers. [ Chuckles ]

Ana: Obviously, I'm thrilled, but I'm dying to know -- why did you decide to go with my mix?

Devon: Because it was better. As much as it hurts my ego to say that, the ears don't lie.

Ana: When I had you listen to it the first time, you sure didn't feel that way.

Devon: I know, because I was being stupid. I was having a bad day, and i took it out on you, and i shouldn't have done that, so i want to --

Ana: Devon. Devon, it's okay. I wasn't fishing for a second apology. I'm just curious, that's all. Trying to learn.

Devon: Well, I mean, after i got over myself, I listened to it again, and it was pretty clear what I had to do. Because you heard it differently. It's like you had a personal connection to the song, or something.

Ana: Well, my singing career has been over for a while now, and part of me wondered if that meant my days as an artist were behind me, too. Like, would I ever be able to create something and put it out there in the world again, and... now I have. And it feels amazing.

Devon: Good, I'm glad, because you're doing a really good job.

Ana: Thanks.

Devon: Yeah. And I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm glad that you defied me and you went and remixed that song after I told you it was fine.

Ana: Say that again. I want it on tape.

Devon: Oh, you really have a gift. You do. And with hard work and determination, mixed with your ear for talent, I think you're gonna have a real future in this business. And, before I forget, the person that wrote that song --

Ana: What about him?

Devon: I want him to sign a contract as soon as possible. Because when the song is a hit, and I really believe it's gonna be, he stands to make some serious money off of it.

Michael: The more you listen to it, the better it gets!

Fen: I know.

Lauren: It's got a great hook to it. And, wow, that bridge -- it just pulls you all the way to the final chorus.

Fen: Well, it sounds like you guys are going to be singing along with it in the car.

Lauren: Oh! In the car, in the shower. Hell, I'm gonna be singing it everywhere. And, you know, it's not just the way it's written. It's your performance. You put your heart and soul onto every line.

> Michael: I think what your mother, the expert -- oh. Sorry, I think what your mother, the expert, is trying to say is that you -- you really sell this.

Fen: Guys! Stop, okay? I'm gonna cry.

Lauren: Yeah, well, you better get used to compliments because you're gonna hear it a lot.

Fen: Oh, god, that reminds me -- I haven't even gotten to the best part.

Michael: What are we looking at?

Fen: Oh, it's the -- it's the download tracker. So, you see those numbers going up?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: Are -- is that how many people are buying it?

Fen: Oh, well, uh --

[ Clears throat ] Well, it's the people who are subscribed to lp, you know, who are listening to it streaming. But hopefully some people will buy it and then download it to their devices. I mean, devon is promoting this song like crazy.

Michael: That's phenomenal. Watch out, world, here comes my kid. Oh! Hold on. Oh, I hate to say it, but I am running late for an appointment.

[ Sighs ] The next time I see you, I expect you to have- outsold bruno mars' new album, yes?

Fen: That might be asking a little much, but, uh, you know, maybe next song.

Lauren: Oh! See? I like your optimism.

Michael: Listen. I doubted you when you said you wanted to do this. I wanted you to have the security of a steady professional career. You were right to follow your dream, and, um... I think this may be what you were born to do.

Fen: Thanks, dad.

Michael: All right, I'm out.

Lauren: Mwah.

Michael: Love you.

Lauren: Love you.

Fen: Thanks, mom.

Lauren: Okay, so, where do you think you're going?

Fen: Uh, well, I figured i just better check in with devon and, I mean, you have work, so... the celebration's over, right?

Lauren: No. This celebration has just begun. Excuse me. Can you bring me two glasses of champagne, please?

Fen: Okay.

Lauren: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Hello there, michael.

Michael: Hey! How goes it, jack?

Jack: Oh, I have no complaints.

Kerry: Hi!

Michael: How are you?

Kerry: Playing hooky. What's not to love?

Michael: Oh! Then you better not let lauren see you. She's sitting right over there.

Kerry: Oh. Guess I didn't plan that very well, did I?

Jack: Oh, I wouldn't worry too much. Lauren's playing hooky herself. Besides, you know a member of the board.

Kerry: How could I forget?

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Have fun, you two. See you later, boy-O.

Jack: See you later.

Michael: Bye.

Kerry: Bye.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Is that work?

Jack: What -- oh, no. No. It's personal. Traci and kyle are taking dina to a doctor's appointment. They just wanted to let me know everything's okay.

Kerry: No one's at the house?

Jack: Not at the moment.

Kerry: Then what are we doing here?

Jack: That is an excellent question. Come with me.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Kerry: [ Sighs ] You have such a lovely way of welcoming visitors.

Jack: Well, only certain, very special visitors.

Kerry: I hope so. Hey. Guess what?

Jack: What?

Kerry: You're not gonna believe me, but... when we stopped off at my lab to grab my purse, there was a little surprise in it. For you. Tucked away for the next time we happened to bump into each other.

Jack: How fortuitous.

Kerry: Wasn't it, though? Sit. Sit down.

Jack: Oh. Sit.

Kerry: Mm-hmm. Close your eyes.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Kerry: Are they closed?

Jack: They're closed.

Kerry: Uh-huh.

Jack: What is this?

Kerry: Just be patient. I know it's not one of your virtues.

Jack: No, it's not.

Kerry: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Huh. What is that?

Kerry: It's not even by your nose yet. Okay, keep 'em closed.

Jack: They're closed!

Kerry: Just... tell me what your nose is saying to you.

Jack: Um... oh! That's a very compelling fragrance. Um, kind of woodsy, masculine without being overpowering. I like that very much.

Kerry: Really? Mmm.

Jack: Really. Okay, this is something new. This is not anything I've ever smelled before.

Kerry: Open your eyes. It is a bespoke formula in a custom bottle that I had designed exclusively for you. An original scent for an original man. I call it... jack of hearts.

Jack: Wow. That is as personal and intriguing a gift as I think I've ever been given. Thank you.

Kerry: Try some on.

Jack: Oh! Well, okay. Now, remember, you got to give this a little time.

Kerry: Mm-hmm.

[ Humming ] Oh, darn. You've gone and made yourself irresistible.

Victoria: I cannot believe that you told nick, of all people!

Nikki: I didn't have a choice.

Victoria: Yes! You had a choice! Of course you had a choice! You could have lied! You should have lied! There's a reason that we have worked so hard to keep this a secret!

Nikki: You don't understand. When I saw that poker lying there last night, I screamed. I couldn't help it. It terrified me. And nicholas heard that, and he came running back in. You can yell at me all you want, but I was too upset to just laugh it off. I needed his help.

Victoria: Mom, this whole thing is starting to unravel. The more new people that find out about this, the closer we get to a prison cell. I mean, we jumped through hoops to keep tessa quiet about this.

Nikki: All right, I misspoke before. Nicholas doesn't know every detail.

Victoria: What does he know?

Nikki: Well, I had to tell him about J.T. And what happened in your bedroom that night, but he doesn't know about the others being involved. I kept it strictly to just you and me.

Victoria: Great, mom! Thank you! That's such a relief!

Nikki: Please calm down! I mean, nicholas is family!

Victoria: Do you think that that is some kind of advantage? If you do, then you obviously haven't thought this through very well.

Nikki: Well, what is that supposed to mean?

Victoria: Mom, I have no doubt in my mind that nicholas loves us with all of his heart, but ever since he started dark horse, he's changed. You must have noticed that.

Nikki: Changed how?

Victoria: People say that i am like my father and that nick's the polar opposite, but, lately, he's done a 180. He is cocky, he is full of himself, he think he know what's best in every situation. What if he decides on his own that it's too risky not involving the police? What if he thinks that we're better off cutting some sort of a deal? Then there's gonna be no stopping him, and we're screwed!

Victor: I'll give you some time for you to get out of here, okay?

Nick: Why? Because it's hard to hear the truth?

Victor: Arrogance does not become you, son.

Nick: Let's try this. For once, you put your ego aside and you listen to what I have to say.

Victor: You think you know what this is about? You don'T.

Nick: Dad --

Victor: This is a far more complex situation than you realize. My...strategy in the courtroom the other day was not a disaster. It was a necessity.

Nick: Okay. So, what, do you expect me to back off? I mean, here we are again, where we always end up. You are the only one worth listening to, the only one who can move things forward. And everyone else, "get out of my way." Especially me.

Victor: Didn't we settle all this the other day on the strip?

Nick: We did. For good reason. We needed to do what was best for mom. It was important then, but it is more important now.

Michael: Thank you. Hello, victor.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Nick: Meet your new lawyer.

Michael: Well, the same as the old lawyer.

Victor: I don't need a lawyer. I don't need anyone. So kindly turn around and remove yourself from this premises, if you don't mind. Jardiance asked:

Devon: To fen and your artistry, and to ana's sublime talent in helping bring it out of you. I think this is the first of many successes for this amazing team we have here.

Ana: To us.

Fen: Hear, hear.

Devon: To us. Cheers.

Fen: Cheers, guys.

Ana: [ Giggles ]

Devon: Mmm. Now, this would be a perfect celebration if your writing friend was here with us.

Ana: You get a bunch of this credit, too, devon.

Devon: Well, there's plenty of credit to go around, but where are we at getting a deal done with this guy? Because I don't want to lose momentum. I want to get him started on fen's next single, and as soon as we get everything papered, i want him back in the studio as soon as possible.

Ana: I'll get right on it.

Devon: Good. And, hey, you have original music that you want to eventually record, right?

Fen: Yeah. Definitely.

Devon: Good. Good. It's always great to have other avenues to pursue aside from just performing, but, for right now, I want to try and recreate this magic that we have made with ana's writing contact.

Fen: Yeah, okay, well, uh, thanks for keeping my stuff in mind.

Devon: Absolutely. I need to get to a meeting, before I forget.

Ana: Your 10:00 with pr?

Devon: That's the one. I just wanted to make sure that we have all the bases covered with our new discovery here. But you guys can stick around and polish off this pitcher while I'm gone, all right?

Fen: Cool.

Ana: We'll do our best.

Devon: Good. I'll see you.

Ana: Later.

Fen: See ya, devon.

Devon: Take care.

Fen: [ Sighs ] It's one of the biggest days in your music career, and you can't even celebrate the whole achievement. If you ask me, that's pretty messed-up.

Nick: Just listen to michael, dad. You have many skills, but you going head to head versus christine williams in a criminal court is not one of them.

Michael: The fact that you're innocent doesn't matter. Representing yourself never ends well.

Victor: I know my case better than anyone.

Michael: All right, well, how's that working for you? Because you already lost one battle during the arraignment hearing. Do you really think that you're better prepared for an entire trial?

Victor: I know what I'm doing!

Michael: Just like you knew what you were doing all those other times you've tried this and only managed to dig yourself into a deeper hole.

Victor: The bail hearing was not a defeat. It was a momentary setback.

Nick: Then let michael petition to get a new one. Seriously, what is the harm?

Michael: Yeah, well, trying to leave the country in your jet, again -- I mean, it's hard to make a credible case for you not being a flight risk, but, however, in my opinion, the authorities don't have enough evidence to hold you here in the first place.

Victor: Would it surprise you if I told you that I'd prefer to be in isolation? It helps me prepare for my defense.

Nick: All right, this is ridiculous! Do you expect either one of us to believe that? Look, you need help. I brought you a lawyer, one of the best. So stop lying and let's do something. Look, just, uh... let me talk to him. I'll give you a call.

Michael: All right.

Victor: Who the hell are you to call your father a liar?

Nick: You don't like it? Tough. Because it's time to stop pretending like this is just about you.

Nikki: Nicholas isn't the villain here, so please take your paranoia down a notch.

Victoria: It's only paranoia when no one is out to get you.

Nikki: You're just gonna have to trust me, victoria. I didn't want to tell nicholas why I started screaming when i saw that poker, but I'm glad that I did because I was on the verge of a full-blown panic attack with a bar full of booze. Your brother helped me a lot. He helped me get through this. He's not the problem. This is! As far as I'm concerned, we need all the help we can get in figuring out what to do, how this got here, who did it, and why.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jack: Hey! What's going on? You were gonna wait till i freshened up, and it looks like you're about to walk out the door.

Kerry: I -- I just got some text messages from work. I thought I better check in.

Jack: You were actually going to leave without sayig goodbye?

Victoria: It was a massed-produced poker. There's probably thousands out there.

Nikki: Well, that very well could be, but this looks exactly like the one --

Victoria: I find it hard to believe that that's the murder weapon. Phyllis hurled it into the water.

Nikki: What if she wasn't alone? What if somebody followed her and saw her do it?

Victoria: Even so... even if that's the case and they were motivated enough to come after us, the odds of them finding that poker on the bottom of a big, muddy lake -- it's miniscule, mom.

Nikki: You're missing the point. Even if this is a duplicate or a fake, somebody else out there knows what I used to try to stop J.T. From attacking you. I mean, right down to the color and the type of metal and everything. I mean, they know things that only the four of us have known. Until now. Which means we have to assume that they know everything. I mean, they -- they must have footage or photographs or audio of what happened that night. For all I know, they could have J.T. Himself. And any other evidence that we haven't even thought of yet. And, to top it all off, they have become experts at knowing how to torture us with it!

Victoria: This is just so wrong. They shouldn't be hounding you. It should be. This is my responsibility. You've already been through so much. This is getting way out of hand.

Nick: I know one thing. You haven't told me the truth about why you don't want a lawyer.

Victor: What's your theory?

Nick: It's not because you think you're some legal genius and you need solitude to build your case. It's because whoever is framing you has you exactly where they want you, and any attempt to thwart them could put the people you love at risk. And the stakes are too high to play this chess game with somebody that you don't know who they are or what they're after or if you can beat them at their game. The trouble is, staying in here, it is difficult to get reliable information. You are forced to be more cautious than you normally would be. Even someone like michael, who you have known for years, can make you second-guess yourself. So maybe you're thinking, it's just safer for me to stay put.

Victor: You're right about what you said.

Nick: The problem is... thinking that this only concerns you. Because we both know that is not the case. We need you free because your family needs you. One person in particular.

Victor: You're worried about her illness or of the stress that she's under?

Nick: Yeah, you being in here with this murder charge... unrepresented... she's beside herself. She can't handle it. I mean, it's just -- there's a lot going on right now.

Victor: But she has coped without me before.

Nick: It's different this time.

Victor: How?

Nick: She needs you with her. I can't be any plainer than that. Look, you asked me what changed, why do I think you're innocent now. It's because I know now that you had nothing to do with J.T.'S death. So you got to stop insisting that you handle this on your own. Let michael get you out of here and home to your wife, who needs you now more than ever.,

Michael: Hey! Mwah!

Lauren: Oh! Hi, baby.

Michael: Fen took off?

Lauren: Yes, after we shared a split of champagne.

Michael: Ooh. I'm sorry I missed out.

Lauren: Yeah, me, too. Help yourself to coffee.

Michael: I will.

Lauren: How was your meeting?

Michael: Frustrating.

Lauren: Ahh! Pretend I never asked.

Michael: Yeah. Back to fenmore.

Lauren: Wasn't that the most incredible surprise? Our talented son with a hit single.

Michael: Yeah, well, a potential hit single. Let's not throw caution to the wind here.

Lauren: I thought you were happy for him.

Michael: I'm ecstatic for him. This could open up a whole new realm in our retirement plan.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] So much for throwing caution to the wind.

Michael: Look, I'm -- I'm really proud of our son. He set a goal for himself, he created his own opportunities. He achieved a positive outcome, but one song on the radio, or whatever they're calling it these days, it guarantees nothing. He's gonna have to do this over and over again before he can even call himself a professional musician.

Lauren: Yeah, I mean, the music business is a very challenging career. I certainly saw that firsthand working with danny, watching him build his career and his following, and that's when i realized, you know, retail is not so boring after all.

Michael: Ha! Yeah, I'd only wish I had gotten a look at his contract before he signed with lp, made sure he wasn't being taken advantage of.

Lauren: Mm, devon's an honorable man. I don't think he'd do that. Plus, our son took enough contractual law. I think he knows what to look for.

Michael: I suppose so.

Lauren: Honey. Have those concerns another day. Let fen enjoy this moment.

Michael: [ Sighs ] You're right. Of course.

Lauren: Mm, I just wish that, uh, he could record his own songs.

Michael: That's not part of his deal?

Lauren: I guess devon is negotiating with this very young, hot songwriter, and... so I guess it's gonna be more of a "maybe someday" thing.

Ana: Here's some of the songs I've been working on. I need to be sure the next one i get to devon for you to record is stronger than the first.

Fen: Yeah. Sounds good to me.

Ana: I want the fans to believe in your talent as much as I do.

Fen: But what about yours? I mean, these are your words, ana. Your melodies, your chord changes. I mean, everything that makes these songs memorable, besides the performance, is -- is you.

Ana: If you're about to start pushing again for me to tell devon I'm the songwriter, don'T. Okay? We've been over this how many times?

Fen: Look... I've been thinking a lot about that story you told me --

Ana: It's not a story. It happened. I got ripped off. Never again. It was too damn painful.

Fen: Okay, so -- so you think by not claiming ownership of these songs that that'll guard you against that?

Ana: I know it will.

Fen: Okay, yeah, except for just one teeny problem -- it makes no sense. Okay? You're being totally illogical.

Ana: Excuse me?

Fen: Devon is your brother. All right? He loves you. And he would never steal from you or try to cheat you by making you sign some bogus release, all right? You know that and so do I.

Ana: Fen.

Fen: And you've been using this excuse for weeks now, and I'm not buying it anymore. All right? You're lying.

Ana: You're right. I've been lying to you. I don't believe devon's gonna steal from me like the other guy did.

Fen: Then why are you so determined to stay anonymous?

Ana: I have work to do. It's time for you to go.

Fen: [ Sighs ]

Kerry: Jack, I apologize. I -- I really didn't mean to throw you or hurt your feelings. It's just that this little breakfast of ours sort of turned into most of the morning, and...

Jack: And you started thinking about work and worrying.

Kerry: Not only that, but i couldn't help wondering if traci and kyle were gonna come walking in with dina. I mean, your mother didn't exactly have the best first impression of me.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. You can't take that personally.

Kerry: No, no, no. I don't, but it was clear that she was agitated being confronted with someone she didn't recognize. Look, I just thought if I took off and avoided any drama, then... I would have called you from the office when I got in. Look, it is one thing to spend a lovely, romantic night with you. It is another thing entirely to be caught lounging around with you in the middle of a work day. In fact... maybe we could finish this conversation another time.

Jack: Mother is being taken to lunch after her doctor's appointment. No one is expected here for hours.

Kerry: [ Scoffs ] Well, I had no idea we would have the house to ourselves for this long.

Jack: It doesn't explain why you were about to leave without saying goodbye.

Kerry: I'm sorry. Truly. The last thing I wanted was to make it awkward. The whole reason I wanted to leave quickly was to save you embarrassment. Now here I am rambling on and making things worse. Forgive me?

Jack: There's nothing to forgive. You haven't done anything wrong. I was just -- I was confused, that's all.

Kerry: Oh. I just thought of a way to make this up to you.

Jack: Ooh, I like the sound of that.

Kerry: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Come on.

Kerry: Wait, wait, wait. I will be right there. I'm just gonna go get a glass of water from the kitchen. Go.

Jack: Okay, okay.

Victor: Has something changed on the outside that I should be aware of?

Nick: The short answer is yes, but mom needs you there with her, okay? You being in here is useless. Any more questions?

Victor: How critical is the situation?

Nick: When I brought michael to see you, I was really hoping you could see the logic in hiring a strong attorney, someone who can navigate for you, to get you out on bail, if at all possible. I'm not really worried about you at the moment. That's pretty low on my list, but mom's a different story. There's just a lot going on for her, and she cannot handle this alone, okay?

Victor: Okay.

[ Sighs ] All right, say no more.

Nick: So I propose that we put our differences aside.

Victor: Mm.

Nick: And you trust me. Please. Allow michael to take your case. Every day, people are fighting type 2 diabetes with food,

Fen: Look... I didn't mean to put you on the spot earlier.

Ana: Then why did you?

Fen: Because it's crazy. All right? What is the harm in taking credit for your own work?

Ana: Maybe my signals aren't getting through to you. I don't want to discuss this. And I'm warning you now, drop all the questions.

Fen: If you would just listen to me --

Ana: Do you like having a song take off? I bet it feels great. If you want more of the same, you need to keep your mouth shut about who's writing your material. If you don't, it's the fastest way I can think of to ruin a good thing.

Nick: So, what are you gonna do? Wait, so that's it? After everything I said, you just don't care?

Victor: Call michael baldwin and tell him to get on this immediately.

Nick: Yeah. Thanks.

Victor: And until I get out of here, tell your mother not to worry about a damn thing. Help is on the way, okay? I'm proud of you.

Nikki: All right, sweetheart. You mustn't panic, blame yourself. We've gotten this far by sticking together. I think that's our best chance of getting through this nightmare.

Victoria: I'll try to remember that.

Nikki: Mm. We'll find out who's tormenting us and why. And then we'll stop them.

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