Y&R Transcript Friday 1/11/19

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/11/19


Episode #11529 ~ Phyllis crosses the line; Sharon finds herself in a compromising position.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Rey: It's just my way of saying that even though I'm with mia, you're still important to me. The drug dealer's house we raided, there was a child on the premesis.

Sharon: I'll be right there.

Arturo: Things got intense when we fought, yeah.

Mia: But we made up just as passionately.

Mac: J.T. And I went to marriage counseling, and it really opened up my eyes. It made me see that he was emotionally abusive.

Victoria: The real reason that I broke up with J.T. Is not civilized, it's a nightmare. J.T. Abused me.

J.T.: Why are you doing this, victoria? Why?

Victoria: Stop! Get off me!

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Nikki: Oh, reed, I'm so sorry.

Phyllis: I have something i need to say about J.T.

Traci: You want to eulogize J.T.?

Phyllis: Why not?

Victoria: I can think of a few reasons.

Reed: Maybe after my grandma says what she wanted to say.

Phyllis: I'd like to think i speak for all of us.

Nikki: No, really, you don'T.

Victoria: You worked with J.T. A long time ago. It's not like you know him that well.

Phyllis: Yeah, but, really, who among knew J.T.? I mean, the real J.T. We have all praised him. We are fond of the memories he gave us, but, you know, we really cannot forget the man he was -- the flawed, imperfect person that we are saying goodbye to. So I just think we need to be completely honest. All of us. Once and for all.

Mia: Wisconsin in winter is no joke. I'm about to freeze to death unless you do something.

Arturo: Yeah, I'm getting an eta on the parts I need. Like that, I can fix that furnace right up for you.

Mia: [ Groans ] Phone calls are not gonna keep this florida girl warm. And unless your friend has a snow plow, no way that part is coming here tonight, so... scooch in closer before I die of frostbite.

Arturo: This is as close as i can get.

Mia: Mm, with your clothes on. Kidding. Come on, cuddle up so we can make some heat.

[ Sighs deeply ]

Sharon: Hey, are we -- are we driving a little too fast?

Rey: We're not -- we're barely moving. That's the snow that's coming down 100 miles per hour. What you did was pretty darn heroic.

Sharon: You weren't so bad yourself, rosales.

Rey: I got mad skills. What can I say?

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Rey: Hold on.

[ Grunts ]

Billy: I'm not sure what your endgame is here, but I think everyone knows that J.T. Was a complicated man.

Phyllis: I don't think we should sugarcoat bad behavior. What he did was criminal.

Billy: Yes, and we are all aware that he tried to kill victor.

Nikki: Phyllis, this is hardly the time or the place to drudge up old grudges. You need to face the truth.

Phyllis: Yeah, you're absolutely right, nikki, and this isn't about me. This is about all of you canonizing J.T., Singing his praises. When you should be speaking from the heart. Now, I am not condoning speaking ill of the dead, but I think it is time we start speaking the truth.

Nikki: I don't know what you're trying to accomplish here, but it's time for this to end.

Phyllis: Why is everyone afraid of the truth?

Victoria: Phyllis, this is not the place. Nick, would you please escort your girlfriend out of my house?

Reed: No. Let her stay. I want to hear the whole truth about my father.

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Sharon: [ Panting ]

Rey: Are you okay?

Sharon: Yeah.

Rey: Are you sure?

Sharon: You?

Rey: Black ice?

Sharon: It must have been. How's the car?

Rey: I don't think we hit anything.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Thank god we were going slow.

Rey: I think I'm gonna take it slower all the way back home.

Sharon: Yeah. Good idea.

Rey: All right. You ready?

Sharon: Yeah.

[ Engine stalls ]

Mia: [ Shivering ] Maybe some warm thoughts will raise the temperature in here, huh?

Arturo: Mia...

Mia: I'm just talking about a warm walk down memory lane. No decency laws against that.

Arturo: Yeah, but it depends on the memories.

Mia: [ Chuckles ] The first time I gave you a haircut.

[ Laughs ]

Arturo: What was I thinking? Letting you near me with a pair of scissors?

Mia: Hey, I was pre-professional. I was still good, though.

Arturo: I asked for a faux-hawk and you gave me a mohawk.

Mia: It still looked good.

Arturo: That's because I make anything look good.

Mia: Look at you, still so full of yourself.

Arturo: That's what you liked about me.

Mia: [ Laughs ] We were wild back then, unstoppable.

Arturo: Always getting into trouble.

Mia: [ Giggles ] And your brother always worried about doing the right thing and following the rules...

[ Laughs ]

Arturo: That guy was a cop way before he even put on a badge.

Mia: I know! [ Laughs ] It's crazy how two people can have the same parents and still be so different.

Arturo: Tell me about it.

Mia: [ Sighs ] Well, you guys are both such great guys. I'm lucky to have you both in my life.

Arturo: Yeah. You are.

Mia: Now, if only I can have two husbands.

Arturo: Abby might have something to say about that.

Mia: [ Chuckles ]

Arturo: You know, the past was fun, but this is now, and... now I have something real good with my girl.

Mia: I know what you mean. It's nice to finally be with the person you're supposed to be with.

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: No, I -- I actually have some very nice things to say about J.T. I think that he was undeniably charming, but underneath those wholesome good looks and that great smile, there was something darker, something even more sinister than his battles with victor.

Traci: What don't we already know about the man?

Phyllis: J.T. Emotionally and physically abused victoria.

Traci: What?

Reed: No, she's -- she's lying. You have to be!

Phyllis: I'm sorry.

Reed: You've got it wrong. Whoever told you that, that's not the kind of man that my dad was. Tell 'em, mom! Tell them that dad would never hurt you.

Victoria: I never wanted you to find out about it. Not like this.

[ Doors slamming ]

Rey: Okay, well, it's not exactly four stars, but walking distance to the car. The best we could do.

Sharon: Don't worry about it. We'll make it work. We'll just stretch out on our beds and relax. Come morning, we'll head back to the car.

Rey: Sounds like a plan.

Sharon: Oh, I think I see a light over here.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] And one bed.

Nick: So I guess this is the point of the evening where, um, we thank you for braving the conditions outside and coming to J.T.'S service. We thank you very much for your kind words and thoughts. Be careful on your way home. It's pretty treacherous out there. Thanks again.

Victoria: No, wait a minute. Please don't leave. Not yet. There's something that I want to say to all of you. I think I've kept quiet long enough. I never wanted any of you, especially reed, to find out like this... but now that he knows in the most public and painful way possible... there's no reason to keep it a secret anymore. I don't think J.T. Loved me. Love -- love doesn't hurt like that. Domestic abuse can happen at any time and any place to anyone. It can happen to a picture-perfect family in a storybook home in a beautiful neighborhood. You just -- you never know, really, what's going on behind closed doors. But I think that the more of us that speak up about it, that there's less shame in it. For all of us.

Mac: Including me. Part of me mourns the loss of J.T. But a bigger part of me finally feels safe. For the first time in a really long time. We'll get through this. You're not alone.

Sharon: I'm gonna have to spend the night in kenosha. Can you just make sure that faith gets a good dinner? I think pizza is good, yeah, if you can just find a vegetable or two. Oh, and no staying up late. I mean, unless they declare a snow day tomorrow. Okay! I'll see you in the morning. Love you, too. Bye.

Rey: Everything okay?

Sharon: Almost too good. I guess you better call home.

Rey: Yeah. Yeah. Got to make sure mia's not frozen solid. She hasn't really gotten the hang of these extreme winters yet.

Sharon: Well, I'll give you some privacy.

Mia: [ Shivering ] Move closer so we can get warm!

Arturo: I'm plenty close, thanks.

Mia: What? What is it? My feet?

Arturo: Oh, those blocks of ice? Forget it.

Mia: Get over here, or i unleash the feet!

Arturo: You wouldn'T.

Mia: Give me heat or I give you ice.

[ Laughs ]

Arturo: Don'T. Stop!

Mia: [ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] It's rey. Rey?

Rey: Hey. How you doing? I bet you're freezing.

Mia: I'm staying warm. Don't worry. When are you coming home?

Rey: Not till tomorrow. My car hit a patch of ice, spun out.

Mia: Oh, my god, are you okay?

Rey: No, no, I'm fine. It's just, uh, the car needs a little work, and I won't be able to get to it till there's light out and it stops snowing.

Mia: Where are you staying?

Rey: I snagged the last room at a little motel in kenosha for the night.

Mia: Well, I'm just glad you're all right.

Rey: Well, I'm better now that I hear that you're warm. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

Mia: Love you.

Rey: Yeah. Love you, too.

Sharon: Sounds like the heat's back on. That's good.

Rey: Yeah. Hate lying to her.

Sharon: You didn't lie. You just left out one little fact -- me.

Rey: [ Scoffs ] It's like she has some sixth sense. She always knows when I'm not telling her the whole truth.

Mia: A teensy white lie. It's not like we did anything wrong.

Arturo: Why does it feel like we did?

Mac: I know emotional abuse doesn't leave the same tangible scars as physical abuse, but... it's just as insidious. Using words to beat you down and keep you there.

Traci: My heart is just breaking for all the pain the two of you have had to endure. I'm so sorry. I wish I had known. Maybe I could have reached him somehow, maybe... I -- this is so hard to believe, this sweet young man that dated colleen... that he'd change into this entirely different person. I -- I got a little glimpse of it last year, how troubled he had become, but, honestly, I thought -- I thought it was just a bump in the road. I had no idea it had gotten this bad.

Mac: Poor reed.

Victoria: No. I'm just glad that he never saw his father raise a hand to me.

Traci: But to find out the truth this way...

Victoria: I know. No, it's definitely not what i imagined, but we're gonna get through it.

Mac: Make me a promise.

Victoria: Yeah. Sure.

Mac: That tonight really is a new beginning for you, for us, that we...just bury the bad that J.T. Did and we move on.

Victoria: I promise.

Mac: Okay.

Nikki: You should be ashamed of yourself.

Phyllis: It if hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have had to do that.

Nikki: Oh, it was my fault?

Phyllis: It was time for the truth to come out, the truth about what really happened to J.T., But if you keep carrying on the way you've been doing, we're gonna end up in a cell.

Nikki: You thought I was gonna confess so you throw victoria's family under the bus?

Phyllis: I was saving us from going to prison. Confession might be good for your soul, but until and unless you can find a way to keep me out of it, you need to pocket that story. You heard what victoria said. She is happy the truth came out.

Nikki: It wasn't your truth to tell. You were never abused by J.T.

Phyllis: Not when he was alive, but I haven't had a good night's sleep since he's died.

Mia: Why do you feel guilty? You haven't done anything.

Arturo: This isn't about what I've done.

Mia: Then what is it? Something you wanted to do? Arturo, there's nothing that you and I can't talk about.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Arturo: Hey. Give me some good news, man. Are you close?

[ Sighs ] All right. I'll be down in two.

Mia: Your friend made it through the snow?

Arturo: Yeah. Yeah. I'll fix this furnace right up and be out of here in no time.

Mia: Thanks, arturo.

Sharon: That chair looks like an instrument of torture.

Rey: Yeah, I've slept on worse, and it's only for a couple hours. Come morning, I will get the car started, and we will be back on the road.

Sharon: Well, if you insist.

Rey: Whoa. What are you -- what are you doing?

Sharon: I'm taking off my dress.

Rey: Yeah, uh, you got to -- you got to warn a guy.

Now you may undress.

Sharon: Old-fashioned.

Rey: Eh, it never goes out of style. I am a hero and a gentleman. You finished?

Sharon: Um...almost. Okay, finished. Um, whoa, whoa. I think you have to give a girl a warning.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] So tell me something -- you snore, or what?

Sharon: Like you wouldn't believe. I'm a chainsaw.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] I knew it.

[ Sighs ] All righty. Now it is safe for you to turn around.

Sharon: Okay.

Rey: [ Sighs ] Sharon.

Sharon: Yeah?

Rey: Are you actually tired?

Sharon: No. I'm actually still wound up. You ever been to a slumber party?

Rey: [ Chuckling ] No. I can't say that I have.

Sharon: Well, it's too early to go to bed. The cable's out, so there's no tv. There's no mini-bar, so no night cap. It's too creepy to do a seance, and we don't have enough people for truth or dare so... any idea how to pass the time? Oh, rosales, you -- grow up!

Rey: I knew you were gonna do that. Now this is mine. Don't even try to get it back.

Sharon: Not fair!

Rey: Who said life was fair? You sleeping yet?

Sharon: No. Plotting my revenge.

[ Chuckles ] Are we ever gonna get any sleep tonight?

Rey: [ Sighs ] By my calculations, no.

Sharon: So... what do you want to do?

"The young and the restless"

will continue. Hey! Havertys is having a big sale.

Cane: Hey, um, we're gonna head home.

Mattie: Let reed know we're thinking of him.

Victoria: Yeah. Of course I will. He'll be happy to know that.

Charlie: Uh, good night.

Victoria: Good night.

Cane: Hey, will you, uh, grab my coat for me?

Charlie: Yeah.

Cane: Listen, I want you to know, what I said the other night about you and J.T., I didn't know he hurt you in any way. He was my friend, and I thought I knew him.

Victoria: So did I.

Cane: So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say I am so deeply and truly sorry.

Phyllis: You gonna ever talk to me again?

Nick: Honestly, I don't know what to say. I mean, what the hell was that? What were you trying to accomplish?

Phyllis: I don't know. I just -- I think I'm getting tired of everyone talking about J.T. Like he's a modern-day saint.

Nick: Well, it seemed like you were trying to get some payback for victoria slapping you.

Phyllis: No, it was not about that, absolutely not.

Nick: Then explain yourself.

Phyllis: I can'T.

Nick: Well, you caused a big enough scene here already, so... I'm gonna take my mom home. I'll see you when I see you.

Billy: Just when I think you can't get any worse, you go and pull another trick from your sleeve.

Abby: Need anything?

Victoria: You wouldn't happen to have any advice on how to handle teenage boys, would you?

Abby: Not even when I was a teenage girl. You're amazing, you know that? I'll check in later.

Victoria: Thank you.

Abby: Bye, nikki.

Nikki: Bye, honey.

Victoria: Hey. Everyone but family is gone.

Reed: I heard.

Victoria: I was gonna come up and check on you and see if you needed anything.

Reed: Just answers. Grandma, you were gonna say something during the service. You want to say it now?

Nikki: Uh... it's not important. Not anymore.

Victoria: Reed, listen. What phyllis said is true. Your father was abusive. But not to you. And never to johnny and never to katie.

Reed: Doesn't make what he did okay, mom. You are us. We're a part of you. If you get hurt, then we all do.

Victoria: I'm really not sure that he saw it that way. Look, I didn't tell you because I just wanted to protect you. It's my job.

Reed: It's his job, too. He didn'T... he didn't hit you, did he?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] But it got physical. Phyllis said --

Victoria: It did. He grabbed my throat. But I thought he was gonna hit me.

Reed: How could he, mom? I'm so sorry.

Victoria: No, look, none of that matters, okay? There's nothing you could do, absolutely nothing. Just know that. We're gonna be okay. Promise you, everything's gonna be better. He's gone. I love you. I love you. Everything's gonna be okay, baby.

Reed: [ Sobbing ]

Victoria: Shh. It's okay. It's okay.

[ Sobbing continues ]

Mia: [ Sighs ] Does that mean what I think it means?

[ Shivering ]

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Mia: Uh...

Arturo: [ Exhales sharply ]

Mia: Oh!

Arturo: We got heat.

Mia: Oh, my god! Arturo! Oh! Thank you! Oh! Oh! You got magic in those hands.

Arturo: Uh, we should call sharon and have her cancel that emergency repairman she had coming.

Mia: Right, uh, spare the poor guy a trip through this blizzard.

Arturo: Yeah.

Rey: You should have told me you were at the memorial service.

Sharon: Would you have told me to stay?

Rey: No, because I needed you. Nobody can do what you can do.

Sharon: Well, what can I say? I love my job.

Rey: We make a good team. I have the looks and the brains...

Sharon: Oh, wow. Yeah, we're gonna have to just agree to disagree.

Rey: Ah, right, like we do about victor.

Sharon: Here we go again.

Rey: You still think I got the wrong man?

Sharon: It doesn't matter what I think. You're the one leading the investigation. You're the brains.

Rey: And the looks. Don't -- don't forget about the looks.

Sharon: [ Scoffs ]

[ Laughter ]

Rey: I knew...

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: Oh!

[ Gasps ] It's mia.

Rey: Why is she calling you?

Sharon: I could ask.

Rey: No. Don't -- don't answer it. Maybe -- maybe she'll leave a message.

Mia: No answer.

Arturo: Try her landline.

Mia: I don't have the number.

Arturo: I do.

Mia: [ Shivers ]

Arturo: Hey, sharon. It's arturo. Oh! Sorry. Do you know where she is? Could you do me a favor, then? Could you call off the handyman she had coming to fix rey's furnace? Yeah, I took care of it. Great. Thanks.

Mia: Sharon taking care of it?

Arturo: Mariah.

Mia: Where's sharon?

Arturo: She got stuck somewhere overnight, car trouble. Kenosha?

Mia: Kenosha? Same place as rey. Small world, huh?

Arturo: Hey, they work together, okay? It doesn't mean they're hooking up.

Mia: There was something in his voice that sounded... different. Now I know why. He's with her.

Arturo: You have no proof sharon's there.

Mia: I don't need proof. I'm his wife. I know him, or at least... I thought I did.

Arturo: They probably got stuck there doing police work. No one runs off to kenosha to hook up when there are plenty of hotels here in genoa city.

Mia: [ Sighs ]

Arturo: I'm not saying that's what's happening. Sharon's not the type.

Mia: No, you should have seen the two of them when I first came into town. The way they looked at each other when they thought I wasn't looking? He wants her.

Arturo: Rey would never step out on you.

Mia: God, I feel so silly thinking I could come back into his life and he'd fall in love with me again. That we had a second chance. And tonight, I believed everything he told me. Every lie he said. And I was so worried about him, and he's probably --

Arturo: Mia, don't think like that. You can't do this to yourself.

Mia: He doesn't love me anymore, arturo. He's pretending. Going through the motions. I'm -- I'm his wife... I'm his obligation. His liability. He doesn't want me anymore. He wants her, and I tried. I really tried.

Sharon: Rey.

Rey: Yeah?

Sharon: Are you okay?

Rey: Just...trying to find the soft spot.

Sharon: You're fighting a losing battle. That chair will kill you before dawn.

Rey: I'll be fine.

Sharon: Get over here. There's plenty of room. I promise to keep my hands to myself. Cross my heart.

Billy: How's reed?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I think that he just needs a little time to process all of this.

Billy: Don't we all? I really wish I didn't get behind this whole memorial service.

Victoria: It was important to reed that we supported his idea, like you did.

Billy: Yeah, but if I would have known it was gonna end like this, vick... you okay?

Victoria: I knew I should have told you, I just couldn'T.

Billy: Well, why did you end up telling phyllis?

Victoria: It's a long story.

Billy: I wish I could have done something to stop him. What you must have been through...

Victoria: No, I just -- i should have left him sooner, that's all.

Billy: Don't do that, okay? This... you can't blame yourself for anything that happened.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I was -- I was so scared, billy. I thought he was gonna kill me. He threw me around like I was nothing. He raised his fist like he was gonna hit me.

[ Sighs ] And I took him back.

[ Sighs ] I gave him another chance.

Billy: You have nothing to feel guilty about. The thought of him putting his hands around your neck... I wish to hell he was still alive because I'd kill him myself.

Billy: So, what the hell got into phyllis tonight?

Victoria: She was completely out of line.

Billy: Completely.

Victoria: But maybe reed did have a right to know about his father.

Billy: In your time, on your own terms, yeah.

Victoria: I would have waited until...never.

Billy: You would have found the right time, vick. If I didn't tell you this yet, I'm very proud of you. You handled yourself extremely well. You were...very strong.

Victoria: Well, that's what having the right people in my corner does for me.

Billy: People?

Victoria: Person.

Billy: Ah. Music to my ears.

Victoria: I think it's been a long time since I felt like i could count on anyone, trust them.

Billy: Well, you matter to me.

Victoria: Don't get me wrong, I could do all this on my own, you know that.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: It's just that, having you around, it'S...

Billy: Eh, it's amazing. It's more fun.

Victoria: Yeah, something like that.

Billy: It's part of my charm.

Victoria: I'm really glad you're here, billy.

Billy: Me too.

Victoria: Because...

Billy: Because I'm really good at washing dishes.

Victoria: Because I still love you.

Sharon: Rey?

Rey: Yeah?

Sharon: Sweet dreams.

Rey: Sweet dreams, sharon.

Mia: What do you think they're doing?

Mia: I call rey, he says nothing about sharon being there with him. I call sharon, she doesn't pick up. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Arturo: Yea, that's not the rey that I know.

Mia: Well, maybe this is a brand-new rey. The monster I created after i cheated on him with you. Maybe this is... my karma, yeah? I did this. I pushed him into another woman's arms, into her bed...

Arturo: Mia, don't say that.

Mia: It's true! I broke his heart, and now he's punishing me for that. I deserve this.

Arturo: Hey. Everything's gonna be okay.

Mia: How?

Arturo: Well, because the mia I know always lands on her feet. She's funny, she's smart, she'S... beautiful. What are we doing?

Mia: I thought you --

Arturo: Mia, I am so sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I -- I can't do this, and neither should you.

Nikki: You think I should have stayed with victoria tonight?

Nick: No. She's got billy there.

Nikki: Maybe I could have helped with reed.

Nick: They're probably gonna be up all night talking about it. They'll work it out.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I suppose you're right.

Nick: I can stick around, help you get settled in here.

Nikki: You're sweet to offer, but I think I'm just gonna curl up in front of the fireplace and get cozy.

Nick: You sure?

Nikki: Positive. Once I relax and get some sleep, I'll perk up.

Nick: Okay. You call me if you need anything.

Nikki: I know where you are. Mwah.

Nick: I love you.

Nikki: Love you back.

[ Gasps, screams ]

Nick: Mom? Mom, what is it? Mom, what is it?

Nick: What? I don't see anything. What?

Nick: The fire poker?

Nikki: No, no, no! Don't touch it!

Nick: Why?

Nikki: It's a murder weapon.

Nick: Mom, what are you talking about? Whose murder?

Nikki: J.T.'S.

Nick: How would you know that?

Nikki: I know because... because I killed J.T.

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