Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/1/19

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/1/19


Episode #11521 ~ Sparks fly between an unlikely pair; Nate's loyalty is tested; Christine targets Victor.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

[ Loud thud ]

Reed: [ Gasps ] What was that?!

Charlie: I don't know. Glad I got here before you blurted something out.

Reed: I don't know how much longer I can live with this secret.

Cane: Yeah, this single-parent thing, it's like every day, I'm getting punched in the stomach. It's like there's this hole inside me, and I can't fill it in.

All: Happy new year!

[ All cheering ]

Nick: Okay, mom, we're here to tuck you in. Did you do this? Did you take my mom?

Nate: It's not what it looks like. Sneaking her out was not my idea. I could lose my medical license over this. I could lose everything.

Nick: Then why do it?

Nate: Victor.

Reed: Whoever kidnapped her was not the person who was driving the car.

Victoria: How do you know that?

Reed: Because it was me. I was driving.

Victor: I didn't kill J.T. Hellstrom. Once I've cleared my name, I will bring your mother back to genoa city.

Rey: All right! Nobody move! Hands where I can see them! Victor newman, you're under arrest.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Rey: It's time. We're ready.

[ Sniffles, clears throat ] We ready to do this?

Christine: [ Sighs ] I'm not convinced this is our best shot.

Rey: We won't know until we take it.

Christine: Well, there are risks involved.

Rey: There always are with anything worthwhile. And this is very worthwhile.

Nikki: [ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Nurse!

[ Groans ]

Do you need medical assistance?

Nikki: No. I need my husband. I need my family. The phone that was here before is gone.

Orders from detective rosales, ma'am.

Nikki: What, am I a -- a prisoner here? What is wrong with everybody?

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: [ Grunts ] Oh...

[ Sighs ]

Christine: Here they are.

Rey: Oh, it looks like santa made a late delivery. Three world travelers.

Nick: Is this where we get our phone calls? Or arrested instead of just being held on suspicion of, what, some trumped-up B.S.?

Victor: Where's my wife? Anything happens to her because of you, you're in trouble.

Rey: That is an interesting take, considering you're the one who removed her from memorial, shoved her in an ambulance, and transferred her to a jet. Not a medevac chopper, a private jet that looks nothing like a hospital. You abducted a woman in a fragile condition. Those are serious charges.

Victor: Mm-hmm. So you book me now so I can make bail and see my wife, or you release me.

Rey: You sure that's my only option? Are -- are we still in that window?

Nick: Window for what?

Christine: Police can hold a suspect for 72 hours before charges are filed. That gives them time to investigate the crimes and advise the D.A.'S office for official charges.

Nate: Wait, are -- are you serious? I have a job. Patients.

Rey: Well, this is where i suggest, if you care so much about your patients, you don't do something that's gonna get you arrested. We got plenty of time to dig into this, and that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna be meticulous, and go by the book.

Victor: Where's my wife?!

Rey: Rest assured, mr. Newman, we don't lock up victims. Your wife is getting the care that she needs, and that's not on a plane.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Where are you? We need to talk about this. Now. Please.

[ Doorbell rings ] Yeah, come in. It's open. Reed, listen. Wherever you are, just -- just stay put and call me, and I will come to you.

[ Sighs ] Thank god.

Billy: Hey. What's, uh -- what's going on? I got here as soon as I could.

Victoria: I-I need you on kid duty.

Billy: Okay. Where's reed?

Victoria: He's not here. Which is the problem. I need to stop him before he does anything stupid.

Billy: Whoa! Hold on a second, here. Is there news about your mom? What's going on?

Victoria: Yes. [ Sighs ] No.

Billy: Vick --

Victoria: Reed was driving the car that hit my mother. Charlie ashby had been drinking, and he wanted to drive, but he couldn't, so reed drove for him, and they didn't say anything until now. Reed told me everything last night. But I'm afraid that he's gone to the police to confess.

Billy: Hey --

Cane: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Groans ]

[ Sniffling ] Oh... [ Groans ]

[ Sighs ] Am I dead?

Devon: Oh, you look close to it.

Cane: [ Sighs ] Did I, uh...

Devon: Pass out on my couch before midnight? Yep.

Cane: Oh, sam. I've got to get to sam.

Devon: The twins had bridgette sleep over. They took care of it. It's cool.

Cane: [ Scoffs ] I suppose they want to call me mr. Role model, huh?

Victor: So, you booked us for what? Kidnapping my own wife?

Rey: Did she sign herself out of the hospital? Request a private jet on an airstrip with a flight plan out of the country, away from her friends, family, and medical supervision? Yeah, no. L-let me be more clear on this. Under state law, removing a patient from a hospital without that person's or hospital's written consent is classified as kidnapping.

Victor: Mm.

Rey: Even if that person is your wife, who was, at the time, under the legal responsibility of memorial.

Victor: Mm.

Rey: So unless there's something you want to get off your chest... and then, of course, there are your accomplices -- a-a doctor and a business leader. Only the classiest of minions for victor newman. You know how to pick 'em. Final charges are up to the D.A., Of course.

Christine: Right now, we're also looking at kidnapping, not to mention conspiracy. Those are the big ones.

Rey: Decades behind bars. Unless there's some reason you want us to cut you a break on this.

Nick: We want our lawyers. Now.

Victor: No, son. Don't worry about it. This ambitious young detective is feeling his oats, right? So he's trying to play a game with us. Not gonna lower myself.

Rey: Oh, no attorneys? All right. That -- that -- that works for me. What about you, doc? These two have rap sheets you wouldn't believe, but this is new territory for you.

Nate: I'm fine.

Rey: Good. Then you and I are gonna have a very nice, long chitchat. You're first. Come with me. The hard work you put into lowering your

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when I get a cold, I need

medicine that works fast.

Rey: Thank you. Do you want a water? Coffee? I'm sure you're hungry after spending all night in lock-up. I could probably find you an energy bar somewhere.

Nate: We gonna do this or what?

Rey: Just so we're clear, I know that you are not the architect of this drama. You're a doctor. "First, do no harm," and all that. And victor newman, he is, uh, rich and powerful. I could see how it would be easy to get sucked into it. I'm sure he made you feel like the noble hero by stepping into this drama with his wife, but... look where you are now. At the gcpd. Possibly facing even more jail time. Charges. Conviction. Prison time. You can forget about being a concierge doctor to the rich and powerful. You're gonna be watching guys get their heads split open in the chow line.

Nate: I took an oath to look after my patients.

Rey: Cops take an oath, too. That's why I stopped that plane during taxi. Brought your patient back into the hospital where she belongs, and threw your asses in a cell.

Nate: When it comes to looking after my patient's health and safety, I will not apologize. Where she goes, I go.

Rey: Yeah? Yeah? O-out of the country with victor newman, who is a person of interest in a murder investigation? And your patient just had major surgery? Does any of that -- any of it at all -- sound like a good idea to you?

Nate: I'm charged with nikki's care. Victor was worried about her safety. He didn't want her to stay a target of whoever did this to her. So he made the decision to remove her from the hospital and out of harm's way. Now, was I going to let her go without medical supervision? No, I was not. So if this is where we are, then this is where we are.

Rey: I don't want you to be here. You are smart enough to know that.

Nate: I do. I do. I understand that I am just a pawn. That you are trying to move me around the board and get me to tell you whatever it is that you want to hear about victor. But all I know is that you are keeping me from my patient. The one that you are calling a victim. And, see, the thing is, the only one making her out to be a victim right now is you.

Devon: Hell, it was new year's eve, and you got drunk along with the rest of the world. So you're not special in this.

Cane: Yeah, but I'm a parent.

Devon: Yeah, but you've been dealing with a lot, man. You have a wife who just spent the holidays behind bars.

Cane: Right. Which means that she's the one who's suffering, not me. I'm out here with my job and my kids and my bed, which I didn't sleep in last night.

Devon: Well... I don't know what you want me to say to you. You can keep beating yourself up about it, or you can think about why you put yourself through that last night.

Cane: Because I miss lily. And I just wanted to forget abut everything for one night. That's all.

Devon: I understand that. Of course I do. But, I mean, she's gonna come back in the fall.

Cane: It's january 1st.

Devon: I know what month it is. But I'm just saying this because you need to focus on the long haul and think about it. 'Cause she's gonna come back to you. She's gonna get out. She's gonna come back. You guys are gonna resume life. Pick right back up where you left off.

Cane: Is that what's gonna happen, is it? You know, the thing is, when i go and see her, it's like she's not the same person anymore, and she just looks at me like I don't get it. And I don'T. I mean, I'm not living the same life she is. I don't see what she sees. You know, we used to be a team, but now it's just like -- I just...

Devon: Well, you -- you just adjust.

Cane: [ Scoffs ]

Devon: I'm serious. You adjust, and you try and fall in love with the person she's becoming.

Cane: I'll always love her. You know that, right?

Devon: I do know that, so I don't see what the problem is. I don't see why you're stressing over something that hasn't even happened yet.

Cane: Yeah.

Devon: She's always gonna be in your life. Lily will always be there, regardless of where she's at. That's the reality of it.

Cane: Okay. All right. Listen. I, uh... I need to go. Thank you.

Devon: Yeah, man.

Cane: Thanks, man.

Devon: Sure, sure.

Victor: So, this is how you waste taxpayers' money? Is that it? By haranguing and badgering and interrogating an upstanding physician? You're slipping. But you already know that, don't you, christine?

Christine: I am gonna have the two of you brought back to your cells for now.

Victor: My goodness! How very brave of you.

Christine: It's just practical. If you two aren't together, you can't sync up your cover stories.

Nick: You know this is ridiculous. We're not common criminals.

Christine: Nick, there's nothing common about this. Getaway jets are a very newman spin on things.

Victor: Ohh, I see. The getaway jet.

Christine: Officer, if you'd please escort these gentlemen to their cells? Thank you.

Victor: All right.

Victoria: Dad! Nick!

Christine: Wait, wait, wait.

Victoria: What's going on?

Christine: Excuse me.

Victoria: Well, what's happening? How -- how long has my father been here?

Christine: I'm really sorry. I just don't have the time to answer your questions right now.

Nate: Hey. I don't think... hastings realizes we're on his side. You might want to have a discussion with the good doctor.

Victoria: Nate's been arrested, too? Where's my mother?

Rey: She's --

Victoria: I need to know where my mother is.

Rey: She's under a doctor's care, and safe.

Victoria: What doctor? Where?

Rey: I'm handling an investigation.&

Victoria: Tell me where my mother is! Or do I have to go to the press to get you to behave like a human being?

Rey: Your mother's at memorial, where she should have been all along.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well, her doctor's here? Wh-why? What has he been charged with?

Rey: That's none of your business.

Victoria: Uh, my mother almost died, and for all I know, she still could. What have you done with her?

Rey: Your mother is under medical care. But nate, nick, and victor were found with her, which basically amounts to kidnapping. But the arrests have not been made public, so what are you doing here?

Victoria: I-I came because of reed, my son.

Rey: What, is -- is he missing? Do you want to file a report?

Victoria: No, no, no. I -- he's just worried about his grandmother, very much so, and I thought maybe he came to see if there's any news.

Rey: Well, grandma is safe, but grandpa is another story altogether. Wait. I have some more questions for you.

Victoria: Arrest me, then. Otherwise, I have to tell my family what's going on. No? Good.

Uh, sorry. No visitors. Protective custody.

Victoria: That's my mother in there. Nicole newman? I'm victoria newman. I just want to see for myself that she's safe.

I have my orders.

Victoria: So, what are you telling me, that -- that she's your prisoner? Is that what you're saying? Mom! Mom, they're not letting me in to talk to you. Are you okay?

Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Nikki: I'm -- I'm okay, honey. Where is your father?

Victoria: He and nick are at the station, and they need help.

Victoria: You tell your boss that he is not getting away with this.

Christine: Detective rosales is right. Your loyalty is misplaced. I don't think you understand the seriousness of your situation.

Nate: Well, waking up in a jail cell has a way of making things very clear. And one thing that I do know is that this is not about me. It's about victor newman.

Christine: Okay, well, detective rosales thinks you were along for the ride. Upholding your oath. He's sympathetic. My side is the law. Bringing cases. Cases I can win. And you were part of that kidnapping. It's a fact. It happened. So if you have any concern for your well-being --

Nate: My concern is for my patients, okay? And you still haven't told me where she is, or who is looking out for her. Now, one professional to another, how is it going to look if something happens to nikki newman -- for the gcpd or the D.A.'S office?

Christine: Okay, but nikki's best interests are being seen to. Is anyone looking out for yours?

Nate: You have your priorities, and I have mine.

Christine: Okay, you -- y-you're right. You... you should see nikki.

Nate: And what's that mean?

Christine: That means you will be brought to your patient to examine her.

Nate: So, all of a sudden, I'm not under arrest?

Christine: [ Stammers ] Allowances can be made. I'll handle things with detective rosales.

[ Sighs ] W-we'll be right back, okay? We're gonna go check on the victim. Let's go.

Rey: Looks like you and I are making a habit of this.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Nick: [ Sighs ] This is cute. And productive. I can see why they recruited you all the way from miami.

Rey: You know, I thought we were on the same page last night.

Nick: Yet here we are. With me in cuffs. Where did we go wrong?

Rey: Maybe when you helped your father abduct your mother, and watched from an airfield as he taxied to take her out of the country.

Nick: [ Scoffs ] Is that what you think happened?

Rey: Until you tell me otherwise.

Nick: You want to hear about victor?

Rey: [ Sighs ] Fathers took up a lot of our conversation last night. Consider this more of the same.

Nick: Ah, so that's the angle you're going with? Life must be rough with a father like mine. Look, do I want to charge you as an accessory? Not really. I'd rather see you as a witness for the prosecution.

Nick: For kidnapping. Gotcha. Or are we talking about something more serious?

Rey: You tell me. I know what you want. I know what this is about. So let's just -- let's just cut to the chase.

[ Sighs ] I'm not helping you.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Nate: Okay. [ Sighs ] Any dizziness? Nausea? Shortness of breath?

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

Nate: Okay, good. You are doing great, and your vitals are in their target range. But you've been through massive trauma and major surgery. Now is not the time to play hero and pretend how tough you are, okay? So if you're feeling pain, let someone know. Don't push yourself. If I don't get a chance to speak with your doctor, I want you to know --

Nikki: What are you talking about? You're my doctor.

Nate: I'm, uh -- I'm facing attempted-kidnapping charges.

Nikki: Oh, that is absolutely ridiculous.

Christine: We're here for the sake of the patient, not the conversation.

Nate: Look, I'll try to get your on-call doctor up to speed, okay? But in case I don't speak to him or her, I want you to --

Christine: All right, you know what, um, that's enough. Would you mind taking the doctor out in the hallway?

Christine: The patient and i need a moment.

Nate: Wait, what? You're going to question her, aren't you? Did you not hear what I just said? My patient needs her rest.

Nikki: I'll be fine. Thank you, nate. For everything.

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: So. Who is my doctor accused of supposedly kidnapping? Oh, let me guess. He and my son helped victor with this so-called abduction.

Christine: Serious charges, nikki. I mean, you just know that dr. Hastings is the kind of guy who has lived his life trying to do the right thing, and now look at him. He's in police custody. It's him and nick who I feel sorry for. Victor lives to flout the law, and if he takes someone down with him, then what else is new?

Nikki: Your case relies on me being the victim of a kidnapping, and that never happened. I begged victor to get me out of here. I left of my own free will.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Mom looked okay. You can tell that she was weak, but she seemed like herself. And dad and nick, they're in jail, though, with nate. I couldn't talk to them. And there was an officer keeping me out of mom's room. I couldn't talk to her, either. Meanwhile, I have absolutely no idea where reed is --

Billy: Hold on. Hey.

Victoria: ...Or what he's doing.

Billy: Slow down. First things first. Your mom is fine, right? And your dad is back in town?

Victoria: I think so. Uh, yes, but in handcuffs.

Billy: Okay. But he is back?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Yes. This is what rey wanted all along -- dad in custody. If he couldn't get him for murder, he would be happy to lock him up for kidnapping.

Billy: Okay. But the important thing is, your mom is fine. And nick and your dad, they can handle themselves. Now, can you tell me what happened with reed?

Victoria: I don't know. He wasn't at the station. I don't know where he is or what he's doing, and he has not turned himself in yet.

Billy: Sit down.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Billy, come on.

Billy: No, come on. I need you to help me try and understand what happened, okay? Reed was driving. Was he -- was he drinking?

Victoria: No. He said no. And I believe him. But charlie ashby was, so reed drove charlie's car on a suspended license, and then they hit something.

Billy: They hit a person, vick.

Victoria: I know, but they panicked. They were just more concerned about not getting busted. They would never have -- have left someone by the side of the road.

Billy: Okay. That's probably true. And...

[ Sighs ] I know this must be eating him alive. I mean, when I told him that your mom was in the E.R., He ran out of here.

Victoria: I don't even think he knew then why mom was in the hospital. God, billy! I don't know what to do. I saw rey at the station, and i thought about telling him. I wanted to get in front of this, just for reed's sake.

Billy: Why didn't you?

Victoria: Because! Are you serious? It's a felony hit-and-run.

Billy: Yes, I know. And he has to accept responsibility for that, and face the consequences.

Victoria: If I tell rey, I will be ending reed's life as he knows it.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Telling reed to lie about this, vick, is not the answer.

Victoria: This isn't a lie. It's an inaction.

Billy: How are you justifying this? Knowing what I went through with delia? How -- how are you doing that?

Victoria: It isn't like that. Delia... we lost her. Adam knew what he did, and he never said anything about it.

[ Sighs ] But reed is completely spinning out.

Billy: That's a good thing. He should be spinning out. He's gonna have to face the consequences of what he's done.

Victoria: Then let him do it from home in his own room, not jail. Billy, please. He's not even in college yet. With this on top of his suspended license, we're talking about time -- actual prison time.

Billy: Let's just --

Victoria: And they're not just gonna throw him in juvie.

Billy: ...Table this for a second, okay, just for now.

Victoria: I have to talk to cane.

Billy: Whoa. Hold on a second. Why are you doing that?

Victoria: Because I want to find out how he's handling this with charlie.

Billy: Does cane even know?

Victoria: Well, if he doesn't, he's gonna find out. And if he does know and he kept it from me [Scoffs] I am gonna give him --

Billy: Vick, I'm not gonna defend him, but his wife is in prison because of a car accident.

Victoria: I have to go talk to him.

Billy: Okay. Then I'm gonna go with you.

Victoria: Oh, billy, please just let me handle this on my own. I don't need you to hold my hand.

Billy: I'm not holding your hand.

Victoria: I can do this. The babysitter will be here soon, and you can get back to your day.

Billy: I'm always here for you, okay, and I'm always on your side.

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: Victor came to me on christmas eve. He held my hand, and he willed me to come back to him. Read my chart. Speak with the medical staff. I was dying. But victor came to me. And as you can see, I'm still here. When I... regained...consciousness, I... I panicked. Because it -- it's no secret that you've made it your life's mission to find something to pin on victor the last few years.

Christine: That's not the case.

Nikki: Please, do me the courtesy of letting me speak. Since I am the so-called victim here. I know...that you and the police department are desperate to blame victor for J.T.'S death. And I couldn't let my husband be in danger simply because he loves me. Because he cared enough to come to me. So I insisted that we leave the country. I told him that we would work everything out together to clear his name, and then we would come home. But instead victor was arrested, and I am -- I am being treated like a prisoner.

Christine: So you came out of a coma... and immediately formulated a plan to leave the country?

Nikki: I had to. I begged victor to do this for me. For my own peace of mind. It truly was an act of love for him...to go along with it.

Christine: [ Stammers ] You really think anyone's gonna believe this?

Nikki: Put me in front of a judge. Let's see... who he or she believes. I am nobody's victim, christine. Certainly not my husband'S. And obviously nate and nicholas are innocent, as well. But if you pursue this, I expect that they will sue you for wrongful prosecution, and I will be their lead witness. It's not worth all that.

Christine: Well, I -- it's quite a performance.

Nikki: It's the truth.

Christine: I'll be in touch.

Nikki: Uh, please get that guard away from my door. Unless you want people to think I'm being a prisoner here --

Christine: Nikki, the guard is here for your safety. It's a police-department matter. Devon. Hi.

Devon: Hi. I was told by victoria that my cousin was arrested, and the desk sergeant said i could find him in your custody. And I want to know why he's with an armed officer.

Nate: Where I work, with my colleagues walking by, seeing me like this.

Devon: Makes no sense at all.

Nate: It does not.

Devon: You know I can have gc buzz down here in two minutes?

Christine: Look, I'm not gonna pursue charges against dr. Hastings.

Devon: Then what's going on?

Christine: I'll recommend detective rosales release him on his own recognizance.

Nate: Oh. What happened in there?

Christine: You got what you wanted. You're lucky. I've got to get to work.

Cane: What makes you even think it's any of your business if charlie was drinking last week?

Victoria: [ Slams counter ] Good. So you're not denying it. That's something, at least.

Cane: This is none of your business.

Victoria: If it involves reed, it involves me.

Cane: Okay. All right. So reed was the friend who drove charlie home. Is that right?

Victoria: Oh, please. Like you had no idea.

Cane: No, I don't have any idea. No, I didn'T. Okay? Look, charlie's girlfriend dumped him, all right, so he had a couple of beers, and reed drove him home. I will deal with my son.

Victoria: You really had no idea? I mean, do you pay attention to your children at all?

[ Sighs ] There was an accident that night. And reed finally confessed.

Cane: What'd he confess to? What, they had a fender-bender? It's okay.

Victoria: It has to do with my mom. That accident nearly cost her her life.

Cane: [ Sighs ] The kids were the ones involved in the hit-and-run. Okay.

Victoria: Is this you pretending again that you had no idea? The same way that you did with the brash & sassy hockey video?

Cane: See, this is why i don't want your son around my kids, okay? This is why.& First he gets a dui. But that's not good enough for him, is it? So what's he do? He upgrades to a hit-and-run. And what do you want to do? You want to come in here and pin this on my family? Is that what's happening?

Victoria: Reed would not have been driving if charlie wasn't drinking.

Cane: So he has no free will or common sense, is that right?

Victoria: Reed wanted to come forward with this. Charlie tried to talk him out of it.

Cane: Okay. All right. So I see what's happening here, all right. This is charlie's fault. I mean, the kid who was sitting in the passenger seat. Is that right?

Victoria: Charlie wanted to lie and cover things up. I wonder where he got that from?

[ Scoffs ] He's exactly like you, cane. People are managing their type 2 diabetes

Cane: Listen, you and I may have had our differences, but don't come into my house and trash my son, all right?

Victoria: You're really quite the role model, aren't you? This whole, uh, mess with juliet, how you practically bankrupted brash & sassy. And don't think that I didn't hear about what happened after hilary died, how you tried to get lily to cover up the fact that she ran that red light. Charlie was in the car then.

Cane: That's enough.

Victoria: How did you do that, anyway? Did you ask charlie to lie for you?&

Cane: That's enough.

Victoria: No. My son might end up in jail because you don't have the first clue how to be a parent!

Cane: It was your son who got the dui, okay, and you want to come blame me for being a bad parent? It was my daughter that told the truth when your son tried to sneak into nick's club on the night it burned down.

Victoria: She told the truth, and so did lily, but lily's not here right now, and now those poor children only have you for guidance!

Cane: Do you ever get sick and tired of being this self-righteous, do you? I know what you think of me. You've told me over and over and over.

Victoria: Am I wrong?! Look at you.

Cane: Ohh.

Victoria: You're so weak and cowardly. How many people have you taken down with you almost? Billy, me, the kids, an entire company, and lily.

Cane: You can leave my wife out of this.

Victoria: She takes you back time after time, and your marriage is awful.

Cane: Leave my wife out of this.

Victoria: And here she is in prison. She's decent and loyal. And when she's done serving her sentence, she gets to come back to this, to you?

Cane: Yeah.

Christine: [ Sighs ] So, nick held tough.

Rey: And nikki went all newman on you. But [Sighs] Letting the doctor go?

Christine: Oh, he wasn't gonna cave. And it became very clear he doesn't know anything we don'T.

Rey: Always was a long shot.

Christine: I think all three sensed what we were really after.

Rey: Just one new piece of evidence. One piece linking victor to J.T.'S murder.

Christine: Yeah, I guess it was just too much to hope that victor would implicate himself to save nick from prosecution.

Rey: I know father/son issues, and those are some serious issues.

Christine: Yeah, and nikki, willing to tell anyone that would listen that leaving the country was her idea.

Rey: We got nothing. So we pivot.

Christine: What are you thinking?

Rey: Squeezing the supporting players was a waste of time. So we just go for it. We bring victor in, and we charge him for hellstrom's homicide.

Christine: I need more supporting evidence.

Rey: We have victor's gun, we have a shirt with J.T.'S blood on it at the newman stables.

Christine: [ Scoffs ]

Rey: We have victor on "gc buzz," threatening to kill J.T.

Christine: Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Rey: That is means and motives right there.

Christine: We don't have a body.

Rey: You and I can both cite cases where a body was never recovered, but a guilty verdict was still handed down.

Christine: Without a body, we don't have a time of death, so we don't know if victor killed J.T. Personally or he arranged a hit.

Rey: We can still make the arrest without answering those questions. We work with what we have, and then we strengthen the case.

Christine: Oh, my god. It's such a risk.

Rey: If you let him walk, we will never see victor newman again. He will be on a jet before that door is shut. It time for action, not caution. We're not gonna get another shot.

Victoria: How can you even stand yourself, knowing that your wife deserves so much better than you? She is so much braver than you are. She is the one who's in prison right now, while you are just spiraling. I mean, she probably prays every night that you don't screw up this family the same way you screwed up your marriage over and over again!

Cane: Look how jealous you are! You are so jealous. You can't stand the fact that lily and I have a real relationship, that we have a marriage that's worked, and we have a life together. I mean, look at you. How many boyfriends have you had? How many fiancés and husbands have you had since I've met you? How many times has billy run away from you? And I would even bet that J.T.'S not even dead. He probably went off the grid because he can't stand being around you, and just wanted to get away from you.

Victoria: You don't know anything about J.T.!

Cane: Oh, really? Yeah, I do. I know he wanted to make up with you. But he probably didn't come back groveling and begging the way you like it. 'Cause you can't stand that, can you, 'cause you want a man to have to eat dirt to try and make you happy.

Victoria: J.T. Was a liar.

Cane: Okay.

Victoria: And you know what I'm guessing? I'm guessing that that's the kind of man that you admire.

Cane: Yeah, okay.

Victoria: I wonder what lily is thinking right now? I wonder if she finally realizes that she could do so much better than you.

Cane: Okay, spin this. Spin this however you need to do it, okay? 'Cause deep down inside, you think everyone's as cold and as empty and as lonely as you are.

Rey: You're free to go.

[ Sighs ]

Nick: So that's it? No apology?

Rey: Nate's already been released.

Nick: So you admit it, then. There's no kidnapping.

Rey: We have reassessed the information, and now we move on.

Nick: Where's my dad?

Rey: He'll be processed shortly.

Nick: Well, then I'll wait.

Rey: You made a lot of noise about being here, and now you want to stay? I don't think so.

Nick: Is there some reason you want me gone, rey?

Rey: Are you a lawyer? A cop? Under arrest? No. So if you wouldn't mind...

Christine: Phew...

Rey: You ready to get this over with?

Victor: We done here? I didn't kidnap my wife, but I want to spend time with her immediately, all right? Unless, of course, your outrageous behavior has put her into a tailspin and caused her to have a relapse.

Christine: Nikki made it very clear there was no abduction.

Victor: And you knew that, didn't you, christine?

Victor: So, are we done here?

Christine: What you don't know is there has been a decision made on another outstanding case. Victor newman, you're being charged with the murder of J.T. Hellstrom.

Rey: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will and can --

Victor: Save it, young man.

Rey: ...Be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

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