Y&R Transcript Friday 12/21/18

Y&R Transcript Friday 12/21/18


Episode #11514 ~ Nick vows to protect his family, Sharon and Rey share a warm moment, and Arturo opens up to Abby.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Kerry: Glad I stuck around.

Jack: That makes two of us.

Kerry: Definitely worth the wait.

Mia: I never want anything to keep us apart ever again.

Sharon: Why don't you go for a long drive and see the leaves changing?

> Rey: [ Sighs ] I hope to do that someday.

Sharon: Promise me you'll take someone along. A trip like that's no fun alone.

Mia: I have some great anti-aging tips I think you might need.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] Why don't you give 'em a try on yourself first and then give me a holler.

[ Loud thud ]

Reed: [ Gasps ] What was that?!

Charlie: I don't know. Did we hit something?

Reed: I can't keep this secret. I have to confess what I've done.

Nick: Do your thing. 'Cause with or without your help, I'm gonna find the person who did this. And when I do, he's gonna pay. Any word from dad?

Victoria: Maybe dad's on his way home now.

Nick: Doesn't mean he's gonna get here in time.

Nick: How is she doing, really?

Nate: Just, the previous tests, they fail to explain --

Nick: Please just... just bottom-line it, all right? I mean, it's just us here.

Nate: Her condition's not improving. I was hoping that she would have regained consciousness by now.

Nick: Well, my dad was in a coma a lot longer than this, and he made a full recovery.

Nate: Her injuries are different. They're more complicated. We're dealing with a whole nother set of variables.

Nick: Because of the M.S.?

Nate: It's not a factor. But I'm going to repeat her blood chemistries. We're still searching for more subtle reasons for her unconsciousness.

Nick: My mom's tough. You know that. She's tough enough to get through this.

Nate: Yes. But the longer she doesn't wake up, the worse her prognosis.

[ Sighs ] I'll see about ordering those tests.

Billy: The star of the first-grade Christmas pageant will be making his way down very, very shortly. Hannah and Katie are helping him with his costume.

Victoria: Did Katie change her mind about coming?

Billy: Ooh, on the contrary. Hannah's gonna take her and a couple friends to the movies, and grab some pizza after. Gonna have a little mini girls' night out.

Victoria: Billy, I think that maybe -- maybe you and Reed should drop me off at the hospital on your way. I know -- I know that Johnny's really looking forward to this and everything, and thanks to you, but it's my mom. I just feel like I need to be with her right now.

Billy: And you will be with her -- as soon as we're done with Johnny's little thing. And I think your mom would rather you go. And, look, if anything changes, you jump in my car, and you go straight to the hospital --

Victoria: How did this even happen?! This is my mother. We've been down this road before. How could I not know that she& was drinking again?

Reed: This isn't your fault, mom.

Billy: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Everybody, can I please get your attention! There is a real, live snowman coming into the living room as we speak.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh! Is it even possible?

Billy: Frosty, have you seen Johnny? Can't find him anywhere. Do you know where he is?

Johnny: Dad...

Billy: What? I can't find him.

Victoria: If I hug you, am I gonna get frostbite?

Billy: Yes. For sure.

[ Cellphone rings ] Look so good. Come here. Let me just fix this a little bit.

Victoria: It's Nick. Hey. Hi.

Billy: Where does it go?

Victoria: How's mom?

Nick: [ Sighs ] No change. That's the problem. The longer that she doesn't wake up... Vick, you should probably get here soon.

Lola: [ Sighs ] I'm still not used to these midwestern winters.

Kyle: Yeah, you can take the girl out of Miami...

Lola: Mm. I feel warmer already.

Kyle: Mmm.

Lola: [ Gasps ] Check these out. This place is a Christmas wonderland.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Dad loves getting into the spirit... by hiring the best holiday decorator in Wisconsin.

Jack: I will have you know that that tree was decorated entirely by Kerry and me. Hi, Lola. Nice to see you.

Lola: [ Chuckles ] You too, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: No, Jack. Remember? Jack. Hey, I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you at the Jabot holiday party, but congratulations on your new job.

Kyle: Head chef at Abby and Devon's killer new restaurant.

Lola: He knows.

Jack: I know.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Lola: They're putting so much faith in me, and I hope I am up for the challenge. Thank you.

Kyle: Eh, she's being way too modest. Her food was the inspiration for this whole idea.

Lola: Mm, no. I am pretty sure that would be money-making.

Kyle: Oh, yeah?

Lola: Yeah.

Kyle: They're gonna be striking gold every night with you on their team.

Lola: Are you gonna be like this all night?

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Lola: We're going to my family's Christmas party.

Kyle: As soon as I change my clothes.

Lola: There is nothing wrong with your clothes -- as usual.

Kyle: Thanks. But tonight calls for something a little more casual. I don't want your family thinking I'm stuck up.

Jack: And you think you can fix that with a costume change? I don't think he owns anything that casual.

Lola: Well, who does?

Jack: You know what, once they see how you treat their sister, they won't care how much you spend on your shoes.

Kyle: I'm going to change these now. Thanks for reminding me, dad.

Jack: You're welcome. Hey, by the way, I owe you two a thanks.

Lola: Really? For what?

Jack: Well, once I heard about Kyle's romantic stroke of genius -- you know, bringing Miami beach here -- it inspired me to do something equally special for Kerry.

Kyle: So, what's your plan?

Jack: Well, it starts with dinner to set the mood...

Lola: Ooh. Romance plus dinner.

Kyle: Always a winner. And then what?

Jack: And then... a surprise that your generation would call "epic."

Lola: [ Laughs ]

Mia: I'm excited about this. Having the family together in our new home. Feels like that now. Like home. Now that you and I are... in a better place.

Rey: Just, uh, promise me you'll manage your expectations.

Mia: They're realistic. But if you don't make the effort, things never get better, right? And what better time to try?

Rey: Peace on earth. Goodwill toward --

Mia: Whoever could use some.

Rey: Mm.

Mia: Which is why I invited sharon.

Rey: You did?

Mia: She's been such a good friend to you. You work together. We live in her building. She's part of our lives, so I want to become friends with her, too.

Sharon: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Um, here's hot coffee, muffins, cinnamon rolls -- all your favorites. I know how you feel about the cafeteria here. It's a way for them to fill beds.

[ Chuckles ]

Nick: Thanks. I could use this.

Sharon: So... what did Nate say? How's Nikki doing?

Nick: The words are a blur. But the look on his face...

[ Sobs quietly ] She's not getting better. And, uh... you know, he doesn't want us to cling to false hope. So I just sit in there, staring at her face, thinking about everything she's gone through. So much more than she ever let on, and she kept it all to herself. I just wish she had come to me, you know? Confided in me. Let me take some of this on for her. I just feel so helpless.

Sharon: I know. I'm so sorry.

Abby: I can't believe that no one's heard from my dad still.

Arturo: Yeah.

Abby: But thank you. Thank you for being here, and for helping me out.

Arturo: Well, I'm happy to. You know, Nick's always wanted this place to feel like family. Also, here's that contact info you wanted. Hope it helps you locate your father.

Abby: Thank you. And what's the other thing?

Arturo: It could be a Christmas present for a special somebody. An early one, and not your main present. You still have to wait for that. You know, you've just been so stressed lately, with your dad and nikki, and I just thought you needed some cheering up.

Abby: It worked. And I didn't even open it.

Arturo: I also thought maybe you might want to come with me to the rosales holiday dinner tonight at Rey's?

Abby: And spend the evening inches away from Mia on her home turf. Admit it -- this is a bribe.

Victoria: Go to the kitchen and get your props, okay?

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: I should go to the hospital.

Billy: You'll get there -- after Johnny's show.

Victoria: I just don't think I'm gonna be able to sit through a Christmas pageant. I'm gonna be too worried sick. I think you and Reed should go without me.

Reed: No. No, I'm going to the hospital.

Victoria: Reed, I know you love your grandmother, but she's in a coma right now. She's unconscious.

Billy: You're not gonna do any good just sitting around the ICU, Reed.

Reed: I don't care. I want to be there. If it were me in that coma, Grandma would be by my side this whole time.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Okay. I guess you can go. Billy will explain it to Johnny somehow, right?

Billy: Yeah. I understand why it's important to you.

Phyllis: Did something happen with Nikki?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Uh, no. Nate's doing more tests.

Phyllis: Well, I know her body's giving her a damn good reason. She is too strong and determined not to make it.

Nick: That's what I said. But with her complicated injuries, she just has a lot working against her.

Sharon: But she's not fighting alone. There's not a guy I know who shares a stronger bond with his mother. It's so strong, I'm sure Nikki must know that you're here right now, pulling for her. Like you always do when someone you love is in crisis.

Phyllis: Thank you, Sharon. Very kind of you to come by and look after Nick.

Sharon: Nikki is my kids' grandmother. You put issues aside when it's something this important. Keep me posted.

Nick: Hey, just so you know

[Sighs] Before you got here, I had a pretty grim talk with Nate about Mom. And, uh, you know, then Sharon showed up, and then...

Phyllis: Hey. I'm grateful. Obviously she made you feel better.

Nick: I just don't want you to read anything into it.

Phyllis: I'm so sorry about everything.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: Good to see you, Big Guy. Even at a time like this.

Reed: I needed to come. How's Grandma?

Nick: No change yet.

[ Sighs ] They still don't know who did this to her.

Phyllis: Rey Rosales has got to find this hit-and-run scum. I want him celebrating new years behind bars.

Victoria: Honey, let's go in. She'll know that we're here, and maybe it will help. Come on. Mom, it's Victoria. And -- and Reed's here, too.

[ Sighs ] There's so much we want to say to you.

Arturo: It's Christmas. I mean, I-it's -- it's an early present. The first of many. How can it be a bribe?

Abby: Because that's what you call giving someone something so they'll do something for you.

Arturo: Well, then, we're good. Because you coming to Rey's house for dinner is you doing something for both of us. Do you remember how tense Thanksgiving got?

Abby: I sure do, yeah. And do I want a repeat of that? I sure don't.

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Do you?

Arturo: It's family. You can't change yours, and neither can I.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Arturo: But I do want my family to see how strong we are when we're together. You and me. No matter what they want to do or say.

Abby: It doesn't matter what they think.

Arturo: It's not supposed to, but let's be real -- it does. Mine labeled me family screw-up a long time ago. And no matter what I do, or what I accomplish, that's just how Rey thinks of me. And when Rey says that he has no idea what someone like you sees in someone like me, he's not joking. But whether he likes it or not, I'm going to prove to him that it doesn't matter -- not to me, not to you, not to anyone in this town, and definitely not to anyone in the world.

Abby: Of course I'm coming. But this...is still a bribe.

Arturo: Oh, come on! You are sick, Miss Newman. Open it.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Let's see. Oh, my gosh! Arturo, I really like it.

Arturo: Do you need to sound so surprised that I have good taste and know what you like?

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Arturo: Try it on.

Abby: It's so cute. Okay.

[ Laughs ]

Arturo: Wow!

Abby: Oooh! Perfect fit. I love it.

Arturo: Full disclosure -- Lola helped me pick it. Only requirements were high fashion, and warm enough to wear when I take you camping.

Abby: Camping?

Arturo: Yeah. In the spring. I-I -- we can't have hypothermia ruining our vacation.

Abby: No, a vacation should never involve sleeping outside, possible bear attacks, and no room service.

Arturo: Relax, okay?

[ Abby chuckles ] It'll be more glamping than camping.

Abby: Okay. Well... I'm liking the sound of that.

Arturo: I knew you would. Which is why I bought a camper shell for my truck. Like that, we can sleep inside.

Abby: I'm not sure you understand the concept of glamping.

Arturo: I do.

Abby: No.

Arturo: Yeah, I do.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Come here.

Kerry: Delectable dinner. A legendary vintage.

Jack: I'm glad you approve. To the woman... I can't get out of my mind.

Kerry: And her recently discovered talent for tree decoration.

Jack: And her equally hidden but no less impressive kissing talent. Mmm.

Kerry: Mmm.

Jack: Oh. You know, you set the bar awfully high. I don't know what I can do special for Christmas.

Kerry: Um... sleigh ride with actual reindeer. Or ice skating at Rockefeller center, wearing the most garish, hideous Christmas sweaters allowed by law.

Jack: I like the Christmas-sweaters idea. No, I was thinking something maybe the -- the opposite of snow and ice.

Kerry: Roasting our own chestnuts over a blazing fire?

Jack: Warmer, but maybe... 5,700 miles away.

Kerry: Meaning...?

Jack: In honor of that unexpected kiss, a wonderful and unexpected surprise... I hope.

Kerry: You want to take me to a five-star resort on Bora Bora?

Jack: If you're okay with that.

Kerry: You were going for unexpected, and you succeeded. Bora Bora. French Polynesia. How many thousands of miles?

Jack: 5,700. It's a 13-hour flight. We board the plane, we have a glass of wine, we have dinner, we nap our way to paradise.

Kerry: It's gorgeous. And very tempting. But to fly off... just the two of us... how many nights?

Jack: And days.

Kerry: Jack, I have responsibilities. All the new Jabot products, the spring deadline --

Jack: I already thought of all of that. We wouldn't go till right after the holidays.

Kerry: Maybe... we're moving at different speeds here. I'm very cautious about this kind of thing, Jack. I'm not used to men --

Jack: Surprising you? Making you feel as special as you should feel?

Kerry: It's a lovely idea. I see you've put a lot of thought into it. But... now I need to think about it, as I do before embarking on any major decision.

Jack: W-w-wait, wait, wait. Look, I -- I understand. I -- I just sprang this on you, and -- and of course you need time to think about it. I want you to feel confident and happy about your decision. No matter what that decision is.

Kerry: I'll let you know, then. Thank you. For dinner. And for everything.

Mia: [ Gasps ] You're the first ones here! You both look amazing.

Kyle: So do you.

Mia: Oh, thank you.

Kyle: I love what you've done with the place.

Mia: Thank you! I love to entertain. And now I see clients here, so I had to do something.

[ Chuckles ] A small budget forces you to be creative.,

Kyle: Well, anything I can do to help?

Mia: Um...

Rey: You mean with the decorating or in general?

Kyle: Hi, Rey. I'm up for whatever needs doing.

Rey: How are you with plumbing?

Kyle: Mm...

Rey: I guess that's my answer.

Lola: He's just trying to be funny.

Mia: [ Chuckles ]

Lola: I made dessert.

Mia: Aww. Well, you know how your brother is. He was only kidding, kyle.

Rey: Just giving the new guy a hard time. Come. Let's talk.

Lola: [ Sighs ]

Mia: You might as well let Rey get it over with. I think a young, dynamic businessman like kyle can handle himself. Thank you for this. You really didn't have to. It's the time of the year -- my annual stab at cooking. My grandmother's Christmas-cookie recipe. It's not exactly gourmet fusion, but I think you'll enjoy it.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Buzzer rings ] Oh! 'Scuse me. Hello, there! Welcome!

Abby: Happy holidays. We brought dessert.

Mia: How thoughtful. Please, come on in.

Abby: Thanks.

Arturo: Mia.

Mia: Arturo. You being here for this... it means the world to Rey.

Arturo: Oh. I, uh... I'm really happy that the rosales genoa city branch can all be together tonight.

Mia: Uh, abby, that is such an interesting coat.

Abby: Uh, it was an early Christmas present from Arturo, with an assist from Lola.

Mia: Ohh.

Lola: I'm sure you were thrilled when Arturo told you this parka came with a camping trip.

Abby: Thrilled. Shocked. Slightly terrified.

[ Laughter ] But I am always up for an adventure.

Mia: Make sure you bring the best gps on the market.

Lola: Definitely.

Abby: I thought Arturo was an expert at this?

Mia: He is. We're just saying, um, in case you run into bears or skunks.

Lola: And with a GPS, you can find the nearest luxury hotel.

Abby: Heh...

Rey: I think it's time we get to know Lola's boyfriend a little better, don't you?

Arturo: I'd say it's long overdue.

[ Buzzer rings ]

Mia: Oh, I got it.

[ Gasps ] Rey, look who's here.

Sharon: I brought dessert.

Mia: Sharon, how thoughtful. What an angel you are.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: Don't tell me everyone else brought dessert, too.

Mia: They did. But no one needed to, because, in spite of what you may have heard from Rey and Lola, I can actually bake.

Lola: Mia made Christmas cookies from her great-grandmother's recipe.

Mia: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: Nice.

Mia: My abuela calls them galletas a la tonta.

Lola: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Translation?

Mia: Tell her. I'm not ashamed.

Lola: Basically "cookies for dummies."

[ Laughs ]

Mia: And they've been a godsend ever since for three generations of women who can't cook another damn thing.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: There should be one like that in every family recipe.

Mia: You know what? Cheers to that.

Sharon: Cheers.

[ Mia hums ] Well, I'm having so much fun. Thank you for inviting me.

Mia: Aw, good. You know, after thanksgiving dinner, ugh, I just wanted to host something that didn't suck.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Mia: And Rey and I are so much better. It's like we're newlyweds.

Sharon: That's really great. Good for you.

Mia: Mm. Well, one of the main reasons I wanted you here was to thank you.

Sharon: For what?

Mia: For being there for Rey when he needed it. Before I got here.

Sharon: Oh, well, there's no thanks needed.

Mia: No, you're very sweet. And I'd really like it if we could become friends, too.

Sharon: Mia, would you excuse me for a moment? I need to update abby on a family situation.

Mia: Oh, of course, honey. Have fun.

Sharon: Um, let me tell you what I know about nikki... even if you've already heard it.

Abby: Oh.

Arturo: You remember that kid that always used to hurt Lola's feelings in school?

Rey: She was, what, like in the fourth grade?

Arturo: Yeah. Sounds about right. Yeah, Rey and I, we came up with this plan to lure him up to the school roof, and we were each gonna grab, you know, a leg, and dangle him over the edge.

Rey: Yeah. Until he promised to treat Lola like the little treasure that she is.

Kyle: And how'd that work out?

Arturo: Oh, we didn't actually do it.

Rey: No, no. We were just...talking.

Arturo: Mm-hmm.

Rey: Like we are now.

Kyle: Heh... guys, I-I really appreciate what you're doing here.

[ Inhales sharply ] But you don't need to. I like Lola. A lot. I care about her. And respect her hugely.

Arturo: Good to know.

Rey: So what are your intentions?

Kyle: Intentions?

Arturo: Yeah, with our baby sister.

Kyle: Uh, abby! So good that you're here.

Abby: What's going on with my cousin?

Kyle: Uh, they have some really big concerns about me dating Lola.

Abby: Good. So do I. If you don't treat her the way she deserves, you'll be answering to these guys -- and to me.

Kyle: Abby...! Heh...

Abby: I'm serious, kyle. Lola is not only a close friend, but she's also going to be my head chef, so I don't need her to have any man troubles from the likes of you distracting her from creating stellar menus for me.

Kyle: That's not selfish at all.

Arturo: Hey, watch your tone with my girlfriend, man.

Kyle: [ Stammers ]

Lola: All right. The messing-with-kyle portion of the evening is now over.

[ Laughter ]

Abby: And he was an insanely good sport about it.

Kyle: Ha, ha, ha. I knew you guys were having me on. So obvious. Uh...

[ Sighs ] Will this be happening every holiday from now on?

Lola: Beats me. No guy of mine has ever lasted this long.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Mia: Okay, everyone. Food's almost up. And Lola's refreshing drinks.

Lola: Oh, news to me.

[ Sighs ]

Rey: I found out last minute that you were invited. I didn't know if you'd come.

Sharon: Yeah. I wasn't sure, either. But, um... it's a good distraction. I've been in the icu visiting nikki.

Rey: Mm. How is she?

Sharon: She's still unconscious.

Mia: Remember, baby... this is a party. No work talk.

Billy: You nailed it, buddy! You were the best thing about that Christmas pageant. You were so good. I'm so proud of you. And we got so many pictures and so many videos to show mommy. And you know that she really wanted to be there, right? She's with grandma.

Johnny: Is grandma gonna be home for Christmas?

Billy: That's the plan, buddy. That's what we're all hoping for. How 'bout we eat that gingerbread cookie now? Let's get it. You want an arm? Take an arm.

Victoria: You've always been our emotional core through every crisis and every disaster that this family's ever been through. You never even asked for anything in return. This year has been... very difficult. I just want to thank you for being there for me. You saved my life. I'm sorry. I guess I should have paid more attention to the price you paid for taking on all of our family's problems. I'm so sorry, mom.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Honey?

Reed: [ Breathing hard ]

Victoria: You okay? I know this is a lot to deal with right now. Do you want to go get some air?

Reed: [ Gasps ] Um... could I have a minute alone with grandma?

Victoria: Yeah, of course. Yeah. Take your time.

Reed: This is all my fault.

Kyle: That meal tasted like home-cooked perfection.

Mia: Oh! [ Laughs ]

Kyle: Are you sure it was delivery?

Mia: I normally wouldn't brag about something like that, but...yeah.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: Well, these cookies, though, they have a real homemade touch.

Mia: Those, I made. Okay? These are the one edible achievement I have.

[ Laughs ] Been a Christmas tradition since I met the wild and wonderful Rosales family.

Abby: Most of our traditions here revolve around snow -- snowmen, sleigh rides, toboggans.

Kyle: Yeah. What's it like growing up with no winter weather?

Lola: Well, I guess one of our traditions was, after midnight mass, we would all go to the beach.

Arturo: Yeah. Rey would build a bonfire. We'd stay up all night. The best year was when we invited mom's favorite singer, and he showed up and sang one of his hits a cappella.

Lola: She was so excited she started crying. She said it was a Christmas miracle.

Mia: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: I bet. Hey, how'd you manage that?

Rey: Well, I was a patrol cop back then. Pulled him over for speeding.

Abby: You gave him a ticket? Your mom's favorite singer?

Rey: No, I gave him a warning. Yes, I knew who he was, but that it.

Mia: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Uh-huh.

Rey: I'm serious! He wy Sharon: So you asked him to serenade your mom. I mean... not directly, but...

[ Chuckles ]

Mia: I remember that. That night was so warm, we all went skinny-dipping.

[ Laughter ]

Arturo: That's right!

Lola: Yeah, some of you did. But Mom and I did not.

Rey: Yeah, neither did I. The singer had one too many. I had to drive him home.

Mia: Well, who can remember all the details, right?

[ Chuckles ]

Abby: Um, you know what? We should probably get going. I have an early morning.

Mia: Oh, okay.

Arturo: Yeah, let's do that.

Sharon: Um, you know, I'll walk out with you. Thank you so much.

Abby: Thank you for hosting.

Sharon: It was...great.

Mia: [ Chuckles ] Any time.

Victoria: Reed is taking this so hard.

Phyllis: Of course he is, poor kid.

Nick: He may lose his grandmother. And he's got to be reeling from the news that his dad was murdered. And no one can give him any answers.

Phyllis: Hell of a way to spend Christmas break.

Nick: It's all the more reason to find out who did this to Mom, and to make them pay.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Kerry: I've thought about your offer, and I have an answer. I would love to go to Bora Bora with you.

Jack: That is just -- I promise you, this is going to be the vacation of a lifetime.

Kerry: My bags are already packed. They're outside. I don't see why we can't start this vacation tonight.

Kerry: [ Gasps ]

Jack: [ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ]

Arturo: So, do I need to stand here till it's actually Christmas?

Abby: Blindfold on, mouth shut. Unless you don't want one of your presents early.

Arturo: I do. But, you know, that coat's gonna be a hard gift to beat. I mean, you are literally going to be the envy of every camper, bobcat, grizzly bear, bunny rabbit --

Abby: I think I will.

Arturo: Heh...

Abby: Blindfold off. Luckily, we don't have to worry about hypothermia... yet.

[ Giggles ]

Arturo: You, um... you -- you have a bedroom upstairs, right?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Arturo: 'Cause I'm -- I'm having some trouble making my brain work.

Abby: Don't worry. I'll guide you.

[ Calculator whirring ]

Rey: Good. You're still here. I can give you your Christmas present.

Sharon: Oh, you didn't have to do that.

Rey: Well, I was gonna give it to you at the station, but now seemed like a better time.

Rey: [ Snorts softly ]

Sharon: So pretty. Ah...

Rey: It's in honor of that road trip we never got to take.

Sharon: I know. But...

Rey: It's just my way of saying that, even though I'm with Mia... you're still important to me.

Sharon: Thank you. You're still -- I mean... I feel the same way. Um...

Rey: Here. Here, let me.

Sharon: I have to, um, close up the register and lock up these receipts.

Rey: Yeah. I should, uh...

Sharon: I'll see you at work.

Rey: Yeah. Yeah.

Mia: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Thank you so much for taking the trash out, Honey. And for making tonight a wonderful night. There were a few dicey moments.

Rey: Yeah. It's, uh, unavoidable when you get us all together.

Mia: Think so?

Rey: I think you should congratulate yourself on a very good night.

[ Sighs ]

Mia: Thanks, baby. You know... there's one way to improve it.

[ Rey groaning ]

Reed: I'm the reason that you're hooked up to all these machines, fighting for your life. I was driving the car that hit you. I didn't know. Not at the time. I promise. I... I didn't realize what I had done until the next day. I know I should just come out and admit it, but... I'm scared.

[ Sighs ] And ashamed, and... I can't believe that you could die because of me.

[ Sobs ] I love you so much, grandma. And I'm so, so sorry.

[ Crying ] If you can hear me, I know what you're thinking. And it's true.

[ Sighs ] This makes me just as bad as my father.

Nate: [ Sighs ] The test didn't furnish us with any helpful information.

Victoria: What does that mean?

Nick: What are you going to do for my mother? Because if you or your staff can't come up with any answers, then I will find someone who can.

Nate: There's no time for that. And I promise you, no one is going to tell you anything different. We have done all we can. Now you need to find your father and get him here.

Phyllis: What are you saying?

Nate: I'm saying that I think you all need to prepare for the worst.

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