Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/15/18

Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/15/18


Episode #11489 ~ Jack turns on the charm with Kerry, Sharon and Billy join forces, and Abby learns shocking news about Arturo's past.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Tessa: If you know what I know, you'll never be able to look at sharon the same way again.

Mariah: You have to tell me.

Tessa: I'm showing you the truth.

Abby: It's really hard for me to get a handle on your brother, especially since you won't talk to me about him. Are you ever gonna tell me what happened between the two of you?

Rey: We still haven't dealt with what broke us up in the first place.

Mia: Can't we just leave that in miami, and restart fresh here in genoa city?

Billy: Jaboutiques were my idea, my concept. So what part of your brain thinks that I'm gonna step away and get cut out of the deal at this time?

Billy: Dark horse is co-sponsoring the party, and phyllis has invited nick as her guest.

Sharon: We are going to that party. You up for it?

Billy: Hell, yeah, I am. It'll be a night to remember.

Billy: Wow. You look...

Sharon: What?

Billy: Way too good to help me paint a mustache on the mona lisa.

Sharon: Was that your nickname for phyllis?

Billy: [ Chuckles ] You know, if she's gonna throw a shindig to celebrate stealing my idea, I think the least I could do is attend, right?

Sharon: And irritate your new boss just enough to not get fired.

Billy: Exactly. And I think I picked the perfect escort to help me do that.

Sharon: Just to clarify -- "help" and "support" are two different things, and I don't plan on causing any trouble tonight. My personal goal is to prove how easily I'm moving on with my life.

Mariah: What am I looking at? Someone's garage?

Tessa: Uh, yeah. This is victoria newman'S. It's from one of those, like, wi-fi spy-cam things.

Mariah: What does it have to do with blackmailing nikki?

Tessa: Just watch.

Phyllis: Come on.

[Straining ] Let's get -- come on. Let's get J.T. In there. Come on.

Mariah: Wait, I -- I couldn't really understand what she said. Do you mind rewinding?

Tessa: Just keep watching.

Nikki: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Phyllis: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Nikki: Let me get up here.

Phyllis: Okay. Okay.

Victoria: Push, push, push, push.

Phyllis: Is he in?

Victoria: Push, push, push.

Sharon: I'll get the coats.

Nikki: Oh, you got it in?

[ Car door whirs ]

Tessa: Does that date stamp look familiar?

Mariah: I-I don't know. Maybe. Why?

Tessa: There was a party at victoria's that night. You were the bartender. Until you passed out. That was the last night that anyone saw J.T. Alive. Okay? Just... I'll rewind. Just...listen.

Phyllis: Come on. We have to get J.T. Out of here.

[ Grunting ] Oh -- okay. Come on. We can do it.

Mariah: Oh, my god. The rug.

Tessa: Yeah. He's rolled up inside there. His body is. He's dead. And your mom and the others are taking him to chancellor park. To bury him.

Jack: There we go. There we go.

Traci: Ah! Thank you, kind sir. Now, may I?

Jack: I was counting on it.

Traci: Um... perfection.

Jack: Here we are, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Except a party for the family company... run by no one we're actually related to.

Traci: Well, I just hope that phyllis is not gonna blow her chance.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jack: Oh, our car is ready.

Traci: Okay.

Jack: Where's billy?

Traci: Um, p-picking up his date.

Jack: His date? And who would his date be?

Traci: Ha! Like he told me.

[ Laughs ]

Jack: Date. Really? Here we are.

Traci: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Phyllis: Stay near the speed limit. I'll see you at the after party. Okay. Okay. Bye.

Phyllis: Chicago's top beauty blogger. Stuck in traffic.

Nick: Should have left earlier. New C.E.O. Phyllis summers doesn't mess around.

Phyllis: Yeah, well,

[Chuckles] Didn't have much of an option this time since so many people are rooting for me to fail. Especially billy.

Nick: Billy who? This is your night, and it's already huge. So is the buzz. By tomorrow, everyone in your key demos is gonna know where the nearest jaboutique is.

Phyllis: That's the cherry on the sundae, huh? Us. You, me. Making our debut as genoa city's newest power couple.

Nick: Should turn some heads.

Lola: I am lola rosales, the chef for tonight's event. A few hours ago, jabot asked me to step in when the original caterer had to cancel. And I said, "hey, who needs prep time?" Because I am pumped to show gc's finest what my brand is all about. And with your help, I have zero doubts that we can pull this off. I know the menu is only finger foods and appetizers, but I want everyone to walk out of here like they had a four-star meal. Okay? So now let's go and kill this. Thank you, everybody.

Kyle: [ Clapping ]

Lola: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Looks like you've got this covered.

Lola: Thank you. [ Sighs ]

Kyle: I so appreciate you doing this with zero notice, and I know you're gonna rock, and your food is going to kill. Uh, reverse those two.

Lola: Kyle, I am busy now. Busier than I have ever felt in my entire life. And although I adore you for this opportunity, it will be a total disaster if you don't shut it and just let me do my thing. Okay? Mwah!

Rey: What is that for?

Mia: Jabot's big party. I picked out a suit for you. In there.

Rey: It can stay put. That's not our scene.

Mia: [ Chuckles ] You don't get to define my scene. I don't even like doing that.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Mia: It's too limiting. And limits are so boring. I prefer a sexy plus-one on my arm.

Rey: No doubt.

Mia: Well, if my husband really wants me mixing it up with genoa city's fanciest all by my shy little self...

Rey: Hey. Give me time to change.

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Phyllis: We can leave now. Thank you for your patience.

Nick: Sure.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Phyllis: What's up?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, now that rey has declared J.T.'S death a murder, someone must have seen me coming out of the polic station, so this crime reporter keeps calling me, asking me for a statement.

Phyllis: Who needs drama like that? Not us.

Nick: I accused sharon of pushing rey to interrogate me, which she denied. But you're right. The only thing that matters about tonight is making sure that it is one to remember.

Phyllis: I couldn't agree more.

Billy: I'm not being totally selfish dragging you to this, am I?

Sharon: No. Actually, you're rescuing me from watching a show I secretly hate.

Billy: [ Laughs ] You know what? I-I think phyllis' face is gonna be about as red as her new hair color. Which I am totally fine with. But I just want to be clear, okay -- you are not a secret weapon, you're not a prop. You are great company, and I am honored.

Sharon: Well, likewise. But you could be my secret weapon, too. If my ex wants to take up with yours, then he gets a night-long visual reminder of how little I care.

Billy: We're an ideal couple. At least for this event, anyway. And I know that jabot is a gc buzz sponsor, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if mariah could sneak in a couple little subtle zingers in there, just for, like, good measure.

Sharon: That would be nice, but mariah had to cancel.

Billy: Mm.

Sharon: She moved in with tessa yesterday, and already they found something major they need to resolve, so... that sounds like it could take all night.

Mariah: We have no proof that J.T. Was in that rug, or that he was even dead. Because I happen to know for a fact that he walked out of victoria's that night very much alive.

Tessa: Wait, you saw him?

Mariah: No. No, but I -- I started to remember, after victoria's party, hearing a man's voice when I was blacked out. And so I went to sharon, and she told me yes, that J.T. Was there while I was asleep downstairs, and he was demanding that victoria help him get out of town, and that's exactly what she did. So she gave him all the money that she had on her, and he drove off.

Tessa: Okay, I did not get paid a quarter of a million dollars in cash because J.T. Needed some gas money and a picnic lunch. That story makes no sense.

Mariah: Well, that is what sharon told me, and I believe her.

Tessa: Then what happened in that garage?

Mariah: I don't know. I have no idea. But... are we sure that this video isn't, uh, fake or staged somehow?

Tessa: No, it's real. The four of them had no idea that they were being taped... because J.T. Planted the camera there himself.

Mariah: And you know that for sure?

Tessa: One night, when I was working for nick, he was transferring all these files from dark horse computers onto flash drives. And my job was to just...

Nick: Switch out the drives when they're full. It's simple.

Tessa: So I asked...

Tessa: Why transfer all the files?

Tessa: He says...

Nick: I'm upgrading, and I don't want the old files taking up space on the server.

Tessa: So I figure, you know, busy, boring work. And the longer it takes, the more I get paid. And then a few hours go by, and I find all of these weird, complicated-named files. I wondered if they were corrupt, so I opened one. You know, not snooping, just tr-trying to be diligent. And that's when I fell into this huge collection of e-mails from J.T. Hellstrom. I should have stopped reading them and called nick. But I was just curious to see if there was anything about how and why he disappeared. And one e-mail had a link to a cloud-storage account. This is surveillance videos outside of victoria's house. Clearly, nick had no idea that this was there, J.T.'S secret account. J.T. Obviously installed motion-sensitive cameras to automatically record whatever was happening, and then it uploaded to his private storage. He was spying on victoria's comings and goings. What a sicko, right? And he never knew that he'd be capturing the aftermath of his own death. And that's what happened. J.T. Never left that house alive. No matter what sharon told you.

Mariah: We can fix this. We can fix this. We'll just... delete J.T.'S cloud storage. We'll close his account. We'll get you a new computer, destroy this hard drive, and then everything goes away.

Tessa: Except it doesn'T.

Mariah: Because you saved copies.

Tessa: In a very, very safe place.

Mariah: Like your mattress?

Tessa: No. Encrypted, with total security.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Protecting your nest egg.

[ Sighs ] Oh. You know, you said that you were a grifter, but you didn't mention anything about criminal mastermind. I am so sorry that i underestimated you.

Tessa: Okay, this didn't spell "scam" to me. How could I process all the implications of that surveillance video? I mean, even when I heard phyllis talk about J.T...

Mariah: But you kept digging.

Tessa: Wouldn't you?! Okay, so, another file had all these tracking locations. And then I realized that J.T. Must have put a gps in victoria's car so he could monitor all of her movements. I mean, isn't that creepy?

Mariah: Only slightly creepier than what you're doing.

Tessa: So I looked for the files on the date stamp april 13th, the night of victoria's party. And after the four of them put J.T. In the trunk, they drove to chancellor park, and then back to victoria's house. And that's when I realized --

Mariah: Realized what?

Tessa: That's where they buried him.

Mariah: Would you stop talking about my mother like she is some heartless, psychotic killer?

Tessa: Okay, I'm sorry, okay? I hate -- I hate that I know this, and I hate that you do, too. But if we have any shot left together, like you said, we have to be honest with each other, no matter how ugly.

Abby: Don't you just love the transformation? Aw, look at lola! She looks so adorable.

[ Giggles ]

Arturo: Yeah.

Abby: Am I gonna be the only one having fun? What is going on with you tonight?

[ Chuckles ]

Mia: Hi! Look who it is. Hello, there.

Abby: Hi.

[ Mia and abby chuckle ]

Rey: Hi, abby.

Abby: Nice to see you both.

Mia: Yes.

Abby: How did you manage that?

Mia: Oh, I wanted a quiet night at home, but my husband insisted.

[ Both laugh ]

Rey: What can I say? I live for this stuff.

Mia: Ohh. Gorgeous.

Abby: Thank you. What about you, stealing the party right out from under your own clients.

Mia: Ohh. Well, in miami, it's every woman for herself.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Arturo: She speaks from experience.

Abby: Well, have a fabulous time.

Mia: I plan to. Ooh! Champagne. Come on.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] You know, this crowd is, uh, really impressive.

Phyllis: Downplay the shock like I am.

Lauren:[ Laughs ]

Phyllis: You know what? We need kerry.

Lauren: Oh, wait a minute. Didn't she walk in with us? Where is she?

Phyllis: Uh, there she is. Hiding behind that dashing gentleman who keeps smiling at you.

Lauren: Oh! Okay. I'll go get her. Uh, yes. Come on.

Kerry: Oh, no.

Lauren: Oh, yeah.

Kerry: I don't think this is a good idea. Me, talking to the press?

Lauren: Yes. Yes. Boss's orders. Come on. And, by the way, you look flawless. All right?

Phyllis: Don't sweat it. You got this. Good evening. I'm phyllis summers. Welcome to the party of the year for the retail sensation of the year. And on behalf of my chief executive officer, here, lauren fenmore --

Michael: Whoo! [ Claps ]

Phyllis: ...And my brilliant head chemist, kerry johnson, we're very excited to be here. Wait until you see what she is whipping up in the lab for us.

[ Lauren laughs ]

Kerry: Of course, it is all under wraps, and I have been sworn to secrecy.

Phyllis: This is the dawn of a new era for jabot, and tonight is just a taste of our future. My fierce and fearless teammates and I will be bringing it to women across america, and to the world, who, day or night, at work or play, never stop bringing their best face forward. Now, does anyone have any questions?

Nick: Tell us about jaboutique.

Lauren: Yeah! I'm glad you asked. We invite our jabot customers, past, present, and future, to come visit out brand-new chain of exciting stores for a makeover.

Phyllis: And they can shop for cutting-edge beauty imports.

Lauren: Exactly. And you can book it for a bridal shower or a birthday party to-go.

Phyllis: Our new retail hot spots are a bold leap forward for jabot, with a fresh innovation which has always been our brand's trademark. And I am so pleased and proud to be kicking off my tenure as C.E.O. With this exciting and original concept.

[ Applause ]

Michael: Whoo!

Billy: Yeah, keep it up, phyllis. Keep telling everyone about your amazing innovation.

Sharon: Oh, good. Nick spotted us, too.

Billy: Well, we should give him a show, then.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Tessa: At first, I was like you. Trying to find an ordinary explanation for that garage footage. But the more that I did, the more all of these loose pieces just seemed to fall into place.

Mariah: Like what?

Tessa: Well...

[ Sighs ] These four women were always hanging out at crimson lights. Okay? It was so odd. Sharon and phyllis, and then also nikki and victoria. And they said that they were planning this charity project, but there was always this tense vibe, okay. And then rey rosales, the one customer that sharon does not want me chatting with.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] So... now you're confident as to what the four of them did. And that you're the only one who knows that J.T. Is buried in the park. So, then...

Tessa: I sent them letters letting them know that their secret wasn't one anymore.

Mariah: And you had absolutely no problem doing that. Nikki gave you a job. She saved you from homelessness. And sharon -- sharon has been so good to you. And your sister. She helped save crystal last year. But to hell with generosity and human decency, not to mention your relationship with her daughter.

Tessa: Hey, this was not easy! It ripped me up inside.

Mariah: You could've fooled me. Oh, wait. You did.

Tessa: I had no way of getting that cash. I was dealing with real scum, okay, with real debts. They came to crimson lights and attacked me! I was beaten just to show how serious they were.

[ Sighs ] Look, I got text messages every day demanding money. And then I thought they were following you just to speed along the process. I didn't know what they were gonna do, okay? So, no, I didn't pass up the opportunity to break free of this nightmare I was living in! I'm sorry, okay? I wish I was the kind of person who didn't do that. Someone like you. Someone like the person that you thought you fell in love with. But I'm just not that girl.

Mariah: I do understand one thing. Living in a nightmare. Wanting to break free. Because that is exactly where I am right now.

Sharon: Taking credit for your boutique idea in front of the press -- so shameless. So phyllis.

Billy: I was tempted to jump in and set the record straight right there.

Sharon: It would only end up being fodder for the gossip blogs. "Executive exes at war" or some similar garbage, accusing you of sour grapes.

Billy: You're absolutely correct. And I am starved. I'm gonna go get us some food, okay?

Sharon: Good idea.

Billy: Be right back.

Rey: Hi.

Sharon: Hi.

Rey: Wow. You look... I didn't expect to see you here.

Sharon: I didn't expect to see you, either. This was completely last-minute.

Rey: This wasn't in my plans, trust me.

[ Sighs ]

Mia: Hello, sharon. Hi. You're not here alone, are you? I mean, you're too gorgeous for that.

Sharon: I'm here with billy abbott, actually.

Mia: Good for you. Mm. Excuse us. I'd like some friends to meet rey.

Nate: The food's fantastic.

Jack: Uh, well, you have my son to thank for that. He's the one that turned us on to the caterer -- who also happens to be his girlfriend.

Kyle: She's as incredible as her food is. She, uh, caters events big and small. Or track down her truck for the best lunch in town.

Nate: All right.

Kyle: I should try and find her, check in. We haven't seen each other since the party started.

Jack: Shameless. Shame-less.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Traci: Now, seriously, phyllis, this is the party of the year.

Phyllis: Traci, thank you. That means so much to me. Where's your date?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Where's the credit you owe me for the idea you stole?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Phyllis: I don't have time for this.

Billy: No, hold on a second, here, okay? This not me being bitter or disgruntled, but I heard you talking to the press, feeding them this revisionist history of jabot. You know that's public record now?

Phyllis: Like I keep telling you, it's not always about you.

Billy: It's one thing to take my idea and build off it. I actually appreciate that. But I still work at jabot. So for you to pretend that i don't exist, that really sucks. And considering how important these boutiques are to your success as C.E.O., I think the decent thing to do would be acknowledge that you inherited the concept.

Phyllis: I reimagined the concept, and I added desperately-needed essential items... to take your liability and turn it into my asset. I am establishing a new machine to attract venture capital because we need a broader customer base, and they need confidence that a steady hand is at the helm. Now, splitting the credit, would that do that? You and I both know it wouldn'T. Not with your track record.

Billy: You're right. I had some personal issues. But I made one innovative, pivotal decision while I was C.E.O., And that is these boutiques. And now you're telling me it's selfish to want credit for that? And what about my future career? I think it's important that people know that this idea originated with me.

Phyllis: I am warning you, do not force my hand on this.

Billy: Or what, phyllis?

Phyllis: You start pressing the issues with the press, it's gonna be over.

Billy: What's gonna be over? Our friendship? Our relationship? Our mutual inspiration? Yeah, no kidding.

Phyllis: The self-imposed gag order that is keeping me from telling the truth why you are no longer C.E.O.

Billy: Oh, wow. You're serious.

Phyllis: Only one way to find out, and I do not recommend it.

Billy: Well, congratulations. That's about as low as it gets.

Phyllis: Almost. Having revenge sex with my daughter, I'd say that's even lower.

Nick: Tell me that's not a real date.

Sharon: I'll say nothing. You draw your own conclusions.

[ Gasps ] Okay. One hint. Billy and I share something unique and personal. Betrayal is very bonding.

Nick: What's your detective buddy think about that?

Sharon: Rey and I work together, and then he writes me a rent check once a month. That's it.

Nick: You keep telling yourself that.

Sharon: This childish jealousy is beneath you. Well, it's beneath me, anyway. If you and phyllis can choreograph an obnoxious spectacle in front of the press and half the people in town we know, why shouldn't i come with billy?

Nick: Okay, so, there it is. That's the motive. One obnoxious spectacle follows the other.

Sharon: What you need is a good --

Phyllis: Okay, that's enough.

Billy: Hey.

[ Sighs ] Hmm.

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

Billy: What happened to our cause no trouble pledge?

Phyllis: It irritates the hell out of me that they came together, all right, but we have to remember...

Nick: Yeah. There's press around. I get it.

Phyllis: Power couples do not get in public fights with their exes.

Mia: Want to show them what real dancing looks like?

Rey: Uh, not just yet. I think I'm gonna get another drink.

Mia: [ Scoffs ] But you didn't touch the champagne I got you.

Rey: I still prefer beer. I'll be right back.

Mia: [ Sighs ]

Lauren: [ Gasps ] Hey!

Mia: Hi!

Lauren: Where's your handsome husband?

Mia: Oh, in search of a cold beer.

Michael: Mmm.

Mia: Would it be okay if i borrow yours for just one dance?

Lauren: Ohh.

Michael: Absolutely. Yeah, honey?

Lauren: Oh, yeah, yeah. Have at it, you two.

Mia: [ Giggles ]

Michael: Come on.

Lauren: I'll find us something to drink.

Mia: Wonderful. Thank you.

Esther: I have my jaboutique appointment tomorrow. I'm having one of those complimentary bee-pollen facials.

Jack: One of the new beauty regimens that phyllis is rolling out tonight.

Esther: Uh-huh. I'm sure it will be very relaxing. As long as they don't use live bees.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Kerry: I can assure you, we don'T.

[ Laughs ]

Esther: Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Esther valentine, kerry johnson.

Kerry: Hi.

Jack: Jabot's new chief chemist.

Esther: Oh, hello.

Kerry: Lovely to meet you.

Esther: You, too.

Kerry: I created our bee-pollen facial.

Esther: Well, thank you in advance. I'll be sure to tell jack how it goes, and then he can tell you.

Kerry: Okay.

Esther: Oh, excuse me.

Jack: Well, I got to tell you, I saw you on the red carpet earlier, and I said to kyle, "who is jabot's new spokesmodel?"

Kerry: Oh, my gosh. I hate this kind of thing.

Jack: How do you like dancing?

Kerry: Oh, are you asking me?

Jack: If you're saying yes, I am.

Kerry: Well, let's wander over there and see what happens.

Jack: Shall we?

Kerry: Sure.

[ Laughter ]

Michael: We almost did it!

Mia: Yes! That was great.

Michael: Oh, my gosh. It was amazing. Nice moves!

[ Laughter ] Oh, my gosh.

Mia: Oh, man. I've only ever seen one other lawyer dance like that -- richard gere in the movie "chicago."

Lauren: Oh, yeah!

Michael: Ah, you hear that? Tssss!

Lauren: [ Laughing ] Yes, I heard it. And I saw plenty.

Michael: [ Groans ] Well, she asked and you said yes, right?

Lauren: Yes, of course. Of course. My heels needed a break.

Michael: You could have taken your shoes off.

Lauren: Well...

Mia: What those go for?

Lauren: Exactly, honey.

Mia: I wouldn't leave them unattended.

Lauren: Right?

[ Both laugh ] Exactly.

Mia: Thank you for the dance. Yes.

Michael: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Mia: Yeah!

Abby: Hi.

Mia: Mm!

Abby: Um, can I ask you a question? I hope I'm not crossing a line.

Mia: Now I'm really curious.

Abby: Well, uh... ever since arturo introduced me to his brother, I-I keep trying to get him and rey to loosen up with each other. You know, break this weird tension that's always there. And I -- I just keep failing. And you've known them a long time. Do you have any advice?

Mia: Yes. Don't get in the middle of those two.

Abby: Well, you know, my family's had a rough year, and it's just tragic that people can't work things out, that they just keep growing apart.

Mia: Mm. What a sweet, kind soul you have. I have to fill you in on some history. You are missing some big pieces.

Abby: Oh, really?

Mia: Yep.

Abby: Like what?

Arturo: Hey, can we talk?

Mia: Maybe later. You know, abby and I were just getting into it.

Arturo: No, this is just gonna take a second.

Mia: No, it's okay -- oh. Excuse me, abby.

Tessa: When I put it all together, I still had doubts. Just like you. It just felt so extreme. So I went digging through the files again to see if I had missed anything. And there was... another folder. More cloud storage, with more tracking information. I'd missed it before because i thought it was just more gps information from victoria's car. But it wasn'T. It was another tracker. You know, like one of those little small ones that you put on your keys or you wallet so you don't lose them. And it had one last transmission the night of april 13th. And there was a link, and a map of gc. The transmission was coming from chancellor park.

Mariah: Oh, my god.

Tessa: So I went there.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: And it was this flower garden with this big ugly statue on top, and... that was the exact location, so I figured J.T. Must have been buried down there.

Mariah: Please stop.

Tessa: Look, no. You need to hear this, okay? Just let me finish. I needed $20,000. But...

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: ...I figured if i asked for it, sharon would know who it was, so I upped it to $250,000.

Mariah: Of course. Because the most logical jump from $20,000 is a quarter of a million dollars. Why not?

Tessa: Well, if I was gonna go through with this, I wanted the security of more cash. But you know what? It didn't work. They sent me $1, just to screw with me. So I sent them a picture... of that location. And that did it. And then when rey did that press conference there, in the exact same location, I knew I had gotten it right. I mean, the only mystery for me is how J.T.'S files got on the dark horse computers.

Mariah: No, that's the only part of this that is perfectly clear. When everybody thought J.T. Was coming back to genoa city, that was all nick. He was impersonating J.T. To get back at victor. He hacked newman enterprises, and that's why he had all of J.T.'S files from when he was working there. But none of that makes it clear what happened at victoria's that night. You want it to be true. Because blackmailing is disgusting, but blackmailing four murderers is not so gross, right? Tessa, these are four women that we both know. And one that I love.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Devon: Where's, uh... where's your man?

Abby: Uh, he is apparently having an urgent conversation with his sister-in-law. But that's okay, because that means I get to talk to you.

Devon: Lily told me that you wrote her.

Abby: I did, yeah. Tell her it's no rush on writing me back. Just stay safe.

Devon: I will. It's -- it's been tough for her, but she's doing all right.

Abby: Lola, hi.

Lola: Hi.

Abby: Uh, lola rosales. Um, she is the artiste with the spatula responsible for all the food this evening. This is my very, very good friend devon hamilton.

Devon: How you doing?

Lola: Oh, my god. Hi. You own this place.

Devon: Yeah.

Lola: Well, it's so great to meet you. Your kitchen manager has been a dream tonight.

Devon: That's very good to hear. And your food has been fantastic, I must say.

Lola: Thank you so much.

Devon: Yeah.

Lola: Um... I have to run, but have you seen kyle anywhere?

Abby: Uh, no. Not recently. I'm sure he's talking up jabot, and telling everyone who's responsible for the food, and that they need to try it.

Lola: It's nice to know i don't have to hire my own personal publicist any time soon.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Lola: You know, we haven't exchanged five words tonight. But I'm sure he understands, right?

Abby: Of course he does. You're working.

Mia: What is your problem?

Arturo: You. So dial it down and keep it that way. Okay? Abby and I have something great going. And if you think you can mess with that, well, you're in for a nasty surprise.

Mia: Oh, like the one you got when you found out I was in town? Somehow you flipped it so that you were the innocent one in miami, and I was the nightmare?

Arturo: That's the truth.

Mia: It may be yours, but it's not mine, which I am very clear on. And I'll speak it to anyone I feel like. Without your permission.

Nick: All right. Just promise me, for the rest of the night, you are going to bask in the glow of success.

[ Phyllis chuckles ] I mean, this is a hit. The crowd is not thinning out. Everyone is digging your new stores. And dark horse is co-hosting the best party in town.

Phyllis: Yes.

Nick: And no one's even gotten arrested.

Phyllis: No, not yet.

[ Laughs ] Just kidding. To success.

Nick: To success.

Phyllis: No, but tonight has really been special. Okay? In a lot of ways. You know, I'm starting to feel a little energized suddenly.

Nick: Oh, really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Well, we could go have a private party upstairs in your suite.

Phyllis: That sounds incredibly tempting, but I think we need to stick around here.

Nick: Wait, what about all that energy you just mentioned?

Phyllis: Well, there's one way to burn it down here without getting arrested.

Nick: Ooh. Let's dance.

[ Phyllis giggles ]

Kerry: Whew! What an excellent suggestion.

Jack: Yeah? Better than the red carpet?

Kerry: Mm, a little bit. Heh. I hope you'll understand if i need to call it a night.

Jack: Wait, wait. I wouldn'T. So early? Now?

Kerry: Got another early morning in the lab ahead of me. So...

Jack: Well, let me drive you home.

Kerry: No, no, no, no, no. Phyllis arranged a fleet of cars for that. You stay. Dance a little more.

Jack: At least let me walk you to your car.

Kerry: I'd like that.

Billy: I think there's room for another hot couple out there. What do you say?

Sharon: Lead the way.

Mariah: [ Sobbing ] I can't listen to one more second of this.

Tessa: Okay, you asked me to tell you the truth.

Mariah: No! Even if J.T. Died at victoria's that -- that night, there has to be more to it than whatever you're thinking.

Tessa: Hey, I'm not thinking --

Mariah: Don't lie to me. You think that my mother, and nikki and phyllis and victoria, they were drunk on tequila, and they were hating on J.T. For being abusive. Then he showed up, and he wouldn't leave, so they just... they ganged up on him, and they killed him. Maybe that is normal in your world. But I know that that is not what could have happened. There had to have been... extenuating circumstances or self-defense or -- or something.

Tessa: Then why do what they did? Why not tell the cops?

Mariah: I don't know, and neither do you.

[ Sighs ] Okay? But I -- I'm gonna find out. And the answers, they are not in this room. So would you please move?

Tessa: I was never gonna tell the police. Okay? Not even if they didn't pay me. I would never put sharon in danger.

Mariah: You know what, you have been rationalizing all night, and it doesn't matter. Because the only person that means more to me in this world than you, you decided to torment her. You decided to scare the hell out of her and bleed her dry. How could I forget that? How could you?

[ Crying ] So I -- I just need you to get out of my way. It doesn't matter.

Tessa: [ Sobs ]

Mia: Arturo, enough!

Rey: Stay here.

Arturo: We're not done, mia.

Rey: Stay away from my wife.

Arturo: Oh, I would love that, rey. How about maybe you pay a little extra attention to her, and then maybe she'll stop playing her games?

Mia: Oh, that is so unfair, and your know it.

Arturo: That game was all you, brother.

Arturo: Oh, that is far from the truth.

Rey: You don't want to do this here, brother.

Arturo: How about you finally stop telling me what to do, huh?

Mia: Enough, you two! Miami was ancient history. But I'll never forget. You were always too busy for me. I was second place to your job every time. If not, I never would have touched your brother. If you want to start placing blame on someone, start with yourself. You're the reason I had an affair with arturo.

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