Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/13/18

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/13/18


Episode #11487 ~ Mariah searches for the truth, Tessa covers her tracks, and Lauren comes to the rescue.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Mariah: I got us a new mattress for the sofa bed.

Tessa: What did you do with the old one?

Mariah: I tipped the delivery guy five bucks, and he helped me pitch it into the dumpster.

Tessa: I never said that you could do that. How could you without even asking?

Sharon: I like talking to you like this and being here with you.

Rey: Me, too. This is my wife, mia. She surprised me by coming into town.

Phyllis: Welcome, everyone, to the new jabot family.

Kyle: With a brand-new "girl power" management style.

Kerry: I plan to use the minimum time required to perfect my formulas.

Phyllis: Ladies, let's dig in. Go jabot.

[ Telephone rings ]

Phyllis: Yes? Okay. Send them in.

Lauren: I think it's gonna be great, don't you?

Phyllis: Hi, good morning.

Lauren: Uh...

Phyllis: I am already having a crazy day, so whatever you got for me, let's keep it brief.

Lauren: Phyllis...

Phyllis: What's going on?

Lauren: Did you not remember what we're supposed to be doing right now?

Phyllis: No... is that today?

Billy: Sharon!

Sharon: Hmm? Billy. Hi.

Billy: Don't tell me there was a wounded hearts society meeting that I forgot about.

Sharon: No, I just came in to get a cup of coffee to go.

Billy: You came here to get coffee.

Sharon: Yeah, well, I didn't have time to make a pot at home, the club's not far from the ranch.

Billy: Yeah, I guess not. It's still funny that the owner of the best joint in the city to get coffee is coming here to get her morning fix. Everything okay at crimson lights?

Mia: Caught ya. Why are you sneaking out on me?

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: Good morning.

Mariah: Not really.

Tessa: What's going on?

Mariah: You tell me.

Phyllis: Ted! Ted!

Ted: What's up, boss?

Phyllis: Why don't I know about this photo shoot today?

Ted: Uh... it's right here, and... right here.

Phyllis: All right. Can we postpone it?

Ted: The photographer we hired flew it from santa barbara this morning just for the session. She's only in town for the day.

Phyllis: Well, I do not look like I can be photographed right now, so, um, why don't we just call pierre?

Ted: Pierre?

Phyllis: Yeah, it's the makeup artists who worked with the models on the fenmore's fall campaign.

Ted: Right.

Phyllis: Okay, and see if you can't get him up here A.S.A.P. I'm also gonna need something to wear, uh, something that screams "C.E.O." Right.

Lauren: Well, that's my department. Ted, will you call xander at fenmore's and tell him to bring a selection for phyllis?

Ted: On it.

Lauren: Okay, thanks.

Phyllis: You guys, I can't pull this together, like, in this short amount of time. You two look fabulous, by the way.

Kerry: Look, I am more than happy to not be a part of this. I do my best work in the lab --

Lauren: Okay, no. No, no. And no. Nobody gets out of this. We need to present a united front.

Phyllis: All right, you're right. You're right. These photos are for the website and for our promotion and for our launch party tomorrow. So, you know what, we are new the faces of jabot. We are representing, and those faces are three beautiful, confident, powerful women.

Kerry: Mm.

Phyllis: Who look fabulous.

[ Laughter ]

[ Sighs ]

Tessa: I told you -- I told you not to touch my things.

Mariah: Your things. So you admit that this is yours.

Tessa: Mariah, will you please just not make this a big deal, okay?

Mariah: This is a big deal, tessa! This is already a big deal! I cannot forget that I saw this!

Tessa: Well, you're gonna ruin everything if you don't!

Mariah: So, what, I'm just supposed to pretend like i didn't see hundreds of thousands of dollars stuffed in a mattress?

Tessa: You have to.

Mariah: If you think for one second that that is gonna happen...

[ Sighs ] You got to tell me what's going on.

Tessa: Look, you don't -- you don't even want to know, okay? So, please, please just let it go.

Mariah: Tessa, don't --

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Mia: You haven't answered my question.

Rey: I wasn't avoiding you. You were traveling all day yesterday. I figured you were tired, might want to sleep in.

Mia: I got plenty of rest. I'm wide awake now.

Rey: Well, there's a big break in the case I've been working on. I've got to get to the station.

Mia: I just got here. Can't you at least have breakfast with me?

Rey: I'm sorry. I can'T.

Mia: Because you got to work. Yesterday, you fell asleep on me. Hard to believe you're not avoiding me.

Rey: I have a life, mia. I can't drop everything to spend time with you.

Mia: Okay, but I missed you so much.

Rey: [ Sighs ] I miss you, too.

Mia: Let's not spend another minute apart.

Rey: I'm late. I'm late. I got to go, all right?

Mia: All right, go. Do your cop thing. But when you get back, I want to pick up things right where we left off.

Sharon: There's just been a lot of chatter about people coming here for their morning coffee, so I thought I'd stop by and check out the competition.

Billy: All right. You don't mind if I join you while you do your research, do you? I'm in no hurry to see phyllis at the office.

Sharon: Yeah. You're definitely avoiding seeing your boss.

Billy: Yeah, I, uh -- I see her, and I still...

Sharon: You just want to strangle her.

Billy: Well, I'm gonna practice a little restraint, but...

Sharon: Should have been at crimson lights the other day. Our two exes were sharing a latte.

Billy: Aww. That sounds sweet.

Sharon: Yeah, but not in a good way.

Billy: So I shouldn't come to you for advice on how to handle phyllis?

Sharon: You know, we have to face the truth, billy. Move on. That way, we can be happy.

Billy: Happy? Doesn't that seem like a little bit of a myth at this point?

Sharon: Well, I plan to make it a reality, and you should, too. I got to go. See ya.

Billy: See ya.

Sharon: Oh, uh, if you do figure out a way to deal with phyllis, let me know.

Phyllis: Where's pierre? Ted! Seriously, this would go much better if he would actually show up.

Ted: Okay, drop-dead dresses delivered by ted.

Kerry: I will take it from here.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Ted: Thank you.

Kerry: Let's see.

Phyllis: Okay. Okay.

Kerry: Okay!

Phyllis: Mm. Mm. No. Nope. That's not gonna work on me, either.

Kerry: Phyllis. Phyllis. Relax. You've got this! Think of all you've already done for the opening of the jaboutiques. You've got dark horse co-sponsoring the launch party. You pushed billy and kyle to come up with a cutting-edge marketing plan that's gonna have us trending before we've even popped the first bottle of champagne. And you have a chemist who is going to put jabot in a whole new stratosphere.

Phyllis: Well, if I'm gonna live up to all that, I better look 100%.

Kerry: Okay, well, what we are waiting for?

Phyllis: Okay.

Kerry: Let's do this.

Phyllis: Let's do it. Hell, yeah. Okay.

Kerry: Oh, um...

Phyllis: I think something different. There lots of people who are confused about which medicare plan is right for them. Hey, that's me. I barely know where to start. Well, start here with me, karen. I'm a licensed humana sales agent. Well, it's nice to meet you, karen. I'm john smith. Hi, john. At humana, we know you're unique. So you have different needs from other john smiths. Yah, I've always thought so. And together, we can find a plan that's right for you. Great! I go to the doctor a couple of times a year. And i have some prescriptions. But I'm never fully sure of what's covered and what's not. With humana's all-in-one medicare advantage plans, you get coverage for hospital stays, doctor visits, and part d prescription drug benefits. All for an affordable, and sometimes, no monthly plan premium. Do you have any more information? Sure. I'll get a decision guide in the mail to you today. They're free. Finally. Someone who understands the real me. Your health and happiness is important to us. Call or go online now to get your free decision guide. Call a licensed humana sales agent today.

Mia: Excuse me. I'm looking for my husband.

Sharon: Mia! Hi.

Mia: Officer outside told me rey's desk would be in here.

Sharon: It's right there, but he's in a meeting, and I think it could be a while.

Mia: I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I wait. So, you're rey's landlord and his partner.

Sharon: No! I'm not a cop. I'm just a victim liaison.

Mia: Don't sell yourself short. It's an important job, okay? And you're a proprietor, landlord. Bet you're a mom, too.

Sharon: Yes, I am.

Mia: Huh! I am just tired thinking about all the things you can juggle.

Sharon: The coffeehouse pretty much runs itself, and my ex helps with the kids. Rey is an easy tenant.

Mia: I bet. So, how was your date last night?

Sharon: My date?

Mia: Yeah. When you drop by rey's, you said you were on your way to a date.

Sharon: Oh! Yeah. That was, you know, nothing big. Just a little dinner. Nothing special.

Mia: Mm, someone as beautiful as you, I'm surprised some hot guy hasn't snapped you up.

Sharon: Oh, I've been snapped up. A couple of times. I almost remarried my ex recently.

Mia: That's got to be tough. Ooh, rekindling feelings after you've gotten divorced? Rey and I never went that far. We've been separated, but we both knew it was only temporary.

Sharon: Well, it's got to be easier to get back together when you knew in advance you were only on a break.

Mia: That's exactly what it was -- a break. And now we're back together. But, you know what, it makes me happy that rey had someone, a friend he's so close to.

Sharon: Well, I wouldn't call us close.

Mia: [ Chuckles ] You couldn't get any closer. [ Giggles ]

Lauren: Hey! Hey, can I place an order?

Tessa: Oh, yeah! Of course. What can I get you?

Lauren: Yeah, tell them it's lauren fenmore. Large mocha latte, four pumps, extra hot, no whip, sugar free, to go.

Tessa: Uh, sure. Okay, um, mocha latte. Uh...

Lauren: Four pumps.

Tessa: Four, um...

Lauren: Extra hot.

Tessa: Extra shot.

Lauren: No, no. Hot. Hot.

Tessa: Oh, yeah, extra hot. Oh!

Lauren: Oh!

Tessa: Sorry.

Esther: Hey, uh, it looks like you could use a hand. You know, I used to work here, and I made lauren's coffee for her every morning. Hey, lauren.

Lauren: Well, hi, and thank you so much.

Esther: No problem. Who doesn't love a large mocha latte, four pumps, extra hot, no whip, sugar free?

Lauren: Right? Uh, yes, yes. I'm here.

Tessa: Thank you.

Lauren: What do you mean, pierre isn't available? No, no, no, no, no, no. Phyllis needs him to do her makeup.

[ Scoffs ] Well, then you better find someone and send them over to jabot immediately.

Esther: Bad day?

Lauren: It's turning out to be.

Esther: Well, here's your coffee, extra hot, just the way you like it.

Lauren: You are a lifesaver.

Esther: Well, you're not the only one having a bad day.

Tessa: Okay, well, I'm gonna go clean up some tables and see if I can handle that.

Esther: I'll watch the counter for you.

Tessa: Thanks.

Esther: Uh, I couldn't help overhear your phone conversation. You know, I might be able to help you with your other problem.

Lauren: Really?

Esther: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: You know a makeup artist that work on phyllis? But today?

Esther: Yeah, I do.

Lauren: Oh, my goodness, that's fantastic. Okay. Give me their name and phone number.

Esther: No, there's no need for that. It's me.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Rey: Mia, what are you doing here?

Mia: Is that any way to greet your wife?

[ Giggles ] And why didn't you tell me your landlord worked here? Did you get her the job in exchange for the apartment?

Sharon: No. He just, uh, told me there was an opening for a victim liaison. He knew that I had just graduated with a degree in psychology and I was looking for work in my field.

Mia: That's rey, always looking out for his friends.

Sharon: Well, we're not really -- he just mentioned the position.

Mia: Well, it's great that it all worked out.

Rey: Mia. I have a lot to do.

Mia: Sure, I just wanted to see where you work. Sharon here's been filling me in on everything that goes on around here. Sounds as boring and dull as miami.

Rey: Yeah, well, I got a real boring murder case to get back to, and sure sharon has plenty to do, as well, so...

Mia: I won't take another minute for either of you. Sharon, it was nice to see you again. See you at home, baby.

Rey: Okay.

Esther: Hey, I have done all of my girlfriends' makeup. I even did jill's once.

Lauren: You know, and I so appreciate the offer, but this is a very important photo session, and I really need somebody with editorial experience.

Esther: You need a writer to take pictures?

Lauren: [ Laughs ] No, no, no, no. It just means -- "editorial" means that the photos --

Mia: The photos go with the article. Or an idea you're trying to promote.

Lauren: That's right.

Mia: Hi.

Lauren: Hi.

Mia: Mia rosales.

Lauren: Oh.

Mia: Yes, hairdresser, stylist, and kickass makeup artist.

Lauren: And you've done editorial?

Mia: Mm-hmm. My work's all over my website. Check it out.

Lauren: I will. Now, how come I've never heard of you?

Mia: I just moved into town, yes. I've been working the miami scene for years. A lot of celebrity action down there.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] Yes, i know.

Mia: Mm-hmm, I've done athletes, their wives, musicians, fashionistas. A lot of rich and famous.

Lauren: Mm, plenty of those in miami.

Mia: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: Hmm. Nice work.

Mia: I'm the best.

Lauren: And you're hired.

[ Both giggle ]

Tessa: I'm glad you came back.

Mariah: I need answers. Yesterday, I felt terrible because I threw out your mattress without telling you.

Tessa: Yeah, and I said it was okay. You shouldn't have followed me to the dump--

Mariah: I didn't follow you! And stop trying to make it seem like I'm the one who did something wrong here.

Tessa: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. It's just -- it's just when people come at me, I fight back, okay? That's how I've been my whole life, it's how I've survived.

Mariah: I grew up having to defend myself, too, but it shouldn't be that way, not between us.

Tessa: Yeah, well, old habits.

Mariah: They need to die. Right now. So, I need you to tell me the truth. All of it. Where did you get the money?

Tessa: There's no point in saying I won the lottery, right?

Mariah: No.

Tessa: I sold a song.

Mariah: You got paid $230,000 for a song?

Tessa: You counted it?

Mariah: Yeah, I did. So who paid you that much for a song?

Tessa: Um, this guy. He's got a new company. I think his daddy's funding it, or something, and he heard one of the songs, and he offered me all this money, and it just seemed too perfect, you know? Because the timing was amazing.

Mariah: Okay, why didn't you tell me about it? Because you know how worried I've been about crystal, about you.

Tessa: Yeah, but we're not in danger anymore. And you don't have to worry about anyone following you.

Mariah: Wait, wait. I'm sorry. So you -- you paid off the guys who were threatening you?

Tessa: Well, yeah.

Mariah: So then you didn't make $230,000, you made $250,000. Tessa, this doesn't make any sense because that is great news. Crystal is safe. You sold a song. So why didn't you tell me about it?

Tessa: Look, I told you where the money was from, okay?

Mariah: And now I want to know why you hid it from me. Tessa... if we are going to have a shot in hell of making this work, I need to know everything. I need to know what's going on. Okay? Or I swear to god, I'm walking out that door, and I'm not coming back.

Tessa: Okay, okay! I'll tell you. It wasn't just any song that i sold. It was one of your songs.

Mariah: What are you talking about?

Tessa: I stole from your journal again, and I thought you were gonna be angry like last time. No, I'm telling you the truth.

Mariah: Okay, then I want to hear it.

Tessa: What?

Mariah: The song. Sing it for me.

Phyllis: Yeah! Got the outfit, now I need the makeup artist. Any word from lauren?

Ted: The photographer's ready.

Phyllis: What? I'm not. Stall.

Ted: Got it. Don't forget to duck when you enter her office.

Lauren: Oh! [ Laughs ] Don't worry, she's not that bad.

Mia: I've been around the block and back. Nobody scares me.

Lauren: Okay. Good job. Let's go.

Phyllis: Lauren! Thank god!

Lauren: [ Laughs ] This is mia. Mia is doing your hair and makeup. And this is phyllis summers.

Mia: Heard a lot about you.

Phyllis: All good, I hope.

Mia: Oh, that'd be boring.

Phyllis: Oh, I think I'm gonna like this one just fine.

Mia: I have no doubt about it.

Phyllis: So, you any good?

Mia: The best.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Well, we don't have much time, so... let me see what you got.

Sharon: So... how's the J.T. Investigation going? Any progress with that?

Rey: Yeah, you know, finding the watch was a big break. Hoping to catch another one really soon.

Sharon: Well, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Rey: All right, I can't -- I can't do this. We need to discuss last night. At least I do.

Sharon: Rey...

Rey: No, I -- I got to say this. Things could have been... they might have been very different if mia hadn't shown up.

Sharon: But she did.

"The young and the restless" will continue.

Mariah: What are you waiting for?

Tessa: You don't trust me at all, do you?

Mariah: Prove to me I can. Sing the song.

Tessa: I can'T.

Mariah: Why not?

Tessa: Because I feel terrible about plagiarizing --

Mariah: Stop it! Stop lying to me!

Tessa: I'm not!

Mariah: Yes, you are! You're the first person that i let in, that I really let in, and you knew how terrified I was to open myself up like that, and you held out your hand to me, and you said, "make the leap. Make it. I promise, I'm not gonna let you fall." But you lied because I am falling hard.

Tessa: No, I --

Mariah: Maybe it's my fault because I grew up hearing so many lies. I don't know the difference between what's real and what's not. [ Sighs ] Maybe I'm broken.

Tessa: No! No! Nothing is wrong with you, okay? Or us! This is right! We are right! That's the truth!

Mariah: [ Sighs ] It's not enough.

Rey: I feel terrible that you were put in such a lousy position last night with mia showing up, and again today. I had no idea she was coming to town.

Sharon: She's your wife. Why shouldn't she come and see you?

Rey: You really feel that way?

Sharon: I think it's good that she showed up.

Rey: Do you?

Sharon: She wants to make this marriage work. Her timing couldn't have been better.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Mia can be...

Sharon: Passionate.

Rey: Among other things.

Sharon: Your wife's very beautiful and strong, and very willing to fight for this marriage.

Rey: We have a lot of issues to deal with.

Sharon: Well, that's what you should be doing.

Rey: I guess I've been avoiding that.

Sharon: Time to stop. She came all this way to see you. You owe her that. And you owe it to yourself. I'm rooting for both of you.

Lauren: Phyllis, you ready?

Mia: Say hello to fearless phyllis.

Lauren: Whoa!

Kerry: Wow, you look --

Mia: Stunning, spectacular.

Phyllis: Really? Can I see? Can I see?

Mia: Amazing. Oh, here. Check out the magic of mia.-Phyllis: Oh, my, who is this? Where did you find this miracle worker? Who are you?

[ Laughter ]

Mia: Oh, your cheekbones and eyes made my job easy.

Phyllis: Oh, talented and smart -- very good. You're a keeper.

Mia: And available.

Phyllis: Well, definitely leave your card with ted, okay?

Mia: I will. Will do.

Phyllis: All right. Good. Ladies, we did it. You ready to rock this photo shoot?

[ Laughter ] Good.

Billy: Well, what's going on here? Is it black tie day?

Phyllis: No, it's actually powerful women day.

Billy: Well, sounds ominous.

Phyllis: Well, no need to shake in your boots. We are actually headed out to take some publicity shots.

Billy: Going all-out, I see.

Phyllis: Well, meet mia. Her job is to make people look beautiful, and she takes her job very seriously.

Billy: Clearly.

Phyllis: Mia, say hello to billy abbott.

Mia: Hello, billy abbott. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be needing my services.

Phyllis: Uh, well, billy comes with a warning sign, you know. "Don't touch unless you like bad boys." Really, really bad boys.

Mia: I'll keep that in mind.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Well, it looks like i got here just in time. As a member of jabot's executive team, I'm assuming you want me in the shoot.

Phyllis: Uh, no. No, I think I'm gonna stick to my original concept -- jabot women selling to women.

Phyllis: So you're rebranding the company, and you forgot to tell the vp of marketing.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] You know what, you don't have to get your male pride all wounded here. Actually, you are a very important part of the jabot team, but I don't really have time to discuss the new direction of the company. But I know ted will fill you in. Ladies, let's show the world the new faces of jabot.

Kerry: Mm.

Mia: Ouch.

Tessa: You know honesty has never been easy for me. I grew up in a world of lies and uncertainty. I used to lie to cops, my friends, teachers about my home life. I even lied to my sister when i told her that I knew everything was gonna be okay, okay? Lying is a form of survival.

Mariah: I grew up having to defend myself, too, but i changed for you.

Tessa: I want to do that, okay? I really, really want to be honest with you.

Mariah: Then do it. Just do it. Because you said that I don't need to know what's going on, but I really need to know what's going on.

Tessa: I have to keep you out of this.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ] It's a little late for that.

Tessa: No, mariah. No, see -- see, we can just forget it, okay? You could just let it go. I can -- I can take back the money -- all of it! Okay? And then we can live the life that we planned, you and me. Please.

Mariah: Tessa, we can't have a life with a lie like this between us.

Tessa: Yes, we can!

Mariah: I can't! I'm sorry. Moving in with you was a mistake.

Mia: Finally! Thought you'd never get here. I've been dying to tell you my news.

Rey: I'm guessing it's good.

Mia: Take a look at genoa city's hottest new stylist.

Rey: Hottest, huh?

Mia: I did phyllis summers' hair and makeup for a big photo shoot today, so I am burning this town up, doing what I do best.

Rey: I'm afraid to ask what that is.

Mia: Taking charge, baby. You couldn't have picked a better place to land a new job. You know, jabot cosmetics,

gc buzz, billionaires out of the woodwork. Opportunity's gonna knock that door right off its hinges.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] It's a good thing you'll be busy, because I will, too, with my case.

Mia: You never short-change your work.

Rey: Just you.

Mia: You're a good cop. Fighting the bad guys. Getting justice. It's a real turn-on.

Rey: Not the reason I chose a career in law enforcement.

Mia: Mm, but those hard cases make it easy for you to avoid what's going on with us. Not anymore, rey. I'm here. You can't ignore me.

Rey: Mia...

Mia: Hey. Time to solve our problems.

Lauren: Whew!

[ Laughter ] That was fun!

Kerry: That was exhilarating.

Phyllis: The script's officially flipped.

Kerry: Yes!

I got some great shots.

Phyllis: Oh, you did!

Lauren: Nice!

Phyllis: You know what, send us the proofs when you get them, as soon as you can.

You'll have them later today.

Phyllis: Great. Thank you.

Billy: Looks good. Very nice.

Lauren: Oh! Thank you.

Billy: Do you mind if I talk to phyllis alone?

Phyllis: It's all right. I can handle him.

Lauren: Okay.

Billy: You can "handle me."

Phyllis: I'm very busy, so whatever you want to say, say it.

Billy: You can hate me all you want personally. At this point, I don't really give a damn. But don't think for a second that you're gonna push me out of this company.

Phyllis: Getting a strong whiff of testosterone.

Billy: You feeling threatened?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Oh, gosh, you're serious.

Billy: For those suffering from selective amnesia, let me be very clear. Jaboutiques were my idea. My concept. I got the funding, I secured the lease agreements. I basically did everything. So I'm confused -- what part of your brain thinks that I'm gonna step away and get cut out of the deal at this time after I did everything to make it happen?

Phyllis: Did you get your invitation to the launch party?

Billy: You know that's not what I'm talking about, phyllis.

Phyllis: What are we talking about?

Billy: I want credit for what I did.

Phyllis: The embezzling? I can have a press release drawn up today. You know, the funny thing is, you know, anyone can come up with a risky idea. But, you see, it takes someone with vision to make it successful. A leader. Someone people can look up to, respect -- that's me. And that is exactly why jaboutiques are gonna be incredibly successful. Not because you were willing to chase it with some crazy idea with your company funds, but because I was willing to drag jabot out of the ditch that you got it into. Me. Not you. And you should be thanking me. I could have exposed you to the entire world. I could have canceled the entire& project, like ashley wanted me to. But instead, it is going to be the hallmark of the new jabot.

Billy: This is just your way of cutting me out of the company. Just more payback for me sleeping with summer.

Phyllis: You know something, getting elected C.E.O., Demoting you to vp of marketing, not including you on this shoot, you're right. We're good on payback. As far as forcing you out, I actually believe that you are very valuable to this company.

Billy: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: Plus, I like you working for me, which you need to get back to. And, actually, in the spirit of honesty, if you do decide to go to the launch party tomorrow, I'll be bringing a plus-one. Nick. But feel free to bring whomever you'd like.

Rey: Mia, no. This is --

Mia: Don't say "wrong" because you know it's not true.

Rey: I'm -- what I was gonna say is that this isn't the answer, all right? This is just another way of avoiding our problems.

Mia: Yeah. But this way's a lot more fun.

Rey: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] I can't argue with that, but... we still haven't dealt with what broke us up in the first place.

Mia: Can't we just leave that in miami and we start fresh here in genoa city?

Rey: We can't run away from our problems, especially when most of us has followed us to wisconsin.

Mia: Arturo and lola living here must be hard for you.

Rey: What about you? You gonna be able to keep your distance?

Mia: I came here because i want my husband back. Give me one night. I'll prove it to you. What is it, rey? What's holding you back?

Rey: I need more time.

Mia: You know what I need? Coffee.

Rey: Now?

Mia: Yeah. We can work on our problems, get to it right away.

Rey: I'll put on a pot.

Mia: No, no, no, no. Why go through the trouble when there's a coffeehouse downstairs? I'll get you a cup. You'll want one, too. You want to be awake if we get a chance to celebrate.

Tessa: No, mariah, okay, you can't just leave like this!

Mariah: You want me to stay?

Tessa: Yes!

Mariah: Then tell me where you got the money from.

Tessa: Why? Why can't you just trust me?

Mariah: Why can't you trust me? I'll be back in the morning for the rest of my things when you're not here.

Tessa: No, mariah! No! You can't leave like this! I love you! Please! Please.

Mariah: If you really did, you would tell me the truth.

Tessa: [ Sobbing ]

Mia: Pulling double duty today?

Sharon: Um, I'm just working on the books.

Mia: Mm. There a barista around?

Sharon: You know, we were just about to close, but I can get you something.

Mia: Thanks. Two black coffees. To go. Rey's waiting for me upstairs. Hope that's okay.

Sharon: What?

Mia: Rey asked me to move in with him. I am his wife.

Sharon: As long as rey pays the rent, we don't have a problem. Like you said, you're his wife.

Mia: And hey, my living here will give us a chance to get to know each other. I could use a friend.

Sharon: Mm. I wish you and rey all the best of luck.

Mia: We don't need it. No, rey and I hit a little speed bump in our marriage, but we're gonna get that all taken care of tonight. Hope the ceiling's soundproof. Our reunion could get a little loud, if you know what I mean.

Sharon: So, I'm all done here. You will have the place to yourself. So I'll lock the front on my way out.

Mia: Mm. Just to be clear, rey is mine.

Sharon: I don't know why you're telling me that. I'm not interested --

Mia: Cut the crap. You want him. Bad. You can't have him. So back off. Understand?

Sharon: I understand.

Mia: Then we're all good.

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