Y&R Transcript Friday 11/9/18

Y&R Transcript Friday 11/9/18


Episode #11485 ~ Sharon makes a confession; while Mariah and Tessa start a new chapter.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Lauren: Look who I was able to pry out of the lab.

Phyllis: Both of you have met kerry, yes? Our amazing new lead chemist.

Tessa: Well, I know I'm happier than I ever thought i would be.

Mariah: What if we lived together?

Rey: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sharon: Uh, no. No, it was me. I just --

Rey: No, I didn'T. I shouldn't have --

Nikki: J.T. Could have killed victoria that night! I'm not saying what we did was right, but it was justified, and we can't undo it.

Sharon: We started this together, phyllis, and we are going to finish it together.

Phyllis: That's what I'm afraid of.

Rey: I'm det. Rey rosales.

We have newly discovered

evidence that now classifies

this case as a murder


[ Knocks on door ]

Nikki: Are we alone?

Sharon: Mariah's in her room.

Nikki: I've been up all night trying to figure out what the hell could have happened.

Sharon: Nikki, if I knew --

Nikki: What exactly did rey find at chancellor park, aside from J.T.'S watch?

Mariah: That is the question on everyone's mind because if they didn't find compelling evidence, then they wouldn't be calling it a murder.

Sharon: I'm sure you're right.

Mariah: But rey seems obsessed with this case. I feel like it's only a matter of time before he makes an arrest.

[ Knocking on door ]

Phyllis: Come in!

Kerry: Morning.

Phyllis: Kerry! Can I help you with something?

Kerry: We have a meeting scheduled so I can give you a status report?

Phyllis: Is that now?

[ Sighs ]

Kerry: I can see why you're preoccupied. It's a terrible story. Although, from what I've read, that hellstrom guy was no prince.

Nate: Victoria. Hey. Glad I ran into you. You doing okay?

Victoria: It's been a shock.

Nate: It sure. It had to be. I mean, I know, at some point, you and J.T., You had a good relationship. You had a son together, you know? I hope it's appropriate now to say how sorry I am.

Victoria: Thank you. I haven't quite figured out how to react. The police haven't told me anything yet. I don't know if they've even found...

Nate: J.T.'S body?

Victoria: I'm preparing myself for the worst.

Nate: Well, if there's anything I can do to help you get through this, please, say the word. I'm here for you, okay? Even if you want to just grab a table now and talk. Or we could go to the gym and burn some stress off.

Victoria: That's very sweet of you, but I think I just need to be alone right now.

Nate: Okay.

Mariah: It's not surprising, really. One violent creep getting offed by another violent creep? Karmic justice.

Nikki: Well, uh, yeah, that's one way of looking at it.

Sharon: You know what, there's some pumpkin bread in the kitchen if you want to take a slice with you for the road.

Mariah: Oh, no, I'm -- I'm not that hungry, anyway. I don't think I could eat anything.

Sharon: Oh, you're not feeling well?

Mariah: No, no. It's not that. Um, just a -- just a few butterflies. Don't ask, just wish me luck. Today is a very big day for me.

Nikki: Good luck.

Sharon: Uh, wait. Don't we get a hint? Are you hoping to get more of a scoop on the J.T. Story? Do you have an exclusive with an inside source, or something?

Mariah: No. I wish. I am just off to meet tessa. Later. Sorry. Bye!

Sharon: Bye. If she only knew...

Nikki: Be glad she doesn'T. We're still safe.

Sharon: But for how long?

Nikki: Look, if rey and the police thought that we had anything to do with this, we would be in a court right now waiting for our arraignment.

Sharon: Unless they realized that they're dealing with a group, and they're waiting for us to flush each other out.

Nikki: But if all they have is a wristwatch, I -- I can't see how they would know very much!

Sharon: Rey told me that criminals always leave a clue behind. They make a mistake that eventually comes back to haunt them.

Nikki: Sharon, a missing watch is hardly a murder. I mean, they must have something else to go on.

Sharon: Well, what is it, then?

Nikki: I don't know! I was up all night trying to figure out what it is!

Sharon: Okay, well, we know for a fact that J.T. Is not in the grave that we dug for him. So did the blackmailers move the body and then tip the police off just to mess with us, or did the police find the body on their own? I mean, do the police even have a body?

Nikki: All excellent questions, sharon, which means you need to go back to the station and do some digging with your buddy rey and find out what the hell happened!

Sharon: I can't do that anymore, nikki.

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Mariah: Hey, you.

Tessa: Good morning! What's new? Oh, it sure is pretty out there. I did hear the weather guy say it was gonna rain later.

Mariah: Are you serious? You're gonna torture me before I've had my morning coffee?

Tessa: Oh! You are waiting for an answer about living together.

Mariah: You know, if you -- if you don't have one, that's fine. I would understand if you need more time.

Tessa: I don'T. And I didn't last night when you asked me, either. You were the one who forced me to sleep on it.

Mariah: Because it's a huge decision, tessa.

Tessa: For me? No brainer. Of course I want to live with you. I love you. I want to spend as much time with you as possible. This is gonna be amazing.

Nate: I know you're slammed.

Jack: No, no, no. Work can wait. I'm happy to have a chance to catch up.

Nate: Oh, well, thanks. I appreciate it.

Jack: Could I get a cup of coffee, please? Thanks. So, I talked to neil the other day. It sounds like you and your family have been up against it.

Nate: Yes. Yes. You're talking about lily's situation.

Jack: Yeah. Her being transferred has been tough on everyone, huh?

Nate: It has, but, you know, I am so proud of the way that my family has just come together during this crisis.

Jack: You should be. And olivia would be proud of you, too. I was a big fan of your mother'S. How's she doing?

Nate: She's good. She's good.

Jack: Yeah? Still doctors without borders?

Nate: Yes, and she loves it. We video chat quite a bit.

Jack: Well, next time you talk to her, tell her jack abbott sends a warm hello.

Nate: I will, I will.

Jack: Thank you. I tell you, there was a time that liv and my sister ashley were inseparable. I guess you've heard about our latest family drama.

Nate: Yes, I have. Neil filled me in.

Jack: Yeah, it's a real loss for neil, too, my sister leaving the country like that.

Nate: Yes, he was pretty smitten, let me tell you.

Jack: Yeah, it's a real shame all-around.

Nate: Well, I mean, she'll be back at some point, don't you think, jack?

Jack: Not for a long time.

Nate: I'm sorry to hear that.

Jack: Yeah, my sister made it clear that she doesn't feel this place is home anymore. Now that she's starting her own company, jabot is the competition, where she's a major stockholder and a board member. No conflict of interest there.

Nate: Is ashley okay with the new C.E.O.?

Jack: After finding out that phyllis is in charge, ashley's gonna be more fired up. My guess is, she's gonna come at us with everything she's got. Good times all around.

Kerry: Did you know him well?

Phyllis: Who?

Kerry: J.T. Hellstrom. The man the police are saying was murdered.

Phyllis: We weren't close. For a time, I considered him a friend, but it turns out i didn't know him at all. I had no idea what he was capable of, like trying to murder victor newman.

Kerry: Sounds like you won't be shedding any tears over his death.

Phyllis: Mm. Tell me, how are things going in the lab? You've got your work cut out for you.

Kerry: Big time! The team and I are pull all-nighters trying to get together as many products as possible to replace the ones ashley took with her. Not everything, though. Some of those lines have major bloat.

Phyllis: I am right there with you. We need to streamline our offerings.

Kerry: Yeah.

Phyllis: We have to make sure that the jabot products, that they are relevant, that they're state-of-the-art, and they are enriching our bottom line. No stragglers. If a product doesn't develop a decent following in a reasonable amount of time...

Kerry: You are making this way too easy.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Yeah, well, I look forward to your recommendations.

Kerry: Oh, good, because i have quite a few already.

Phyllis: Good. You know, I got to tell you, kerry, I just appreciate your attitude. We have given you an all-but-impossible task, and you have just responded with enthusiasm.

Kerry: I thrive on the impossible.

Phyllis: Well, do me a favor and don't burn out, okay? I've heard that life is a little more than just work.

Kerry: [ Scoffs ] Not this month, it isn'T.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Kerry: Seriously. We've got to get these products through the pipeline and into testing as soon as possible.

Phyllis: I know, and that cannot happen fast enough. We have 30 stores launching next week. They have to be a success. I mean, everything is riding on this.

Kerry: Don't worry, phyllis. We've got this. I don't come to play if I can't win.

Nikki: I don't get what your problem is.

Sharon: You're not listening.

Nikki: One of the reasons you decided to work at the police station was so that you could find out more information, get closer to the case, use your proximity to rey to learn more information.

Sharon: Yeah, well, those days are over.

Nikki: Why? You were willing to do that yesterday. What has changed?

Sharon: Because we are talking about murder now, nikki.

Nikki: Well, haven't we always been?

Sharon: Rey and I spend a lot of time together working, and the closer you are to someone, the more that they can read you. Now with this investigation ramping up, the smartest thing that I could do is quit and put some distance between us.

Nikki: Oh, no. Absolutely not. You are not wimping out now! Not with our futures at stake. You better get back to that station and do what needs to be done! Unless you want to spend the next 25 years locked up in a cell.

Tessa: All right, lizzy, is covering the counter so I can take a break. I made you a cinnamon latte. I hope that's, uh... okay, what's up with the face?

Mariah: Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this, that you want to live together? Because I don't want you to feel pressured at all.

Tessa: Don't do that.

Mariah: What?

Tessa: Make an excuse to run away because you're scared of being happy. You want to do this, right?

Mariah: Yes. I do. I really, really do. But you're right. It is scary. Finding the one, feeling like it's meant to be, wondering how long until you screw it all up.

Tessa: Hey. Cut it out. I mean it.

Mariah: I just keep looking at my life and wondering how it got so perfect. I can't believe it's mine.

Tessa: Well, it is, and, you know, I've lived with other people before, but I've never felt this way about anyone. It's a big deal to me, too.

Mariah: Really?

Tessa: How lucky are we?

Mariah: [ Inhales sharply ] Okay, so we're doing this.

Tessa: We are.

Mariah: Wow. Wow.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Um, okay, uh... where would you like to live?

Tessa: Well, I --

Mariah: Oh, I was thinking that we would want to stay in town, you know, so we can be around everything. And I saw this new building on union. The neighborhood is not crazy-expensive, so I could cover the rent...

Tessa: Mariah.

Mariah: What?

Tessa: I don't want you supporting me.

Mariah: I don't mind.

Tessa: I do.

Mariah: Well, tessa, I make more than you do right now, but when you're a super-famous rock star --

Tessa: Well, that day is not here, and it might never come. So we're splitting the rent. I insist.

Mariah: Fine. All right. So, what were you thinking?

Tessa: Well, since I'm saving every dime I can to pay off those goons... I was thinking maybe you could move into my studio? I know it's tiny, and it's not super deluxe, but we could try the whole thing on for size.

Mariah: The whole "living together" thing.

Tessa: Yeah. And if it's too small, we can look for a bigger place that i can split with you. Deal?

Mariah: Deal.

Tessa: Okay. When do you want to move in?

Jack: So, the other night, i get this little glimpse of the old dina. We're watching television, the news comes on, and suddenly, she starts railing about the economy, about changing markets -- all the things she used to have to keep up on when she was running mergeron. Clear, insightful. Her analysis was spot-on. It was amazing.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: For a minute. Maybe two. Then she looked at me and asked if I'd seen piper anywhere.

Nate: Who's piper?

Jack: Her dog when she was growing up. When fdr was president. She said piper needed a good brushing.

Nate: I'm sorry, jack. It's such a cruel disease.

Jack: God, it is. You know, I think the worst part is accepting that the dina i knew is unreachable to me anymore. This sophisticated businesswoman, sharp mind, sharper tongue... don't get me wrong. I'm glad to have her in my life. It's just... it's not the same thing.

Nate: I mean, you just -- you have to hang on to the good memories, jack. Take comfort in the knowledge that you and your mom had time together while you could still connect, you know? You're by her side through the toughest part of her journey. That's what family's all about.

Jack: Yeah.

Victoria: You know as much as I do now. The police have yet to explain a thing to me. Look, honey, I'm so sorry. I know how much pain you're in. No, of course not, nobody's gonna make you do anything that you don't want to do. You have my word. Reed, don't hang up on me! All right, I'll call you back later. Maybe I'll know more by then. Okay. Bye, honey.

Nikki: Sounds like he's having a rough time.

Victoria: He's a wreck.

Nikki: How did he find out?

Victoria: I called him last night and I told him.

Nikki: Does he want to come home, be with my family?

Victoria: No, mom. He can't stand the thought of being here while people are speculating and gossiping about his dad.

Nikki: I can only imagine how difficult that was for you, breaking the news to him on the phone.

Victoria: Mom, I felt so guilty. I'm so ashamed.

Nikki: Sweetheart, no.

Victoria: Reed has been holding out hope that he was gonna see his father again someday. What if it comes out that his mother and his grandmother are responsible and that we've been covering up J.T.'S death all of these months?

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god, mom...

Rey: I'm just grateful that you and the other members of the commission gave me a reprieve. It's my first real break in the case in weeks, and I intend to make the most of it. Thank you, sir. You, too.

[ Telephone rings ] Rosales. Yeah, yeah, I don't care what paper he's with. Media calls, your answer is always the same. "No comment at this time." You got it? Thank you. Sorry, I, uh... I didn't see you there.

Sharon: I imagine it's been non-stop for you ever since the press conference.

Rey: Yeah, it has been. Not that I'm complaining. It's finally some momentum.

Sharon: Well, I won't take up much of your time. I just wanted to tell you something in person. Um, I'm resigning.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I'm just so scared that everything's about to fall apart. If the truth comes out, our lives are gonna be ruined. What's gonna happen to my kids? What's gonna happen to sharon's kids? How could we be so foolish to think we could get away with it?

Nikki: Victoria, look at me. Look at me. I'm going to tell you the same thing I told sharon. We need to stay calm. Not make any assumptions. We don't know what the police know and what they don't know. And maybe rey realized that J.T. Was killed, but if they really had figured it out, they would have been making arrests by now, and they haven't been. So if we are very careful from this point forward, it's possible the authorities may never learn the truth. And we've come this far, haven't we?

Victoria: Do you honestly think that it's possible to come out of this unscathed?

Nikki: I need to believe that, and so do you.

Sharon: Sorry for the short notice, but I know some wonderful people at the crisis center who could take my place.

Rey: Sharon. Sharon, sharon, slow down. You love it here. You're terrific at this job. We make a great team. Don't --

Sharon: That's part of the problem. We're too good together.

Rey: I don't want you leaving work... because we almost crossed the line yesterday. That is why you're doing this, am I right?

Sharon: I thought that we could keep things professional and that we knew where we stood. But what would have happened if you didn't get that phone call and had to rush out?

Rey: But I did rush out. Nothing happened.

Sharon: "Nothing" is really not the right word, if you're being honest.

Mariah: Hey.

Sharon: Hey! What are you doing here?

Rey: Look, if you're looking for another scoop on J.T., I'm afraid I got nothing new for you.

Mariah: Oh, uh, that's okay. I actually came to talk to my mom.

Rey: Okay, I'll leave you to it.

Sharon: Uh, what's going on? I just saw you at the house.

Mariah: Yeah. That was before tessa and i decided to live together.

Sharon: Oh, this is about tessa? Wow. Was this her idea?

Mariah: No, no. It was mine.

Sharon: That's a huge step for you. Are you sure you're ready?

Mariah: I'm as ready as I'll ever be, and you might want to brace yourself because I'm going to be moving in with her today.

Sharon: Today?

Mariah: Yes. I know it's sudden, but I'm gonna see faith all the time. I'll be around constantly. It'll be like I never left. I promise.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Well, honey, I have to ask this, and it's no reflection on you or tessa, but why the big rush?

Mariah: I know me, and if i don't jump into this now, I'm gonna find a way to talk myself out of it, and I don't want to do that because tessa... tessa is one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me.

Sharon: Well, I'm proud of you for going after what you know is right, for figuring out what makes you happy and going for that. I wish you all the luck and all the love in the world.

Kerry: Jabot classic -- our flagship brand. Ashley owns the patents on a handful of these products.

Phyllis: What about the rest?

Kerry: They were launched in the '60s.

Phyllis: Really?

Kerry: Yeah. Mostly retired. Outdated scents, ingredients that have been eclipsed already by newer technologies...

Phyllis: Doesn't sound like you recommend reviving them.

Kerry: They're just not what our customer wants. We need a complete overhaul.

Phyllis: Do it.

Kerry: Great minds. All right, next up, the men's line.

Phyllis: Okay.

Kerry: Ashley owns most of these patents.

Phyllis: What are your thoughts?

Kerry: The trend is toward ambiguity. The freedom to be yourself. The old rules don't apply anymore. So you've got all these men who are embracing skincare regimes now. You've got gender-fluid influencers online who are showing young men how they can rock eyeliner or concealer or shape the perfect brow. This market is evolving with lightning speed.

Phyllis: Okay, so basically build an all-new men's line. Better yet, a pangender line.

Kerry: Totally on point.

Phyllis: Well, that is a radical departure from jabot's image of conservative elegance that has served this company for decades, but... if we are gonna survive this cataclysm, I think we're gonna have to reinvent ourselves.

[ Knocks on door ] Come in!

Nikki: Sorry for dropping by unannounced.

Phyllis: Kerry johnson, this is victoria and nikki newman. Kerry is our new lead chemist.

Kerry: How do you do?

Nikki: How do you do?

Victoria: I'm C.O.O. Of newman enterprises. One of our divisions is --

Kerry: Brash & sassy. Of course.

Victoria: Well, you have a very impressive background, kerry, so jabot is very lucky to have you.

Kerry: Thank you. I read the news about your former husband. I hope you and your family are doing okay.

Victoria: Oh, yes, we're managing. Thank you.

Kerry: We will talk more later.

Phyllis: Absolutely. Thank you.

Phyllis: Ladies. I do not appreciate this surprise visit. You just interrupted my meeting. I got another one in 5 minutes.

Nikki: I suggest you put that off.

Victoria: We need to talk.

Phyllis: No, what I need to do is run this business. I don't have time to chat about J.T. And our special friend rey rosales. I can't deal with any of that right now, so if you would kindly leave me the hell alone.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Sharon: You're incredibly busy, especially right now. Neither of us has time for this.

Rey: I'm making time. You're right. I wasn't being honest before. I need to apologize...

Sharon: Rey.

Rey: ...For confusing things between us. I never intended to, but the more we got to know each other, I fought it, but I have feelings for you, sharon. Look, I know it's wrong. I'm married, and even though it hasn't work in a long time, i can't use my unhappiness in that relationship to start something new with you. I need to honor my commitment to mia. And you just ended things with nick. You're just trying to figure out what's the next step for you, and here I come along, muddying the waters while you must be feeling very vulnerable, and...

[ Sighs ] Look. In another universe, I would have liked to have seen what we might be to each other, but...

Sharon: We can't always help how we feel about someone, but... we can be responsible for our actions, and we need to... do the responsible thing.

Rey: Are you saying...

Sharon: I -- whatever this is between us, I -- I have lt it, too. For a while now, but I didn't want to admit it. You're right. In another time or place... but right now, you are a complication that I cannot afford to have in my life, so if quitting my job is the price i need to pay to make sure that we do the right thing, then so be it.

Tessa: Whew! There's more?

Mariah: These are just the last few things.

Tessa: Please. Do not tell me you are trying to bring this old throw with you.

Mariah: Excuse me. I know it might look like a garage sale reject, but it is so soft, and you know it.

Tessa: Okay, well, you've seen my place, and it's gonna be tight with you, me, and all your stuff.

Mariah: I think it's gonna be cozy.

Tessa: Yeah. It will be. Are you all set?

Mariah: Uh, yeah. Just, uh, one second. This is the first real home i ever had.

Tessa: Yeah, I know it's gonna be hard for you to leave. Why don't you just take the night with sharon and faith?

Mariah: No. No. I am ready. Very ready.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Let's go.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Memorial, huh?

Nate: Yeah, full admitting privileges. I'm picking up a shift or two at the er, as well. Matter of fact, I'm on my way over there now.

Jack: Fantastic. Congratulations, man.

Nate: Thank you. Yeah, I'm glad I took sabbatical, but I'm just ready to dive back in.

Jack: Well, you picked the right hospital.

Nate: My mom said the same thing.

Jack: Yeah?

Kerry: Hello, jack.

Jack: Kerry johnson. Kerry, meet my good friend, dr. Nate hastings. This is kerry, and she is our new chief chemist at jabot.

Nate: Congratulations. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Kerry: Likewise.

Nate: Sorry to meet and run, but I got to get going.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, I enjoyed our chat.

Nate: As did I. Let's do it again.

Jack: Yeah, you bet. So, you're out of the lab. Rumor has it, you've been practically living there these days.

Kerry: I am all about my work, but every now and then i feel the need to sneak out and get some takeout.

Jack: Well, maybe you'd enjoy some company while you're waiting.

Kerry: [ Laughs ] After our last encounter, I'm surprised you want to spend time with me.

Jack: Actually, I have another proposition for you, and this time, I hope you'll accept.

Jack: I've been thinking a lot about the other day, and i feel you may have misjudged me.

Kerry: Did I now?

Jack: Yeah, we got off on the wrong foot, and I wanted to try to set things right.

Kerry: And how do you plan to do that?

Jack: You suggested I wasn't properly supportive of jabot with phyllis in charge, and i wanted to remedy that.

Kerry: Keep talking.

Jack: I will be attending the official opening of the jaboutiques next week. They're gonna have an after party, a big splashy press event. I assume you're going, and i wondered if maybe you'd like to attend with me.

Kerry: You want to go to that party with me?

Jack: I feel I deserve a second chance to prove myself. I'm hoping you're open-minded enough to agree.

Kerry: Well, I don't know what to say.

Jack: Say yes. Everything will fall right into place.

Kerry: I will definitely think about it.

Tessa: I know it's not a lot compared to sharon'S.

Mariah: Who's comparing?

Tessa: Well, I mean, visiting and, uh, living somewhere is different.

Mariah: Would you relax? It's perfect. It's home.

Rey: As soon as I hear back from forensics, I will give you an update. You're welcome.

Sharon: Is everything all right? A stamped case.

Sharon: Well, there's pressure from all ends. J.T. Had family, friends, victims. They're bound to all have questions.

Rey: Including you?

Sharon: Well, yeah, you know. You have to know I'm curious. Just like everyone else. What did you find that made you turn this into a murder investigation?

Rey: I can't tell you anything right now. It's an active situation. Details are strictly need-to-know.

Sharon: Right. Yeah, I understand. Anyway, back to my resignation. Should I fill out an official form, or can I just write a letter explaining why I'm leaving my position?

[ Knocks on door ] Okay, just tell him to sit tight. I'll be right there. Thank you. The assistant da wants some face time. I'm running late.

Sharon: No, go. It's fine. I'll just ask someone else.

Rey: About this job thing, don't do anything yet. We have some unfinished business.

Nikki: Getting back to our discussion.

Phyllis: What is it that you're not getting, that I am trying to save this company from total ruin?

Victoria: Mom and I have important jobs at newman. We have business to conduct, as well. But given recent events, we felt, maybe, I don't know, maybe we should touch base.

Phyllis: Have you heard anything that I haven't seen on the news? Have you learned anything more about what the cops found?

Victoria: No, but --

Phyllis: Okay! Meeting adjourned. I am not interested in your theories and speculation.

Nikki: I agree. We need solid information.

Phyllis: Then go out and get some.

Victoria: What do you think we've been trying to do?

Nikki: Sharon threatened to quit her job at the station, although, I'm fairly sure I was able to change her mind.

Phyllis: "Fairly sure?" That doesn't inspire confidence.

Nikki: I stressed that she needed to stay there and gather as much information as she could about this investigation.

Phyllis: Well, that's fantastic. We've got our weakest link playing detective with a detective who wants to crucify us.

Victoria: All right, listen. Regardless of what sharon does, the four of us need to remain a united front.

Nikki: Victoria's right. We need to be ready for anything. None of us know what will happen next.

Phyllis: No, you know what, I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen next. This cabal of ours is over. I am out.

Nikki: Oh, no. Oh, no, you don't -- you're not going anywhere.

Phyllis: Get out of my way!

Victoria: We're in this together, phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, I know. We couldn't break this bond if we wanted to.

Nikki: Hope you're not planning on flipping on the rest of us.

Phyllis: Not at all.

Victoria: How do I know that we can trust you?

Phyllis: Well, what choice do you have? Look, I do intend to look out for myself, and I think you should, too. These charity meetings we've been having, they have to come to an end. The two of you roaming the halls at jabot and me meeting you at newman and us gathering at sharon's, I -- I mean, despite the cover story, too many people have found our get-togethers strange. Including rey. Believe me, we do not need to raise any more questions in that man's mind. So I don't think it's gonna be too hard to convince people that we got fed up with one another. So I think we can still communicate, but keep it at a distance. We'll go on with our lives. We have to make sure the cops do not view us as a group. Individual targets are much harder to hit.

Nikki: I can't argue with a word you've said.

Victoria: Neither can I.

Phyllis: Good.

Victoria: And I have to believe that sharon would agree with this.

Phyllis: Good. I trust you will see yourselves out.

Rey: Are you free?

Sharon: I'm just cleaning out some e-mails.

Rey: In there. Please. You can't leave your job.

Sharon: Rey.

Rey: It would be wrong. I would feel terrible about it. If it weren't for this new development in the case, I would be leaving because I'm the one who should quit.

Sharon: You mean that?

Rey: Of course I do.

Sharon: Well, you're a really good man.

Rey: Oh, don't start with the compliments since I'm not actually going. Hopefully now, since we've cleared the air, we can move on. Make sure there's no more confusing moments. I just hate the idea of you sacrificing this because of me. With your education and training, this is the perfect job for you. I don't want to be responsible for ending that. There are too many people in this community who need your skills and compassion. For their sake and yours, I really hope you'll stay.

Sharon: I'll be at my desk if you need me.

Tessa: I don't have a lot of kitchen stuff, so many we could put your shoes in the cupboard?

Mariah: We will figure it out.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Whoa.

Tessa: Oh, uh, there's space. You just kind of have to get creative.

Mariah: Okay.

[ Laughs ] Uh... all right. Oh! Sorry! Sorry!

Tessa: Oh, uh -- oh! I'm sorry about that.

Mariah: Oh, it's okay, it's okay.

Tessa: Um...

Mariah: What's with all the packed bags?

Tessa: Well, you know how i lived in my car for a while.

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: I know I'm all settled now, but...

Mariah: Old habits.

Tessa: Yeah. I know it's a weird quirk.

Mariah: No, no, no. I totally understand. Here.

Tessa: No, no. It's okay. I got it. Why don't you get the last bag from the car?

Mariah: Okay. Sure. All right, I think this is it.

Tessa: Uh, hallelujah!

Mariah: You know, I never got a chance to say thank you.

Tessa: For what?

Mariah: For letting me move in. For being you. For everything.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: What are you two doing here?

Victoria: Rey has more questions about J.T.

Rey: What are you doing here?

Mia: I've missed you, rey. Rey's mine, so back off. Understand?

Phyllis: If you do decide to go to the launch party tomorrow, I'll be bringing a plus-one -- nick. But feel free to bring whomever you like.

Sharon: Nick spotted us, too.

Billy: Well, we should give him a show, then.  

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