Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/10/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/10/18


Episode #11463 ~ Phyllis spars with Sharon, Noah gives Tessa a warning, and Nick goes to extreme measures.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: Surprised you haven't found someone, like a wife.

Rey: My wife and I, we're on a break.

Sharon: There's a small apartment upstairs.

Rey: And you'd rent it out to me?

Nick: I am in love with you.

Sharon: Oh, except when you have sex with phyllis!

Nick: I will do anything you want to make this right.

Sharon: I honestly don't think you can.

Noah: I don't blame you for the way things ended with tessa. I just don't want her to do the same thing to you.

Nikki: It's identical to yours.

Victoria: Well, there's no denying it now. This has got to be about J.T.

I am so pleased that everything at jabot went your way.

Ashley: And...?

And I'm expecting to be rewarded for making that happen.

Kyle: You'd rather have no C.O.O. Than give me the job.

Ashley: That's not what i said.

Kyle: I think you did.

Kyle: I'm working from home today. Yeah, well, you can tell ashley --

[ Sighs ] She'll have the reports by the end of the day.

Jack: Trouble at work?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Nothing i can't handle.

Jack: I'd be careful if i were you. You're lucky to still have a job.

Kyle: Ashley's trying to rebrand jabot as a family business. She's not gonna fire me. Optics aren't good.

Jack: Never underestimate your aunt.

Kyle: If anyone knows what she's capable of, it's me. But I can handle her.

Jack: Kyle, you're swimming in dangerous waters. One of these days, it's gonna catch up with you and bite you on the --

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Ashley: Oh, hey! Oh, look at that, my watch must have stopped. It says it's early afternoon.

Phyllis: What's your point, ashley?

Ashley: I guess a half-day is better than not showing up at all.

Phyllis: I work in digital marketing, so I can work from anywhere.

Ashley: Unless, of course, there's an important meeting, which there was yesterday, but you wouldn't know that because you missed it.

Phyllis: Lauren told me all about it.

Ashley: Oh, really? So she filled you in on everything?

Phyllis: That it was tedious, long, and boring? Yeah. She filled me in. Thank goodness she's not in love with the sound of her own voice, so the recap was shorter than the actual meeting.

Ashley: I don't expect you to be thrilled with the new management hierarchy, but I do expect you to do your job.

Phyllis: Yeah, as a reminder, that's working for lauren.

Ashley: Yes, but jabot owns 49% of fenmore's, and it is my name on the door of the C.E.O. Office now.


Ashley: How the hell did you get in here?

Well, your assistant stepped away from his desk for a minute, so I just let myself in. Hope you don't mind. You know, I figured you'd like to discuss our payment plan behind closed doors.

Phyllis: Junk. Expense account.

Summer: How you doing? And don't lie because I will know.

Nick: Absolutely. Not great.

Summer: Sharon strikes again. Hey, I really am sorry about everything.

Nick: Are you?

Summer: Yes! Of course I am. You know, I will prove it to you. You do not have to pay me anymore to keep quiet about you and mom sleeping together.

Nick: Oh, summer, that's so generous, considering the whole world knows.

Summer: Okay, do not blame me. I kept up my end of the deal.

Nick: Then how did sharon find out?

Summer: Not from me!

Nick: You and kyle were the only two people who knew. Kyle has no reason to say anything.

Summer: And neither did I, okay? Why would I ruin this sweet deal that I have with you?

Nick: Really? That's what you're worried about right now? Not having the extra cash to pick up more designer shoes?

Summer: That is not true. I hate seeing your hurt like this, I really do, but, honestly, maybe it's for the best that sharon found out.

Nick: Yeah, having my whole world blown apart -- that is exactly what I needed.

Summer: Yes, that part is painful, but... it's obvious that you and mom still have unfinished business together. So now that's over with sharon, are you gonna try again with mom?

Sharon: Oh, no, no, no, no. I saved an e-mail with the court date.

[ Sighs ]

Rey: Hey.

Sharon: Hey.

Rey: How you doing?

Sharon: Putting my training to good use. "Allow yourself to be angry." "Don't blame yourself." "Give yourself time."

Rey: Sounds like good advice.

Sharon: The best thing I can do is just put one foot in front of the other.

Rey: Any chance those footsteps could lead to my apartment tonight?

Sharon: What?

Rey: I was hoping you'd join me for dinner.

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Kyle: You make it sound like I'm some corporate machiavelli. I'm only trying to get what i deserve.

Jack: It's how you go about it, kyle.

Kyle: By being driven, hardworking, ambitious? Those are traits you used to admire.

Jack: I still admire them, as well as loyalty -- something you have not displayed too much of since you moved to genoa city.

Kyle: This coming from the guy I pushed for C.E.O., What, 48 hours ago?

Jack: Yeah, the same guy you wouldn't partner with in business when I got forced out of jabot.

Kyle: I told you I didn't have enough experience to get involved in a start-up.

Jack: That's right. You stayed at jabot hoping that teaming with billy you would climb up the jabot ladder faster. When that didn't work, you teamed up with ashley to force billy out. Then when they got rid of the "blood abbott" clause, it looked like I was the best contender. So you teamed up with me.

Kyle: You're welcome for that, by the way.

Jack: I appreciate your support, but why you do what you do sometimes matters more than your actions. If you always have an agenda, kyle, people aren't gonna trust you.

Kyle: You think ashley doesn't have an agenda?

Jack: Ashley has worked a lifetime to build her résumé. She has earned the right to be C.E.O.

Kyle: Man. She fooled you. She used me to get what she wanted. Then when it came time to give me what I earned, she acted like she owed me nothing. It was her plan all along. But she's not gonna get away with it. Eventually, all the plotting and scheming she's done will catch up with her.

Ashley: You did a job for me, and you were very well-compensated, and now it's time for you to move on.

Well, ashley, I would love to do just that, but, unfortunately, with the cost of living going up and up, I have done the math, and the money that you have given me, well, it's not gonna last me for the rest of my life. As a matter of fact, it's almost running out.

Ashley: Maybe you need to cut back on your expenses.

Maybe you need to reintroduce my monthly stipends.

Ashley: Are you blackmailing me?

No. No, I'd like to refer to it as a mutually beneficial business decision. You see, you reintroduce my monthly payments, and I keep my mouth shut. It's win-win. We're both happy.

Ashley: I don't know how happy you're gonna be when you're broke and living on the street, andrew. That's exactly what's gonna happen to you because nobody's ever gonna hire you again. It's actually a lose-lose.

You're willing to take that risk?

Ashley: I know that I will weather the storm a lot better than you.

Really? Huh.

Ashley: Mm-hmm, you should quit while you're ahead.

Neil: Ah! Hey.

Neil, isn't it?

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Hi. How you doing? Good to see you again.

Neil: Yeah, good to see you, too. Am I interrupting something?

Ashley: Not at all. Andrew was just on his way out.

Yeah, uh, for now.

Ashley: We're done, right?

Great seeing you again.

Ashley: Bye-bye.

Neil: Yeah. You, too.

Ashley: See you later.

Neil: Uh-huh.

[ Sighs ] Okay. What's with that guy? He always seems to be around, you know?

Rey: Reports are the least favorite part of my job. Done. Right, so, where were we? Dinner tonight. What do you think?

Sharon: Um, I appreciate the offer, but I'm not ready for a date. I might not date again ever.

Rey: Um...

Sharon: What?

Rey: I -- I wasn't asking you out on a date.

Sharon: Well, what was i supposed to think when you invite me to have dinner alone in your apartment?

Rey: Who said anything about being alone?

Sharon: You didn't mention anyone else.

Rey: Well, that's because you didn't give me a chance to. I thought you might want to join my sister and I for an authentic cuban dinner. Lola's a kick, and when she's in the kitchen -- [ Whistles ] Good stuff happens. Hmm?

Sharon: Well, I feel like such an idiot, thinking that you had an ulterior motive.

Rey: Well, I kind of do. I was thinking, if things got heated between lola and me, you'd put some of your psych skills to work.

Sharon: Mm. Family therapy in exchange for dinner. Sounds like a good deal.

Rey: I'll tell her to put out an extra plate.

Phyllis: This time, you have gone way too far.

Nick: Your plan backfired, summer.

Summer: What plan?

Nick: The one to get your mother and me back together.

Summer: Oh, my god! How many times do I have to say it? I did not tell sharon that you and mom had sex.

Noah: Guys, what is going on? I can hear you through the door.

Summer: Dad thinks I'm the one that told sharon that mom and him hooked up.

Noah: Dad, why don't you just let this one drop?

Nick: Once your sister admits the truth, then I will.

Summer: Fine. You want the truth, I'll tell you who opened their big mouth.

Noah: Summer, don'T.

Nick: What, you know, too?

Summer: Yeah, and it's time you did, as well, because I am sick of taking the blame for it. It was mariah.

Noah: Really?

Summer: Okay, I am so not concerned about getting mariah in trouble. You and I should both be focused on the fact that he is still determined to marry sharon. I've done my part to talk him out of it, so now it's your turn. And, you know what, thank you for believing me. It's really nice to know that i can count on you.

Noah: [ Sighs ] So, is that true, about you wanting to fix things with mom?

Nick: It'd be nice to know that you were on my side.

Noah: [ Exhales sharply ] Look, dad, I love you, but... I think it would be best if you and mom were just friends.

Nick: I have enough friends. I screwed up by sleeping with phyllis, but I'm not gonna let one mistake cost me sharon.

Sharon: What are you thinking bringing this in here? Are you out of your mind?

Phyllis: It's called going to the source.

Sharon: It's called idiotic if you think I sent this.

Phyllis: Payback. Sleeping with nick. I'm surprised you weren't hanging out in front of my window wearing that J.T. Mask that nick made.

Sharon: I have nothing to do with this.

Phyllis: Well, it's not nikki. It's not victoria. It's not their style.

Sharon: Hmm, that leaves you.

Phyllis: Why would I send myself a letter?

Sharon: Well, if I were to analyze what goes on in that twisted mind of yours, I'd say you want to make me think that someone found out I was involved with what happened to J.T. To scare me into confessing.

Phyllis: Ridiculous.

Sharon: So is thinking that i sent this. Trust me, if I wanted to get to you, I'd be way more direct.

Phyllis: What, like throwing me down a flight of stairs?

Sharon: Since we're revisiting history, why not?

Phyllis: Oh, you want to get in my face, is that --

Rey: Okay. Relax. Relax. Do the two of you want to calm down and tell me what the hell is going on here?

Summer: No, no, no. No, no, billy. Come on. Don't stop.

[ Sighs ]

Tessa: Coming up.

Lola: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Tessa: Oh, yeah, no problem.

Summer: Uh, my usual, and don't forget this time -- no whip. You must be lola.

Lola: Yeah. I am. And you must be summer.

Summer: Oh, how'd you guess?

Lola: Heard a lot about you.

Summer: Yeah, well, I'm pretty well-known around here.

Lola: That's what I heard, yeah.

Summer: So, what's with the business cards? Are you passing them out for somebody?

Lola: Yeah, they're for me, for my food truck.

Summer: Oh. Is it true what they say about food trucks?

Lola: I don't know. What do they say?

Summer: That being able to make a quick getaway helps you stay one step ahead of the health inspector and people who get food poisoning?

Lola: Oh, uh, I've never had to deal with that, but it is useful for running down annoying customers. So there's that.

Summer: Did I make you mad? Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you. Actually, I really admire what you do -- working in a hot, sweaty truck with no air conditioning, no makeup. Takes guts, but, you know, you obviously have no problem going after what you want.

Tessa: Okay, back off, summer.

Lola: I got this. If you have something to say, say it.

Summer: I saw you with kyle last night.

Lola: And?

Summer: And nothing. But one word of advice.

Lola: Please.

Summer: Kyle's smart. He can sniff out a gold-digger from a mile away.

Tessa: Okay, sorry, you're gonna have to take a number for that. There's already a bunch of people ahead of you in line.

Lola: Game on, then.

Rey: Do one of you want to tell me what this is all about?

Phyllis: Obviously, you're the only person in town that hasn't heard about what happened at sharon's wedding.

Rey: Oh, I heard.

Phyllis: So what's not to get here?

Rey: Well, call me crazy, but it seems sharon should be the one going after you.

Phyllis: Well, I wasn't the one hurling unwarranted accusations.

Rey: Unwarranted?

Phyllis: Yeah, it was one lousy night.

Rey: Oh, so sharon should be okay with that?

Phyllis: You know, your new co-worker, she's not much of a victim, so...

Sharon: You know what, phyllis, I think you need to get out of here before things get too ugly.

Phyllis: This isn't finished.

Sharon: Sorry about that.

Rey: You have nothing to apologize for.

Sharon: Well, I shouldn't bring my personal problems to work.

Rey: You didn'T. Phyllis did, for some weird reason.

Sharon: I'm just gonna go splash some water on my face.

Tessa: Good job in there. You really know how to make friends. I mean, not that lola would want to be friends with you anyway.

Summer: Oh, I'm crushed.

Kyle: Hey. What's up?

Tessa: Uh, nothing, just a head-on collision between your past and your present.

Kyle: Any serious injuries?

Tessa: Uh, you know what, I'll let summer fill you in.

Kyle: Mm.

[ Sighs ] Well?

Summer: Well, I met your adorable new girlfriend. We talked. That's it.

Kyle: You're jealous.

Summer: Mm, not even a little bit, no, because guess what? I found someone new, too.

Kyle: Oh. This guy know you're stalking him?

Summer: Ha, ha. It just so happens that he is very grateful to have me in his life because he's going through a rough patch right now, and I'm the only person that's been there for him, who's been loyal and faithful.

Kyle: Sounds like this has been going on for a while. I know the guy?

Summer: Well, let's see. You screwed him over, and you helped shove him out of his job. So, yeah, I'd say you know him.

Kyle: Billy?

Summer: Told you it would happen.

Kyle: There's no way you're seeing billy.

Summer: Oh, no, I've seen a lot of billy -- a whole lot.

Kyle: I don't buy it.

Summer: Okay, well, he came to me one night and didn't leave till the next morning. Need I say more?

Kyle: Please don'T.

Summer: One little tidbit, though. It was amazing, better than any I've ever had before.

Kyle: And you've been together ever since.

Summer: We will be, once he gets out of rehab, which I hope will be soon.

Kyle: You hope? He didn't tell you?

Summer: It's rehab. They probably take your phone away.

Kyle: So, let me get this straight. Sex one night, radio silence the next. Sounds like a real love story. Phyllis know about this?

Summer: Not yet, but once billy's back, everybody will know.

Kyle: Yeah. You keep telling yourself that.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Rey: Well, the key I gave you worked.

Lola: Mm.

Rey: Oh, I've died and gone to heaven.

Lola: Hey, food's not this good there.

Rey: Aye, you may be right. Did you get my text?

Lola: About putting an extra plate on the table? Yeah. I got it.

Rey: And you're upset with me for springing a last-minute guest on you.

Lola: No, it's not that.

Rey: Then what is it? Who upset you?

Lola: No one worth worrying about.

Rey: Come on. Tell me. Big brother will set them straight.

Lola: I can handle it.

Rey: I know you can, but, you know...

Lola: Look, I don't need you to fix things for me. Besides, someone can only put you in a bad mood if you let them. Now, who is this special guest of yours?

[ Door intercom buzzes ]

Rey: You're about to find out. Hey!

Sharon: Hey.

Rey: Come on in. This is my sister, lola. Ignore her bad mood.

Lola: Ignore my brother.

Rey: Sharon, this is lola. Lola, this is sharon, my colleague and landlord.

Sharon: Nice to meet you, lola. I've heard a lot about you from rey.

Lola: Probably wondering where my devil horns are.

Sharon: It was all good.

Rey: Mostly.

Lola: You know, I could tell you some things about rey that you probably don't know.

Rey: I think there's something burning.

Lola: Is that for rey?

Sharon: Yeah, it's a bamboo plant. It's supposed to bring happiness and good luck.

Lola: A few green stalks can do that?

Sharon: Well, the guy at the store said that if you put it in the right spot, it brings positive "feng shui."

Rey: Come on, let's find a spot for it.

Sharon: Okay. East or southeast corner is supposed to be best.

Rey: Seriously?

Sharon: Or we can just put it here.

[ Laughter ]

Rey: Oh. Oh, yeah. Feel that? I feel better already.

Sharon: It doesn't work that fast.

Rey: Here, let me take your purse and your jacket.

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: Are you sure you can't stick around a little while longer?

Noah: I got some business i need to take care of in london.

Nick: Well, I'm fairly confident your boss wouldn't care if you wanted to, you know, push it off a little bit.

Noah: I'm surprised you want me to stick around, considering how I feel about you and mom getting back together.

Nick: I know you want what is best for both of us.

Noah: Not that I'm an expert on relationships.

Nick: I'm gonna go call faith, see what she's doing.

Noah: Sure. Can I grab a regular coffee?

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: Didn't know that "barista" was on your list of skills. Heard you work for my dad, too.

Tessa: Yeah, well, I'm -- I'm sure mariah filled you in about the situation with my sister and how I need the money.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, she -- she told me.

Tessa: But, you know, once i get that all squared away, i should go back to singing and songwriting full-time, 'cause, you know, that's my passion.

Noah: Writing love songs?

Tessa: Noah.

Noah: Don't apologize, all right? You've done it enough.

Tessa: So... you're okay with everything?

Noah: [ Sighs ] I'm moving on.

Tessa: Noah, I never meant to hurt you.

Noah: I know.

Tessa: But I did. Is there anything I can do to fix things between us?

Noah: Just be good to my sister.

Tessa: That's the plan.

Noah: Okay.

Ashley: All done!

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: All done. I'm so sorry.

Neil: Ah, don't worry about it. Life of a C.E.O.

Ashley: Yes.

Neil: Hey, that guy andrew -- I got the feeling that you weren't exactly that happy to see him last night, and then he's here again today.

Ashley: He just has some professional boundaries, I guess you could say.

Neil: Yeah. If there's anything I can help with, you know...

Ashley: Oh, no, it's not a big deal. His company was doing some consulting for jabot, and, you know, the job's done but he just wants to keep the arrangement going.

Neil: Ah, gotcha. Has he gotten out of line?

Ashley: No. No, it's nothing like that. I guess he just got used to the steady paycheck, but he'll move on.

Neil: If you want me to set him straight, I'll do that.

Ashley: Oh, no, that's okay. Thank you. Haven't you heard? I'm really good at fighting my own battles. See? I've got this.

Neil: [ Chuckles ] I know you do.

Kyle: Well, thanks again, mark. I'll e-mail you next week. Good to see you.

[ Sighs ]

Hi. Bourbon and branch. Thank you. Kyle abbott, right?

Kyle: Have we met?

No, my name's andrew. Your aunt ashley hired me to do some consulting work for jabot.

Kyle: Guess I'll see you around the office.

Oh, I'd like that, but unfortunately my contract just came to an end.

Kyle: That's how it goes with freelance assignments.

Yeah, that's true. Thank you. You know, I tried to tell her that it would be in both of our best interests for her to continue our business agreement, but she didn't agree.

Kyle: One of the perks of being C.E.O. -- You get to call the shots.


Kyle: Good luck.

Thanks, but you know what, she's making a bad decision. You see, I've -- I've recently discovered some information, some secret information that can be damaging to both her and jabot.

Kyle: What kind of information?

Oh, kyle, I'd love to tell you that, but I signed a hell of a confidentiality agreement.

Kyle: So why are you talking to me?

Because I know that you care about your family's company. And I was thinking that maybe you could speak with ashley, persuade her to reconsider. For everyone's sake.

Kyle: That almost sounds like a threat.

Did it? Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh! I'm so sorry, I've got to take this. You know what, I hope I didn't offend you. Please, talk to ashley. Tell her to reconsider. Take care. Hello?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. I'll be there around 8:00.

Phyllis: Hi. I'll have the chardonnay. Thank you.

I'll have another one of these, too, please. Thank you.

Phyllis: Andrew? Andrew lynford.

[ Laughs ] Phyllis? Oh, wow!

Phyllis: Wow.

Oh, my god, phyllis, I almost didn't recognize you. I haven't seen you since, what, new york?

Phyllis: Since the good old days -- dms labs. Barely made enough money to cover my rent at that place.

Wow. How long's it been?

Phyllis: 20, 25 years?

Yeah. Yeah. At least. Are you still in the field?

Phyllis: Uh, I actually moved to -- thank you -- into a career in fashion. It's been very good to me. What about you? You still looking behind the microscope?

Well, I was in new york till about a year ago. And then I got an offer to come down here and run the dna lab at memorial, at gc.

Phyllis: Wow, so you're top dog over there. Very impressive.

Cheers. Well, unfortunately, pay is not commensurate with job title. However, I've got a couple other irons in the fire, you know, different ways to supplement the income.

Phyllis: Well, you always had a way of scoping out ways to make money.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. I think.

Phyllis: No, I admire a go-getter. I happen to be one myself.

Oh, I remember.

Phyllis: Why don't I give you my card? Um, and of course I don't have any in my purse right now.

[ Laughs ]

You know what, don't worry about it. I am sure that you and I are going to run into each other again. Phyllis, it was great seeing you. I got to go.

Phyllis: Great seeing you, too.

Take care.

Phyllis: Bye.


Sharon: Well, that was...

Rey: A little slice of heaven, huh?

Lola: Hey, let her speak for herself.

Sharon: He's right. It was absolutely delicious. You've got to give me the recipes.

Rey: Oh, she guards those with her life.

Sharon: Okay, well, then i will have to visit your food truck. Let me help you clean up.

Rey: Unh-unh. That's my department.

Lola: It keeps him in line.

Rey: Watch it. No ice cream for you.

Lola: It better be papaya!

Rey: Is there any other flavor?

Sharon: That's another first for me.

Rey: Crash course in cuban cuisine, courtesy of the rosales'. Best way to eat ice cream -- on the couch. Come on.

Lola: We can't have ice cream without this!

Rey: As long as it stays in the bowl!

Lola: Arturo and used to have kickass fights with this stuff. I was a champ.

Rey: By getting it everywhere.

Lola: Rey ruined the fun.

Rey: Someone had to keep you two in check since dad was gone.

Sharon: Oh, I didn't know that you'd lost your father. I'm sorry.

Rey: More like he lost us.

Lola: He bailed on our family before I was born.

Rey: Real stand-up guy, our old man.

Sharon: Well, I know how you feel. I grew up without my father, also.

Lola: We were lucky. Rey stepped up and filled in.

Rey: You two always didn't like me telling you what to do.

Lola: You were a pain sometimes, but we both knew that we were very lucky to have you.

Sharon: Sounds like the rey I'm getting to know.

Rey: Oh, enough about me. I'm sure there's plenty I could tell you about lola.

Lola: We're good.

Rey: I'm sure sharon would love to hear about the story of how you attempted to make dinner for the family for the first time.

Sharon: I bet you killed it.

Rey: Almost killed the whole family.

Lola: Rey, that's a lie, and you know it.

Rey: The kitchen was on fire.

Lola: It was one pan! And he banned me from the kitchen for a month.

Rey: Should have been two.

Lola: [ Gasps ] Yeah? This is for trying to stifle my creativity.

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Rey: I was trying to keep you from burning down the house!

Lola: Passion killer!

Nick: You two work things out?

Noah: Yeah, we're cool.

Nick: Good.

Tessa: Are you looking for somebody?

Nick: Sharon. Faith told me she was here. I was hoping to talk to her. Unless she's avoiding me.

Tessa: No, no. She's, uh -- she's just --

Nick: What?

Noah: Tessa, what is it?

Tessa: She's, uh, at rey'S.

Nick: Upstairs?

Tessa: Yeah, I mean, I'm sure it's just some, like, you know, landlord-tenant stuff.

Noah: Dad, hey! Dad, dad, dad. Uh, are you sure that's such a good idea?

Nick: I'm just gonna talk to her.

Rey: No! Stop!

[ Door intercom buzzing ] Ugh!

[ Laughter ]

Lola: Who is it?

Nick: It's nick newman. Is sharon there?

Lola: Yeah. Come on up.

[ Door unlocks ] Hey, rey.

Rey: Yeah.

Lola: I hate to wet blanket the slumber party, but there's somebody coming upstairs.

Rey: Oh, I didn't hear the buzzer.

Sharon: Oh!

Rey: [ Laughs ]

Sharon: Nick. What are you doing here?

Nick: I've been leaving you messages.

Sharon: I got them.

Nick: I get it that you need space.

Sharon: Good.

Nick: Is this more important than us?

Sharon: Was phyllis?

Nick: Uh, I think you owe me at least a couple minutes.

Sharon: I don't owe you anything.

Nick: Okay, if that's the way you want it.

Sharon: It is. I'm sorry.

Lola: No, please, don't be.

Rey: There's nothing you need to apologize for.

Sharon: I know you said not to apologize about nick, but I'm really sorry.

Rey: Oh, don't even worry about it. What's important is that we had a great time.

Sharon: It was exactly what i needed.

Rey: I'm glad we could help.

[ Chuckles ] You -- you got a little something right here. There. That's better. I will see you at work tomorrow?

Sharon: I will see you there. Um, lola, thank you for an amazing meal.

Lola: My pleasure. Bye, now!

Sharon: Bye!

Rey: Here's your stuff.

Sharon: Thank you.

Rey: Here, I'll take that.

Sharon: Okay. Good night.

Rey: Good night!

Lola: She'S...nice.

Rey: Yeah, she is.

Lola: Just remember, rey. She might be single, but you're still married.

Rey: What's that supposed to mean?

Lola: Don't be a hypocrite.

Phyllis: Hey. Aren't we quite the pair? Sorry. Bad choice in words.

Nick: Have you heard from billy?

Phyllis: No, he's probably somewhere trying not to kill me. I hope he is in rehab. What about you? Have you seen sharon?

Nick: Just saw her, actually, at her co-worker's apartment. Having dinner.

Phyllis: It's only been 2 days.

Nick: Probably not a great argument for me.

Phyllis: Do you think she was trying to send you a message?

Nick: She couldn't have done it any better if she used skywriting.

Noah: Mom.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Noah: You got to let go.

Sharon: Okay, okay. Are you sure you can't stay a few more days?

Noah: Dad asked me the same. I can'T.

Sharon: Okay, well, I'll just have to come visit you in london, then.

Noah: Anytime. How did it go upstairs? I tried to talk dad into not interrupting.

Sharon: It was fine. I'm glad I accepted rey's invitation. It just helped me get my mind off of, you know, things.

Noah: Good. I'm glad. Listen, I know what dad wants, but I just -- I just want you to be okay.

Sharon: You're gonna miss your flight.

Noah: [ Chuckles ] I love you.

Sharon: Love you.

Noah: Tessa said she left some mail for you on the counter.

Sharon: Ah, thanks.

Noah: Yeah.

Jack: I'm telling you that this guy sounds like a disgruntled employee to me.

Kyle: There's something more going on here, dad.

Jack: Did you recognize him or his name?

Kyle: He didn't give me a last name, just andrew.

Jack: I think you're making more of this than there is, kyle.

Kyle: This guy has something on ashley. Something that could cause big trouble for her and jabot.

Jack: What are you planning to do?

Kyle: Find out what it is.

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