Y&R Transcript Friday 9/28/18

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/28/18


Episode #11455 ~ Phyllis sounds an alarm, Sharon opens up to Rey, and Billy finds himself in hot water.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Billy: I am not on the verge of a breakdown.

Ashley: This is about saving your life, billy.

Billy: The only thing I want from every single one of you is to leave me the hell alone!

Kyle: Nick spent the night somewhere other than sharon'S.

Summer: My mom hooked up with my dad.

Nick: Maybe this will be enough to persuade you to keep what you know a secret.

Sharon: I need to tell nicholas the truth about J.T.'S death. All of it.

Jack: Here's to you and sharon.

Neil: Here it is.

Jack: The last time around.

Mariah: To the once and future mrs. Nick newman.

Jack: Things got a little boring downstairs at the bachelor party.

Nick: Sharon and I agreed. We're gonna be completely honest with each other this time.

Phyllis: Please don't do this.

Nick: I cannot stand up there at that altar and exchange vows with her knowing that I'm lying to her.

Sharon: I can't go into this marriage with a huge lie between us.

Nikki: So, what? You tell nicholas, and then what? You think he can't testify against you in court because he's your husband?

Victoria: When you helped us get rid of J.T.'S body, you weren't married, so spousal privileges don't apply.

Sharon: I don't care. This is the right thing to do, for nick and for me. When he says his vows at our wedding, he will not be hiding anything from me. He deserves the same honesty.

Nikki: Listen, sharon, you don't have to make this decision now. Okay? Go home. Sleep on it. You might wake up tomorrow with a whole new perspective.

Sharon: I don't want to wait. I want to tell nick now.

Victoria: Sharon, no!

Nikki: Sharon, please! Ohh...

Phyllis: Nick, listen to me.

Nick: No. There's no more listening. I'm doing this tonight. Hey, uh, I didn't want to tear you away from the festivities, but can we talk?

Sharon: I wanted some time with you, too.

Victoria: How do we stop this?

Nikki: Sharon really plans to go through with it.

Phyllis: This can't be happening.

Sharon: I don't know how --

Nick: The last thing I -- just, you know, talk to me. Whatever it is.

[ Fire alarm blaring ]

Sharon: What's happening?!

Nick: I don't know. We have to get out of here.

Phyllis: All right. I have to find summer.

Sharon: Okay. Go. Go. I'll look for mariah.

Nick: Okay.

Sharon: Nick!

Nick: Be careful!

Sharon: I will! Mariah!

Victoria: I just saw her head downstairs!

Phyllis: Summer, come on.

Summer: Thi-this alarm is really fitting, huh? Sets just the right mood.

Nick: Come on. We have to get you out of here.

Summer: Aw, you guys are teaming up to save me. That's so sweet.

Tessa: Everyone! Can I have your attention? It was a false alarm! I repeat, a false alarm, okay? Security said there's no need to leave the building. Seriously, it's all good! Keep partying.

[ Alarm stops ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Mariah: Hey, look at that. It's like the alarm heard you.

Tessa: Or I went to security and told them to turn it off. Is your heart racing? Mine's still racing.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] Everything's gonna be fine, okay? We're okay.

Tessa: Okay.

Summer: Oh, look. We're safe. Now we can get back to the intense revelry.

Nick: Have you seen sharon?

Summer: No. I'm guessing she's getting a drink somewhere. Which should be on the house because of the alarm. Or do you think they're gonna make us pay double since that was the only real excitement we've had all evening?

Phyllis: All right. Just go have some fun, all right? Don't make anybody cry.

Summer: No promises.

Phyllis: So, what happened with you and sharon just now, before all hell broke loose?

Nick: I didn't get a chance to tell her.

Phyllis: Good. Thank god.

Nick: She deserves to know.

Phyllis: You know what, nick? She deserves a wedding without images of you and me in her head. I think this is the universe trying to protect you from yourself. Be grateful.

Nick: Oh, my god. You pulled that alarm, didn't you?

Phyllis: You're damn right I did. And I'd do it again.

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Mariah: Hi! Look who's here.

Tessa: I see.

Mariah: Is the timing suspicious to you at all? Because whatever you heard...

Tessa: It's not true.

Mariah: Mnh-mnh.

Kyle: Heard about what?

Mariah: Bridesmaids. Hooking up at these events.

Tessa: That is why you crashed the bachelorette party, isn't it?

Mariah: Ah, but he says that he is not interested in summer. At all.

Tessa: But I'm taken, and so are you.

Mariah: I am extremely taken, which leaves... oh! Summer. Kyle. Is that really how desperate you are?

Kyle: I have a first date lined up, thank you very much. I came up here for a drink. Nothing else.

Summer: Mariah, you threw a party so hot that it made the smoke alarm go off.

Mariah: Wow. That actually sounded like a compliment. Thank you.

Summer: Well, relax. It's just a little small chitchat so I could segue to, what are you guys talkin' about?

Tessa: Kyle's new hot romance.

Kyle: It's a date, not a romance.

Summer: Oh. Well, have some faith, because with your face and that last name, I'm sure that we will be toasting to you and the bride sometime next year.

Mariah: Speaking of which, we can't toast the guest of honor if she's not here. So where's the bachelorette?

Sharon: This is ridiculous. Didn't you hear someone say it was a false alarm?

Nikki: The danger is real, sharon.

[ Button clicks ]

Sharon: How can you know that?

Victoria: Because it's you. You're the emergency. And it ends now.

Phyllis: Are you drunk? Are you sentimental? Are you self-sabotaging? Because tell me, why? Why would you tell her about us? Your wedding is tomorrow.

Nick: It's about going into my marriage without any secrets.

Phyllis: Nick, everyone has secrets. No one knows the whole truth about anyone, ever.

Nick: I don't care about "anyone," okay? I just care about me being the man that sharon deserves. It's about me owning up to my mistakes and not covering them up. That is what my dad would do.

Phyllis: No, no. You don't get to do that. You don't get to blow both of our lives up because of your victor issues.

Nick: It's not your call.

Phyllis: It's not yours, either. And we made a pact. We made a deal. And so what are you gonna do, you gonna trash it now? Is this guilt? Because you know what, let me absolve you. This was all because of me. Because of evil, vindictive phyllis. So consider yourself pure and clean, all right? You can wear a white tux to the wedding.

Nick: I'm not pinning this on you, phyllis.

Phyllis: You don't get to soothe your conscience without taking me down. I have just as much to lose on this as you do.

Nick: This is about me telling sharon. It has nothing to do with billy.

Phyllis: And you think she's gonna be the soul of discretion here? You don't think she's gonna make a peep to anyone? She is one step away from tearing out her guts, from showing the world who she really is. This is gonna send her over the edge.

Nick: No. That's not who sharon is anymore.

Phyllis: You're delusional. All right. Forget about her. What about billy? He's going through hell right now. You want the pile this on him? Have you thought about what this is gonna do to him? What he might do to you?

Nick: If billy wants to come at me, then let him.

Phyllis: I am not worried about your face. I am worried about billy's life.

Nick: You do know that he is a grown-up, right? I mean, he is a father. His problems are his own.

Phyllis: No.

Nick: Not mine.

Phyllis: No, all of this --

all of this is our problem.

Nick: Phyllis, I'm gonna work things out with sharon, and I suggest you and billy do the same.

Phyllis: Okay, so you and sharon are gonna calmly discuss infidelity with the woman that you left her for? And that's gonna work? I mean, really, all of this dark horse, master-of-the-universe crap, has this just gone to your head? It is going to make sharon explode. It's gonna hit the media. And then you're gonna turn out to be the faithless bastard whose infidelity was revealed on the heels of your arrest.

Nick: There were no charges.

Phyllis: Have you lost all reason? Have you thought about summer on this?

Nick: Yeah, she's had a lot of time to come to terms with this, and a lot of my money.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Which is only gonna make her more cynical and jaded. And if that is not enough to convince you, you think about faith. How many times you gonna rip the rug out from under that kid? And christian. Could you give the kid maybe a mother for, like, five whole minutes?

Nick: You are assuming the worst is gonna happen.

Phyllis: You know what, the worst happens. It always does. Please. You have to let this go. I am begging you.

Summer: Hey. Do you see that? Okay. Enough with the heart-eyed emojis to your new girlfriend.

Kyle: She's not my -- you know what, I'm not doing this with you. You want me to have a panic attack, some fear of commitment, so I decide to not even see the woman again. But your mean-girl mind tricks won't work on me. So, yeah, I have a date.

Summer: Okay. Nobody cares. Look at those two. Look at the passion, the intensity. Those two are magnetically drawn to each other.

Kyle: Yeah, that's not a weird thing to say about your own parents.

Summer: What, am I wrong?

Kyle: In general? Eh. I'd say yes.

Summer: Okay. Right here, right now, that conversation is not about nothing.

Nick: You know, I'm looking at this from all angles. What you're doing is emotional blackmail.

Phyllis: Hardball. Not blackmail. You are this close from having the woman you have always wanted. What happened between the two of us, we both know, can never happen again. One slip, one mistake could change your life and mine. You screwed up. So did I. Now we live with that. But nobody else has to suffer.

Nick: You're making some valid points.

Phyllis: "Valid" as in you're humoring me? You're gonna make a break for it and ruin our lives? Or "valid" I'm making some sense?

Nick: Uh, you're making sense. So I will, uh --

[ Sighs ] I'll keep the past in the past.

Phyllis: Thank you. You do mean that, don't you?

Nick: Yeah, I do. Look, I was having a moment, and you talked me down. I think I'm just tired of everyone asking me if this is what I really want. I feel like everyone is just waiting for things to fall apart between sharon and me again.

Phyllis: You know why? Because that has been in your past. But that's not who you are anymore. And like you say, that's not who sharon is anymore. And if you do want this --

Nick: I do.

Phyllis: Okay. ...Then you can make it happen.

Nick: Thanks. Means a lot. You know, it's funny, as I went down to talk to sharon about this, I got the feeling she had something to tell me, too.

Phyllis: It's just pre-wedding jitters. You know, it's normal. It'll pass. Just let it go. Why bother bringing it up again?

Victoria: What were you thinking? Confessing to nick now? The night before your wedding? It's not all about you, sharon.

Sharon: How long are you planning on keeping me in here? You know, at some point, it becomes kidnapping.

Nikki: Well, then, remember this feeling -- being locked away from everyone you know and love -- because that's exactly what you're wishing upon the rest of us.

Victoria: You've been to prison before, sharon. How would you like to go back there again with us in your cellblock? And don't forget about phyllis.

Sharon: I won't have lies between nick and me.

Victoria: Oh, since when?

Nikki: You know, in spite of your delicate sweetness, we know that you have lied to nicholas a number of times.

Sharon: And every one of those lies tore us apart completely, more times than I can count. We are finally back where we should have been. If I hold onto this lie, it'll tear us apart all over again. But maybe that's what you're both hoping for.

Victoria: Oh! Do you honestly think this is part of some plan to break up you and my brother? Mom and I are the ones trying to make sure this wedding happens tomorrow. You're the one who's ready to throw it away.

Nikki: Sharon, listen to me. I say this from the bottom of my heart. I would rather see you and nicholas married for the rest of your lives than to see the mother of his children in prison.

Phyllis: Well, that was very exciting. My ears are still ringing. Have either of you seen sharon and her entourage?

Kyle: I just got here when people were starting to bolt.

Summer: Maybe they called it a night and didn't tell you. I mean, you weren't really invited.

Phyllis: Well, I'm well aware of that. But we're a blended family, as they say, and she was your once and future stepmother.

Summer: Okay. Let's call her my dad's latest wife, 'cause I'm a little old for a stepmother.

Phyllis: I wanted to wish her well. That's it.

Summer: It is strange that you actually expect me to believe that.

Phyllis: Well, you're right. I mean, I really wanted to just tell her that she had bags under her eyes, and I really hope her hair looks horrible tomorrow at the wedding. So I'm gonna go do that.

Summer: Okay, you still think that it's nothing? My dad and her had this big talk, and now she needs to go talk to sharon? Go on! Talk to her. I know that you are mildly entertained by the potential scandal.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Mildly.

Summer: Well, okay, then.

Kyle: No sign of her or the others? Maybe sharon and the others were freaked out by the alarm. Let me help you find them.

Phyllis: Because we're such good friends?

Kyle: Because I know today probably wasn't easy for you, either. What happened with billy. He didn't want to see that the family only wants the best for him.

Phyllis: Can't imagine why he'd have a tough time accepting that, considering those relatives have just been waiting for him to fail.

Kyle: That's not true. No one wanted billy to fall back into gambling.

Phyllis: But you don't particularly mind, do you? Personally, I mean.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: It fits the narrative you all have. That billy can't get out of his own way. It must have been truly satisfying for you today.

Kyle: Actually, it makes me think of my dad. When he'd deny anything was wrong. I know you've been there for both of them, so... no matter what, I owe you for the way you've helped my father.

Phyllis: Wow. You really might have a soul.

Kyle: On occasion. But, yeah. I worry about my uncle. And you saw my dad, traci, and ashley. This is ripping them up. Billy didn't want to hear what they were saying. But given that he's had a little time... has he admitted that his gambling's gotten out of hand?

[ Cellphone rings ] Someone from the bridal party?

Phyllis: I don't know who it is. Hello? Yeah. Yeah, okay. All right.

Kyle: Hey, everything all right?

Victoria: Sharon, you have wanted my brother since the day you met him. Just forget about past relationships and past marriages. You are it for nick. And he's it for you. I know I haven't always approved. I realize that. But... I also realize that my approval doesn't matter. No one's does. This wedding and this marriage is about you and nick. The only one trying to sabotage it is you.

Sharon: Okay. I need time to think.

Nikki: Okay, you know what? You've been thinking for months. And it's still the same conversation over and over. You seem to have this need to clear your conscience by laying it all on nicholas. But that would be a mistake for you and for him. Sharon, please. Marry him. Get on with your life. Forget J.T.

Sharon: Can you forget? Is there a day that goes by when you don't replay that night in your head? And when you're talking to reed, can you honestly say you're not thinking about J.T. The entire time? When you see your fireplace in your bedroom, the tools near it --

Nikki: That's enough. That's enough. Stop it!

Sharon: Because you know that I'm right! It's there. It's in all of us. And no matter what happens, we're never going to forget. Or we would be monsters. Maybe we already are.

[ Button clicks, doors open ]

Phyllis: Thanks for calling.

Rey: [ Sighs ] I thought you should hear this from me.

Summer: The point of chatting with my mom was to get her to talk, not to have her run off.

Kyle: Not my fault. She got a phone call and bolted without a word.

Summer: Huh. You know, I bet it has to do with my dad. Maybe one last booty call before the big day.

Kyle: Do you even hear your-- never mind.

Summer: What? It's not like they haven't gotten back together before. My dad always bounces from sharon to my mom, and my mom always bounces from my dad to randos. And, honestly, I would not be surprised if my parents' one-night stand was just a little taste, and now they're gonna go for the whole buffet. Yeah, I bet the wedding won't even happen tomorrow.

Mariah: Wait. You're that girl, aren't you? You're the spoiled little princess who's wishing upon a star for mommy and daddy to get back together. That's embarrassing. Seriously.

Kyle: Summer's a creative thinker. I'll give her credit for that.

Mariah: Summer, you are a bridesmaid at nick and sharon's wedding. Seek help with your delusions.

Summer: It is very real. It happened.

Kyle: Don't listen to her.

Summer: Okay, he is just lying to try to cover up the truth. He's trying to be noble. Which he doesn't know how to do, so it doesn't really work.

Mariah: What is this about? You're trying to start a sick little rumor? Well, you know what? It's not gonna work. In fact, I'm gonna go tell my mom about the game you're playing at.

Kyle: No.

[ Sighs ] You don't want to do that, mariah.

Mariah: Wait. Are you... are you actually claiming that nick cheated on my mom with phyllis?

Billy: Hey. Welcome to the after party. I kind of started without you.

Phyllis: We're not gonna do that. Not right now. What happened?

Billy: I just wanted another drink. My mistake, and -- and I own it, was kind of sort of starting a fight when they -- when they cut me off.

Phyllis: You know how lucky you are that the cops found you when they did? Before something else happened?

Billy: Yeah. I'm a lucky guy. Ahh. Voilà. Just like magic. You know what? We should take this show on the road. What do you say?

Phyllis: Before you make any more jokes, maybe you should thank the guy who recognized your name when you got hauled in here. Rey spoke to the bar owner. And he called me.

Rey: No charges. Like it never happened. Except for that hell of a headache you're gonna be feeling tomorrow.

Billy: Well, thank you. I appreciate it. I, uh... I owe you.

Rey: We've all been there.

Phyllis: It's happened to some of us more times than others. Thank you. Truly.

Rey: You two are free to use the room, take off. As long as you're the one gonna be doing the driving.

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: You're falling. And I don't know how to stop it.

[ Sobs ] Please tell me that this is as bad as it's gonna get.

Billy: Oh, sweetheart. It's so much worse than you know.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nikki: I mean, the logic of that woman! She thinks I'm trying to ruin her marriage because I'm protecting her from herself?

Victoria: I feel like i should have made sharon come home with me.

Nikki: No, no, no, no. She never would have agreed to that.

Victoria: She said she needs time to think. Well, let's just hope that's all she does tonight, is think.

Nikki: Yeah, well, even if she's able to keep her mouth shut for one night...

Victoria: Oh, there's always tomorrow, and then the next day, and the day after that. This is never gonna end.

Nick: Hey, have either one of you seen sharon?

Victoria: Uh, I think that maybe she decided to call it a night.

Nick: Without telling me? That's not like her.

Nikki: Honey, just let it go, okay? Uh... every bride needs to have some space before the wedding.

Nick: Yeah, she's gonna have that, as soon as I make sure she's okay.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Knock on door ]

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Rey: I'm so sorry.

Sharon: Um...

Rey: Uh, I didn't mean to scare you. I know you're closed.

Sharon: It's fine.

Rey: I thought I'd give it a shot and try to get a decent cup of coffee. The station sludge will only get you so far.

Sharon: Yeah. Heh...

Rey: Uh... I'm surprised to find you here. What happened to your party?

Sharon: A fire alarm, my in-laws, and a party-crasher named phyllis.

Rey: Sounds like you hit the trifecta. That's quite a mix. Was there a pre-wedding showdown?

Sharon: I managed to get out of there before something got worse.

Rey: So instead of going home, you decided to come to work?

Sharon: It seemed like a good idea. I mean, not the work part, but just coming to a quiet place so I could think and clear my head out.

Rey: I don't want to intrude on that.

Sharon: No, you're -- you're not an intrusion.

Rey: No, really. I should get out of your hair.

Sharon: No, I-I -- I-I wouldn't mind. Um... I could use the distraction. Would you like your usual?

Rey: If you don't mind.

Sharon: Not a problem.

Rey: So, this fire alarm. You sure it wasn't a signal for the fake fireman/male stripper to make an entrance?

Sharon: [ Scoffs ] No. Thank god. It was not that kind of a party. Especially since nick and some others showed up.

Rey: Ah, a ladies night turned into a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Those never end well. That's why they fall into the category of non-traditional.

Sharon: Well, nick and I have tried traditional, but life always gets in the way.

Rey: It's worth a shot, though.

Sharon: I totally agree. I suppose that's why we're moving into our new house with no memories and no history. It's a fresh start.

Rey: That's great. Congrats. It's kind of hard to beat that old home, though.

Sharon: Exactly. That house is so wonderful. It's so warm and cozy and personal, and it's been one of the few constants in my life. Leaving it will be a huge change.

Rey: So is giving your marriage another shot.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] You look like you're...

[ Sighs ]

Billy: What? Like I got drunk and disorderly?

Phyllis: What's going on? You said it was worse than I know.

Billy: Not here, okay? Not tonight. I just -- I can'T. No, phyllis.

Phyllis: No, it has to be here, okay? I have to help you.

Billy: You don't want to know. Just [Sighs] Trust me, okay?

Phyllis: No. You trust me. I am right here, always. I swear to you.

Billy: I'm juggling. I got 12 balls in the air, except they're m-80s, and they're lit, and they're about to rain down on my head. And when they do, it's gonna go boom. You just -- you don't know.

Phyllis: Honey, you're talking to me. I-I know... what it's like to think everything's gonna be blown to pieces.

Billy: That was a long time ago for you, and far away. Okay? This is my here and now.

Phyllis: I know how it feels, and it feels awful. How deep? You said it was deep. You got to tell me. So we can haul you out.

Mariah: You are loving this. The night before our parents' wedding, and this is how you party, spreading lies and misery?

Kyle: She's drunk.

Summer: Uh, I wish.

Tessa: What's going on?

Mariah: Oh, daddy-issues here is claiming that nick and phyllis had sex.

Summer: Okay. Well, you might want to be a little bit more specific, considering I am living proof of that. But when sharon and my dad were on a break, history repeated itself, and he found himself between the sheets with my mom.

Kyle: Great. Now you're telling even more people.

Summer: Am I lying?

Kyle: Why are you still talking?

Tessa: You didn't answer her. Is she lying?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] They were on a break.

Mariah: So you're saying that this actually happened? You're backing her up?

Summer: Oh, no. You should give him more credit than that. He's the one that found my dad's clothes on my mom's floor the next morning.

Tessa: Hey. Hey, listen to me. Sharon is ready for this wedding.

Mariah: Yeah, and it's happening, because this -- this is some sick courtship dance between the two of you.

Kyle: Okay. You want the truth? It was a one-night thing.

Summer: Or was it?

Summer: Oh, cupcake. Did you really, of all people, believe the whole one-true-love, romance-and-hearts cliché?

Mariah: If this thing with nick and phyllis actually happened --

Summer: It happened.

Mariah: Look, I know you hate my mother, but this affects other people.

Summer: Yes, I get that. That's why I didn't tell anyone. And I didn't tell you. You walked into a private conversation.

Tessa: Yeah, in a public place, where anyone could have heard you. Are you okay?

Mariah: What are you gonna do with this information?

Summer: Well, I gave my dad my word that I wouldn't tell anyone, and technically... I didn'T.

Mariah: Wait, nick asked you to keep quiet about this?

Summer: Yes. Haven't you been listening?

Tessa: Well, I guess she agreed. She hasn't broadcast it.

Kyle: Don't give summer too much credit. Nick has paid for her discretion.

Mariah: Nick bribed you? He cheated on sharon and paid you hush money?!

Summer: Here is something that you need to understand. This marriage is doomed. Even if no one wants to admit it.

Sharon: Refill?

Rey: No. I'm good. You've done so much already. The -- the coffee, the food, the conversation.

Sharon: Well, I feel like I'm holding you up, so if you need to go --

Rey: Oh, absolutely not. I'm -- I'm enjoying this. And I actually want to hear more. One one hand, you seem excited about starting this new adventure. But on the other, you seem a little hesitant. Is it the, uh, change that's holding you back?

Sharon: No. No, change is... change is good.

Rey: Are you saying that to convince me or yourself?

Sharon: I'm serious. Change, you know, provides us with opportunities to grow and break away from the mundane.

Rey: You read that in one of your textbooks?

Sharon: I've had to embrace the concept. Nick and I are just so different since the last time we were married.

Rey: That's a good thing, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be giving it another shot.

Sharon: Well, I keep saying, we know more now. We know who we are. We know what we really want. I mean, this time, it will be perfect.

[ Chuckles ]

Rey: Is that a thing? Perfect? I'm on the fence.

Sharon: Heh... you're still married.

Rey: I am.

Sharon: And yet you're here, and she's not.

Rey: We needed some time.

Sharon: Oh. What happened, if you don't mind me asking?

Rey: We had baggage coming into the marriage.

Sharon: [ Scoffs ] Well, who doesn't? I mean, some of the things I've done... hmm.

Rey: Nick's lucky to have you.

Sharon: So, you were working late at the pd and just needed some caffeine?

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Actually, more like avoiding my sublet. There's this smell that --

Sharon: Um, that's all I need to hear.

Rey: [ Laughs ]

Sharon: How long are you planning on staying? I know you're working on that case.

Rey: Yeah. But it's more than that. My brother and sister are here. It'S...complicated, but...

Sharon: If you need a place to stay that smells better, there's a small apartment upstairs. It's been vacant for a long time, but I did some basic renovations.

Rey: And you'd rent that out to me? I thought I was on your bad side.

Sharon: You were. And you just refused to stay there.

Rey: Ah.

Nick: Hey. There you are. You weren't answering your cell. Hey, rey.

Rey: Hey.

Sharon: I'm sorry. Um, you know what, I had to leave the party. I-I just -- I couldn't take it. It was too much.

Nick: Yeah, the fire alarm or, uh, something else?

Sharon: Well, that and just general pre-wedding emotions.

Rey: And then I showed up looking for a cup of coffee while she was off the clock. But I may have managed to get a new apartment out of it.

Nick: Oh, yeah. The place upstairs.

Sharon: It seemed a shame to leave it vacant. And, you know, having a cop upstairs, I think I'm getting the better end of this bargain.

Nick: Well, don't arrest me this time, and I might throw in some upgrades.

Rey: I'll do my best. Thank you. For everything. See you, guys.

Sharon: Night. Good night.

Nick: Bye.

Rey: Night.

Nick: Phew! Not a great night.

Sharon: Well, not as bad as getting arrested. But still not -- not a great night.

Nick: Doesn't mean we can't salvage it.

Sharon: What did you have in mind?

Never thought i had a chance

Nick: Just this. You and me. And no one else.

Too busy breakin' rules

I tried so hard to be a man

but always ended up the fool

Kyle: You're buying this round since you'll be broke after nick finds out what you did.

Summer: Oh, my god. You are such a pessimist. Mariah knows how to keep a secret, clearly. And, you know what, for all we know, this wedding will be bright and cheery and gross. Hey, you should come with me as my plus-one. That way we can quietly mock the proceedings.

Kyle: Hard pass.

Mariah: It's true, isn't it?

Tessa: I-I don't think that they're lying.

Mariah: For nick to betray sharon like that, I... but they were on a break, technically?

Tessa: It sounds like they were.

Mariah: Is that any excuse, though? I-I mean, and shouldn't sharon be the one to make that call? And phyllis of all people! It could have been anyone in the world, but it had to be her. Of course it did, because... well, it's not like they haven't done it before, right?

Tessa: Look, the thing is, everyone makes mistakes. It matters if you want to do better. If you want to try.

Mariah: Okay. So it was a one-night thing, and that's key. That's all that matters, is that it -- you know, it's not gonna happen again, and it was meaningless.

Tessa: That seems reasonable.

Mariah: Okay, but how do i make sure it was one and done?

Tessa: I mean, even if you talk to nick, how do you know that he's telling the truth? I mean, does he even know himself?

Mariah: What do I do? Do I stop my mother's wedding?

[ Music playing ]

Nick: Hey, when you said you wanted to talk tonight, was it because you're having second thoughts?

Sharon: No. No, no. Not at all.

Nick: Okay, then what were you gonna say before the fire alarm went off? 'Cause it seemed like it was gonna be important.

Sharon: Wait, you were gonna say something, too.

Nick: Yeah. There's something you need to know before tomorrow.

Sharon: Nick, whatever it is, just tell me now, please.

Nick: I love you. So much. And... I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it right this time. So if you're having any second thoughts, and you're afraid to tell me, just --

Sharon: Stop. I was gonna say the exact same thing to you. That I love you. And this is it for me. You are it. We will have our wedding. We will have our marriage. And we will have our wonderful life together.

Nick: All right.

Billy: The money's gone.

[ Clears throat ] All the buy-in from the, uh, betting syndicate.

Phyllis: Already?

Billy: And there's no way of getting it back.

Phyllis: Okay. We'll figure this out. You said that the buy-in was for six figures, right?

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: So what are we talking, $100,000?

Billy: Uh, try five of those.

Phyllis: A half a million dollars? You bet a half a million dollars that you got from a loan shark?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Okay. Okay, we're -- we'll -- we'll figure this out. How much time do we have to handle this?

Billy: It's not like that. No, we're not talking about getting kneecapped here, okay? This is... this is worse. This is... so much worse.

Phyllis: How could it be worse?

Billy: 'Cause I didn't borrow the money from a loan shark. I took it from jabot.

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