Y&R Transcript Friday 9/7/18

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/7/18


Episode #11441 ~ Jack makes a move, Cane comforts Lily and Billy plays with fire.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Billy: I'm playing in a big-time invitational poker tournament at the golden diamond.

Kyle: You need to keep billy coming back, shelling out the big bucks, until I say otherwise.

Sinead: And then you'll pay off my marker with lerman. That's our deal, right?

I'm sentencing you to 12 months in the walworth state penitentiary.

Devon: I didn't want this to happen to you. And I'm sorry for everything that I said. I really am.

Dina: I've had multiple affairs. Jack is not john's son.

Kyle: It's one thing to leave jabot. But to leave our family's home...

Jack: Well, I hate to be the one to point this out, but I'm no longer family. Never was. I feel this urgent need to make a connection with my real father.

Ashley: Maybe you're never gonna know the truth, jack.

Jack: I got to make dina a priority. And if she's better off with me around, maybe I ought to move back in here.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Abby: Coming!

[ Sighs ] Oh! Uncle jack! You're home!

Jack: That, I am.

Abby: Here, let me help you with some of that.

Jack: No, no. I got it. Thanks. Thanks. Where -- where is everybody?

Abby: Uh, well, mom went to work early. Phyllis and billy are out of town. And it's just me and dina here. Dina's upstairs napping.

Jack: Well, you can't say i don't know how to clear a room.

Abby: [ Laughs ] I'm so happy that you're back. You know, some of us think you never should have left.

Jack: Well, at the time, it seemed like the right thing. With hindsight, maybe I was a little, uh --

Abby: Impulsive. Selfish. Stupid.

Jack: Thank god I always have you to tell it like it is.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Well, in that spirit...

Jack: Uh-oh.

Abby: How do you feel about sharing this house with phyllis again?

Jack: You mean phyllis and billy.

Abby: It's got to be kind of weird, right?

Jack: To be honest, yeah, it's a little weird. But this is where I belong. This is home.

Billy: [ Sighs ] "Welcome to the golden diamond hotel and casino. We are proud to be hosting the 10th annual gold standard poker tournament. Please find dates, times, and locations of the card games on the printout on the desk."

Phyllis: Is that my free-drink voucher? Better be for more than one, considering what we're paying for this place.

Billy: Worth every penny, darlin'.

Phyllis: Well, it is pretty incredible.

Billy: Thought you were gonna go check it out?

Phyllis: Uh, I did. Little too rich for my blood. $200 for a 25-minute massage.

Billy: Oh, no, no, no. See, you don't have to worry about anything, okay? This weekend is on me. The cabana, the spas, the -- the shopping sprees, all of it. You book it. It's on me.

Phyllis: Ah, you're gonna regret saying that.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] It's the least I could do to thank you.

Phyllis: Well, I haven't done anything yet.

Billy: Oh, you are here, and that is everything.

Phyllis: I know that this is an important part of your life, okay? And I want to share it with you.

Billy: Mm.

Phyllis: Yes.

Billy: I can feel the energy of the tournament way up here.

Phyllis: And we're on the 23rd floor.

Billy: That's how powerful it is, baby. I'll be playing against some of the best players in the world. My palms are sweating. My heart is beating. I got that feeling.

Phyllis: What, sheer fright?

Billy: That the sky's the limit. Do you understand how much money I have the potential to win in this tournament?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. As much as you can lose.

Billy: Oh, no, no. Okay. Here it is, the first rule of poker -- do not sit down at that table unless you have absolute, killer confidence.

Phyllis: Yeah, but if you're overconfident --

Billy: I've got this, baby.

Phyllis: No, I know. I know. But you're just making it sound so easy.

Billy: Mm. See, that's the thing. This is not easy. If this was easy, anybody could do it. No, you have to have skill. You have to learn. And once you do, then you can walk the tightrope with no net. That's what's exciting about it. That's what I'm talking about.

Phyllis: Okay. Then I will remember that...

Billy: I'm so...

Phyllis: ...When you are all-in with the biggest pot of the night.

Billy: ...Glad you are here.

Phyllis: Well... I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Billy: Hmm. Mm. I got to finish unpacking. I got to be sitting at the table by the time they deal the first hand, or I lose my seat.

Phyllis: You know what, before I forget, uh, I did a little reconnaissance for you on the flight.

Billy: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Well, I thought maybe you would want to know who your competition is. I made a spreadsheet of the top players in this tournament.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Well, you didn't have to do that.

Phyllis: Well, I know. But it helps me. You know, the more I know, the more I can be a part of this, you know, and understand.

Billy: What'd you learn?

Phyllis: Well... [ Sighs ] Win-loss records. Winnings in the past year. I mean, hopefully you're gonna get an idea of what you're up against. I e-mailed it to you.

Billy: Wow. Some of these guys on the circuit are killing it. I mean, a few of them made more money playing poker than I have as ceo of jabot.

Phyllis: Yeah. Is that concern I hear in your voice?

Billy: No. Just means it's more of a challenge. Which I'm totally up for.

Phyllis: Well, I am here for you, okay, no mater what. So if you want to drop out of this tournament, you know, I totally support you.

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Cane: All right, I cleared for you guys to miss class today, all right?

Charlie: You talked to someone from the attendance office?

Cane: No, I left a message. I said you had a personal thing.

Charlie: The whole school knows mom is in prison.

Mattie: But thank you for being discreet.

Cane: Guys, I know this isn't easy for you.

Mattie: We're just worried about mom.

Cane: I know.

Mattie: Right, charlie?

Charlie: Obviously.

Cane: Listen, and I'm sure she appreciates that. But, guys, listen, I'm worried about you.

Mattie: We're okay.

Cane: Yeah?

Mattie: Yeah. I also did some research --

Charlie: Shocker.

Mattie: We want to know what we can and can't do while we're visiting mom. We don't want to bring her something we're not supposed to.

Charlie: Yeah, like a file baked inside of a cake?

Mattie: You know, somebody actually did that once.

Charlie: Yeah, and now thanks to that idiot, we can't even take mom any decent food.

Cane: Okay. We'll make her favorite meal the moment she comes home. All right?

Mattie: I'm marking the days on my calendar. And don't say anything, because I know you are, too.

Cane: Let's get going, all right? I don't want to waste a minute of visiting time. Okay? All right?

Mattie: All right. Uh... can you give me two minutes?

Cane: Sure. Hey. You okay?

Charlie: Yeah.

Cane: You want to talk to me? What's going on?

Charlie: [ Clears throat ] I just... I don't know. I'm not good with words like mattie. I don't want to say the wrong thing to mom.

Cane: Okay. You don't have to say anything, mate. She's just gonna be happy to see you.

Charlie: [ Sighs ] I just don't want to make things harder for her.

Cane: You're not gonna make things harder, all right? This is gonna make her feel better. And it's gonna be better for all of us, all right? I promise you that. Okay?

Charlie: Yeah.

Cane: Come on. Go get ready. Come on. Let's go.

Abby: To your homecoming.

Jack: Thank you. So tell me what's going on with you.

Abby: Mm.

Jack: Other than your new job.

Abby: Which I love.

Jack: Well, anything's better than working with the mustache.

Abby: I think me leaving newman has been good for us. Now we can just be father and daughter.

Jack: He never gave you the respect you were due at newman. Uh -- we'll make that another conversation. How are things going with you and arturo?

Abby: It was going great.

Jack: Oh? Something happen?

Abby: Well, he left on that business trip with nick.

Jack: Oh, to madison, to check out those new buildings that nick's talking about buying.

Abby: Mm-hmm. And nick came back, and arturo stayed behind to, uh, "finish up a few things."

Jack: You think he's avoiding you?

Abby: No, not me. His brother. Rey. He showed up in town right before arturo left.

Jack: And there's bad blood there?

Abby: Let's just say there's not a whole lot of brotherly love.

Jack: Ugh. Any idea why?

Abby: Well, rey said it was because he had to parent arturo and his little sister when they were growing up, but... I don't know. It seems like there's more to it than that.

Jack: Well, I don't know, but I can tell you from experience that relationships between brothers can get pretty complex.

Phyllis: I put your things in those two drawers.

Billy: That's fine.

Phyllis: Are you mad?

Billy: I'm curious.

Phyllis: Why I gave you those two drawers?

Billy: Why you came to vegas with me.

Phyllis: I told you. I support you.

Billy: No, I know. You said that. But I'm getting the distinct impression that you don't want me to actually play in the tournament.

Phyllis: If you're committed, I'm committed.

Billy: You sure?

Phyllis: Yes. You trusted me with the truth, and I want you to know that i trust you.

Billy: Then I'm already a winner.

Phyllis: Look, it's not just about the gambling. I never should have suggested that you were interested in summer. That was stupid.

Billy: I've given you plenty of reasons not to trust me.

Phyllis: Okay, I-I am not perfect myself.

Billy: Who says?

Phyllis: But the way that i used, you know, your computer to lure summer to the yacht, and -- and then accusing you of leading her on, I mean, that was more my insecurities, okay, than anything you ever did.

Billy: All right. We have both done things that we are going to live to regret, right? But no more. No more sneaking around. No more lies. None of that. All cards are on the table from now on.

Abby: I'm sorry, uncle jack. I shouldn't dump my problems on you.

Jack: Hey, that's what favorite uncles are for, right?

Abby: Mm. I'm sure you'd much rather talk about dina.

Jack: I saw her yesterday.

Abby: She's gotten a lot worse lately.

Jack: She's a big part of the reason why I moved back home. Moments where she recognizes me are fewer and fewer, and I don't want to miss any of them.

Abby: That's crazy. I mean, she was so different when she first came back to town. I mean, she'd already had a diagnosis for over a year, but she was still so on top of things. And now, to see how she's changed, I can't imagine how hard it is for you and my mom and aunt traci to watch her beautiful mind deteriorate.

Jack: Boy, she had her faults. She was always fiercely independent. Smart as a whip. A real force to be reckoned with. And beautiful. So beautiful. I want to be angry with her for so many reasons, not the least of which is this whole paternity mess, but... every time I see her now, I'm sad. I'm sad for her. Sad -- sad for me, because she'll never be able to tell me who my real father is.

Abby: I'm so sorry, uncle jack. I mean, if I hadn't made that film about dina's life, none of this ever would have --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no. I don't blame you for what happened at that screening. No, that honor belongs to your father.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Look, I know that you believe that my dad is responsible for inserting that footage into the film but, uncle jack, I got to tell you, I just -- I don't think it was him.

Jack: Whoever did it obviously had the idea that john abbott was not my father. Maybe they know who is.

Abby: Well, one thing dina's always been consistent about is that she met the man at the country club.

Jack: I have gone through the country-club ledgers, the employees, the members. It's just a bunch of names. None of them mean anything to me.

Abby: The other detail that she said over and over again is the stardust inn.

Jack: The place she and phillip met for their affair.

Abby: Well, just because that wasn't true doesn't mean she didn't hook up with your real dad there. And presuming they did, his name could still be in the records.

Jack: You mean the motel register? So if I cross-check the motel register against ledgers of country-club members and employees and we found a match...

Abby: That could be the man dina actually had an affair with.

Jack: You are not just a pretty face. That is brilliant. You may have done it, abby. You may have helped me find my father.

Abby: Mm!

Phyllis: All-in.

Billy: Are you bluffing?

Phyllis: [ Giggles ] Only one way to find out.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Let me see what you got.

Phyllis: Read 'em and weep.

Billy: Yeah. Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be the one who's crying.

Phyllis: What?! The last card? You won with the last card?

Billy: That's how the cookie crumbles, darlin'.

Phyllis: Yeah, you could have lost just as easily.

Billy: And that is why it's called gambling.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] And I don't like it. I hate it. All right? I like being in control.

Billy: Oh, I've noticed.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] You, on the other hand, you love to be out of control. To push it as far as you can. You love the risk. The danger. That is your high. Living on the edge.

Billy: That is the old me. Getting in over his head. Not knowing when to stop. Taking too big of risks. Risks that cost more than I'm willing to lose. See, the new me knows when to draw the line.

Phyllis: Well, I don't want to lose all of the old you. You know, sometimes risk-taking can be...

Billy: Worth it?

Phyllis: Yeah. You know, I mean, we had pretty good payoff in the elevator. And there are 23 floors between here and the casino.

Billy: You don't have to worry about anything. I'm not gonna lose my edge. I'm just not gonna push it too far. 'Cause I'm not gonna do anything that jeopardizes our relationship again. And I've got you here to make sure that I don'T.

Phyllis: Does that make me "good cop" or "bad cop"?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Doesn't matter, as long as you wear a sexy outfit. Like that little sailor captain one that you wore when I got the boat.

Phyllis: Mm. Mm-hmm.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Mm.

Billy: Mm.

Phyllis: If you're not careful, you're gonna miss the start of your tournament.

Billy: Only you... could put me at risk of doing that.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] You said it, not me. But I did bring a sexy dealer's outfit. Want me to put that on so you can take it right back off?

[ Knock on door ]

Billy: Oh. What doesn't happen in vegas is killing me.

Sinead: Hey, bill.

Billy: Sinead. What's up?

Sinead: Thought you'd be downstairs checking out the action.

Billy: Just getting ready to do so. But first I would like to introduce you to my much, much better half. Phyllis, this is sinead. She's one of the competitors.

Phyllis: Nice. You play high-stakes poker?

Sinead: Mm-hmm. And I'm good enough to win your boyfriend's boat away from him.

Phyllis: Wow. That was you.

Sinead: [ Chuckles ] I was captain of the ship. Till bill got lucky at a table and won enough to buy her back from me.

Billy: She's still a little bitter.

Sinead: You've lost way more to me than I have to you.

Billy: Oh, is that why you got me into the tournament? You thin you're gonna outplay me?

Sinead: Hmm. I'd lay money on it.

Phyllis: Wait a minute. You're responsible for billy playing in this tournament.

Billy: Well, she told me about it, and she got me a seat at the table, yeah.

Phyllis: Hmm.

Billy: "Hmm" always means something.

Phyllis: I'm just curious. Why do you want billy to play in this tournament? What's in it for you?

Sinead: Nice digs.

Billy: Perfect for celebrating my victories, right?

Sinead: Now, this is the big time, bill. Not those shady back-room games you're used to.

Billy: Hey, you thought I was good enough to pull some strings and get me in under the wire.

Phyllis: Which brings me to my original question -- why are you so eager to help billy?

Sinead: Ohhh. You think I'm after your man.

[ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Are you?

Billy: Phyllis. She's a poker buddy.

Phyllis: Well, then, why did your "poker buddy" go out of her way to get you in this tournament?

Billy: I wouldn't say she went out of her way.

Phyllis: Well, she pulled some strings. And you still haven't said why.

Sinead: Busted. Wasn't out of the goodness of my heart.

Phyllis: So?

Sinead: I'm still pissed at myself for selling your boat back to you. Figured a little of high-stakes action would put you in the mood to put the boat back on the table for our next game.

Billy: See, that's not gonna happen. I've learned my lesson. And jaboat is way past my limits.

Sinead: Mm. Going soft on me.

Billy: I prefer smart.

Sinead: Your influence?

Phyllis: Billy makes his own decisions. I'm just here to cheer him on.

Sinead: Mm. I dated gamblers. Never works out. Finally realized I'd rather beat 'em than bed 'em.

Phyllis: Sure it isn't "bill" you just want to beat?

Sinead: I won't lie. I do like taking his money. But I put my rep on the line to get you into this thing. So don't make me look bad.

Billy: I'm here to win.

Sinead: Shame you'll have to settle for second place.

Billy: We'll see. See you downstairs. Nice meetin' ya, phyl.

Phyllis: Phyllis. It's phyllis.

Billy: I know I said I was gonna, you know, take it slow at the tables, but in this current environment, I think it's go big or go home.

Phyllis: And I'm guessing we're not going home.

Billy: You'll be there to watch me the whole time, okay? We're gonna be good.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm gonna watch you. And sinead.

Billy: Sinead? Why -- why sinead?

Phyllis: Something about that woman. Something I don't trust.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey, baby. Hey, baby.

Lily: Hi. Hi. Hey. Come here, guys. Mm!

Mattie: Mom!

Lily: No, I'm okay. I am. I'm good. Here, let's sit down. Come on. You guys, it's okay. Relax. I'm fine. All right? Look at me. [ Chuckles ]

Cane: You look good.

Lily: I am. I promise.

[ Sighs ] So, tell me what's going on. How's -- how's sam?

Cane: Uh, you know, he misses you, but he's good. We're all pitching in, so...

Lily: I'm sure you are. And how's work? How's everything at chancellor?

Cane: Well, you know, it practically runs itself, you remember?

Lily: I remember. What about you guys? How's school?

Mattie: It's -- it's cool being a senior. Kind of scary. Um, I'm taking three ap classes. And... oh, yeah. I got elected president of the debate team.

Lily: You did? Congratulations!

Mattie: Thank you.

Lily: Ohh. And what about you? How was your first day?

Charlie: Um, you know, it was nothing special.

Lily: What? You've been excited to be a senior since you were a sophomore.

Charlie: A lot of hype. No big deal.

Lily: Okay. Well, try and enjoy it, all right? It goes by fast.

Charlie: Sure.

Lily: Hmm. Oh, I had, um -- I had an idea. Can you make a film while I'm in here?

Charlie: Mom, no --

Lily: Yeah, a documentary of our family. Then that way, when I get out, i can watch it and see everything that I missed.

Charlie: Mom, I'm not good enough to do something like that --

Lily: Yes, you are. Please, charlie? For me?

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: I'm very glad you called. Yes, I've been thinking a lot about you, too.

[ Laughs ] Really? I haven't eaten there in ages. You'd better keep me posted. Okay. And I'll see you when you get back, neil. Okay. Bye.

Jack: Did I hear right? That was neil?

Ashley: Uh, yeah. He's, uh -- he's doing well. Sofia is in the hospital, but she's stable.

Jack: Oh, boy. Can't be easy for him. Especially the lily part. Nice that he has you, though.

Ashley: Yeah, he's a good friend.

Jack: Care to elaborate on that?

Ashley: What do you mean?

Jack: Oh, I saw the smile on your face.

Ashley: Oh, okay. So you were eavesdropping.

Jack: No, no. I just happened to walk into the room and overhear the last part of what sounded like a very pleasant conversation.

Ashley: Hmm. Interesting. I think I'll go check on mother.

Jack: And evade my question altogether.

Ashley: [ Sighs ] Okay. Neil and I have gotten closer.

Jack: Closer as in dating?

Ashley: Jack, if you want to put a label on it, yes.

Jack: Is this common knowledge or am I the first to hear about it?

Ashley: It's not a secret, but we're not broadcasting it, 'cause we're just taking it slow.

Jack: I hope it works. Really. I think you both deserve some happiness, and it would be cool if you found it together.

Ashley: Thank you. Excuse me.

Jack: There is one other thing I want to discuss with you.

"The young and the restless" will continue.

Jack: Once again, I felt like I was close to an answer and -- bang! -- I hit a brick wall.

Abby: Hey, mom.

Ashley: Hi, honey.

Jack: Get my message?

Abby: I did, yeah.

Jack: So, I was just telling your mother about the talk we had earlier. Abby was gonna help me find better ways to track down my biological father. It was a great idea.

Abby: Well, I am so sorry that nothing came of it. But I would still love to help any way that I can.

Jack: Right now, I think i just need some fresh perspective. I have come at this from every angle I know. And I was hoping if maybe the three of us put our heads together, we could come up with something I haven't even considered.

Abby: All right. Yeah. Yeah, let's do it.

Ashley: Jackie --

Jack: I know you want me to just give up.

Ashley: I don't want you to get hurt again.

Jack: I have to follow this thing to the end.

Ashley: Even if it's not a happy ending?

Jack: I need to know the truth. No matter what it is.

Ashley: Okay. If that's how you feel, we'll do whatever we can to help.

Mattie: Have you checked your commissary account? Dad and I put money in it, so it should be available.

Lily: Uh, I don't know. I'll check after you guys leave.

Mattie: Okay. If it's not there, let us know, okay?

Lily: I'm sure it will be there. Everything runs really smoothly here.

Mattie: What about the infirmary? Have -- have you seen it? Is it clean? Well-staffed? You're entitled to good healthcare, so if you're not provided with it --

Lily: Mattie. Mattie. Mattie.

Cane: Shhh.

Lily: It's fine. Okay?

Mattie: Okay.

Lily: I'm comfortable here. The facilities are safe and clean. It's all good.

Charlie: Is it? Really?

Lily: Yes.

Cane: Charlie.

Charlie: Well, you're acting like this place is some sort of chill spa. We know that's not true.

Cane: Hey. Come on, charlie. Charlie.

Lily: Cane, it's fine. No, it's not a chill spa. But, I mean, it's not a cable show, either. You know, there's a library, there's a tv room, there's an exercise yard, there's a chapel. So I'm keeping myself busy. And, you know, I met some of the other inmates. They recognized me from my modeling days. And I didn't know how it would go, but they were really nice. You know, they even wanted some hair-and-makeup tips.

Mattie: Really? That's really sweet.

Lily: Yeah. So it's fine. I'm good. You know, I'm -- I'm really holding my own in here.

Cane: Um, hey, guys, I think I saw a vending machine outside. Do you want to go and get yourself a snack or something?

Mattie: Yeah. That means they want to be alone.

Cane: Yeah. All right. I'll see you guys outside.

Mattie: Okay.

Lily: I love you.

Mattie: I love you, too. Bye, mom.

Lily: Bye.

Charlie: Bye, mom.

Lily: All right. Bye.

Charlie: Love you.

Lily: Try not to worry, okay?

Cane: Hey. They're gone. How are you really doing, sweetheart?

Lily: Uh... it's, um... taking some getting used to.

Cane: It's awful, I know. I, uh -- I've spent some time in a cell, you know, once or twice myself.

Lily: Yeah. And... I'm trying to stay strong, but...

[ Sighs ] I don't know how I'm gonna get through this.

Cane: What can I do to make things easier for you?

Lily: I just miss you guys so much. I miss our life. And it's nice seeing you, but... it's not the same.

Cane: I know.

Lily: I just lay in my bed at night, and I hear the guards walking up and down the corridors, and they're jangling their keys, and there's prisoners yelling, and... it's scary. And during the day, it's worse. You know, I have no one to talk to. I'm surrounded by inmates, but I feel so alone.

Cane: What about the women that you said knew who you were? I mean, aren't they being nice to you?

Lily: No. No, I lied. For the kids' sake. They recognized me, but they gave me a hard time. You know, a spoiled rich girl is an easy target. It's just wearing on me. I can't sleep. I can't eat. You know, and I thought six months would go by fast, but now it seems like forever. Oh, god! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just -- I need to rest. I need a good night's sleep.

[ Sniffles ]

Cane: What time do they turn out the lights?

Lily: Um... 10:00, I think. Why?

Cane: At 10:00 sharp, I'm gonna turn out my lights, and I'm gonna lay there, and I'm gonna think about you. And you're gonna think about me. And we'll go to sleep every night, then, at the same time, and we'll do it every night until you get out of here. And then, when you get home, we don't have to pretend anymore, 'cause you'll be back in my arms.

[ Zipper unzips ]

Billy: Whooo!

Phyllis: [ Screams ]

[ Laughing ]

Billy: Whoa! Whoa! Can you feel that?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: That energy?

Phyllis: Yes.

Billy: That is winning, baby.

Phyllis: Yes, I know. I know. And I can't believe it. I mean, the excitement. And, I mean, being out of control, and I was just watching.

Billy: You see? That's why I don't want to give this up.

Phyllis: Just watching. No, I am starting to see.

Billy: Anybody that says gambling is a vice doesn't know this feeling. This is one of the best feelings in the world. Well, second only to...

Phyllis: Oh, yeah?

Billy: ...You.

Phyllis: Yeah.

[ Billy groaning ]

Jack: Abby and I were so sure it was gonna work.

Abby: Unfortunately, the stardust inn's records don't go back that far.

Ashley: So where does that leave you?

Jack: Basically where i started -- with mother's journals, the country-club ledger, and this. Hey, you've read mother's journals. Did you maybe see a clue anywhere in there?

Ashley: Not that I recall.

Jack: I texted traci, asking if she remembers anything. She hasn't gotten back to me. In the meantime, I'm culling over what I have.

Ashley: What can I do?

Jack: Actually, the next time you speak to neil, I want you to ask him about this new server farm they hired.

Ashley: You mean digi-real.

Jack: I'm hopeful that maybe they ran across some personal stuff of dina's when they were uploading all those mergeron files. I know it's a long shot, but I'm desperate.

Ashley: Yeah. I'll check.

Jack: Oh, thanks.

Ashley: Uncle jack, can I have another look at that?

Jack: Sure.

Abby: Thanks. I still think it's strange that dina felt the need to keep this in her bank vault.

Ashley: Well, yeah. Especially since we know she didn't have an affair with phillip chancellor.

Jack: Oh, my god. That's it.

Ashley: What?

Jack: You may have just helped me solve the mystery.

[ Knock on door ] Tell me what else I can do, then.

Lily: Well, going to sleep at the same time every night is more than I deserve.

Cane: Don't say that.

Lily: No, devon was right to want justice.

Cane: Don't let what he said in the courtroom get in your head, baby. He took it back. He retraced it.

Lily: Well, maybe he shouldn't have.

Cane: Okay, no. He did the right thing.

Lily: You know what, i thought being sentenced to prison would help me deal with my guilt.

[ Sniffles ] And help me forgive myself. But it's just made things worse. I don't know if these feelings will ever go away.

[ Crying ]

Billy: Go on and guess how much money I won.

Phyllis: Enough for a full spa treatment?

Billy: Enough for 20 full spa treatments, and the cabana, and the shopping spree.

Phyllis: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, cowboy.

Billy: Okay. Yes. I know that. I get it. It's a new me. Enjoy the ride but keep my seat belt on.

[ Knock on door ]

Phyllis: Okay. I hope you did not order the entire room-service menu.

Sinead: Bill, it's me. Sinead.

Billy: Ooh. Look who's here. Sinead! Come on in. You here to, uh, borrow some money?

Sinead: Don't need it.

Billy: Really? Things turn around after I left?

Sinead: It's cool.

Billy: "It's cool"? How much did you lose?

Sinead: Heh. Weekend's young. I'll catch you at the next round.

Phyllis: You assume billy's playing at the next round.

Sinead: Code of honor. You don't quit in the middle of a tournament, especially when you're ahead. Poor form.

Phyllis: So why do you really want billy to keep playing? Is it because he made an amateur out of you, and you want to come to return the favor?

Sinead: Hm. I'm not the one who looks bad if bill walks early.

Phyllis: It's a shame that's not your call.

Billy: No, she's right. It's mine. And I'm staying. Today I played some of the best players in the world, and I held my own. Better than that. I won. Big. And I know tournaments like this don't come around every day, so I'm gonna hold onto this feeling. 'Cause I also know this tournament is gonna be over before I know it. Until then, I'm all-in.

Sinead: Don't forget -- stakes are double in the next round.

Billy: Not a problem.

Jack: Oh, come on, ash. I'm not making this up. Look at how those men are all drawn to our mother.

Abby: Well, yeah. She was stunning.

Ashley: Look at her. She just loved the attention.

Jack: Look at the way they're eyeing her.

Abby: It's like every last one of them's under her spell. Including phillip chancellor.

Ashley: I still don't understand. How did I help solve your problem?

Jack: Once phillip rejected dina, she turned to one of these men.

Ashley: But, jack, we don't even know who they are.

Jack: Well, I'll have to find out who they are. And which one of them is my father.

Next week on "the young and the restless"...

Mariah: I am here with nick newman, the ceo and founder of dark horse, at the launch of his new company.

Lily: Are you saying that -- that you forgive me?

Summer: Okay. Enough foreplay. Kick off your shoes. It's time to settle this bet.

Jack: I have reason to think my father is in this picture.

Lauren: My father is in this picture. That's a young neil fenmore.

Rey: I'm making my move. Tomorrow.

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