Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/5/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/5/18


Episode #11439 ~ Summer returns home, Kyle plays hero, and Dina challenges Phyllis.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Phyllis: What did I do to cause this animosity in you?

Summer: Not everything is about you.

Phyllis: You are making an all-out play for the man I love!

Kyle: The last thing I heard from summer was that billy canceled his trip to philadelphia and texted her to meet on jaboat.

Phyllis: I am the one who sent that text using billy's account. I decided that summer has earned a week-long private cruise.

Tessa: It didn't end well with those guys who helped me smuggle crystal into canada. It came time to pay them, and they wanted $20,000.

Mariah: What?! You could offer tessa a couple shifts here.

Devon: The guilt from this is going to stay with her for the rest of her life. I believe that that's punishment enough. So I'm asking you to please let that be enough.

I'm sentencing you to 12 months in the walworth state penitentiary.

Mattie: You can't just leave your alarm going for an hour.

Charlie: Oh, my god, will you relax? It was barely on for like a minute!

Mattie: Then try turning down the volume. The whole neighborhood doesn't need to hear that ridiculous chime.

Charlie: Why are you even complaining? It's not like you were asleep.

Mattie: No, I was trying to get ready in peace and quiet, like any responsible student.

Charlie: Okay, well, do me a favor, go ahead and do that and shut up!

Mariah: Devon.

Devon: Hey. How you doing?

Mariah: Hi. You're working from the office today.

Devon: Yeah. There's only so much work I can get done at home, you know?

Mariah: Look, I don't want to overstep, and I know you probably don't want to talk about it, but...

Devon: You want to know how lily's sentencing went?

Mariah: Yeah. I haven't heard anything.

Devon: [ Sighs ] Well, the judge was about to hand out his ruling, and then I stopped him.

Mariah: You interrupted a judge?

Devon: I had more to say.

Mariah: Oh.

Devon: Knowing that my sister could spend 20 years in jail for an accident wasn't something that I could live with.

Mariah: So you spoke out on lily's behalf.

Devon: I did. I don't forgive her for anything, but I didn't want to tear my family apart anymore.

Mariah: Did the judge agree with that?

Devon: I don't know what his original ruling was gonna be, but I'm trying to convince myself that it was a whole lot worse than the 12 months that he gave her.

Mariah: Wow. When does she start?

Devon: She's already started. She's there right now. They took her into custody in the courthouse.

Mariah: Lily's there. Wow, um...

Devon: She shouldn't be there, either. I don't know if I could have said more or if I could have appealed harder to the judge or...

Mariah: Look, devon -- look at what you've already done. You said she was facing 20 years, two decades, and, because of you, she only got 12 months, and if you count good behavior, I mean, she's gonna be out before you know it. You saved her years of misery, and I know that she's always gonna be grateful that you came to her defense.

Devon: I needed to hear that, so thank you for saying it, but it's still gonna take me some time to process this, you know?

Mariah: Of course. I can work from home today or from the studio, if you want.

Devon: Would you mind?

Mariah: No. No, of course not.

Devon: Thanks.

Mariah: And if you need anything or you just want to talk, I'm just a phone call away.

Devon: Thank you.

Mariah: Okay.

Summer: Round 1 to you, mom, but round 2 is gonna knock you on your ass! What, did you think you could keep me on the boat forever? "Welcome home. Billy and I moved out. You're on your own. Lucky you. Mom."

Phyllis: Well, I am so glad you've got that adrenaline going. You're gonna need it. You're gonna have to duck and cover at the office today. You know a storm is moving.

Kyle: Ah.

Phyllis: A summer storm.

Kyle: So land-ho for summer. Surprised you let her come back already.

Phyllis: Well, I was concerned about the yacht staff. You know she put them through a lot of abuse. Hazard pay, extremely expensive.

Kyle: Or maybe summer was her charming self and saved up a week of snark and screaming just for you.

Phyllis: Well, that is one possibility, but I prefer to think that my beloved child has thought long and hard about the error of her ways.

Kyle: Yeah. I'm going with snark. Serious revenge fantasies.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, she can bring it. Summer thinks that she's phyllis jr., But she has no idea what mommy's capable of.

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Tessa: Um, okay. So that was two lattes and a decaf mocha.

[ Machine whistling, hissing ] Oh, uh, you know, it's fine. It does that sometimes.

Mariah: It does. It does. Um, you know, it's just making its happy little singing noise, and we're gonna get all of your orders right out to you in a second.

Tessa: Thank you.

Mattie: What are you doing?

Cane: What do you mean, what am I doing, huh? It's your first day back to school. You know what that means? Dad's back-to-school waffles, all right? So batter up. Come here, baby.

Charlie: Today?

Mattie: Thank you.

Cane: Of course today, okay? Hey, it's your first day back at school, all right? It's the last year before you go to college.

Mattie: You didn't have to do this, dad.

Cane: Uh, yeah, I did have to do this. Look, was I living her last year? No. Did that change anything? No. So it's back-to-school waffles as usual, all right? Look, guys, what'd your mum say, all right? We're still a family, right? That's not gonna change.

Charlie: Last year was different. This is just...

Cane: All right, listen, okay, guys? I know it's different, all right? But I guarantee you right now, your mum's sitting there and she's thinking about us, and she's wondering "did dad make the batter too thick? Is he gonna pour too much into the waffle iron?" You know.

Mattie: So it squeezes out the sides? You always do that.

Cane: So I'll probably do it again, right? Okay, so... there's the batter. I got that done. All right. I got the strawberries, I've got the powdered sugar. I need the whipped cream. Where's the whipped cream?

[ Sighs ] We don't have any whipped cream.

Mattie: Mom usually buys it.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Sorry i missed tropical storm summer blowing into jabot, but today I'm working from home.

Phyllis: Oh, you're a coward! Or is this your way to, uh, get your little huddle time with ashley and your father so you can stick it to billy some more?

Kyle: Ahh. It is true. You and billy really do share everything, including paranoia and conspiracy theories. But, no, I work from home one day a week to enjoy a matinee.

Phyllis: Oh, that's productive. Does your boss know about this?

Kyle: Trust me. It was her idea.

Phyllis: Did you just call billy a "her?"

Dina: [ Humming ] Well, I'm ready for our film.

[ Giggles ] Would you like some popcorn?

[ Sighs ]

Kyle: What'd you pick for today?

Dina: Oh! "I could have been a contender!" "On the waterfront." Marlon brando's so dreamy.

Phyllis: You know, why don't we pick out something else today? We just saw that yesterday.

Dina: Ugh, stop that! What do you think you're doing? I haven't seen it before. It's marlon brando! I haven't seen one of his films in ages.

Kyle: Of course we're watching it.

Dina: Good.

Kyle: Phyllis is just confused. You see, you a I have our own little movie club. No one else understands how we do things.

Dina: Our club, huh?

[ Giggles ]

Phyllis: I am sorry. I was just trying to help.

Kyle: You may think I'm an idiot in general, but I know what I'm doing with dina. So just let me handle things with her. Please? This is her life. These are her days. It's all about the repetition and the familiar.

Phyllis: Okay, that woman used to run a multi-million-dollar business.

Kyle: Which means she's earned the right to some peace.

Phyllis: Peace? This isn't peace. This is suffering.

Kyle: How is that your call? You don't get to judge her life.

Phyllis: She has no idea who I am. Or she doesn't even ask why I'm in this house.

Kyle: So? Who cares? It's not about you.

Phyllis: I'm not saying it is.

Kyle: We can't change what dina's going through, and it's gonna be like this until it isn'T. Until it gets worse, 'cause it sure as hell isn't gonna get better. So if snacks and movies and marlon brando make her happy, then that's what she's gonna get. Besides, forgetting means dina doesn't get upset about the past. She's made a new past. One she can live with.

Dina: Where is it?

Phyllis: Where's what?

Dina: Where is it?

Kyle: I got you covered, dina.

Dina: Oh! You are a charmer. Thank you.

Kyle: That's what they say.

Dina: [ Giggles ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] What?

Phyllis: You're like a piranha with good hair, always wanting to eat billy up like a snack, and yet there's this, you and dina.

Kyle: She's my grandmother.

Phyllis: Well, he is your uncle.

Kyle: He can handle himself.

Phyllis: You are doting over a woman who has no idea who you are.

Kyle: And that's pathetic to you.

Phyllis: Actually, it's kind of beautiful.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Kyle: Don't you look sun-kissed?

Summer: You think you could hide from me forever?

Phyllis: Well, who's hiding? I'm right here, and I think kyle has a point, you know? Sunscreen is your best friend. There was plenty of it on the boat. You should have used more.

Dina: What's going on over there?

Summer: My mother is a kidnapper, but, you know, hey, there was sunscreen, so it's totally fine.

Phyllis: Actually, my daughter pushed her luck. She's fortunate she got off as easy as she did.

[ Knocks on door ]

Nate: Got a sec?

Devon: I'm just trying to get through my work. It's not that easy, though.

Nate: That's why I stopped by, man, to see how you were doing.

Devon: I'm, uh... I'm trying not to blame myself. That's how I'm doing.

Nate: You shouldn'T. I'm serious, man. I was in that courtroom. I saw how you spoke up for lily.

Devon: After I tore her apart and told the judge that she should get the maximum sentence.

Nate: But then you said no, that's not what you wanted. He gave her 12 months. Yes, yes, the fantasy was probation or house arrest, but, listen, maybe that was never realistic. 12 months, though -- you made that happen.

Devon: I also made her confess to the whole thing. I pushed her to do that.

Nate: No, no, no, no, no. That was lily's decision. In order to get right with you and herself.

Devon: So you don't think any of it's my fault?

Nate: You were brave enough for a second time to go in that courtroom and fight for lily. You were the brother and the man that I know you are. You should feel nothing but pride about that. I mean, even thinking about it now... what about visiting her? Have you given that any thought?

Devon: I have so much work to get through. I just don't know how I'm ever gonna do it. I'm beyond backed up.

Nate: There's a form you have to fill out in advance. I mean, you have to file that before anything can happen. The rules are pretty straightforward, you just -- you are planning on visiting her, right?

Cane: You know what they say, right? Whipped cream and waffles is good, but ice cream is better.

Mattie: We should have thought of this a long time ago.

Cane: True. All right, so, first day back at school. You guys ready? You got your books, supplies?

Mattie: Mm-hmm.

Cane: All right. You got schedules, right? You good?

Mattie: Mm-hmm.

Cane: Yeah.

Charlie: Didn't get any sleep last night with sam crying.

Cane: Yeah.

Mattie: He knows mom's not here. I tried to walk him around the way she does.

Cane: You did a great job, sweetheart. I got him down a couple of hours ago, and bridgette's in there with him now, so...

Cane: Can I just stay home today and hang out with him? Keep him company. Nothing happens the first day back anyway.

Cane: Okay. All right. What's going on? Did your classmates say something about your mom? Did you hear something on social media? What's happening here?

Charlie: Nobody said anything. I just don't see the point of sitting in a classroom when mom is... look, I just don't see the point.

Cane: Okay, well, I kind of see the point here, you know? Listen, charlie, mate, you got to keep moving here, all right? Listen, we wake up, we have our meals. We go to school, we go to work. We come home, we go to bed, and we do it again, all right? Just -- you got to keep moving forward here, just put one foot in front of the other.

Mattie: That's what mom wants.

Cane: Right. Listen, um, good news -- I arranged a visit with mom. We're gonna go tomorrow, okay? So she's gonna see you, all right? She'll know you're okay. You'll see her and know she's okay. I know this is scary, but, hey. Hey, hey. It's gonna be okay, all right?

Charlie: Yeah. Look, I got to go get my stuff.

Cane: [ Exhales sharply ] Listen. I know this is hard on you. It's gonna be hard on him.

Mattie: I'll look after him.

Cane: Oh, baby, I don't want to put that on you.

Mattie: I love you, dad, and you're a great father, but this is a twin thing.

Charlie: [ Sighs ] All right, listen, guys, if you need me, you call me on my cellphone. If you can't get me, you call my assistant, and she will track me down, okay?

Mattie: Okay.

Cane: Okay.

[ Sam crying ]

Cane: That's sam. Listen, keep moving forward, okay?

Charlie: Yeah.

Cane: All right.

Mattie: All righty, let's go. I'll even let you pick the music on the ride there. No, it's fine. You can take the car. The guys are gonna pick me up.

Mattie: Oh, all right. I'll see you later then.

Charlie: See ya.

Dina: Ahh! Eva marie saint. What a beauty. You think maybe I should change my hair?

Kyle: Don't change a thing. My heart couldn't take it.

Dina: Oh, you. [ Giggles ]

Kyle: Take it outside, ladies. The pool, town, boxing ring. Anywhere but here.

Phyllis: He's right.

Summer: Oh, no way. No. You are gonna drop me off by the side of the road somewhere, and I'm gonna have to hike back to civilization. No way. We are doing this here and now.

Dina: Well, if you two must quarrel, at least speak loudly so I don't have to strain to listen.

Summer: What, did you think i just wouldn't come back? Were you hoping I'd fall overboard and get sunstroke and die, maybe?

Phyllis: You were on a yacht, summer, with staff, food, and air conditioning. I am sure that you suffered deeply.

Summer: All right, and what about billy? What, did you lock him in a basement somewhere?

Phyllis: No, he's at work right now. Before that, he was in our bedroom. In our bed.

Dina: Ooh! How risqué! I adore risqué. [ Giggles ]

Summer: What'd you tell him?

Phyllis: About what?

Summer: "About what?" About me!

Phyllis: Oh! Yes. About you. Um, I told him about your ticket to philadelphia and how you were planning to meet him, surprise him in his room and how you lied to my face about that ridiculous yoga trip. See, I don't know how I raised you to be so pathetic, wasting your time on someone who is clearly in a relationship.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] All right, you keep telling yourself that.

Phyllis: Did you think that there were gonna be no consequences?

Summer: [ Scoffs ] All right, you know what, let's go there. Let's talk about being pathetic and about being nasty and definitely about consequences.

Kyle: Okay, this was fun. Time for you to go to the office. Catch up on work, show off that suntan.

Summer: You had your fun running to billy, telling him all about me when he doesn't even know who the real you is yet. "Oh, summer -- she's so awful. She doesn't care about monogamy." Yeah, well, like mother, like daughter, and you just keep proving it.

Mariah: And sometimes when it gets super slammed in here, sharon will cut up a piece of the brownie. She'll set it out as a sample. People don't mind waiting in line when they're chewing on chocolate.

Tessa: Right. Right. Okay, I just need to figure out the timing, you know? When the rush is coming. It's just all happening so fast.

Mariah: Exactly. Don't worry about it. So now, while no one is screaming for caffeine, you want to make sure that the iced coffee is icing, that the almond milk is topped off, and that everything is just set up for the next rush.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Here.

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: So, how is crystal? Have you talked to her?

Tessa: Uh, yeah. Yeah. I talked to her last night. She's okay.

Mariah: And the guys that helped her across the border? Any word on how long they're willing to wait for the money? Because I have savings, you know.

Tessa: No. No, mariah. That money is yours. And, honestly, it probably won't be enough.

Mariah: Yeah, but it'd be something, and we'll get the rest.

Tessa: No, I won't -- I won't let this be your problem.

Mariah: Tessa. You're my person, and she's your sister, so I want to help in whatever way I can.

Tessa: Look, I'll figure something out. I have some options.

Mariah: What options? Hi! What can I do for you?

Tessa: You know, I think i got this one.

Mariah: Are you sure?

Tessa: Yeah. Can you get some more stevia?

Mariah: Okay. On it.

Tessa: Hi. What can I get for you?

Charlie: One iced vanilla latte.

Tessa: All right. Sugar rush before school. That was always my go-to. You sure you won't be late?

Charlie: No school. Teacher conferences.

Tessa: I, uh, thought it was your first day back. Well, look at you. Do teachers normally do conferences this early in the year?

Phyllis: Are you gonna scamper right out of here? Spill everything to billy? Break your word to your father? You hate me that much?

Summer: Yeah, it's a tough one because I really do love dad and I love the checks that he writes me.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. You know what, why don't you call billy right now? Why don't you tell him everything? Get it off your chest. Go ahead.

Summer: Be careful what you wish for, mom.

Phyllis: You know what my bet is? My bet is billy and I are gonna survive this, but your dad and sharon, she's gonna have him booted out by the end of the day, and your little sister is not gonna appreciate that. And nick -- you go ahead, you break his heart and his family, but you will be left with no parents and no money, but, hey, you showed me who was boss, right?

Summer: You know what, maybe I will tell billy about you and dad. Maybe I will. Or maybe I'll just remind him how crazy it made him being in the same room as me. Because, you know, he hung onto every word I said and every move I made, and I'm still here.

Phyllis: How are you being this stupid? Really. Seriously. You're my kid. You should be much smarter than this. I told billy that I sent you out to sea. He didn't rush to rescue you. He is not interested in a relationship with you, and i don't know why I can't get you to see that.

Summer: You are such a hypocrite. You don't think that I know how you got daniel's dad to marry you? Really? Oh, yeah, mom, he was really into you.

Phyllis: Okay, all right. You know what, little girl, you are not strong enough, you are not smart enough to play this game with me, and you've already proven that, clearly. You stay away from billy. You hate me, have at it. Quite frankly, I don't even care at this point. But, you know what, this hate that's burning inside of you, it is making you one nasty little piece of work, and you are gonna lose everything and everyone if you are not careful.

Summer: I could say the exact same thing to you.

Phyllis: Oh, is that so?

Summer: You have just as much as me to lose.

Dina: Stop it! Please, make them stop.

Kyle: Okay, that's it. Come on.

Summer: I'm not done.

Kyle: Yes, you are. Madeleine cookies, peppermint tea, and the movie. Please. Her nurse will be here in a couple of hours. Just keep an eye on her.

Phyllis: We're fine. We will be fine.

Summer: You think that this is over, mom?

Phyllis: Oh, I know it's not over!

Dina: [ Whimpering ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nate: You didn't say when you were going to visit her.

Devon: You know what, I am not in a mood right now to get into anything with you. I'm really not.

Nate: I understand what you lost. Believe me, I do. And you won't be yourself for a while, if ever. You can't lose something like that and be the same, man. But you are lily's brother, and she needs you. Just one visit.

Devon: Nate. Nate. I am not going to sit across from her in that place.

Nate: I don't understand. You spoke up for her. Are you saying you regret that now?

Devon: I don't regret it. I don't regret any word that i said. I meant every single word i said, both times. Lily is the reason that hilary is gone, but I also don't want her life destroyed, either. It doesn't mean that we're gonna have some big moment of forgiveness and happiness and everything's just gonna be cool. I don't forgive her for anything.

Nate: That's how you feel now, okay? But later --

Devon: Later, I'm still gonna wake up in the morning wondering where my wife and my child are, and lily will still be the reason that all that went away. So time is not gonna fix this. And as far as brother and sister, lily and I are done.

What in god's name -- what are you trying to do?

Take your hands off him. Keep them off him!

Dina: He's doing it! He's doing it! He's -- he's walking! He's all beaten and bloody. Do you think he's gonna fall? Oh, god, I just -- I couldn't bear it if he fell. He made it.

[ Sighs ] Oh, thank goodness. He made it. Well, shall we watch it again, hmm?

Phyllis: You know what, why don't we do something else? Why don't we do a puzzle? Or we could walk outside.

Dina: Oh, all right. I always enjoyed a good stroll around the grounds.

Phyllis: Good. Do you do that with kyle or your nurse?

Dina: Don't be silly. I'm not a child and I don't need a babysitter.

Phyllis: No. Of course not. But you know what?

Dina: What?

Phyllis: I would like to go outside. I would love some fresh air.

Dina: Oh, well, suit yourself.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ugh! God! I just hate cellphones. They're so intrusive!

Phyllis: I know.

Dina: There's no peace around here.

Phyllis: Believe me, I know. It's horrible. Hey, lauren. Hi. I'm in the middle of something, but I will explain. Uh, yeah. No, I know. I know, I hear you. I hear you, I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Yeah, no, I should have given you a heads up that I was gonna be late today, but, you know what, summer is probably gonna be there any minute. And that's a longer story, but... dina, why don't have a seat outside at the table, okay? And I'll be right out there. Don't leave without me.

Dina: Oh. Of course not!

[ Giggles ]

Phyllis: Hey. Hi. [ Laughs ] It has been a thing. You have no idea.

Summer: She should be quaking. My mom should be terrified of what I can do to her life. I am the one with the power. I'm the one that can take her down once and for all.

Kyle: I don't know. That was a pretty baller move, her shipping you off on jaboat. What was it like, you slinking on the yacht for your sexy rendezvous with billy? How long before you figured out you got played?

Summer: It was the most boring week of my life. There was no cell service, no social media. There were two magazines, and I can recite them by heart.

Kyle: So, no time for soul-searching, I take it.

Summer: I had plenty of time to think.

Kyle: Lots of mayhem and destruction?

Summer: You know, for a second, I was actually impressed. Turns out that phyllis still has some game in her after all. I just never saw it coming.

Kyle: It's important for kids to admire their parents. What's the next move for you with billy? You finally admitting defeat?

Phyllis: Hey, lauren. Yeah, I will pull up the contacts and shoot them right to you, all right? Yeah. Yeah, once dina's nurse gets here. Okay, yeah, but I'm reachable, okay? All right. Bye. Okay, dina, honey. Let's smell some roses! Dina? Dina! Where are you? Dina! Dina!

Kyle: So, is this the end of your heroic journey? A sad whimper from the once-proud princess of prowl. I mean, phyllis knows. Billy knows phyllis knows, and your charms are...not totally charming right now. So it looks like you don't have a snowflake's chance in hell at landing the big one.

Tessa: Hi.

Summer: Oh, my god. You're back.

Tessa: Yeah. Me standing here means I'm back.

Summer: And you are working for mariah's mom. I mean, I thought you skipped town for good, but mariah must be over the moon.

Tessa: Hey.

Summer: Oh, here she is.

Mariah: Hi. What?

Kyle: See this? This magic? It was all me. I made this happen.

Mariah: Kinda not.

Kyle: Kinda did. Totally.

Tessa: All right, you've earned your wings, cupid.

Kyle: See? Her, you have to believe.

Summer: Okay, wait, wait. So this -- this is a thing?

Mariah: All right, change of subject. Summer! Where have you been? Off jet-setting on daddy's dime?

Kyle: Close. Summer decided to book herself an end-of-the-season cruise.

Mariah: Oh, yeah, that makes sense because you've been back at work for what, like, three months? You know, you obviously need some r&R.

Tessa: Well, that sounds fun. Did you go with anyone?

Summer: Nope. No one. Just needed some "me" time.

Kyle: Summer gives and gives until it hurts. And then she needs alone time to recharge.

Mariah: Well, that's great because some of us can only take coffee breaks. I got to get some work done.

Tessa: Me, too.

Mariah: All right. I'll see you later.

Tessa: Absolutely.

Summer: Okay, we get it. You guys are cute. Bye.

Tessa: Devon.

Devon: Tessa.

Tessa: Hi, um...

Devon: Hi. I didn't know you were back.

Tessa: I -- I heard about hilary, and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Devon: Thanks.

Tessa: It's just awful, everything that you've gone through.

Devon: I appreciate it.

Tessa: And, you know, I think about hilary and the things that I said to her, and I feel a lot of shame about that. And the way that I left hamilton-winters after everything you have done for me, I am just so, so sorry. About everything.

Devon: Well, tessa, what exactly do you want?

Nate: Sorry to show up so unannounced, man.

Cane: No, come on, man. You know you're always welcome.

Nate: Yeah. How are the kids? Thanks.

Cane: You got it. Uh, sam knows something's up. He was up and down all night wondering where lily was and not understanding why she wouldn't come in and hold him. Mattie's good. She's helping.

Nate: Yeah, this is a lot for the twins. How are they doing?

Cane: They're putting on a brave front, but charlie's making all this noise about not going to school.

Nate: What about you?

Cane: No, I'm managing. I, uh, was on the phone all morning, trying to pull every string I could so I could go and see lily, but, you see, they have this rule that she can't have any visitors for the first 48 hours, so now I'm kind ofow I'm kind of wondering if devon can call someone and maybe help.

Nate: No, devon's not in any frame of mind to help anyone right now.

Cane: What do you mean? I mean, he wanted leniency. I mean, he doesn't want his sister locked up in a cell.

Nate: The pain is still too deep for him. I don't know if he'll ever be able to stop hurting.

Phyllis: Dina! Dina! Please answer me!

[ Sighs ]

Kyle: I got to take off, but you still haven't told me what the plan is for billy. On the one hand, it's clearly hopeless and you have to give up. On the other hand, your delusions are entertaining, so give me a hint, at least.

Summer: You'll know what i want you to know when I want you to know.

Kyle: I'm sure the build-up will be worth it.

Tessa: The people I got involved with that helped crystal get across the border, they need to be paid $20,000, which I obviously don't have, and I'm terrified about what they'll do if they don't get their money. I'm mortified to come to you like this, but if I think about it too much, I'll lose my nerve because I'm gonna do whatever i have to.

Devon: All right. Um... I can appreciate that, tessa, but I gave you a second chance after you stole those lyrics, and you blew that. So, I'm sorry, but I think you're gonna have to find someone who doesn't know you as well as I do.

Phyllis: Dina! Kyle, thank god. Look, you didn't get my message? I don't know what happened. I turned my head for 2 seconds.

Kyle: I know.

Phyllis: All right, let's call 911. She couldn't have gotten that far, all right?

Kyle: Stop. Hang up. She's in the den.

Phyllis: Is she okay?

Kyle: She's in one piece and quite pleased with herself. She took a turn at the orchard.

Phyllis: How did you find her?

Kyle: Honestly? A tracker.

Phyllis: Your grandmother?

Kyle: In her purse. She never makes a move without it, kind of like the queen of england.

Phyllis: You seem so calm.

Kyle: It's happened before, which is the reason for the tracker.

Phyllis: Honestly, I thought, you know, whatever. It's a piece of cake looking after someone, you know? How hard could it be? And then she was gone all of a sudden. I mean, anything could have happened, I was terrified. You know, I haven't felt this way since... you know, it's been years.

Kyle: It'll take some practice. You live here now, so you'll get used to it. You won't have a choice. It's the new normal.

Dina: Oh, there you are! It's time for our matinee. Marlon brando is so dreamy!

[ Giggles ]

Phyllis: He is...amazing. Every time.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hey. Um, did you want me to work in the office after all, or...?

Devon: No. No, no, no, no. It's, uh, better if we speak here. Can I come in?

Mariah: Yeah.

Devon: Thank you.

Mariah: So, what's up?

Devon: Um... do you know why tessa came back to town?

Mariah: She came back to be with me. Why -- why are you asking?

Devon: Well, because I ran into her earlier, and she asked me for a lot of money.

Mariah: Oh.

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: Yeah, um, I'm sorry. I -- I didn't know she was gonna do that. But did she explain why, what it was for? I mean, it's for her own protection.

Devon: I mean, yeah, that's what she said.

Mariah: Why do you say it like that?

Devon: Well, because I don't know if I buy it.

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