Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/30/18

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/30/18


Episode #11435 ~ Sharon receives an unexpected guest, Kyle sets a trap, and Billy fights temptation.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Victoria: He repaired your plumbing, he fixed your tire, and then he bumped into mom and dad and me at the club. Is no one else concerned that this new guy is going around asking questions about J.T., And he's gone out of his way to meet all of us?

Tessa: If you don't hear from me for the next little bit, it's for safety, but I'm coming back soon. For you.

Ashley: You want to lure billy back into gambling?

Kyle: It won't take much effort. Summer told me billy has a big-time rival at the poker table -- a woman named sinead.

Kyle: Ashley. I was just headed your way.

Ashley: What's up?

Kyle: I've been thinking more about our mutual problem.

Ashley: Is this another plan of yours that involves getting billy back into gambling? Because I meant what I said. We're not doing it.

Kyle: And I completely understand. My intention wasn't to throw him down the rabbit hole. I just thought we could keep his feet in the water long enough to get what we want.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: You are still worried about what he's doing to jabot...

Ashley: Shh! Obviously. This has to end before billy's reckless behavior brings us all down with him, but I'm not using his addiction to lure him into a trap.

Kyle: And I hear you. Loud and clear. Left to his own devices, I think you and I both know that, given his history, he'll eventually cross the line, give us just cause to remove him from office, but have we got the time to sit and wait for that to happen? He's already cut right into your r&d budget, and there are bound to be hidden costs involved in these stores.

Ashley: I know this, okay? This is all I think about, all right? Billy has brought this company to the edge, and it's up to me --

Kyle: Yeah, and me.

Ashley: Yes, and you to make sure we didn't get to the point of no return. But still, I think we have to rely on surveillance to gather evidence to use against him. You do know why I have to do this, right? I feel like I have no choice. This is not personal. I'm trying to protect the company.

Kyle: Of course. I get it. Totally. And it's not personal for me, either. You're only doing what any responsible C.O.O. Would do in your position, and I'm doing whatever it takes to help you achieve that.

Ashley: Okay, but we have to still handle this in a very sensitive fashion. But at the end of the day, billy has to be stopped.

Mariah: Maybe I should change my cellphone number.

Sharon: Then no one could find you.

Mariah: Exactly. And then I wouldn't be wondering why tessa hasn't called me, and then I wouldn't be waiting for said call, and she can't call me if she doesn't know my number, so -- boom! Done! Closure. Peace of mind.

Sharon: Oh, sweetheart.

Mariah: I'm just kidding.

Sharon: No, you're not. I know how hard this must be for you.

Mariah: This is what happens when your only past relationships consist of the guy you stalked, best-friend-bad-sex guy, and the one who was still in love with his ex. I am so aggressively bad at this.

Sharon: You know, sometimes it hurts to feel too much. You need to get out, mariah. Distract yourself for, you know, a little while. Is there anyone you can call?

Mariah: Oh, someone that is in the rich social tapestry that is my life? Kidding! I'm sorry, okay? I'm gonna go out. I am going to paint the town red. I'm gonna do all the things.

Sharon: Or you could stay. Maybe you should.

Mariah: And -- poof! Like magic, I'm gone.

Rey: I'm back. Free coffee still on the menu?

Sharon: That was the deal.

Rey: For one month only. I promise, I will not take advantage.

Sharon: It's not a problem. But first, I'm gonna need some answers.

Kyle: So we need to keep an eye out for any budget discrepancies, any bad hires, or cutting corners on product safety... what? We're on the same team, but the way you're eyeing me...

Ashley: So, you're done trying to lure billy back into gambling, right?

Kyle: Exactly. Not an issue.

Ashley: Why did you think of that in the first place? It's kind of strange.

Kyle: I learned enough from my dad and victor to know you look for your opponent's weakness. If you say that's going too far for you, I respect that.

Ashley: Well, your dad's an addict.

Kyle: And he has it under control.

Ashley: But if somebody fed him pills...

Kyle: I'd break someone in half.

Ashley: But that doesn't apply to your uncle.

Kyle: It's the ponies and the cards. That's not a chemical addiction. It's not a medical issue he can't control.

Ashley: Well, that's highly debatable, but put that aside for a second. You are aware that both billy and victoria's lives have been at stake because of this. That doesn't seem to matter to you.

Kyle: My father has an illness. Billy is spoiled. He's entitled. He gets whatever he wants.

Ashley: Shh.

Kyle: And plenty of stuff he doesn't even ask for. He is a smug, self-satisfying jerk who, for some reason, people find so charming and entertaining.

Ashley: I hope you're aware of the irony of every word that's coming out of your mouth.

Kyle: Even you can't bring yourself to go full-tilt at him.

Ashley: Wow. You've got a huge grudge against your uncle. Where did it come from?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Jabot matters to me, and billy isn't worthy of his title. Maybe I'm just a tad jealous.

Ashley: You think? Still, I need to count on you, kyle. I need to make sure that you can have a cool head.

Kyle: You can. I give you my word. I mean it. I may have my personal feelings, but this is ultimately about what's right for jabot and the family. So gambling is off-limits. Even without the nudge, I'm sure, eventually, billy will return to form and give us what we want.

Ashley: Try not to get too cocky. Billy's watching us. That's why he's playing everything close to the chest. Don't underestimate him, ever. Hey.

Billy: Ah. You two. Why am I not surprised? Tell me -- do either one of you actually do anything around here, I mean, besides trying to shiv me and the company?

Kyle: Actually, I was just about to tell ashley about my plans for the evening. A date.

Billy: My point exactly. And clearly she has no idea what's she getting into.

Kyle: She'll know soon enough.

Rey: Is this about my plumbing job? I know I'm not licensed and bonded, but I stand by my work --

Sharon: It's not about my plumbing. What exactly are you doing here in genoa city?

Sharon: What do you mean?

Sharon: I mean, why are you here?

Rey: Something happen?

Sharon: You get to town, and you meet almost all the people i know. I'm curious as to why, and don't try to pretend it was some casual coincidence.

Rey: You're right. It's not. I'm here because of J.T. Hellstrom.

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Mariah: Is it weird being up here fully-clothed? Because sometimes I worry about you and your exhibitionist tendencies.

Kyle: I'm good. I'm dressed. But I'm waiting --

Mariah: Let me buy you a drink.

Kyle: I don't -- what?

Mariah: I have kind of been feeling sorry for myself because of this whole tessa thing, and they said -- by "they" I mean the internet -- to reach out and help others when you feel like your life is a dumpster fire. It's supposed to make you feel better. Well, not you, but me. It's supposed to help make me feel better. So let me buy you a drink and, uh, help me feel better.

Kyle: I can buy my own drinks, and you sound drunk already.

Mariah: No, I'm not, actually. Sadly, I'm stone-cold sober. This is just my way of blowing off steam. Aren't I good at it? Has your P.I. Heard anything about tessa, found anything?

Kyle: Nothing. Sorry. But if he hears anything --

Mariah: Do you want to do shots? Let's do shots.

Kyle: I don't need a shot.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Kyle... I really need to take my mind off of this whole tessa thing, and as the cupid who helped put us back on romance road, would you just please help me do that?

Kyle: You're freaking for no reason. We'll hear something. My guy knows what he's doing, so maybe just go home, stream something, or eat chocolate cake. That's a thing girls do, right, when they're trying not to obsess? Or is that ice cream?

Mariah: That is not a sexist cliché at all, and who are you looking for?

Kyle: No one. A woman.

Mariah: Oh. So who is "no one?" I'm sure she would appreciate that.

Kyle: A date.

Mariah: Aww. Oh! Is it summer? Because I pledged a solemn vow to make sure that you didn't fall for her again.

Kyle: It's not her.

Mariah: But it is someone. Which could be just as bad. Yes, okay, fine, I am the lonely, bitter singleton who thinks that romance is dead, you know? Because what's the alternative? Happily ever after? Well, that doesn't exist.

Kyle: I still say do the chocolate cake and ice cream thing. This place isn't gonna make you feel better -- people hooking up and all that.

Mariah: You're trying to get rid of me.

Kyle: I really am.

Mariah: Nope. Not going to happen because if you are willing to put your heart on the line again, then i need to check this girl out first.

Billy: I'm here. Whatever you need.

Victoria: Yes, I need to talk to you about the kids. In person.

Billy: Okay, no problem. Let me just finish up here and I'll drive to your office, okay?

Victoria: All right. Thank you. See you then.

Billy: Bye.

Ashley: Victoria?

Billy: Yeah. Co-parenting means co-scheduling.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Sorry to make you wait.

Ashley: No worries. So, what's with the meeting? You're paranoid, and you need to get a handle on that.

Billy: Sure. I just wanted to make sure you're up to speed on the latest developments. I have approved a press release that should be going wide... well, as we speak. Fanfare, hoopla, all the good stuff about the simultaneous grand openings of all jaboutiques.

Ashley: Hmm. Amazing.

Billy: I know what the press release means. You know what the press release means. But, still, I want to be very clear. We're doing this. We're all-in. So if you try and tank this project in any way, shape, or form, know that you're only doing damage to the company that you claim to love. No more games. Of course you, kyle, and jack or whoever can put your heads together and bitch and complain about the damage I'm doing, but no more sabotaging, do you understand? It ends here and now. The idea was always to open 30 locations in time for the holiday rush, and I am very proud to say that we are 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Ashley: How are you gonna pull that off?

Billy: Stick-to-itiveness.

Ashley: I'm an executive in this company. I guess I need to remind you. It means that I need to be kept in the loop when you make decisions.

Billy: That's exactly what i just did.

Ashley: After the fact.

Billy: Well, ashley, it's because I still don't trust you.

Sharon: Can't imagine why you'd want anything to do with J.T. He tried to kill nick's father not once, but twice. He's dangerous, calculating, and vicious. And if you two became friends somewhere along the way, and now you're here looking for him, well, you should have just said that upfront and right away. And all the people that you made a point of meeting would tell you J.T. Will never show his face in this town again, not after what he did to the newmans. So if this is the kind of company that you keep --

Rey: No, no, no. You got me wrong, okay? Guy's not my pal. I don't even know him.

Sharon: Then why would you want anything to do with him?

Rey: I'm here for work.

Sharon: You said you were in finance.

Rey: Yes, I did. Sounds a lot better than "debt collector." When people hear that, they think I'm like the repo man, that I'm gonna bust their kneecaps. It's not that at all. My company was sent here so i could investigate J.T.'S credit card debt.

Sharon: So you're just here to collect a debt? Then why wouldn't you just say so?

Rey: Well, because my line of work gets a lot of side-eye. People usually aren't that upfront with you once they know what you're after. And it doesn't mean that i didn't like meeting you and your fiancé. You're good people. Sure, I have a lot of questions, but I still would have fixed your plumbing, your friend's tires.

Sharon: Phyllis is not my friend.

Rey: You're right. She's not. My bad. Are we okay?

Sharon: I really don't like being lied to. Not for whatever reason.

Rey: Is this a subtle hint, the to-go cup?

Sharon: It's free coffee, as promised.

Rey: Thank you.

Sharon: By the way... J.T. -- He left a lot of debt in his wake, financial and emotional. Who knows if any of those will ever be repaid? You should know that before you waste your time here in genoa city.

Rey: I'll keep that in mind.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Billy: So, go ahead, give the press release a read. I'm sure you will understand that trying to cut me off at the knees means that you only want jabot to fail. The public knows about this project, the business world knows about this project, and I will say it again -- if anyone tries to tank it, the heat will not be on me.

Ashley: Okay. So you're bumping up the grand openings, which tells me that you are continuing to throw money at this project. And I know that you've already bled r&d dry, so where's the capital coming from?

Billy: You don't need to worry about that.

Ashley: That's the only answer you're gonna give me?

Billy: It's the only one you need.

Ashley: Are you talking loans, billy? Are you talking cutbacks? Are you talking layoffs? Because people aren't gonna give a damn about your popcorn machines if they're afraid of getting pink-slipped.

Billy: Nobody said anything about layoffs, ashley.

Ashley: You haven't said anything about anything, so I'm forced to guess. If you are talking about letting people go, you are going to hurt loyal jabot staffers. They have car payments, they have mortgages, they've got children to support. And as far as the public goes, if they get wind of this, they're gonna think jabot is slipping, and they're not gonna give a damn --

Billy: Ashley, ashley, relax. You're gonna hurt yourself. Look, don't get all worked up over something that hasn't happened.

Ashley: Can you guarantee me that it won't?

Billy: Let me do my job. You focus on yours. Which is coming up with the next big thing.

Ashley: With no budget. Of course. No problem at all.

Billy: Jabot is on the upswing. It'd be good if you would just accept it.

[ Door slams ]

Mariah: Look, I will order some drinks, we'll hang out, I'll get to meet your date...

Kyle: Because she'll love that, showing up to a date to find me drinking with you.

Mariah: I will make it perfectly clear that I am just your wing-woman. I'm not interested in you at all. Besides, you only just stopped being a complete jerk, and you have terrible taste in women, so you're clearly not my type.

Kyle: Tell her all that. I'm sure she'd love to hear it and your theory that love sucks. Seriously, you're not helping me. At all. I don't think getting drunk here will help you, either.

Mariah: You still want me to leave so bad.

Kyle: I still really do, but I'll see you another time. Go have that cake and sit by the phone.

Mariah: You know what, I was wrong. You didn't stop being a complete jerk. But it doesn't matter because you're gonna blow this date anyway, so whatever.

Kyle: Five seconds too late to buy you a drink. How about the next one?

Sinead: One's my limit.

Kyle: Mm, how responsible of you. Then straight home?

Sinead: I have plans.

Kyle: Ooh, a date?

Sinead: With a deck of cards and a stack of chips. Poker.

Kyle: For fun or for real?

Sinead: Oh, it's very real.

Kyle: Sounds edgy when you put it that way.

Sinead: Well, I mean, if you think betting an actual house is risky...

Kyle: Damn. I put my car on the line for a bet once, but a house? Impressive. Or tragic.

Sinead: I won.

Kyle: Which means someone lost.

Sinead: Very true.

Kyle: Is that someone ever you?

Sinead: What do you think?

Kyle: I think... you don't lose often, but when you do, it must sting. Have you ever heard of a guy, last name lerman? Maybe someone who owes him a lot of money?

Sinead: That's why you're here. Do you work for him?

Kyle: Not at all. I'd like to work with you, in fact.

Sinead: What does that mean?

Kyle: How would you like to make that iou disappear?

Victoria: A text? What were you thinking? You should have called.

Sharon: I didn't say anything about --

Victoria: What does this "rey" person want?

Sharon: He says he's a debt collector and he's here because of J.T.'S credit card.

Victoria: And what did you tell him?

Sharon: What could I say?

Victoria: Tell me!

Sharon: Nothing! I said nothing.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay. It doesn't matter. He's here. This can't be happening.

Sharon: Look at the positive aspects. He thinks J.T.'S out there hiding, avoiding the debt collector.

Victoria: And what if he starts investigating? What do you think he's gonna find?

Sharon: What, in the park?

Victoria: No! No. The card. Somebody was using J.T.'S credit card.

Sharon: Nicholas.

Victoria: Yes, and nobody knows about that. So now we're not only covering for ourselves, we're covering for my brother. Where did you leave things with rey?

Sharon: I told him that i don't appreciate liars, and i sent him on his way.

Victoria: No! No, no, no! We need to know what he's up to. You seem to be the one that he's been honest with, so you have the best shot at learning more.

Sharon: What do you expect me to do?

Victoria: I don't know. Make nice. Make him dinner. Your meatloaf -- guys go ga-ga over your meatloaf.

Sharon: We don't want him to go ga-ga. We want him to go away.

Victoria: Just get him to talk. But don't tell him anything, all right? We need to stay one step ahead of him.

Victoria: What are you doing?

Billy: Well, these kids always do amazing drawings for us, and we never do any for them, so, you know...

Victoria: I mean, what are you doing here in my office?

Billy: We, uh -- we talked about getting together and, you know, children re-scheduling, and then of course I found the school supplies, and, you know, I couldn't help myself.

Victoria: Right. Look, I'm sorry.

Billy: It's all right.

Victoria: Today has just been...

Billy: I hear you. Come on. Here you go.

Victoria: No, I don't -- you're coloring outside of your own lines.

Billy: Lines are suggestion, victoria. Come on. Don't make me get you drunk on rum so you remember how to lighten up a little bit.

Victoria: I don't need to color or drink or lighten up. I'm at work. And you're in my chair.

Billy: Everybody's doing it, you know? They've got these adult coloring books. It helps people with stress.

Victoria: Oh, my god, if i hear the word "stress" from one more person...

Billy: I am not just "one more person," okay?

Victoria: They would say the same thing.

Billy: Well, I know you. Hey. I know you. And I can tell you that you're not in a good place right now, and don't light me on fire like you did before I went to philadelphia, all right? Once is enough. So just let me be the guy that knows you pretty well. And, to be honest, I'm a little bit stressed out myself, so... come on. Let's get out of here.

Victoria: What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere. I have work to do.

Billy: Trust me. Just this once. Trust me.

Sharon: I'm glad you could make it.

Rey: Sorry if I'm late. I brought you some dessert.

Sharon: Oh! Well, it was such a last-minute invitation, you didn't have to do that. But I'm glad you did.

Rey: I was surprised to hear from you, but I appreciate you reaching out.

Sharon: Well, I felt terrible about how I'd reacted before, about J.T. But, you know, victoria is nick's sister, and this has been a painful time for the family.

Rey: And I should have been more upfront with you sooner about what I'm doing in town. But the truth is, I'm just a guy following the money. That's what I do for a living. New places, new faces every other month. Meeting you and nick was a nice change of pace.

Sharon: Well, everything's out in the open now.

Rey: And I haven't had a home-cooked meal in a really long time, so...

Sharon: Well, then you are in the right place.

Rey: Mm-hmm. Is nick home?

Sharon: Not yet.

Rey: Beautiful place.

Sharon: Thank you. We've been very happy here. So, how's the job going?

Rey: [ Chuckles ] Really?

Sharon: Yeah. Really.

Rey: I'm just surprised since you don't like to think about it.

Sharon: But maybe if I can help you, then we can put it behind us for good. So, any big leads?

Rey: No, just boring detail stuff. That's usually how it goes.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm sure it's boring to you, but it's all new to me, so... how do you track down someone who doesn't want to be found? How do you get the money back?

Rey: You really want to know.

Sharon: I honestly do.

[ Door opens ]

Mariah: Well, it turns out it's true. I don't have any friends, and this was an unsuccessful adventure. Hi. Who are you?

Sharon: We have company for dinner.

Sinead: I don't know who you are or what your proposition is...

Kyle: Hey. I'm on your side.

Sinead: How do you know my business?

Kyle: That's not important. What does matter is the fact that I can and will wipe out your debt.

Sinead: Except an offer like that doesn't come without strings. And whatever you want in exchange, the answer is no.

Kyle: I see your dilemma. You owe a lot of money. I swoop in, offer to help, so you automatically assume i expect something huge in return. I'd be wary, too. That's not the case. I do need a small favor, though.

Sinead: You just --

Kyle: One I'm willing to pay for, but the bonus is, it involves a mutual rival of ours.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Victoria: Oh, my god.

Kyle: Let's go someplace and talk.

Sinead: Like I'd go anywhere with you.

Kyle: This is the easiest score of your life, and you're about to blow it.

Sinead: I'll give you five minutes.

Kyle: We'll have a deal in three. Come on.

Victoria: Stop it... it contributes to my panic attack.

Billy: It's good for you. Ah, thank you, sir.

Victoria: I really don't want to drink, billy.

Billy: It's about being out in the wide-open air, come on. Smell it. It's good for you. We both work in corporate boxes, okay? It's not good for our complexion.

Victoria: Well, I'm surprised you don't build a roof-deck at jabot to go along with your nap pods.

Billy: Oh! You've heard about those, huh? You checking up on me?

Victoria: I'm just checking up on the competition.

Billy: So you've heard about all the wonderful praise about what a creative leader I am?

Victoria: Okay. Let's just go with that.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Can we get back to talking about the kids now?

Billy: Yes. Yes. The kids. So, uh, katie doesn't want to go back to school, huh?

Victoria: And I don't know why.

Billy: Well, that's genetics. My bad.

Victoria: Seriously. I just don't know where these jitters are coming from.

Billy: Johnny did the same thing before he went back to kindergarten.

Victoria: I know, and then reed helped him through it. But now...

Billy: How is reed?

Victoria: He's fine. Not that he would tell me if he wasn'T. He's a little bit closed off these days.

Billy: Well, the kid's not a kid anymore. It's got to be like that. It's the rules. Plus, I'm sure it's got to be difficult for him, never hearing anything from J.T. My bad. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have --

Victoria: No, I'm fine.

Billy: You got a lot going on.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I said I'm fine. You mentioned your own stress. I notice phyllis isn't with you tonight. Are those two things connected?

Billy: No. No, no. We're solid.

Victoria: Mm.

Billy: No, that's not where the stress is coming from. It's more of a work thing.

Victoria: You want to talk about it? I won't steal any trade secrets, I promise.

Billy: Like I would let you. No, this is more of a, you know, family-work kind of thing. It's ashley. You know, she's in my office, just constantly breathing down my neck. She doesn't trust me. Of course, I'm not gonna trust her. She's more focused on me than she is her job.

Victoria: You know my feelings about ashley, but I will say one thing. Working with your relatives, siblings, especially, can be very complicated sometimes, but one thing remains -- they're your family, so profit margins, projections, it doesn't erase what you are to each other, that's for sure.

Billy: And I will keep that in mind instead of the constant power struggle. But, more importantly, that was fantastic. Really, really good deflection back to me. But now it's back to you. Look, I've been a little worried about you since before I went to philadelphia for the trade show...

Victoria: Right, when I lit you on fire...

Billy: Yes.

Victoria: ...For missing your day with the kids.

Billy: Right.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, I'm sorry, that was just a blip. I had a bad night, didn't get much sleep because of katie.

Billy: I hear you, but here's the thing -- you never get rattled. Ever. So what's going on? What's got on so on edge?

Mariah: So you're telling me that you never, ever repossess somebody's luxury suv?

Rey: I told you, everybody thinks we're repossessing cars.

Mariah: Oh, come on, just for fun?

Rey: Maybe once or twice.

Mariah: I knew it. I knew it.

Rey: It was a joke.

Mariah: Mm-hmm. Sure it was.

Rey: Thank you for dinner. This is the first real meal I've had since I got to town. I got to figure out a way to repay you. Oh, and I know this great place for coffee and brownies...

Mariah: Crimson light brownies are my favorite, as well.

Sharon: But I still don't understand how you can do anything about J.T.'S debt when nobody knows where he is.

Rey: Well, it's not easy, but that's the job. Do either of you know about what happened to J.T. When he got back to town? I mean, I got to wonder if he found what he was looking for, since he came and he just vanished right after.

Sharon: How do you know about all that?

Rey: Police reports. Public record.

Sharon: Well, then, you know as much as anyone.

[ Telephone rings ] Oh! Sorry. One sec. Hello? What? Right now? It's security. There's an intruder on the property.

Kyle: Here's the thing. I need billy abbott to lose a lot of money. Not just a yacht -- cash money. I need him to lose so badly he can't cover the loss and goes into debt.

Sinead: Why?

Kyle: "Why" isn't on the table. This is a clean transaction between you and me. You get billy to the game, make him bet big, and your personal debt goes away -- redistribution of wealth entirely in your favor.

Sinead: And I should trust you why?

Kyle: Because I'm being straight with you. That's the down payment. The rest, payable in full once billy's deep in the red.

Sinead: Why me? What makes you think I can pull this off?

Kyle: You've beaten him before, haven't you? How can he resist the challenge from an old rival? Billy will want in on the game, no more debt for you, and... winner-take-all? Good. Now... here's what I need you to do.

Victoria: I'm meeting a business associate downstairs and I'm already late.

Billy: Well, just reschedule it.

Victoria: I can't do that. It's my job. I have to do it, just like you do yours. I'll manage. I'm sorry, I'm not gonna pretend like it's easy just so that people don't worry.

Billy: Who are these people you're talking about?

Victoria: Oh, please. Seriously? So that you can compare notes? I don't think so. The point is, it is stressful. I'm a single mom. The time not to worry would be if I'm not stressed out because then that would mean that I've given up. What?

Billy: Do you trust me? Okay, well, know that you can trust me, all right? I will do anything for you. You want to sit here and talk, we can do that. You want me to listen, that's fine. I can sit here and nod my head. So, tell me, is there anything you want to talk about?

Victoria: Billy... I appreciate that, I really do. You're a good dad, and I'm glad that we can co-parent, but I'm not gonna run to you with every single problem that I have. But I do have to say, I'm happy that you moved back into the abbott house so that you have more overnights with the kids.

Billy: Yes, that's exactly true.

Victoria: But...

Billy: But what?

Victoria: Don't think for one minute that I think that's why you did it after all this time. And if you don't feel the need to explain, I get it. I'm not gonna push, just as i expect you not to push me.

Billy: Except you really want to know, so that just blows apart your argument. No, we didn't specifically go back to the abbott house for the kids, let's face it. And clearly living with phyllis' adult offspring was never a good idea, which I said so from the beginning. Finally, phyllis listened to me, so hooray. That's a good thing, right?

Victoria: Wonderful. You're fine, I'm fine. We just have to make sure that the kids stay fine.

[ Sighs ] Life goes on. I have to get to work now. Goodbye.

Sinead: Well, hello.

Billy: How's it going?

Sinead: Cloudy. 50 bucks says it'll rain tonight.

Billy: [ Sighs ] You want to bet on the weather?

Sinead: A friendly wager.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] You're better off to spend that cash on an umbrella.

Sinead: I'll just put that $50 in my piggy bank for the next buy-in.

Billy: Good.

Sinead: The tournament, featuring the crème de la crme of players. Well, don't tell me you're not gonna be there. Oh, wait, mm, it's for the best of the best.

[ Inhales sharply ] Never mind. But it sure would have been fun to beat you one last time.

Rey: Tell me about the security here. I saw two guys up front. Is there a patrol walking around? What's the easiest access point to get in unseen?

Sharon: Well, anything near the paddock is fenced, but there are wooded areas to the south.

Rey: Motion detectors? Infrared?

Sharon: Security will take care of it.

Mariah: [ Gasps ]

Rey: Whoa, what did you see?

Mariah: I saw somebody out there.

Sharon: Are you sure?

Mariah: Yes. Yes.

Rey: All right, get down. Get down. Stay low. And be quiet, don't make any sounds, all right?

Sharon: No! Rey! You're not going out there.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Hey. How was your evening? Any updates with b-I-l-l-y?

Ashley: How was your date?

Kyle: Not bad.

Ashley: You gonna see her again?

Kyle: Eh, probably not. Not really sure if she's my type.

Ashley: You never said. Where'd you meet her?

Kyle: You know, the usual -- online.

Ashley: Mm.

Kyle: She's probably already meeting some other sucker by now.

Ashley: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Good night.

Ashley: Night.

Sinead: A toast, to your surrender. I'll be sure to go home and notch my belt tonight.

Billy: I didn't surrender. I moved on. It's what happens when you have such a full life away from the table.

Sinead: Sounds nice. Well, not really, but whatever makes you feel better.

Billy: You don't believe me. You should.

Sinead: Please. I've seen you play. You're a gladiator. It's your field of battle. You love the game. You love the win. You don't even mind losing that much because it makes the next win all the more sweeter. Me, I'm still bound for glory, so wish me luck. I want to rake in that next pot so bad, I can taste it.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: Go get 'em.

Sinead: Mm.

Billy: Good luck.

Mariah: Your dinner guest carries a gun? Is that even normal? He doesn't even repo cars, but he plays "shoot 'em up?"

Sharon: Nothing about this feels right.

Mariah: Well, I guess if it really is J.T. Out there, then we have the right guy for the job.

Sharon: It's not J.T. It wasn't last time, and it's not this time, either.

Mariah: Why did you invite him over? If he figures out that nick was the one using the cards...

Sharon: I thought I was being smart, finding out what he knows about everything.

Rey: I got the prowler.

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