Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/22/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/22/18


Episode #11429 ~ Neil pursues Ashley, Cane comforts Lily, and Kyle spills a secret.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Lily: Not for one second did I ever want hilary gone. I will carry the guilt of what I have done for the rest of my life.

Ashley: Bye.

Nate: So, what's up with you two?

Neil: I'm not sure.

Ashley: I've asked your father for a little bit of discreet help. He's working on having dark horse acquire the leasing company that billy is using to rent retail space for his boutiques.

Kyle: So, then, dark horse could cancel the whole deal, shattering billy's retail dreams.

Ashley: Hey. You waiting for billy?

Kyle: He's not in there. He had a meeting outside the office. And gloria is taking advantage and chatting up that new guy in sales.

Ashley: You're very well-informed.

Kyle: That's the goal. I was hoping to run into you, since you've been out of touch. Any updates on "operation stop billy from destroying jabot"?

Ashley: It's a done deal. Dark horse bought the leasing company, and I fully expect those leases to be canceled today by nick newman, with a little friendly persuasion from my brother.

Kyle: Pays to know people in the right places.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: I'm glad my dad could help. But I'm ready and willing to do my part, too.

Ashley: Good to know. I don't think I need anything from you right now, though. But thanks.

Nick: What's next?

Jack: Well, I'll talk to you in a minute about our new office space, but first I want to talk about our newly-acquired leasing company. I've just done a thorough review of all their current contracts.

Nick: Any red flags?

Jack: I think dark horse is going to have to cancel some leases.

Nick: Long-term clients?

Jack: Some of them are more recent. But they're bad deals. Anyway, I had our attorneys draft these letters to inform our impacted businesses that their agreement is null and void. Anyway, all you have to do is sign it. I ill see that it gets in the mail today. But since you questioned how forthright I had been with you earlier, I put this one on top.

Nick: Do you expect me to kill the contract for the 30 stores jabot leased?

Jack: I carefully reviewed the agreed rates against potential income, and the numbers reinforce what I've suspected all along. It is in your best interest to cancel the jaboutique arrangement immediately.

Nick: All right. [ Sighs ] Don't talk to me about what is best for me when clearly your priority here is your personal agenda.

Lily: [ Gasps ]

[ Breathing hard ]

Cane: What's wrong? What's wrong?

Lily: Just a, um... another nightmare about the -- the accident.

Cane: [ Sighs ] Do you want to talk about it?

Lily: No.

Cane: Come here. Come here. Come here.

Lily: [ Sniffles ]

Cane: Come on. Let's try and get back to sleep.

Lily: No, and see that again? I never want to sleep again.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: I drink coffee. This place sells coffee. So that's a novel concept, don't you think?

Sharon: No, I'm just surprised that you would deign to enter my establishment after the venom that you hurled at me last week. What was it you said? Um... oh, yeah. There's only so much "sharon" you can take.

Phyllis: Okay. I was not in the mood to hear you whine about how hard it is to keep our secret from nick.

Sharon: And you weren't very happy with summer that night.

Phyllis: And I'm still not. Can I get my usual, please?

Sharon: Mm. You're still upset with her? What'd she do?

Phyllis: Well, my daughter keeps making bad choices. And she wants to take zero responsibility for them. Though she is more than happy to judge me for the mistakes I have made. So can you please give me my coffee now? Thank you.

Sharon: I had no idea. I mean, she's always so... sweet with nick.

Phyllis: Because nick is buying her off.

Summer: Hey! I'm so happy to see you.

Kyle: Late. I'm on a coffee run.

Summer: Oh, no, no, no. No, not until you hear this. Everything for my trip to philadelphia is set. Plane ticket purchased. Room in the same hotel as billy booked.-Not that I really plan on spending too much time in my room.

Kyle: Hope your reservations are refundable.

Summer: Why would I do that? Wait. No, what do you mean?

Kyle: [ Sighs ] No way are you going to philadelphia.

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Sharon: Okay. You're not getting this until you explain what you said about nick.

Phyllis: You are such a pain in my... summer has blown through her trust fund.

Sharon: Yes, I know. And?

Phyllis: And I had to take a hard line with her. You know, she has to learn to live on what she makes. So I refused to give her any handouts.

Sharon: But she is her daddy's girl.

Phyllis: Yes, and nick is a soft touch, and he decided to give her some regular spending money.

Sharon: That's definitely something nick would do. And I can see how that would annoy you.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, it's driving me up a wall. Just one other thing to come in between me and my daughter.

Sharon: Sounds like you and summer just need to find a way to put your problems aside and reconnect.

Phyllis: Really? Is it that easy? I should have thought of that myself.

Sharon: Oh, don't make it sound like it's the end of the world. It might be as simple as a mother/daughter weekend. That would be a great way to bond again.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] That's how much you know. Summer and I need distance. Plenty of it.

Summer: Okay. Explain.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] You didn't factor in your mom. Big mistake. Huge. And don't spend too much time picking out something sexy for you to wear on our night together. Because you don't be wearing it long.

Summer: Okay, no, you think that my mom can stop me from taking this trip. I will find a way to handle her. I always do.

Kyle: Not this time. One, you live with phyllis. So she'll notice if you try to just sneak off. Two, you work with phyllis. And since your request to attend the trade show was rejected, she'll expect you to be in the office.

Summer: That's it?

Kyle: Throw in the small matter of you threatening to out your mom and dad's fling to billy, further eroding any inclination phyllis may have to trust her baby girl, and she'll be tracking every move you make.

Summer: Careful. Your desperation to win our little bet is starting to show.

Kyle: Yeah?

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: Who's touching who?

Summer: I'm just giving you a little taste, since you'll be left wanting.

Kyle: Mm. You sure about that?

Summer: You know, you should go out and get your car fully detailed for its new owner. Me. Because I am getting on that plane, and then I'm getting into bed with billy.

Kyle: Bets aside, say, just say, this works out just as you planned, and you do the deed with billy. Where's that leave you and your mom?

Summer: Okay, well, she and i are not in a great place, anyway. And it's not like she gave much thought to consequences before she jumped between the sheets with my dad.

Kyle: You're stealing her guy.

Summer: I am not "stealing" anybody. I am simply conducting an experiment to expose the fact that she and billy are not the happy couple that they claim to be. If anything, they should be thanking me.

Kyle: I'm sure they'll both love you so much for doing this to them. And after what you already pulled with your mom and nick, it'll blow your relationship apart. Are you really willing to risk that over a loser like billy?

Summer: First of all, don't call him that. And, yeah, billy is worth making certain sacrifices for.

Kyle: Why?

Summer: Is it really out of the realm of possibility to think that billy may have the hots for me, too?

Kyle: This isn't about billy. He just happens to be phyllis' man of the moment. That's why you picked him. This is about you and your mom.

Summer: Okay, you are so wrong.

Kyle: Then I dare you to test my theory.

Summer: How?

Kyle: Take a long, honest look at all that garbage connected to your mom you've been hauling around for years and talk to her about it.

Summer: That's it?

Kyle: That'll take way more guts, and have a more satisfying payoff, than jumping into bed with billy.

Summer: Nice try. But you're not gonna win our bet. That car is mine.

Nick: Meeting's over.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. You're taking this all wrong, nick.

Nick: Then why don't you clear it up for me? Did you or did you not convince me to buy that leasing company?

Jack: I explained to you --

Nick: Yeah, so you could have some way to control some of billy's business decisions. But you left out some pretty significant details, didn't you? Like your overriding plan to get me to kill the leases so billy can't open his cosmetics stores.

Jack: Okay. The thought occurred to me --

Nick: You manipulated me. I brought you on because I need you. I need someone who I can trust, someone who I can rely on, and I really thought you wanted to be a part of this.

Jack: I do. I am not playing you. I respect you. And helping you with this business, I couldn't ask for more rewarding work.

Nick: But you clearly care more about undermining your brother.

Jack: Yes, you are right that I am trying to stop billy. I am convinced these boutiques are gonna fail. And you and I are gonna get stuck with the leases. Now, I want jabot to succeed, but more than that, I want you and dark horse to succeed. I have not lied to you. All the facts I've brought to you are solid. These are bad deals. Here. See for yourself. Billy negotiated a deal that was below market value for these locations. This... is a list of the deals we have with billy. Those are our leasing contracts. This is what similar venues are charging. We can find tenants who will pay a lot more than jabot. I am trying to help you, I am trying to help dark horse when I tell you, kill these contracts. You lose nothing. And you gain a hefty profit. That's the truth. You have a promise from me.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Thank you. But you can't do this every morning. You know, just lying around, waiting to see if I'm okay before you go to work.

Cane: Yeah, well, that's one of the perks of being the boss, huh? I just wish I could be more help to you.

Lily: No. You have done so much. I couldn't get through this without you.

Cane: Maybe you should talk to someone who could help you in a way that I can'T. You know? Maybe you should talk to a therapist. About your lingering feelings about the accident.

Lily: Uh... I mean, I don't know. I... I feel like when we went to go see a marriage counselor, it didn't really go well for me. And what's the point? My -- my sentencing is so soon. What good could it really do?

Cane: Well, it's got to be better than doing nothing, you know? I just hate seeing you suffer like this.

Jack: Well?

Nick: I won't cancel jabot's leases.

Jack: Can I respectfully ask why? The numbers speak for themselves.

Nick: I'm taking your advice. You assured me this deal would give me leverage over billy, which is what I want. And I want it long-term. Are you arguing against that now?

Jack: You know what, I stated my case. Bottom line is, this is your call.

Nick: You're right. It is.

Jack: I take it we're done here.

Nick: We are. And this is the first and last time I'm gonna say this -- you need to remember who's company this is, and whose interests you're here to serve.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Mom?

Phyllis: Hello, honey.

Summer: Um... I just...wanted to talk to you about something.

Phyllis: Well, I also wanted to talk to you. I wanted to share something with you. But you were up and out early this morning.

Summer: What's wrong with that?

Phyllis: Nothing. Nothing. I just thought maybe we could --

Summer: I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow.

Phyllis: Was that on the schedule?

Summer: I have a weekend yoga-workshop thing in madison.

Phyllis: You. Yoga.

Summer: It's more of a wellness retreat. Something to help me detox after all the unpleasantness around here lately.

Phyllis: Well, I wish you would have said something --

Summer: I'm leaving tonight.

Phyllis: Hold up. Okay. You may be my daughter, but you don't get to bounce in here and just announce your plans, all right? You have a job, tomorrow's a workday, and I'm gonna need your help while lauren is away at the trade show.

Summer: Okay, well, you never said anything like th--

Phyllis: Well, I shouldn't have to explain anything like that. Your vacation days have to be approved by your supervisor. And I know that you're jonesing for a detox weekend, but I -- I would like something like that myself right now. So you're gonna have to cancel.

Summer: I already paid for it.

Phyllis: Get a refund.

Summer: I can'T. Plus, if it was anyone else asking for a day off, you wouldn't care. So I'm going.

Phyllis: What else is happening on this trip?

Summer: Nothing.

Phyllis: Really? 'Cause I'm getting the feeling there's gonna be more than just sun salutations.

Summer: Like what?

Phyllis: Shopping? With that bribery money your father gave you. Is that burning a hole in your little pocket?

Summer: That was merely a generous gift from my loving father.

Phyllis: A gift due to blackmail.

Summer: You are complaining why? You have just as much to lose as dad does if anyone finds out that you two slept together. So it was money well spent, and everyone wins. I just hope that you don't betray billy again while he's out of town.

Phyllis: I am not gonna waste my breath replying to that comment. Besides, we are gonna be too busy packing.

Summer: Why? Where are you going?

Phyllis: When billy gets back, we are going to be moving out of your apartment.

Summer: So, when did you and billy decide to move?

Phyllis: Last night. It was his idea.

Summer: Really?

Phyllis: I was surprised.

Summer: I mean, I just figured that you couldn't wait to get away from me because... everything.

Phyllis: It's not like that. I love you.

Summer: Okay. Then why?

Phyllis: You know, billy just thought that we should have our own place, you know. And I actually agree with him. I thought you'd be thrilled to have your apartment all to yourself.

Summer: I mean, you and i could use a break. It is a lot, living together and working together.

Phyllis: Sometimes you have to take a step back to get close again. I hope that's the case with us.

Summer: I hope so, too.

Cane: Okay, I'm not trying to pressure you into going to counseling, all right, I'm just asking you to think about it, that's all.

Lily: I know. I will.

Cane: Okay.

Sharon: Cane. Lily. Hey. Good to see you.

Cane: Hey.

Sharon: Hope you're holding up all right.

Cane: Uh, we're doing okay.

Lily: Yeah. Taking it day by day.

Sharon: Well, I know what it's like to have your world turned upside down, and to wonder how it will ever be right again. But you will do it, lily.

Lily: Hmm. You sound so certain.

Sharon: You're strong. And you have a lot of people around you who love you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to overstep.

Lily: No, you didn'T.

Cane: No, no. You've been great to us. We appreciate it. We really do.

Sharon: I'm happy to help any way I can.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: Thanks.

Cane: Well, uh... I have to get to work. You know you can always, uh, call me. Or you can text me.

Lily: I know.

Cane: Or you can e-mail me.

Lily: I know. It's okay. You can go.

Cane: Or you can drop by.

Lily: Bye.

Cane: I love you, okay?

Lily: Love you. Hey.

Sharon: You want a pastry to go with that?

Lily: Actually, I was looking for something a little more substantial than breakfast. And, you know, you've been really nice.

Sharon: Tell me what you need.

Lily: Well, um, cane wants me to see a therapist to talk about everything that's been going on since the accident, and --

Sharon: You're reluctant.

Lily: I just don't know if I'm ready to open myself up to a stranger like that.

Sharon: Because they might judge you?

Lily: Well, who wouldn't? You know? I killed... anyway. I know that you've been studying psychology.

Sharon: You -- you want a recommendation?

Lily: I don't want to talk about this, but I know I need to. So, I could really just use a friend right now.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Ashley: Hey. I'm sorry I haven't reached out. I've been meaning to call you.

Neil: Oh, no. That's to be expected. We're both busy. Listen, I-I was hoping that you might be able to join me for some dinner tonight.

Ashley: I don't really know my schedule, and I'm just about to walk into a meeting, so...

Neil: Ah, okay. We'll talk later.

Ashley: Sounds good. Bye.

Jack: Hey.

Ashley: [ Clapping ] Good news?

Jack: I'm afraid not. My meeting with nick did not go as planned. He refused to cancel jabot's leases.

Ashley: I thought you said it was handled, and it wasn't an issue.

Jack: I didn't think it would be an issue. No, I made a very strong case. He thought I was pushing my own agenda, and he didn't appreciate it.

Ashley: Can't you change his mind?

Jack: No, he'd only resent that. No, he made it very clear who's the boss. I'm telling you, it is so frustrating not to be in a position to make what I need to happen happen.

Ashley: Yeah, tell me about it.

Jack: Oh, ash, after everything I put you through... I owe you. I'll help you come up with another plan, okay?

Ashley: No. I don't want to jeopardize your work relationship with nick. So I'll find another way to hobble billy from within the company.

Jack: Well, I'm sure you'll come up with something. If there's anything I can do, just ask.

Ashley: I'll hold you to that. Bye.

Jack: Hey, hey. Um... I never thought I'd say this, but one good thing has come from billy's reign as ceo -- you and I are finally on the same side again.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Lily: I could get 20 years. And then I think, how do I survive that? You know? What is my family gonna go through? The twins would be in their 30's by the time I got out.

Sharon: And the nightmares?

Lily: How do you know?

Sharon: Oh, like I said, I've been there.

Lily: When I'm awake, all I can think about is how things would be different if I hadn't run that red light.

Sharon: And when you're asleep?

Lily: Oh, my god. It's awful. I can't tell cane. I don't want him imagining those things.

Sharon: I don't know if it'll help to tell me, but it might.

Lily: [ Sighs ] There's just a lot about the accident that I don't remember. And I'm wondering if that's why I'm imagining these things that didn't happen in my dreams. Where it's not just hilary that's hurt. Sometimes my whole family is there. Bleeding and dying. And it's cane. My kids. My dad.

Sharon: And devon?

Lily: I killed his wife and baby. And he won't forgive me. So that's like I killed him, too.

[ Inhales, exhales loudly ] I know you said that I'm strong.

Sharon: You are.

Lily: Then how do I do this? How do I go on with my life knowing that I murdered them?

Sharon: It was an accident.

Lily: It doesn't make hilary and the baby any less dead. And no amount of penance or good deeds will ever, ever make up for that.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Look. The first thing that you need to do is stop lying to yourself. You are not a murderer. You made a mistake that had tragic consequences. And your penance is that this is something that you will always take with you.

Lily: What about my brother?

Sharon: Whether or not devon finds a way to forgive you, you have to forgive yourself.

Lily: Let myself off the hook.

Sharon: Would you prefer to drag your family through this guilt and regret and... to the point that they don't have any happiness, any hope, any life? Have your nightmares become a reality?

Lily: No. God, no. No.

Sharon: Okay. Well, then, the best thing that you can do to give your kids and cane and -- and your dad and devon the best that you have to offer is to forgive yourself. It's the way to move on, and it's where you're gonna find the strength to be there for them. No matter what happens.

Lily: [ Snorts ] The way you talk, you make it sound like it's possible.

Sharon: I have to believe that it is.

Jack: May I join you?

Neil: Of course, jack. Sit down.

Jack: Been thinking about you a lot lately. Wondering how things are going with your family.

Neil: It's a rough time. You know, devon is still blaming lily for hilary's death.

Jack: Where do things stand for lily legally right now? Her sentencing hearing is coming up. We are praying for the best. But michael is warning us that we've got to prepare for the worst.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Oh, god. I'm so sorry.

Neil: But I am staying positive. I'm staying strong for the family. And I'm trying to find a way to heal the rift between devon and lily.

Jack: Look, maybe soon devon will shake off this anger and this pain and slide into something that comes more naturally -- loving his sister.

Neil: Well, here's to hoping you're right.

Jack: And what about yourself? You taking care of yourself? You getting out? Escaping from everything that's weighing on you?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, I've managed a little. Ashley's been a good friend to me. We've been spending some time together.

Jack: I didn't know that. Ashley didn't mention it. But, then, she and I have our own wounds to heal.

Neil: She seems to have a lot on her plate recently.

Jack: Are you wondering if she's going to have more time for you in the near future?

Neil: Just making conversation.

Jack: From all I know, there's no other man in her life right now. In case you're wondering.

Ashley: I thought it was better for us to meet here, away from the office.

Kyle: I was curious when I got your text. You seem to have accomplished everything you wanted without any assistance from me.

Ashley: No. There's been a hitch. Please sit. Okay, so, jack wasn't able to get the job done.

Kyle: What, he couldn't get nick to terminate the leases?

Ashley: No. He led me to believe that it was a simple matter, but apparently it wasn'T. So I have no other resort. I have to go to extreme measures to make sure that billy doesn't continue to run jabot into the ground.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: I need your help. And your discretion.

Kyle: Absolutely. I know I can make this happen for us. In fact, I already stumbled on something that might help.

Ashley: What?

Kyle: I picked up on some drama in billy's personal life. We can use it to our advantage.

Ashley: I'm not comfortable with that.

Kyle: Look, if you don't want my input, then I get --

Ashley: It's not about that, kyle. I'm interested in anything you have to say. I have an idea, and I think it might work. But if it doesn't, we'll go back to your idea as a last-ditch effort, okay?

Kyle: Fill me in.

Ashley: You can't tell anybody.

Kyle: I won'T.

Ashley: You can't tell your father. Certainly not summer. I'm taking a very big risk bringing you in on this.

Kyle: I won't betray your trust.

Ashley: Okay. We have learned the hard way that billy can't be reigned in. He will not listen to logic. And we don't have the power to stop him from gambling away jabot's assets and prestige. I'm not comfortable with this. But he leave me no other option.

Lily: Thanks for letting me unload. It really made a difference.

Sharon: For me, too. And we can do this again whenever you want.

Lily: Well, until I'm locked up.

Sharon: Or not.

Lily: Thank you. Bye.

Sharon: Bye.

Jack: So, if, hypothetically, you were hoping to rekindle a flame with ashley, uh, hypothetically, I would think that was great.

Neil: Mm. I'm not looking for an endorsement.

Jack: Oh, no, no. We're just shooting the breeze. Hey, look. This is none of my business. But I hope things do work out for the two of you. I think... I think you could be really good for each other. Especially right now.

Neil: I appreciate the encouragement. I do. And as far as the rest, uh... we shall see. Got to go.

Jack: Take care.

Neil: Yeah. You too.

Ashley: I think we have to go back to my original plan. Which is giving billy enough rope to hang himself while we carefully document every expensive and irresponsible decision that he makes. Hopefully we'll have enough ammunition to take to the board, and then we can seek a non-confidence motion.

Kyle: How do I fit in?

Ashley: Well, when the opportunity presents itself -- and I'm sure it will -- I want you to encourage billy's reckless behavior.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] So easy.

Ashley: Yeah, kyle, you know, don't underestimate him. He knows that we're gunning for him. He's gonna have his guard up.

Kyle: So, how are you thinking of me being rewarded for my loyalty in all this?

Ashley: I've already told you. You'll be looked after.

Kyle: What about the board members billy has on his side?

Ashley: With the work that I'll be doing behind the scenes, hopefully, when the time comes, phyllis will be the only one that's left that's blindly loyal to billy. What?

Kyle: I'd love to see this play out the way you've envisioned it, but we haven't dealt with our biggest obstacle yet. What's the point of a no-confidence vote if the blood-abbott clause means billy will remain ceo no matter what? You said so yourself -- he's bulletproof.

Ashley: Yeah. But there's another blood abbott.

Kyle: Aunt traci. But we agreed she's a non-starter. She has zero business experience, and wants nothing to do with running jabot.

Ashley: I think she's gonna be more open to the suggestion when she finds out the damage that billy's done to the company. And then we can convince her to take the job on an interim basis. Just long enough to go to the board, get rid of the blood-abbott clause, and then she resigns.

Kyle: Then you can take the reins. That's where you're going with this. You want to take over.

Ashley: It's up to the board to appoint the ceo. I mean, whether it's me or somebody else. Without that clause, at least it gives the board freedom to appoint whoever is the most qualified for the position.

Kyle: I had no idea you were capable of being so machiavellian.

Ashley: I'm protecting jabot. Just like I've always done. It's interesting, though. When you find yourself fighting for something that you believe is right... you do things you never imagined you could do.

Summer: Oh! Since I proved you wrong again, drinks are on me. Oh, excuse me. Two coffees, please.

Kyle: What was I wrong about?

Summer: My mom bought my story about my weekend yoga retreat in madison.

Kyle: For now.

Summer: Just admit it. I outmaneuvered you. Plus, my mom had some interesting news.

Kyle: About billy?

Summer: He wants to move out of my apartment.

Kyle: Then why are you celebrating? Billy clearly wants nothing to do with you.

Summer: Ok, don't be so dense. He clearly wants me too much, and he can't stand being constantly tempted.

Kyle: I don't have time to waste on your fantasies. I have important matters to focus on.

Summer: Such as?

Kyle: All I can say is, I have big, new plans for the future.

Summer: Oh.

Kyle: What's that supposed to mean?

Summer: Nothing. You just always have "big plans" for yourself, they just... never work out.

Kyle: Excuse me?

Summer: [ Laughs ] Don't get all sensitive and hurt. It's not an insult. It's just...the truth.

Kyle: Not even close.

Summer: Kyle, here's the difference between you and me -- I will do whatever it takes to get what I want. To hell with the consequences. You're willing to break the rules, but only so far.

Kyle: Soon enough, you'll realize just how far I'm willing to go.

Neil: Hi. Ashley.

Ashley: Oh! Hi.

Neil: Hi. I hope you don't mind me dropping in. I never heard from you about dinner tonight, so I figured I'd just come by and see what's going on.

Ashley: Yeah. I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you. I've been crazy busy. I just had meeting after meeting --

Neil: Oh, come on. Don't apologize. I know how it goes. So, what do you say? Want to join me for some dinner? Come on --

Ashley: I can'T.

Neil: No, you can't, can you? Or are you just trying to break it gently to me that you're not interested in picking up where we left off the other night, maybe?

Ashley: First of all, I had the best time with you. I really did.

Neil: I had the best time with you.

Ashley: I never expected that to happen.

Neil: It's crazy. Me either. But I'm -- I'm glad it did.

Ashley: Yeah. I just have so much happening in my life right now...

Neil: I get it. I do, too. I -- I know you have big aspirations here at jabot. And if there's one thing that I've learned in life, which I'm sure you've learned, too, that if you want something badly enough in life, you make the time for it. So why don't we clear up the confusion. Why don't you tell me what you want us to be. You want us to be friends or something more or --

[Chuckles] Or what?

Ashley: I wouldn't mind finding out where this could lead. However, I can't really commit to anything more than that because there's so much happening here, and a lot of shifting sand.

Neil: Yeah, no, I get it. It's -- you're -- yeah. That's a coincidence, because I'm not ready for a commitment either right now.

Ashley: Oh. Okay.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: So, just exactly what are your expectations, sir?

Neil: I was kind of thinking maybe we could get together again and go from there. You know, have a good time, see where that leads. How does that sound?

Ashley: Kind of perfect.

[ Laughs ]

Neil: [ Laughs ]

Nick: Hey. What's on your mind?

Sharon: Lily. She's feeling guilty about the accident. So I tried my best to console and help her.

Nick: Brought up some bad memories for you?

Sharon: How'd you know?

Nick: Because I know how kind and empathetic you are.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] It just got me thinking about, you know, the terrible things I've done, and all the people I've hurt, and just how incredibly hard it is to make amends and move on.

Nick: Yeah, we've all done things we regret. But when that happens, you know, there's no going back. You have to move forward and strive to do better. We taught each other that.

Sharon: Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be marrying you. Again.

Nick: I'm the lucky one.

Phyllis: I am in pursuit of peace and fresh air. So if you know what's good for you, you will leave me alone.

Kyle: I get that you're still angry because I told summer about your fling with nick. But I'm here to make it up to you.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, that's impossible.

Kyle: You'll want to hear this. Have you thought about attending the trade show in philadelphia?

Phyllis: Lauren is representing fenmore'S. Billy is representing jabot. Why would anyone else need to go?

Kyle: Excellent question. Now, why would summer buy her own ticket to philadelphia after lauren told her to stay home?

Phyllis: She wouldn'T.

Kyle: Summer didn't mention any... weekend plans?

Phyllis: A yoga retreat. She lied? Why?

Kyle: Why do you think? Summer plans to show up at billy's hotel room tonight to... welcome him to philly.

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