Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/26/18

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/26/18


Episode #11433 ~ Victor and Nikki protect their images, Kyle sees another side of Summer, and Billy makes a bold move.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Phyllis: You and kyle working together could bring explosive results.

Kyle: Let's hope someone doesn't get killed in the process.

Summer: Well, that won't be me.

Summer: You still want me. I mean, you have ever since i dumped you.

Mariah: You stealing my journal is my fault. You chose to betray me in the worst way possible.

Mariah: Tessa wasn't interested.

Kyle: Judging by the way she just looked at you, I'd say she's definitely interested.

Word today that the C.E.O. Of newman enterprises, victor newman, is the victim of a cyberattack which leaked his medical records. The business tycoon has allegedly been hiding a very serious medical condition after a near-fatal fall last month.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Victor: There we are. Let's see. Let's see. That one. Let's choose that one. Kindly send that to neil winters, all right? Okay? Thank you very much. Good work. Here, my darling.

[ Grunts ] Whoa. In one of those pictures, you looked a little uneasy.

Nikki: Oh.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Oh. I didn't sleep very well last night.

Victor: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. If that was because of my leaked medical records, then I'm sorry, okay? But I'm on top of that. I mean, you saw these pictures. When people look at them, they'll realize that I'm in perfect health.

Nikki: But, darling, you're not. That's the point. And to make things worse, you hid it from me.

Victor: Well, sweetheart, if there had been anything worth talking about, I would have told you about it.

Kyle: [ Muttering softly ]

[ Knock on door ]

Summer: Hey.

Kyle: Hey.

Summer: What's going on?

Kyle: I thought you were at your conference.

Summer: I was, but it was a bore, so I slipped out early. What are you doing in billy's office.

Kyle: I have a minor proposal to run by him.

Summer: Oh. Want me to stick around, give it a listen?

Kyle: Nah. I'll tell you all about it later if you're interested.

[ Door opens ]

Phyllis: You're back! How was the conference?

Summer: Uh, superinteresting. Yeah. I learned a lot.

Phyllis: Fabulous!

Billy: I assume you're here to make your pitch?

Summer: Ooh, am I invited?

Phyllis: Well, it involves both jabot and fenmore's, so definitely.

Summer: Well, all right. Great! Dazzle us.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: Hi! Are you looking for this?

Mariah: Have you been reading my journal again?

Tessa: No, it -- it was lying on the floor outside the door. I think you must have dropped it on your way in.

Mariah: God, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I'm such a jerk.

Kyle: So, in summary, jabot's designers will collaborate with outside fashion houses to learn what palettes they'll be emphasizing in their upcoming lines. With that advanced information, we can create seasonal makeup products that will complement those colors, giving us a big jump on the competition.

Billy: Yeah, it's a good theory. How does it work in practice?

Phyllis: It doesn'T. Fashion houses are highly secretive. Why would they collaborate? What's their incentive?

Kyle: Well, we'd have to create a series of partnerships.

Phyllis: No. I'm sorry. That's -- that's just -- [ Chuckles ] It's not gonna fly. Everyone's way too paranoid about security. And designers' proprietary colorway is a big chunk of what they have to sell.

Billy: There's another issue. Since chelsea went on her own a few years ago, jabot hasn't been a very big player. We don't really have any other working relationships with outside designers.

Kyle: Forrester creations -- perfect place to start.

Billy: Yeah, that's another good thought, but it doesn't get us over the major hurdles.

Phyllis: And here's another one -- in department stores, women's clothing and cosmetics are usually sold on two different floors. It might not occur to them to coordinate their purchases.

Summer: Uh, okay. Mind if I step in?

Kyle: M-maybe I should take this back to the drawing board.

Phyllis: Let's hear what summer has to say.

Summer: Okay. I've been listening to your objections very carefully, and I think that I know how we can make this work.

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Tessa: Hey. Hey. I'm not mad. Honest.

Mariah: I'm really sorry. That was so unfair.

Tessa: Hey, you know what? I get it. Old wounds.

Mariah: I know, but we worked this out already, and i shouldn't have jumped to the worst possible conclusion.

Tessa: Maybe there's a song in it. You might have done me a favor.

Mariah: You know, I've been working on the script for a segment I'm doing, but I'm so hungry that I can barely concentrate. Would you -- would you maybe want to grab a bite downstairs? But if you ate already or you're busy or something, that's totally fine. Maybe another time.

Tessa: No, no, no, no. I was actually looking over there because I realized my wallet is in that cabinet, and I'd better go grab it because I'm hungry, too.

Summer: If jabot needs access to other fashion companies, like forrester, some other big names like that, then we can use fenmore's to liaise and set up meetings. Our senior buyers have phenomenal contacts in the rack trade.

Phyllis: Good thought.

Summer: Also, your concern about makeup and clothing being on different floors -- just because something's been done a certain way for forever doesn't mean that things can't change. If jabot stays on the same floor, they can establish pop-up mini-kiosks near their partner designers upstairs. That would give buyers an instant look at how makeup and clothing can play off of each other.

Billy: That's great. We should be doing that regardless. I mean, if not a full sales kiosk, at least a prominent display with swatches and samples.

Summer: Yeah. You could feature makeup with different coordinating palettes at all of the designers' in-store boutiques, even. I mean, you know, you find a great dress, and then there's lipstick to make it pop.

Phyllis: I love it.

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay, but one caveat -- I don't know if a big designer is gonna want to give up expensive floor space for a makeup display.

Summer: Well, fenmore's and jabot are joined at the hip, so I'm sure if we asked lauren to ask her G.M.S to carve out some space for us, I think they'll do it.

Billy: There are contractual obligations with that, though.

Summer: Yeah, but I'm talking about adjacent spaces, so big aisles make it work for you and for us. And I know it's a bit of a gamble, but, I mean, that's the fun of it, right -- picking a winner?

Billy: I love it. No, I think it's great. Why don't you two get it on my desk by the end of the week and I will fast-track it to lauren?

Summer: Great!

Billy: See? This is what I'm talkin' about. This is teamwork!

Phyllis: I agree. Terrific job, you guys.

Summer: Thank you.

Kyle: Glad you like it.

Billy: Yeah. Get on it, right? Let's get crackin'.

Summer: All right.

Billy: Good job. I mean, this is fantastic. I did not think that those two were gonna work well together. I am so happy that I am wrong.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] I know what you mean.

Kyle: What the hell was that?

Summer: Fixing the flaws of your okay concept and then selling it to the boss for you. Yeah, you're welcome, by the way.

Kyle: That was my pitch.

Summer: Yeah, right, because you tried to shove me out to impress uncle billy and then grab all the credit.

Kyle: I'm allowed to have my own ideas, summer. I don't have to run everything by you.

Summer: Reality check, kyle -- as much as these C.E.O. Types love to claim that they love maverick thinkers and bold ideas, deep down, they don't like change, okay? It creates more work. It costs money to implement. You need to show them why your proposal is worth the hassle. And to do that, you need to know every objection that they're gonna have and have answers for everything. Are you following me? 'Cause your proposal in there was decent. But you didn't do the hard thinking yet, and that's why you fell on your face. Let's just face the facts. I saved your butt in there.

Nikki: Remember how upset you would get when I'd try to hide my flare-ups from you? Well, why is there a double standard? I'm your wife. If you're ill, I need to know about it.

Victor: Sweetheart, I think I've been honest about my situation, okay?

Nikki: Pretending that you don't have any issues when you clearly do is not my idea of honest. It's not like I didn't suspect. I saw you grimacing in pain when you thought you were alone. And I kept waiting for you to say something, but you never did. And knowing how proud you are, I-I held my tongue and just hoped it was something minor. But then when I saw what that hacker released, now I know how much you didn't tell me. I-I worry that you went back to work too soon.

Victor: Sweetheart, i appreciate your concern, okay? I really do. I mean, maybe I feel a twinge or two here and there, but, you know, I know what I'm doing.

Nikki: Do you?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Maybe your priorities regarding your health are not what they should be.

Victor: Sweetheart, my priorities are very clear. Newman enterprises needs leadership, and they need me in the office. So I would be negligent if i didn't go to my office when I'm physically able to do so.

Nikki: Negligent?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: You are prioritizing your company and neglecting your own health. I worry that you've made permanent damage.

Victor: The top priority right now is to find the bastard who started all this!

Nikki: So, you still think it's J.T.?

Victor: Yes! I know it is! He's coming toward genoa city. He's trying to get revenge on me. Punk doesn't know that if I get ahold of him, he'll get what he deserves. Trust me.

Billy: Is there a file there with a --

Phyllis: What?

Billy: Ah, there it is. Do some light reading when I get home.

Phyllis: You about ready to go?

Billy: Yeah, just about. Couple more things here.

Phyllis: Summer really did have some good ideas before, right? Overnight, she became this gifted troubleshooter.

Billy: And her mom's not biased at all, is she?

Phyllis: Maybe she just needed a job with some real responsibility. That's all it took.

Billy: If there's one thing about summer, she knows about business. Sometimes you got to roll the dice. Doesn't always pay to play it safe. All right. Good to go.

Phyllis: Need these? Marine sales and leasing? Are you thinking about buying a boat for the company?

Billy: Not thinking. I did. And it's not a boat. I... bought a yacht. Look, I know it's a little over the top. This is basically like a 5-star hotel on the water. I spared no expense.

Phyllis: I see.

Billy: I haven't told anybody about it yet, okay, because i know what the jackolytes are gonna say -- "there goes billy, never serious, wasting money on extravagant new toys," but --

Phyllis: Is that why you bought it?

Billy: No. No, no, no. I am gonna promote the crap out of the company with this thing. Trust me, we are gonna make a big splash, pun intended.

Phyllis: With jabot footing the bill?

Billy: Yeah. It took some, you know, creative budgeting. The accountants want to strangle me, but what else is new? This is gonna be the party boat to end all party boats. Oh. You know the best -- the best part about it? The name -- jaboat. Get it? Come on. Say it with me.

Jabot. Right? That's pretty cool, right?


Victor: J.T.'S attempt on my life failed, and now he's trying to get me this way.

Nikki: Well, whoever hacked newman enterprises exposed a very concerning topic -- your health. And that doesn't just affect the business. It impacts me and the children and christian now that he's living with us. He deserves to have somebody raising him who's able to physically.

Victor: I am, and I will.

Nikki: Well, you knew you weren't at 100% when you took this on. So, what were you doing -- trying to prove something to yourself that you still have what it takes, you have the stamina to raise a small child?

Victor: I had a very good reason to fight for custody of that boy, all right? None of it had to do with my medical condition.

Nikki: Well, at least you can admit that you see how much christian misses his daddy.

Victor: Yes, of course he misses his daddy. His daddy misses him. And guess what. They're together right now.

Nikki: With the nanny that you handpicked watching nicholas' every move.

[ Cellphone chimes ] What is it?

Victor: Mm. Message from neil -- an urgent message. The press is about to publish an exposé on my medical records.

Nikki: What?

Victor: Sorry, sweetheart. I've got to go.

Summer: Hey! You're still here.

Kyle: Can't stop thinking about before -- what you said. You totally nailed it. I was trying to shut you out.

Summer: Tell me something i don't know.

Kyle: I had this killer concept, or so I thought, and i didn't want to see it get messed with, share the spotlight.

Summer: Mm-hmm. Especially not with me, right? At least you can admit it, you schemer.

Kyle: I killed it with the birthday-suit stunt. I just wanted to build on that.

Summer: By pitching 2/3 of an idea?

Kyle: I figured I'd earned some of billy's trust. But I felt like some rookie in there, and the minute they had a few questions, they were ready to turn me down instead of letting me go back and work things out. And then you come in and billy's on board with everything you said. How did you do that? I prepped and polished and totally bombed, and you flew by the seat of your pants and, voilà, success.

Summer: I don't know. I-I guess living with someone, you figure out how to push their buttons.

Kyle: I know my uncle a lot better than you do.

Summer: Why does this bother you so much, kyle? You won. Your idea was accepted. You got what you wanted. Who cares how it happened?

Kyle: I do! Unlike you, I take my job seriously. It's bad enough knowing I have no shot at C.E.O., But I'd like to think I'm not in some total dead-end gig.

Summer: Stop taking it so hard. You're already an executive. Why don't you just relax and enjoy life a little?

Kyle: And whenever I do, i feel like a slacker, like if i stop running for even one minute, I'll never get anywhere.

Summer: Tell you what. Why don't you come with me to the roof deck at the club? Just take the night off, and by the end, I promise that you'll see things a little bit differently.

Kyle: I was at the club earlier. I saw a sign. The roof deck's closed tonight.

Summer: Well, that gives us two reasons to go. We'll have the place to ourselves, and we'll be breaking the rules. Come on!

Billy: [ Sighs ] Phyllis, honey, I don't know what's going on, okay? I mean, you storm out of my office. You're not answering my text messages. I mean, okay, if you're upset that I bought a yacht for the company, I get it. It's not something that jack would do. But from a P.R./Marketing standpoint, it makes a ton of sense, okay? Was it expensive? Yeah, it was. Do I think this investment is gonna pay off? Yes, absolutely. I'm gonna invite the suppliers, distributors, buyers, press, you know, reward our top salespeople. Give them something that no other company is gonna supply. When they think about jabot, they're gonna think about fun, and that is the point. It's gonna be huge for us. All of this is just to solidify our image as the brand of glamour and romance. And I know some people are not going to think it's a good bet, all right? But me personally -- I think it's a slam dunk.

[ Sighs ] And here I am, leaving a ridiculous message on your voicemail again.

[ Sighs ] All right. Well, I'm home, so... just call me back... please. Are you messing with me?

Phyllis: Oh, I heard every word you said. In case you don't realize it yet... you had me at "jaboat."

Mariah: So then poor roz, in the middle of the pouring rain, mind you, has to go out and get her soda crackers. Can you believe it?

Tessa: It's hilary. Of course I can believe it.

Mariah: I swear to god, i think she thinks she invented pregnancy.

Tessa: [ Laughs ] You know, that's a good story. You should write it down in your journal.

Mariah: Oh, I will. Everything goes in there.

Tessa: I'm glad that you're back at it -- that the thing i did didn't scare you off from journaling. You know, maybe someday we could collaborate. I write the music, you write the lyrics.

Mariah: I would love that. Sounds amazing.

[ Cellphone chimes ] You gonna get that?

Tessa: Uh... later. They're just wondering why I'm not texting back. It's not important.

Mariah: Oh. Are you seeing somebody?

Tessa: Uh, no. No way. It's, uh, just a friend. So, uh... is there anything you're working on, anything exciting?

Mariah: Actually, yeah. I'm -- I'm trying to pitch this -- this feature, and it's a single-themed episode about female firsts, so, basically, first female senator, first female astronaut, nobel peace prize winner, et cetera, et cetera.

Tessa: Well, that sounds like it could take up a whole week.

Mariah: Yeah. I think it's gonna be great, actually. If you don't mind, I can show you some of my stuff...

Tessa: Oh, yeah.

Mariah: ...I'm working on. Oh, no. Oh, no! My notes!

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: Oh, god, I have everything in there. It's gone.

Tessa: Well, okay. Well, where were you working on them last?

Mariah: The rooftop. I was taking notes up there before they closed for the day. I must have left it on the bar. It's fine. I'll just go back tomorrow when they open.

Tessa: Well, you know, there are perks of being devon's assistant.

Kyle: Right. Uh, did you bring a corkscrew?

Summer: Let's worry about that later. Right now I'm dying to get in the water. The night's perfect for it.

Kyle: Uh...one small problem.

Summer: What?

Kyle: No swimsuits.

Summer: We don't need them. It's just us.

Kyle: What, you're -- oh, my god. Uh... no, no, no. Let me. Let me. If, uh, we're actually doing this...

Summer: Oh, we're doing this.

Kyle: ...Um... summer, this is nuts.

Summer: What? Nothing you haven't seen before. Same's true for me. Besides, you didn't seem too self-conscious when you went on hilary's show in the buff to sell some sunscreen.

Kyle: That's different.

Summer: Why?

Kyle: Because... it's just the two of us.

Summer: Oh, as opposed to millions of tv viewers? Got it. Now, don't worry. I will not go mad with desire and have my way with you... unless you're just nervous that the cold water won't show you off to your best advantage.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Billy: All right. As much as I love this outfit, let's see how easily it comes off.

Phyllis: We're not really alone anymore these days.

Billy: Summer's never home this early.

Phyllis: I have an idea.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: I was looking for candles the other day, and, magically, I found these little babies.

Billy: And?

Phyllis: And... we can take this upstairs. We're not gonna have to worry if summer walks in on us. Or if you really want to get me out of this very official-looking uniform, you can bring these along with you.

Billy: You want to play cards? Now? Why?

Phyllis: Think about it, sailor. You know exactly why.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] That felt so nice. I forgot the water was heated.

Kyle: Yeah. Dodged a bullet there.

[ Groans ]

Summer: All right, admit it. You had fun. Come on. Just say the words. Even if it's a lie, anything is better than all the complaining you were doing.

Kyle: I wasn't complaining.

Summer: Yeah, at least once my clothes came off, you weren'T.

Kyle: [ Inhales deeply ] Kind of a weird thing for two exes to be doing.

Summer: I wouldn't consider it weird.

Kyle: No? What would you call it?

Summer: Not being uptight. You should try it sometime.

Kyle: Uptight? Next thing you know, you'll talk me into stealing a car.

Summer: Oh, yeah, skinny-dipping, the gateway crime for felony theft.

[ Both chuckle ] Not that I'm too worried about you. You're mr. Straight and narrow nowadays.

Kyle: Well, compared to you. This whole bad-girl persona of yours -- it's an act.

Summer: I'm just someone who lives in the moment.

Kyle: Yeah? Wonder how true that is.

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh.

Mariah: Oh, my god!

Victor: Sweetheart, I came by looking for you, but you're not in your office. This is about J.T. Hope to hear from you soon, okay?

Nikki: Maybe you should try her at home.

Victor: I tried her landline. No answer, and now she doesn't answer her cellphone. Maybe she'll show up soon.

Nikki: All right, victor. Be straight with me. How serious is this? Could it have a negative impact on the business?

Victor: People have been trying for years -- in fact, decades -- to take me down. And they will keep on trying to take me down. But guess what. I and my company are still standing.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Neil says the article just... went up online.

Nikki: How bad is it?

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Nikki: Victor?

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ] It's a disaster.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Victor: According to this, our three biggest clients are ready to walk.

Nikki: What?! Solely based on what they read in your medical records?

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ] I'm quoting now. "One C.E.O., Who requested anonymity, echoed the concerns of others we spoke with. 'While I prefer not to exercise our escape clause and void our contract with newman, I have serious doubts about who is really in charge. Given the precarious state of victor's health, I don't see how it could be him.'"

Nikki: This is absolutely ridiculous. Of course you're in charge.

Victor: You and I know that. But those executives jumped to conclusions without ever calling me. Didn't call me once. Presumed that ashley and victoria are running things now. I wonder if those two fed that narrative to the press.

Nikki: Victor, do you honestly think that they would be that disloyal? Absolutely not. Oh. Okay. These C.E.O.S are all saying that the leak itself is what made them question who's leading the company. They can't imagine this kind of breach happening on your watch. What are you doing?

Victor: I've got to salvage this.

Phyllis: All right, captain. I'll see your watch and raise you my camisole.

Billy: Confident.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm, when you've got the goods.

Billy: I call.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] Your shirt?

Billy: And tie.

Phyllis: I see I'm not the only one who's confident.

Billy: What you got over there?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Three ladies.

Billy: Ohh!

Phyllis: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Hurts so good. Full house!

Phyllis: You area rat!

Billy: Take it off, baby.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] All right.

Billy: Bom chick-a bom bom

Phyllis: Bom chick-a bom bom

now now-now-dow

now dow-dow-dow

dow dow-dow-dow dow are you enjoying yourself?

Billy: That's what I'm talkin' about.

Phyllis: Okay, that's it. Show's over.

Billy: That's the best night of poker I've ever had in my entire life.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: Okay. What's the ante?

Billy: [ Clears throat ] Your call.

Phyllis: Um, the hat.

Billy: Oh, no, no, no. Not the hat, unless you're gonna stand here and sing the navy fight song in its entirety.

Phyllis: You think I'm gonna sing "anchors aweigh" in this slip? No, I don't think so.

Billy: Too kinky for you?

Phyllis: How 'bout your watch against my left earring?

Billy: That's not exactly raising the stakes, but I guess I'll play along.

Phyllis: You have got to be cheating.

Billy: Are you kidding me? How dare you?

Phyllis: You have won almost every hand.

Billy: Excuse me. I got naked feet down here, okay? And they're freezing.

Phyllis: Poor baby. All right. How many cards?

Billy: Three.

Phyllis: All right. One for the dealer.

Billy: Only one, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, can't help it if you got crappy cards.

Billy: Crappy cards, good cards -- it doesn't really matter when you're this talented.

Phyllis: Oh, listen to this.

Billy: I'm really good at poker -- like, really good.

Phyllis: Bet's to you.

Billy: My tie.

Phyllis: Just your tie, not your shirt?

Billy: Part of being good is knowing when to pull in the horns.

Phyllis: I think you're chicken. I'll call it. Your tie, my slip.

Billy: Sounds fair.

Phyllis: I didn't mean to impugn your honor before. I was just hoping you were out of practice, that's all.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Come on. It's like riding a bike. But don't worry. You'll go on a winning streak soon.

Phyllis: Not till we have to show our cards, and, like usual, mine stink. Pair of 5s.

Billy: Awww.

Phyllis: Yeah. So... strip me naked. See if I care. Come on, captain. Show me what you got.

Billy: I got nothin'.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ]

Billy: You win, you little minx.

Phyllis: Well!

Billy: Just because I'm a good sport, I'll throw in my shirt.

Phyllis: Ha ha ha! Oh, please do! Yes! Whoo! Whoo! Bring it home! Bring it home.

[ Laughs ]

Mariah: That stunt you pulled on the show was bad enough, but getting naked with snowflake here -- that's just disgusting!

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Who knew you were such a prude?

Mariah: Okay, please. As if.

Summer: Okay. Prove it. Jump in. The water's fine. Both of you.

Kyle: Summer, knock it off.

Tessa: Look, no one's around. What's the harm?

Mariah: What?! Are you serious?

Tessa: Yeah. I mean, it's a warm night. It might be kind of fun.

Mariah: No. No. Summer is just messing with us. She's trying to get a reaction. I wouldn't be surprised if she stole our clothes while we were in the pool and then called security on us.

Tessa: Okay. You're overreacting. It's a swim. Big deal. We're all adults.

Mariah: Then let's act that way.

Summer: Wow. Look at the two of you bickering like an old married couple or something.

Mariah: That's not funny.

Kyle: Well, actually, they --

Summer: Oh, okay. That actually makes a lot of sense.

Mariah: You don't know what you're talking about.

Summer: I don't? Okay. Let's look at your track record with men. Leaves a lot to be desired.

Tessa: Hey, anyone would be lucky to have her. You know, you can get hung up on gender all you want, but us here in the 21st century -- we've moved on.

Summer: Okay. Fyi, I have no hangups. I was just saying that I managed to get kyle to loosen up tonight, so maybe mariah and i could hook up.

Mariah: Yeah. You're not my type.

Summer: Really? Who is?

Mariah: Well, usually they come fully equipped with a brain.

Kyle: The way you were talking to mariah just now -- you hate her that much?

Summer: I don't hate anybody. Takes too much energy. Besides, she never made it a secret how she feels about me. She just needs to lighten up. That's all. Okay. I wasn't saying that just the two of them should go swimming. I just thought maybe the four of us could --

Kyle: The four of us could what?

Summer: I don't know. Get in the pool together. Play water polo or -- ooh, or marco polo. That's always fun naked. Have you ever done it?

Kyle: Can't say I have.

Summer: Well, don't knock it till you tried it.

Kyle: Yeah, it does sound fun.

Summer: See?! See? You're finally having fun! I knew you could do it. You just need to give mariah some pointers now.

Kyle: Look, I shouldn't have given you such a hard time.

Summer: When?

Kyle: After the meeting. About horning in on my presentation. I jumped all over you, and i should have just said thanks.

Summer: Would you have meant it?

Kyle: I guess so.

Summer: Okay. So, are we friends again?

Kyle: We're not enemies.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] See? I told you your game would turn around.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: You must have been so anxious to have your way with me.

Phyllis: Well, I had very good motivation. Also helped you started throwing games.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] All right. Why didn't you say anything?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Like you said, I just wanted you naked.

Billy: Next time we'll play on the yacht.

Phyllis: Aye, aye, sailor.

Billy: Mm-hmm. If I haven't said it enough, thank you for supporting me in buying it. I know jack and ashley are gonna give me a ton of flak for it.

Phyllis: Oh, well. I'll always have your back, no matter how crazy your plans are.

Billy: Oh?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Thank you.

Phyllis: I am a bit disappointed, though, that i wasn't able to pick it out.

Billy: Now, that would have been hot. I have to say, though, I thought maybe for a moment there you were gonna disapprove. Case in point -- when you stormed out of my office like that earlier.

Phyllis: With the look on your face, it was totally worth it. You know, even if I hated the idea, I wouldn't stop you, you know? I am spontaneous and a little reckless, if you remember. And I would hope you'd know by now that you can tell me anything.

Billy: Anything?

[ Whispers ]

Phyllis: Ohh, okay.

Victor: All you should have done is give me a call and i would have explained the damn situation. Yes. Instead, you sit down with a reporter and you tell him that you've lost faith in newman enterprises. I mean, what kind of -- what? And that's your final decision? Well, I'm sorry, too.

Nikki: What did he say?

Victoria: His company is walking out.

Nikki: Oh, my god. This is a nightmare.

Victor: This is going to do real damage to newman enterprises. You know that?

[ Exhales sharply ] This is J.T. Hellstrom sticking it to me, not realizing how much collateral damage he is causing. Thousands of employees will lose their jobs. How the hell am I gonna turn this around now? I don't think the pictures we took are gonna do the job.

[ Breathes deeply ] Somehow, I'm gonna have to salvage my reputation -- if it's not too late.

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