Y&R Transcript Friday 6/22/18

Y&R Transcript Friday 6/22/18


Episode #11431 ~ Summer and Billy share a secret, Mac visits Victoria, and Nick and Sharon make an announcement.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: Nick believes that having a wife would look good to the courts, and the arbitrator does not think it's in christian's best interest to have me in the picture!

Nick: I've never been more sure about anything in my life.

Sharon: Yes, I will marry you.

Ashley: J.T. Knows newman's security better than anybody. He helped rebuild it. He would know how to break into it.

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Billy: To hell with it. Deal me in.


All right!

[ Laughter ]

Phyllis: Abbott? Are you decent? I got an earlier flight.

Summer: Morning. Looks like someone's a naughty boy.

Billy: And what do you mean by that?

Summer: Just that someone overslept, and on a school day.

Billy: Yeah, and somebody slept longer than I did. As soon as I clean this up, I'll be heading to the office.

Summer: Oh, hey, could you cover for me? I'm gonna go take a shower as soon as I put a pot of coffee on.

Billy: Yeah, I'll cover for you. As long as we never mention this poker game again. As far as I'm concerned, it never happened.

Summer: Okay, fine. Fine, this card game can be our little secret.

[ Knocks on door ]

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Any development?

Victoria: I.T. And security have been working on it all night.

Victor: In my mind, there's only one suspect.

Abby: I told dad about my mom's theory.

Victor: And if J.T. Is behind this, he made a dreadful mistake.

Victoria: I think assuming that J.T. Is behind it is the real mistake.

Victor: Why would you say that?

Sharon: [ Gasps ] I think that is the prettiest bombshell I've ever dropped on anyone.

Nick: Are you still okay with the party later?

Sharon: If you think that's the best way to tell everyone.

Nick: I want to make this announcement in grand style. Followed with a wedding and then with a honeymoon that is long and spectacular.

Sharon: Okay, well, one step at a time, please. We still have to get through the party.

Nick: I want it to be fun, you know, it's not supposed to be a torture session.

Sharon: I always have fun with you. I'm just imagining some of our guests might not feel as festive as we do, so... both of us have to be ready. For anything.

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Victoria: After what J.T. Did, I wouldn't put anything past him, and I certainly wouldn't defend his character.

Victor: Then why the swift dismissal of my accusation?

Victoria: I'm just trying to stay logical, trying not to jump to the wrong conclusions.

Abby: My mom has her reasons. All these documents originated during J.T.'S employment here.

Victoria: There's not much that we can do without proof. I'm just suggesting that we keep an open mind. J.T. Wasn't the only one with a grudge against dad. That was a very crowded field.

Victor: Certainly is. The more successful you are, the more enemies you make.

Abby: Victoria does have a point. I mean, J.T. Would be taking a huge risk for him to start this up from wherever he's hiding.

Victoria: And he's been so careful. Is it worth prison?

Victor: Yeah, but he would go to prison anyway for what he has done to you and me.

Abby: We could call the authorities. If the hacker's anywhere but wisconsin, this would be a federal case.

Victor: No. We will not call the authorities. We use our own security team. The authorities have been trying to take me down for years. They would love nothing more than to see this go public.

Victoria: Dad's right. Until we're certain that this is not an inside job, it needs to remain in-house.

Victor: If J.T. Hellstrom is behind this, he will have hell to pay. He will not escape me a second time.

Nick: I just want everyone to be as cool with our engagement as we are. I know that's not realistic for, you know, all of them.

Sharon: I mean, yeah. Phyllis. She told you not to marry me. And then there's your mom, summer, I guess can I safely cross them off the bridesmaid list.

Nick: Well, if they want me to be happy, they're just gonna have to deal with it. What about mariah? She didn't even want me to move in, and we swayed her, and she's tough.

Sharon: And then there's faith. As soon as she comes home from camp, we have to tell her.

Nick: Faith is 100% solid on us getting back together.

Sharon: I think she's a little scared that it's gonna end in disaster.

Nick: Well, once the wedding happens and she's standing up there with us, that will all go away. 'Cause we're a family -- the three of us, mariah, and christian.

Sharon: Are you that certain that you'll get him back?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, I have to be, you know? It's the only thing that gets me through him not being here.

Sharon: I know. I just don't want to see you crushed all over again.

Nick: I'm not denying what we're up against, and the fears and doubts kind of eat at me sometimes, but I just -- I have to push them aside and refuse to believe that there is any other outcome. Because there is nothing and no one that is gonna stop me, that's gonna stop us from getting what we deserve.

Summer: Hey, you want a cup?

Billy: No, thanks.

Summer: [ Sighs ] You need some help?

Billy: Yeah, that would be lovely.

Summer: Okay. You know, it's not that bad, considering it went till 4:00 A.M.

Billy: Yeah, well, I should have never stayed in the game that long. I just had to recoup my losses.

Summer: Uh, hello, I had to recoup. You, you wiped everyone clean. It was very impressive, but i was hoping before the next game we could do a little tutorial.

Billy: No. No, no, summer, there's not gonna be another game, okay? I had a taste of my misspent youth, and that is enough for me. I have other ways of having a good time now.

Summer: Okay, what's wrong with a little excitement?

Billy: Your mother is enough excitement for me.

Summer: I saw the look on your face when you won that last big pot. You were in hog heaven, and honestly, I haven't seen you happier since I came back to town. So, tell me, billy, why are you denying yourself something that you really want?

Billy: This is not what i want.

Billy: I'm a gambling addict. I assumed somebody would have informed you of that by now.

Summer: I mean, I knew that you were heavy into betting. I just figured that you were sick of losing wads of cash, so you stopped. I didn't realize you were officially addicted, or enough to label yourself.

Billy: Well, there is no past-tense, all right? I'm still a gambling addict, whether I'm recovering or not.

Summer: You're putting this right up there with alcoholism and drug addiction?

Billy: It's a lot like substance abuse. It messes with your brain and creates the same kind of compulsive patterns as a drug would.

Summer: Okay, well, I mean, i wouldn't necessarily say that you're addicted to the high. You set boundaries last night. You played for a little, and then you stopped. You were in total control. And you bought a race horse a few months ago -- mom told me -- and if this craze for betting still controlled you, I mean, you would be on skid row by now, now C.E.O. Of jabot.

Billy: All right, first of all, that horse belongs to your mother, and I bought it as a gift, not a source of income. That is the difference between me now and the way that I was.

Summer: So, how bad were you?

Billy: Every day revolved around the bets that I placed. I couldn't concentrate on anything else, unless I knew how much I won or how much I blew. And it didn't matter how much i won or how big it was because i would only get the thrill or the high if it was bigger than the last time that I got my last payout.

Summer: So what made you stop?

Billy: The sudden realization that I was losing everything good in my life. All the things that money can't replace, like family and friends and love. Last bit of respect or dignity that I had. The obsession and the drive to feed the addiction almost took my life. I needed a brutal wake-up call, and I got it, and it worked. And if I hadn't gotten clean when I did, then, I mean, i would be missing out on everything. Phyllis. My kids. C.E.O. Of my dad's company. And yet I still sat down at that table and didn't give a damn about it.

Summer: Okay. I'm sorry, but you are just being way too hard on yourself. I mean, we played a brief game of cards.

Billy: No, see, I was already gambling by the time I sat down at that table. By the time I got the first card dealt to me, by the time i touched the first chip, okay? I was already willing to risk all of it just for the sweet taste of victory. I mean, how stupid is that? Everybody that cares about me, that supports my effort at jabot, that just relies on me to be an adult and not make stupid decisions, they cannot worry about me. They cannot think that the past is gonna come back. And with a second, with no warning like that, I will be reduced to a pile of crap because I know that's what they think. They're not gonna say it, but that's what they think. So that is why I need to pretend that last night never happened.

Summer: Yeah. No, I understand that. And I will never say a word about it again. But listening to you just now, you are too painfully aware of how you got there and all the mistakes that you made along the way to let one brief card game bring you right back down that road again. That's just my opinion, so take it or leave it, but it's the truth, and you know it.

Billy: So, what happened here? How did some, you know, nice young lady like you get so well-versed in the sordid world of not-so-high-stakes poker?

Summer: [ Chuckles ] Okay, well, when I was in belize, there was this little beach casino, and they had killer fish tacos and the best a/c in town, so most days i would just pop in to cool off, but I made friends with the dealer, and he just taught me the basics.

Billy: Oh, yeah, is that it? I'm sure you bled his regulars dry. Used the rest of your world tour to sharpen your skills.

Summer: No. No, not -- not even. No, I -- when I came back to town, I actually missed the challenge of it, so I found a couple local players online, and now we just meet up occasionally for some laughs and a modest buy-in.

Billy: All right, well, take it from me, there's much better ways to spend your time and your brainpower. And judging by the players you were playing with last night, you're already a few levels higher than them.

Summer: Well, I was gonna ask you for some pointers, but in light of our conversation, i will just take the compliment and go get ready. But thank you.

Phyllis: No need to bow.

[Laughs ]

Billy: Hey.

Phyllis: Hi!

Billy: You're back early.

Phyllis: Yes! I missed you too much.

Billy: Hi.

Phyllis: Hi! I grabbed a seat on the first flight.

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: But with all the commotion, I forgot to plug in my phone, so I couldn't text you. I went to jabot, but it was too early to surprise you.

Billy: Yeah, getting a little bit of a late start on it this morning.

Phyllis: Yeah. You look like you had a rough night.

Billy: Oh, come on, any night is rough without you.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Nice. So, what'd I miss?

Abby: Just so you know, i didn't tell dad about mom's theory to try and cast aspersions on you. I was looking out for the company and for all of us.

Victoria: I get that. I have zero sympathy for J.T.

Abby: Of course.

Victoria: And I could do without having to remind dad.

Abby: Look, dad's just hell-bent on J.T. Paying for what he did. But dad needs to remember that you suffered, too. Maybe even more than he did.

Victoria: Thank you.

Abby: You could really use a break from this place. I hope you're planning on leaving early to go to nick's party.

Victoria: Yeah. I plan on going over at some point. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay, given the current crisis. Are you bringing arturo? My mother's gonna be there, just in case you didn't know. Um, just out of curiosity -- I'm not trying to be judgy or anything -- but is it a little weird knowing that your boyfriend was your step-mother'S...

Abby: Sex buddy? Arturo is not my boyfriend. We're not exclusive. I would barely even consider us dating.

Victoria: Oh, I thought it was more serious than that. I mean, you did bring him to father's day.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Abby: Excuse me. Look, don't take this the wrong way, but my personal life, it's not really that interesting. So thank you for caring, but the person we should both be worried about is nick.

Victoria: And I am.

Abby: He must be reeling after having christian yanked from him. I'm surprised he's throwing a party.

Victoria: I just think he's trying to stay extra positive and optimistic. Anything less would feel like he's conceding to dad.

Abby: So he believes he'll be able get christian back?

Victoria: He's certain of it. The most important thing to nick is being a father.

Abby: Well, he's the best one I know.

Victoria: Yeah. He's not about to let anyone come between him and his son, even dad.

Abby: How's reed doing?

Victoria: Oh, um, he's doing well.

Abby: I really should call him. I haven't talked to him much since he left.

Victoria: Yeah, he would love that.

Abby: You know, whether or not J.T. Is behind all of these threats, I really hope they catch him, for reed's sake.

Victoria: Why?

Abby: No one wants to visit their dad behind bars -- you and I both know that firsthand -- but, well, isn't it better than having him just walk out of your life forever, never having any of your questions answered for the rest of your life?

[ Knocks on door ]

Victoria: Come in! Mac. What are you doing back in town?

Mac: Hi, victoria. I'm sorry to show up unannounced, but I really need to talk to you. In private.

Abby: On my way out.

Mac: Bye. I just learned something about J.T. I thought you and I had better discuss it face to face.

Phyllis: You don't feel hot.

Billy: As long as I look it.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] To me, you always do. What happened last night? Something you ate?

Phyllis: No, no, no. Nothing. I, uh -- I just didn't sleep very well.

Phyllis: Well, neither did i in that big, empty hotel bed. But that is easy to remedy. One pot of hot coffee coming up.

Billy: You know what, I will, uh, just grab one at the office, okay? I got to head there anyway.

Phyllis: You sure you feel okay?

Billy: Yes, I'm fine. Trust me.

Phyllis: All right, you know what, I will go with you. I need to check in with summer. She wasn't at her desk earlier.

Billy: Okay, good. We'll track her down.

Phyllis: Okay.

Billy: You ready to go?

Phyllis: Now I am. Come on. Let's do this.

Mariah: Hello, you two.

Nick: Hey!

Sharon: Um, we didn't hear you come in.

Mariah: How could you with that new rain shower that nick installed? It's so heavy. And loud.

Sharon: I thought that you were gonna be at the studio until we were due to meet up at the club later.

Mariah: I was, but I decided to come back and give you that.

Nick: What's -- what's that for?

Mariah: For your engagement. Okay, fine. Fine. We will table this until after the party. The no-reason, non-specific party with no forthcoming announcement as far as anybody knows.

Nick: I think somebody knows.

Sharon: She didn't hear it from me. How did you...?

Mariah: How did I know? You remember having that hypothetical chat about whether you should marry him again? And, fyi, you guys left lots of clues.

Nick: Like what?

Mariah: Well, the fact that you two are always joined at the hips -- sorry, lips. And then there's the sparkly cloud of pixie dust that you guys are enveloped in every time I walk into the room. Oh! And you always stop whispering. But, don't worry, I will not spoil the surprise. The real reason that I'm here is... I just wanted to be the first to say that you two getting remarried is maybe one of the most...hopeful and inspiring things ever. The fact that you guys could make your way back to each other after you've both been hurt so badly. And so unfairly. You have transformed your life in the span of a year, and it's so heroic. And you have been, too, nick, with the custody battle, you know? You have refused to be scared. And stacking the deck, sacrificing my mother, I mean, nobody would have blamed you for that, not even her, and that is exactly why... that's exactly why you guys deserve each other. And you deserve christian. And that's gonna happen, too. I promise you. With all of the love that's pumping out of your hearts that you share with so many people, how could it not? Okay. See? The sweetness and the tears that are in the eyes right now, I'm gonna need to dial that back before this becomes a big, goopy moment.

Sharon: Too late. It already is. Thank you.

Nick: We love you. Come on, bring it in.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Mac: I was going through the mail, and I found a bill from one of J.T.'S credit cards. He's been using it.

Victoria: Oh. Are you sure? Could someone have found it and just decided to help themselves?

Mac: There was no fraud alert. On the statement or by phone. My cell is still the secondary contact number. It's an old card, which is why it still had my address on it. J.T. Barely ever used it. Probably why he never told the company about his move back to gc. I called the credit card people, and they said all the purchases appear to be legit.

Victoria: Um, what kind of activity was on the bill?

Mac: Car rental, motels, convenience stores, fast food, gas. Here. I brought you a copy. The closing date was last week, right before it was used in montana, then south dakota. The last few charges were in fort dodge, iowa.

Victoria: I see.

Mac: What you would expect from a man on the run -- moving around, staying a few steps ahead of anyone looking for him.

Victoria: To use his own card, it's kind of a rookie move. I mean, that would be the biggest red flag that he could wave.

Mac: I agree. So that means he must be desperate. Out of cash. I don't know, that's just my opinion, like I told paul.

Victoria: You called him about this?

Mac: Yeah, I went to see him right before coming here.

Victoria: And?

Paul: He already knew. They put a trace on all of J.T.'S cards weeks ago. I'm surprised he didn't tell you about these recent transactions.

Victoria: I'm not -- the police seem to think that i know where J.T. Is and that we've secretly been in contact since he left town. The assumption's not much of a stretch, I guess. I mean, you asked me the same question last time you saw me.

Mac: And I regret that. I do. You wouldn't, not after --

Victoria: No, it's okay. It's okay. I know. I understand why people might wonder.

Mac: But I also know what you went through with J.T. How awful it was. You would never contact him or help him stay hidden. But... I also remember how controlling he is. How entitled he feels. I wouldn't put it past him to contact you. To get him out of a jam.

Victoria: Yeah, but he hasn'T.

Mac: I need J.T. To be found, okay? For some kind of closure. For my kids, for myself. I'm sure you feel the exact same way.

Summer: Knock, knock. Just reporting to your office, as requested.

Phyllis: By me, actually.

Summer: Oh! Mom! You're back already!

Phyllis: Everything okay while I was gone?

Summer: Yeah. Great. I've just been a busy little bee, but that's just how I roll. Do you need anything?

Phyllis: No. You just keep it up. We will chat at your dad's thing later.

Billy: Nick has a thing?

Summer: Yeah, it's just a get-together at the athletic club.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's pretty impromptu. I got the text while I was gone. We're all invited.

Summer: Do you have any idea what it's about? Because dad didn't tell me.

Phyllis: His text was... pretty vague, but I guess we'll find out when we get there.

Mariah: Wow, you guys picked the perfect day for this.

Nick: Yeah, the weather report says there's only a slight chance of rain. I mean, there is not a black cloud in the sky.

Sharon: Uh-oh! One's floating in just now.

Nick: Hey, mom.

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Sharon: Hi, nikki. Nice to see you. You do know you're very early.

Nikki: Yes, I know, sharon. I was hoping my son might be able to spare a moment.

Mariah: Oh, well, why don't we go see the staff, see if they're prepped.

Sharon: Good idea!

Nick: What's up, mom?

Nikki: Well, darling, whenever you stop by the main house to see christian, it seems like you and I never have a chance to talk.

Nick: Well, every minute i get to spend with christian's kind of precious right now.

Nikki: Well, you're hiding it very well, but I know how furious you must be.

Nick: I was, but being positive and productive beats the hell out of frustrated and enraged.

Nikki: Your father should never have gone after custody.

Nick: Look, I'm gonna get my son back, okay? That's what today is about. Celebrating my future with my son and everyone I love. Unlike dad, I value my family.

Nikki: Honey... I am so, so sorry about all of this.

Nick: I know, mom. I'm sorry that you're stuck in the middle of this. But I'm very thankful that you're there, mom. You can help take care of my son. It's making this a whole lot easier for me.

Nikki: I will do everything i can for that little boy. And to help you and your father get past all this.

Nick: You just focus on christian. Don't waste your energy on anything else. Dad took my son, and he was willing to destroy everything he had in the process. But he is gonna find it doesn't matter how much money you have, some damage is beyond repair.

Mac: Thank you for dropping work to see me.

Victoria: It's not a problem.

Mac: You don't have to say that. You have been so good to me, caring and supportive and kind, ever since J.T. Dropped off the planet. And your family has suffered so much more than mine. What J.T. Did to you and reed and victor -- you deserve so much more than just closure -- justice, for one thing -- and I really hope that you get that. You're an amazing woman, victoria. I have so much respect for you.

Victoria: I'm just trying to cope the same as you. How are your kids? Are they better since we last spoke?

Mac: Becca's just a baby, so she's much more adaptable. D.J. Can go a couple of weeks without a problem, and then... he'll ask if he's ever gonna see his father again. Look, I was prepared to fight for sole custody, so maybe i would have had to deal with this anyway, but at least that would have come with rules and boundaries. You know, even telling him "yes, when you're older" would be better than "I don't know." But what are my options?

Victoria: I understand. I've had the same conversation with reed. I'm so sorry, I wish there was something that I could do.

Mac: The only one at fault here is J.T. He made his own selfish choices and left us to deal with the fallout. And we will.

Victoria: Anything to protect our families. Right?

Nick: Thank you all for coming. I'm glad you were free.

Summer: Yeah, well, thank my beautiful boss for letting us get off of work early.

Billy: So, what's the big occasion?

Nick: Just some much-needed r&r to kick off the season.

Billy: I can get down with that.

Phyllis: No engagement ring. So far, so good.

Billy: Is that what you thought this was about?

Phyllis: I was just praying i was wrong.

Billy: Mm.

Sharon: It's a party, so go ahead and speak your mind.

Phyllis: I was telling billy how delicious your drink looks.

Summer: You know what, it does. So I'm gonna go grab one, and I'll have some sent over for you and billy. Hey, abby.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nikki: So, no plus-one tonight?

Abby: Why, were you hoping to see arturo?

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] Quite the opposite. I'm glad you didn't bring him.

Abby: Right, because if you can't have him, no one else can, either.

Nikki: Abby, what I don't want is someone I care about to have her heart broken.

Mariah: Wow. You actually made it.

Summer: Um, yeah, it's my dad's party, so of course i came.

Mariah: Well, you missed out on father's day, so that kind of makes you more of a "flake" than a "snowflake."

Summer: Is that all you got? Because nothing you say is gonna ruin my mood.

Mariah: I'm actually feeling pretty fabulous myself.

Summer: Oh, well, then... care to join me for a drink?

Mariah: Eh, why not?

Summer: Why not?

Billy: Hey. There she is, the super-busy executive emerges from the dark tower...

Victoria: Oh, I'm sorry i never got back to you to make plans for johnny and katie.

Billy: No, it's all right. I just wanted to try and figure out who was gonna take them to the zoo and who was gonna tackle the water park. Or we can go together, if that's what you prefer.

Victoria: Why don't you decide? I'm sure whatever it is, they'll be thrilled. Um... hmm.

Billy: You okay?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm terrific. I'm just a little tired. Long night. Long day.

Billy: Yeah, I get it. Believe me. So, why don't we shove all this aside and just enjoy the party?

Victoria: Yes, that sounds wonderful.

Sharon: And a club soda with lime for you.

Nikki: Well, thank you, sharon.

Phyllis: I love seeing you out like this, nick -- embracing life, refusing to shrivel up under victor's long, evil, dark shadow.

Nick: Never again.

Sharon: Best way to defeat your father is to show him he's not getting to you.

Phyllis: I absolutely agree. Nikki, you should take some festive pics, text them right now to victor.

Nikki: Why don't you?

Phyllis: All right.

Nikki: No, phyllis -- no. It was a joke.

Abby: Thank you for letting me know. Billy.

Billy: Yes?

Abby: Hi, um, can I talk to victoria for a second? It's work stuff.

Billy: Yeah, of course. We'll catch up later.

Victoria: Okay.

Abby: So, dad called me. Newman security traced the shipping origin of those boxes.

Victoria: And?

Abby: Fort dodge, iowa.

Victoria: Fort dodge?

Abby: And guess whose credit card was used to ship them?

Victoria: J.T.'S.

Phyllis: Someone must have stolen his credit card or account number. There is no way that J.T.'S been cruising from montana to iowa, racking up airline miles, after nikki put him in check. I checked his pulse. There was none.

Sharon: Yeah, I checked, too. He wasn't breathing.

Phyllis: He didn't move from the time we took him from your bedroom and put him under chancellor park. We all saw that with our own eyes.

Victoria: I know, it's crazy. So how is this happening?

Nikki: Sweetheart, it would be a miracle if J.T. Were alive. If only we could just erase what went on that night. But, of course, we can'T. I mean, that would be impossible. Right?

Sharon: Yes. Impossible.

Phyllis: Impossible. Yes.

Summer: So, I heard what you said this morning, and it's totally your call, I'm just putting it out there. There's no pressure.

Billy: Putting what out there?

Summer: Well, there's another poker game coming up soon, and if you think you can handle it, just let me know if you want to buy in.

Nick: Everyone, could I have your attention, please? Sharon. Uh, I just want to thank you all for dropping whatever it is you were doing today to join us. I think you deserve to know what is going on. This is a party, but it is a very special party. Because sharon and I are getting married.

Sharon: Again!

Nick: Again.

Mariah: [ Squeals ]

Sharon: Cheers.

Victor: I heard there was a party. I couldn't help but stop by, and I'm so glad I did. You know, nicholas now hitched himself to sharon. Congratulations. By doing so, you all but ensured that I will retain permanent custody of christian. Permanent custody.

Nikki: Victor, you shouldn't have come.

Nick: No, it's okay, mom. It's okay. This just saves you the unpleasant task of having to tell him later. Are you finished now?

Victor: Oh, yeah.

Nick: You made your grand entrance, you pulled focus with some condescending mockery, and that is exactly what it is. But now it's time to get back to celebrating. So that's what we're gonna do. And it's not just for us. It's for our family. Our children, and that includes christian. I will get him back. 'Cause I know you'll never admit it, but deep down inside, in that place where normal people usually have hearts, I know you know what you're doing is wrong. Just like I know that I'm right. And I will never, ever quit until I know that christian is back where he belongs.

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