Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/13/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/13/18


Episode #11424 ~Sharon's character is questioned; Abby faces the truth about Arturo; Neil discovers a clue about Dina's past.

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Previously on >"the young and the restless"...

Dina: I'm so sorry I couldn't remember your father's name. I'll keep trying to remember because you deserve to know, and I hope and pray someday you do.

Neil: This is a risky path to go down. You may discover there are things you wish had stayed hidden.

Abby: Don't bother to warn me off of arturo. I know exactly what happened with him and nikki, so you don't have to worry.

Victor: So then the subject is closed.

Arturo: It's like this sudden streak of bad luck.

Abby: I think I know precisely who's to blame.

Nick: There's absolutely no reason why this arbitrator should reward custody to my dad.

Sharon: My past, my actions, my diagnosis -- victor's gonna use it all against you.

Michael: Your honor, I would like to call a rebuttal witness, sharon newman.

Let's proceed.

Michael: Nick newman stated earlier that he believed christian would be better off in his home than in my client'S. Do you agree?

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: Nick also stated that victor newman's a good grandfather. Would you disagree?

Sharon: No.

Michael: To elaborate on that point, is victor newman kind and generous to his grandchildren?

Sharon: He can be.

Michael: I need a more definitive answer -- yes or no?

Sharon: Yes, he is.

Michael: Hadn't he taught your daughter faith to play chess and ride horses?

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: Would it be fair to say that my client dotes on both faith and christian?

Sharon: I suppose so. Yes.

Michael: And the children feel very close to their grandfather, don't they?

Objection. Leading.

Overruled. You may answer.

Sharon: Yes, the children feel close to their grandfather, but that doesn't mean victor's capable of caring for a child on a full-time basis.

Michael: But wouldn't you agree that he's already proven he's up to the task?

Sharon: I'm not sure.

Michael: Isn't it true that in december of 2016, your daughter faith asked you and the respondent, her father, for permission to move in with my client, which you granted?

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: During that time, did her grandfather offer faith the guidance and support she needed?

Sharon: Yes, but that was for a very limited time, and faith was 10 years old. She wasn't a toddler needing constant attention.

Michael: Um, nick has also testified that he has reunited with you and that you now live together as a couple, correct?

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: Nick also claims that he can provide christian with a much more stable environment than my client can. Do you agree?

Sharon: Absolutely.

Michael: And you're comfortable standing by your answer, despite your history of mental illness?

Abby: Ahh! It's been way too long.

Lily: I know!

Abby: How are things going?

Lily: Things are really good. Cane's great, kids are great. I love my new job, so beat that.

Abby: Oh, okay, well, work is less than satisfying, but telecommuting from the roof deck up there has been a real sanity-saver.

Lily: And sanity is important. But I want to hear about your social life, little miss havana.

Abby: Ohhh.

Lily: Because your texts and photos from miami looked amazing.

Abby: Well, arturo and I had a blast.

Lily: And I'm sorry, which really clever friend of yours told you to go to south beach with seņor right? Oh, that's right, that was me! You're welcome.

Abby: It was a terrific idea.

Lily: And you said that he was insanely hot, but that was quite the understatement.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: Does he want a modeling agent, maybe?

Abby: Well, you'll have to ask him yourself.

Lily: What? Don't tell me it's over already.

Abby: You know what, it turned out to not be what i wanted after all.

Lily: I don't think I believe that.

Abby: Why?

Lily: Because it doesn't sound like you do, either.

Jack: I came right over. What's so urgent?

Neil: Hey, hey, hey, jack! I found this box in storage at hamilton-winters. Thought you should see it.

Jack: I assume there's something inside of it.

Neil: Check this out. Dina's old diaries, her personal journals, in her own handwriting.

Jack: Wait, wait. You're serious?

Neil: Take a look. Somewhere in those pages, you just might find your biological father.

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Abby: So, now you see what arturo and I were up against.

Lily: I mean, the fling or private arrangement or whatever you want to call it, with nikki? Wow.

Abby: Mm-hmm. That was my reaction. And I know that it all happened before we went to miami, but he still should have told me, right?

Lily: Of course! I mean, it would have been way better than hearing it from nikki.

Abby: Yeah.

Lily: Did he say why he didn't?

Abby: He said he thought it was too soon, that he wanted me to get to know him for him and not his past.

Lily: His very recent past?

Abby: Yeah.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Well, look, i mean, with nikki aside, what do you think of the guy?

Abby: Well, there's a lot to like. He's unpretentious, he's outspoken, he works hard. He takes pride in his work. He's fun to be with, and he's fun to look at.

[ Both chuckle ] And when he barely knew me, he was so supportive when I was going through some pretty intense family stuff.

Lily: And you kissed once?

Abby: And it was...amazing. But, you know...

Lily: I know, you've been burned before.

Abby: Too many times to not have trust issues.

Lily: Yeah, well, I think the thing with your step-mom, that would set off anyone's alarms.

Abby: And there's something else. My dad's not exactly a member of the arturo fan club.

Lily: Well, yeah, I mean, open arrangement or not, first his wife, and then his baby girl? I mean, there's no shock there. Well, look, I think I have the full picture except for one piece. How does arturo feel?

Abby: He wants me to give him another chance. But I'm sure by now he realizes that it's not worth the trouble.

Arturo: Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Arturo here. Yeah, what's up, brother? Thank you for getting back to me. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We can proceed anytime. Your call. Wait, no, I'm sorry, you can't do that to me. We had an agreement. Brother, if there's a problem, you can -- hello? Hello?

Michael: How many times have you been admitted to a psychiatric facility?

Objection. Relevance.

Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: We are dealing with ms. Newman's ability to care for a child with whom she has had a previous relationship and now shares a home.

Objection overruled. Ms. Newman?

Sharon: Three times.

Michael: We'll deal with the first. Isn't it true that your stay was motivated by erratic behavior on your part with symptoms of kleptomania, so much so that you were in fact arrested for theft?

Sharon: It's true.

Michael: I would like to call your honor's attention to claimant's exhibit 12. You will find the corresponding arrest record, dated 2009, and another related record from 2012, detailing ms. Newman's subsequent arrest and the resulting charges of fraud, conspiracy, and making false statements to the police. Prior to your 2012 arrest, had you not been admitted to a psychiatric facility for a second time?

Sharon: Yes. I was ill. And because of my treatment, the behavior associated with my illness, that's part of my past.

Michael: Would you please describe your illness?

Sharon: I have bipolar disorder. But it's under control and it has been for a long time.

Michael: "A long time." That seems rather vague and hardly objective.

That's hardly a question. Your honor.

Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: Forgive me. Here's my question, ms. Newman. Did you not commit yourself to fairview hospital just 2 1/2 years ago?

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: And what led you to this decision? Can you explain?

Sharon: I had suffered a miscarriage, and I was... distraught.

Michael: Can you be more specific?

Sharon: I was severely depressed. I felt hopeless, miserable. I didn't know how I would ever overcome all of this pain and loss.

Michael: Did you also feel that you posed a threat to yourself or others or family, perhaps?

Sharon: No.

Michael: And yet you went through these extreme measures to have yourself institutionalized --

Sharon: That's right.

Michael: May I finish my question? ...Despite your drastic steps to be committed to the fairview psychiatric hospital, do you still stand by your answer?

Objection. The witness already responded.

Michael: It's a separate question, your honor.

Nick: Okay, that's enough. You made your point.

Victor: Don't interfere.

Not another word. Either of you. Counselors, I won't tolerate another outburst.

Understood, your honor. I apologize.

Michael: As do I.

Ms. Newman, are you ready to proceed?

Sharon: Yes, your honor. I can handle this.

Jack: This is amazing. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Neil: Oh, my friend, I think I do. You know, you said how important it was for you to find your biological father... well, I remembered -- when my company acquired dina's company, we also got all of her personal files.

Jack: That's where traci and ashley found the manuscript for her memoir. The one we almost used to get the medical power of attorney?

Neil: Well, since then, the archives have been organized a bit better. So it was easy for me to find them, and I brought them over here. You know, you can help yourself.

Jack: These two appear to have been from around the time i was conceived.

Neil: You know, if you want to take your time, you can look at it later, or, you know, you can kick back here and dive right in. I have some boxes of my own that I can go through upstairs, or i can hang here with you. It's your choice. Jack? You okay?

Jack: I'm scared as hell what might be inside these.

Abby: Well, I guess I have taken up enough of your time.

Lily: No, no such thing when my friend has a problem.

Abby: Well, not with arturo. I am going to make the smart, responsible choice.

Lily: Well, maybe you rushed it, slightly?

Abby: Without giving a fair shot to irresponsible and ill-advised?

Lily: No, just, you know, see how you really feel. Deep down.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Lily: You're torn. You're debating yourself. That must mean that you think arturo is worth the risk.

Abby: And if that's true?

Lily: Well, then, take it, you know? Push past the fear and see if you guys have something real. If there's more to build on and you both feel it, then forget being friends. Just...go for it.

Abby: I don't want to end up having any regrets.

Lily: I know, I don't want you to, either. Because you deserve so much more.

Abby: Thank you for reminding me.

Lily: You're welcome.

[ Both chuckle ]

Michael: Ms. Newman, would you agree that there were times during your mental illness when you were not in control of your actions?

Sharon: Not since I began my current course of medication.

Michael: So you attribute your medication for your ability to live a happier, more normal life?

Sharon: It's one of several key factors. For me, a huge one.

Michael: And where does electroconvulsive therapy fit in? You were administered what it commonly referred to as shock treatment, were you not?

Sharon: It's referred to as ect, and the answer is yes, only one time, and my doctors determined that I was better off on prescribed meds, and I agree.

Michael: Have you ever gone off these meds?

Sharon: Very rarely. In the past. But not since christian has come into my life.

Michael: Regarding christian, would you please describe your initial association with your ex-husband's nephew?

Sharon: As nick mentioned earlier, my husband at the time, dylan mcavoy, and I were deceived by dr. Sandra allen. She told us that christian was our biological child, and at the time, we had no reason not to believe her.

Michael: Nick has testified that, uh, you raised christian till he was about a year old. Is that accurate?

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: And during that year, you discovered that sandra allen lied. Is that true?

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: And to be more specific, you learned the baby wasn't yours at all.

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: Who were you led to believe were the child's actual parents?

Sharon: Sage and nick.

Michael: As noted, sage newman passed away during an automobile accident. Did you share your discovery with nick?

Sharon: No.

Michael: Nick had just suffered the tragic loss of his wife, in the middle of grieving for christian, their only child together.

Sharon: Sandra allen had convinced nick and sage and everyone else that christian had died.

Michael: As misguided as the late dr. Allen and her behavior were, you still withheld the truth from your ex-husband nick, did you not?

Sharon: At the time, I wasn't aware of the truth about christian's paternity.

Michael: You believed sage and nick newman were christian's actual parents.

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: And nick newman believed christian was dead.

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: And you allowed him to believe that was the case for how long?

Sharon: Six months.

Michael: Six months, half a year, half the time you spent as christian's de facto mother, you perpetuated this cruel hoax!

Sharon: Which I deeply, deeply regret. I'm not proud of that time of my life, nor my actions.

Michael: And during this time you admitted that you were on medication.

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: Continuing your outpatient therapy.

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: In full control of your faculties, were you not?

Sharon: That's right.

Michael: And what do you think that says of your judgment as a parent, as a person?

Sharon: It says that I made a terrible mistake.

Michael: A mistake? Well, I'm sure you would agree that people could describe your actions as, what, reckless? Sadistic? Even criminal.

Objection. Mr. Baldwin is fully aware there were never any charges filed against ms. Newman.

Sustained. Move on, counselor.

Michael: Yes, your honor. I now address the reunion of ms. Newman and the respondent. As difficult as it may be for some to understand or comprehend, you claim that nick newman has fully forgiven you and that you've reconciled in the romantic sense.

Sharon: Yes.

Michael: Was it your suggestion that nick move back into your home?

Sharon: Yes, but --

Michael: But what? Are you not living with and taking care of a child whom at one point you couldn't bear to give up?

Sharon: I'm not sure i understand the question.

Michael: Let me rephrase the question. Did you get back together with nick so that you could raise a child you continue to consider your own, as delusional as that may be?

Objection! I instruct the witness not to answer.


Michael: No further questions.

Jack: It's funny. Ironic, anyway. Since we talked earlier, your warning to me has stuck in my head, that I might discover something I didn't want to know, and yet, here I am, with you, and this gift that you, of all people, have given me.

Neil: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] That is pretty funny, huh?

Jack: And maybe a bit terrifying. Here I am, on the threshold of a defining moment, and all the answers are in my mother's own words -- hell, in her own handwriting!

[ Sighs ] Once I read those, there's no turning back.

Neil: You know, maybe I did come off a little ominous and dark about it, you know? Because this man here, whatever these journals tell you about him, he doesn't change the man that you've become, at all. That's already set in stone.

Jack: If you're saying it's too late for anyone to be a positive influence on me, i might agree with you. You know, if this was a game show, this is the time you'd be talking me into trading in everything for a peek behind curtain #2.

Neil: [ Laughing ] What are you talking about? Why me?

Jack: It's your loft!

Neil: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: If I don't have you, who am I gonna blame things on?

Neil: Okay, why don't we lighten up the game a little bit here? What's the worst thing that could happen? Huh? Wait! I know. You could find out that victor newman is your dad.

Jack: I have actually had that nightmare recently.

Neil: Oh, you did, huh? What'd you do?

Jack: After I stopped screaming, I did a little math, and to my great relief, i realized it wasn't possible.

Neil: Okay, so there you go. I mean, the one name that you and your subconscious dread the most, already off the list. Boom. Done.

Jack: Done? We're just getting started. You might want to buckle up. I might need to do the same thing.

Neil: All I know is that you have the strength, and you got the sense of humor to deal with it.

Jack: And I got one good friend backing me up. I'll tell you what, friend, do me a favor. Toss me that journal. Here we go.

Can you please give us an overview of your current psychiatric treatment?

Sharon: Aside from my current regimen of prescribed medication, I see my therapist regularly.

Your honor, I'd like to call your attention to exhibit 15, a statement from ms. Newman's doctor listing her current course of prescription meds and confirming her perfect attendance at therapy sessions for the past 18 months. Now, in addition to being a devoted mother of three, you're also the owner and manager of crimson lights, the most successful coffeehouse in genoa city. And you are a part-time student at genoa city university. Is that right?

Sharon: Yes.

And your degree program?

Sharon: Um, it's in clinical psychology with an emphasis on social work.

And is that how you came to volunteer with the crisis hotline?

Sharon: Initially, it was for lab credit towards my degree, but I finished advanced training, and I qualify as a shift supervisor, so... I find it very rewarding work.

Your honor, with regard to exhibits 19 through 25, statements from ms. Newman's professors at gcu, as well as teachers at faith newman's school, where ms. Newman is actively involved...

I have looked through ms. Newman's references, and they are quite extensive.

Counsel is in full agreement, your honor. I'd like to highlight a few key quotations.

You may proceed, ms. Hodges.

"Sharon newman's grasp of the fundamentals of social work is equaled by her deep empathy and loving heart." "To say sharon merely volunteers at the crisis hotline is a disservice to her and the dozens of callers in need she's impacted in a positive way this semester alone." "One of the most caring, selfless, and promising students I've ever had the pleasure to teach."

Michael: Your honor, I'm sure we get the gist of this.

"The gist," as mr. Baldwin points out, is that sharon newman, like millions of others living with mental illness, leads a productive life of stability and service to others. Let's discuss your current relationship with my client.

Sharon: Nick and I, we've known each other for 20 years, and... we have come a long way, as parents and as people. And we've created the loving home that we now share.

And to what do you attribute this?

Sharon: Trust. And a renewed commitment to honesty.

And what do you and nick share on a daily basis?

Sharon: A profound friendship and love for each other, and our children -- faith, noah, mariah, summer, and christian.

Can you describe your relationship with christian?

Sharon: I'm very clear about my role in christian's life. I may be the central maternal figure, but nick is his sole parent.

And what does that mean to you?

Sharon: It means that I'm there to help raise christian, as nick wishes, as best I can.

Thank you. That's all I have.

Mr. Baldwin, would you care to question ms. Newman further?

Michael: Oh, most definitely.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Abby: [ Laughs ] You are so bad! I declare you evil, and there's nothing more to add. Except thank you. I'll be in touch.

[ Giggles ] Hi.

Arturo: Hey. It's great to see you, even if it is with someone new. Not that I'm surprised. Any guy would kill for a few minutes of your time.

Abby: That's very sweet, but, um, in all honesty, he's a business colleague up from chicago. We just had a quick bite.

Arturo: So, just a casual business lunch?

Abby: So casual we didn't even get a table.

Arturo: So you're free then? To talk, I mean?

Abby: I guess. Uh, what's up?

Arturo: [ Sighs ] That unlucky streak I told you about this morning, it's still going on.

Abby: Now what?

Arturo: I just had this big client pull out of a renovation contract. No explanation, no discussion, nothing.

Abby: That sucks. I'm sorry.

Arturo: Well, I was just thinking, you know, what you said earlier, I think you're right about why everything's suddenly been going so wrong for me.

Abby: My father. He never knows when to back off.

Michael: Ms. Newman, from what you told ms. Hodges, it appears you're juggling a very heavy schedule. Do you ever get the feeling you've over-extended yourself?

Sharon: No. I'm not taking a full course load, and my hours at the crisis hotline are flexible.

Michael: And crimson lights?

Sharon: I have a very competent staff. I delegate a lot. Christian and faith are my priority.

Michael: You seem very confident.

Sharon: I am confident.

Michael: Is this the same sort of confidence you felt prior to the occasions you need psychiatric supervision at fairview?

Objection. Vague.


Michael: Is there any guarantee you'll be able to maintain this equilibrium?


Michael: In other words, as someone who is admittedly bipolar, can you say with any certainty that you will never suffer another bout of mania?

Objection. The witness is not a doctor.

Overruled. Ms. Newman.

Sharon: No. No, of course I can'T.

Michael: Then you can't say for certain that christian is safe with you.

Objection. Calls for a conclusion.

Michael: Withdrawn. I have no further questions. And no other witnesses.

Likewise, your honor.

I'm going to call for a recess to consider all testimony, and I'll return with my decision.

Nick: You know, I never thought you could be so vicious and cruel.

Victor: This isn't michael's fault. We wouldn't be here if you hadn't threatened to keep me from seeing my grandson.

Nick: You never cease to disappoint, right? By going this low, you just proved you're the sick one, not her.

Victor: I warned you, didn't I?

Nick: You know, if today's any example, christian doesn't need your kind of love. He's needs to be saved from it!

Jack: "Two-hour charity meeting. Next time I should remind these pompous women we're raising money to fight deadly diseases, not trying to cure them ourselves."

Neil: Whoa, there's no doubt that dina definitely wrote that.

Jack: She was a spitfire. These entries are an amazing window into her world back then. I just -- I just hope she's not holding back.

Neil: Dina? No, man. I doubt it. You just got to be patient. You know, clues about the mystery man could be hidden anywhere.

Jack: "Ladies' lunch with joanna and katherine, the embers." The embers. Remember that place?

Neil: Of course I do.

Jack: And then she goes on and on about redecorating the guest room with her antiques dealer.

[ Chuckles ] "Tudor or french? What's the damn difference?" Wait, here's something. "My taste is important because i may be spending plenty of nights in that guest room. Another fight with john about the time spent at work. Most wives would be grateful. I'm just frustrated."

Neil: Jack, you're surprised by that? I mean, dina talked about her marital problems with john.

Jack: I just hate reading about it. Direct from the source. They were practically newlyweds back then, my folks -- john and dina. It's like they were doomed from the beginning. Oh, boy, listen to this -- "another night at the country club, but this one changes everything."

Neil: Hey, man, if you don't feel like sharing...

Jack: "John was at the front bar talking business with a retail mogul. I went outside to the verandah off the ballroom, listening alone as the band played song after romantic song, and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and there he was. This man, talk, dark, and handsome. Well, it was dark and he seemed handsome and tall. With only the soft starlight filtering down from behind the clouds, maybe my imagination did the rest. But when he asked me to dance, his voice was real. Then his arms were around me, making me feel more alive than I had in months, maybe years. We swayed to the music in forbidden, perfect harmony. We didn't speak. We didn't have to. And then he gave me that glorious first kiss.... and the universe shifted, never to be the same.

Abby: My dad's pattern of interfering with my life is nothing new, but still, I'm sorry.

Arturo: For what? I mean, this isn't your fault. I'm gonna deal with it, i just -- I don't want to keep anything else from you.

Abby: Well, I think I should be aware if my dad's trying to muscle in on things that don't concern him. Like who I'm dating.

Arturo: Or not dating. I mean, look, I felt a connection and I pursued it, but the last thing I wanted was to cause trouble for you and your family.

Abby: I know.

Arturo: And I should have been smarter about it. I mean, obviously your dad and nikki were gonna have strong reactions and want to protect you, but...

Abby: Well, nikki's intentions weren't exactly pure. There was jealousy mixed in. Same with my dad. It's obvious he wants to make you pay.

Arturo: I'm gonna deal with your father. But so that you don't suffer any more collateral damage, I'll keep my distance. I mean, a clean break is best for us both anyways, you know?

Abby: Wait.

I know that was much tougher than you let on, but under the circumstances, you did better than I ever could have hoped.

Nick: That goes double for me. I'm proud of you. I hated seeing you go through that.

I need to check in with my office. I'll be right outside.

Nick: Thanks.

Sharon: Nick, I'm so sorry.

Nick: Sharon, for what? You heard britt. You were amazing.

Sharon: How can that be? You know, even though I was prepared, it was so much worse than I thought it could be. Every time he asked me a question, all I could think about was how I was screwing this up.

Nick: No, you handled it a lot better than I would, and i was just sitting there. You came off calm, strong, and real.

Sharon: Will it matter? Michael still got his last point in. I'm too unstable to be around christian.

Nick: I think you and brittany did a great job of painting a picture of who you really are, and I think brittany exposed my dad's motives for what they really are. I think the choice is clear here. Please, no more bashing yourself, okay?

Sharon: Let's get out of here for a minute. Hey. Do you really think that you can still win this? And be honest.

Nick: Yeah, I do.

Jack: "I've been away from this diary too long. Too busy, too happy to steal a few moments to write, until now. I just checked into our usual room at the stardust inn, receiving a knowing smile from the tight-lipped old dear who works the afternoon shift. My secret's safe with her, thank god. And no one else in town knows I'm having an illicit, passionate, wonderful affair..." no. No. Damn it!

Neil: What? What? What is it? Don't stop there. Come on, you got me on the edge of my seat!

Jack: The pages were torn out! The next entry is two days later.

Neil: What are you talking about? No mention of the name?

Jack: No. No, no mention at all.

[ Groans ]

Abby: I've been thinking a lot about you the last few days.

Arturo: Okay, and...?

Abby: And...I was wondering how the guy I thought I knew could be the same person who would have a fling with nikki and never tell me.

Arturo: Whatever you decided, I deserve it.

Abby: No, look. I didn't want to end things with you. I felt like I had to.

Arturo: You don't need to say anything else, okay? It's my fault. I messed up.

Abby: No, but I want to say this. Not seeing you anymore, I don't think I like that scenario.

Arturo: So you want to see more of me?

Abby: [ Chuckles ] That's the direct version, yeah.

Arturo: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: All of these romantic misfires that I've been through, it's really hard for me to give out second chances. But I want to. Now, with you.

Arturo: Not telling you about nikki was a stupid mistake.

Abby: It happens. And I don't want to make another one by not forgiving you. But if my dad has made you change your mind, if you want to walk away and avoid all of the hassle --

Arturo: Just so we're clear, from now on, about everything, that was me not walking away.

Abby: Got it.

Neil: Well, there's nothing in this one.

Jack: Same here.

Neil: Now, whoever he was, it seems like dina made a conscious choice to stop writing about him and ensure that any mention of him was ripped out.

Jack: I got to know what she wrote on those missing pages.

Neil: Well, maybe she got spooked and threw them out.

Jack: Or maybe she kept them and hid them somewhere. Okay, I realize that a long shot.

Neil: Long shot?

Jack: Okay, maybe it's impossible, but if they exist, i have to find them.

Ladies, gentlemen, while a strong argument's been made for nicholas newman to remain as christian's primary guardian, i am troubled by ms. Newman's presence in the home. I feel I cannot allow the child to remain in an environment which may possibly prove detrimental. Therefore, I award temporary custody of christian newman to his grandfather, the plaintiff, effective immediately, with visitations right granted to nicholas newman. Permanent custody will be determined at a later date pending further review by walworth county social services. Thanks to all of you. This hearing is concluded.

I'm so sorry. But this is temporary. I'm not giving up, and I know you won't, either.

Nick: But I have to give up my son.

Victor: Excellent work. Because of you, we won.

Michael: And yet I can't remember when I felt more like a loser.

Victor: Gather all the things for christian, and then later on in the afternoon, I'll come by to pick up my grandson.

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