Y&R Transcript Monday 6/11/18

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/11/18


Episode #11422 ~ Nikki gives Sharon a warning; Hilary surprises Devon; Billy plays referee.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: I don't want to be the reason why you lose your son!

Nick: You're not going to be.

Nikki: Did you really think you could change victor's mind?

Sharon: Well, now it's your turn. And you better not fail.

Phyllis: We thought that kyle's naked tush was gonna have people running away from jabot products. Instead --

Kyle: They like my tush!

Shauna: There's something wrong with the fan in my bathroom.

Hilary: I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to being here with you, alone. But shauna -- there's not a lot of options.

Summer: There's not even one part of you that's glad to see me?

Kyle: I'm not interested.

Billy: Just got one more thing to do before I go. But you might want to put some clothes on.

Summer: I've come to realize that i really am my mother's daughter.

Phyllis: Well, there she is. Good morning, sunshine.

Summer: Can I please just have some coffee before you start?

Phyllis: You're right. I wasn't thinking. There should be still some in there. It's probably cold, since it's closer to lunch.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] Let's just be civilized and call it brunch. Which would taste so much better with a bloody mary instead of your withering judgment.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I making you feel judged?

Summer: I've come to expect it from you.

Phyllis: Or is it your conscience, aware that maybe you should be doing something with your life?

Summer: I have done plenty with my life, and I plan on doing more.

Phyllis: Good. Then I take you have a game plan.

Summer: I do.

Phyllis: I'd love to hear it.

Summer: No, you'd love to judge it. But I'll give you a little preview. First, I plan on having brunch.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] Hopefully there's a second part.

Summer: And then I plan on going upstairs and getting ready.

Phyllis: All right. Well, I'll be sure to have dinner waiting for you by the time you get down.

Summer: Thank you, um, but I think I'm gonna go out instead. Even though I feel so welcomed and loved in my own home, which you're a guest in, by the way.

Phyllis: Yes, this is your apartment. That I stayed in with your blessing when you went to ibiza and belize and atlanta. Maybe, if you could start acting like an adult --

Summer: Oh, oh, and make my own decisions? Oh, heh, that's what I've been doing for the last few years. Thank you so much for noticing.

Phyllis: Oh, and what decisions those have been! So excellent. Let me ask you, has your mug shot gone viral yet?

Billy: Okay. No, no, no. We're not gonna do that, okay? We're gonna have a cup of coffee, and we're gonna call a truce.

Devon: Hey, hey. How you feeling? Did you have breakfast?

Hilary: I miss caffeine. Especially after a night like that.

Devon: Oh, yeah? How was, uh, bunking with shauna?

Hilary: [ Sighs ] That girl can talk. I know. I know. Coming from me. But [Scoffs] She didn't even take a breath. I swear she could have talked all night. Maybe she did, you know? I passed out.

Devon: Well, I guarantee it meant a lot having someone that she could trust close.

Hilary: Yeah. I'm glad that she trusts me. Everyone needs someone that they know won't just walk away.

Devon: Your motherly instincts are kicking in. Our baby's gonna be a very lucky kid. I've been imagining what it would be like for this little child, a father like you in his or her life. There's no one that I would rather do this with.

Devon: Although I think the passing out mid-conversation is a pregnancy thing.

Hilary: Oh, yeah. It is. I mean, I just woke up, and, um, I can still take a nap.

Devon: Well, I can remember days a few years ago when you'd be the one ready to stay up all night talking, and I couldn't keep up. I would fall asleep.

Hilary: No one has ever called me boring before, okay? I'm not liking it at all.

Devon: I wasn't bored. I was content. It's very easy to drift off to sleep when you have nothing to worry about.

Shauna: School is out, people! I can do whatever I want!

Hilary: Uh, so, uh, where are you off to?

Shauna: I don't know. You tell me.

Billy: So, this is going well.

Phyllis: You think this is my fault? She is snide, snarky. She's convinced that she knows everything about --

[ Billy scoffs ] Shut up. I don't want to hear it.

Billy: Can we please just go to the club, get a suite, and start to look for real estate?

Phyllis: What?! And move out? Are you ki-- with her recent attention span, she's gonna be out of here in -- in a few months. Less, maybe.

Billy: You want to simply stay here just so you can hover, phyllis.

Phyllis: No, I want to stay here so I can parent.

Summer: Mm. Ahh. Is there anything that caffeine can't fix? I think not. Ooh, or tequila. Tequila is a good one. Do you think I get that from grandpa, tequila as a cure-all?

Phyllis: Does it give you a purpose in life? Because those do come in handy.

Summer: Heh. Has she always been like this, or am I just noticing?

Phyllis: Now, that is hilarious, because she vaguely looks familiar, because she vaguely looks familiar, and yet I have no idea who she is.

Summer: Okay, well, no, see, that makes sense, because when i left, I was still your little girl, and now I'm a grown woman. So, surprise.

Phyllis: Yeah, and that's funny, because you're acting more of a brat now than you ever did as a kid.

Summer: Huh. Yeah, is there a term for this, when mothers lose their minds 'cause they can't control their kids anymore?

Phyllis: It's good that she's realizing that I'm her mother, who gets a say, who's allowed to observe and comment and give much-needed advice.

Summer: No, wait. Um, as an adult, I'm pretty -- pretty sure that I don't have to take that advice, or even listen to it.

Billy: Good lord. This is fun, you know -- but honestly it really isn't, but... listen, you have been back for five minutes, and you've already been arrested, okay? Your mother, she gives a crap about you. Do you want a parent that doesn't? I think the answer is no, because clearly you like to be the center of attention.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Burn!

Billy: And you -- I say this with love and respect and just a little bit of fear -- ease up. Okay? She just got home. Is she really doing anything that you didn't do at that age? Right. I am going to run and hide at the office. Please do not break anything.

[ Door closes ]

Phyllis: Who are you? And what have you done with my loving daughter?

Sharon: Are you still looking at those new hope documents? Nick?

Nick: What? Sorry. What were you saying?

Sharon: Um... did you get the video I sent you? Faith getting christian ready for preschool. She think she's gonna make him a prodigy and teach him how to tie his shoes.

Nick: Well, if anyone can do it, it is faith.

Nick: You know, this time tomorrow, I'm gonna be fighting for custody of that little boy.

Sharon: That fight doesn't have to happen.

Nick: You're right. It shouldn't be happening. But thanks to my dad, this is where we are. This is where I am. I don't have a choice, because that is my son.

Sharon: But I talked to nikki.

Nick: You what?

Sharon: Yeah. And I, um, think I convinced her to put pressure on victor to back down.

Nick: Look, uh, I don't know what you think you got her to agree to --

Sharon: Not think. I know. I was very clear. And so was nikki.

Nick: Sharon, I talked to my mom, too, but she wouldn't budge. Why would she say yes to you?

Nikki: Oh, you left the house before I could see you this morning.

Victor: What a nice surprise.

Nikki: Well, we need to talk.

Victor: About what?

Nikki: This custody battle.

Victor: Oh, well. Let's not talk about that now.

Nikki: Victor, it's a terrible mistake.

Victor: Not in my opinion.

Nikki: Please just leave it alone.

Victor: You know, I would expect this to come from sharon, but not from you.

Nikki: Well, somebody has to be the voice of reason in this situation. I know you're not about to back down.

Victor: We're talking about my grandson here. I'm gonna fight for him.

Nikki: Now is not the time to dig in your heels.

Victor: Oh, there's not a better time.

Nikki: If you don't give up this battle, you might lose more than nicholas. You could lose your entire family. And that includes me.

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Shauna: You need to eat a bunch of whole grains. What does that even mean?

Hilary: If they can turn it into coffee I'm allowed to drink, I'm in.

Devon: Hey. Are you working from home today?

Hilary: For now.

Shauna: And iron and folic acid.

Devon: I'm heading out.

Shauna: Thanks again. For letting me stay.

Hilary: Thank you. From both of us.

Devon: Of course, guys. I'll see you later.

Shauna: Here's a question. How come you and devon are in separate bedrooms? I mean, don't get me wrong. Having a roommate is really nice, and I'm not trying to score a room to myself or anything, but seriously.

Hilary: Well, you know that devon and I, we aren't together in that way.

Shauna: Just having a baby and living in the same house. But sure. You can pretend you're not together.

Hilary: Okay. I'm not saying that we won't get there. But if -- and that's just an if -- devon and I get involved, we'd be taking things slow.

Shauna: I wouldn't call that taking it slow.

Billy: You see these numbers?

Kyle: Caught a glimpse. Birthday suit is doing all right.

Billy: Humility is not your thing.

Kyle: So you're giving me credit for the sales bump now? Nice.

Billy: I concede. I, uh...

Kyle: You can elaborate. I'm only here to help the company.

Billy: It was no fluke that you accidentally flashed your junk on live tv.

Kyle: I'm taking the fifth on that one.

Billy: Good. Because that is not information that we can share with the general public. But I will say that your big stunt paid off big time.

Kyle: That's exactly what i was hoping to hear. So one final thought.

Summer: You're right. I'm not summer newman anymore. I am a spy. Sent to infiltrate wisconsin's breweries and cheese farms. Busted.

Phyllis: Listen to me. I don't understand. And I am not trying to bust your chops. I am not trying to control you. I am not trying to do any of that. I just don't know who you are right now, and that's scaring me.

Summer: Well, yeah. I did change, mom. I mean, I had to.

Phyllis: What does that mean? What happened to you?

Summer: [ Scoffs ] What happened? Mom, what didn't happen? Okay, luca used me. Austin cheated on me with my own aunt, and then he was -- okay, and let's not forget the fact that I barely even knew who I was for a little while. And sharon made sure of that. I mean, she took away one dad, gave me a new dad -- and I love jack, I do. But I mean -- so, yeah, I-I changed, mom.

Phyllis: Honey, all of that happened before you left, and you were still you.

Summer: I'm still me.

Phyllis: Yeah, no, you're not the same you.

Summer: Yeah, thank god. At least now I'm an actual adult instead of just faking it.

Phyllis: You used to be softer, and just...

Summer: What, more pathetic? Yeah, I know. I had it written right on my forehead. That's why, when I went to berlin, I met this great guy, and then he decided to rob me.

Phyllis: What? Who? What's his name?

Summer: What, are you gonna go track him down and kick his ass? Mom, I handled it.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Summer: I pushed him so hard that he fell down, and then I hit him over the head with the lamp. Just in case.

Phyllis: Baby --

Summer: No! No, no, no. Don'T. No. Don'T. That is what I'm talking about. I'm not a baby anymore. Something happened, and I handled it. And it made me realize that I can pretty much handle anything. And it's as simple as that. I mean, if something happens, I take care of it. I will never let anyone ever hurt me ever again.

Phyllis: Summer, we all get hurt. We all do. No matter how tough you are, you are not invincible. I know firsthand. You still have that beautiful, gentle heart inside of you, and you're still that sweet, funny kid that just wanted everyone to be nice to each other. You cannot tell me that you didn't die a little when you found out your boyfriend was married.

Summer: "Die"? No, mom. I -- I was relieved.

Nikki: So, what are you doing, pretending you didn't hear what I said?

Victor: If you say something interesting, then I'll respond.

Nikki: So you don't think losing your entire family is cause for concern?

Victor: You know me well enough to know that I don't respond to threats.

Nikki: And yet you issue them as often as you breathe. You certainly don't care to be on the receiving end, do you?

Victor: Are you saying that you will leave me if I pursue custody of christian?

Nikki: I didn't say that. I said that you might lose the people that you love, and it's true. You're playing with fire, victor. We worked so hard to brings this family back together. Not just for show or as an act. Truly back together. But if you continue this battle, people are gonna choose sides. And believe me, there will not be a happy ending.

Victor: And whose fault is that? Not mine. I'm not the one who -- who tried to leave town with that little boy.

Nick: So, you and my mom had a mother-to-mother talk?

Sharon: I felt we had to.

Nick: And now she's willing to fight dad on this custody thing.

Sharon: That's exactly what I'm --

Nick: So she was willing to listen to you, but not to me.

Sharon: Okay, nick, only because she was still thinking about everything that you'd already said to her. Nikki's first instinct was to not provoke victor.

Nick: Yeah, I know. And trust me, I hate it that that's something that she has to worry about.

Sharon: Well, can you blame her? When victor thinks everyone's against him, he gets dangerous.

Nick: It's just his business mind-set carrying over to the family. The man has no idea how to separate the two, and he never has.

Sharon: Well, fine. Give nikki some credit. She realized this is already a dangerous situation. Christian's your son, and if victor pursues this fight, it hurts the entire family. Nikki understands that, and she's gonna make victor see it, too.

Nick: You know, my mom can do her best. It doesn't mean my dad's gonna listen. Right now it's all about ego for him. Just have to hope that the arbitrator is fair. You know, this isn't about money or power. This is about what is best for that little boy. I mean, I'm walking proof that there's a downside to being raised by victor newman.

Shauna: Like sleep-away camp? In cabins and stuff? You're too old for that.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Oh, a counselor. So you're gonna be in charge of everything.

Hilary: I'm sorry. Can you -- can you just lower the volume?

Shauna: Me or the tv?

Hilary: Either. Both.

Shauna: Rayna, I got to go. Yes. Okay. All right. Bye. I'll just go upstairs.

Hilary: No, you know what? Um, I have a better idea. Why don't you call rayna back, and, um, you guys can meet up at the club. Go hang out at the pool, maybe grab some food.

Shauna: For real?

Hilary: Yeah, yeah. Do it.

Shauna: You're awesome!

Hilary: Yeah, I am.

Shauna: But you don't have to make plans and stuff for me. I can keep myself busy. I'm used to it.

Hilary: No, I'm not worried about it. You are smart. You are driven. You can accomplish anything you want.

Shauna: Making me sound like you. I like it. [ Giggles ]

Phyllis: Sweetie, look, I get it. You are tough as nails. But if you want me to think that you actually believe in adultery...

Summer: I mean, it's something that exists, so, yeah, I believe in it.

Phyllis: Don't be cute. You said that you were relieved your friend was married.

Summer: Yeah, because I don't want anything complicated and -- and messy.

Phyllis: You don't think it's messy to be with a married man? I mean, where's the logic in that? You just mentioned austin and abby. That hurt you.

Summer: Because everything hurt me. Okay? This person that you wish I still was, she was a victim. She was just this open wound. I mean, mom, for years, all I did was cry. And now I don't cry anymore.

Phyllis: Baby --

Summer: No. Don'T. Don'T.

Phyllis: Is this who you want to be? Just bitchy, take no prisoners?

Summer: Why wouldn't I want to be like that?

Phyllis: You think that's the path to happiness?

Summer: It worked out for you.

Billy: [ Sighs ] I'll give you points for effort on your bonus quest. But how about we talk about it at the end of the year.

Kyle: Quarter.

Billy: Year. Then we can talk about your fat check. But I will admit that i underestimated you. I will also admit that I was kind of pulling your chain a little bit, sending you out there without your shirt on. But, man, you killed it.

Kyle: You know, money's nice. Compliments work, too. Got to admit, though, I thought the walking-muscle-billboard idea was iffy.

Billy: Eh.

Kyle: But we made it work together. A real package deal.

Billy: Not gonna play into that one.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] So here we are. One proven success together. Many more to come. You may actually know what you're doing.

Billy: I might actually say the same thing about you. Although I think there's one player missing in this love-fest.

Kyle: Dad.

Billy: Jack should be here. This is a mess, and it never should have gotten this far, but we have to figure it out. John abbott jr. Belongs at jabot. Even if he can't be C.E.O.

Kyle: I agree. We're ready for our next win, correct?

Billy: What does that mean?

Kyle: It means I'm going to get my dad back here. Whatever it takes.

Phyllis: Oh, man. If you weren't on the nest, we'd be having vodka tonics right now.

Hilary: Don't you get pitiful with me, okay? I can't even have a double-shot latte. So. Why is your day driving you to drink?

Phyllis: Well, the good news is, summer's back. The bad news is, summer's back.

Hilary: [ Chuckles ] You adore your daughter.

Phyllis: More than life itself. Until my daughter turned into her mother. I mean, she is just this little brassy, in-your-face, little sex pot who doesn't care who she pisses off.

Hilary: Ooh. I love her already.

Phyllis: Yeah, well. You'd think so. Every time I look at her, I think, "no, no, no!" I mean, it really -- trust me, it is just such a mind trip to see your younger self in your face, just telling you that you're wrong about everything.

Hilary: Aren't you the one that said that it would be great to have a little mini-me?

Phyllis: Yeah. When she's young and cute and can't steal a car. You know? I mean, right now, I'm praying that she doesn't turn into a groupie. Stalk a married musician and maybe trap him with another man's child.

Hilary: You did not.

Phyllis: It was very long ago. Now come on. Tell me about the agony of a caffeine-free life.

Hilary: [ Groans ] Okay. My news. Good news -- I'm living with devon and shauna. Bad news -- I'm living with devon and shauna.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Well, come on, now. It's kind of cute. You got you and devon and shauna. A teenager who thinks you're amazing and brilliant, and not sleeping with married men.

Hilary: [ Sighs ] Yeah, and devon and I, we were getting close. Very close. But... bunking with a teenager?

Phyllis: Wait a minute. "Bunking"? Figuratively, like in the same house?

Hilary: In the same room.

Phyllis: What is wrong with you?

Hilary: I gave devon an opening. I let him decide which room I would take, and he said the guest room.

Phyllis: Okay, pregnancy, it's melting your brain.

Hilary: We have to take things slow for this to be right. But we went from a slow burn to

[Scoffs] Life with a teenager and a bun in the oven.

Phyllis: Okay, look. I know that you do not have a ton of experience with this, but you cannot let a kid kill all the romance. Okay? You got to master that skill now. It's gonna save you in years to come. I know. You got to find a way to look after shauna, and find a way to look after devon.

Hilary: You're right.

Phyllis: Yes. I am.

Hilary: I think I have a way to handle devon.

Phyllis: And I think I will find a way to handle summer.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Hilary: Uh, no. There will be somebody there to receive the delivery. Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Devon: Hilary. You all right? You feeling okay? Is shauna all right?

Hilary: Yeah. Nothing for you to solve. Um... I actually have a surprise for you.

Devon: What have you and shauna put together?

Hilary: Just me. And it's just for you.

Devon: Okay. Um... all right. I will be home in a few.

Hilary: See you then.

Victor: I have every right to keep my grandson near me.

Nikki: Do you really think that's the way to keep christian in our lives?

Victor: Well, let me ask you something. Do you know where connor is?

Nikki: No.

Victor: I have my best investigators looking for his mother, and for the little boy. They have come up with nothing. So it was my mistake to allow her to leave with that boy. Not gonna make that mistake again.

Nikki: That will definitely drive nicholas away, victor.

Victor: I don't want to lose my son. I hated it when you had all turned against me.

Nikki: Believe me, it wasn't easy for any of us. We had to fight to get back to this point.

Victor: Yes. I had to fight for what I thought was right. I had to fight to get you back. And I'm sorry about those damn embezzlement charges. I just didn't want to lose my family, that's all.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I always wanted to come back. That's why I'm with you now. You don't have to worry about me making a break for it or coming up with an escape plan. Nicholas came back to you of his own volition. And even if they did move to the west coast, I believe that he would move back home. Because he loves you. As do I. You're not that little boy all alone in the world anymore. No one will ever abandon you. Because I'm here. And I love you. And I'm not going anywhere.

Nick: Brittany's flight is on time.

Sharon: She's the right person to represent you for this case. It's not just about the law. It's about the child.

Nick: Yeah, she gets it. She knows that being a parent is more than just dna. There's absolutely no reason why this arbitrator should reward custody to my dad. Forget his felony convictions. He is a grandfather recovering from life-threatening injuries. You're telling me he's gonna chase around after a toddler?

Sharon: And with all the time victor devotes to newman enterprises, christian would end up being with nannies, not family. And still, with all that...

Nick: What's wrong?

Sharon: Me. I'm the problem. My past. My actions. My diagnosis. Victor's gonna use it all against you.

Nick: Well, the arbitrator's gonna see through that, sharon.

Sharon: I'm the woman who kept your son from you.

Nick: Yeah, it happened. But this is where we are. We're making a life. Making a family.

Sharon: We can't just pretend it didn't happen.

Nick: Nobody is pretending anything, sharon. All right, yeah, we've lost a lot the past few years. And there's a whole history before, but -- but now I can see it. There's a future for us. It's us. It's you, me, the kids. Especially christian. I know how much love you have in your heart for that little boy. And I know how careful you've been to show it, because you don't want anyone to think you're overly focused on him. But right now he needs it. He needs that love, and he deserves it. And I'm so grateful he has it. You are that little boy's mother in every way that counts.

Sharon: I do love him. He's so sweet, and he has such an open, caring heart. Your heart. I just want to protect him. I want to love him and keep him safe for the rest of my life. You know, in my soul, I do feel like I am his mother.

Nick: Because you are. And tomorrow, his mother and his father are gonna walk into that arbitration and show everyone that we are the best people, the only people, to raise our son.

Nikki: Is nicholas here?

Sharon: He just stepped out. But he has his cell.

Nikki: I didn't come for my son. I came for you. And your nasty little blackmail threat.

Devon: Hi.

Hilary: Hey. Uh...

[ Chuckles ] You're, uh, home early.

Devon: You cooked?

Hilary: Well, I didn't think this was the time for my barbecue skills.

Devon: What's on the menu?

Hilary: Everything you like. Nothing you don'T.

Devon: Mm.

Hilary: Heh.

Devon: I got to ask you, what's the occasion for this?

Hilary: I want to thank you. For inviting me into your home. Well, me and the bun, and shauna on top of it all. You went from bachelor pad to full house. And I've always known how generous you can be, but inviting us all into your life, it's -- it's a lot to say yes to. But you did. And you keep saying yes. Even when you don't have to.

Devon: Saying no never got anyone anything. Smells delicious, you know.

Hilary: Well, this wasn't just for --

Shauna: Did you try the mac and cheese? Wait, y-you got more than one order, right?

Hilary: Shauna. I, uh -- I didn't even know you were home. What happened to going to the club?

Shauna: Well, rayna couldn't go, and I didn't want to be sitting there all by myself. Besides, this place is five-star. Unless... did you guys need me out of here?

Devon: No.

Hilary: No, no. Not at all.

Shauna: Maybe we can stream something. Oh, and try the chocolate-covered strawberries. Amazing!

Hilary: Yeah. Amazing.

Phyllis: Hey! Kyle, there you are. Guess what? I just checked out the birthday suit numbers, and our shelves at fenmore's are almost as naked as you were. Bravo.

Kyle: Ahh. So it wasn't all of billy's doing. I'm getting some of the credit now.

Phyllis: Your abs, your credit.

Kyle: What is it you want?

Phyllis: Really? Is that where we are? Because I honestly would like just to celebrate jabot and fenmore's big win. Why don't you come over tonight?

Kyle: To your place?

Phyllis: Yes, for dinner. It'll be fun.

Kyle: And summer will be there.

Phyllis: Yes. You heard she's back in town. I think it's great news.

Kyle: Thanks but no thanks, phyllis.

Billy: [ Sighs ] You know what's awesome? Clothing. You know, the kind of fabric that covers up your skin.

Summer: This conversation isn't boring.

Billy: Where's your mother?

Summer: All right. Guess we're gonna have to go over a few housemate rules. So, contrary to previous discussions, one, I can wear whatever I want. And two, I'm not my mother's keeper, so. We good?

Billy: Yeah, we're good. As long as you put this on.

Summer: Still a no.

Billy: How did it go with your mother after I left?

Summer: You mean after you stormed off like the big, brave man that you are?

Billy: Did you make peace or what?

Summer: You know, I'm just still curious as to why you are so fixated on my wardrobe -- or lack thereof.

Billy: It's not a fixation.

Summer: Kind of is.

Billy: It's a suggestion.

Summer: Based on a fixation.

Billy: Social norm is you don't walk around half naked.

Summer: So full naked is okay?

Billy: I'm just saying, a couple inches of, uh, clothing would be appropriate.

Summer: Or you can just be a grown-up and admit that you're attracted to me.

Billy: You're kidding, right?

Summer: Am I laughing?

[ Scoffs ] Billy, you keep sneaking peeks, and you think that I don't notice that?

[ Laughs ] You're turned on, aren't you?

Billy: That's not at all what's happening here.

Summer: It's okay. I think you're hot, too.

Kyle: Jabot might be open to doing a gift-with-purchase cross-promotion with your resort-wear department.

Phyllis: I know that you and summer have history.

Kyle: And I lost you. Maybe it's better if I send you a memo.

Phyllis: Here's the thing about history -- it's old, it's boring, it's beside the point. And I know that summer is back, and that she's different.

Kyle: I've seen the change firsthand. Not a fan.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. She's the same girl. She's just trying to find herself. And I am not saying that you two should be involved again. I'm saying that the two of you have known each other for a long time, you're back in town, you're trying to carve your new path for yourself. Spend some time together. She needs a friend. Not that I'm judging your social situation, but I assume you could use one, too.

Kyle: Call me crazy, but I get the weird feeling you think I'd be a good influence on your daughter.

Phyllis: Why is that so crazy? You're smart. You're savvy. You're a decent guy, and you're fairly easy on the eyes.

Kyle: You almost choked on a couple of those. But don't worry. You don't have to try to convince me.

Phyllis: Really?

Kyle: Because the answer is and always will be "no." Summer and I have both moved on.

Billy: Where's the leftovers? There was lasagna in here.

Summer: It's just so funny that you want cold leftovers when most people want hot and fresh.

Billy: Will you stop, please? Okay? That's enough.

Summer: What? I'm just talking about food.

Billy: No, you're not talking about food. And this little game of yours, it takes two players, okay, and I'm not playing. I'm not gonna humor you. I'm not gonna get all hot and bothered under the collar. You want to exert your womanly charms, you do it on somebody that's not immune, okay? I am in love with your mother. She is the only woman for me. You understand?

Summer: Wow. So powerful and manly. Who are you trying to convince, me or yourself?

Billy: You're really doing this, aren't you?

Summer: Doing what? Just having a normal, mature conversation?

Billy: Oh, is this your idea of maturity? You got a lot to learn, summer.

Summer: Then maybe you could teach me.

Billy: Stop it.

Summer: You know, it's so weird. You -- you keep taking everything I'm saying the wrong way. It's bizarre. It's like you want to twist everything that comes out of my mouth. And if you mention that to my mom, that's exactly what I'm gonna tell her.

Victor: Shouldn't you be with your attorney sorting out your legal strategy?

Nick: Considering it's my name on christian's birth certificate, my strategy is pretty much covered.

Victor: You think it's gonna be that simple?

Nick: No one is invincible. Even you should know that by now. I've beaten you in court before.

Victor: You know, son, your self-righteousness is your downfall time and again.

Nick: I never wanted this fight. But my son is my son. He is mine. And I will do whatever it takes to keep him. Even if that means going down to your level.

Sharon: Why are you really here, nikki? It wasn't a threat. It was motivation. We both want what's best for nicholas and christian. I'm shocked that you even needed a nudge to get victor to do the right thing.

Sharon: Well, contrary to what you believe, sharon, I cannot control my husband. Victor's not gonna walk away from his grandson for me or anybody else.

Sharon: Well, that's too bad.

Nikki: Oh, what's that supposed to mean?

Sharon: It means just that. It's too bad.

Nikki: Why don't you convince nicholas to stay in genoa city? That way victor can be with his grandson. I think that's a reasonable request.

Sharon: Your husband filed for custody because he didn't get his way. Nothing is reasonable with victor, ever.

Nikki: Says the woman who throws around threats on a whim. I intend to stand by my husband, and you better get used to that.

Sharon: Well, I'm gonna stand by nicholas.

Nikki: Fine. But let me be clear -- you will not try to control me with your pathetic little blackmail threats ever again. And if you cause any pain to my daughter, if victoria has to re-live one moment of that nightmare with J.T. Because of you, I will drag you down with me. You have my word. Then you can say goodbye to nicholas and christian. Your move, sharon.

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