Y&R Transcript Monday 5/7/18

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/7/18


Episode #11397 ~ Victor tests Kyle; Hilary comes clean with Devon; sparks fly between Nick and Sharon.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Phyllis: Have you made your appointment for your insemination yet?

Hilary: Don't! Nobody around here knows that I'm not already pregnant. Devon, uh, what are you doing?

Devon: Is this normal to have appointments two weeks in a row? Is everything okay with the baby?

Abby: Well, charlie's putting something together for all of us to watch, getting rid of the things that no one wants to see.

Jack: Well, what if we made it something more than just a bunch of us sitting around a television set?

Kyle: I'm trying to get my foot back in the door at newman enterprises.

Victor: If this information is as explosive as you claim it is, then from now on, I control the fate of both you and your father.

Nick: What else happened that night at vick's? Because something did happen. Did J.T. Come to the house? Have you known all along where he is?

Sharon: I have no idea where J.T. Is.

Nick: What about that night? Are you sure he didn't drop by victoria's at some point?

Sharon: As I told you, now more than once, no men were there, including J.T. Nick, you need to let this go.

Nick: Okay, well, maybe I'll just ask victoria. Maybe she'll tell me what happened.

Sharon: She's out of town!

Nick: Yeah, I know, she's at a conference, but I'm sure she has her phone. There's no reason why I can't call her.

Sharon: I can't let you do that.

Hilary: [ Sighs ] Devon, you know, routine means routine. The doctor's probably gonna check my blood pressure, ask if I've been sleeping, you know, see if I've been taking my prenatals.

Devon: Well, this may seem routine to you, but I want to be by your side for everything.

Hilary: I love -- I love that you want to be a part of everything that has to do with this baby, but, devon, you have more pressing things to attend to.

Devon: Listen, if you don't want me in there for this exam, I understand, that's fine. I'll wait out here, and you can give me the full report when you're done, but in the future, I want to be in there, no matter what. For all the big appointments. I want to see all the ultrasounds. I want to see our baby grow. I want to know as soon as possible if we're having a boy or a girl.

Hilary: [ Laughs ]

Devon: I know I might be getting ahead of myself, but this is literally the biggest thing that's ever happened to me. I'm gonna be a father, and i want to do right by our son or daughter, and I want to do right by you.

Hilary: We have to do right by each other.

[ Sighs ] Devon, the real reason that I came to see dr. Chasen... the real real reason...

Dr. Chasen: Hilary. How are you today?

Hilary: I'm -- I'm doing very well. Very well, thanks.

Devon: I'm devon hamilton. I'm here with hilary.

Dr. Chasen: Sarah chasen. Pleased to meet you, devon. Hilary's spoken of you often.

Devon: Oh, well, she's said nothing but good things about you.

Dr. Chasen: Well, I'm really happy that you're both here because, in my experience, it's just helpful to have the partner here to offer emotional support during the insemination procedure.

Devon: This is an appointment for insemination? Why would you need to be inseminated if you're already pregnant?

Kyle: Okay. So there you have it -- jack's own mother stating on camera that her husband john wasn't his father. I'm sure you'll agree that the video confession, along with the "blood abbott" clause is everything I promised. Use it in good health. Once you do, jack will be out as C.E.O. I will have earned my place at newman.

Victor: I have great sympathy for dina's plight. More and more, she's losing touch with reality. It breaks my heart. You know, she thought she was a teenager, and I took her to a dance. She thought it was a winter ball.

Kyle: And you were her impromptu date.

Victor: Yeah.

Kyle: My aunt traci told me all about it.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: It was very kind of you.

Victor: My point is... I have no reason to believe dina's story. It's all speculation. The fact that some guy at a country club fathered jack? Unless you have incontrovertible proof that jack abbott is not john's son, we have no deal.

Hilary: Devon, devon, I --

Devon: You're not really pregnant, are you? You've been lying to me this whole time. And you're gonna have yourself inseminated with my donation without breathing a word, right? Did she not mention that part to you, doctor?

Dr chasen: The two of you need to have a serious conversation, so I'll just -- I'll wait to hear from you.

Devon: Wow.

Hilary: Devon, I... I wasn't lying the whole time. I thought I was pregnant, and then I found out that I wasn'T.

Devon: Right. I picked up on that.

Hilary: Okay, devon, please, please, please. Can you just -- can you just -- just let me explain?

Nick: Give me my phone.

Sharon: No!

Nick: Now, sharon!

Sharon: Nick, you're being ridiculous and you won't even listen!

Nick: I'll start listening when you start telling me the truth. Why don't you want me to talk to victoria? What are you so scared I'm gonna find out?

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congestion and pressure?

Jack: Oh, we definitely want popcorn, and a red carpet, if you have one. The whole idea is to make this feel like a real hollywood premiere. Perfect. Great, thank you. We'll see you then.

Abby: You are the best.

Jack: I want it to be a fabulous night for all of us.

Abby: How could it not be? You've thought of everything. You even rented out a theater to show our family's film in. How incredibly awesome is that?

Jack: You don't think it's a little over the top?

Abby: Of course it is, but isn't it supposed to be? We want to create a wonderful, magnificent, larger-than-life experience for dina.

Jack: So, how are plans coming here at home?

Abby: Well, our pre-show dinner is all set. We're serving some of dina's favorites.

Jack: Caviar canapéS. Duck à l'orange...

Abby: And a bittersweet chocolate mousse for dessert.

Jack: And the, uh, champagne reception after the screening?

Abby: We're good to go! It is going to be an incredible evening.

Jack: I just want mom to feel special. Look, she's not gonna grasp everything that's going on, she's not gonna recognize every face, but she'll know that she's the star of the evening, that everyone there is there to celebrate her life. It's gonna be a memory we're all gonna treasure.

Kyle: What dina said on that video is true. Ashley and abby burned the memory card in the fireplace. I saw them do it. Clearly, they didn't want anyone else knowing about the footage. If that isn't proof...

Victor: Most likely, they didn't want her delusion to become public. Didn't want to deal with all the rumors and speculation, hmm?

Kyle: You haven't even read the papers I gave you, victor. Look at them. It's an amendment to the jabot bylaws that jack made stating that no one except a blood abbott could run the company. It's how he stayed in control, even with his reckless schemes and lousy decisions. Just look. Please, victor.

Victor: Oh. So this is why ashley left jabot.

Kyle: It totally is.

Victor: Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Jack abbott is just a heartless bastard. To cut out his sister like that? Jabot would not be what it is now with ashley's genius in the lab.

Kyle: Ashley's a class act. Even after he used her paternity against her, she chose to protect him, keep this secret. Although, there was one time she did come close to exposing it.

Victor: When was that?

Kyle: During the board meeting I called to take jabot public. There were more of us in favor than against. Ashley declared she had information that rendered the vote invalid, and she looked right at me and said, "you do not have the authority because you are not..." then jack rushed in to reclaim his throne, she never finished. It all adds up, victor.

Victor: Mm.

Kyle: If jack isn't an abbott, I'm not one, either. This video confession of dina's, when it goes out, it means that neither of us can be C.E.O. That's what ashley and abby knew. And I'd be willing to be they found proof. Otherwise, why would ashley speak up about it? What more do you need to convince you I'm right?

Sharon: If you're determined to go to victoria with this, i can't stop you. But she's been so stressed out about J.T., It's a big part of the reason she went to that conference -- to get out of town, try to relax a little. I just wish that you wouldn't force her to talk about him because you've got some random questions bouncing around in your head.

Nick: Okay, fine. I won't call her. I mean, I don't want to stress her out. I just want some straight answers, sharon, and I'm not getting them from you.

Sharon: You seem to think there's some conspiracy afoot, but, nick, tell me this -- why would I lie about seeing J.T. That night? He abused victoria, he almost killed victor. If J.T. Had been at victoria's house that night, why wouldn't we have just reported it to the police?

Nick: Well, maybe there is a part of the story that you aren't willing to admit.

Hilary: And that's when i found out that the results from the home test kit weren't valid, okay? It was a false positive. But I already told you and the whole world that I was pregnant, and I didn't know how to take it back -- although, I did try, okay? I went to you, straight from this office. But you were with simone, and you wouldn't speak with me privately.

Devon: I remember that.

Hilary: And then I went to the studio, and... I was gonna share what happened on my show and show how disappointed I was. But then the viewers, they sent me all of these baby gifts.

Devon: You were very emotional when you were looking at them, I remember.

Hilary: It was hard for me to give up on the idea of the two of us bringing a beautiful child into this world. And you told me that if I wasn't pregnant, then you were done, okay? And that our contract would be null and void. And I realized that I could still have myself inseminated. Because the sample that you gave, it was still available because I missed my appointment because lily was being such a pill.

Devon: And you were just gonna do it without telling me?

Hilary: That was wrong, okay? And I shouldn't have done that. I know you don't want to hear excuses, but those few days when I... when I believed that I was pregnant with your baby, they were...

[ Sighs deeply ] They were the happiest days that I've ever had. It was like having the most wonderful dream and then waking up and finding out that it was all just... ...not real. I had this deep, aching sadness, like... like a part of me was missing. And I know that sounds stupid because it wasn't part of me to begin with. Now you know... you know everything, and you deserve to know the truth. That's why -- that's why I was trying to tell you before dr. Chasen came in and did it for me. Devon, I'm sorry, okay? And if you can't forgive me, I totally understand.

Nick: You know, maybe J.T. Showed up there to beg victoria to give him another chance. That's what abusers do. They say they're sorry a million times over, say they never meant to hurt you. They'll never do it again. Anything to suck you back in. But victoria, she wouldn't go with him. But maybe J.T. Told her where he was going and begged her to meet up with him after you guys took off. I mean, she still clearly cares about him. Look how long she stayed with him after he hurt her. It's a seriously messed up relationship. And maybe you guys all felt sorry enough for her that you agreed to keep this information from the police, even though you knew how much trouble you could get in with paul if he ever found out.

Sharon: Wow. That's some tale you've spun.

Nick: I know there's more to this story.

Sharon: Do you?

Nick: You know, why would J.T. Risk going anywhere near victoria's house if he knew the police could have it under surveillance? Why wouldn't he go in to see her? Why wouldn't he go in and grab any of his things?

Sharon: Maybe he knew that victoria wouldn't want to see him. Or maybe he saw a police car patrolling the neighborhood and he decided it wasn't worth the risk. Or maybe he realized that victoria had a house full of company, and he would never be able to get her alone. Or, you know, as long as we're making up fairy tales, maybe the phone records are inaccurate.

Nick: Oh, come on, sharon.

Sharon: Well, it's all speculation, nick. Paul hasn't given information to any of us, and he's not gonna give you special treatment. You're not a cop. No one's under any obligation to tell you anything.

Nick: See? Right there. You just admitted that there is something to tell.

Sharon: No, I didn't because there isn't! And don't put words in my mouth.

Nick: Whoa, take it easy!

Sharon: Well, you're grilling me based on mariah's hazy memory from when she was falling-down drunk that maybe she possibly heard a man's voice at victoria's that night? Why is it easier for you to believe her than me?

Nick: I mean, do you really need me to say this to you? Because I have dealt with a lifetime of you keeping secrets from me.

Jack: We want the stretch limousine, not the sedan. Yeah, we all want to ride together. Thanks.

Abby: And there will be bubbly in the limo, n'est-ce pas?

Jack: Oh, mais oui. Certainement.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Well, charlie just texted. He's on his way over. He's gonna show us the final version of the film. He needed a little extra time 'cause he wanted to perfect the titles.

Jack: He has really taken ownership of this thing, hasn't he?

Abby: Yeah, charlie's a good kid. I think he went from wanting to be a music producer to a filmmaker. Did I tell you that he re-edited the whole entire movie because he didn't like the first cut?

Jack: This has been a real labor of love for both of you.

Abby: Totally. Ah, anywho, thank you for carving out a little extra time in your day to pre-screen the whole thing with me. I thought it would be good if we got a sneak peek.

Jack: I think it's a good idea for me to get some idea of the contents, know what mother should be expecting, and you should expect she may not remember everything she said.

Abby: I'm just hoping that she gets in the spirit of the whole thing and that the details won't matter.

Jack: If I haven't said this enough, thank you. I know how much work you put into this, not just researching mother's business life, but doing those one-on-one interviews.

Abby: It wasn't work. I feel very fortunate that I got to spend this time while dina was, um -- well, while she's still feeling like herself.

Jack: I know I kept getting in the way with my doubts, thinking we should cut things short, that mother was being overtaxed...

Abby: You were just concerned. I totally understand. But I feel very grateful for the whole experience. I really got to know my grandmother, and the whole -- the whole project was, um, revelatory.

Jack: I'm sure it was.

Abby: Yeah.

Jack: Hey, for what it's worth, I'm probably gonna hear some things tonight that i didn't know.

Abby: Well, I was, um... I was very careful with the footage that I gave charlie. You know, I didn't want anything to be in there that dina would be uncomfortable with people seeing.

Jack: Well, I appreciate that. I don't think there's anything served by them seeing her at her most confused or regressing in any way.

Abby: Well, um, alzheimer's is a part of dina's life, but it doesn't define who she is, and i wouldn't want that to detract from the purpose of why we made this movie, which was to capture her history and to pass it down to the rest of the family.

Jack: I wonder if kyle's gonna be there tonight.

Abby: Do you want him to be?

Jack: Oh, boy, do I want him to be. You know, the more time he spends with this family at big events like this, the more he's gonna know all of us.

Abby: Well, when I told him what we had planned, he seemed very excited to see the movie, so I think he would be there.

Jack: I hope you're right about that.

Abby: It's surprising in a way. Kyle hasn't been back in town for very long, but he and dina have gotten very close. He's very good with her. He even took her out the other day. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Is that right? I didn't know that.

Abby: Yeah.

Jack: That makes me very happy to hear that.

Abby: I thought it might.

Jack: Who knows, maybe with time and a little understanding on both our sides, he could invest in being a real abbott again.

Victor: Kindly see yourself out, kyle.

Kyle: You still don't believe me?

Victor: Kyle, the point is, you have offered me nothing to back up dina's story, okay?

Kyle: Trust me, victor. It's real. As real as it gets. I'm standing here in front of you willing to sacrifice my family legacy to show you I have what it takes to be a force at newman enterprises.

Victor: I just told you. I need hard evidence. I need proof beyond a doubt. So you have offered me nothing. Therefore, I cannot offer you anything.

Kyle: I went way, way out on a limb here, victor, confided something so explosive... you know what, forget it. Fine. You asked me to leave, I'll leave.

Victor: Kyle. I want you to go back to work, carry on as usual, okay?

Kyle: We could do great things at newman. You shouldn't be so quick to dismiss me.

Victor: That is not what I'm doing. You've impressed me. I see you in a new light. So let's see where this will go.

Kyle: Yeah, fair enough. So if you'll hand me back the memory card, I'll be on my way.

Victor: I will keep this, okay?

Kyle: Victor, no.

Victor: Consider this a goodwill gesture.

Kyle: The information that's on it, it can't get out to anyone.

Victor: I said to you... "goodbye."

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Victor: I'll be in touch.

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Sharon: Why would you drag my past into this conversation? That's hurtful, nick.

Nick: I didn't mean to.

Sharon: Well, you did.

Nick: Well, I'm sorry, sharon, but you have a pattern that is impossible to ignore.

Sharon: What pattern?

Nick: When you do something wrong, you cover it up because you want to avoid the consequences. I mean, how many times have you lied because your desperately afraid of losing someone you want to hold on to? This goes back to when we first met, when you lied about having a baby. About giving cassie up for adoption. Then you purposely got pregnant with noah even though you knew i wanted to wait to start a family.

Sharon: I don't see how my behavior as a teenager has anything to do with what's going on now.

Nick: It does because it doesn't stop. There's been a whole string of incidents, more than I can count.

Sharon: I had no idea that you were so angry at me, that you had all this pent-up negative emotion...

Nick: It's not like that.

Sharon: Oh, no?

Nick: No. Because every time I come back around and put my trust in you again, out it comes. It's another lie, it's another secret. And for me, it all boils down to one thing -- you have never trusted me enough to be honest.

Hilary: Just say whatever you're thinking.

Devon: [ Sighs ] You shouldn't have lied to me or planned to get pregnant without my permission. But when you were talking about your feelings of loss... I believed you. I know how much you want to have a baby, and it means a lot to me, too. And to be honest, I don't think that I even realized how much it did until right now because learning that you're not pregnant after all, it felt like I had something really important going on in my life for the first time, and it was just snatched away from me. I mean, there's a reason why i signed that contract in the first place.

Hilary: I know, and I'm -- devon, I am so sorry, okay? You would be -- you would have been a terrific father. And that's why I wanted to do this with you and nobody else. But tricking you into becoming a parent, that would have been despicable. And you have my word -- I will never deceive you like that again. And I want you to feel secure in that. So I'm gonna go and get dr. Chasen and bring her out here so she can destroy that sample.

Devon: Hang on a second. Hilary, don't do that. Not if you still want to go ahead with today's procedure.

Abby: Charlie! Hey.

Charlie: Hey.

Abby: Come on in. How are you doing?

Charlie: Good, and thanks for giving me the extra time to work on those titles. I wanted to make them awesome for you guys.

Abby: Of course. Us perfectionists need to stick together, right?

Charlie: Right.

Jack: Charlie, I heard a lot about this film. Can't wait to see it.

Charlie: Whoa. The pressure's on.

Abby: Are we gonna watch it on your computer?

Charlie: Yeah. Is that okay?

Jack: Yeah, that's fine. Set up anywhere you like.

Charlie: Thanks. I really mean that. You know, my mom kind of drafted me into this, but the more interviews we did with ms. Mergeron, I seriously got into it.

Abby: Well, I was just telling my uncle jack that, well, you've been very dedicated to the project. So thank you.

Charlie: I wanted to make an actual film, you know? Not just a clip show. More like a documentary.

Abby: I have no doubt it's gonna be amazing.

Jack: Yep.

Charlie: I stayed up all night trying to finish it, but if there's something you're not wild about, I can still make tweaks.

Jack: Well, that's good to know. Thanks.

Kyle: I don't mean to interrupt.

Jack: Hey, not at all! You remember charlie ashby?

Kyle: Sure. How's it going, man?

Charlie: Great.

Jack: We were all about to a preview of tonight's screening. The movie about dina's life? Any chance you want to watch with us?

Kyle: I want to watch it now, and again at the theater later.

Jack: Then you're gonna show up tonight?

Kyle: It's a big night for the family. I wouldn't miss it.

Hilary: Words can't describe how happy you've made me. I mean, letting me try one more time to conceive a child with you -- I can't believe it. I mean, I -- I thought you were gonna turn your back and walk away and just keep right on walking.

Devon: Mm, I thought about it.

Hilary: I know.

Devon: You really upset me.

Hilary: And you have every right to feel that way.

Devon: But what I said originally about embracing being a father still holds true, hilary. And like I said before dr. Chasen came out here, i don't want to do any more back-and-forth with you because we made an agreement, and I'm in this all the way.

Hilary: This is gonna change our lives forever.

Devon: I know, and you're not the first person to remind me of that.

Hilary: We're gonna be a real family. Not a conventional one, but still.

Devon: There's never been anything conventional about us, has there?

Hilary: People aren't gonna understand why you chose to go through with this. Especially since you had an escape hatch.

Devon: Well... neil and lily will accept my decision because they love me and they'll love any child of mine.

Hilary: Simone won'T. She'll probably break up with you over this.

Devon: Probably. Which is too bad because i really like her. But I want to be a father. And I am not living according to anyone's rules but my own.

Sharon: Everything you just said, I'm not that person anymore. I've changed.

Nick: You have no idea how much I want to believe that.

Sharon: Well, look at how hard I've worked to get where i am now. How open I've been with you since I pulled myself together. Christian. I lied to you for months. I went right on raising him as though he were sully. But then after the truth came out and I saw the damage I did, I vowed to never hurt you like that again. And when I learned that he wasn't your biological son, i knew that I had to tell you, even with phyllis doing everything in her power to stop me.

Nick: You two can't stand each other, and with good reason.

Sharon: What's your point?

Nick: It's just -- you two hanging out all of a sudden? It doesn't sit right.

Sharon: Well, we're not hanging out or getting to be friends, and I don't foresee that happening, so you can stop reading into things.

Nick: Well, I've seen you more than once with your heads together, and it's weird.

Sharon: We're concerned about victoria.

Nick: Victoria? Another person who you aren't exactly close to.

Sharon: See, there you go again, interrogating me. And you know what I find most fascinating, is your choice of words, like I'm the bad guy and phyllis is just some innocent bystander. You're all for dredging up my sins and accusing me of betraying you, but she -- i guess she's off the hook, as always.

Nick: Sharon, don't do this.

Sharon: Oh, what, you have a problem? You don't want to talk about phyllis? Is that because she's an uncomfortable reminder that you haven't always been the guy you like to believe you are? Cheating on me with her, after cassie died. It was hardly one of your shining moments, though not a total surprise, I suppose, because you had cheated on me before, with my best friend grace. But the difference between you and me is, I don't judge you for who you were or keep a running list of all of your mistakes. I accept you for who you are now, in the moment, with all of your good and your bad points. Why can't you do that for me?

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Dr. Chasen: If I had any idea that hilary planned on having this done without your knowledge, I never would have scheduled the appointment.

Devon: I appreciate you saying that, doctor, but we've talked everything out.

Hilary: The procedure's on.

Dr. Chasen: So this is what you both want. Okay, I need you to be very sure and completely upfront with me.

Hilary: Well, you know how i feel.

Dr. Chasen: Devon.

Devon: Today is the day that we both hope she will conceive our child.

Dr. Chasen: All right, then. Please stay here. Hilary, come with me.

Devon: Hilary? Good luck.

[ Sniffling ]

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Charlie: So? What do you guys think?

Abby: I, um... I can't even...

Jack: It was fantastic. I loved it.

Charlie: 'Cause if you want me to change anything...

Jack: No, no, no. Not a pixel. Everything was perfect.

Abby: It was even better than what I ever expected.

Kyle: I know dina will love it.

Charlie: Well, that's good 'cause I didn't want to let you guys down.

Jack: No.

Abby: You took a bunch of interviews that I did with my grandmother and, well, you made them a masterpiece. Bravo.

Jack: Bravo. Bravo.

Abby: Amazing.

Jack: Great job.

Charlie: Well, thanks, guys. It really means a lot.

Jack: Charlie, my mother never got to finish her memoir. I'd say, with this, it's finally complete. The two of you captured the essence of dina. I mean, not just her life as a powerhouse in business, but her life as a woman... as a mother, as a grandmother...

Abby: Tell us how you really feel, uncle jack.

Jack: Am I getting a little maudlin?

Abby: You? Never. [ Laughs ]

Jack: Seriously, charlie, I'm gonna look at this again and again over the years, and I'm always gonna be grateful. This is how I want to remember my mother.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Sharon, I'm not trying to tear you down, okay? I just want you to understand where I'm coming from.

Sharon: You want to know what I see? You are filled with rage towards J.T. You have so much anger you don't know what to do with, and you're directing it at the nearest person, me!

Nick: Sharon...

Sharon: Nick, you are acting irrationally. You're accusing people of hiding things based on hunches and opinions! Forget what you said about me. Do you honestly think that victoria would protect J.T. After everything he did, or that she has any love left in her heart for that man?

Nick: Maybe not.

Sharon: Definitely not!

Nick: Well, this might be why victoria's staying quiet, because she's afraid. Maybe J.T. Threatened her and she is worried that he is gonna come back into town and hurt her again. Sharon, if that is the case, if this is the reason why you haven't told the police everything you know, then let me take care of this. I will protect you. I will keep you safe.

Sharon: Oh, just stop trying to rescue people, nick! That's what you always do! You swoop in on your white horse and take over everything! Well, news flash, nick -- this time, no one needs rescuing. So leave the hunt and the search for the professionals. Stop harassing your sister and stop making me the bad guy!

Nick: Sharon, wait --

Sharon: No! No! I'm done with this!

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Abby: We'll see you tonight.

Charlie: Later.

Abby: Bye! Ah! I am so psyched! I'm gonna call my mom at work and tell her how amazing the movie turned out.

Jack: Go, go, go, go, go. Hey, uh, I want to thank you, too.

Kyle: For what?

Jack: For caring. I have it on good authority you've shown some interest in your grandmother. I know you've been pretty focused on your career ambitions, and that you took time for her means a lot.

Kyle: I was so young when grandpa john died. Having a grandparent's a novel experience.

Jack: Yeah, that's right. You didn't know diane's parents.

Kyle: I know I was named after her dad. But mom wasn't that close with them.

Jack: Oh, I remember.

Kyle: You know, getting to know dina, it's proven more meaningful than I ever expected.

Jack: I love the sound of that. It's important to know where you came from.

Kyle: I couldn't agree more.

Jack: And on a personal level, I'm delighted you're gonna be a part of tonight's festivities. Look, I know coming back to genoa city hasn't been easy. I know we've had our differences. I know there are still some walls there, but the best way to break down those walls is to build trust, to put our differences aside. Look, I had conflicts with my own father, but I always knew he loved me. I always knew he had my back. I like to think you and I could eventually get to that place.

Kyle: I'm hoping for better things in the future, too, dad.

Devon: Hey.

Hilary: Everything went perfectly.

Devon: Yeah? Good.

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Devon: How soon until we know if you're pregnant?

Hilary: A couple of weeks. I don't want to jump the gun this time.

Devon: It's gonna be tough to wait.

Hilary: Endless. But it'll all be worth it, if we hear what we want to hear.

Devon: We will. Why don't you let me give you a ride home?

Hilary: No, no, you don't -- you don't have to do that.

Devon: I know I don't have to do it, but I want do it. Because when you get pregnant, you will be doing all the hard work for the next 9 months. So the least I can do is make things a little easier for you. And like I said, we're in this together. Come on.

Sharon: I owe you an apology. I shouldn't have stormed off like that. That wasn't exactly mature behavior.

Nick: Yeah, I took a walk to clear my head myself.

Sharon: Does that mean that I've gotten through to you?

Nick: I'm not letting this go.

Sharon: Nicholas...

Nick: The more you deny and deflect, the more convinced I am that you are holding something back. I don't want the past to repeat itself. It's killing me because we've gotten close again, and I don't want anything to ruin that, which is why I'm not leaving you until you tell me what it is.

Sharon: Fine. You're right. Keeping this secret... it's eating me alive inside. It's just that -- I want you so badly. And that's why I overreacted before, because every time I'm around you, every nerve in my body is on fire.

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