Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/2/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/2/18


Episode #11394 ~ Paul interrogates Victoria; Phyllis defends Hilary; Nick fights his attraction to Sharon.

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Previously on the young and the restless ...

Phyllis: Too bad you couldn't use the sample devon gave you and go the iui route like you planned in the first place.

Hilary: You are a genius.

Sharon: I asked nick if we should explore where things might go.

Mariah: Oh.

Nikki: I know where we could bury J.T. The garden at chancellor park.

Victoria: Does it matter anymore? I mean, J.T.'S never coming back again.

Paul: How can you be so sure?

Hilary: Well, you were preoccupied at lunch.

Phyllis: Work. You know how it is.

Hilary: And what was with that race through the chancellor garden to get back to the car?

Phyllis: You're always cutting lunch short to prep for the show. I thought you wanted to get back here.

Hilary: Well, you're right about the prep, but not about today's show. Devon wants me to create this special episode of

the hilary hour about his grandmother. We're gonna be shooting it at the chancellor garden.

Phyllis: When is this happening?

Hilary: Right after the flower bed is planted in katherine's honor.

Phyllis: Soon, then.

Hilary: Very. And I'm stumped. You know, I want to do right by devon's grandmother, but how am I supposed to turn planting a flower garden into scintillating television?

Nikki: Did something happen?

Victoria: I was at the office and work was going well, and then I had a video chat with reed.

Nikki: Is he having problems at boarding school?

Victoria: No, it's great. He's loving his music classes, and he's even made a few new friends.

Nikki: He mentioned J.T., Didn't he?

Victoria: Of course he did. He wants to make sure that when J.T.'S arrested that I'm gonna fly him back to genoa city so he can see his dad and talk to him. Those are two things that I know are never gonna happen, mom.

[ Sighs ] What have I done?

Nikki: Honey, you did the best you could. J.T. Attacked you and you fought him. And you knew that I would go to to jail for killing him, so you lied to protect me. And you knew that reed had to get away from here, where he is bombarded with memories of his father. So you made a decision -- the right decision -- by allowing reed to finish school elsewhere. All difficult decisions. But every one of them was right.

Victoria: Really, mom? Because it feels like I sent my son away to make things easier on me. And not him.

Nikki: That is not true.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Who is it?

Victoria: It's the police.

Nikki: Oh, god.

Victoria: Hello?

Paul: Victoria, it's paul. I need you to come down to the department. I have more questions about J.T.

Victoria: You know, I'm sorry, I'm really backed up at work today. I don't think I can tear myself away. And, besides, haven't I answered every possible question about J.T.?

Paul: Well, I have new evidence shedding a different light on the case.

Victoria: What new evidence?

Paul: We can talk about it when you get down here. As soon as possible, please.

Victoria: What new evidence do you think paul could have discovered? Do you think that...

Nikki: What, that they found J.T.'S body? No, that would be all over the news, and we got rid of everything else that would incriminate us.

Victoria: Then what could it be?

Nikki: I don't know. Oh, my god. I'll bet you it's sharon. I'll bet you she said something. It's just like her to ruin our lives!

Victoria: Do you really think...

Nikki: She is the weak link, and this is just the kind of thing that she would do. I'm telling you, she has wreaked havoc on this entire family since the first day that she met nicholas in high school.

Victoria: I better get down to the station.

Nikki: Well, I'm going with you.

Victoria: No, mom, don'T. It's gonna look suspicious. I don't want to turn this into a big thing.

Nikki: It might be too late for that already. For all we know, sharon could have told them everything!

[ Tea kettle whistles ]

[ Door unlocks ]

Hilary: That looks good.

Phyllis: Hey. You know, instead of a garden, why don't you focus on who it's honoring instead?

Hilary: Keep going.

Phyllis: Well, you know, make the episode about katherine, you know, not the flower bed because you're right, there's nothing interesting there.

Hilary: Yeah, four shots -- the plaque, the petunias, me with the plaque, me with the petunias.

Phyllis: All right, all right, you know what, maybe you could sell devon on changing the location. Chancellor industries, or katherine's home...

Hilary: I'm liking this.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm, and you know what, esther would be thrilled to dig up some photos and memorabilia you could use.

Hilary: You see, this -- this is a fantastic idea.

Phyllis: Yeah! So, good, you're moving the shoot. Good for you.

Hilary: No, I can'T. Devon is all set on that. I'm gonna be stuck getting extensive footage of the chancellor garden from every angle. Digging, excavating, planting -- ugh!

Phyllis: Hey, um, have you made your appointment for your insemination yet?

Hilary: Don't! Nobody around here knows that I'm not already pregnant.

Phyllis: All right, they're not gonna find out from me.

Hilary: You know how even the smallest overheard tidbit can be blown out of proportion. People around here, they love to gossip.

Mariah: Gossip? Clue me in. Wow, you're keeping it quiet. It must be really good.

Phyllis: Ah, you got me! We are more than best friends, hilary and I.

Mariah: If only. Then we would have an epic capper for our themed episode on secrets and lies.

Hilary: Okay, that was not my idea. You can blame devon for that.

Devon: You can blame me for what?

Mariah: Oh, hilary's personality shift. Suddenly she's not into gossip and into secrets and lies. I blame you for getting her pregnant.

Sharon: I just came home from school and was changing for the coffeehouse when the, um...

Nick: The kettle went off.

Sharon: Yes, and so I came running, and I figured since the house was empty, it didn't matter how I was dressed. Not dressed. And I'm resisting the urge to rush upstairs out of embarrassment because what would be the point? You've seen this and much more before.

Nick: Well, it still looks good.

Sharon: Thank you. What are you doing home so early?

Nick: Um, what am I doing home? Uh, I was with arturo checking out some, uh, buildings. Potential buildings for the new hope project. They're old and dilapidated, and I got pretty dirty trudging through them, so...

[ Sighs ] I'm gonna need a shower. A cold one. 'Cause it's hot. Outside.

Sharon: I know exactly what you mean. So, um, what's that?

Nick: Um, this is, uh -- you mentioned something about maybe switching out your backsplash, so I just -- i brought you some samples to check out.

Sharon: Oh, these are for me? You brought these home? Oh, wow! These are exquisite. Are they expensive?

Nick: Uh, well, it's what i do now, so I can hook you up with a deal.

Sharon: Great.

Nick: Yeah. Okay, uh, I'll -- I guess I'll... I'm gonna go upstairs.

Sharon: Oh, nick...

Nick: Yeah?

Sharon: Shouldn't you leave those down here?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Coffee?

Victoria: No, thank you. So, what is it that you want to know?

Paul: Have a seat. Um, I've interviewed several people after I spoke with you, and it only brought up more questions.

Victoria: About?

Paul: J.T.'S motivation for attacking victor.

Victoria: You know why he attacked my father. Dad told you.

Paul: Right, victor confirmed that J.T. Lost it after being shown the security camera footage.

Victoria: What more do you need?

Paul: Why did J.T. Run?

Victoria: To avoid arrest.

Paul: But he could have claimed self-defense. I know as well as anyone how victor can push someone's buttons, and if victor fell down the stairs when the two of them were fighting, why didn't J.T. Stick around and tell his side of the story? He should have known I would want to hear that.

Victoria: Maybe you would have listened to him, but what jury would have looked at that video footage of what he did to me and not thought the worst of him and convicted him?

Paul: It seems that J.T.'S leaving town made things easier for you, too.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] None of this is easy. If there's nothing new that we need to discuss...

Paul: We're not done. Think hard. When you were hosting that party with your women friends that night, the same night that J.T. Disappeared, did anyone else stop by your house other than nick and me?

Victoria: Another question that I've already answered -- no.

Paul: The only reason I'm asking is because we were able to triangulate the signal from J.T.'S cellphone, and that very same night, it placed him right in the area of your house.

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congestion and pressure?

Paul: Here you go.

Victoria: Thank you.

Paul: You're upset by this?

Victoria: Wouldn't you be, too? If J.T.'S phone was traced near my house that night... could it be possible that he dropped the phone at some point?

Paul: Sure. But it would still be there, wouldn't it?

Victoria: Or maybe somebody picked it up, or...

Paul: Or...?

Victoria: I don't know.

Paul: Did J.T. Call or text you that night of the party?

Victoria: No. What?

Paul: Well, I find that interesting.

Victoria: Why?

Paul: We were able to obtain J.T.'S phone records, and they show a series of calls and texts to you. We don't know what the content is, but we do know they were sent.

Victoria: Well, I didn't hear from J.T. That night because i turned my phone off. I had company.

Paul: Right, girls' night.

Victoria: Yeah, and in the spirit of the occasion, in trying to concentrate on healing from this breakup, I-I just -- I went off the grid.

Paul: When did you turn your phone back on?

Victoria: I don't know, but when I did, I realized I had some voicemails and some texts from J.T.

Paul: Well, I would like to see them.

Victoria: I-I don't have them anymore. I mean, you can imagine. J.T.'S really good at talking me into things. He convinced me to get back together with him. I know I shouldn't have, but i kind of caved, and I knew it wasn't right. I was just afraid that he would try to do that again. So I erased the voicemails and i didn't listen to anything or read anything.

Paul: Yeah. You weren't curious?

Victoria: Well, I can't really afford to be. Look, I've told you everything, paul. I'm not leaving anything out. The last time I spoke to J.T. Was in hawaii. When I broke up with him.

Paul: All right. Thanks for coming by. I'll let you get back to your work.

Victoria: I am curious, though. Will you actually be able to get those voicemails and those texts?

Paul: Well, I'm hoping if and when we do, it'll give us some clues to determine where J.T. Is now. And if he does try and get in contact with you...

Victoria: You will be the first person that I call.

Paul: Right. Thank you. Actually, there is one more thing.

Devon: If you'll excuse me...

Phyllis: Hey, hold up. I want to congratulate you on becoming a father. Hilary's over-the-moon excited about the pregnancy. You must be, too.

Devon: I'm sorry, I have to grab something before I go to my meeting.

Phyllis: Everything's gonna work out. You'll see. Hey. I heard about all the, um... I don't know, details on your unorthodox agreement you made with hilary, promising to be platonic parents.

Devon: I'm sure you did because that seems to be the trend of hilary, putting my personal business out there.

Phyllis: Are you ticked off at her? Is that why you can't manage a smile about the baby?

Devon: It's part of it, yeah.

Phyllis: Are you trying to get out of your commitment?

Devon: Well, not that that's any of your business, phyllis, but, no, I would never do that.

Phyllis: Well, she's my friend so it does make it my business. Why are you being so rude to her?

Devon: I'm not being rude to anyone. And you only know half the story. I thought that this process would take a while, so when it happened as fast as it did...

Phyllis: Hilary was pretty excited about what you're making, and then, like, you flipped out on her.

Devon: I wish I would have thought of the repercussions a little more before I made that deal with hilary. That's all.

Phyllis: Well, you should have because now the whole notion is completely ridiculous.

Devon: And what exactly do you mean by that? You don't think we're gonna be good parents, or what?

Phyllis: Good? I don't think this baby could ask for better. It's the platonic part that's troubling.

Devon: It shouldn't be troubling at all because we're divorced.

Phyllis: And yet you conceived a baby the old-fashioned way.

Devon: That's right, due to extraordinary, strictly one-off circumstances.

Phyllis: You keep telling yourself and your girlfriend that, and I'll keep running the clock.

Devon: Running the clock on what?

Phyllis: For how long it's gonna take you to admit what everybody else can see. You still have feelings for hilary, and you will not acknowledge that.

Devon: That's not true.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Hey. I need to get back to work.

Hilary: Hey. What were, um... what were you and devon talking about?

Phyllis: You. Life. Babies. We'll see if any of it took. Okay, be sure to make that appointment with your ob, okay? As soon as possible. Because if you are not with child within a month of when you thought you were originally pregnant, that's gonna throw your timeline way off, and people will know something's up, okay?

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: All right. See ya.

Hilary: Hi. This is hilary curtis. Yeah, I called before about getting an appointment with the doctor. Yeah, I was wondering if there were any cancellations. For inseminations. I'm gonna have to call you back, okay? Yeah. Thanks.

Devon: Hey. I'm gonna take off to that meeting, but I'm gonna come back through here before I leave the building.

Hilary: Didn't you get what you needed?

Devon: No, not quite. Take care of yourself, okay?

Hilary: Yep. I'll do that.

Paul: I keep thinking about when I came to your house looking for J.T. That night.

Victoria: What about it?

Paul: Well, when I found you, you were sitting in your car, which, looking back, seems odd, don't you think? I mean, since you were hosting a party inside.

Victoria: We already explained that. I was just going out to get more food and drinks. Now, if you're done questioning me...

Paul: You're free to go. As long as you're not holding anything back on me.

Victoria: What could i possibly be holding back?

Paul: You never volunteered any information about J.T.'S abuse.

Victoria: He's reed's father. I didn't want him thinking about J.T. Like that.

Paul: Victoria, the whole world knew that J.T. Tried to kill victor not once, but twice.

Victoria: I didn't want him taking that image on.

[ Sighs ] The image of his father...

Paul: Someone who would grab the woman he supposedly loves by the throat and forces her up against the wall? Terrorizing her? Whittling her self-confidence down until --

Victoria: What do you want from me?

Paul: I want the truth! How many times did J.T. Attack you?

Victoria: I told you.

Paul: Could he have come by just one last time? Could he have come by asking for your help? And because you love your son and you wanted J.T. Gone, you decided to help him run? You gave him money?

Victoria: You don't get to go there with me, not while you're the one who brought him back to town. Luring him here to help christine and his old pal paul! You had him lying to me and everybody else so that he could investigate my father on these bogus charges! Charges that never panned out because there was nothing there. If you hadn't have done that, then J.T. Wouldn't have come back, my father wouldn't have been attacked. He wouldn't have taken out all of his anger on me for this failed investigation!

Paul: I accept some responsibility and my part in that.

Victoria: Oh, great. How noble.

Paul: If I had known J.T.'S life had devolved into such a dark place, I never would have hired him.

Victoria: You get to regret your decisions, and I get accused of what?

Paul: I am only asking you to help me find him. And the guilt I feel for not seeing the kind of man that J.T. Had become has made it doubly important to me to bring him to justice. And that can happen a whole hell of a lot quicker if you're honest with me.

Victoria: Why don't you believe me?

Paul: The logs of J.T.'S cellphone places him near your house.

Victoria: Oh, god. This again?

Paul: Victoria, if you helped him escape, if you aided him in any way, whether voluntarily or under threat, you need to tell me. Are you afraid of him? Is that it? Did J.T. Threaten you or your family? Did he force you to help him get out of town? We can protect you. But you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your family to tell me everything you know.

Victoria: I already have.

Sharon: Have a nice day.

Nick: Yeah, uh, you too. Don't work too hard.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Um, you have A...

Nick: What? Wow. Biggest string ever.

Sharon: That's better.

Nick: Thanks.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: Um...

[ Sighs ] Hello?

Paul: Sharon, this is paul. I need you to come down to the station.

Sharon: Why?

Paul: J.T.

Sharon: I was just about to --

Paul: Right now, sharon. This can't wait.

Sharon: All right. I'll see you soon.

Nick: Problem at the coffeehouse?

Sharon: That was paul. He wants me to come down to the station. Something about J.T.

Nick: Well, I'll go with you.

Sharon: Why?

Nick: Well, you look like you could use some company, and i want to find J.T., Too. Today, we're out here with some surprising facts

[ Cellphone rings ]

Mariah: Oh, it's, uh, your doctor. I know you don't want to miss your first prenatal exam.

Hilary: Thank you. Hi. This is hilary curtis.

Mariah: Okay. See you on set. Um, thank you for calling me back. Yes, I wanted to confirm my appointment for this friday. We will be using the same donor as originally agreed, devon hamilton. Great. Great. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Mariah: You ready for the show?

Hilary: Always. Welcome to this very unique episode of the hilary hour, inspired by all of you, our ever-loyal and dedicated fans.

Mariah: Last february, we ended a show with an apology from hilary.

Hilary: Yes, I confessed my remorse to all of the people that I hurt by lying to them. Now, I didn't name names --

Mariah: How unlike you.

Hilary: The people I hurt, they know who they are. I didn't want to compound insult by naming them. But what we could not have predicted was how all of you, my viewers, would respond.

Mariah: The show's message board was flooded with wild comments -- people confessing their own secrets without giving real names, just to unburden themselves and finally tell someone the truth.

Hilary: And on this special episode of the hilary hour, we will be dedicating an entire show to one topic -- secrets and lies.

Nick: Mom?

Nikki: Nicholas! Hey. What are you doing here?

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Nick just happened to be with me when I got the call.

Nick: Paul wants to talk to all of you? Why?

Phyllis: I'm assuming since J.T. Went missing the same night we were at victoria's, paul's just being super-thorough.

Nikki: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, what else could it be?

Phyllis: We obviously don't know anything about what happened to J.T.

Nick: What about victoria? Why isn't she here?

Nikki: Paul already spoke to her. It seems that there is some new information?

Sharon: What kind of new information?

Nikki: I haven't spoken to her since. I don't know.

Nick: This seems like a waste of time to me. Paul should be out there looking for J.T. Why is he questioning you all about some party?

Paul: Hey. Thanks for coming, everyone. Oh, it's good that you're here, too, nick. I have some questions for you, as well.

Nick: Me?

Paul: Yeah. Stick around?

Nick: Sure.

Nikki: Are you going to be speaking to us all together?

Paul: One at a time would be better. It won't take too long.

Phyllis: I'll go first.

Paul: Thanks, but, uh, I'd prefer to talk to sharon first. Let's go into my office. Did you speak with victoria today?

Sharon: No, I -- nikki said something about new information?

Paul: Yeah, we just recently received the logs from J.T.'S cellphone. They place him near victoria's house the night he disappeared.

Sharon: Really?

Paul: That was the same night you ladies were there for victoria's party. So, in light of that, I have more questions for everyone that was there.

Sharon: Sure. I'm happy to help.

Paul: Did J.T. Come to victoria's house the night of the party?

Sharon: No.

Phyllis: No.

Nikki: No, he didn'T.

Paul: Did anyone else come to the door besides me?

Nikki: Oh, you're forgetting nicholas.

Paul: Right. Did anyone show up besides nick and me?

Phyllis: Nobody.

Nikki: No.

Sharon: Yes.

Paul: Who?

Sharon: Abby.

Paul: Do you remember victoria getting any calls that night?

Nikki: Mm, if her phone rang, I didn't hear it.

Phyllis: Victoria turned her cellphone off. We wanted to shut out the world and have a good time that night.

Sharon: Victoria's cell did ring. She didn't answer.

Paul: Oh. Interesting.

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Paul: There you go. Thank you.

Nick: I can't imagine why you'd want to bring me in for questioning.

Paul: Well, you could be a primary witness.

Nick: To what?

Paul: J.T. Disappeared the same night that victoria had her get-together. You paid them a visit.

Nick: Well, dad told me that J.T.'S the one who attacked him. I mean, you were my first phone call.

Paul: And then...?

Nick: Then I rushed over to victoria's to warn her. But you already know that.

Paul: Uh, yeah. J.T.'S cellphone records place him near victoria's house that night.

Nick: What? He was hanging around? When?

Paul: I can't say. Did you see any sign of J.T. While you were there?

Nick: No, paul. I mean, I didn't even see his car or anything like that, either.

Paul: Mm, well, that's because it was in the garage. Did you notice anyone out walking?

Nick: No. Nothing. No one.

Paul: And how about the women? How was their demeanor?

Nick: Well, they were, uh, surprised to see me because i hadn't been able to get ahold of victoria to warn her. They all seemed pretty rattled that J.T. Was one who attacked dad. That was about it.

Paul: So you just gave them the information and left?

Nick: Well, not with J.T. On the loose. I told them I was gonna stick around and protect them.

Paul: But you didn'T.

Nick: Because phyllis told me you spoke to her on the phone. When you told her you were sending over a patrol car just in case J.T. Showed up, you know, I figured I could leave because, you know, they'd be safe.

Paul: And then what?

Nick: Then I left. But now, hearing that J.T. Was in the area, it just reinforces something that I've been thinking about.

Paul: Regarding J.T.'S whereabouts.

Nick: Yeah, everyone just assumed that J.T. Must have left town or fled the country or something. But now I'm not so sure.

Paul: Why not?

Nick: Because of J.T. And who he is, how possessive he always was of victoria. How he always insisted on being right. J.T. Would have wanted to tough it out and stick around and clear his name. Is there any chance he's hiding out somewhere in the middle of town?

Phyllis: We need to debrief and we need to compare our stories.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] I'm exhausted. Can we just --

Phyllis: No, no, no. We have to do this while it is fresh in our minds.

Nikki: Phyllis is right. Okay, go ahead.

Phyllis: Okay, when paul asked you if anybody else stopped by besides him and nick, we all said no, right?

Nikki: Yes.

Sharon: No. Abby stopped by, remember?

Nikki: Oh, god, I forgot about that.

Phyllis: No, no, you know what, it's okay because no one actually saw abby except for victoria, okay? It's not a big deal.

Victoria: Abby never stopped by.

Sharon: But you said...

Victoria: I just made up that lie because I was embarrassed that J.T. Was at the front door. And now it's coming back to bite us.

Phyllis: Okay, okay, okay. We will deal with damage control, all right? When we know how much and exactly what kind of damage there is. Did paul ask you if victoria got any calls on her cell?

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Okay, and we all said that victoria turned her cellphone off, right?

Nikki: Well, um, not exactly.

Phyllis: You either said it was on or you said it was off.

Nikki: I said I didn't hear it ring, but that will mesh with what everybody else said.

Phyllis: What about you?

Sharon: I said that the phone rang.

Nikki: [ Gasps ]

Phyllis: Why would you do that?

Nikki: Sharon.

Sharon: I was sticking as close to the truth as I possibly could. I just said that the phone rang, but victoria didn't answer it.

Phyllis: Okay, so how is it that you're the only one who cannot keep this story straight? I mean, do you need flashcards?

Sharon: What I need is for you to not come at me.

Phyllis: All right, your inability to lay out a simple narrative, if that gets me sentenced to a state prison, then, you know what, you're gonna be hanging with J.T. In chancellor park, okay?

Sharon: All right, look, we will just -- it was a party. We will chalk up the discrepancies in our story to being drunk.

Phyllis: What are you talking about? Everyone in genoa city knows that nikki doesn't drink. She goes to aa. That's not gonna work for her. Unless you're suggesting she fell off the wagon...

Sharon: That could work.

Nikki: Absolutely not! I'm not gonna make that claim! I can't believe my entire future is dependent upon my two former daughters-in-law!

Phyllis: It's dependent on something else -- the cops not finding this body.

Sharon: Why would they?

Phyllis: Chancellor park garden.

Nikki: Yeah. We're planting the flowers soon.

Phyllis: So we either risk his body getting dug up, or we dig him up and move him.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: God, did you have to say it like that?

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sorry that I'm not being tactful, okay, when I'm looking at decades in an orange jumpsuit!

Sharon: Okay, everybody just calm down. Let's think. There has got to be a way.

Phyllis: You own the park. You shut it down for a day. That gives us enough time to get in there and move the body.

Sharon: That won't look suspicious.

Victoria: Okay, listen. Enough. Everyone is on edge right now, and for good reason. But I just need to talk to my mom. Alone.

Hilary: ...And cheating on him, lying to him -- it's tearing me apart.

Mariah: I feel for her! You just want to reach in there and help these people out.

Hilary: Well, sometimes just being able to tell the truth, it helps, you know? And other times...

Mariah: All right, here's another one.

The biggest lie I tell is the one I tell myself every single day, that I'm no longer in love with my ex. I'm afraid if I take that step and admit how I feel, we'll end up making each other miserable again. Fear keeps you coming and going.

Hilary: What does -- what does that mean?

Mariah: Well, this guy is afraid to proclaim his love because he could end up reunited and miserable. But he's also afraid to keep quiet because, well, he's alone and miserable. But if he does nothing out of fear, then he's stuck. And miserable.

Hilary: Are you speaking from experience?

Mariah: Oh, no. No, I'm -- I'm as single as they come.

[ Laughter ]

Hilary: All right, well, why don't you tell us your biggest secret, mariah?

Mariah: Oh! Um, well, lately, I went to a girls' night party, and I ended up getting very, very, very drunk and passing out, like, coma passing out.

Hilary: Okay, okay. That is not a very juicy secret. I think that there is something that you are not telling us.

Mariah: Oh, really?

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: Well, same right back at you. What is the newly expectant mother-to-be hiding? Mother-to-be hiding?

Feel the clarity

of non-drowsy

Mariah: Welcome back, gc buzzers. What you missed during the break is -- for once, my co-host had nothing to say.

Hilary: I was waiting so that I could tell all of our viewers, too.

Mariah: All right, well, we're back, so go for it. What is your secret?

Hilary: Well, I think that although secrets and lies can be horribly destructive, it is important to distinguish that sometimes there is a need to tell little white lies.

Mariah: Uh, isn't a lie always a lie?

Hilary: What if there was a co-worker who liked to dress A...certain way. Isn't it kinder to say nothing than tell her that I think her wardrobe choices are completely uninspired?

Mariah: Maybe.

Hilary: See? There is no such thing as all-or-nothing in life. And that goes for secrets and lies, too. Sometimes, withholding the truth is the kindest thing you can do.

Mariah: So if you say nothing, no downside?

Hilary: Well, that's where it gets sketchy. There's a huge disadvantage to keeping secrets, and it's one that most people never anticipate.

Mariah: What is it?

Hilary: It's that one lie almost always results in the need to tell more lies, and more and more. And when you go down the path of withholding the truth, the situation can spin so out of control that there is no stopping it. As the lies continue to build on themselves, one on top of the other, you realize that you can't remember what you told to whom, and that's when it happens. You can't escape your lies when you're awake. You can't avoid them in your dreams, which turn into nightmares. And that's when the pressure of keeping up leads you to a breaking point.

Victoria: J.T. Was my problem. I blamed paul for bringing him back to town, but... I'm the one that drew him back into all of our lives. I'm the one that should have walked away the first time that he hurt me.

Nikki: Honey, the problem was J.T., Not you.

Victoria: I know that, mom. But I've been watching you and sharon and phyllis, and I see all of the stress that you're under. And, honestly, I'm feeling the pressure, too. We can't keep this going.

Nikki: Honey, what choice do we have?

Victoria: I dragged you all into my mess. I dragged you into my relationship with J.T. And now I've got to take full responsibility for the lies and the secrets.

Nikki: Oh, no, you don't!

Victoria: I'm gonna go to the police and I'm gonna tell them... I am gonna tell them that i killed J.T.

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