Y&R Transcript Monday 4/9/18

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/9/18


Episode #11377 ~ J.T. and Victoria announce their engagement; Devon has a change of heart about Hilary; Phyllis and Sharon clash over Nick.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Devon: Hilary and I are planning on co-parenting a child platonically.

Simone: Are you sure about that? Because she made it seem like you're doing it the old-fashioned way.

Abby: Mom said the police tested blood found at the ranch where the fight took place and it belonged to a male, but not dad or uncle jack.

Victoria: Well, whoever it was, he could have easily been the one who attacked dad.

Jack: Find out who that blood belongs to and give them my jail cell!

Nikki: He's finally responding to the antibiotics. I mean, he might be coming back to us!

J.T.: You left me no choice. It's either you or me, and it sure as hell isn't gonna be me this time.

[ Sighs ]

[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]

[ Beeping continues ]

Victoria: Here's to antibiotics.

Nick: And dedicated doctors.

Nikki: Hear, hear. Such a relief knowing that the worst is probably over for your father and that he's on his way back to us. He's been through so much.

Victoria: So have you, mom. You need to start taking better care of yourself, starting right now.

Nick: Yeah, I saw your favorite fish, the trout almondine, on the menu. You gonna order it and you're gonna eat every bite, okay, mom?

Victoria: And then you're gonna go home and you're gonna take a nice hot bath, and you're gonna get a real night's sleep in your own bed. The stress that you've been under...

Nikki: I know, it's not good for me, okay? The last thing I want is another flare-up.

Victoria: Mm-hmm, and I think we can all agree that it's safe to relax for one night, knowing that dad's condition is improving.

Phyllis: Oh! [ Giggles ] Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Billy: Not until you're done cleaning up those little tiny bricks.

Phyllis: Oh, stepping one of these is just so lovely in the middle of the night, isn't it?

Billy: Unforgettable experience, isn't it?

Phyllis: The kids asleep?

Billy: Yes. Three books in, down for the count.

Phyllis: Oh, well, johnny was wound up.

Billy: Yeah, well, they like it here.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] They should. There's a lot fewer rules than casa del victoria.

Billy: So now it's time for us to play.

Phyllis: Oh. That sounds like fun. Once I pick up breakfast.

Billy: What are you talking about? It's nighttime. This is adult time.

Phyllis: Yes, and come tomorrow morning, the kids have nothing to eat.

Billy: We can take 'em to get pancakes. It's not a big deal.

Phyllis: On a school day? I don't think so. Keep dreaming. I promise I won't be long, okay?

Billy: All right.

Phyllis: Promise.

Billy: I'm timing you.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Hey. I need to talk to you right now.

Hilary: You do?

Devon: Cut the crap, hilary. I'm livid with you. I'm sure you know why.

Victoria: I wonder what's keeping J.T.

Nikki: Oh, he should be here soon.

Nick: You know what, isn't it amazing?

Nikki: What?

Nick: All the close calls dad's had. I mean, he's been poisoned, stabbed, shot I don't know how many times.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. It's the landscape contractor who's putting in a bid.

Nikki: Well, honey, take it if you want to, it's all right.

Nick: Yeah?

Nikki: Yeah.

Nick: All right, it won't take long. I'll be right back. Nick newman.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I'm glad that we have a minute. Now that dad has turned a corner, I'm gonna have to deal with all of the political fallout at newman and the lie that I told ashley, about the demotion. And taking over as C.E.O.

Nikki: Honey, I -- I think that you did the only thing that you could do. I mean, you know that your father is going to want a family member to be in charge of the business.

Victoria: Right. So you're saying that I did the right thing?

Nikki: You did the only thing that made sense to you. Don't worry about him. I will take care of your father. Believe me, he's gonna be so happy to be back among the living that he will take it all in stride, trust me.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: Hi. There you are. How did the server update go?

J.T.: It was a piece of cake.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh, are you okay? You don't look so hot.

Nikki: Yeah, I was about to say the same thing.

J.T.: I actually don't feel that well. I think I might be coming down with something. Um, can we -- can we go? I don't think I can look at food right now.

Victoria: Yeah. Of course.

Nikki: I'll cancel your order, unless you want to take it to go?

Victoria: No, mom, that's okay. Don't forget your hot bath and turning in early.

Nikki: Yeah, yeah. We'll see. Feel better, J.T.

J.T.: Thank you. Good night.

Victoria: Night.

Nikki: Good night.

Devon: Of all the underhanded things that you're capable of doing...

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] Look who's talking. You and simone are supposedly an item, but you didn't tell her about our little project? Nothing secret about that, huh?

Devon: It's my place to tell her. It's my place to tell her, not yours.

Hilary: What makes you think that I --

Devon: And you promised you wouldn't mention our making a baby to simone. Not only did you break that promise, you made sure she knew that we had sex to do it.

Hilary: Devon, can you at least join me for a drink at the bar so we can discuss this situation rationally?

Devon: This is only a situation because you made it one, you realize that.

Hilary: Okay, soda water with lime. I'm gonna go powder my nose. I'll meet you over there.

Devon: Wow.

Nick: Where's vick?

Nikki: Mm. J.T. Showed up, but he wasn't feeling well, so they left. Speaking of that, what do you think of J.T. And your sister?

Nick: I don't know. I'm more interested in, uh, another relationship.

Nikki: If you are referring to arturo and me, let me remind you that I put that on hold while your father is ill.

Nick: All right, so what happens if dad comes home? Are you just gonna run back to that other dude?

Nikki: Mm. Wow, that soup is really good. I'm more hungry than I thought.

Victoria: Why don't you go and lie down? I'm gonna make some tea.

Reed: Hey. Dad, did you just come from the hospital? How's grandpa doing?

J.T.: Um, better. Yeah. The, uh, doctors said his vital signs are improving and his infection's easing off.

Reed: That's awesome news.

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, um, do me a favor. When your mom comes out of the kitchen, tell her I took her advice. I'm gonna go upstairs and lie down.

Reed: Uh-oh. Are you sick?

J.T.: Yeah. It feels that way.

Victoria: Could you eat some dry toast, do you think? Oh, hi, honey. Where's your dad?

Reed: Um, he's upstairs lying down.

Victoria: Oh, good. Well, that's what's best for him right now. He's not feeling so great.

Reed: Yeah, um, I heard the good news about grandpa, feeling a ton better.

Victoria: Yes, I know. Thank god. What a relief. Hey, why don't you sit down right here? Catch me up on what's going on with you. I've been so crazed with grandpa and work. How's school?

Reed: It's good. I got a "b" on my chem test.

Victoria: Oh, great! Good! I know you were sweating that.

Reed: Yeah, a little.

Victoria: And are you keeping up with your community service?

Reed: Yeah. I'll be glad when it's done and I can get my license back.

Victoria: Mm. I know. Look, you were just upset about J.T. Divorcing mac. That's why you drank. That's why you got the D.U.I.

Reed: I promise it won't happen again, mom.

Victoria: I'm not scolding you, I'm not. I'm just asking you -- how do you feel now that he's living in the house with us?

Reed: Things are good. I'm getting used to having you both in the house.

Victoria: Yeah?

Reed: It's actually not bad.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Really?

Reed: Most of the time.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Yeah, I'm glad you feel that way. I'm -- I'm really happy he's here with us, too.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Door opens ]

Ashley: Hi.

Jack: Hey.

Ashley: Michael said you wanted to see me. What's going on?

Jack: Yeah, I can't stop thinking about this blood the police found at victor's house. It's not his, it's not mine, meaning it has to belong to the person that did this to him.

Ashley: But we don't know how long it's been there, jack.

Jack: It could be someone who works at the ranch. I understand that. But I have to hold on to some kind of hope. Without proof that the attacker is someone other than me, michael can't get me out of here!

Feel the clarity of

J.T.: Any news on victor?

Victoria: No. Nothing new. You look lousy. Go back to bed.

J.T.: Yeah, I can't sleep.

Victoria: Do you think you could eat something?

J.T.: [ Sighs ] No. Not a chance.

Victoria: Well, then, drink something. Drink some water or some juice, just so you don't get dehydrated. I'll get you something.

J.T.: No, I don't need you hovering, okay? I can take care of myself.

Victoria: Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ]

J.T.: Is that the hospital?

Victoria: Uh, no. Work. Nothing major.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] Look, I'm -- I'm sorry I snapped at you. I'm just -- I -- I haven't slept well the past few nights.

Victoria: I know. I understand. The talks that we've had, they've been difficult. But they're necessary. I mean, we don't want to repeat our past mistakes.

J.T.: Right. Right. You met me halfway, and it means a lot, I appreciate it.

Victoria: You're welcome. And as soon as your divorce is finalized from mac, then we'll set our wedding date. Nothing too soon, though. I think we should just focus on our therapy for now.

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah.

J.T.: You know, since, uh, the kids are out with billy, why don't you and I take reed for coffee and tell him about our plan to get remarried?

Victoria: Are you sure you're feeling up to it?

J.T.: You're hovering. You're hovering.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I just care about you.

J.T.: Yeah, um...

[ Cellphone chimes ] What do you think about my plan?

Victoria: Um, I think -- sorry, it's work. I think it's a good idea. But no coffee for you, unless it's decaf. I'll go get reed. [ Chuckles ] Reed!

Sharon: Well, that is wonderful news. Your family must be so relieved.

Nick: Yeah, uh, he's not out of the woods yet, but he's moving in the right direction.

Sharon: Well, I'm glad you came by to tell me.

Nick: You know, I also wanted to, uh, apologize for that little fight we got into.

Sharon: You already apologized.

Nick: Yeah, well, I still feel bad. You didn't deserve to get your head bitten off like that.

Sharon: Well, thank you. Apology accepted. Again. You've been on edge lately. I get it.

Nick: That's no excuse. You've been a great friend, and...I messed everything up when I kissed you.

Sharon: I kissed you back. And you didn't mess up a thing. It happened. We discussed it. Now it's behind us. I'm just glad we're clearing the air now.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to my dad getting out of the hospital and my life getting back to normal. Whatever that means.

Sharon: You wouldn't happen to be free later, would you?

Nick: Why do you ask?

Sharon: Well, I just had this brainstorm about how we could do that, try to get things back to normal again.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Any word about victor?

Nick: Yeah, he's, uh... he's getting better.

Phyllis: Really? He's better?

Nick: Yeah. That's what we're hearing, yeah.

Phyllis: Well, that's fantastic.

Sharon: Don't strain yourself pretending you care about victor. Well all know how you really feel.

Phyllis: You got me. However, I care about nick very much, and I care about how he feels, which is why I asked.

Nick: Well, I appreciate that.

Phyllis: So, now, if you would be so kind, I'm in need of a coffee cake, or the closest thing you've got. To go. Please.

Sharon: Stale or fresh?

Phyllis: Use your best judgment. So, that's fabulous. About victor. You must feel like celebrating.

Nick: Well, I mean, within reason.

Phyllis: Summer has been worried sick about her granddad. What do you think if we just did, like, a video chat? Tell the good news together. I'm sure she'd love to see our faces.

Nick: Yeah! Let's do it.

Phyllis: Okay.

Sharon: Okay, cinnamon apple strudel. You have to hold it on its side. $13.87.

Phyllis: Thank you very much. Keep the change.

Nick: Hey, listen, I got to get a rain check about tonight. Phyllis and I are gonna call summer, maybe do a video chat and just let her know that her grandpa's gonna pull out of this. See ya.

Phyllis: Toodle-oo!

Jack: Steve tedaldi? You've got to be kidding me. That man's been with the company over 20 years!

Ashley: And he's one of your biggest allies, which is why kyle wanted him gone.

Jack: Oh, he's shifting around all his chess pieces, making his power plays. Just like someone else we know.

Ashley: Well, victor's good, but I doubt even he can be coaching your son while he's in a coma. This is kyle. Kyle is calling the shots, jack.

Jack: Which is why I've got to get out of here and get back to jabot! Before he does some real damage.

Hilary: Thank you for my drink. Now, I suppose we can discuss this calmly.

Devon: Hilary, I was about to tell simone about our arrangement, and then you decided to take it upon yourself to drop that on her, and that is news that should have come from me.

Hilary: I don't know what her problem is, okay? What we are doing is totally platonic.

Devon: And how many women do you think would be okay with hearing that the person they're seeing is trying to make a baby the old-fashioned way with their ex?

Hilary: Okay, for the record, devon, simone is the one that asked how we are trying to conceive, okay? I did not give her a response. The s-e-x word never escaped my lips.

Devon: Well, you clearly found a way to answer her. Right? And now you want me to let you off on a technicality?

Hilary: So, what are you saying, that you're ashamed of your decision? That's why you left simone in the dark? Because it seems like a pretty big thing not to tell your girlfriend. She is your girlfriend, right?

Nick: Great talking to you, supergirl!

Phyllis: We love you, sweetie. We miss you. Mwah, mwah, mwah! Okay? Don't forget about coming home!

Nick: You never give up, do you?

Phyllis: Never.

Billy: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey!

Billy: What's going on? What are you doing here?

Phyllis: I ran into him at crimson lights.

Nick: Yeah, the doctor said my dad's improving.

Billy: That's good.

Phyllis: Yeah, so we thought we'd come here and video chat with summer and tell her together about victor.

Billy: Oh, great. Great. I'm sure she was happy to hear that.

Nick: Yeah, it felt so good to give her hope.

Phyllis: Yeah. So, I'm thinking that we should just hang. Why don't we relax? Why don't we have some fun, you know? Nick has been under so much pressure. He deserves a break. Don't you agree?

Billy: Yeah, that sounds great. I thought we had plans tonight.

Phyllis: It'll keep.

Nick: No, no, no. Look. We made the call to summer, and, you're right, it was awesome, but I'm gonna take off.

Phyllis: No! Come on! Hang out. Stay. Please.

Nick: You do not need a fifth wheel here.

Billy: No, just stay. Come on, a little fun, relaxation, it'll be good.

Nick: Uh...all right. What'd you have in mind?

Phyllis: Beer and video games.

Billy: That sounds great. I'm actually getting bored beating her all the time.

Phyllis: Oh, do not listen to him! I kicked his butt, like, for three sessions now.

Nick: Well, then prepare to meet your doom.

Billy: All right.

Phyllis: Big talk, small game, this guy.

Billy: Let's get the party started.

Nick: I'll take a beer if you got one.

Billy: Cool. Babe?

Phyllis: Uh, whatever's cold. Thank you.

Billy: Coming right up.

Reed: So, uh, what is this about? You wanted to discuss something?

J.T.: Well, uh, your mom and I are getting married again.

Victoria: It's just in the planning stages, but we wanted to get your feelings on the subject.

Reed: [ Chuckles ] Um... wow.

J.T.: Well, we didn't mean to put you on the spot, but...

Reed: No, um... it's all right, I just --

Victoria: Say whatever it is that you want to say. I mean, this is big stuff, right? Don't hold back.

Reed: Okay. Are you guys really serious? Because I'm not looking forward to a bunch of drama and another divorce.

Victoria: We're on the same page, trust me. Your dad and I even started seeing a counselor.

Reed: A counselor?

Victoria: Yeah.

Reed: Doesn't seem like something you'd be into.

J.T.: Well, you know, there's no harm in trying something new, and we want to get it right this time.

Victoria: Right, and the plan is to not rush. We're just gonna take it nice and slow.

Reed: Okay. Well, if that's the case, then, yeah, I'm cool with it.

Victoria: Super. [ Laughs ]

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: All right, um, well, I'm gonna get a refill. Does anyone need one?

J.T.: I'm good.

Reed: Yeah. I'm okay.

Victoria: All right, I'll be right back.

Sharon: Refill?

Victoria: Please.

Sharon: Nick was here earlier and told me that things are looking better with your dad. I'm happy for you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Sharon: And how are all other things?

Victoria: Well, um, it turns out that I owe you one. I made an appointment with that relationship counselor that you recommended.

Sharon: Really?

Victoria: Yes. Talking to an objective third party was actually a good thing for both of us. It got J.T. And me to open up about our issues in, um, a deeper and more productive way.

Sharon: Regular therapy can be so helpful! I'm -- I'm delighted that you gave it a try.

Victoria: Yes. Yes, well, anyway, thank you.

Sharon: You're welcome. Oh, and one more piece of advice. As pleased as I am for you and J.T., Don't ever center your whole life around a man. I've done it plenty of times, and, you know what, you lose yourself. You forget who you are, what you enjoy, what your priorities should be. It happens so slowly, you're not even aware of what's happening. Until there's nothing left.

Victoria: Oh, I'm sorry that you experienced that.

Sharon: It only took me two decades to figure it out, and I'm still a work in progress, but, you know, it's important for you to have your own life as a person that's separate from your family and work. Take a class or volunteer somewhere, you know, simple little things like that, they can be so rejuvenating. Or you could have a girls' night out, where you can all cut loose. A pitcher of margaritas, some great music...

Victoria: Yeah, I guess that's true, but work keeps me pretty busy. I don't really have very many female friends.

Sharon: Oh, come on. You must have some. One good friend who can confide in?

Victoria: Does my mother count?

Sharon: No.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: All right, well, then I'm -- I'm afraid I'm coming up blank.

Sharon: Well, I'll tell you what, one of these nights, i will throw you a girlfriends get-together so you can see what you've been missing. I had one a couple months ago, and afterwards, I felt great.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] Well, it sounds good. I should get back.

Sharon: Sure. I will call you when I have all the plans made.

Victoria: You do that. Oh, thanks.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

J.T.: Well, you and sharon were talking up a storm. I hope it wasn't about mac.

Victoria: Oh, no. No. Just sharon being sharon. Nothing that interesting. My mom's pain from

Devon: Simone and I are dating.

Hilary: But you're not exclusive. Is that the deal?

Devon: You know, we've only been out a few times. The subject hasn't come up.

Hilary: In other words, you haven't made up your mind. And that tells me all I need to know because, devon, when you are excited about someone, you go for it. I should know.

Devon: Okay, well, I'll tell you this -- I was open to having a relationship with simone, but, thanks to you, she's not, as long as I'm trying to help you have a baby, no matter how we're going about it. So maybe if I would have been able to tell her, in my own words...

Hilary: Oh, my god, who does this woman think that she is? To tell you that she can't abide the thought of being with a man who has a child? Talk about selfish.

Devon: If there was already a child in the picture, hilary, it'd be a different story.

Hilary: You said that she was creative. Well, sounds to me that simone does not have any imagination. Not the type of woman that i would picture you with.

Devon: You don't -- you don't find what we're doing strange? Not the least bit?

Hilary: Excuse me?

[ Scoffs ] How can you describe two consenting, educated, intelligent adults who are trying to create a new life as...strange?

Devon: Wrong choice of words. But even you -- you got to admit that what we're doing is unconventional, right?

Ashley: If dad were alive, i wonder how he'd feel about kyle's tactics.

Jack: Dad was all about honesty, transparency. He set a hell of a high bar for us kids.

Ashley: Kind of ironic, considering who he married.

Jack: Dina wasn't much of a wife or a mother, but dishonest?

Ashley: Are you being funny? She cheated on him, jack, and not just with brent davis. Many other men.

Jack: You know, I would appreciate it if you and abby would stop interviewing her on camera.

Ashley: Why?

Jack: If you'd done this when she was in control of her faculties, that would be one thing. She'd explain her affairs, we'd all get closure. But now? She thinks I'm john abbott. She thinks you and traci are the hired help. Are we really gonna take her "memories" at face value?

Ashley: Okay, you have a point. However, there is so much about dina that we don't know, and I'm just trying to sort through what is real and what is fantasy.

Jack: Good luck with that.

Ashley: Mm. Anyway, I'm gonna get going. So, um, stay strong. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Hang in there.

Jack: Hopefully you'll see me somewhere else. I got to get out of here. I mean it. I'm going nuts.

Reed: You don't mind if i play guitar?

J.T.: Yeah, just, uh, keep the amp down below 11, will ya?

Reed: Will do. Um, also, I wanted to tell you guys -- it's okay with me if you want to get married again. Um, but it'd also be cool if you guys just wanted to live together. Isn't marriage a little outdated?

J.T.: Well, I... I don't think marriage is outdated.

Victoria: No, neither do I. I just hope the doctors are right so that dad can be there when we exchange our vows.

J.T.: Yeah, I hope nothing stops that either.

Phyllis: Back off, billy! I mean it!

Nick: Dude, you are cruising for a bruising.

Billy: Take that, warrior queen, and a little bit of that!

Phyllis: Boom! Annihilated.

Billy: Did you seriously just nuke me again?

Phyllis: Sucka!

Nick: She warned you.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] I love this game!

Billy: Whatever. That's it for the beer. I'm gonna make a run.

Phyllis: Oh, hurry back so i can stop you again.

Billy: You mean so I can get my revenge again?

Phyllis: Yeah, it's good -- it's good to have goals.

Billy: I'll be back.

Nick: You do know the crosshairs are for aiming, yes?

Phyllis: Well, I'd tell you to shoot yourself, but I bet you'd miss.

Nick: Oh!

Phyllis: You could shoot the ground and miss.

Nick: You are going down right here, right here.

Phyllis: No! Aah! No!

[ Doorbell rings ] Really? Now? Oh!

Nick: Yes! Yes. Yes.

Phyllis: No! It's only because of the stupid doorbell!

Nick: Yeah, you, always with the excuses.

Phyllis: Shut it.

Sharon: I've been looking for nick.

Nick: Hmm? What?

Sharon: Why aren't you answering your phone? Nikki's frantic trying to reach you.

Nick: Uh...

[ Cellphone rings ]

J.T.: It's probably the office, let it -- let it go.

Victoria: I can'T. Oh, no, it's mom. Hey. What's up? Oh, my god. Okay. We'll be right there. Something happened to my dad.

J.T.: What?

Victoria: She didn't say. We have to get back to the hospital. Reed! Reed!

Nick: My phone's on vibrate. I guess I didn't notice it over the video game.

Sharon: Nikki's waiting. You should get over there now.

Nick: Thank you so much for tonight. You were right, it was an awesome distraction.

Phyllis: Anytime.

Sharon: I can't believe you. Nick's father is still critically ill, and your solution is to invite nick over here for video games and drinks?

Phyllis: All right, look, you heard nick -- he needed a break. I know that you are studying psychology, but not everybody de-stresses the same way. He has been under an enormous amount of pressure and, you know, something needed to give.

Sharon: I'm well aware. That's why I was going to make him a home-cooked meal where he would have had access to his phone. But you had to swoop in with this urgent and sudden need to have nick with you on a phone call with your grown daughter. If anything, faith could have used some reassurance from her father right now.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, get this. Nick actually smiled tonight. He laughed. For one golden moment, he forgot about all of his troubles. All the meatloaf in the world couldn't have provided what i just did.

Hilary: You say that you are open to simone being your girlfriend, hmm?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: But how serious are you, hmm? Have you talked about marriage? Kids?

Devon: After a few dates, no, we haven'T.

Hilary: She's thinking about it.

Devon: And how do you know that?

Hilary: Because I'm a woman. Trust me, it's what we do. We go out with a man, take a ride on his jet, try a future with him on for size.

Devon: So, according to you, I'm not serious enough to have a problem with what you pulled, but simone is more serious than I realize, even though she pretty much dumped me.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] Giving you an ultimatum? That's like the complete opposite of dumping you. Girlfriend is staking her claim. Can't you see that? And the last thing that you need is some possessive woman making demands that you are not prepared to deliver. And, besides, do you really want to date someone that you work with? Kind of tricky, you know, given the way things are these days.

Devon: Mm-hmm. You work for me.

Hilary: Yeah, well, look at how messy that turned out. But thankfully, we're in a good place now. And we were smart enough to have michael draw up a contract for our baby agreement.

Devon: If you think that we're in a good place right now, you're delusional. You really are.

Hilary: I'm afraid that I --

Devon: It's a pattern with you. You go behind my back and you do something that you swore you wouldn't do, and then you condescend and try to explain it away like you're doing me some big favor.

Hilary: Okay, devon --

Devon: That's what it is. And, to be honest, I'm really regretting even signing that contract because you are obviously somebody that I can't trust.

Billy: I got a stout to try, a few pale ales, and A... where's nick?

Phyllis: Victor had a setback. Don't ask me what, but he had to hightail it back to memorial.

Billy: Oh, that's a shame. For nick, of course.

Phyllis: Well, at least he got to destroy me before he left.

Billy: Oh, really? The mighty warrior queen got beat by the dragon-master. Well, well, well.

Phyllis: Don't gloat. Gives you wrinkles.

Billy: But it's so much fun.

Phyllis: You do know what this means, right? I mean, you're gonna have to think extra hard.

Billy: Um, let me guess. Okay, um, we have more beer than we can drink in a week?

Phyllis: Cold. Brr.

Billy: We have more beer than you can drink in a week?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Starting to thaw.

Billy: Okay, let me think real hard now. We have the place to ourselves again.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] You're getting much warmer.

Billy: By ourselves, I mean, the kids are still sleeping...

Phyllis: Hot. Whew! Hot!

Billy: We can continue our romantic evening for two?

Phyllis: Boiling! Scalding! Burning hot!

Billy: Mmm.

Abby: Nikki? What happened? What is it?

Nikki: Oh, abby, thank you so much for coming so quickly.

Nick: On the phone, you said it was urgent.

Nikki: Uh, I do have some news, but I would rather wait for your sister to get here.

Victoria: Mom, what's going on?

Nikki: Okay, I was on the way home to shower and change, and i got a call from the chief medical administrator, and I have been in a meeting with him and the police for the last hour.

Nick: Why would you even be on the phone with the police?

Nick: According to the hospital, an attempt was made on your father's life.

Victoria: What?

Nick: How?

Nikki: A switch was flipped on the ventilator that was keeping your father alive, a switch that should never be in the off position unless somebody deliberately did it.

Abby: I can't believe it.

J.T.: That's terrible.

Nick: Who would do something like that?

Nikki: I don't know, but both the hospital and the police have opened investigations. Fortunately, the medical team got to your father in time to save his life!

Victoria: Is he okay? Did turning off his equipment do any further damage?

Nick: You know, whoever did this is probably the same person who attacked dad. Since jack is in jail, it says to me that he's innocent.

J.T.: Or he could have hired somebody on the outside to finish the job for him.

Victoria: There are hospital cameras everywhere. I mean, maybe there's footage of whoever it was sneaking out of dad's room.

Nick: You know, it could have been that dark-haired woman that came out of dad's room the other day.

Nikki: You be sure and tell the police when that happened, what happened. Right now, I'm going to go have a consultation with victor's doctor. He's in there with him right now. Now, you guys stay right here.

Abby: We won't move a muscle.

Reed: I can't believe someone tried to kill grandpa.

J.T.: Come here, man.

Feel the clarity

of non-drowsy

Hilary: Please! Okay, we can talk this through! Come on.

Devon: Hilary, I have nothing else to say to you, all right? You have an answer for literally everything. It's always somebody else's fault, and you never take responsibility.

Hilary: That's not true.

Devon: Of course it's true. Unless you're already pregnant, our deal to have a baby is off.

Hilary: You don't mean that.

Devon: Yes, I do. It's over.

J.T.: I wonder what's taking nikki so long in there.

Abby: It's only been a few minutes.

Victoria: Still, the waiting is horrible.

Reed: It really is.

Nick: What's the story?

Nikki: Come see for yourself.

Victoria: Dad is awake! His eyes are open.

Nikki: Yes. He's awake. He's weak. But very much alive.

Jack: Thanks. You're back. So soon?

Victoria: Victor's awake. He's out of the coma.

Jack: Is he communicating?

Ashley: I don't know anything. Abby's with him right now, but we're gonna know soon enough. Do you realize what this means?

Jack: He can identify the real assailant.

Ashley: Yes.

Jack: And I can go free.

Abby: Dad, how are you feeling?

Victoria: Are you in pain?

Nick: Hey, who did this to you?

Nikki: Slow down, will you? Come on. Let's just be grateful that he's out of his coma.

Reed: Why isn't he responding, though?

Nikki: Well, the doctor said that victor suffered a minor stroke and that he's not able to speak or move, but he will be able to with therapy in time.

Victoria: I don't care, I'm just happy that he's awake and okay.

Victor: [ Gasps ]

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