Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/4/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/4/18


Episode #11374 ~ Abby meets a handsome stranger; Kyle makes himself at home; a mystery woman visits Victor.

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Previously on the young and the restless ...

Ashley: As long as jack is in jail, there's no way I can tell him that he's not john abbott's biological son.

Jack: I need you to step up and make sure my son does not take over at jabot. Together, we have to find some way to stop kyle.

Hilary: It's like doubling the odds that I'll get pregnant.

Victoria: I need you to accept one condition.

J.T.: What is it?

Victoria: I think we need to see a relationship counselor.

Nikki: For the foreseeable future, my sole focus is gonna have to be on my husband.

Arturo: Well, it's gonna be hard to stay away from you, but I -- I understand.

Victoria: Is dad worse?

Nikki: They're doing everything they can, but there's no guarantee.

Nick: I know we were supposed to have this meeting at rainbow gardens. I appreciate you having it here.

Arturo: No problem. Like this, you're close to the hospital. Would you like a hard copy of the revised blueprints, or do you prefer e-mail?

Nikki: Oh, no. You can coordinate the business part with nicholas. I'm not as much involved with that anymore.

Arturo: Right.

Nick: Hard copies. Why don't you, uh, leave them with the concierge.

Arturo: Will do. Bye.

Nick: Thanks again. So, I guess you were serious when you said you and arturo were gonna back off.

Nikki: Well, we were very clear about the boundaries of our affair when we started it, so it made it a lot easier to put it on hold when we needed to.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh!

Nick: Is that the hospital?

Nikki: Yes, it is. Hello? This is nikki newman. Yes. Yes, we can be there very soon.

Nick: Did it get worse?Nikki: Uh, they'll tell us when we get there. Come on. We'll be there very soon.

Victoria: The good news is, I managed to get us an appointment.

J.T.: When?

Victoria: An hour. And she's supposed to be really good.

J.T.: Uh, so soon?

Victoria: Well, you agreed.

J.T.: Right, but i don't know if I can clear my schedule in time. I've got a lot going on --

Victoria: Oh, i took care of that.

J.T.: Okay. But --

Victoria: You do remember what you said to me when you moved things around on my calendar without asking me?

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: This is important.

J.T.: I know I said that, but a little advance warning --

Victoria: Look, we can't just expect things to change in our relationship and -- and do nothing. We -- we have to take action.

J.T.: Okay. You're right. You're right. I want us to get married without any doubts or concerns, so I am all-in.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Is that work?

Victoria: It's mom. She wants me to meet her at the hospital. She wants to have a family meeting about dad.

J.T.: Uh, I-is victor awake?

Victoria: Wouldn't that be wonderful. I'll text you the address of the counselor, and then we can meet up for the session.

J.T.: Okay. All right.

Victoria: Okay?

Kyle: The rollout will take priority. That about covers it for now.

Gloria: Finally. Thank you.

Kyle: Oh, and, gloria, we'll need a new nameplate for the door.

Gloria: Ahem. Uh, I really don't think that'll be necessary, since jack will be out on bail very soon.

Kyle: Then there's the trial.

Gloria: Where michael will prove that he never assaulted victor. My son is a brilliant lawyer, kyle, and he will make short work of this. So I wouldn't settle in too much, because I don't think you're gonna be here that long.

Kyle: I'm hoping for a good outcome, just as you are. But we need to operate within the new reality. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, I'm C.E.O.

Gloria: Ah.

Kyle: And when I ask you to do something, I expect it to be done.

Abby: Well, it turns out I'm off today. Victoria canceled all of her morning meetings, which i happened to be involved with, so now my schedule is shredded.

Ashley: Honey, how's your father doing?

Abby: He's the same. And if I think about it, um... you know what? Let's talk about jabot.

Ashley: Honey, we've been over this.

Abby: Mom, uncle jack told you that kyle cannot be trusted to run the company.

Ashley: As long as your uncle jack is in jail, we're --

Abby: Then kyle can be making decisions that are harmful to jabot. And, mom, now that we have the results from that dna test that we ran, and we know that neither kyle nor uncle jack are blood abbotts --

Ashley: Okay, listen. We don't have that many options, do we? I am going to continue to monitor kyle's activities. But until then, there really is nothing --

Dina: My god! There's no milk for my morning coffee.

Abby: Oh, there should be plenty --

Dina: No, no, no. Don't you think I looked? There's not one bottle of milk in that refrigerator. Now, when in hell does the milkman come?

Ashley: We're trying something new -- cartons instead of bottles.

Dina: Cartons?

Ashley: Yeah. I'll go get you some.

Dina: No, no, no, no, no. Changing products without permission? I think that goes beyond your scope as a member of this household staff. And I also think you're not doing a very good job running things while john's away.

Ashley: I'm trying very hard.

Dina: Well, I don't believe you. And I don't trust you. And I have to warn john about you and what you've done.

Ashley: What I've done?

Feel the clarity

of non-drowsy

Hilary: Beautiful day, isn't it? Spring is in the air. Everything is blooming.

Devon: Mm. I know what you're doing.

[ Hilary chuckles ] It's been on my mind, too. I've actually been doing some research. Why don't you come take a look? It says that it's gonna take some time for your body to develop detectable levels of hcg that a pregnancy test can measure.

Hilary: Why is this so difficult? It's like one step forward, 999 steps back.

Devon: Well, there's no reason to stress about it, though. I mean, if it doesn't work this time, we'll try again next month.

Hilary: All aboard the insemination train. I'm sorry, okay? I just... it helps to joke about it so I don't freak myself out remembering all those horror stories. Women who've tried dozens of times, year after year, and

[Inhales sharply] Still... ooooh!

Devon: What are you doing?

Hilary: I'm trying not to cry. Trying not to say what I'm thinking, because it's just hormones. Just ignore me.

Devon: Would it help? You want to talk about it?

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Hmm?

Hilary: Okay. But if we do, you need to promise that you will accept this for what it is -- hormonal blabbering -- and forget everything else I'm about to say.

Devon: Okay.

Hilary: I'm just... I've just been swamped with all of this longing, and hope that we made a baby when we -- you know, that night.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: And whether our time together took or not, if it's okay with you, when I think about our baby being conceived, that's how i want to remember it, okay? Not me alone in some lab again and again and again. Just...you and me. Together.

Devon: Feel better?

Hilary: Much. Thanks.

Devon: Yeah.

Ashley: I feel awful. I'm officially a horrible daughter.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Mom --

Ashley: Oh, my god.

Abby: You're human. And you're dealing with a lot right now.

Billy: You rang? What's wrong?

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Abby: I called him. I thought we should fill him in on -- on everything. Are you mad?

Ashley: No. I'm relieved.

Abby: Great. Well, I have to get to the hospital to meet nikki. Um, good to see you.

Billy: You too.

Abby: I love you. Don't beat yourself up.

Ashley: Okay. I love you too.

Billy: What'd you do?

Ashley: I snapped at my mother for not remembering that I'm her daughter. Ugh.

Billy: Do you need a break? It doesn't really bother me who she thinks I am.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] I wish. We have to talk about kyle. Jack is very concerned.

Billy: Yeah, jack doesn't trust his own son. Neither would I if -- if it was me.

Ashley: Yeah. And it gets more problematic than that, because kyle has inserted himself into the C.E.O. Chair.

Billy: That's a bold move.

Ashley: Could be dangerous, given his ongoing communications with victor.

Billy: And his hostility towards jack. Any indication how he's doing over at jabot?

Ashley: From what I've seen and heard, he's transparent and effective.

Billy: But you got a bad feeling about it.

Ashley: Don't you?

Billy: What can we do about it?

Ashley: Well, I can try to convince you to step in as C.E.O.

Billy: [ Laughs ] You're serious, ashley?

Ashley: Yes, I'm serious, because you are the only blood abbott that isn't in jail, has the necessary skill set, and isn't possibly colluding with victor.

Billy: And I've got a job.

Ashley: Please.

Billy: I work at chancellor.

Ashley: Ha! You're working for your mother, billy. I know you're not invested in that, and you know it, too.

Billy: And we both know that we can't let it leak that jack and kyle are at each other.

Ashley: Yes, because of kyle's association with victor.

Billy: Make jack look even guiltier.

Ashley: I've thought about that. I think we have to risk it.

Billy: Uh...

Ashley: What we're gonna do is focus on the fact that you have more experience in the cosmetics world, and that you are much older and wiser than kyle.

Billy: Whoa, easy. Lay off the older. Go more with the wiser.

Ashley: Does that mean you're gonna do it?

Billy: It's not that I'm not willing to do it. It's not gonna be easy.

Abby: Nikki? What is it?

Nikki: I've just spoken to your father's doctors, and... the news is not good. Your father's respiratory situation has not improved, and if the infection doesn't get any better...

Abby: What? It's gotten worse?

Nick: Dad's gone into septic shock.

Victoria: No.

Nikki: But the reason that i want you all here is because we might be soon approaching a time when we all need to make some decisions.

Abby: No.

Nikki: If your father's condition does not improve, his organs will start to break down. And the longer that victor is unconscious, the worse the odds are that he's ever going to wake up. And the more likely it would become that he would have serious disabilities that would impact the quality of his life.

Victoria: I assume that dad has a living will and it's all laid out. Does he want any extraordinary measures taken or not?

Nikki: Honey, I talked to michael, and he has not left any provisions. He has not said anything.

Victoria: That's not possible.

Nick: You're surprised? Dad always thought he was invincible.

Abby: [ Sniffles ]

Abby: Then what do we do?

Nikki: Because victor left no guidelines, it's my decision. But you are his children, and you all should have the right to be a part of this decision.

Victoria: I don't think that dad would want to live as a shell of himself.

Nick: So, what, you want to -- you want to just quit?

Victoria: No. No, no, no.

Abby: Or maybe you think it's the quick path to his office.

Nick: Abby, stop. You know you don't mean that.

Victoria: I can't stay.

Nick: You're leaving?

Victoria: Would you please keep me posted on his condition?

Nikki: Of course, honey. You go ahead.

Nick: Vick, where are you going?

Abby: Oh, she's got deals to make, subordinates to push around.

Victoria: There's nothing that I can do for him right now. So I'm gonna do what dad would want me to do.

[ Nikki crying ] Mom, I'm gonna support whatever decision you make.

Nikki: Thank you, honey. I just...hope that he wakes up and it doesn't come to that.

Kyle: Gloria, could you get me a croissant and an espresso? I skipped breakfast.

Gloria: Shall I send your dry-cleaning out, too?

Kyle: Hey, could you?

Gloria: Hmph.

Kyle: Kidding.

Gloria: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: But I do need a list of all the projects we have in development, including those my father didn't share with new york.

Gloria: There's a reason for that.

Kyle: Can't wait to hear it.

Gloria: That information is filed under need to know. You know -- top secret.

Kyle: Not from the C.E.O.

Gloria: Oh. Why do you need all this stuff? Since you are just temporary C.E.O.?

Kyle: You're asking me to explain how and why I'm doing my job?

Gloria: I have experience as an executive. I know how things are run.

Kyle: As do I. Which is why I need you to do your assistant job and leave mine to me.

Gloria: You know, just because you're jack's son, it doesn't automatically follow that you are his successor. In fact, I really don't understand what gives you the right to think you can even sit in that chair.

Kyle: And I've never understood why my father hired a woman who caused so much damage to the abbott family.

Gloria: Your father hired me --

Kyle: Whatever the reason, it's obvious where your loyalties lie.

Gloria: Not with you, kiddo.

Kyle: Or, by extension, this company. Gloria... [ Sighs ] Gloria. You've left me no choice. You're fired.

Nick: Why are we even having this discussion? It's like you're accepting that the worst could happen.

Nikki: It could.

Nick: Or dad could recover.

Nikki: Well, then, why didn't he give instructions to michael?

Nick: Maybe he's testing us. You know, maybe this is victor newman testing to see if his family can figure out what he wants.

Nikki: Well, maybe he assumes we already know what he wants.

Nick: We do know. Dad would never give up. Not ever. He wouldn't give a damn what those doctors said. He's so stubborn, I wouldn't put it past him to linger in a coma for years, and then suddenly wake up and demand explanations for everything that happened while he was resting.

Abby: That sounds just like dad.

Nikki: I have been through so many close calls with your father. He is so strong. And I really don't think he would want to live on a machine the rest of his life. I think victoria is right. I mean, she relies on him more than anybody. I think she would be devastated if she lost him.

Abby: So would I.

Nick: We can't just let him go.

Nikki: We can't just do the selfish thing. What is the best thing for him?

Dr. Mosely: Well, the fact that you left the hospital to come here really shows your commitment to this therapy. Did your family understand?

Victoria: I-I didn't tell them where I was going.

Dr. Mosely: Why not?

Victoria: I don't want them to think that J.T. And I are having problems.

Dr. Mosely: I see. So, why have you decided to come to counseling?

Victoria: Well, this is our second time around as a couple, and I just want to make sure that we get it right, and that we -- we work on the small things before they become huge problems like they did last time. Especially since there are children involved.

Dr. Mosely: Small things?

Victoria: The way that we speak to each other. Petty disagreements. Things that I normally would have dismissed. Until I-I happened to run into J.T.'S ex, mac.

Dr. Mosely: You were married to mac?

J.T.: Yes. Uh, we're divorcing. We, uh -- we have two kids together.

Dr. Mosely: And mac told you...?

Victoria: She said that her relationship with J.T. Was emotionally abusive.

J.T.: Well, look, I admit -- I can explain that. Look, when, uh... when mac realized the marriage was ending, she became somebody that I didn't even recognize. Then she decided to punish me by filing for full custody of our kids. Which I obviously fought. And the she stooped to an all-time low of trying to sabotage my relationship with victoria. But as soon as I gave her what she wanted, she backed down.

Dr. Mosely: I see. But you still have concerns about your relationship?

J.T.: I love victoria. And we're making a big commitment as a family. And I just want to make sure we get it right this time, so... y-you know, I-I want victoria to be as sure of me as I am of her.

Dr. Mosely: Toward getting it right this time, what led to your breakup last time?

J.T.: Well, there's a, uh... a certain dynamic in the newman family. But it's really not relevant right now.

Victoria: It's -- it's okay. It's okay. I think that J.T. Is reluctant to bring it up because my dad is in the hospital right now. But when we were married... my dad, he's a very strong presence in my life, and I think that J.T. Felt that I chose him over us.

J.T.: But it's not a problem now.

Dr. Mosely: And did you? Choose your father over you as a couple?

Victoria: It was part of the reason that we broke up. Back then, we stopped talking, and things got really ugly.

[ Sighs ] And I cheated on him.

J.T.: But we're different people now.

Dr. Mosely: When victoria brought up your ex-wife's claim that you had been emotionally abusive, you talked about mac wanting to cause problems in your relationship.

J.T.: Yeah, that's right.

Dr. Mosely: But what you didn't address, what neither of you have addressed, is why that affected victoria the way it did. Why that must be, at least in some part, the reason that she wanted to come here today.

Nikki: You've taken charge of your company, and you control your -- your businesses and your family and your ranch and -- and your life... you leave up to me? You let me handle that? What, are you getting ready to throw your head back and laugh

[Voice breaking] 'Cause it's so funny?

[ Sobbing ] Nicholas believes in you so much. He knows how strong you are. And he knows that you're gonna come back to us. But what if you're already gone? What if the pieces that make up victor newman are already gone to us?

[ Crying ] What do I do then? What do I do?

Devon: My sister made quite the pitch for you to have a bigger role at hamilton-winters, so you've obviously made a very big impact on lily.

Simone: Just with her? What about you?

Devon: What exactly did my sister say to you?

Simone: [ Scoffs ] Don't be mad at lily. I think she just felt like playing matchmaker.

Devon: [ Grunts ]

Simone: I was feeling a little shy, because it seemed like you and i were starting something. And then you didn't call. But lily said that --

[ Sighs ] I'm an idiot.

Devon: You're not at all. Okay? Um, my sister's the one with the agenda, not you. And I was distracted, not disinterested in you.

Simone: That's good. Heh... distracted by what?

Devon: Um... well --

Simone: It doesn't matter. Heh...

Devon: Heh. You know something, simone, there's one thing that I haven't asked you before, and that's, how did you get your start doing music?

Simone: I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I was performing a song at this college-alumni event.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Simone: And some guy taped it, and --

Devon: And that blew up, right?

Simone: The power of social media.

[ Devon chuckles ] I'm living proof.

Devon: Hey, it definitely helps that you're talented, believe me.

Simone: I just feel so blessed that I actually get paid for doing what I love.

Devon: I hear you. When I think about all the sessions that I've produced for free -- [ Laughs ]

Simone: Oh, you're like me. Yeah, it's -- the music is all that matters.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Simone: Whether I'm in the studio or singing in some dive.

Devon: Oh, yeah. I could be mixing country or hip-hop, rock, pop -- doesn't matter.

Simone: Yeah. It all speaks to you, right?

Devon: Absolutely. Having this company with neil, I mean, that's a realization of a lifelong dream. But music is my heart and soul.

[ Simone exclaims ] It really is.

[Vo] Dole is introducing tasty combinations of fruit...

Simone: Um, I'll be right back.

Devon: Okay.

Hilary: Was that simone?

Devon: Yeah.

Hilary: I didn't realize you guys were still seeing each other.

Devon: We are. She's very nice.

Hilary: Yeah, I've noticed. It's wonderful that such a down-to-earth woman is so cool with our arrangement.

Devon: I haven't told her about that.

Hilary: Oh, would she disapprove?

Devon: No, there's just -- there's nothing yet to tell.

Hilary: Except you did have sex with your ex-wife. Don't worry. I won't say a word. Hey, simone. So nice to see you again. You two have fun, okay?

Simone: Mm-hmm. Say a word about what?

Devon: Oh, it's -- with hilary, it's always

the hilary hour. She has a bad habit of finding problems in places where there aren't any.

Ashley: Hey, kyle. Thought you'd be hard at work.

Kyle: Chained to my desk via phone. You still have one of these?

Ashley: Oh, sorry I didn't get back to you. It's been kind of crazy around here today.

Kyle: It must be catching. I won't keep you. I just wanted to know if there's any news about my dad's legal situation.

Ashley: Hmm. Not at this point, no.

Kyle: Anything else I can help with?

Ashley: Well, I had an interesting conversation with your father.

Kyle: Did he get into the whole thing about me communing with victor?

Ashley: He is worried.

Kyle: Look, I know my dad must be losing it being locked up, but he's acting like my whole relationship with victor is some new development when we all know it's not.

Ashley: Well, I think you know why he's upset and concerned.

Kyle: That I've stepped in as C.E.O.

Ashley: Yeah, after you voted him out.

Kyle: I explained that.

Ashley: Kyle, when you went to see him, you weren't exactly reassuring. I mean, you unloaded on him, didn't you?

Kyle: I guess he didn't explain what I unloaded about. You, aunt ashley. How he treated you. I knew my father would claim that his pushing for the blood-abbott clause was a miscalculation, and he tried to make things right with you.

Ashley: He did try.

Kyle: And failed. Consequence? The family company has lost you, our innovator of the year, to newman. And I've been thrust in the position of acting C.E.O. But does my dad support that? No. He's spouting conspiracy theories. Overlooking the fact that victor isn't hanging out at jabot with me, twirling his mustache. The man's fighting for his life.

Ashley: And your father has been accused of trying to kill him, kyle.

Kyle: Yeah. Being locked up is making him paranoid.

Ashley: Or perceptive.

Kyle: [ Scoffs ] Sorry. No time to overthrow my father today. Too busy. Oh, yeah. And I love the guy, just like you. Even when he ticks me the hell off.

Ashley: Yeah, I -- I do, too.

Kyle: Next time you talk to my dad, can you tell him I'm just trying to keep things on track while his future's being decided? Protecting my family and jabot. Like he would.

Dina: Oh, my god. It says right here that john's been arrested for trying to kill someone again. What happened?

Victoria: Divorces can get ugly, especially when custody is involved. But, um, mac's words hit a little too close to home.

Dr. Mosely: In what way?

Victoria: Uh, sometimes he hurts my feelings. He can be critical. If I'm concerned, I'm -- I'm being too -- too sensitive. If I'm angry, I'm -- I'm overreacting.

J.T.: She does the same to me. The difference is, victoria's not used to having somebody that's this honest in her life. You know, most people are intimidated.

Victoria: Maybe they're just more tactful.

J.T.: Hey, look, I'm saying this from a good place. It's all out of love, okay? We're just two strong, opinionated people.

Dr. Mosely: Have things ever become physical?

J.T.: Not really.

Victoria: Yes.

J.T.: It's semantics, really. I mean... look, victoria and I tend to have wild and rough makeup sex, which I'm sure could be construed as physical. Right?

Victoria: Well, yeah. That's right.

Dr. Mosely: The question was about anger. Victoria, have you ever been physically abusive with J.T.?

Victoria: Well, we did have an argument recently where, one minute we were disagreeing, and then the next we were hurling around insults and accusations. I wanted to walk away but, um, J.T. Took my wrist.

J.T.: To stop her from leaving. Let's not make this --

Victoria: He wouldn't let me go, and I got very angry. So I slapped him. Hard. More than once. I was very, very upset.

J.T.: It was a one-time thing.

Dr. Mosely: What happened after victoria hit you?

J.T.: Well... [ Sighs ] I mean, we were both very upset.

Victoria: He grabbed me.

J.T.: I -- it was a reflex.

Dr. Mosely: He grabbed you where? Your neck?

J.T.: [ Sighs ] Come on, baby, you're making it sound --

Victoria: He pushed me against the wall, and he wouldn't let me go, and I was -- I was scared.

J.T.: That was to calm you down. You know, I-I was trying to get control of the situation.

Dr. Mosely: Is that how you felt, J.T.? Out of control?

J.T.: I just reacted. I was very angry.

Victoria: I thought that he was...

[ Sighs ] But the he just punched the wall right next to my face.

J.T.: I punched the wall. I hurt my hand. I hurt myself because I was mad at myself. I would never, never hit victoria.

Dr. Mosely: But you were upset.

J.T.: I-I -- it's no excuse to put your hands on somebody. I -- we both got a bit carried away.

Dr. Mosely: How often do these passionate arguments happen?

J.T.: Once a month.

Victoria: More like twice a week. Recently.

J.T.: With the argument that got so heated, that -- that's never happened before.

Victoria: But I did slap J.T. Before.

J.T.: When?

Victoria: When we were married.

J.T.: Oh, but that was ancient history, come on.

Victoria: I don't want you to think that this is just about you. It's not. I'm -- I'm -- I'M... I'm owning my part in this because I want to fix things. And this is a dynamic that i never want to repeat ever again, which is why I was so adamant about us seeing you. We need help. I-I just need some guidance.

J.T.: Right. How do we do better?

Dr. Mosely: All couples are different. And you two, you're different now than when you were married before. Problems arise. Stress occurs. You can't stop that. But you can learn to deal with it in a more healthy way.

Victoria: Do you think we should postpone getting married?

Dr. Mosely: Well, that's a decision only you and J.T. Can make. What's important is that you recognized this behavior is unhealthy, and that you sought help. I suggest we schedule another session.

Victoria: Of course. Yeah. We're in this together. Right?

J.T.: All the way.

Ashley: John has a fantastic attorney. I know he's gonna be out of prison soon.

Dina: I'm going to visit him. Have the car brought round.

Ashley: You know, I don't think that's --

Dina: You know, I've been a bad wife, and I have to be honest with him finally.

Ashley: Well, perhaps a different time --

Dina: No, he has to know the truth before he goes to prison.

Ashley: Okay, you know, i just don't think that's possible.

Dina: What do you mean it's not possible? Prisoners have visitors, don't they?

Ashley: They do. But at -- at certain times, and you have to have your name on the list --

Dina: List? I'm married to the man. Now, you get his lawyer on the phone for me right now.

Kyle: John loves you very much.

Dina: How do you know?

Kyle: He told me. He said that his memories of you are what's helping him endure all this. It would only break his heart or make things more difficult if he knew the truth that you wanted to tell him.

Dina: He needs to know.

Kyle: Sometimes, it's better to keep a secret for the good of someone you love.

Dina: Who are you?

Kyle: I'm john's cousin, kyle.

Dina: I don't remember you.

Kyle: I've spent the past few years in new york. With the family going through such a difficult time, how could I be anywhere but here?

Dina: Oh. Well, you sound very responsible. And considerate. I like you, kyle.

Gloria: Your cousin kyle is a brat.

[ Glass clinks ] He just fired me.

Abby: Oh.

Gloria: And you need to make it right.

Abby: I don't even work --

Gloria: When jack gets out of jail, heads will roll when he finds out that the abbotts didn't look after his loyal assistant. He will decimate you.

Allergies with sinus

congestion and pressure?

Abby: Sorry. Thank you.

Arturo: You don't have to apologize for having feelings.

Abby: I've run into you before, at the coffeehouse.

Arturo: That's right. I remember. I'm -- I'm happy you did, too. Arturo rosales.

Abby: Abby newman.

Arturo: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Yes, that abby newman, the one who was just kidnapped, and took the blame for the most recent scandal at newman enterprises, yeah.

Arturo: That's quite a résumé. But I reacted to your last name because I'm working with nikki and nick on a housing project.

Abby: Spontaneous over-sharing. Embarrassing.

Arturo: [ Chuckles ] Hey, it's fine. I mean, some people smash windows and break furniture when a loved one is sick. Some tears and a conversation, I'd say you're holding up pretty well.

Abby: Thank you. You broke furniture?

Arturo: Maybe.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Arturo: I hope your father makes a full recovery.

Abby: Yeah. It's odd to have to hope for that. To me, my dad was always invincible. Something comes for him, he fights, he wins, he comes back even stronger. And now... I don't know if that's possible. And that terrifies me.

Arturo: Yeah.

Abby: Sorry. Sharing my life story with a stranger.

Arturo: No. Hey, I understand what it is to have a family member who's at the center. The pillar. So constant, you almost forget everything rests on them.

Abby: Until you lose them.

Nikki: I've never been happier with you, victor. We've become something I never thought we would become again. Friends. I guess that's the secret.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you.

J.T.: What you said in that session, about your father exerting a certain kind of control over your life...

Victoria: Yeah? What about it?

J.T.: Well, right now, your father is lying in a hospital bed, and a big part of your life is uncertain. You need something to hold onto. So let that be me, you know? Be certain of me. Come on. We are... passionate and [Chuckles] Complicated people. But we're great together. We are so good together. We don't need a counselor to tell us that.

Ashley: You were very good with her.

Kyle: I'm in awe of her. I've wondered about dina mergeron my whole life. This accomplished, dynamic woman is my grandmother. And to see her for the first time like this is...

Ashley: I wish you had known her before, kyle.

Kyle: I get to know her now.

Ashley: That's true.

Kyle: You have every right to be wary of me. But with so much at stake, we don't have time to ease into this. I can only tell you that I have this family's best interests at heart... and hope that you believe me.

Ashley: Thanks for stopping by.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] About that. I needed to see you in person in the spirit of full disclosure. I fired gloria today.

Ashley: Ooh. Jack won't like that.

Kyle: Mm.

Ashley: I personally do not have a problem with it, however.

Kyle: Not that I'm obligated to consult board members about this, but I didn't want you to hear about it and think it was some coup or something.

Ashley: I appreciate that. Kyle. That move does seem like somebody who's interested in being more than just temporary C.E.O.

Kyle: We have to be prepared for anything.

[Phone rings]

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