Y&R Transcript Friday 3/2/18

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/2/18


Episode #11353 ~ A crisis unites Jack and Ashley; Nick receives a surprise visitor; Devon discovers that Hilary is keeping a secret.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

J.T.: What more do you want, mac? You're already suing for full custody.

Victoria: She called you?

J.T.: Oh, yeah. She wasn't happy you left her a voicemail. In fact, she was furious.

Nick: And what is that?

Anita: A video file for christian.

Nick: Then just give it to me.

Anita: That will cost you.

Victoria: I told you that i would help you push her out of newman, but making the rest of it work -- that's your problem.

Jack: [ Exhales sharply ]

Hilary: There are some things I need to sort out that can't wait.

Mariah: Wait! Hilary, we are about to go live!

Hilary: Don't panic! I'll be back!

Devon: If you don't host the show, we're gonna go live to a couple of empty chairs in about 15 seconds.

Mariah: I'm mariah copeland. This is "the hilary hour." See you next time, and good night.

Devon: I don't even have words for how great that was. The show that I just watched made something very clear to me, and that's that hilary is dispensable.

Hilary: Your content was fine. You need to work on your body language. There were some times where you were a little less than poised in front of the camera. That deer-in-the-headlights look does not instill a whole lot of confidence.

Mariah: I'm still waiting.

Hilary: For what?

Mariah: For the "thank you for ad-libbing an entire episode and saving my butt while I went awol." Where were you, anyway? Why would you leave right before we're about to go live and then disappear?

Devon: I'd like an answer to that, too.

Anita: I figure you calling me means you're ready to accept my offer.

Nick: Yeah. 25 grand sounds pretty steep to me for a video that chelsea made.

Anita: Well, now that she's run off to who knows where, I can't count on her sending me money. I have got to pay the bills somehow.

Nick: How do I know there's anything worth seeing on that video?

Anita: Chelsea's note said that she made this video for christian when he turned 18. She got so close to that little boy, and she knew he'd have questions, and she wanted to answer them when he was old enough to understand. But maybe you don't care about that. Maybe you're hoping that when he's grown up, christian will have forgotten that my daughter exists. I know she hurt you. I'm sorry about that. But... I look at this as a win-win scenario. You get some questions answered, and I won't get kicked out of my apartment.

Nick: There's only one problem. You know I gave away my trust, so I don't have that kind of cash just lying around. But I do have a counteroffer for you.

Victoria: I thought you might like some tea. Really? The silent treatment? Just because I called mac?

J.T.: After I specifically asked you not to interject yourself in my custody battle?

Victoria: I was just trying to help.

J.T.: What really hurts is knowing how little respect you have for me.

Jack: Well, enjoy your day in mustacheville.

Ashley: I intend to. You should tell helen she's got to hit the ground running if she wants to compete with me and my brash & sassy team.

Jack: Ooh, I like this new gauntlet you've thrown down.

Ashley: Do you?

Jack: I always counted on your ingenuity to keep jabot on top. Now that you're the competitor, well, maybe I'll have to up my game -- innovate in ways I never even imagined while you were still around. Who knows? Before too long, you may be angling to get your job back.

Ashley: I've told you several times how happy I am at newman, jack. What makes you think I'd want to go back to jabot?

Jack: I'll never stop hoping.

Devon: You know, I'm your boss. You can't just ignore my question, hilary.

Hilary: It's moot, devon. It doesn't matter why.

Devon: It matters to me, actually.

Hilary: I could tell you that I missed the show because I was rescuing a busload of preschoolers from a fire, and you would still find fault with me.

Devon: You can believe that if you'd like, but you still haven't told me what was more important than a live broadcast.

Mariah: Oh, for god's sake, just -- just tell us, please. The truth would be nice.

Hilary: The truth... is that my absence was unavoidable. I guarantee it will not happen again.

Devon: I guarantee it will not happen again, 'cause if you're not gonna give me an explanation, then I'm gonna reconsider your resignation. Maybe this is your passive-aggressive way of getting me to fire you.

Hilary: I offered to resign because I was upset. Since then, I've realized that it would be a bad move for my career. I honestly thought that I would make it back in time to host the show, okay? When I say it will not happen again, I mean it.

Devon: Well, I'm sorry. That's too little, too late. I accept your resignation, hilary.

Victoria: You know, that thing that you said before about me not respecting you -- you couldn't be more wrong.

J.T.: Well, thanks for letting me know.

Victoria: When you told me that mac demanded full custody, I saw how wrecked you were. You told me that she was worried that you rushed in to a relationship with me, so that's why I called her. I wanted to talk to her, woman to woman, and ease her mind about you moving in here.

J.T.: During a volatile divorce without even the courtesy of letting me know?

Victoria: Billy is fine with johnny and katie living here, and I wanted mac to know that. I wanted her to know that they're happy and that reed is happy and you and I are happy. I didn't call her because i wanted to -- to aggravate the situation. I called her because I really just wanted to help you.

J.T.: So you said, meaning you think I'm incapable of handling my own problems?

Victoria: You're twisting my words.

J.T.: Now you're correcting me. What, you think I don't understand english or form my sentences correctly?

Victoria: J.T.

J.T.: You got to be right about everything. It's not about what I ask you to do or not do. It's not about my kids, who are caught in the middle of this. It's about you and your insatiable need to control everything.

[ Chuckles ] I guess there are no healthy boundaries when your last name's newman, right? Thanks for making things worse, and, in the future, I hope you realize that, uh, you're no smarter than me and I may just know a thing or two about my soon-to-be ex-wife.

Victoria: [ Voice breaking ] I guess you are wanting me to apologize, then?

J.T.: I'm not expecting anything from you.

Victoria: Then you're still mad at me.

J.T.: If I had to put a label on it, I would say I'm disappointed. I thought you had my back. I thought I could count on you not to undermine me. Guess not.

Victoria: All right, then. I'll see you at the office.

J.T.: [ Sighs ]

Anita: Nice rock. I can't believe chelsea didn't take this with her -- cash it in. What do you know? She must have really loved you. Sorry. No deal. You did not spend 25k on that, and even if you did, it's not worth anywhere near that as a resale.

Nick: Look, I don't know if there's anything on that video that's worth a nickel. Chelsea may not tell me anything that I don't already know. What I do know is what I paid for that ring, and, trust me, you'll be able to pay your rent for a really long time.

Anita: And then what?

Nick: I don't care. It's not my problem.

Anita: Well, you're all heart.

Nick: That is the best offer you are going to get.

Anita: Your father.

Nick: My father? Are you kidding me? He will have his people dig up so much dirt on you, you'll end up giving him the video just to get a head start on the cops out of town.

Anita: [ Sighs ] I guess some dough's better than no dough. I don't know if I'll ever hear from my daughter or not, but if I do... any message you want me to give her?

Nick: No. That woman's out of my life. I have nothing to say to her.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

Victor: Well, hello, my sweetheart. Are you ready for some good news?

Victoria: Yeah, always.

Ashley: Okay. Legal has finished its due diligence on the deal to acquire blundon'S.

Victor: The deal that ashley was negotiating has closed. I couldn't be more pleased. Congratulations.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victoria: Wow. That's fabulous. Congratulations. This is great for our cosmetics business.

Ashley: Wow. I thought maybe you'd say that you could have produced a better deal if I hadn't interfered.

Victoria: No, no, no. Dad convinced me that any victories you score are for the good of the company, and that's all that I needed to hear.

Ashley: Okay. Well, then... I happily accept your congratulations.

Victoria: How gracious of you.

Ashley: And in the spirit of teamwork, I would love to have your best input on how we should integrate blundon's with brash & sassy. It's very exciting!

Victor: You know, I always knew bringing you on board was a very wise decision. Finally, the dream team I hoped you would be is beginning to work together. I'm very happy about that.

Nick: [ Sighs heavily ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nick: Hey, sharon.

Sharon: Is this a bad time?

Nick: Uh, well, I was kind of in the middle of something.

Sharon: I'll be brief, then. I've been thinking about what you said -- how much you need to get away from this place. And I know you -- well, I assume you -- don't want to go back to the tack house.

Nick: You would assume correctly, yeah.

Sharon: Well, then, I think i have the perfect solution.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Lay it on me.

Sharon: You should move in to my house.

Nick: Huh. There's an idea.

Sharon: Well, I'm sure that christian's missing connor and chelsea, and this way he would be around faith and mariah and...me.

Nick: I mean, he's been upset. It might distract him.

Sharon: That's what I was thinking.

Nick: And it would save on faith going back and forth.

Sharon: Also true.

Nick: It's tempting.

Sharon: So...say yes.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Uh... you know, I appreciate the offer, um... but I think christian and I need to figure out our future for ourselves.

Tessa: Devon? I need you to sign these checks so I can get them distributed by end of day.

Devon: Okay. Just leave them there. I'll take care of them.

Tessa: Okay. Why does it feel like I just walked into a war zone?

Mariah: Well, because you kind of did. Devon accepted hilary's resignation, and now he wants me to host the show.

Tessa: You mean solo?! That's amazing! You'd be great! Congratulations!

Hilary: Let's get something straight, okay? I do not want to leave the show. The only reason I offered to resign was because of how difficult it has been to be around you given our history. But I thought when I said it, devon, I thought you understood how much this show, how much this job means to me. It has come to define me as a person, and I would never abandon it, but... it's sad that we've lost the ability to communicate without spelling everything out in triplicate, devon. It's really, really sad.

Devon: [ Sighs, clears throat ] This puppy had nothing

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jack: I was wondering if I'd hear from you today.

Victoria: I'm ready to pull the trigger on our plan as soon as the article hits the web. I hope you're prepared.

Jack: As I told you the last time we spoke, everything is handled on my end. My interview comes out tomorrow. After that, all systems are go.

Victoria: Let's hope that the editor kept in the quotes about newman. Otherwise, I'll have no way of making it look like ashley's spilling company secrets.

Jack: Relax. Everything's under control.

Victoria: Got to go. Before you jump to conclusions, that was work. It wasn't about you.

[ Door closes ]

J.T.: It's your office. Of course you're doing business. You don't have to explain that. But I, uh -- I do wish you had stuck around the house long enough for us to finish that conversation.

Victoria: Why? You made it clear where you stand. My attempt to be supportive of you was demeaning, it was unwelcome, it was disrespectful.

J.T.: I think you're misinterpreting what I was saying.

Victoria: Misinterpreting? Really? You said, and I quote --

J.T.: No, no, no, no. Just -- just throw the words out, all right? They're getting the way. Just -- just let me -- let me explain how I was feeling.

Victoria: I can't forget what you said, J.T. I'm sorry.

J.T.: Try.

Victoria: You can't unring a bell. Do you expect me to just think that you didn't mean anything that you said? Is that what it is?

J.T.: No, it's -- th-this whole divorce/custody situation -- it's got me really torn up, okay? It's a delicate situation. Every time I talk to mac, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells, you know? I mean, I can't seem to say the right thing, and -- and -- and i know her better than anyone.

Victoria: And you were convinced that I was just gonna blunder in and say the exact wrong thing? Because that's what I did already by leaving that voicemail.

[ Voice breaking ] You sounded so angry.

J.T.: Look, for the record, I'm not mad, okay? I... I just need you to stop overreacting to every little thing.

Chelsea: Hello, christian. If you are watching this, it means that my mom listened to my instructions. Happy 18th birthday. I doubt you remember me, but when you were a baby, I took care of you as if I were your mom.

[ Voice breaking ] And it was really important to me that i make you this video because i wanted you to know how much i loved you. I couldn't have cared more about you if you were my very own son.

[ Sighs ] But you're an adult now, and... there are some important things you need to know. At the time you watch this, I'm sure this news will already be out, but in case it's not... you need to be aware that your biological father isn't nick. It's his brother adam. And if you didn't know this, i am so sorry to drop this bomb on you, but I think it's important you know that you have a half-brother, and his name is connor. And he is my son... with adam -- adam, who was tragically killed. Your biological mother, sage -- she died knowing that adam was your father. She wrote him a letter asking him not to share that with anybody. See, they were together one time, and that's when you were conceived. But sage was madly in love with nick, and she wanted a future with him, and adam was with me, and he didn't want anything interfering with that. So adam tampered with the dna test, knowing [Crying] That nick was a wonderful dad and he was gonna be a great parent to you.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. As I say this out loud, I know how crazy it sounds. Ohh. I knew the truth about your paternity. I was keeping it a secret, as well, so when I decided to leave town... my first thought was to take you with me, and connor. I wanted adam's sons to grow up together. And then I realized how awful that would be to nick, and i couldn't do it. I could not do that to him, because he had raised you in every way that matters, every way that counts, and that just would have devastated him. So I brought you back to genoa city, and I left with connor, and I've missed you every single day since. I am sure you've heard some really terrible things about me. And, sadly, they're all true.

[ Sighs ] I'm far from perfect, christian. But if you believe anything about me, please believe and know that I truly, truly did love nick. And I will always, always love you. And I just hope that one day you can reconnect with your brother and have a close relationship, the kind of relationship nick and adam never got the chance to have. The only match

Sharon: You missed all the excitement. We almost had two new roommates.

Mariah: Wow. You should start a boarding house with the way that you keep inviting people to live with us. So, who was it this time, and why did they say no?

Sharon: Nick and christian.

Mariah: Are you serious?

[ Laughing ] No. You've got to be kidding me. That would have been a disaster.

Sharon: Well, nick doesn't want to stay at chelsea'S. Understandable, if you ask me.

Mariah: But how do you go from that to them living with us? Thank god he turned you down.

Sharon: Why do you say it like that?

Mariah: Living in the same house as the little boy you thought was yours for an entire year? You don't think that would stir up some difficult feelings for you?

Sharon: I got over my sully issues long ago. It wouldn't have been an issue.

Mariah: Trust me with this, sharon. When nick turned you down, you dodged a bullet.

Jack: Nick. Hey. You got a second?

Nick: Actually, can it wait? I really want to go beat up a heavy bag right now.

Jack: I heard about chelsea leaving town. I'm sorry things didn't work out.

Nick: Yeah. Thanks.

Jack: I know you've had a tough couple of years. As somebody who's through some tough times himself, can I just say things will get better?

Nick: Yeah. At this point, I'm just hoping things don't get worse.

Jack: Look at things with billy and me. Just a short while ago, things couldn't have been any worse. Today we're getting along, acting like brothers. I'm not saying all the scars are gone, but I do give us a chance, with time, and ashley -- I mean, talk about conflict. Now that she's working at newman again...

Nick: How are you doing that? I mean, totally at odds, but you live under the same roof.

Jack: That house, the house my dad built, the one we all grew up in -- it's home. I know ashley feels the same way. Even when we want to strangle each other, we got to find some way to coexist. It's the beauty of living behind the same four walls. There's no escaping each other. We have to work through our issues.

Devon: Let's make segment 5 into segment 4. I think it'll lighten things up when we close the show.

Tessa: Okay. You got it.

Devon: Do you have any idea who that is?

Tessa: She looks familiar. You know, I think she lives in my apartment building.

Devon: Oh. Excuse me. Hi. Can I help you with something?

Shauna: Hi. I'm looking for hilary curtis.

Devon: Hilary is not here. Uh, if you want to leave your contact information, we can send you an autographed photo or something.

Shauna: I don't want a picture. I came to thank her.

Devon: Thank her for what?

Shauna: There's this after-school program I belong to. She's my mentor.

Devon: Really? I had no idea that hilary was involved in anything like that.

Shauna: Hilary's been helping me out for a while. The other day, um, my older brother clayton --

[ Voice breaking ] I might as well just say it -- he O.D.'D on pills.

Devon: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Shauna: Wasn't the first time, so I knew to call 911. Then at memorial, my, uh -- my parents couldn't afford to take the day off, so... I was alone.

Devon: So you called hilary to come and be with you?

Shauna: She was so great. She helped me talk to the doctors and cops. She stayed with me until we knew that clayton was gonna be okay. The doctor said he's gonna need to go to rehab, but our family can't afford that. I just found out hilary's paying for it. She's saving my brother's life. That's why I need to thank her in person.

Devon: Wow.

J.T.: Mission accomplished. What'd I miss? Vick?

Victoria: Ashley's big acquisition just closed. Dad is singing her praises. She's being magnanimous towards me, which is driving me crazy.

J.T.: Wow. I'm sorry. I know how much she bugs you.

Victoria: Yeah, that's putting it mildly.

J.T.: [ Exhales sharply ] Well, that explains what I saw in the breakroom -- victor and ashley with their heads together. You know, I almost didn't recognize the guy. He was actually smiling.

Victoria: Yes, I know. Everyone's just happy, happy. So, did you -- did you hear what they were saying? Were they talking about me? Did you hear my name?

J.T.: I wasn't close enough to hear anything.

Victoria: You must have picked up on something.

J.T.: See, this is what I'm talking about when I say you overreact sometimes.

Victoria: That's not what I'm doing.

J.T.: Okay. All right.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] After my father referred to ashley and me as his dream team and then she made some insincere comment about how she wants my input, when I know damn well she could care less what I think.

J.T.: See, there you go again, getting all wound up and overanalyzing every little thing that ashley does.

J.T.: Yeah, I don't know if you realize how insecure you sound, but it's not really an attractive quality in a top executive. To be honest, if you were this paranoid when you were negotiating the blundon's deal, it's no wonder they let ashley pursue it instead of you. They appear out of nowhere.

Victoria: So, are you saying that I'm too paranoid to do business with?

J.T.: Look, if that comes across harsh, I apologize. I am honestly trying to help you.

Victoria: Exactly how?

J.T.: You have an important, powerful job, okay? And you want your boss' approval. But the problem is your boss is your father, who doesn't approve of anyone. So, you got to keep that in mind and not let the guy mess with your head.

Victoria: And make me overreact.

J.T.: Yeah, look, I-I didn't want to tell you this, but people are starting to talk.

Victoria: People are gossiping about me? Who? Ashley. Who else? Oh, wait a minute. I saw you talking to lily.

[ Sighs ] After everything that I have done for that woman. Is she the person who's talking behind my back?

J.T.: Victoria, I am on your side always. But do you hear yourself right now? To anybody else, you would sound completely paranoid.

Devon: Thought I might find you here.

Hilary: [ Sighs ] I am not in the mood for any more lectures, okay? So just please let me enjoy my drink in peace.

Devon: You know, I met a young woman today. Her name is shauna. She's very bright, very personable. Why didn't you tell me you were involved a youth-mentoring program, hilary?

Hilary: Because... no matter what I do, good or bad, all anyone ever sees is hidden motives.

[ Scoffs ] If I told people what I was up to, they would just assume that it was some cynical ploy to improve my image.

Devon: Well, yeah. Why are you doing it? 'Cause it doesn't seem like your usual M.O.

Hilary: Because I have spent a lot of time focused on myself. Just -- I was just trying to figure out if I had what it took to be a star. And when I proved some of those things, I realized that I didn't have to be so driven anymore. I wanted to -- to just look outside and see other people. That's when I realized that maybe if I had a mentor growing up, someone that I could confide in about my mother's alcoholism, maybe -- maybe I wouldn't have been so bitter and felt the need to struggle as much as I did.

Devon: So you decided to pay it forward.

Hilary: [ Chuckles ] If you will. Let a girl from a troubled family realize that she could be like me -- overcome her background and... dream big.

Devon: When she told me that you were paying for her brother's rehab, I was blown away by that.

Hilary: I'm surprised that she told you that. But shauna -- she's been opening up a lot more lately.

Devon: I'm sure you're responsible for some of that.

Hilary: When shauna told me about her brother... I couldn't help thinking about you and your situation growing up.

Devon: Sure. Well, what you're doing is very impressive. That explains a whole lot. I just don't understand why you felt like you couldn't share with me.

Hilary: Because, for once, it's not about me. It's about shauna and protecting her privacy.

Ashley: You're home early.

Jack: Yeah. I worked from home today. Went to the club for lunch. Never made it to the office.

Ashley: Wow. Don't let the board find out.

Jack: I won't tell if you don'T.

Ashley: Well...join me for a drink, please. I'm celebrating.

Jack: Oh? What's the occasion?

Ashley: I did something tremendous at newman today.

Jack: No more detail than that?

Ashley: You're gonna hear about it soon enough. It's big.

Jack: In that case, I'll have a scotch, neat, though I think this is mean. You should at least give me a hint.

Ashley: I take my nondisclosure agreement very seriously, especially when it comes to a business rival.

Jack: Well... word from our state-of-the-art lab is that helen is about to make a breakthrough herself. Maybe we'll be in the news together.

Ashley: Maybe. We'll see. Cheers.

Jack: Cheers. Heavy pour. Uh-oh. It's mother. What time is it in paris?

Ashley: Late. Answer it, jack.

Jack: Hello, mother. How are you?

Ashley: What's going on? Why are you calling so late?

Jack: Is there a problem?

Dina: I'm -- I'm not quite sure.

Ashley: Could you put your nurse on, please?

Dina: No.

Jack: Mom, is abby there with you right now?

Dina: No. I'm all alone. I'm all alone.

Jack: Where are you?

Dina: I-I don't know.

Jack: What? Mother, what's the last thing you remember?

Dina: Well, uh, uh, the nurse and I took a train some-- somewhere. I don't know where. And then I lost track of her, and now I have no idea where I am.

Jack: Okay. Mother, try to relax. Listen to me now.

Dina: Okay.

Jack: You just need to find someone who works there, someone in a uniform. It doesn't matter what kind.

Ashley: I'm gonna call abby.

Jack: Yeah.

Dina: Jackie, jackie, please, help me.

[ Distorted voice ] Help me.

Jack: Mo-mother?

Ashley: Get her back, jack.

Jack: I'm trying. I've got her number in here. Hold on.

[ Sighs ] Oh, god.

Devon: I think I misjudged you.

Hilary: Well, not without reason.

Devon: You've said that you want to be a better person... a lot, so many times, and I-I, uh, just wrote it off as more of your hyperbole. But to see that you actually mean it and to see that you're giving back to the community without it enhancing your public image at all -- like I said, it's very impressive.

Hilary: I wasn't sure that i had the skills to help shauna. But I realized over time that it's mostly about just being there.

Devon: You know, most people go their whole lives and never figure that out.

Hilary: So... does this mean that you forgive me?

Devon: Well... I wasn't the injured party, so if you're looking for forgiveness, you're gonna have to go to lily and cane for that.

Hilary: But that video with juliet and me -- I encouraged her to accuse cane of something that he didn't do.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: That's what alienated you in the first place.

Devon: Well, look, do I wish you didn't do it? Yeah. But I also understand that people make mistakes, and I'm very proud to have you as a member of the hamilton-winters team. So, as far as I'm concerned, you've never left.

Hilary: Thank you. Now, that was for the professional side of things. What about the personal aspect?

Devon: I was only talking about our business relationship. Even if simone wasn't in the picture, if you and I were to get romantic again, it would be a big step backwards.

Victoria: Hey, since i returned to newman, I have been a very strong and effective leader. I can't believe that anyone would think that I'm paranoid. I mean, yeah, maybe, at the end of my run at brash & sassy. But there were major extenuating circumstances there. Nobody thinks that about me now. Maybe ashley, because she's gunning for my job.

J.T.: Well, I hate to break it to you, but you've always been like that a little bit.

Victoria: Excuse me?

J.T.: It's not your fault. Anybody with victor newman as a father would be. Personally, I-I find it endearing.

Victoria: Really?

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: What does that make you?

J.T.: One lucky guy. Look, a lot of guys wouldn't put up with your idiosyncrasies. Billy didn'T. But that's why I'm glad we found our way back to each other, because I love every part of your brilliant, charismatic, complicated mind.

Nick: Hey. Can we talk?

Sharon: Of course. What's up?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I just watched this, uh -- this video that chelsea left for christian. Anita delivered it to me.

Sharon: Did she shake you down first?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, I was able to negotiate a trade for it.

Sharon: So, how did that feel for you, seeing something like that? Did it answer any questions?

Nick: It's pretty much what i expected. I guess adam changed the paternity results to protect his relationship with her.

Sharon: Chelsea admitted that?

Nick: Yeah. It did feel good to know that adam was okay with me raising christian, though. I mean, he's had so much upheaval in his little life.

Sharon: That's partly because of me, which I still feel awful about.

Nick: No. Don'T. We've moved past that, all right? You don't have to apologize. But I kind of can't stop thinking about your offer to have me and christian move in with you, mariah, and faith. I mean, regardless of how I feel about chelsea, being at the apartment is hard for christian because he's looking for chelsea and connor all the time. He misses them.

Sharon: That's so sad.

Nick: And it's not easy to admit, but I'm a little unsettled, as well. You know, so, uh... every minute I spend in that apartment, it doesn't feel good. My mom and dad offered to let me move back on the ranch, in the tack house, but I know abby's gonna be home soon, and, honestly, it'd feel like I was regressing. But your place, um -- you know, I spent a lot of time there. There's a lot of history. I think it'd be really good for christian to be around you and mariah and faith. Might help me get my bearings before I can move on, too, you know?

Sharon: That's what I was thinking.

Nick: All right. Well, you know, if the offer still stands, I think I'll, uh... take you up on it.

Sharon: Of course it still stands! You can move in tonight if you want to.

Nick: Okay.

Ashley: Call me back. I don't care how late it is. I just need to get some details -- anything at all. Okay. Thank you.

Jack: I keep calling mom's cell. It just goes straight to voicemail.

Ashley: Okay. So, abby got home from work, and mother wasn't there, but she wasn't alarmed because she knew that dina was gonna be in bordeaux for a couple days visiting an old friend.

Jack: What? Alone?

Ashley: No! She had her nurse with her, jack. I mean, the whole thing's been planned for days. Apparently, they got separated at the train station.

Jack: She could have gotten into a cab. Hell, she could be anywhere!

Ashley: And we have no clue how we're gonna find her.

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