Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/1/18

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/1/18


Episode #11352 ~ Victor and Nick reach an understanding; Nikki finds out that Victor covered for Chelsea; Lily offers J.T. advice.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Christine: The probe points to victor's involvement in highly illegal price-fixing practices on a global level.

J.T.: I am right where you want me -- undercover with the newmans.

Paul: So you get on it and bring us the evidence we need against him.

J.T.: I plan to. But you and christine, you guys got to honor my other stipulation.

Paul: Right. I know. A job here at the department or chris hooking you up with the feds.

Victoria: How could mac suddenly demand full custody? You have to talk to her.

J.T.: Victoria, you don't want to do this, trust me.

Victoria: The more that I know, the more i that I can help you.

J.T.: Mac is doing this because of you. That's why talking with her with you by my side is never gonna work.

Victoria: Mac, hi. It's victoria.

Chelsea: Adam's decision was that he didn't want nick to know that christian was his.

Victor: Please don't mention anything to nicholas. It'll cause him a lot of pain.

Nick: [ Crying ] I'm not his father.

[ Sighs ]

Christian: Daddy!

Nikki: Well, I must say, you look a little tense.

Phyllis: Being summoned to the newman compound can do that to you. What, no victor?

Nikki: Not this time. Please, have seat.

Phyllis: Thank you. I'd rather get into whatever it is you want.

Nikki: All right. I would like to "get into" your appearance here the other night, when chelsea decided to run off with the boys. You and I have unfinished business.

[ Cellphone rings ]

J.T.: So, what happened to us only communicating through your lawyers? What more do you want, mac? You're already suing for full custody. Wait. Wait, she did what? No, I-I didn't know anything about that. W-why would I ask victoria to leave you a message? No. What I told her was to stay out of it, so -- no, mac -- mac, just -- [ Sighs ]

Paul: You're early.

J.T.: Oh, yeah. Had a couple of phone calls to make. What can I help you with?

Paul: Heh. How about a progress report on your investigation? What have you got on victor newman?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nick: [ Sighs ] It's all right. Were you a little lonely up there? It's all good, man. You know daddy's -- I'm right here.

[ Knock on door ] Who's that? Who's that?

Victor: There's my boy! There's my boy. How are you doing? Huh?

Nick: You should, uh... you know, you should call first before you just stop in.

Victor: Next time, I shall do that.

Nick: Well, I'm sure you want to spend some time with christian, but I kind of got a lot going on, you know?

Victor: Yeah. Um... actually, I came to see you.

Paul: Okay. So... last week, you said you might have something soon. Well, soon is now.

J.T.: Well, it's not easy trying to find something that's gonna stick to victor.

Paul: Okay, so, you hit a dead end?

J.T.: No, I didn't say that. I just haven't found the right leads yet.

Paul: [ Sighs ] J.T., You have been at this a while. And right now, we don't even have a shred of evidence to build a proper case on. Time is running out. Chris and her department of justice friends can't warrant continuing this operation for much longer. You need to deliver some results soon, or they're gonna pull it.

J.T.: I won't let that happen.

Paul: You know, if you can't deal with this, you got to tell me, and I'll take you off the case.

J.T.: I will get results, all right? I told you I'd do it, and I will. Look, I'll be in touch soon with something you can use on victor. Paul, I won't let you down, all right?

Victor: I guess you're still in shock trying to wrap your head around chelsea's lies.

[ Christian babbling ]

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, it's not the first time I've been disillusioned by a woman I love. I handled it before. I'll handle it again.

Victor: Well, this time seems to be a little different because she tried to steal christian. And she still has connor, who you have grown very close to. Consider him as if he were your own. What if you never see him again?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I can't think about that.

Victor: Okay. So, you're leaving? Moving out of here or what?

Nick: Yeah. There's no point in staying.

Victor: You don't think you should give that a little more thought?

Nick: No. I mean, if I stay here, I'm just gonna... you know, think about her, and miss her and remember -- I-I just -- I can'T. I can'T. So, look, I kind of got a lot of packing to do.

Victor: All right, son. I'll leave you to it, okay? Um... despite all our differences, son, I do care, you know. I think for the first time in a long time, you and I are on the same page. We're trying to deal with a lot of loss. Anyway.

Nick: Wait.

Phyllis: You want to thank me?

Nikki: For warning us that chelsea intended to take off with connor and christian.

Phyllis: I'm just sorry i couldn't get to you sooner.

Nikki: I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

Phyllis: Nobody could really blame you, given my past.

Nikki: You mean your lies and deceptions?

Phyllis: Yeah. I should be going.

Nikki: Look, phyllis, i realize that we are not close.

Phyllis: And probably never will be.

Nikki: But I am very sincere in this. You tried to help my son when he couldn't see the truth for himself. And you did everything you could to protect my grandchildren. That is something I will not soon forget.

Phyllis: Well, I did it for nick. And he would do the same for me. But I appreciate this. It's a rare week, getting thanks from both heads of the newman family.

Nikki: Victor reached out to you?

Phyllis: Yes, in his own inimitable way.

Nikki: Well, I'm sure his gratitude was sincere. Um... but if he was a little gruff, we both know that he prefers to think that he is omniscient.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nikki: I'm sure he resents the fact that you figured out what happened before he did. It's got to be killing him that he didn't have an inkling that chelsea might bolt.

Phyllis: Victor had more than an inkling. He knew that the walls were closing in on chelsea. He figured out a while ago that chelsea defrauded her own company and fenmore'S. He helped cover her tracks.

Nikki: He what?

Nick: There's no telling when you'll see connor again. So it makes sense that you'd want to spend as much time as you can with your other little grandson. You probably feel very protective over christian right now, and so do I.

Victor: Son, I just want to help -- you know, if... if you let me.

Nick: Well, we can be civil, but I can't just pretend like everything's cool between us.

Victor: No, nor can I.

Nick: Then what are you expecting?

Victor: You know, that we deal with each other the way we are right now. You know, that you keep an open mind and -- and that you're practical. I mean, look, son, you're moving out of here now. You don't even know where to. I mean, don't you think it's best to slow down a little bit? Maybe consider moving back to the ranch?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Mom already asked me that.

Victor: Well, then she and i are of the same mind.

Nick: Well, you two may be, but I'm not. I can't do it.

Victor: Sure you don't want to think about it?

Nick: And move back to the ranch? So you can throw us out like you did before?

Victor: Let's not go into the reasons for that, okay? But this gives us a chance to set things right.

Nick: It's a move backwards, okay? I need someplace new. Someplace that isn't filled with the memories of my life I shared with chelsea -- or, at least, the life I thought I did.

Victor: Well, leaving the condo is a start. But you and I know there won't be any closure until both chelsea and connor have been found, you know? And I'll do everything in my power to make sure that boy comes back.

Nick: Chelsea has the skills to disappear.

Victor: But you and I know that's nothing compared to my reach or my connections.

Nick: Save your money. All right? There's a warrant out for her arrest. Let the police do their jobs.

Victor: Has it ever occurred to you that I might want to do this for you?

Nick: For me? I don't ever want to see chelsea again. You want to track chelsea down so you can get connor back. It's for him. It's not for me. Let's be honest about that.

Nikki: So, what happened when you confronted victor with your suspicions?

Phyllis: What do you think? He denied all of it. He said that there was no way chelsea was behind the scam. He acted like I was being ridiculous.

Nikki: So he knew that chelsea had broken the law. He knew that she had been lying to nicholas... and he chose to protect her instead of telling our son the truth. Why would he do that?

Phyllis: Because victor has a twisted sense of morality.

Phyllis: Look, I --

[ Sighs ] I don't mean to criticize your husband.

Nikki: Don'T. You're right. In the middle of lying to me and you and nicholas, I'm sure that victor figured out a way to rationalize that he was in the right.

Phyllis: You're upset. I shouldn't have mentioned this at all.

Nikki: No. You did the right thing. You did exactly what my husband should have done. And now that I've been informed, I'll take it from here.

J.T.: Victoria?

Victoria: Hey. Did you forget something? I thought you had a full schedule at the office.

J.T.: Yeah. Uh... we need to talk.

Victoria: Oh, I'm so sorry. I can't right now. I have to finish this report, and then I've got back-to-back meetings.

J.T.: The report can wait.

[ Doorbell rings ] Hey, lily.

Lily: Hi.

J.T.: Come on in. Good to see you.

Lily: Thanks. What a nice surprise. I didn't know that you'd be home.

J.T.: Ah, it just worked out that way.

Lily: Nice. Um, hi. I know I'm early, but if you're in the middle of things, I can come back.

Victoria: Actually, this can wait. I'm fine. But I could use some tea before we dive in. How about you?

Lily: Yeah, sounds great.

Victoria: Okay.

Victoria: What are you doing?

Victor: Grandpa loves you very much. Well, glad I came by. I respect you wanting to do things your way. That's how I have always lived my life.

Nick: And the part where i intend to keep my distance?

Victor: It's all right. As long as you assure your mother and me that we have continued access to our grandson.

Nick: Yeah. Absolutely. It's important that christian stays connected to his family. It's just got to be on my terms.

Victor: And, uh, what are those terms?

Nick: You respect my boundaries. You do that, and we're good. You don't, and... I think you understand what I'm saying.

Victor: Yeah. I do.

J.T.: The next time you decide to make the living room your office, try not to bury my things under a pile of your stuff. I was looking for this forever.

Victoria: Well, problem solved. Lily and I should get to work.

J.T.: All right. I'll, uh, work up here and out of your way.

Victoria: So. [ Sighs ] I, uh, reviewed your report about where we should put brash & sassy's marketing dollars, and it's clear that you agreed with ashley's approach on content marketing.

Lily: Right. But I made sure to include your points about sustainable resourcing and responsible product testing.

Victoria: Well, my instructions were to go deeper. To not just give it a passing nod.

Lily: Yeah, I considered that. I fully assessed both plans. But according to the latest research, the approach outlined in my report is the better way to drive sales.

Victoria: All right. If you say so. Um... I've also gone over some of the statements that you'll be giving at your upcoming appearance for the new dare campaign.

Lily: Oh. I thought that had been approved already.

Victoria: By ashley. Not by me. So I've made some revisions.

Lily: Okay. I'll make sure to look over the adjustments.

Victoria: And I thought you should also know that I'm adding some appearances to your roster.

Lily: Did you forward them to my calendar?

Victoria: Well, the dates aren't firm yet, but I will be e-mailing you with more information. This is what I've worked up so far.

Lily: Okay. I'll just make sure to run this by ashley.

Victoria: Actually, no. You -- you won'T.

Lily: Uh, well, she's my direct superior, so shouldn't she be informed to avoid conflicts?

Victoria: You know, I'm really sick and tired of having this conversation. My decisions don't need to be run by ashley, or anybody else for that matter. I mean, I think the newman hierarchy is quite clear.

J.T.: Uh, look, I think we're all aware of where we fall in the food chain, but... come on. Lily's stuck in a tough position between you and ashley. She's trying to do the best she can.

Victoria: So much for you staying out of the way.

J.T.: Right. Yeah. This is, uh, your meeting, not mine. I'll, uh leave you to it.

Victoria: So, there is another matter that we need to address...

Nick: Hey. I got your text.

Sharon: Oh. You could have just texted me back.

Nick: Well, I wanted you to see with your own eyes that I am in fact still standing and ready to face the world.

Sharon: Hm. Come with me. You know, I was worried about you, and now that I see you, I was right to be.

Nick: I'm fine.

Sharon: Did you sleep last night?

Nick: Not much. I've kind of got a lot going through my head right now.

Sharon: Like what?

Nick: I didn't come here to dump all this on you.

Sharon: Because you're doing so much better handling it all on your own. Here's an idea. Maybe if you talk it out, those thoughts won't keep you up tonight.

Nick: That's funny.

Sharon: Tell me.

Nick: I just have a lot of questions, you know? Things I'd like to ask adam and sage. Obviously they're never gonna get answered.

Sharon: Well, I'm sorry about that. They also left you christian.

Nick: Yeah, he's the one bright light in all this.

Sharon: Hey, there's something else I-I want to tell you.

Nick: Oh --

Sharon: I -- um...

Nick: I was gonna -- go ahead. Go ahead.

Sharon: Okay. Um, I hate to burden you with this, but in case you haven't heard --

Nick: Something else about christian?

Sharon: No. Chelsea. Yesterday, on mariah's show, she talked about the scam, and about chelsea going on the run. I had hoped that she wouldn't say anything on the air, but --

Nick: Yeah, no. I-I heard. I heard. And I don't care. It was bound to get out, anyway.

Sharon: Well, you know how the press can spin things. Maybe you should do a preemptive strike.

Nick: No. I'm not gonna make any comments to the press, sharon. I've -- I've got bigger things on my mind right now.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: I was gonna check on you later. How you doing?

Nick: Well, I had a dna test done yesterday, and it's confirmed -- I'm not christian's biological father.

Phyllis: I know it had to be awful seeing it in black and white. I-I -- [ Sighs ] Even though we knew what to expect. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Nick: Look, it's better that I know. It hurts like hell, but at least I have the truth.

Phyllis: What now?

Nick: I raise my son.

Phyllis: I mean emotionally. How are you doing?

Nick: Well, it's gonna take some time, obviously. Um... you know, this news does not alter the way I feel or love christian at all. Not one bit.

Sharon: I knew that you would feel that way.

Nick: He's lost so much already. I'm not gonna let anything come between me and him. So, there's something I need the two of you to do.

J.T.: Mac, this is the second message I've left you. I wish you'd pick up. Look [Sighs] Victoria's not gonna bother you again, I promise. Just -- just call me. Please.

Lily: Come here often?

J.T.: [ Chuckles ] Don't we all?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] God, what a day this has turned out to be.

J.T.: Yeah, no kidding. Sorry victoria came down on you like that.

Lily: No, it's not your fault. But thank you for sticking up for me. Even though I'm sure she didn't appreciate it.

J.T.: Well, she was out of line.

Lily: Yeah. Well, unfortunately, I'm very used to that.

J.T.: What, is it like an everyday thing?

Lily: Well, it wasn't always. I mean, when brash & sassy wasn't under the newman umbrella, victoria was a great boss. She was encouraging, easygoing.

J.T.: Huh. But that all changed when you moved to newman?

Lily: Yeah. And then when ashley arrived, victoria is at an 11.

[ Scoffs ]

J.T.: Yeah, well, that's what happens when you add victor and ashley to the mix. Two people who don't bring out the best in victoria. But, um, look, if things things get worse, you...

Lily: No, no, no. I can roll with whatever victoria throws at me.

J.T.: I know you're tough. I've seen it firsthand. But I just hate that you're having to deal with this.

Lily: I think the worst part is that I saw victoria as more than a boss, you know? I-I saw her as a friend.

J.T.: Well, look, I-I love victoria, and I couldn't be happier that we're back together, but... sometimes it's hard work.

Lily: Well, I'm not trying to butt in...

J.T.: Butt away.

Lily: [ Laughs ] But if you need someone to listen, I do have two good ears and nowhere I have to be.

Sharon: If victor came to your place extending an olive branch, that's because he wants something.

Phyllis: He descended on my apartment yesterday.

Nick: What? Why?

Phyllis: To get me to encourage you to rely on your parents for assistance with christian.

Sharon: What did you tell him?

Phyllis: I told him what he could do with that suggestion.

Nick: Look, I appreciate you have my back, but this just amps up my concern.

Sharon: Victor said he would abide by your rules.

Phyllis: Which means biding his time so he can look for an opening.

Nick: He's just gonna keep trying to find ways to inject himself into christian's life.

Sharon: How can you stop him?

Nick: I think the best thing to do is to just let him see him -- you know, try and keep things civil.

Sharon: Keep your enemies close.

Nick: My dad cannot find out about christian's paternity.

Phyllis: Which is where we come in.

Nick: Yeah. You need to protect what you know. Do not let your guard down around him, not for one second.

Sharon: That means you, too. You cannot mention this to your sister.

Nick: I know. Not vick. Not my mom. Not anyone. If my dad finds out about this, he'll use that information against me. He could try and challenge my rights with christian.

Phyllis: No "might" about it. We all know how manipulative and possessive your father can be with kids and grandkids, okay.

Nick: There's a chance, you know, he could never see connor again. If that happens, he is gonna be desperate to hang onto adam's other son. I don't know what I would do if I lost him.

Phyllis: Okay, don't worry about that, 'cause that's never gonna happen. Victor is never gonna hear about this or learn about this from me, okay?

Sharon: Or me. That's a promise.

Nick: All right. Thanks, you know, for this. And for everything the last couple days. I'm gonna get back to christian. I don't like leaving him for this long.

Phyllis: We get it.

Sharon: Okay. Bye, nick.

Nick: Bye.

Sharon: You're free to go, too, phyllis.

Phyllis: No. We're not done. See all the pain that nick's in? All that fear around him? That's on you.

Victor: Hi. I know we are supposed to discuss that upcoming charity even that we were going to host, but I've got other things on my mind. So if you don't mind, I'd like to put that off, okay?

Nikki: So would I.

Victor: Good.

Nikki: I would much rather hear why you chose to cover up chelsea's crime and then thought it best to not tell me or our son.

Nick: It's gonna be a great thing. You're gonna have a new room.

Christian: I like my bed.

Nick: Yeah, you're gonna get your bed. You're gonna have a different view.

Christian: Gonna be the same, my room.

Nick: Yeah, your room's gonna be maybe the same.

Christian: Maybe the same room.

Nick: Yeah. But like I told you before, everyone's gonna still be around. Your grandparents, your sister.

[ Sighs ] You know, faith is gonna want to come and see you all the time. And your cousins, too. We're not gonna let all these changes get us down, right?

Christian: [ Babbles ]

Nick: Yeah. You know, there's one other thing you can count on, right? Christian, I'm your dad. And I'm always gonna be your dad. And you're always gonna be my son. And nobody -- nobody will ever take that away. Nobody.

Lily: Full custody? That doesn't sound like mac.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] Right. Uh... but lately...

Lily: Well, you know, look. I feel for you guys. I'm sure this is just as hard for her as it is for you.

J.T.: I keep telling myself that.

Lily: No, she's a kind, generous person. She was my surrogate. She carried the twins for me.

J.T.: Yeah, well, mac isn't, uh, warm and fuzzy where I'm concerned these days. Trust me.

Lily: Well, that's what happens when a marriage ends and two people who love each other are hurting. I mean, divorce is painful enough on its own, but then you throw in these unexpected complications, and it's like your heart is this raw nerve.

J.T.: Yeah, that, uh, pretty much nails it.

Lily: Yeah.

J.T.: And to make matter worse, I -- I, uh... I wish victoria would have stayed out of it.

Lily: I'm sure she was just trying to help.

J.T.: Yeah. Help make a bad situation worse.

Lily: But not beyond repair.

J.T.: [ Sighs ]

Lily: I mean, look, at times like this, you have to just take a deep breath. You know, remind yourself of all the reasons why you love the person, and go and talk to them. Remember, you guys are a team. No one's trying to hurt anybody.

J.T.: Listen to you, all wise and chill.

Lily: Yes. [ Laughs ]

J.T.: Is this how you got through all your problems with cane?

Lily: Oh, yeah. Every time. Mm-hmm. No. Please. [ Laughs ] No one can be this reasonable when your partner is driving you crazy.

J.T.: Yeah, but you try, right.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Yes. And you should, too. It'll help. Well, almost every other time.

[ Laughs ]

Victor: You didn't spike this, did you?

Nikki: I'm not quite that furious with you yet.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Chelsea reverted back to her old ways, you know. I told her that wouldn't be tolerated.

Nikki: And you thought that would be the end of it.

Victor: Yeah. Except she panicked. I didn't want to disturb nicholas' life any more, or the lives of our grandsons. If I had gone to the authorities, they would have found out about the crime that chelsea committed.

Nikki: I can understand why you didn't want to take it public. I can even understand not wanting to go to nicholas, perhaps ruining his happiness. But you should have come to me.

Victor: Why should i have come to you? I handled it.

Nikki: Because if you had, I wouldn't have believed chelsea when she came here to pick up the boys, and I could have helped you keep an eye on her. We're supposed to be partners, victor.

Victor: Yes, to some degree, we are.

Nikki: Well, then we need to trust each other enough to look out for our family together.

Sharon: You don't get to dictate how I live my life, or how much time I spend with our ex-husband.

Phyllis: I am --

Sharon: Blurting out orders at me like you have been for weeks, making it very clear that you wanted me to keep my mouth shut.

Phyllis: Yeah, you should have.

Sharon: Well, you heard nick just now -- he's glad he knows the truth.

Phyllis: What else is he gonna say? Chelsea is gone. His heart is breaking every minute thanks to you. He is raising a boy that is not his own.

Sharon: This was not some knee-jerk blurt, okay? I thought about the repercussions. I had doubts, even after the fact.

Phyllis: And yet you said something anyway. I mean, do you see what purging your soul is costing nick?

Sharon: I discussed this with him. I told him how torn I was, how sorry I am.

Phyllis: Yes, and because he's such a good guy, I know that he made you feel better.

Sharon: He told me I did the right thing.

Phyllis: Right.

Sharon: And he was not placating me. He meant it.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. That's what you think.

Sharon: Are you jealous because I've earned nick's respect 'cause I told him the truth?

Phyllis: You are seriously the most self-centered, self-righteous person that I know. You are making this all about you -- again.

Sharon: Because you're still here coming after me about something that cannot be undone and shouldn't be. I stand by what I did.

Phyllis: Okay. You, you, you. Blah, blah, blah.

Sharon: And whether you like it or not, I will stand by nick and help him through this in any way that I can.

Phyllis: You have interfered enough.

Sharon: It's not for you to decide.

Phyllis: Okay. Then you decide. For nick's sake, why don't you step back and give him some room? Because more of your "help" is the last thing nick needs.

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Nick: Yeah, hold on! I'm coming! Anita?

Anita: Nick. My sweetie. My heart is breaking for you.

Nick: Okay. You didn't come here to express your sympathies.

Anita: Can't I feel for you? For what chelsea did, leaving you high and dry? But I got to say, I didn't expect for you to be moving out this fast.

Nick: When did you find out?

Anita: About chelsea hitting the road? Yesterday.

Nick: Did she call you? Did she tell you where she was?

Anita: Like she'd tell me anything. No, I found out about it on that tv show last night. I almost fell off my chair. How's christian?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Why are you here?

Anita: I came here to support you. I mean, chelsea left us both. I share your sorrow, nick.

Nick: [ Flatly ] You do?

Anita: You never stop being a mom, no matter how old your kids get. My sweet little grandbaby. I'm gonna miss them both so much.

Nick: Miss them? Anita, you haven't stepped foot in this place since I moved in.

Anita: Well, that was out of respect. I wanted to give you guys time together, to be alone, to --

Nick: Okay. Stop. Stop. You want something. What is it?

Victoria: So, you two just happened to cross paths again?

J.T.: Yeah. Twice in one day. The benefits of living in a small town.

[ Lily chuckles ]

Victoria: Yeah. Seems like you have a lot to talk about.

Lily: Yeah. Years of catching up to do.

Victoria: Heh. Well, I hate to break it up, but I have to say, I assumed you'd be hard at work on that last project that we talked about. It's a big step up for you, taking that kind of managerial lead. You know, I just thought you'd be on it by now.

Lily: Yeah, I-I will.

Victoria: By the end of the day.

Lily: Of course.

Victoria: Good. And those calls that I need you to make, I still need you to make them. Unless it puts you in a bind, then...

Lily: No, not at all. Not a problem. Um, good seeing you, J.T.

J.T.: Yeah, you too. Tell cane I said hey. Hey, look, j-- just because you're frustrated at work, you don't have to take it out on lily.

Victoria: You know, what you're failing to take into account here is that I am having a serious issue where lily is concerned right now. I just [Sighs] Feel like, more and more, she's on ashley's side, and -- and not mine. And... [ Sighs ] I'd just really appreciate it if you didn't put yourself in the middle, okay?

J.T.: Okay. Fair enough. When it comes to work, I won'T.

Victoria: Thank you.

J.T.: Heh. But, uh... lily is an old friend of mine, and she's a very good friend, so I'll talk to her when I want to talk to her.

Victoria: Oh, well, I didn't say that you couldn't talk to her, just --

J.T.: Especially since, unlike you, she finds time to listen to me.

Victoria: You've been sharing our personal business with lily, who works for me? I really wish you wouldn't have done that.

J.T.: She likes you. I like cane. We're just two committed people discussing our relationships. It's not that big a deal.

Victoria: Well, it's a big deal to me.

J.T.: Look --

Victoria: So, please --

J.T.: Unlike what you did with mac when you called her even though I specifically asked you not to?

Victoria: She called you?

J.T.: Oh, yeah. She wasn't happy you left her a voicemail. In fact, she was furious.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I just thought that if mac and I -- you know, if we talked, maybe we could come up with some sort of a resolution.

J.T.: That sounds like an excuse.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I really am.

J.T.: Well, me too. You know, I wish you'd listened to me and just let me handle it.

Victor: You know I've been thinking about nothing but the future of our family. And the future of our grandsons.

Nikki: And what if chelsea is caught?

Victor: When she is caught. And when that happens, we'll have connor put in our custody, and we raise him at the ranch.

Nikki: What if chelsea fights us for custody?

Victor: She doesn't stand a chance. I'll do everything I can to protect that boy. And christian, as well.

Nikki: Well, christian has nicholas to protect him.

Victor: Yeah, but the boys are like brothers.

Sharon: Nicholas wouldn't mind having christian coming over to visit to keep connor company.

Victor: Yeah, and to create a lasting relationship with his grandparents. It's very important that I keep christian close.

Anita: For you to imply that my motives are anything but genuine...

Nick: Look, just get to the point or get out.

Anita: I was hoping to ease into this. It's a bit embarrassing.

Nick: Ah, but you're not gonna let that stop you, right?

Chelsea used to send me money when I needed it.

Nick: And you need it?

Anita: I won't make my rent without it.

Nick: So much for worrying about your grandson and your daughter, huh?

Anita: Oh, no. I am worried about them.

Nick: Look, you came to the wrong place for a handout.

Anita: Not so fast. There's another reason I stopped by. One you'll be very interested in.

Nick: Well, there's no point in stalling, so get to it. You're not gonna get anything from me.

Anita: [ Sighs ] It's true that chelsea hasn't called me. And hand to god, I have no idea where her and connor have run off to. But I did receive a surprise in the mail this morning. A special-delivery package from my daughter.

Nick: And what is that?

Anita: A video file for christian.

Nick: Keep it. I don't want it.

Anita: Sure you do. You're dying to watch this.

Nick: To hear the last words from the woman who left me? No, thank you.

Anita: But what about poor little abandoned christian? Chelsea was like a mother to him, and then she suddenly disappears from his life? That's traumatic. Someday, he's gonna want to know what she had to say.

Nick: Then just give it to me.

Anita: Sorry. That will cost you.

Nick: [ Sighs ] All right. Well, before you, uh, ask me for millions of dollars, you know, i don't know if chelsea filled you in on my situation. I'm not the deep-pockets guy anymore.

Anita: Yeah, I took that into consideration. 25 grand and it's yours.

Nick: 25 -- it might as well be $1 million.

Anita: Find it. Borrow it. Hit up the trust fund of the latest little newman that you've fathered. Whatever works.

Nick: Get out.

Anita: Think about it.

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