Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/28/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/28/18


Episode #11351 ~ Nick learns the truth about Christian; Ashley turns to Billy for help; Jack schemes with Victoria.

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Previously on the young and the restless ...

Hilary: You are actually gonna hold me to a contract even though you hate me? Why won't you just let me go?

Victoria: We need to guard our secrets from ashley until we're confident that her loyalties lie with us and not with jack. That watermark signifies that you could have only gotten that information from one person, your sister, who you clearly planted at newman as a spy. My father will have no choice but to fire the traitor.

Sharon: This is not your decision. Nick -- let me go of me, phyllis!

Nick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What is going on?

Sharon: Nick, chelsea lied to you! It's christian. You're not his father. Adam is.

Sharon: Nick? I would never hit you with this unless I were positive.

Phyllis: Okay, stop it. She doesn't know what she's saying.

Sharon: As much as it's killing me, I have to. I can't stand the thought of you carrying on forever believing --

Phyllis: Okay, just shut up!

Nick: No. Say it again. Look me in the eyes and say that again.

Sharon: You're not christian's biological father. Adam was.

Phyllis: Nick? Nick.

Nick: Tell me what you know about this.

Sharon: It was phyllis. She first approached me.

Phyllis: Chelsea told me flat-out. She knew that I was close to proving that she was behind the fenmore's scam. And she threatened me. She said that she was holding a secret, and unless I backed off, she would tell you the truth. She figured that I would do anything save you from that agony, and she was right. I thought she was bluffing, so i needed to know for sure. That's when I went to sharon.

Sharon: And I said that chelsea must be lying. I didn't even want to consider the alternative.

Nick: What changed your mind?

Sharon: The police have adam's dna in their computer. I took a chance, and I printed out the report. I already had christian's dna profile from before. Phyllis checked. They matched. It was really true. What are you gonna do now, nick?

Devon: Hey, you guys.

Hilary: Uh, we are just about to go live.

Devon: I know that. That's why I'm here.

Hilary: To supervise?

Devon: Not trying to interfere with your flow or anything like that, I'm just showing support for the show that I bought. And if you stick to the plan that we made, then there won't be any problems.

Hilary: Do not patronize me. I am a professional.

Devon: One who tried to quit on impulse when I asked you to avoid changing the format and content.

Hilary: That was unfortunate and isolated incident.

Devon: Call it whatever you like, just please try and treat this like a real job, hilary.

Hilary: As opposed to what?

Devon: A safe space where you can work through your many issues.

Mariah: Remember, guys, there's nothing stopping us from making this the best show ever. Oh, manatees. Aka "the sea cow."

Jack: Club soda with lime, thank you. So, how are things over at the dark tower?

Victoria: Fabulous. I expect them to get even more fabulous once I have your sister terminated for corporate espionage. Where are we on that, by the way?

Jack: On track. I gave an interview to a major business weekly, said too much, hinted that I had juicy inside information on newman enterprises.

Victoria: I love that. When does this interview come out?

Jack: Any day now. I will discretely let you know so that you can be suitably

shocked and outraged.

Victoria: Well, you don't have to worry about me. I can sell it. Especially if I want my father to believe that I've been right about ashley all along. Then she'll be out, and you can welcome her back to jabot at your convenience.

Jack: Thank you.

Victoria: Here's to both of us getting what we want.

Jack: As long as ashley never finds out. That would be a major problem.

Mariah: Hi. Talk to me. You tried to quit?

Hilary: I couldn't help myself, okay? Devon was hammering away at me, relentlessly. I couldn't take it anymore, so i told him I'm out, and devon jumped right on that. He basically threatened to sue me.

Mariah: Yeah, it sounds like foreplay -- for you two, I mean.

Hilary: It wasn't good, mariah. We are both two strong, passionate, stubborn people. So we clash over things. But no matter how hot tempers got, no matter how much we pushed each other buttons... there was always this understanding. Something drawing us together. Even if we were fighting and we were worlds apart or divorced...

Mariah: I know. I felt it. Even when I was dating devon.

Hilary: I'm sorry for making you feel that way, if it hurt your relationship.

Mariah: It wasn't that. Devon and I were together for the wrong reasons. He was still attracted to you, even if he didn't want to be, and I don't blame him. You feel the way that you feel, and sometimes it can feel wrong or it can feel right, but you're in denial. It's confusing.

Hilary: It's different this time. Devon's acting like I crossed a line, like I...I broke something that can't be fixed. I mean, don't you think?

Mariah: Things do see a little different now that he's expanding hamilton-winters. He's not the same guy that you were playing games with.

Hilary: I don't want to play games anymore. I want to be real with him. And I know how petty and spiteful I was, and I -- I so regret what I did to brash & sassy and to juliet. And I apologized for that. It was honest and it was live on air, and you were there. Did you think that I was being phony?

Mariah: No.

Hilary: And you are one cynical chick, so if you saw it, then devon must have seen it, too. But he's not cutting me any slack. That night, he was so cold and so distant, I swear I could feel the chill on my skin.

Mariah: Is that why you decided to quit?

Hilary: I thought he'd be happy. Relieved. Or beg me to stay. Turn outs, he didn't have to. Because I signed a contract, so I am his investment. That's what he called me.

Mariah: That's harsh.

Hilary: That's all I am to him now. And I don't know if I can live like that.

Mariah: Well, you can. And you will. Because, honestly, you don't really have another choice.

Nick: When sage was pregnant, she didn't know who the father was -- me or adam. But we had a dna test done, and it showed that I was the father, so forgive me if I seem a little confused.

Phyllis: He is your son. And you are still his dad. Despite sharon's sudden transformation into the woman who must speak the truth, I did not want to dump this on you. Because it changes nothing. It doesn't matter.

Nick: It does matter. It matters. There have been too many lies. You two, chelsea, and now you're asking me to believe that sage hid this from me?

Phyllis: Stop, stop. Stop it. You just learned about this. Can we just take a few minutes and process this, please, before you do anything?

Nick: I need my own answers, then I'll decide what to do. The only match

Jack: So, how is my sister doing at newman?

Victoria: She's scoring plenty of points with my father, and she's already exerting her influence over several areas of the company.

Jack: Good for her.

Victoria: Mm. Ashley's in her element, and i cannot wait to see that back of her.

Jack: She ever say anything about jabot?

Victoria: She's not giving away any top-secret intel, if that's what you're asking me.

Jack: No, what I'm asking you is -- does it ever sound like she misses it, at all?

Victoria: She only mentions it in the context of kicking your company's butt.

Jack: Let me remind you. The sole purpose of this little joint project is to get ashley back at jabot once everything blows up.

Victoria: Look, I told you that I would help you push her out of newman. But making the rest of it work, that's your problem. And from the look on your face, I know that's not gonna be an easy task. So tell me -- what exactly did you do to drive her out of jabot and get her this pissed off at you?

Jack: [ Exhales sharply ]

Phyllis: There we are, thanks to sharon -- supreme liar -- feels compelled to be brutally honest with nick.

Billy: I know you didn't want this, but with everything sharon put nick through before with christian, you can't blame her for wanting to tell the truth.

Phyllis: I sure as hell can. He was just abandoned by his fiancéE. He lost the boy he considered a stepson.

Billy: I know, and I know you were only trying to spare nick the pain, but I think if you can take a step back, you realize it wasn't just about nick and christian. This had to do with you and nick and what happened with summer.

Phyllis: Well, it was about summer, you know? I mean... I needed to know so I could make sense of my life, and in the end, my little girl was the most important.

Billy: The same goes for christian. That little boy deserves to know the truth about where he came from.

Sharon: I knew that you would want to get another dna test.

Nick: Which you think is a waste of time because you already know the results. Maybe I do, too. Maybe I'm just living in denial.

Sharon: You love that little boy. I understand.

Nick: Well, it's my problem now.

Sharon: I understand why you needed to do this for yourself.

Nick: You shouldn't have come.

Sharon: I'm not going anywhere, and you know it. I'm not gonna let you go through this alone.

Sharon: Seeing what this is doing to you... I keep asking myself if I did the right thing. Maybe this was the worst time to throw the truth at you. Phyllis sure thought so. She seemed like she wanted to finish what chelsea started.

Nick: No, look, the anger and frustration was meant for chelsea, but she's not here, so you're gonna have to bear the brunt of it.

[ Chuckles ] I got to admit, it makes me laugh a little, to think about you and phyllis joining forces and dodging the police... it's like you're secret government agents, or something.

Sharon: I don't think so. Just that we both care so much about you, and we couldn't stand the thought of you getting hurt again. Phyllis was probably right. Maybe this was selfish of me, you know? I think I was trying to fix the guilt that I had after what i put you and christian through. But that was stupid because i should know that there's no way of undoing the pain that I put you through.

Nick: Don't do that. You suffered more than your fair share.

[ Sighs ] You thought christian was yours, too. You bonded with him, you loved him.

Sharon: Still do. I just want what's best for christian. And you. And the two of you together.

Nick: I could never fault you for that.

Billy: For chelsea to use christian's paternity the way that she did, to try and shut you up, let's just say that it took a lot of nerve.

Phyllis: Yeah, and a complete lack of heart when it came to nick. When she threatened me, I saw who she was for the first time, I mean, crystal clear. She didn't love nick. She didn't love anybody but adam. And herself. She was a hell of an actress.

Billy: She had me convinced for a while. Even more specifically recently with nick, I really thought that she was trying to make a better life for herself. I wonder if I'll ever see her again.

Phyllis: For your sake, i hope not. You almost married that woman. You lucked out.

Billy: Still doesn't make sense to me.

Phyllis: What do you mean?

Billy: Chelsea's deceitful, she's selfish. Mercenary, even. But she held onto this secret for months, years? Something happened that she felt so desperate that she used it to threaten you to stop. And then she goes and bashes sharon on the head and she tries to run away with the boys.

Phyllis: She not only took connor and she abandoned nick, but she tried to rip christian away from him, too. I mean, how cruel can you be?

Billy: Even for her. Nick would have been destroyed if he would have lost that boy again.

Phyllis: He's not gonna lose him. Thank god. It's not like what you went through.

Billy: When I lost delia.

Phyllis: Yes.

Billy: Yep, I hope nick can be grateful for that. Even still, he's gonna have to raise adam's boy. That's gonna come with a whole set of complications.

Phyllis: Which is why no one else can ever know.

Billy: Specifically victor.

Ashley: What a surprise, the coo of newman, the ceo of jabot enjoying a happy chat at the bar.

Victoria: Enjoying? That might be a stretch.

Jack: As is happy and

chatting. So, how are you?

Victoria: Don't you live together?

Ashley: Yeah, but, you know, it's a very big house.

Victoria: All right, well, then I'm gonna go and let you get caught up.

Jack: See ya.

Ashley: Please don't pretend that wasn't strange.

Jack: What, that victoria's having a drink in the same public place that I am?

Ashley: You two were talking. I saw it when I walked in.

Jack: Meaningless chatter. Didn't look like that to me.

Jack: Okay. You caught me. I'll admit it. We were talking. About you.

Nick: You didn't have to stay.

Sharon: Hey, why don't we go somewhere, the two of us? We'll grab a bite, we'll just wait for the lab to call us with the results. A change of scenery isn't what you're after, is it?

Nick: I can't eat right now. I don't think I can do anything until I find out one way or another, you know?

Sharon: Just try to relax. Think tranquil thoughts.

Nick: [ Sighs ] You know, there's something i can't stop thinking about. That night when I, uh... when I showed up to your place. To take christian from you and dylan.

Sharon: No.

Nick: You know, you were raising him. You were the only parents he'd ever known, and I just took him out of your arms. I didn't even... I didn't care. It was cold-blooded and unforgivable.

Sharon: It wasn't, though. I -- you know, you had been told a terrible lie, you had robbed of so much time with him, and it was almost a year. You were a victim.

Nick: I mean, so were you. You were -- you were drugged, you were lied to, you were tortured. All to get back at me. And what you went through with faith, too? I mean...

Sharon: Well, we went through that together. And, yes, it was horrible, but we stuck it out. We got the truth. And then it was us and our beautiful, amazing daughter.

Nick: She's an exceptional kid, huh?

Sharon: Well, not such a kid, anymore, you know? She asked me to drop her off across the street from the theater the other day.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nick: Hey, and how about a shout-out to our boy, you know? The new super-focused noah. He'S...climbing the corporate ladder.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm -- I'm happy for him. Though he is 8,000 miles away.

Nick: Working for my dad.

Sharon: Still proud of him, though.

Nick: Me, too. I'm so sorry, sharon.

Hilary: I have to hang up. Okay, bye.

Mariah: All right, I just got these from the fact-checker. Last-minute copy changes.

Hilary: Okay, I will take a look when I get back.

Mariah: From where?

Hilary: I just need to run out for a minute.

Mariah: Right now?

Hilary: Yeah, there's some things I need to sort out that can't wait.

Mariah: Wait, hilary, we are about to go live!

Hilary: Don't panic! I'll be back!

Jack: I asked victoria how you were doing at newman. Why is that so annoying?

Ashley: Because if you were really concerned, you would not ask victoria. Although I'm sure she had lots of venom to spew. Too bad I walked in when I did.

Jack: Things that bad over there?

Ashley: Things are that good. Except for princess vicky. That's another issue. A minor issue. Although, jack, honestly, my very first day, I let her know that I had higher aspirations. The highest!

Jack: That you were after victoria's job. Well, way to make a splashy entrance.

Ashley: Mm. Well, anyway, you know, I think that friendly competition is good. It's healthy for a company the size of newman because it makes sure that the employees don't get complacent, that we continue to up our game. And I'm pretty sure that victor appreciates my approach.

Jack: Okay, what I really asked victoria, what I wanted to know was -- are you happy?

Ashley: Are you? I'm sure you'd be a lot happier if you thought I was failing miserably.

Jack: No, that is not what i want.

Ashley: Mm. So, how's my notoriously overpaid replacement? What's her name again? Hannah? Helga?

Jack: Helen.

Ashley: Helen.

Jack: Helen's bright, motivated, determined. She's not you. Look, the offer I made -- I mean, it's still...

Ashley: The answer is yes. I'm very happy right where I am.

Jack: Let me get the wine.

Ashley: Oh, you know, I --

Jack: No, I got it.

Ashley: I took care of it, but thanks.

Mariah: Hilary, where are you? We are about to go live, and I'm about to absolutely lose it!

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hi.

Devon: I need to talk to hilary before you guys go on. I was too hard on her earlier, and it's not a good thing before you guys do a live show, so... where is she?

Mariah: Uh, well, you know hilary. I mean, she's probably just doing...vocal warm-ups.

Devon: She does vocal warm-ups?

Mariah: Mm-hmm. She started, and she's very committed.

Devon: You don't know where hilary is, do you?

Mariah: No. Not at all. She ran out earlier, and said that she has something important to do.

Devon: Something more important than a live show? Can you text her or call her, please?

Mariah: I have been doing both, but yes, I will text again.

Devon: That's fine, I'll call her.

Mariah: Okay, sent.

Devon: Straight to voicemail.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Mariah: Oh, she responded.

Devon: What'd she say?

Mariah: I'm not gonna make it back in time for the show. Sorry.

Devon: Are you kidding me? I can't believe she's doing this right now.

Mariah: Doing what? You know what she's doing?

Devon: Yeah, I do know what she's doing. She's trying to leverage me to show how much I need her. I'm not gonna let her do that. The show is gonna happen.

Mariah: Wait, what? So, what do you want to do? Do you want to cue a best of episode, or a re-run?

Devon: No, people are expecting a live show, so that's what we're gonna give them.

Mariah: Without a host?

Devon: You're gonna do it solo.

Mariah: I'm sorry, what?

Devon: You're gonna kill it, mariah.

Mariah: No, no, no, no, no.

Devon: Yes.

Mariah: I'm not prepared to do this!

Devon: You are prepared to do it, and you're great on your feet. I'm not worried.

Mariah: You should be worried because there's absolutely no way that I can make this work, devon.

Devon: I'm not gonna force you to do this, okay? It's your choice at the end of the day, but if you don't host the show, we're gonna go live to a couple of empty chairs in about 15 seconds.

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Okay. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Good evening, genoa city. Welcome to the hilary hour. I'm your host tonight, mariah copeland. There is some major insanity going on right here in town, including a story that you're not gonna hear anywhere else about a household name, a genoa city local. We are dialed in and bringing it to you live, naturally.

Ashley: Hello. Is billy here?

Phyllis: Billy! Honey! Are you decent? Your sister just barged in. She has no time for foolishness.

Billy: Hey, ash, what's up?

Ashley: It's a personal matter.

Phyllis: Well, actually, whatever you'd like to say to billy, you can say in front of me. We're close, right, babe?

Billy: In theory, yeah.

Ashley: I think it's also okay for you to talk about personal family matters with your sister alone.

Billy: It's more about everybody being comfortable, not so much who has the right to --

Phyllis: Actually, I have a right to discuss abbott family matters as much as you do, right? See, I live with him, and I work with jack, and you just took a job with victor. Traitor. Okay, well, as much fun as this is, I need to go ahead and send some e-mails, so I will give you your privacy. Ashley, lovely, as always.

Ashley: Wow.

Billy: Skip it. What's going on?

Ashley: I happened to catch jack and victoria at the athletic club. Talking.

Billy: Hmm?

Ashley: They said it wasn't an actual meeting. I have a very strong feeling that victoria may be up to something, involving me. And I'm here because I want to know from you if you think that is a possibility.

Billy: Now that you mention it, uh... she was a little curious a little bit ago. She had some specific questions for me.

Ashley: Such as?

Billy: Why you left jabot so abruptly, and how jack handled it.

Ashley: I hope you said

no comment.

Billy: Come on, ash. Vick and I are cool, but when it comes to private family stuff, especially family business stuff, I don't feel the need to share it with her. I just wish I had more to help you with.

Ashley: You helped me so much, you have no idea. Thank you. I love you.

Billy: I love you, too.

Mariah: Chelsea is currently on the run with her innocent child, wanted by authorities in connection with a phony chelsea 2.0 website that skimmed profits from fenmore's department stores. Why would a successful young woman with a seemingly perfect life want to risk the wrath of ceo lauren fenmore? So, you thought she was just a glamorous socialite. Well, take it from us at

the hilary hour. You do not want to be on the wrong end of one of those very spiky designer heels. All right, genoa city, it seems that your buzz-tanks are full. I'm mariah copeland. This is the hilary hour. See you next time and goodnight.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Whoo! Yeah!

Mariah: So you were right. I survived.

Devon: Yeah! I don't even have words for how great that was. From start to finish, you were amazing. You're amazing!

Mariah: I am not hilary. You don't have to stroke anything here.

Devon: I'm dead serious, though! I literally just watched you develop into a real anchor. You belong in that chair.

Mariah: Well, hilary's gonna come back eventually, and I'm sure she'll have some comments on that subject.

Devon: Hey, the show that i just watched made something very clear to me, and that's that hilary is dispensable.

Sharon: You know, I was gonna tell you before. You have nothing to apologize about.

Nick: Yeah, I do. I mean, when I went for custody of christian, I didn'T... I just took it all out on you, like, all of it.

Sharon: You couldn't help it.

Nick: Yeah, I could, you know, I didn't stop to think about what it was doing to you, to your heart.

Sharon: Nick, I don't -- we don't have to talk about this.

Nick: Yeah, but I want to. It reminds of what I haven't lost, you know?

[ Sighs ] Must have been hell for you to lose that baby.

Sharon: It was. It was really hard. And you'd think, you know, at least I had dylan, but... he couldn't handle it, either. That was the beginning of the end for us. The pain and the loss, it was... it was profound. And we just couldn't help each other. We had to deal with it in our way, just get through each day with faith and everyone... the nights were the worst. When dylan was asleep or at the station, I would go into the garage and bury my face into a pillow and scream and cry and just pray that the pain would go away.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Sharon: I had to go through that, you know? There was no other way. But it got better. And it's gone now. You know, when I see christian, so happy and healthy with his beautiful dad who loves him so much... all I feel is joy. And I want to thank you for allowing you and me to get where we are right now. Again. Because my life really sucked without you in it. It was -- it was really empty.

Nick: Mine, too. That's when I got closer to chelsea.

Sharon: You two were both single parents and, you know, your lives were messy, you had both had recent heartache. It made sense.

Nick: Yeah, but I always knew we were different, you know? Maybe I was just seeing things the way I wanted to see them. I mean, even the day I went to talk to her about us moving in together, about making our relationship real... she was shocked, you know, she never saw it coming. And she tried to pass it off like, uh, she didn't want to ruin a good thing or spoil what we had. She just cared about me too much, so I just barreled ahead, you know, full-court press, tried to calm her fears, told her that we could have this amazing life together, and it'd be so good for us and our kids, and she went along with it. She did an amazing job convincing me that she was into it. You know, maybe that was easier for her than admitting the truth. Maybe she wasn't that into me, you know? I wasn't enough like adam. You know, I wasn't reckless and dangerous and ruthless like adam. Adam's every bit my father's son. And they stand for everything that I've always hated and rejected. I wanted to be me, to do my own thing, to have something that me and my kids could be proud of, and look where it got me. Sitting in a hospital, waiting for dna results that the lab is pushing through on a pity rush.

Sharon: Nick, I... I know that phyllis is positive about the results we got, but... I have never wanted to be so wrong about something in my entire life. Hot pockets.

Devon: Hey. Look what I found in hilary's private stash.

Mariah: Uh...

Devon: What? Don't feel bad about drinking these. She owes you after today. Leaving you stirring in the wind like that? She jeopardized this show and my whole business just to make a damn point.

Mariah: Well, maybe there's more to it. We don't know for sure. Maybe there's an actual reason.

Devon: You believe that?

Mariah: I don't know. With hilary, I don't know what to believe anymore.

Devon: I'll tell you what it is. You have too much character to be disloyal, but how much loyalty did hilary show you and everybody else here who makes a living off this show? It beyond unprofessional. It was egotistical and it was childish, but you know what, it worked.

Mariah: Wait, how do you mean?

Devon: She wanted to get my attention, and she did. And I will absolutely accept that resignation that she threw in my face yesterday because as far as I'm concerned, hilary is done here. How does this grab you?

The mariah hour.

Phyllis: All finished?

Billy: Yep, ashley's gone, which means you get a present.

Phyllis: Just for dealing with your sister? You're the sweetest.

Billy: Well, it's for that, and for so much more, and for absolutely no reason at all. But I love you. I love the hell out of you.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Well, after that, I don't even have to open this.

Billy: You should, though.

Phyllis: Okay.

[ Gasps ]

[ Laughs ] Oh, my...

Billy: Too much?

Phyllis: No, I absolutely love it! Where is this coming from?

Billy: Well, you know, you got this brand-new, most advanced phone that you have, and I figured that you could have a charger that is equivalent to that, and this way, it'll never die and I'll always be able to get ahold of you.

Phyllis: Well, I get that part.

Billy: Sit. Honestly, with everything that's been going on lately, with jack and ashley fighting and everything chelsea did to nick and christian, I just want to be grateful for what we have. I want to celebrate it. I want to value it. I want to nurture it. Every day. No matter how good we think we have it or how good it feels, it can be...ripped away just like that.

Phyllis: But you know in the awful movies that I love, where the girl hears what you just said, that's when the boyfriend reveals he's a serial killer.

Billy: No, see, that's the thing, I feel like I'm gonna kill it. 'Cause that's what I do. I sabotage things, and sometimes I don't understand how happy i am, the fact that I'm happy every day with you.

Phyllis: So, you're so happy, it worries you?

Billy: Precisely.

Phyllis: Oh.

Billy: I don't feel like i deserve it.

Phyllis: Listen to me. You absolutely deserve it. Okay? For many reasons. We both do. Okay? You're not -- not -- screwing this up. I'm not gonna let you.

Sharon: You know, um, if you'd rather that I... I can --

Nick: [ Panting ] It's definite.

[ Sobbing ] I'm not his father.

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