Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/27/18

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/27/18


Episode #11350 ~ Victor surprises Phyllis; Victoria quizzes Reed about J.T.'s past; Sharon comes clean.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

J.T.: No matter what happens, mac and I are not gonna have a tough custody battle.

Phyllis: You said you wouldn't say anything to nick about christian. You let nick stay blissfully unaware.

Sharon: Chelsea is the one who hit me?

Phyllis: Given her past, is that so tough to believe?

Sharon: You're just speculating.

Victor: What do you want?

Phyllis: Are christian and connor with you?

Victor: Were you checking on our grandsons, or what?

Nikki: No, they're not even here. Chelsea came by and picked them up earlier.

Chelsea: My dearest nick, by the time you read this, i will be long gone. I love you, nick, and I always will. Chelsea.

Sharon: This is nice for the customers to see.

Mariah: Are you sure you're up for this?

Sharon: [ Sighs ] I've had enough time off. I need to get back in the saddle.

Mariah: Okay, yep. We're leaving. We're going home. People can make their coffee at their houses. I mean, it's not that hard, right? And cheaper, too. And when did coffee even, like, really become a thing? So I'm gonna lock up.

Sharon: It's fine. I just, um... I just need to clean up a little bit.

Mariah: No, it's not fine, and you don't need to do anything but get out of here. Because, mom... you're upset. I can see it in your eyes.

Phyllis: Start writing.

Billy: What, a confession? I already apologized about the toilet seat. As far as the toothpaste, i tried to roll it up from the bottom. It was just, you know...

Phyllis: Something useful about sharon, anything you know.

Billy: Come again?

Phyllis: Maybe when you had that fling with her?

Billy: Hold on a second. I did not have a fling with sharon, okay? I slept with her the night before my wedding to chloe. My point in that is that i wasn't paying attention to her personal life at the time.

Phyllis: Okay, then something else. Something jack told you when they were married. Something victoria said. You know, she slipped about sharon and victor's, you know, two-minute union with evil. I don't know, I need something useful.

Billy: Useful in what way, phyllis?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] You're usually not this slow on the uptake.

Billy: You talking about blackmail material?

Phyllis: I need a convincing argument to make sharon do as i say.

Billy: So blackmail.

Phyllis: Yes. I need something. Dark and twisted enough to keep sharon's mouth shut about who christian's father really is.

Nikki: Where are you off to?

Victor: I'm going out, sweetheart. Too damn quiet around here.

Nikki: Any word from chelsea?

Victor: [ Sighs ] No. She and connor could be anywhere. She's not gonna take my family away from me.

Nikki: At least we still have christian.

Victor: He is with nicholas, but now the question is -- will I have access to that boy? You know, no matter what one says about chelsea, she allowed me to see the kids anytime i wanted to, no matter what the relationship was with me and nicholas.

Nikki: Victor, you aren't planning on going over to see christian, are you? You were just there last night. You need to give nicholas some time to get used to it, or he just might shut you down completely.

Victor: Sweetheart, that's not gonna happen, okay? But I'm gonna straighten things out, and not by seeing nicholas.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] Nothing like sweating in the freezing cold, huh? Hey, I'm gonna take a shower, and we can ride into the office together, all right?

Victoria: Uh, you got an express mail when you were out.

J.T.: Mac's divorce attorney.

Victoria: Oh, it's probably nothing. They're probably just trying to generate more billable hours. Most of that's meaningless. What does it say? I can't believe her!

Nick: I mean, he has had three different moms in his little life. Sage, sharon -- I mean, he's too young to remember -- but chelsea... she abandoned him and took off with his cousin, and he's just lost so much already.

Nikki: I know. But he'll always have you. This is a gift, nicholas. To be a parent, to be a father. And all you have to do is love and adore your child.

Nick: Yeah, I'm not doing very well in the continuity. Christian's never had more than a few months of that at a time in his whole life, and here we are yet again with everything up in the air. And the police have been in and out of here looking for more evidence -- money or whatever. I mean, there's talk of the D.A. Seizing the place.

Nikki: Are you kidding me? Christine would never dare do that.

Nick: Well, it's chelsea's apartment, I'm not on the deed. If they determine that chelsea used this place to plan any of her crimes...

Nikki: Well... if you want to try to fix this continuity thing, I mean, there are things that you could do. You could pack up and move to a new home, again.

Nick: [ Sighs ] It's easier said than done, mom.

Nikki: Look, okay, maybe it's not the easiest thing that you've ever done, but it makes the most sense, and you could be close to me again, and with abby away in france, no way of knowing when she's coming back, you have a home.

Nick: Mom, come on. I'm not...

Nikki: Nicholas. I want you and christian back at the ranch in your old home.

Nick: As dad's tenant? Mom, no way. That is a terrible idea.

Mariah: Okay, okay, that's it. Please let me call a couple of baristas. They can put the place back together, and you and I can go home and just chill. Or we could go to the spa or to the movies or maybe a dozen other places that aren't here.

Sharon: I'm well enough to work.

Mariah: Yeah, that doesn't mean that you should.

Sharon: Whoever did this to me isn't coming back here.

Mariah: Because chelsea's long gone.

Sharon: I didn't see or hear anything that would point to her. That's what I told the police.

Mariah: But there's logic to it being chelsea. She wanted to keep you from telling nick that she was stealing from fenmore'S.

Sharon: It makes sense. I just don't have evidence one way or the other.

Mariah: Well, this sucks for nick, to walk out the door thinking that you have a family, and to walk back in to a note like that. "I'm a thief, and I've taken the kids." I mean, thank god she changed her mind about christian. She's not completely evil enough to tear a kid away from their father.

Sharon: Yes.

Mariah: Well, at least nick knows the truth now. No more secrets, no more surprises.

Sharon: We don't know that for sure.

Mariah: What, you think there's more than chelsea did that we don't already know?

Sharon: I wouldn't put it past her.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] This is great. You have good stuff? Tell me you have good stuff. Okay. All right, all right. I won't blow your train of thought.

Billy: Almost done.

Phyllis: I love you. Have I told you how attractive you are when you're on my side?

Billy: [ Clears throat ] All right. You ready for this?

Phyllis: Yes! Please! Now! Oh, wow. Okay. I thought you wanted to have sex with me again someday.

Billy: I don't have any dirt on sharon. You don't have any dirt on sharon. It's not because sharon hasn't done anything wrong, it's that the whole world knows what sharon's already done.

Phyllis: I need sharon to keep her mouth shut about christian.

Billy: Okay, so, from this day forward, sharon lies about the kid and you lie, then I lie. That's three people too many that already know the truth, and when nicholas finds out that christian isn't his son, phyllis, it's going to hurt.

Phyllis: It's going to kill him.

Billy: Right. And he's still gonna find out because that's what happens with secrets. They come out. And when he finds out his two ex-wives and yours truly knew the truth the whole time, it's gonna kill him. All over again.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Phyllis: Okay.

Victor: I hope this isn't a bad time.

Phyllis: Well, it's a weird time, but, please, come in.

Victor: Thank you. Hello, billy.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Well, phyllis, i simply came by to express my gratitude to you that you had the courage to warn our entire family of what chelsea was up to, namely taking the two children. Now, thank god she came to her senses by returning christian to nicholas, where he belongs. As for connor...

Phyllis: You're going to hunt chelsea down to the ends of the earth.

Victor: You bet because that boy belongs here with his family. You know, he and christian have bonded. They're like brothers. I simply came here to express my gratitude, you know. And you, of course, showed your loyalty by warning us about chelsea.

Phyllis: Nick has had a crummy few years. He did not deserve chelsea's tricks and her lies, and I would do anything for him. He knows that.

Victor: Well, and I know that, as well. Unfortunately, poor nicholas is gonna have his hands full as a single father now.

Billy: So, what, are you asking phyllis to play mommy for christian?

Victor: Oh, no, wait a minute, I wouldn't do that. I mean, phyllis is a busy lady. But nikki and I are more than willing to support our grandson any way he needs, you know? Perhaps you'd be kind enough to remind nicholas of that.

Phyllis: Okay. So you -- you came all the way here to ask me to convince nick to trust you with his son?

Victor: Maybe you'll do it because it's the right thing to do. For nicholas and the child.

Billy: Does that sound like an order to you? Which is weird, because you don't have any leverage over phyllis.

Victor: Well, maybe I need to remind phyllis that I did her a favor by returning all that stolen money to fenmore'S. You know, maybe this could be a quid pro quo.

Phyllis: Yeah, no, it's not a threat -- exactly.

Victor: Well, if I haven't convinced you now, maybe one day we'll revisit the issue.

Mariah: Hey, regan, it's mariah. Do you mind, uh, putting hilary on the phone? Thank you.

Sharon: I hope you're not calling in sick so you can stay here and hold my hand.

Mariah: Um, no, actually, this is a work call. This chelsea story is perfect for the show, so I'm gonna pitch it to hilary right now. W-why?

Sharon: I'd rather you didn'T.

Mariah: No, I figured that out, but the question is -- why? Chelsea is on the run. She has a kid with her.

Sharon: Her own child.

Mariah: I'm sorry, she confessed to a crime in writing. The police are out looking for her. I don't know how the story hasn't broken yet, but why not be the first outlet to break it? And, hey, maybe people are on the lookout for her, and it'll help the cops find her faster.

Sharon: Not our job.

Mariah: I know it's not your job but, yeah, sharing information is kind of my job.

Sharon: I don't want to be the reason chelsea gets backed into a corner.

Mariah: Even though she was the one that attacked you? I'm sorry, what's up with you and chelsea?

Sharon: When the whole town treated me like a pariah, chelsea gave me a job. She treated me with trust and respect.

Mariah: And a head injury was the result of that!

Sharon: I hate what chelsea did, but I can't say that I hate her.

Mariah: Yeah, you can, because I'm giving you permission.

Sharon: Mariah, look at me. I kept nick from his son. I robbed him and sage from precious months with the baby that they thought had died.

Mariah: And you suffered for that.

Sharon: I'm just saying, i lost the right to judge anyone else a long time ago.

Mariah: I can't say that I'm pure and innocent, either, but we confessed. We repented. We sucked it up and... we tried hard to do better. Chelsea? She -- she left town like a coward. And she would have kept on lying forever if she wasn't forced into it. And lies like that, they always hurt.

Sharon: Sometimes the truth does hurt. But you can't escape it.

Phyllis: The sheer brass of that guy -- I mean, it not only annoys but amazes me. He demands what he wants. There's no questioning, there's no hand-wringing.

Billy: Yeah, lurch is my hero.

[ Clears throat ] Comes into your home and threatens you all smooth and low-key like that.

Phyllis: Trust me. I mean, he's a disgusting maniac, but one I can learn from.

Billy: That's not creepy at all.

Phyllis: You know, the issue is nick. I need sharon to see that keeping her mouth shut is the only way that she's gonna protect him. So, how do I pull a victor?

Billy: Phyllis.

Phyllis: How do I bend sharon to my will, you know? Wwvd -- what would victor do?

Billy: It's a question that nobody should ever ask. That man is a heat-seeking missile of chaos. Do I have to remind what he did to you and jack and how you were hell-bent on getting revenge, but you didn't go to his level? You could have, but you didn'T. Listen. You sink to that depth, there's no coming back from that. Do you understand me?

Phyllis: Thank you for the warning and the flood of ugly memories.

Billy: That man is not a role model, phyllis, for anything or anyone, especially not you.

Phyllis: Nick needs protection. Right now. That's on me. However I get sharon to fall into line, that's on her.

J.T.: All right. Thanks.

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, my attorney got the same documents.

Victoria: How could mac suddenly demand full custody? You have to talk to her.

J.T.: There's no point.

Victoria: At least to understand what she's after.

J.T.: Look, the divorce is one thing, you know? She didn't want to fight for our marriage, I accept it. But this was never supposed to be a war, you know? Joint custody was always understood. It's about what's best for the kids. If it's about geography, fine, we'll work it out.

Victoria: I felt the exact same way when you moved reed to the east coast.

J.T.: Where did that come from? Are you on her side?

Victoria: No, of course not. I've been where you are, J.T. It's not easy to forget.

J.T.: And I told you I regret what I did. You're a good mom, okay? But this is now, and just because I made a mistake in the past doesn't mean I deserve to lose my kids.

Victoria: I would never say that. I know how much you love them and miss them. I see your video chats with D.J. I can see how much he adores you.

J.T.: I don't know how this went so wrong, you know? I pictured all the kids here together in a big, loud, messy household.

Victoria: You know what, maybe it's just the opening volley, you know, when you ask for the world in negotiations. She probably just wants to get more out of the settlement, that's all.

J.T.: That's not how mac is. She's pretty straightforward. If she says full custody, she means full custody. So what does that leave me? Two weeks in the summer?

Victoria: I don't know, i mean, look, just -- maybe she could relocate to genoa city. I know she has roots here.

J.T.: She likes her job where she is.

Victoria: Okay, well, just talk to her. Just make her realize that you both have your kids' best interest at heart.

J.T.: I just said it won't work.

Victoria: Okay. All right. Look, I'm on your side. I'm just talking it out with you. Maybe if we had talked more all those years ago instead of letting my father get involved, maybe things would be different right now for you and me and for reed, too. There would have been a lot less heartache.

J.T.: It's not the same.

Victoria: How is it different?

J.T.: Victoria...

Victoria: I can't help you if you keep shutting me out. Just talk to me.

J.T.: There's nothing to say.

Victoria: That's not true.

J.T.: Victoria, you don't want to do this, trust me.

Victoria: The more that i know, the more that I can help you.

J.T.: Mac is doing this because of you. That's why talking with her -- with you by my side -- is never gonna work. At petsmart, we understand that different pets

J.T.: I didn't want to tell you like this. To be honest, I didn't want to tell you at all.

Victoria: But it's true? I'm the reason mac is suing for full custody?

J.T.: Well, mac and I have had a few conversations about the kids -- school, loose teeth, whatever -- but sometimes the conversation goes sideways and other topics come up.

Victoria: Such as you and i getting back together.

J.T.: Yeah. She's not thrilled that I moved in here so quickly, and suddenly...

Victoria: Suddenly, I'm the tramp that stole you away from her.

J.T.: No, that's not it.

Victoria: You know, you two were separated. She served you with divorce papers. But it's my fault now that i asked you to move in here? That's how she sees it, clearly. Is that how you feel, too? Do you want to move out?

J.T.: Man... it'd be a lot easier, but no. That's not what I want.

Victoria: Oh, my goodness, i never would have asked you to move in here if I thought she was gonna punish you for it.

J.T.: Listen. I'm gonna fight for custody. From here. With you. Now, I'm gonna go talk to my lawyer, maybe clear my head a little bit. Don't fixate on this all day, okay? We'll talk later. Hey. Being with you is all I want. If I have to fight, I'm gonna fight. Okay? See you later.

Reed: And now it's time for community service. The fun never stops.

Victoria: Uh, before you go, can I talk to you for a minute? It's about mac.

Nikki: Honey, can you just explain to me why you can't go back to where you used to be?

Nick: Because, mom, abby is in paris temporarily. I'm not gonna box up all her stuff while she's gone like dad did to me.

Nikki: All right, what if we got her blessing?

Nick: Dad wanted me off the ranch, and he was right. It was time.

Nikki: Things have changed since then. He adores christian, and your father adores you, although he won't admit it.

Nick: It's a bad idea.

Nikki: For whom? You called that ranch your home for years, christian loves the ranch, and I think your father would be very relieved.

Nick: Yeah, so he can have me back within punching distance.

Nikki: Your father has a great weakness for his grandchildren. I don't even want to think about what would happen to him if he could never see connor again.

Nick: [ Sighs ] It's not exactly easy for me, either.

Nikki: Of course not, honey. I mean, pain is pain. It hurts. Your father's grandchild is missing.

Nick: You know, dad doesn't deserve you. He never will. But the answer is still no.

Phyllis: Just leave it.

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Phyllis: What? Thinking I was chelsea coming back to finish you off? I bet she would give that a shot.

Sharon: How did you get in here? Were you waiting outside the door until mariah left?

Phyllis: Maybe.

Sharon: Well, we're closed, so you'll have to go.

Phyllis: I didn't come for the coffee. I stopped by the hospital. They said you were released. I see that you are here, working hard. You're tougher than you look, which hopefully means you are thinking more clearly.

Sharon: I don't have the energy to deal with you, phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, you were just about to open this coffee shop as I walked in.

Sharon: Now I've reconsidered.

Phyllis: That is what i wanted to hear, that you reconsidered, that you will never tell nick about christian.

Sharon: I can't do this with you.

Phyllis: You need to suck it up, cupcake, because you got smacked upside the head, you didn't get shoved down some stairs straight into a coma.

Sharon: You know that was an accident.

Phyllis: You took months off my life, so for that, you need to do what I'm saying and leave nick alone.

Sharon: It's not as if I want to hurt him, phyllis.

Phyllis: I need you to look deep in my eyes so I can -- look into my eyes, please. Son of a gun! You still want to tell him. You do. And I know you were waiting until mariah left so you can make a phone call and rip nick's world apart. You may not care if you're gonna ruin his life, but I sure as hell do.

J.T.: Hey! Watch it.

Billy: You watch it. I'm busy trying to figure out why phyllis is ignoring my text messages.

J.T.: Well, maybe she came to her senses and decided to ghost you.

Billy: You know what, now that you mention it, J.T., You're actually to blame for this. You helped phyllis confirm that chelsea's the one that stole the money, except you get to walk free and clear while phyllis is obsessed.

J.T.: Chelsea left town.

Billy: Well, the obsession lingers. The thing about phyllis -- she has opinions, all right? And when things don't go the way she wants them to go, woe unto those who disagree.

J.T.: Are you really that whipped, man? I mean, if you want to shut it down, just man up and make it happen.

Billy: Wow, you don't sound like a tool at all.

J.T.: Look, I got my own problems, all right? Probably not the best day to ask me for advice on women.

Reed: Mac wants full custody. Well, I guess that's kind of a surprise, but kind of not.

Victoria: "Kind of not?"

Reed: The kids, they won't get it. They won't understand the judges or the lawyers or the courts or any of it. They'll just get they won't be able to see dad all the time, and when he took me to D.C., I didn't get it. You tried, and you visited, but...

Victoria: I know. I understand.

Reed: I guess that's just how divorce goes -- an all-out war.

Victoria: No, it doesn't have to be like that.

Reed: It was with you and dad, wasn't it? I mean...

Victoria: There were some hurt feelings and a lot of confusion. But when you said it wasn't a surprise in a way, what did you mean? How were things between your father and mac? Were things tense with them? Did you expect them to split up?

Reed: I can't talk to you about them. It doesn't feel right.

Victoria: I'm not trying to put you on the spot, reed, but this affects your dad, and we're a family now. And I feel like the more that i understand the situation, the more I can help him. So, when you ran away --

Reed: I didn't run away. I came to see you.

Victoria: Was it just because you didn't want to go to poland, or was there more to it than that?

Reed: What, do you want me to tell you that mac and dad were fighting all the time and I just had to get away? Because it wasn't like that.

Victoria: Okay --

Reed: Can I go?

Victoria: Reed, no, listen. This is -- we're trying to help your dad here, and I know how much mac means to you. So I'm just asking you to please help me understand the situation.

Reed: I don't have some deep insight. I mean, I wasn't around much.

Victoria: Because you stayed away? Why did you do that?

Reed: Mac and the kids and dad, they were their own family. I didn't really fit in. Now, I have community service, so can I please go? I don't want to be late.

Victoria: Yeah, go. Go. Thanks for talking. See you later.

Victoria: See you later.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Sharon: What I say or do is none of your business.

Phyllis: You lied. You lied when you said you wouldn't tell nick. Which tells me you know it is wrong. It's selfish.

Sharon: I lied because i don't owe you anything, and that includes the truth. And how is it that telling nick the truth about that little boy is selfish?

Phyllis: Because I know you, sharon. I know that you're going to hold his hand when you tell him. Your eyes are gonna well up, maybe some stray tears sliding down your cheek. Then you'll wrap your arms around him, and you'll tell him that you're there for him. "Oh, nicholas, I know it's painful, but I'll do whatever it takes to get you through this."

Sharon: That really is how you think, isn't it? Disgusting.

Phyllis: If you tell him, you're gonna regret it.

Sharon: Oh, what are you gonna do, phyllis? Huh? You think you scare me? You don'T.

Phyllis: You're not gonna ruin nick's life. He's been through enough.

Sharon: It's not up to you. You don't get to decide what nick deserves to know.

[ Knocking on door ]

Phyllis: Showtime, girl. Hot pockets.

Victoria: Then when I found christian outside on the doorstep, all by himself... you know how cold it gets at night. I don't know, I'm just glad that chelsea decided to leave him behind, but poor nick. I mean, you think that you know someone, that you love them, trust them, only to realize that you don't know them at all.

Nikki: Christian will be his saving grace. I know that you'll look after your brother.

Victoria: You're worried about dad, aren't you?

Nikki: Well, he doted on christian. Now he might never see him again!

Victoria: No, he's not gonna let that happen.

Nikki: I know he won't, but until connor comes back, it's not gonna be the same.

Victoria: Tell me what I can do to help.

Nikki: You can bring katie over and johnny and reed, if you can talk him into it. I mean, there's a very special bond between your father and his grandchildren.

Victoria: That's true. It's like this grace period where they can't disappoint dad yet and he can't disappoint them, either.

Nikki: That's true. It's a lovely period. Over far too fast. But, you know, I think it would really cheer your father up to have some youthful spirit around. To tell you the truth, it'll help me, too.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Yes, mom, of course I'll bring the kids by, no problem.

Nikki: But...?

Victoria: "But," what? Nothing. I'll bring them by.

Nikki: No, it's something. It sounds like there's something you're not saying.

Victoria: It's not about dad. Mac filed for full custody.

Nikki: What on earth -- J.T. Is a wonderful father. How could she do that?

Victoria: It's not about him as a father, it'S...

[ Sighs ] ...That he moved in here with me.

Nikki: Well, you can't blame yourself for that.

Victoria: I'm not, mom. Look, J.T. Doesn't deserve this, no matter what. And, honestly, I think it's vindictive, and I've never known mac to be that way, but clearly she's changed. Reed said some things that make it seem like mac's been different for a while.

Nikki: What did reed tell you?

Victoria: Mom, he told me that he felt left out of the family back in D.C.

Nikki: Is that why he came back to genoa city, because he felt uncomfortable with mac?

Victoria: I don't know. I had the same reaction. I don't know what he went through.

Nikki: Well, reed is exactly where he belongs, and it's up to J.T. To work things out with mac.

Victoria: Mom, I know. I agree with you, but I don't think he should have to handle things himself.

Nikki: Honey, it's not about you. This isn't your fault.

Victoria: I know that, but i want help him. In fact, I was thinking I would give mac a call myself.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no, no. Please. Please don't do that.

Victoria: Why? Why not?

Nikki: Because, first of all, it sounds like something your father would do, and he would assume that he's the only one who knows the solution, and things are still too tenuous there. You really need to let J.T. And mac work it out themselves.

Billy: And what did you do to drive mac to that?

J.T.: I really don't need to hear this from you right now.

Billy: Well, I'm just saying.

J.T.: Oh, I know what you're saying. It's called a divorce, and sometimes people get pissed off.

Billy: Mac isn't "people." She's mac, and she always plays fair.

J.T.: I know. I was surprised, too.

Billy: Okay, so...

J.T.: So, you do the math. I come to genoa city, I move right in with victoria.

Billy: So this is all because you moved on?

J.T.: [ Sighs ] It's not victoria's fault, but, you know, she's upset, she's worried.

Billy: Hold on a second. You told victoria?

J.T.: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Why'd you do that?

J.T.: Because we tell each other everything. I know that's a novel idea to you.

Billy: Fair enough.

J.T.: So, yeah, a custody fight.

Billy: Is it a bad time to mention karma, J.T.?

J.T.: From you, pretty much always.

Billy: Well, you put victoria through hell. I was there for it.

J.T.: I know, and now you're not.

Billy: Well, now you're saying it's because you and victoria moved in together.

J.T.: Well, I told mac, and the papers came flying.

Billy: Oh, see, I think it's probably something else. I mean, she filed for divorce, and now she's asking for full custody. So what'd you do to provoke her?

J.T.: Nothing. You know, it is always such a treat to spend time with you.

Nick: I heard you were out the hospital. I thought I'd swing by and check on you. How you feeling?

Sharon: Fine. Ready to join the world.

Nick: I assume you heard about chelsea.

Sharon: Yes, I did. Nicholas, I'm so sorry. What she put you through was awful. Taking off after everything and taking connor with her.

Nick: Not before she put you in the hospital. You sure you're okay?

Phyllis: She can't possibly be. I told her she should go home. Lock the door, pull the blinds, just forget everything. You need your rest.

Sharon: I said I'm fine, and I mean it. I want you to know that you're not alone. I mean it. What you've been through, I know it's hard, and it won't get easier anytime soon, but you can and will get through this, and we will all make sure that you do.

Phyllis: I mean, I don't know, didn't you hear nick change the subject? He doesn't want to dwell on the past. He's done. He wants to look forward. So consider his feelings, okay? And don't make this about you.

Nick: What's going on with you two?

Sharon: Right there is where I fell. And, yes, it was chelsea who attacked me.

Nick: Are you sure? Did you see her do it?

Sharon: No, I didn't, but there's no doubt in my mind that it was chelsea. Because I was about to call you to warn you.

Nick: Yeah, about chelsea stealing the money.

Sharon: No, nick. About something more important than cash.

Phyllis: Okay, okay, okay. Honey, honey! You're not talking right. I need to get you to the hospital. You're not well.

Victoria: Mac, hi, it's victoria. Um, J.T. Received your letter from the lawyer about custody. Anyway, I was hoping that we could talk about it. Woman to woman, mother to mother. Give me a call when you get a chance. Thank you.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: Hey. You're back.

J.T.: Yeah, I talked to my lawyer, and he's gonna start pushing back on mac's demands, so let's let him do what he gets paid to do and get on with our lives, huh?

Victoria: I can't just push this to the side. I feel so responsible. That's why I spoke with reed, and I was just trying to get a little insight from him --

J.T.: Wait, hold on a second. You talked to reed about this?

Victoria: Well, not like that. I mean, I just -- I wanted to know how things were...

J.T.: You went to a kid and dropped this in his lap? Look, this is not his business or your business, this is mine.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

J.T.: If I wanted reed to know, I would have told him myself.

Victoria: You're right. You're right. It's your call. Definitely your call what reed knows about your divorce.

J.T.: I got enough going on, and now you go rogue? You can't do that, victoria. You can't make decisions on your own and leave me out of the loop.

Victoria: Message received.

Phyllis: Come on, I'm gonna drive you home so you can sleep it off.

Nick: Sharon, are you okay or not?

Phyllis: You know, she was talking gibberish before I got in. You know, I think the conk on the head's got her confused, you know, with her other issues.

Sharon: I am fine, I am lucid, and most of all, I know the difference between right and wrong.

Phyllis: Don't do this. I'm not gonna let you do this.

Sharon: Phyllis, this is not your decision!

Nick: Let her do what?

Sharon: Nick -- let go of me, phyllis!

Nick: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! What is going on?

Sharon: Nick, chelsea lied to you, and phyllis wants that lie to continue, but I cannot let that happen! I will not lie to you, not again, not about this!

Nick: What does phyllis...

Sharon: It's christian. You're not his father.

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