Y&R Transcript Friday 2/16/18

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/16/18


Episode #11343 ~ Phyllis receives a threat; Noah makes an announcement; Devon stumbles upon a secret.

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Previously on the young and the restless ...

Hilary: The place where i chose my donor has an outstanding reputation.

Jordan: I'm sure it does.

Hilary: You are just trying to mess with my head. Okay, there are regulations in place for that.

Jordan: Well, some of them play by the rules, and some of them don'T.

Devon: I'm not alone, actually.

Simone: A little closer now

Devon: Simone and I came together.

Noah: I just came by to extend an invitation. Top of the tower. Uh, I just have an announcement that I want to make. I want to make sure the whole family's there at the same time.

Victor: If you pull another thing like that fake website, you'll be alone. You'll have lost everything.

Nick: I want to believe in this family just like you do.

Chelsea: Is that a yes? Will you marry me?

Nick: There you go. Guess it's official.

Chelsea: Not quite yet.

Nick: What are you talking about? I accepted your proposal. Put a ring on it. I mean, what's left?

Chelsea: Got to seal it with a kiss.

Nick: Oh, okay.

Chelsea: It's honestly so gorgeous. I can't stop staring at it. It really puts that t-shirt i gave you to shame.

Nick: What are you talking about? I mean...

[ Chelsea laughs ] I love it. I mean it. I love it so much, I think I'm gonna wear it tonight to the family dinner.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Okay, my sweet, gorgeous, sparkly new friend, time to put you back in the box for a few hours.

Nick: You don't think tonight would be a good night to make our announcement?

Chelsea: Do you?

Phyllis: That column right there, that has the serial numbers from the police report. And that column has the serial numbers from the money that victor gave lauren. Chelsea's been lying to us. For weeks. She's behind the fake website. She's behind fenmore's scam.

Billy: This doesn't look good.

Phyllis: No, it isn't good. And there's no way she can con her way out of this one. The only thing I need to figure out is how I'm gonna expose her for the thief she is.

Devon: Hey. You two still here?

Hilary: Well, I was gonna grab a bite. If, um, you want to join me.

Devon: Actually, I'm not off the clock. I'm just picking up some paperwork.

Hilary: Well, if it's gc buzz related, maybe we can go over it together.

Devon: Actually, it's some stuff for simone to sign. We're gonna be going pretty late in the studio tonight.

Charlie: Think I could tag along?

Hilary: I've already given you a task. It's -- it's a very important one, okay? There could be information on these thumb drives that I could re-purpose for those segments that you want me to produce.

Charlie: I've already gone through so many of them.

Devon: Do you need them all done tonight?

Hilary: Okay, well, no --

Devon: Well, if it's cool, let him finish them on monday. I can use him in the studio. It'll let me focus on simone more.

Hilary: Well, of course.

Charlie: Yes!

Devon: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Hilary: Well, we all need to work as a team here, right?

Devon: That's right.

Nikki: Am I keeping you from anything important?

Lily: No, you're actually saving me from an excruciating torture session. Spin class.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Oh, I see.

Lily: There's another class later. I can save you a spot.

Nikki: Uh, no, no. That's, uh, quite all right, thank you.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Nikki: No, I just wanted to follow up with you about the conversation we had the other day. I was able to speak to victor about your concerns regarding ashley and victoria, but I'm afraid I had no luck. Victor seems more than happy that those two are locking horns.

Lily: Yeah, I figured as much. But thank you for trying.

Nikki: Just keep your head down and try to get out of the cross fire.

Lily: Yeah, well, actually i got a break from the tension this week. Cane and I said I do again on valentine's day.

Nikki: Oh, that's wonderful.

Lily: Yeah. We actually got the idea from you and victor. So, you know what they say about imitation.

Nikki: Well, I'm very flattered. But remember, pomp and circumstance don't hold a candle to romance and intimacy. So I would advise, from this point on, forge your own path.

Chelsea: Does this dress make me look...engaged? Does this?

Nick: Okay. You decided to go with the ring.

Chelsea: Well, we still haven't come to a consensus. To tell or not to tell? That is still the question.

Nick: If we knew what noah was up to, it might help us decide, too.

Chelsea: Well, noah's a roll-with-the-punches kind of guy, like his dad. We're not gonna steal his thunder.

Nick: There's someone else's reaction we should consider here -- my dad'S. You know, we may not want to hear what he has to say in a public place.

Chelsea: I don't care what victor thinks. But I guess you're right. For noah's sake, we don't want to give him any ammo. We don't want him causing a scene. Um... I have an idea. Look. I won't take the ring off, but I won't wave it around, either. If people notice, they notice. If they don't, they don'T. Deal?

Nick: Deal.

Victor: So, now that the time has come to tell the family of your decision, are you having second thoughts?

Noah: No.

Victor: I'm proud of you. Well, let's just hope the rest of the family feels the same way, because convincing them that this is what I want is not gonna be easy.

Victor: Together, we'll make it happen. All right?

Noah: All right.

Victor: There you go.

Nikki: Well, this is a first. No cameras, no reporters, no spinmeisters from power communications to tell us where to stand, when to paste on a smile.

Victor: Well, not every newman gathering is a publicity stunt.

Nikki: Oh, yeah? Since when? And what are you and noah up to?

Victor: For your information, noah is coming into his own as a newman.

Nikki: Ah. Now I'm more concerned than ever.

Victor: What kind of remark is that? You know my devotion and my love for my grandchildren. And that I'll do anything to protect them.

Phyllis: Hil, call me back. Pronto.

Billy: You're not doing what I think you're doing, right?

Phyllis: If you were thinking I was leaving a message for my friend, that's exactly what I was doing.

Billy: Right. But this particular friend just happens to host a tv show.

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm playing with the idea of exposing chelsea's crime on

the hilary hour.

Billy: But hilary's show is all, like, warm and fuzzy, and this is more of a gotcha moment. It's not gonna work for you.

Phyllis: Well, I bet that she'd go back to her tabloid roots for something this juicy. Think about how chelsea got so huffy when she was outed for being a partner in con with jordan. I mean, I think this would vindicate hilary.

Billy: You can't go to hilary with this yet. You don't even have all the facts.

Phyllis: Have you forgotten about the serial numbers? She can't talk her way out of that fact.

Billy: There's a missing link in that information train of yours -- victor. How did he get his hands on the money that was stuffed in chelsea's wall?

Phyllis: He discovered what she was up to. He stole the money, gave it back to lauren.

Billy: How'd he do it? Why is he involved?

Phyllis: He's victor. He always gets mixed up in stuff like this. Come on.

Billy: Look, all I'm saying is that before you go wrecking chelsea's life, maybe you should be more specific about the facts, okay? Maybe -- maybe victor is framing her.

Phyllis: Why are you defending her?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Chelsea's not the same person that showed up on my doorstep, pregnant, all those years ago, okay? She has worked very hard to get her life back on track, and i don't think she's just gonna throw it away on something like this. And if she does, then it's got to be for a really good reason.

Phyllis: She can tell it to a judge. I'm not interested.

Billy: Wow.

[ Scoffs ] Haven't you had a moment in your life where [Sighs] Somebody jumped to the wrong conclusion, and if you had a second to just, you know, explain yourself, maybe things would have turned out differently?

Phyllis: Maybe once, maybe twice.

Billy: Well, I've had many of them, okay, and it sucks when people don't give you the benefit of the doubt. So before you go throwing chelsea to the wolves, maybe you should just try and get her side of the story.

Phyllis: I tried. Her lips were sealed.

Billy: Then let me talk to her. Okay? I'll talk to her. Maybe she'll open up to a friendly face. I'll come back, and I'll tell you word for word everything she says.

Phyllis: That's fine. One last chance.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: But there is no way I'm going to hear what she has to say secondhand. So I'm going with you.

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

Noah: So, where's mariah?

Sharon: Uh, she's home sick.

Noah: [ Scoffs ] Is she sick-sick or is she

things are still weird between us so she's not coming sick?

Sharon: Something's going around. She's been home sick for a few days.

Noah: Mm-hmm. I'll take your word for it.

Sharon: Noah, things between you two will get better. In fact, she asked me to text her as soon as you make your big announcement. So is there any way I could pry it out of you sooner?

Noah:. Mnh-mnh. Sorry. You're just gonna have to wait. Oh, but not long.

Nick: Hello.

Noah: Dad and chelsea are here.

Nikki: Hey.

Victor: Well, well. I'm glad you could make it. Thank you.

Nick: Well, my son invited me, so I wouldn't miss it. Mother, you look beautiful.

Nikki: Oh, thank you, darling.

Nick: Did we beat victoria and J.T. Here?

Nikki: Victoria is stuck in a meeting, and J.T. Is babysitting. Chelsea, you look beautiful.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Nick: Doesn't she.

Victor: Well, now that we're all here, noah, perhaps you tell everyone why. (Cat 1) friskies world...

Charlie: Man, that was epic. On that second take, when you had simone singing at an off-axis angle, was that to clean up sibilance?

Devon: Yes, it is, actually. That's a good catch. I'm glad you can hear the difference.

Charlie: Simone killed that song. With her on board, lp streaming's gonna blow up.

Lily: Where have you been?

Devon: Hey.

Charlie: I was at the recording studio with uncle devon.

Lily: I've been calling you.

Charlie: I turned my phone off when we got there.

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Sorry. It's my fault. Is everything all right?

Lily: No. Charlie's late for hockey practice.

Charlie: Man. I lost track of time.

Lily: Well, when you weren't answering your phone, your coach called me to check on you. So, come on. There's still time to get you there. Why aren't you moving?

Charlie: Can't I just hang out here?

Lily: What?

Charlie: I want to listen to the final mix of the song with uncle devon. It's okay if I miss one practice.

Lily: Uh, no, it's not okay. You made a commitment.

Charlie: [ Sighs ] Help me out, here.

Devon: I agree with your mom, man. You gave people your word. You have to keep it.

Charlie: [ Sighs ] Well, I gave my word to hilary earlier for that assignment, and you let me ditch that.

Devon: No, I didn't let you ditch anything. You asked hilary's permission, and she agreed to let you move your work to another day. Do you see the difference?

Charlie: Yeah. I guess so.

Devon: Look, if you're serious about being a producer, it begins with building a good work ethic and letting people know you're dependable. If you start bad habits like bailing on your team now, it's not gonna serve you well in the future, man.

Charlie: We better jet.

Devon: Yeah. That's a smart move.

Lily: Thank you.

Noah: So, after the plans to expand the underground were scrapped, uh, I wasn't really sure what I was gonna do. And then grandpa set me up with the job here, but I was still struggling with whether or not it was the right fit. And then my personal life, you know, took a hit. Feeling sorry for myself. But then grandpa gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to make some serious life changes. Made me realize that I don't want to just keep on waiting for things to happen. I want to make them happen. And first step is finding a new job. Something that will excite and challenge me. And thanks to grandpa, I think I've found that. So, I have accepted a position at newman enterprises in the mumbai office.

Nikki: Wh-what?

Sharon: You're moving to india? When?

Noah: Tomorrow.

Sharon: Tomorrow?!

Nick: Noah, this is a life-changing decision. Don't you think we should take some time and discuss this?

Sharon: I-I know that you want to shake things up, but this is an extreme way to do it. If you have to work at newman, you can work right here. This is your home. It's where your family is.

Noah: There's not an opening here like the one in mumbai. And, you know, it's mumbai, mom. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Nick: You have done the suit-and-tie thing before. You hated it. What makes you think it's gonna be any different this time?

Noah: Before, it was too cutthroat. I hated competing, all right, having to one-up somebody to get ahead, usually a family member. But with this job, it's gonna be with a proper team. I'm not gonna be treated any different from anyone else. And I'm not gonna be tied down to a desk or wearing a suit and tie all the time. Most of the job is gonna be in the field, getting hands-on experience, interacting with some of the greatest innovators in india. I wouldn't have accepted grandpa's offer if I had any doubts.

Nick: You know, I hope you made this offer for noah's sake and not just to prove a point.

Victor: You may not want to assume the mantle of the newman name, son, but noah does. I couldn't be more proud of his decision.

Billy: Sorry for popping in unannounced, monique. It's just, uh --

Phyllis: Is chelsea here?

Monique: Oh, I'm sorry. She's not here.

Phyllis: Ohh. Darn it.

Billy: Okay.

Phyllis: We had some fabulous news for her about her clothing line. We wanted to tell her before it hit the internet. Right, honey?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah. It's not something you tell someone over the phone. You kind of want to see their reaction, you know.

Phyllis: Boy, do I. Do you have any idea when she'll be back home?

Monique: No. She and nick went to top of the tower for a family get-together.

[ Child cries ] Oh, that's my cue.

Phyllis: We'll show ourselves out. Thanks, monique.

Billy: Thanks.

[ Sighs ] You're not planning on hiding behind the couch and ambushing her when she walks through the door, are you?

Phyllis: No, no. I just plan on crashing that party.

Victor: I think it would be a good idea if you made a toast to our grandson.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Okay. But the next time one of our family members up and leaves to another country...

Victor: Mm.

Nikki: ...I would appreciate a head's up.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

[ Sighs ]

[ Glass tings ] I would like to propose a toast. To my dear grandson.

Sharon: Oh, my god!

Nikki: Sharon, what is it?

Sharon: Are you two --

Nick: Yes. We are engaged.

Nikki: When did this happen?

Nick: Uh, last night. Uh, actually, [Chuckling] Chelsea popped the question, and I of course said yes.

Noah: Wait, wait, wait. Why didn't you say anything?

Chelsea: Well, we didn't want to steal your thunder.

Noah: Come on! This is great. You guys, congratulations!

Nikki: Well, I am very happy for both of you.

Chelsea: We appreciate that. Um... should we tell them our other news?

Nikki: Oh, my god. You're pregnant.

Chelsea: Uh, no. No. But I am gonna be a mom again. After the wedding, nick will be adopting connor, and I will be adopting christian. So, in the eyes of the law, they will officially be brothers.

Byron: That smile could light...

Hilary: What? You're so stunning, I forgot my pickup line.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] Okay. If it will help you remember, I guess you can move a little closer.I will. Hmm. Still nothing. Better close that gap.

Hilary: Do I know you from somewhere? Because you look familiar.

Byron: Name's byron. Ring any bells?

Hilary: No.

Byron: And you are?

Hilary: Yes, I know. I'm hilary curtis. Host of the hilary hour.

Byron: That's a tv show, right?

Hilary: Yeah, a nationally syndicated, top-rated tv show.

Byron: I'll have to check it out.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] Yeah.

Byron: Work keeps me pretty busy, but I'm sure I can make the time.

Hilary: Mm-hmm. What do you do?

Byron: I work for a consulting firm. Got the job straight out of college. Stanford. Could that be where we know each other from?

Hilary: No. No.

Byron: Okay. Where'd you grow up?

Hilary: Evanston.

Byron: Get out! I spent a lot of time there as a teen.

Hilary: What? My aunt owns a comedy club. Must be in the blood, 'cause stand-up's a hobby of mine.

Hilary: Oh.

Byron: I know. I know. It's not what you'd expect looking at me. But I find it helpful in business. I have to think on my feet all the time. You should come check out a show. It's a riot. I'll comp your ticket.

Hilary: [ Sighs ] Have you, by any chance, um... ever made A...donation?

Byron: As many and as often as possible.

Hilary: Oh --

Byron: All tax-deductible, of course.

Hilary: Oh, no, no.

[ Laughs ] Not that kind of a donation. I meant a more life-changing donation, one that doesn't show up on your tax return for nine months.

Byron: Oh, you're talking about sperm donation.

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Byron: Yeah. I make a lot of those, as well. My genes deserve to be passed down to as many byrons and briannas as possible. Are you in the market for some solid dna? Because our babies would be off the hook.

Hilary: Uh-huh... heh, heh...

Byron: Is that why I look familiar? Were you window-shopping at the reproductive labs?

Hilary: I did a little more than window-shopping.

Sharon: So. You proposed to nick?

Chelsea: I did. You want all the details?

Sharon: Answers, actually. Yeah, just the other week, you were saying you wished that nick would be more like adam. And then you were crying over a broken perfume bottle because adam had given it to you.

Chelsea: I told you, I freaked out for a second. It was a momentary lapse in judgment.

Sharon: Well, you went from doubting thomas to blushing bride in record time. And then, the other day, I found you at adam's memorial plaque.

Chelsea: I was there to say goodbye, sharon. To ask adam for his blessing. Allow me to move on with my life. I realized I'd been clinging to romanticized memories of my life with adam, when in reality our life was very painful and messy. And I don't want that life for me or my son. And for the record, I never said I didn't love nick, because I do love nick. He's the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and create new memories, okay? So instead of attacking me and throwing things in my face, things I said to you when I was in a very vulnerable position, why don't you just say you're happy for us and keep your opinions to yourself?

Nick: Sharon, come here. Can I show you this, too? It's up here by the mail.

Victor: So. You think you're quite the clever girl, don't you?

Chelsea: Are you here to congratulate me or threaten to take my son away from me again?

Victor: So this is all a matter of legality. Nothing to do with love, does it?

Chelsea: That is not true.

Victor: Was this marriage a way to make sure that you keep my grandchildren away from me?

Chelsea: Nick and I love each other, and that is why we are getting married.

Victor: You may have convinced nicholas of that... but you haven't convinced me.

Chelsea: Don't waste your breath trying to convince him otherwise. Considering the sorry state of your relationship, I don't think he'd listen to anything you have to say. We are about to get our happily ever after, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Victor: Really? We'll see.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: Looks like you could use a refill.

Chelsea: Uh, you know what?

Nick: Wait --

Chelsea: No. Um... let's get married right away.

Nick: Wow. What did my dad say to you?

Chelsea: No, this isn't about victor. This is about us doing something fun and spontaneous. Like the time we went to new orleans, you know? It'll be great. It's exciting. It'll give us a story to tell our kids -- what are they doing here?

Hilary: Um... your profile, it said that you were a track star in college.

Byron: The fastest. My record for the 100-meter dash still hasn't been broken.

Hilary: Heh. Okay. And your, um, family medical history. It said that --

Byron: Let me put your mind at ease, okay? My profile is 100% legit. You hit the genetic jackpot. So, when are you due?

Hilary: Um, I'm not -- I'm not even sure if I'm pregnant.

Byron: [ Sighs ] Meeting like this couldn't be a coincidence. The universe obviously wants us to procreate. And I thank her, because i couldn't think of a more worthy vessel to carry my offspring. We could go upstairs -- increase your chances the old-fashioned way.

Hilary: Okay. We're done here.

Byron: [ Scoffs ]

Hilary: No, no. You don't have to say anything, because nothing is gonna change my mind. Just hit the road, byron.

Byron: Your loss.

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Hey. I saw you with that guy. You all right?

Hilary: No. No, because -- I could be pregnant, and that could be the father. Oh, my gosh.

Devon: Boy. Okay. So, I, uh -- I take it he's not what you expected?

Hilary: On paper, ideal. In real life, ha, ha, a complete jerk! What if my kids turns out to be like him?!

Devon: That's not gonna happen.

Hilary: Oh, how can you be so sure?

Devon: I didn't grow up to be a drug addict like my biological mom. Or an arrogant ladies' man like my bio dad, right? When I met the winters, they taught me how to act. All right? They gave me the tools to grow into a mature and responsible adult. I'm living proof that behavior is taught, not inherited.

Hilary: Well, I pray that that is true.

Devon: You don't have anything to worry about. Your kid is not gonna be a jerk, because mama hilary would never let that happen. You know that.

Phyllis: Chelsea doesn't look like she has a care in the world.

Chelsea: Excuse me.

Phyllis: This is my chance.

Billy: Hold on a second. I thought you said that I get to talk to her first, right?

Phyllis: Five minutes.

Billy: Chelsea? Do you have a second?

Phyllis: You know, I saw phyllis giving me the evil eye earlier. She better not try to cause a scene, and she better not try to fill nick's head with her crazy accusations.

Billy: Yeah, believe me, I tried to stop her from coming.

Chelsea: Okay. So you believe me. You're on my side.

Billy: [ Sighs ] We were close for a while a few years back, and i am having a hard time believing that the chelsea that I grew to know, that I care about, is the same chelsea that would pull a scam on fenmore's like that.

Chelsea: Yeah --

Billy: But if she did, I would think you would have a hell of a reason. Maybe somebody made you do it.

Chelsea: Phyllis is wrong, okay? I didn't create some phony website. I didn't -- I'm not trying to cheat my friends out of --

Billy: Hold on a second. You and nick engaged?

Chelsea: Yep. Nick doesn't have any doubts about me. And neither should you.

Billy: Chelsea --

Phyllis: What happened? Did she confess? Or did she spin a web of lies to cover her butt? She's wearing a new ring, phyllis.

Phyllis: Why are we talking about jewelry?

Billy: Because it's on her left hand.

Phyllis: No. She's engaged?

Billy: So if nick put aside his trust issues, I think it's time you let this vendetta go.

Phyllis: Like hell I will.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: So. Our son is working for newman, moving away. You're engaged. I wonder what other surprises are in store for us tonight?

Nick: Sorry to blindside you.

Sharon: It was pretty shocking.

Nick: Honestly, we weren't planning on making any announcement.

Sharon: Actually, I -- I feel silly shouting out the way that I did. I turned what was supposed to be a joyous moment into a spectacle.

Nick: Don't worry about it.

Sharon: Are you positive this is what you want? You had some pretty big trust issues with chelsea just a few days ago.

Nick: Trust is a two-way street. Chelsea certainly wasn't very happy that I lied to her about meeting up with phyllis at the coffeehouse.

Sharon: I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Nick: It's -- it's okay. We were able to hash some things out. Chelsea answered all of my questions about phyllis' accusations. Honestly, I should have been more understanding. I mean, other than this blip, things have been great between us. So, it makes sense to make it official.

Sharon: Sounds more like a merger than a marriage.

Nick: There's a million reasons why I want to marry chelsea, but I don't think my ex would want to hear any of them.

Sharon: So... were you surprised when she proposed?

Nick: Yeah. I was floored. Um... yeah. She just beat me to the punch. I mean, that's kind of the way this was going. Uh, it's the next natural step for us.

Billy: Can we just go home? I'll give you the kind of massage that takes your mind off of chelsea.

Phyllis: She's desperate to get her little claws into nick because she is guilty as sin.

Billy: Everybody seems to be on board with the engagement. You expose her now, you're gonna ruin her and nick's life, including the children.

Phyllis: Better now than after they tie the knot. If chelsea does something else that's illegal, it could make nick an accessory. She's not gonna hesitate to throw him under the bus.

[ Sighs ] No. It's better now that he loses a fiancée than everything later. Look, you had your chance. All right? Now it's my turn.

Billy: Phyllis. Phyllis!

Chelsea: Excuse me.

Phyllis: We need to chat.

Chelsea: Get out of my way.

Phyllis: I have irrefutable proof that you stole from fenmore'S. I got my hands on some bills that victor gave lauren to replace the money that was stolen from her. The money you stole from her. I had someone track the serial numbers. The serial numbers matched on the cash that nick found in your home. The cash you hid in your wall. You think that's a coincidence? I don't think so. I know you created the website, and I know that you bilked lauren out of a lot of money. You don't feel like sharing, do you? Okay. I'll tell you what. Maybe this will make you fess up. Did you know that because people all around the country used your scam site, it makes it a federal offense? Meaning you're gonna be locked up for a very long time, watching your son grow up through plexiglass.

Chelsea: Hmm. If you have this proof you speak of, why are you standing here talking to me? Why aren't you tattling to nick? Or, I don't know, better yet, the police?

Phyllis: Because I didn't want to make nick or his family collateral damage.

Chelsea: How noble.

[ Laughs ] Phyllis summers, protector of the innocent! Well, I'm gonna tell you what. If you keep this up, people are gonna get hurt.

Phyllis: You need to check your attitude, because I am willing to let you off scot-free. And all you have to do is give back that shiny new engagement ring back to nick and end your relationship with him now.

Billy: Hey, victor! How you doing? I hope you're doing well. Uh, listen, now that I got you here, uh, ashley's defection to newman -- is it really just a big master plan to take down the abbott family?

Phyllis: It should be a clean, simple break. Whatever way hurts the least.

Chelsea: There has to be another way.

Phyllis: Oh, there is. You ending up in handcuffs. Your son being ripped out of your arms. I'm offering you a way out. I don't know why you're not taking it.

Chelsea: Because forcing me to break nick's heart, that is not the answer. I can't do that.

Phyllis: I gave you your chance.

Chelsea: No. No! You say one word to nick, he will be destroyed.

Phyllis: Someone has an awfully high opinion of herself. I think he's gonna get over you just fine.

Chelsea: I am not talking about myself. What he could lose, you cannot even fathom. Introducing fresh step clean paws,

Devon: So, simone's song has just been uploaded onto the server.

Hilary: Mm.

Devon: We can order your favorite dessert and have a listening party, if you like.

Hilary: Well, my food will be out soon, so I'll pass. But thanks for the invite.

Devon: Are you feeling any better?

Hilary: Much. Thank you for everything you said earlier.

Devon: If you change your mind about the song, I'll be in my office.

Devon: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Did charlie make his practice?

Lily: Yeah, he did. And I made it back in time for spin class.

Devon: Good. Enjoy it.

Lily: Thank you. I'll try.

Devon: I'll see you.

Lily: I wanted to talk to you about charlie's internship.

Hilary: Well, hello to you, too, lily.

Lily: He just told me that most of the work he's doing is for your show.

Hilary: Okay, if he's complaining, I am not picking on him. I treat him like every other intern. So if you're here to read me the riot act, you can just keep moving, because I am not in the mood.

Lily: Okay. For once, I wasn't planning on throwing shade at you. I just wanted your opinion. I mean, between school and sports and hamilton-winters, i feel like charlie has taken a lot on, and I just want to know if you think it's too much.

Hilary: Okay. Um... honestly, charlie's one of the only interns that I can count on, so that's why I pile on the assignments. Lily, you should -- you should be proud of him.

Lily: I am. Um, okay. Well, the gym's calling my name. Uh, by the way, I watched a few episodes of your show recently, and... you know, it wasn't completely un-watchable, so...

Hilary: Careful, lily. That was almost a compliment.

Devon: First thing. You got it. All right. Take care.

Hilary: How long has this affair been going on?

Juliet: It's not an affair. Cane and I had sex one time.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] I'm a little surprised. Cane and lily seem so...happy.

Juliet: They are. Look, it was no big deal. It just happened. It meant nothing. I have zero interest in cane. Zero.

Hilary: But after you had sex, you got a job at brash & sassy. Did sleeping with him have anything to do with it?

Juliet: No! This isn't a gossip-show scandal, hilary.

Hilary: The hilary hour doesn't do salacious gossip anymore. I want to empower women to live their best lives. And if a supervisor is taking advantage of you --

Juliet: He's not.

Devon: Wow. Wow.

Sharon: Is this absolutely, positively what you want?

Noah: Yeah, it is.

Sharon: Working with your grandfather has a way of changing people. I don't want you falling into that trap.

Noah: I'll be careful.

Nick: I feel like this is my fault. If I had just rebuilt the club, then you wouldn't be doing this. We'd be working side by side. I'd get to see you all the time.

Noah: I'm gonna miss you like crazy, too, all right? But I need a break from all your dad jokes. Look, your heart wasn't in running underground. I don't want you to be miserable just to keep me around. All right? This isn't your fault. Nobody's to blame. I'm just taking my life in a different direction, same as you.

Nick: There's no talking you out of this?

Noah: No.

Sharon: All right. Then I'm going to expect daily e-mails, texts, video chats. And promise me that you'll come home as often as you can.

Noah: Look, I'm gonna be back for dad and chelsea's wedding.

Sharon: Oh, it takes forever to plan ceremonies like that. By the time they get around to it, you'll already have moved on from india.

Nick: Well, I don't know about that. You may be back sooner than you think. Chelsea wants to get married right away.

Billy: Let's be honest -- what better way to stick it to jack than to hire his sister, right? That's the real reason why she's on the payroll, correct?

Victor: You finally finished with your drivel?

Nikki: Are you harassing my husband about ashley's employment?

Billy: No! I'm questioning his motives. I mean, I wouldn't say harassment.

Nikki: I suggest you take that up with ashley, because she came over to newman of her own free will.

Billy: Yeah, I-I understand that. You know, but she's my sister, and I care about her, and i worry about her, so, you know...

Victor: What's this all about?

Billy: Hm?

Victor: Huh? You know damn well that ashley can take care of herself. But why did you come here and hijack my party? Where's your date? What's she up to?

Chelsea: Let go of me!

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Chelsea: I know a secret. And if it comes out, it will decimate nick.

Phyllis: You're bluffing. And by the time this elevator gets back up to the restaurant, it's gonna be your life that's decimated. So you better enjoy your few minutes of freedom.

Chelsea: Nick isn't christian's father. Adam is. And I swear to god, if you continue this vendetta against me, he's gonna find out the truth, Phyllis, and it's gonna be on you.

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