Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/14/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/14/18


Episode #11341 ~ Victor and Nikki keep up appearances; Billy plans a romantic surprise; Cane and Lily renew their wedding vows.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Cane: Valentine's day would be perfect to renew our vows.

Lily: Really?

Cane: That's our special day.

Devon: This is simone. She is a fantastic singer who we are hoping to sign to lp.

Phyllis: I'm not gonna stop until I prove she ran that scam.

Nick: I need you to look me in my eyes and tell me that phyllis is wrong.

Chelsea: If you don't know what is truly in my heart, then we probably shouldn't be together.

Victoria: Billy and I, we were over a long time ago. You're the only man that I want. Wake up, darling look into my eyes something's different I think it's you and I feel my heart, it beats for you tell me if you feel it, too open the windows let the sunlight dance feel my heart, it beats for you tell me if you feel it, too

[ Doorbell ringing ]

Chelsea: All right, all right, all right!

Lily: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god. Thank god you are here. Cane and I are renewing our vows, and I really need your help.

Phyllis: Aren't you the sweetest thing.

Billy: Well, there's not a card in the universe that really captures your true essence, so I had to add a few words of my own.

Phyllis: It's perfect. I love it.

Billy: Not as much as I love you.

Phyllis: I feel the same. And I don't think a card really could capture it, so I -- I do have another way to show you.

Billy: Oh, is that right?

Phyllis: Yes.

Billy: What could that be?

Phyllis: Hmm.

Billy: Oh, you're bad.

Phyllis: Oh, you are, too. And I would never change it.

Billy: Mm. About this, um... surprise that you mentioned...

Phyllis: Oh, I did?

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: Hm.

Billy: You've been teasing me with it all day.

Phyllis: Oh, that surprise.

Billy: You want to give me a little -- just a small little hint, maybe?

Phyllis: Then it wouldn't be a surprise. I will give it to you later. At the valentine's event.

Billy: Oh, really? Okay. Well, guess what? I may just have a bigger, better surprise for you, too.

Phyllis: Really?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: How big? Oh, manatees. Aka "the sea cow."

Mattie: What are you doing?

Cane: I'm, uh, looking for the perfect music for tonight. Something that will capture the love your mom and I have for each other.

Mattie: Let me.

Cane: What?

Mattie: Uh, your shirt. You're gonna scorch it.

Cane: Oh! Cool. Thanks.

Mattie: Yeah.

Cane: Appreciate it.

Mattie: Why are you so nervous? It's not like you and mom haven't done this before.

Cane: We're not just going through the motions here, okay? This is one of the most important nights of our lives because we nearly lost everything that mattered. And that taught us to appreciate what we have together every single day, okay? So, if I look nervous or excited or incredibly happy, I am. And many things more.

Lily: This is the dress I wore to my first wedding.

Chelsea: Oh, it's lovely.

Lily: It belonged to my mother.

Chelsea: Wow.

Lily: Yeah. I had the sillhouette updated to make it more modern.

Chelsea: Mm.

Lily: And then... this is the dress I wore to my second wedding in france. So I don't know which one to wear, but either way, they'll both need minor adjustments. I'm -- [ Sighs ] I'm so sorry to barge in on you like this. We literally decided this last minute, and I don't want to ruin any plans you might have with nick.

Nick: No, no. Don't worry about it. Nick is running late, actually. Besides, I'm, um -- I'm really happy for you and cane. I think it's amazing that you've overcome your obstacles.

Lily: Thank you. I didn't think we would in a million years, but... now that we have...

[ Inhales deeply ] I don't know what to wear.

[ Laughs ]

Chelsea: Okay, sit down. Sit down. Talk to me. Um... tell me about the two dresses. Tell me how you felt when you wore them.

Lily: Oh, okay. Um... well, I -- [ Sighs ] I mean, the first wedding, you know, I was just young and idealistic. I thought everything about our relationship was perfect. You know, kind of swept up in the romance of it. And then, by the second wedding, things were different. We, um, got through my cancer. We had the twins. Survived some rough patches I still can't believe. And I think we just realized how fragile marriage can be.

Chelsea: Mm. Well... [ Sighs ] You should wear them both.

Lily: What? How?

Chelsea: Well, um, we can take a special piece of one dress and sew it onto the other dress. Make something really unique for your special day.

Lily: Oh, my gosh. I love that idea.

[ Chelsea laughs ] That's amazing. And it's gonna be the smallest ceremony ever -- just cane and me at the house with the twins and baby sam.

Chelsea: Simple and intimate, but memorable. That's perfect. I am gonna make you something that you will never forget. It'll make your day just perfect and fabulous.

Lily: Oh, my god. You are the best.

Chelsea: Yes!

Lily: I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much.

Chelsea: You're so welcome. Honestly, it's, um... it's inspiring. It's proof that love can find a way.

Victoria: Wow! Noah really outdid himself. The decorations look so beautiful!

J.T.: Oh, forget the decorations.

Victoria: What?

J.T.: You outshine them all in that dress I bought you.

Victoria: Thank you. You know, tonight feels really special. Like we're announcing to the whole world that we're a real couple.

J.T.: Because we are. I'm proud to be with you for everyone to see.

Victoria: I feel the same way.

[ Whispering ]

J.T.: [ Laughs ] All right.

Phyllis: [ Giggling ]


Phyllis: Hi. Thank you very much.

Billy: Thank you. Wow. Looks great in here.

Phyllis: Don't change the subject. Where did you sneak to before?

Billy: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?

Phyllis: Let's go say hi.

Billy: Yeah. Well, looks like cupid has been busy today.

J.T.: Yes, he has. How's it going?

Billy: Fantastic. How are you?

J.T.: Oh, couldn't be better.

Phyllis: I love your dress.

Victoria: Oh, thank you. J.T. Picked it out.

Phyllis: Well, he has very good taste.

J.T.: Thank you.

Hilary: Hello, valentine people.

Billy: Hey.

Hilary: How's everyone doing this evening?

Phyllis: Terrific.

Victoria: Excuse us, would you?

J.T.: Have a nice one.

Hilary: See, I could make a comment about that, but since today is all about the love, I won'T.

Billy: Probably a good call.

Phyllis: I'm very glad you're here. I'm gonna grab that table, okay? Come join us.

Hilary: No, no. You don't want me tagging along, cramping your style or anything. I'm -- I'm perfectly happy at the bar.

Billy: My style is impervious to outside cramping. Come on, it's a party. It's all about going big tonight, anyways.

Hilary: Oh.

Billy: Yeah. Between you and me, I have a pretty big surprise for phyllis later, so... I'm gonna grab some bubbly.

Hilary: Sparkling water for me, please.

Billy: Okay.

Devon: Hey, you.

Hilary: Well, hello.

Devon: You look great, as usual.

Hilary: So do you.

Devon: Thank you. I wasn't sure if I'd see you tonight. Will you save me a dance?

Hilary: Sure.

Devon: Thanks.

J.T.: Ugh.

Phyllis: The $10,000 in cash I gave you, were you able to match the serial numbers? Do we have proof chelsea stole it? For my constipation,

Victoria: Hi!

[ Sighs ] How did I do?

J.T.: A minute 56. Cutting it pretty close.

Victoria: Yeah, well, a promise is a promise.

J.T.: Mm-hmm. Well, I could use a drink. How about you?

Victoria: Yeah. I could. I could go for something really festive right now.

J.T.: Um, champagne?

Victoria: [ Gasps ] You thought of everything, didn't you?

J.T.: I try.

Victoria: Okay. So... what should we drink to?

J.T.: [ Sighs ] Anything but victor.

Victoria: To new beginnings.

J.T.: New beginnings.

Victoria: Cheers.

J.T.: What a dog and pony show, huh? People sucking up to victor, and him enjoying the whole spectacle. I don't know how nikki puts up with it. Victoria, for god's sake...

Victoria: I'm so sorry. I'm just finishing up. My father needed me to follow up on something and -- look, I'm putting it away right now. It's gone. Heh. I'm all yours.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

[ Mid-tempo music plays ]

Hilary: So, I seem to have an opening on my dance card.

Devon: Well, let's do it, then.

Hilary: [ Laughs ] You were always a great dancer.

Devon: Well, you're not so bad yourself.

Hilary: So, I'm surprised to see you here alone. I hope you're not working all night.

Devon: Well, I'm not alone, actually.

Simone: Come on and sit a little closer now

I've got somethin' for you

Devon: Simone and I came together.

Hilary: So, you're here with her as the owner of the streaming service?

Devon: Uh... actually, we're kind of, uh, seeing each other.

Hilary: Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Yeah. Afterwards, we were thinking of taking the jet for a little spin.

Hilary: For a private party closer to the stars. Lovely.

Devon: Yeah. Hilary, it's --

Hilary: Um, thank you for the dance, okay?

Don't hold it back, the things you wanna do

'cause I'll give in

I will fall

Billy: Ahh. Nothing like good champagne.

Phyllis: Mm.

Billy: Although, it's not for everyone.

Phyllis: No?

Billy: No. Take J.T. Over there. More like a shot-and-a-beer kind of guy, trying to fit in with the rich kids. He's been that way since walnut grove. If there was a potted plant over there, he'd be dumping his bubbly the minute that victoria turned her back.

[ Phyllis chuckles ] Ol' smiley over there. More like a top-notch tequila kind of guy. Never met a worm in a bottle that he didn't like. Of course, he drove nikki to drink so much she had to swear off the stuff.

Phyllis: You're going to hell for that one.

Billy: Probably. I'm still trying to figure out how they're still married. Honestly, if there's two people in the world that should not be, it's those two.

Phyllis: You got marriage on the brain tonight, don't you?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Plenty of other parties in town.

Chelsea: Hell no. That's exactly what phyllis would want. We're not going anywhere. I have nothing to hide.

Billy: [ Clucking tongue ] Hey. Play nice, okay? This is a party. We're supposed to be having fun.

Phyllis: I won't say a word.

Billy: Or make a scene?

Phyllis: Not until I have confirmation.

Billy: Of what, exactly?

Phyllis: I asked J.T. To do me a favor...

Billy: Phyllis --

Phyllis: ...That's gonna prove that chelsea is guilty as sin.

Billy: All right, let's change the subject, okay? Let's talk about the surprise you have for me. Now, tell me, is it bigger than a bread box, or is it...

Phyllis: Um, I need to powder my nose. Excuse me.

Nick: You know, I have no idea how my mom does it, goes along with this happy charade with my dad. She smiles for the cameras.

Chelsea: Why don't we just focus on each other and this wonderful night we get to spend together? To love.

Nick: To us.

Billy: Where's J.T.?

Victoria: He's in the men's room, why?

Billy: Great. Let's dance. I want to continue our conversation we were having earlier about marriage.

Victoria: What is going on with you? Why do you keep bringing that up?

Billy: Oh, no, no, no. Phyllis and I, after everything we've been through, we are in a fantastic place, and I'm not gonna let anything ruin that.

Victoria: Like what?

Billy: Other people's expectations, like the "shoulda" that society puts on you. Look, relationships, they start out romantic and fantastic, and before you know it, you're sinking in quicksand and drowning in misery.

Victoria: Wow. You're really making falling in love sound so appealing right now.

[ Laughs ]

Billy: Huh? Well, I haven't exactly had the best of luck in relationships.

Victoria: You know anyone who has?

Billy: Now that you mention it...

Victoria: It just depends on what you want. I mean, if you don't want to mess things up, then don'T. You control your own destiny. Although, if you and phyllis got married, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, would it? Maybe you could have a few kids. Five, six tops.

Billy: Hold on a second. Are you pulling my leg there?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] You're a good dad. You love being a father.

Billy: Well, thank you for saying that, but ix-nay the kids talk, all right?

Victoria: Okay, fine.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Okay. I'm serious. I mean, have you discussed it with phyllis?

Billy: The closest we got is today. She keeps teasing me with this surprise that she has for me.

Victoria: You know that can only mean one thing today. Your girlfriend's gonna propose to you.

Billy: No, no, no, no, no, no.

[ Soft music playing ]

Mattie: Make sure there isn't a hole in your pocket.

Charlie: What?

Mattie: It's a reasonable concern.

Cane: Now, come on, guys.

Charlie: Can you even see the rings with your glasses off?

Mattie: I'm wearing contacts.

Charlie: Since when?

Cane: Kids.

Cane: You look stunning.

Lily: Chelsea took some pieces from my second wedding dress and added them to the first, so it's a little of both.

Mattie: Mom, that's perfect!

Lily: I know. It was her idea.

[ Sighs ] Well.

Cane: Well.

Lily: Here we go. Heh.

Charlie: Oh, yeah. Let's go, mom and dad!

Lily: [ Laughs ] When I was deciding what I wanted to say, I thought back to our first two ceremonies...

[ Cane chuckles ] ...And the vows that we made. And how I told you that every time you look at me, you give me butterflies.

Cane: Aw.

Lily: And that you always would. And it's true. You still do. And that I could trust you to always be honest and do the right thing.

Cane: I want to be that man. I can be that man.

Lily: I know. And that's why we're here, because I believe in second chances.

Cane: Mm-hmm. Actually, I remember that from your, uh, vows before. You said they were invented just for us.

Charlie: Wait, which time?

Mattie: The second.

Cane: All right.

[ Lily laughs ] Okay.

Lily: Well, it gave us time to learn and grow and live. You know, our first wedding, I was so naive. You know, our path wasn't easy, but... we hadn't really been tested. We hadn't had a chance to live through some of the bad choices that we made. And god knows, we've had plenty of growth experiences.

Mattie: Enough to last a lifetime. Look, you said that this was about all of us. That we need to say what's on our minds. So if we're being truly honest, we're not gonna make it through another ordeal like the last one. Hi, I'm mike ditka.

Cane: We've encouraged you guys to talk about your feelings, not keep them inside, okay, so it's all right.

Mattie: When things were bad, they were really bad.

Charlie: Yeah. I mean, mom threw dad out, and then next thing jordan was sitting in his chair. I was like, "what the hell?"

Mattie: And then dad moved back in. Not knowing if we could trust it. It was overwhelming, only not in a good way.

Cane: You know, we don't want to erase these feelings, okay? We want to learn from them, grow from them, okay, and be stronger because of that. Come here. Oh, baby.

Mattie: I'm so sorry for everything I've ever thought about you or said to you that was bad. Please say you'll forgive me.

Cane: Hey, you don't have to be sorry for anything, okay? Okay. Come here. All right.

Lily: I think the whole family should get in on this love fest.

Victoria: Hi. Where's the champagne?

J.T.: I had the waiter take it away.

Victoria: Why?

J.T.: I'd like to go home.

Victoria: But it's early.

J.T.: Yeah, I know. I don't feel great, and I got to be at work at 7:00 A.M. So...

Victoria: Well, the C.O.O. Gives you permission to sleep in...with the C.O.O.

J.T.: Look, I've had enough, okay? I want to go. If you want to stay, that's fine.

Victoria: I'm not gonna stay here without you. Just let me say goodbye to my parents.

J.T.: I'll meet you at the elevator.

Nikki: This has been a lovely evening.

Victor: I have another function I have to go to, all right, so I'll, um, see you in the morning.

Nikki: All right. I have another event to go to, as well.

Victor: Okay. Want me to have alphonse drive you?

Nikki: Oh, no, thank you. My transportation is taken care of.

Victor: Okay. Good.

Nikki: And in case I haven't said it... happy valentine's day.

Victor: Well, same to you.

Nick: We need to do this more often.

Chelsea: Go out dancing?

Nick: I forget how much I love this.

Chelsea: I'm aware that you still have some doubts.

Nick: I'm trying hard not to.

Chelsea: Here's the thing. You're right. I haven't been entirely forthcoming. It's time I told you the truth.

Phyllis: Hey.

Billy: Hey. There you are.

Phyllis: So, about that surprise --

Billy: So, about this -- you go ahead.

Phyllis: No, you.

Billy: No, no, no, no, no. I insist.

Simone: If I could have everyone's attention, please. I have an incredibly romantic valentine's announcement to make. Um, there's a very special couple in the audience here who love each other dearly. And we have the honor of sharing that love with them tonight. Tom, I believe you wanted to ask linda something?

[ Crowd exclaims ]

[ Laughter and applause ]


[ Cheers and applause ]

Billy: For a second there, I thought maybe --

Phyllis: [ Laughing ] I was a little worried --

Billy: Okay. Let's get back on track here. This surprise that you have for me?

Phyllis: Yeah. I, um... that obscenely expensive watch you've been panting about all year.

Billy: Phyllis, you didn't! Are you kidding me?

[ Phyllis laughs ] This is amazing! Thank you so much.

Phyllis: You're welcome. Okay. It's your turn. What about my surprise?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: What...? Oh, billy. Oh, my god.

Billy: It is the key to that classic, beautiful red sports car that you've had your eye on.

Phyllis: You didn't --

Billy: Yeah, I did.

Phyllis: I love it!

[ Billy laughs ]

[ Laughs ] And I love you! And I love us.

Billy: Just the way we are.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: Another bottle of champagne. What do you say?

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: You're lying to me? Again?

Chelsea: More like... a lie of omission. It was jordan. He's the person who created the phony website in order to rip off fenmore'S. And he's pulled this same scam a million times, so I knew right away it was him. That's the reason he wanted to see me at the coffeehouse. He wanted to offer me a cut. But I refused.

Nick: I don't get it. I mean, why would you let suspicion fall on you? Why not just throw jordan under the bus?

Chelsea: I would love to, but I'm scared of retaliation. What if he brings up more stuff about my past? What if he causes more trouble for me, for us?

Chelsea: Come on. Look how you reacted when all that stuff came out about me. Remember? Jordan, I mean, he can say whatever he wants about me, and people, all these people, are gonna believe it. Even if it's not true. Listen, I am -- listen to me. I am not that same person anymore. I just want to put all that stuff behind me.

Nick: I want so badly to believe you.

Chelsea: Well, if you don't, I mean, if you really think that I'm still lying to you, then maybe we need to re-evaluate this whole relationship. Maybe -- maybe we need to go our separate ways.

Nick: I love you. And I believe you. I know we're gonna be okay.

Chelsea: I love you, too. So much.

Victoria: You hardly said a word on the way home.

J.T.: Yeah, I'm tired. I'm just gonna go to bed, all right?

Victoria: I don't want to leave things like this. Look, I feel awful about the way the evening went. I should have put my phone away and -- and told dad we'd talk about business tomorrow. I'm sorry, especially after i promised I'd do better.

J.T.: It wasn't just victor and work getting in the way. You know, you spent half the night with billy.

Victoria: Well, he -- he wanted to talk.

J.T.: On the dance floor, with his arms all around you?

Victoria: About phyllis. And the possibility of marrying her.

J.T.: [ Scoffs ] Which I'm sure you tried to talk him out of.

Victoria: Where's this coming from?

J.T.: Being your plan "b" and feeling like it.

Victoria: You are being so unfair right now.

J.T.: Am I?

Victoria: I-I said that I was sorry, that it's my fault you didn't have fun tonight, and I don't understand why you can't just accept that.

J.T.: Well, you know what, sorry doesn't mean anything if you're gonna keep treating me like crap with this self-absorbed behavior, keeping billy on a string, being at your father's beck and call.

Victoria: We share kids. We're friends. Am I not allowed to talk to him? How insecure are you?!

J.T.: It's called respect! Try it sometime.

Victoria: Why don't you lower your voice! You're gonna wake up reed and the kids.

J.T.: Billy's kids! You know, maybe you want him here instead.

Victoria: No, of course I don'T.

J.T.: You treat me like -- like an outsider. It's clear you don't trust me.

Victoria: That's not true!

Cane: As beautiful and memorable as the other weddings were, there is something particularly special about this ceremony. Its simplicity. You know, we're not dealing with caterers or seating arrangements or guest lists. It's just you and me, talking to each other from our hearts.

Lily: Yes. Amen.

[ Chuckles ]

Cane: I'm blessed to have you in my life. And it's the first thing I think about every morning when I wake up.

Lily: Even when i grind the coffee loud enough to wake the dead?

Cane: Yeah, even then.

Charlie: Even when we're fighting over the bathroom?

Cane: Uh, yes. Even then. Even then.

[ Sam cries ] Even then, little man! Even then. I promise to be grateful for everything. To never allow myself to become complacent. To always make time for my family. To be open, and to never let anything between us be unsaid. To grow together in awareness and understanding, not just as individuals, but for each other. To honor and to always cherish this precious gift. And to love you. Now and always.

Mattie: [ Clears throat ]

Charlie: [ Clears throat ]

[ Lily and cane chuckle ]

Lily: Thanks, charlie.

Cane: Thanks. With these rings... ...I thee wed.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] I am a flawed person. I know that comes as a shock.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

[ Laughter ] Don't say anything. Trust me, don't say anything.

Lily: [ Laughs ] But I love what you said about us growing together and being aware of what we've been given. And that's what I want, is just to live every day like this. Being present, making time for us and what's important. To honor this precious gift. To cherish it and love you always.

[ Sighs ] With these rings...

[ Cane laughs ] ...I thee wed.

Charlie: We're cool with you kissing the bridge. Right, little man?


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