Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/13/18

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/13/18


Episode #11340 ~ Jack tries to get under Ashley's skin; Hilary lashes out at Devon; Sharon confides in Phyllis.

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Previously on the young and the restless ...

Hilary: Here I am, people! Ready to move in.

Phyllis: How long you gonna keep making excuses for your girlfriend? Are you gonna be willing to ask her tough-enough questions to get the answers you need?

Chelsea: If you have questions about why I was at the cemetery or the fenmore's web scam, just ask me because I don't have any secrets.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I don't have any questions.

Phyllis: I need to keep digging for real proof. And once I'm done with little miss chelsea, nick will be, too.

Jack: When ashley bailed, i knew I was gonna have to prove to the industry that jabot could survive without her, well, I put a plan in motion. We will come out of this stronger than ever.

Victoria: Are you threatening me? You trying to take my job away from me? I'd like to see you try, ashley.

Nikki: You would never choose ashley to run the company over your own daughter.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: Replacing ashley abbott at her family's cosmetics company, jabot, is helen wallace, an award-winning chemist, well-respected industry-wide.

Victor: Worldwide. Okay? She has an excellent reputation.

Victoria: Yeah, apparently.

Victor: What does jack's statement read?

Victoria: Jabot C.E.O. Jack abbott is excited about the new energy that ms. Wallace will bring to the company. That didn't take long. Jack must have had ashley's replacement before she even walked out the door.

Victor: Well, it's a solid choice, not a spectacular one. That wallace woman is no ashley abbott.

Victoria: But jack's


Victor: He's pretending to be excited. Imagine for a moment how bruised his ego must be. Not only did his sister leave jabot, but she came to work for me.

Victoria: Ashley wanted the jabot C.E.O. Job.

Victor: She deserved it.

Victoria: Don't you think it's a little suspect, dad? Ashley, after all these years, she abandons her family's company to come and work for their biggest rival?

Victor: She just wants to prove her point.

Victoria: Yeah, well, it's a little too convenient. It just makes me think that maybe there's something more.

Victor: What, are you accusing her of setting up the whole thing?

Victoria: She could still be working for her brother.

Victor: And is here to spy on newman enterprises?

Jack: I'm glad you liked the article, helen. No, I meant every word I said. Jabot is lucky to have you on board. Your department will be staffed with the best in the business. The lab is not just top-of-the-line, it is state-of-the-art. Yeah. You need anything else? All right, I'll look forward to seeing you, then. Great.

Ashley: Who was that? Traci?

Jack: No, that was your replacement.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Chelsea: Caught you!

Nick: Nothing to see here.

Chelsea: Is that a valentine's day card?

Nick: No peeking.

Chelsea: Okay. Fair enough. Then how about planning? Can we do that?

Nick: What's on your mind?

Chelsea: Since lately we've been so busy dealing with all this stupid phyllis nonsense, i really want to make sure that we enjoy the holiday tomorrow. And faith is gonna be with sharon, so I thought we could do something valentine's-y with the boys.

Nick: Yeah, that could work.

Chelsea: Or -- or we could get a sitter and just do something with the two of us. Hmm?

Nick: Yeah, that works, too.

Chelsea: What if, um... I don't know, what if we maybe started the celebration a bit early?

Nick: I'm supposed to meet arturo at the apartments.

Chelsea: Oh, just text him. Say you're gonna be an hour late. Come on, it's our first valentine's day as a couple. I -- I want to be held by you, I want to be touched by you.

Billy: A bag full of cash? Victor just hands it over to lauren implying that it's money stolen from fenmore's?

Phyllis: It's hers for the taking. If she drops the investigation.

Billy: Gee, that's not sketchy at all.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: Why is she going along with this?

Phyllis: Fenmore's lost a lot of money in that scam. This is lauren's way of recouping that. And victor, he's the one who coughed up the ransom to save scott.

Billy: So she feels like she owes him.

Phyllis: Well, between that and having enough cash to keep fenmore's in the black... victor said to drop it, and she did. But I haven't, and I won'T.

Billy: What if victor, uh... made a couple threats along the way to make sure that lauren cooperated?

Phyllis: He didn't have to do that.

Billy: Okay, but I'm just saying that if that happened, maybe you should follow her lead and...

Phyllis: I'm not about to bow down to him.

Billy: Victor is now waving a bunch of money in people's faces to make this go away. You keep this up, and he might...

Phyllis: Make me disappear?

Billy: Phyllis, all I'm saying is that chelsea telling you to back off is one thing. Victor inserting himself into this equation is a whole other.

Phyllis: He's not coming after me.

Billy: Can you please just not poke the bear?

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ]

Billy: Hey. I'm serious.

Phyllis: I appreciate it, but I'm not gonna stop until I prove she ran that scam.

Billy: And what if...

Phyllis: If I'm right and chelsea stole that money, then she's going back to her con artist ways.

Billy: And your plan is to give her enough rope that she eventually hangs herself with it?

Phyllis: You know, or maybe she's so high from her exploits that she perpetrates another big con that could hurt nick. Make him guilty by association. I'm not gonna let that happen. Not when I can stop her. Oh, manatees. Aka "the sea cow."

Victoria: See, it says right here. Helen wallace's contract with her old company was not yet up for renewal.

Victor: There's no surprise there.

Victoria: Dad, jack has products in the pipeline. He also has qualified associates who work side-by-side with ashley, who could easily have taken her place just for a little while.

Victor: Yeah, but by hiring helen wallace, she'll be developing new products.

Victoria: Well, it was also very costly for jack. Landing a chemist of helen wallace's stature mid-contract, we both know how labor-intensive a negotiation like that can be.

Victor: Jack has been publicly embarrassed, therefore he's highly motivated.

Victoria: It feels premeditated, like jack had everything lined up, ready to expedite.

Victor: To put ashley the spy in place?

Victoria: Would you put it past him? I believe that ashley is very capable of selling us out.

Victor: But would he really go to that kind of expense if all he wanted to do was have ashley infiltrate newman?

Victoria: Maybe.

Victor: I know ashley, all right? Her issues with her brother are real. He has taken her for granted for too long. She's upset about that.

Victoria: All right, dad, you're probably right. Whatever the case, we need to guard our secrets from ashley until we're confident that her loyalties lie with us, and not with jack.

Ashley: Helen wallace? Interesting.

Jack: Then you know of her stature in the industry.

Ashley: Of course I do, jack. I'm familiar with all my corporate counterparts.

Jack: Then you also know she's a real get for jabot. She's bright, she's talented. Innovative.

Ashley: Well, that's an interesting choice of words. How many innovator of the year awards has she won, exactly?

Jack: Well, she maybe hasn't won that particular award...

Ashley: And I maybe have.

Jack: But she hasn't worked for jabot before. Now that she's on a winning team, perhaps she'll be inspired to win herself this year.

Ashley: Hmm.

Jack: Anyway, she's coming by the office to sign her contract. She'll meet her team, see her bright, new lab.

Ashley: If only a hefty paycheck and excellent equipment and talented co-workers could guarantee a profitable and original product line.

Jack: I'm not worried. Jabot will come out of this just fine.

Ashley: Well, considering she's so brilliant, you must be very relieved that she's not a blood abbott. At least you know she's not gonna come after your job.

Chelsea: That was a nice sneak preview for valentine's day.

Nick: It sure was.

Chelsea: Mm. Can't you text arturo, say you need another hour?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I really need to jump in the shower and hit the road.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Okay, fine. The sooner you go, the sooner you get back.

Nick: Okay.

Hilary: No. No. Do not even think about coming in. Mariah, mariah, if you are sick, you are staying home. I do not want to catch whatever it is that you have. It sounds disgusting. Oh, no. No, no, no, no! But you can't hang up. No, not just yet. I want to tell you about my new vision for the hilary hour. Ugh. Gesundheit. Okay, where -- where was I? Yes, okay, so, I brainstormed some new segments for the show, each one designed to showcase my talents. Gesundheit. Okay. [ Sighs ] My brand, it's growing in popularity. So it is just good business sense to make me more prominent in the show.

Devon: I'm gonna stop you right there because your new vision sounds nothing like mine.

Victoria: What's on your mind?

Ashley: Vanishing sununblock.

Victoria: Already patented.

Ashley: Yes, by blundon's, a small cosmetics chain on the west coast.

Victor: You know everyone with deep pockets in the industry tried to purchase them, but to no avail.

Ashley: Yeah, well, that's where I come in.

Victoria: You didn't contact them, did you? I've been reaching out to them ever since I rejoined newman.

Ashley: Yeah, I'm well aware of your efforts.

Victoria: Even though they're not interested in selling yet, i have been cultivating a very nice relationship with them.

Ashley: Well, I actually know the owners of the company.

Victor: You do?

Ashley: Yes. Eric forrester introduced us when I was living in los angeles, and we kind of hit it off. We've stayed in touch over the years.

Victor: So, when you realized that brash & sassy wanted to acquire that company, you...?

Ashley: I reached out because I knew we hadn't finalized anything, and told them that i was now working at newman and overseeing brash & sassy.

Victor: And?

Ashley: It's very flattering, but with me as part of the deal, they're ready to sell.

Victor: Well, we shall have the contracts prepared.

Ashley: Already done, waiting for your approval.

Victoria: And mine.

Ashley: Of course.

Victor: Excellent work. I applaud your initiative. That's why I'm very happy you joined our company. You're a self starter like victoria. I appreciate that, and I think the kind of competition that you two will obviously engage in will be very good for the company.

Victoria: Is there anything else, ashley?

Ashley: No. I'll e-mail you the agreement, and you can look it over. Thanks. Opened or closed?

Victoria: Closed.

Ashley: Okay. Bye now.

Jack: What are you so interested in?

Gloria: Jabot's new chemist. Oh, legal sent down helen wallace's contract.

Jack: You looked at it?

Gloria: It's still sealed, jack.

Jack: Then how did you know --

Gloria: Timing. Online announcement, confidential document from legal. Had to be a contract.

Jack: Given your connections, I assume you knew what we negotiated with her before it was even printed.

Gloria: Yeah, I could have. I wasn't interested. Frankly, anyone's a vast improvement over ashley.

Jack: Listen, my sister is --

Gloria: Brainy, pushy, and gone. Leaving room for a new hire to help you and jabot soar to new heights of success. And I got to say, a brief web browse confirmed helen wallace's credentials are flawless.

Jack: Well, I'm glad you approve.

Gloria: But a second look proved troubling.

Jack: I assume, then, you saw pictures of her.

Gloria: Just trying to help, jack. I know how you get around gorgeous women from firsthand experience.

Jack: Jealous?

Gloria: Concerned. The last thing you need is to be distracted by an employee.

Jack: Thank you. Your ears must have been burning.

Helen: Oh.

Jack: We were just talking about how excited everyone at jabot is about you coming on board. Helen wallace, my assistant gloria.

Helen: Hello.

Gloria: How do you do?

Jack: How do you like your coffee?

Helen: Uh, triple, half-sweet, soy, no foam latte, please.

Jack: After you. I hope you wrote that down.

Hilary: When are you gonna dazzle me with these ideas for my show that are so much better than mine?

Devon: Right...now. So, I am envisioning more of a magazine show, where each day we will have a new topical theme.

Hilary: Showcasing my skills and talents.

Devon: We will include talent that's represented by the hamilton-winters group. Pr clients will make appearances, as well as music artists that are signed to the label.

Hilary: Okay, yeah, I think that in a couple weeks, we can --

Devon: Actually, I've already scheduled simone to perform on your show today.

Hilary: Today?

Devon: That's correct.

Hilary: She's not a big enough name.

Devon: Well, she will be. Tessa didn't have much of a following the first time she did

the hilary hour.

Hilary: Exposure on my show increased tessa's popularity.

Devon: That's right, and i believe the same thing will happen with simone.

Hilary: No, no. Not necessarily. Now, I can pump simone up all i want, but if the audience isn't into her, then --

Devon: That's right. You're gonna be handling simone's interview today because mariah's out sick, but in the future, I want mariah to handle all the musical segments.

Hilary: Oh, no, no, no. That will not work.

Devon: Why not?

Hilary: Because mariah is not ready to fly solo, okay? If she is saddled with an artist that is shy or just plain boring, she's not capable of improvising on the spot, okay? She needs to be able to boost interest, to move things forward --

Devon: Hilary, it's one segment, it's not the whole show, all right? And I do believe she's ready. Isn't this great, working together again?

Nick: Hey. Thanks for waiting.

Phyllis: What was the delay?

Nick: It's not important.

Phyllis: What was so urgent?

Nick: Look, it's valentine's day, all right? So I was doing what every man should be doing today. I went and picked up my lady a card. I was gonna fill it with romantic and hot things...

Phyllis: Okay, where are you going with this?

Nick: I couldn't do it. I wrote chelsea's name, and then that's it, that's all I've got. I have nothing but questions. Is she a criminal? Does she love me? Is she playing me? Is she the woman of my dreams? Is she everything I ever wanted?

Phyllis: Okay, if you expect me to reassure you about her...

Nick: I need you to drop this.

Phyllis: I can'T.

Nick: You just have to stop, phyllis.

Phyllis: After everything i found out, no. Some of it looks really bad.

Nick: Okay, looks really bad, seems guilty. All you have is guesswork and speculation.

Phyllis: Even if it seems circumstantial, it is still evidence.

Nick: Give me one piece of concrete evidence that ties chelsea to this website scam. Just one.

Phyllis: I can'T.

Nick: Exactly.

Phyllis: If you would give me some time...

Nick: No, this is killing me, and I need you to stop accusing this woman that I love.

Phyllis: Even if I'm right?

Nick: What if you are wrong?

Phyllis: Give me a week.

Nick: No. Back off.

Phyllis: A few days.

Nick: No, phyllis! Stop!

Phyllis: You give me 2 days, 48 hours. That isn't too much to ask.

Nick: What are you gonna do when you don't find any proof?

Phyllis: I will do what you're asking me to. And I will let it go.

Nick: Fine. 48 hours. Then that's it. You're done.

Sharon: Hi, nick. Phyllis.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: How are you?

Nick: I'm fine. I got to go.

Sharon: Oh. What's up with him?

Phyllis: Sometimes that man is too trusting for his own good.

Victor: I think it's a strong deal, darling.

Victoria: I could have negotiated a better one, and i am not happy that ashley contacted a company that I was already in talks with. It makes me look weak.

Victor: No. It makes you look smart.

Victoria: Do you think that she mentioned my name when she was in her talks with them?

Victor: Sweetheart, why does that make any difference? When this all has been signed and delivered, I'll instruct devon to come out with a statement touting our acquisition of a company that everyone was coveting. It's a win for you.

Victoria: I think that our lawyers need to do a second examination before we sign off. The contract looks okay, but the details need to be combed through.

Victor: All right, if you want.

Victoria: Look, my instincts were right about abby's incubator being a bad idea.

Victor: And you were right about that. But this now is something ashley has done. Because of her background, her experience and all that, she wins.

Victoria: That's harsh.

Victor: Now, you're my daughter. You don't need to prove to me how intelligent or capable you are, all right?

Victoria: I know, but I just want to be the best.

Victor: Come here. And you will be. Ashley has years of experience. She's very good at what she does. Learn from her, and we both will win.

Helen: Those are just a few examples of how we can really start to mix things up around here.

Jack: Well, this is a good start, but I didn't hire you to change things just for the sake of changing them.

Helen: Interesting. It's been well-documented that your sister left jabot to work for your arch rival, so i assumed you want me to remove all traces of ashley.

Jack: I won't lie, my sister's defection stung. But in her time here, she managed to develop a world-class research and development department, and there are reasons she won the innovator of the year award.

Helen: I see.

Jack: I'm not saying we're not thrilled to have you here, but I want to be upfront at the beginning. Your job is not to erase ashley's work, your job is to build on what she achieved and take it to the next level.

Helen: Well, that's something I'm confident I can achieve.

Sharon: 48 hours is not a lot of time. Any idea how you're going to get the evidence?

Phyllis: I'm open to suggestions.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Nick likes to believe the best in everyone. That's one of the things that made me fall in love with him.

Phyllis: This is helping us dig up dirt on chelsea how?

Sharon: It's like you said before, nick is too trusting. As noble as his desire is to see the best in people, it can also be his downfall.

Phyllis: Something that we know better than most.

Sharon: So, what is it that he's seeing but he's not seeing about chelsea?

Phyllis: Well, if she's using his nice guy rep, she could have done something in plain sight.

Sharon: Even with nick by her side. Something that will trip her up. You know, after hilary revealed a lot of chelsea's con artist past, I had to warn nick to be cautious.

Phyllis: Did he listen?

Sharon: I think some of it got through. He does have doubts about chelsea. Thank god he had the good sense to bring that money they found to the police.

Phyllis: What?

Sharon: The money that nick and chelsea found in the wall. When they discovered it, the natural assumption was that adam had put it there.

Phyllis: And adam being adam, that money is probably dirty, and mr. Nice guy nick...

Sharon: He brought it to the police. Why, what's so great about that?

Phyllis: Did he have the serial numbers traced on that money?

Sharon: He wanted to make sure it was clean. Why? What's going on?

Phyllis: I think I just found my way to make my 48-hour deadline.

[ Knocks on door ]

Billy: I'm taking up a collection for needy executives. Do you have a private plane or priceless jewelry that you'd like to donate?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Gosh, you know, I just gave away my last five yesterday. What are you doing here? Come in.

Billy: Having lunch with ashley, but I'm early, and she's not in her office. I thought you might know where she is.

Victoria: Mm, yeah, she's probably in legal closing a deal.

Billy: That a whiff of resentment that I'm detecting?

Victoria: Is it really that obvious?

Billy: Did she actually do something to you, or is this a general I hate that she's working at newman thing?

Victoria: All of the above. Look, I just thought that with abby away in paris, you know, maybe I would have my dad's full attention, and I could show him how valuable I am to the company. But every time I turn around, there's ashley.

Billy: I wouldn't worry too much about her. It's new kid syndrome. She's posturing until she's established, and then she'll back off when she settles in.

Victoria: Like the way she postured that if and when my dad steps down, she'd like the top job.

Billy: Did she come out and actually say those words?

Victoria: No, but she insinuated the hell out of it. She wanted the C.E.O. Job at jabot, and she wants the C.E.O. Job at newman.

Billy: Hmm.

Victoria: By the way, what happened at jabot?

Billy: I wouldn't know, i work at chancellor.

Victoria: Oh, come on, you're in good with your family now. I'm sure that you all talk. Why didn't she get the top job? And why did she feel like she had no choice but to quit jabot?

Billy: What are you after, vick?

Victoria: Everything you know that I don'T.

Lauren: Why the long face?

Gloria: Mm. New chemist is with jack signing her contract.

Lauren: Hmm, hope she's worth what they're paying her.

Gloria: [ Chuckles ] Can't believe I'm saying this, but i almost -- almost -- would prefer to have ashley back.

Lauren: Why? The new chemist not make a good impression?

Gloria: No, her credentials are just fine.

Lauren: Then what's the issue? Oh. Well, she's sophisticated.

Gloria: She's pretty. Too pretty.

Lauren: Aww. Now that victor and nikki have reconciled, did you think you were gonna get back together with jackie?

Gloria: Would you like to leave a message or come back later?

Lauren: Are you jealous?

Gloria: Oh, stop it!

Lauren: [ Chuckles ]

Gloria: She's pretty, he's gorgeous.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] So what makes you think that something romantic's gonna happen?

Gloria: Shh. Because he's jack. Now that nikki and victor are back together, he's vulnerable, and if a beautiful, intelligent woman he's working with shows any interest, what do you think's gonna happen?

Lauren: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

Jack: Lauren! I'm glad we ran into you. Lauren fenmore, this is helen wallace, our new chief chemist. Lauren is a partner of mine and a member of the jabot board.

Helen: Oh, I'm a huge fan of fenmore'S. I'm always shopping online.

Lauren: Oh, I'm so happy to hear that. You know, you should stop by the store. I'd love to show you around.

Helen: Okay.

Gloria: May I place your lunch order?

Jack: No, we are celebrating the signing of the contract at top of the tower.

Helen: Nice to meet you, lauren, and thank you for the coffee...?

Gloria: Gloria.

Helen: Gloria. It was perfect.

Gloria: Um, when will you be back?

Jack: Not sure. I'll stay in touch.

Gloria: What'd I tell ya?

Billy: And then, of course, the teacher asks our kid what he wants to be when he grows up, and he blurts out that --

Victoria: A giraffe. I know. Because they're really tall. The teacher told me, it's cute. Would you please quit stalling?

Billy: Look at that. I got to go.

Victoria: Oh, come on. Just tell me why ashley felt that she had to leave jabot.

Billy: Victoria. What's going on doesn't concern anybody outside the family, okay?

Victoria: Is it that bad?

Billy: This isn't gossip or some juicy tidbit that you get to use against ashley. This is actually tearing my family apart.

Victoria: I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to make light of it. Ashley didn't seem hurt or depressed or anything.

Billy: Well, it crushed her, and jack is feeling very guilty about it, and... I got to go.

Victoria: Oh. Okay. Well, you know what, pop in any time, and I hope everything works out with your family.

Billy: Me, too.

Victoria: It's funny, isn't it? Our public faces. After I read that press release this morning, I just assumed that... are you sure that jack wants ashley back at jabot?

Billy: He's determined to make it happen.

Chelsea: Hey. I'll take a regular house blend coffee.

Sharon: Coming right up. It's too bad you weren't here sooner.

Chelsea: Why, did you have a sale on sugar cookies?

Sharon: No. Nick was here.

Chelsea: Ah, he was probably stocking up on baked goods to bring to arturo and his crew.

Sharon: Actually, he was here with phyllis.

Chelsea: Phyllis?

Sharon: Um, I need to get more milk. Be right back.

Chelsea: No, no, it's okay. I've changed my mind. Don't bother.

Sharon: Oh. Tea? Hot chocolate?

Hilary: Why did you buy my show from me? Revenge?

Devon: Why would you say that?

Hilary: Because ever since you bought my show, all you've done was reduce my responsibilities.

Devon: That's not true.

Hilary: Is this even my show anymore, or are you gonna rename it? You gonna call it

the hilary & mariah hour, or, god forbid,

the mariah & hilary hour.

Devon: I have no intention --

Hilary: You know what, why don't you just take me off the show altogether? Just make me a production assistant, huh?

Devon: I think you're overreacting a little bit, hilary.

Hilary: Is that code word, huh? Are you asking me if I'm pregnant and hormonal?

Devon: No, no, no. I -- I wasn't think that at all. But, I mean, it is a possibility, right?

Billy: Hey. I just text you, actually.

Ashley: Yeah, I got it. Why do you want to go someplace else when we're already here?

Billy: Because I'm not sure, but I think that'S...

Ashley: Well, I am sure. They're celebrating.

Billy: Yeah, so why don't you, uh, say we go to lunch at the club? How's that sound?

Ashley: Um... I'd like to deliver a message first.

Billy: Ashley.

Ashley: Hi. Aren't you gonna introduce us?

Jack: [ Stammering ] Uh, ashley, billy, this is helen wallace. This is my brother and sister.

Ashley: Hi. Ashley abbott.

Helen: Oh. Hello.

Ashley: Hi. So, you're the new head chemist.

Helen: Mm, as of today.

Ashley: Congratulations. I'm sure you'll do quite well. Good luck working with your new boss. Take care.

Helen: Thanks. What a lovely person. That was nice of her to go out of her way and be so encouraging.

Hilary: Just so you know, i do plan on getting pregnant, and I believe that it will happen.

Devon: Okay.

Hilary: And when it does, i hope that my opinions aren't dismissed as being hormonal.

Devon: Those were your words. I said that you were overreacting.

Hilary: But I wasn'T.

Devon: You wouldn't let me get a word in.

Hilary: Because I was trying to protect something that i spent a lot of time cultivating. I did have other offers for my show.

Devon: I'm aware.

Hilary: And I chose you because you convinced me that i have value and that I can make this show an even bigger success. And that the hilary hour was an asset to the hamilton-winters brand.

Devon: And I still believe that.

Hilary: Then why are you just trying to change everything? It's kind of like when somebody falls in love with you, and then they finally get you, and then all they're trying to do is make your more organized or more sexy, or... are you trying to be funny?

Devon: No, I'm trying to apologize to you. All right? That was a bad joke about your hormones.

Hilary: I agree.

Devon: And I'm not trying to change you, not at all. I respect you and your opinions.

Hilary: Thank you.

Devon: Which is why I would like for you to at least review mine. Okay? I've done a lot of research on the changes I want to make.

Hilary: Okay, well --

Devon: And this research confirms that the changes can help boost the hilary hour and make it better.

Hilary: Okay, but I don't --

Devon: All right? Just -- just take a second, look over the material, and allow yourself to see my vision for the future, all right? I really think that you're gonna like it.

Lauren: Honey. Hey! I was on my way to your office.

Phyllis: Please tell me you did not deposit the cash that victor gave you.

Lauren: Oh, um, I haven't gone to the bank yet but I will today because I don't like that kind of cash lying around.

Phyllis: Okay, can you wait on that, please? I'd like to take it to the police first.

Lauren: Why?

Phyllis: So we can prove that chelsea is the one behind this website scam.

Lauren: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You think that the cash will somehow connect chelsea...

Phyllis: It's a long shot, but will you let me borrow it for a little while?

Lauren: Honey, I promised victor that I would drop all this.

Phyllis: Okay, this is for nick's sake. If chelsea's lying to him, then it just --

Lauren: Honey! I gave my word.

Phyllis: Okay. Let me borrow some of it, say, $10,000. If it doesn't provide the answers I'm hoping for, then i will drop the whole thing.

[ Door opens ]

Chelsea: How was the meeting?

Nick: It was good. It was good. Really starting to like arturo and his crew.

Chelsea: I didn't realize phyllis joined the construction crew. Yeah, I went down to the coffeehouse earlier, and sharon told me that you had been there with phyllis. You know, when we made love earlier, I kind of took that as a sign that you believed me, that you trusted me. But instead you lie about meeting up with your ex-wife?

Nick: Chelsea --

Chelsea: And you came down on me so hard about lying when i went to visit adam's memorial. I don't even know what to say, except how massively disappointed I am in you.

Devon: Now you're gonna have to admit, there's some pretty good ideas in there, right?

Hilary: They're not all bad. Some of them are even half-decent.

Devon: Oh, well, thank you. How about that research?

Hilary: Maybe my initial reaction was a little...hasty.

Devon: Will you tell me why you can't just admit that you like what's in there? Hmm?

Hilary: Ever since my mom died, I've always advocated for myself, I've had to fight for my place in the world. And now that I want to start my own family, it scares me to think that... I'm gonna be losing everything that I've built. And I've come too far and I've fought way too hard to just see it all just...disappear.

Devon: Here's the thing. I'm not gonna let that happen. Not only am I gonna protect what you've built, but I'm gonna help you make it better.

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Not only did you lie to me about where you were going, but you went to meet up with phyllis? That woman has a crazy vendetta against me, you know that.

Nick: That's what I wanted to talk to her about. I wanted to tell her how frustrating it is that my ex is meddling in my love life, and now sharon is doing it, too.

Chelsea: Well, the problem is, you keep listening to phyllis and all of her crazy conspiracy theories. Why would you go to her?

Nick: Because of this.

Chelsea: A valentine's card?

Nick: Yeah, open it up and read it.

Chelsea: Just says my name.

Nick: Yeah, well, I wanted to write a bunch of adoring and romantic and silly things telling you how much I love you.

Chelsea: So do that.

Nick: I don't want to be played, chelsea.

Chelsea: Nicholas, I'm not playing you.

Nick: Look, I knew what I was getting into when I started this relationship with you. I knew about your past, but then the stuff with jordan and cons came out, and it just really shook me.

Chelsea: I explained all of that, and you even said at the time we all have things that we are ashamed of. You said yourself that you wouldn't judge me, and now you're running off to phyllis?

Nick: Do you even want to know what I said to her?

Chelsea: Let's see, that you doubt me, that I'm not the person you thought I was, that I'm damaged.

Nick: No, I told her that i love you and that I wanted to believe in you. I am putting all of my faith in you, chelsea.

Chelsea: So then do that. Just do that.

Nick: I need you to look me in my eyes and tell me that phyllis is wrong. You had nothing to do with that website scam.

Chelsea: If you need me to say those words... if you don't know what is truly in my heart, then... we probably shouldn't be together.

Lauren: So you think that victor figured out where chelsea was keeping the money, and that's the cash he gave me?

Phyllis: All we have to do is match the serial numbers. If they match, we can bust chelsea.

Lauren: But what if they don't? Aren't we asking for a police investigation, not to mention that victor will be furious that I went back on my word, and I'll lose all that cash?

Phyllis: J.T. Hey, it's phyllis. Hey, uh, do you still have those contacts at the gcpd? Great. Hey, I'm gonna need a favor.

Ashley: Thank you for lunch, billy, but you did not have to escort me all the way back down here.

Billy: You're welcome. Are you sure you're okay?

Ashley: After the sweet deal that I closed today? I'm better than okay.

Billy: And what about that little run-in with jack and the new old you?

Ashley: He was gonna have to replace me sooner or later, right? Besides, I'm much more focused on newman right now. Now that I've shown I've got the chops as a rainmaker, I've proven that I've got what it takes to make newman's cosmetics division the envy of the industry.

Billy: So no hard feelings about jack?

Ashley: Not at all. Very soon, he's going to be sorry he ever screwed with me.

Victoria: You look so melancholy.

Jack: Must be my resting grump face. Actually, I'm celebrating.

Victoria: Oh. I'll join you. Excuse me, I'll have what he's having.

Jack: Aren't we on opposing teams?

Victoria: Come on, jack. We're always gonna be connected, you know that. You were my stepfather, and i was married to your brother. I know you, and I know in your heart of hearts that you want ashley back at jabot.

Jack: And you want ashley out of newman.

Victoria: Isn't that something? We're players on opposing teams who want the same goal. Maybe, um... maybe we could team up.

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